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  1. ((USS Independence-A - Operations Office - Day After Conference - Morning)) ::Tracey took her seat behind her desk, slowly. She felt like she had been hit by a bus. The events of the previous day had caught up with her and she took the time to rest and sleep. Upon awakening, changing and showering, Tracey decided to come straight to her office and take care of a few issues before seeking out Doctor Sampi regarding Nurse Essie.:: ::But Tracey had nightmares the previous night, and it did not dawn on her until early this morning, as to what they might be about. She remembered waking up at 4AM wi
  2. ((Time Warp: The Day After the Wedding: The Free Spirit)) ::The day kept coming, though each year seemed shortened enough that the intervals between shrank with each new arrival. Alahndra ordered her first drink. Gin. Gin martini, gin and tonic, gin and juice... Didn't matter. oOPoison either way you look at it.Oo She took a swallow and stared into her cup. Gin was the closest thing she could get to the herb-infused alcohol Deltans served at weddings, birth celebrations, and funerals.:: ::Usually she refrained from drinking on this day. But she felt as if something within had loosed, and she
  3. Hallo Allie! Fancy meeting you here?

  4. [sB118-Independence] Ensign Alahndra Nevarass: Experimental Nightmares ((Deck 4: Crew Quarters: Alahndra’s Room)) ::Not five minutes after W’tine left, she had her lab set up. She had taken samples of the infected area, and of areas that did not seem to be infected. She hoped the parasite had not spread throughout his entire body, but only testing would show if she was right. :: oO I hope his Pythron constitution is fighting the infection and winning, Oo ::She thought.:: ::She began setting up experiments. First, the control. She took a Petri dish and extracted a sample she hoped was not
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes Captain :-)

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