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  1. ((Starbase 118: Counsellor’s Office)) ::The few days following the riots had been very busy for Vance Sheridan, but it had been the type of ‘busy’ that he was accustomed to. As he had expected, the influx of referrals for appointments had been high, with a healthy dose of requests coming in from officers being proactive about talking about their experiences and the helplessness that they were still feeling following an enforced lack of control. In some cases he’d ended up reading from a similar script. In others, he’d had to be a little more inventive. Some, the patients effectively counselled
  2. ((Starbase 118: Chief Counsellor’s Office)) (( Time Index: The morning after Peters' night in the bar with Pon Pon )) ::​ ​After one of the most brutal riots in recent memory had taken place on the promenade of Starbase 118, Counsellor Sheridan had very much had his hands full working through appointments with members of the crew.​ ​ Fortunately, the other members of the department had not just been supportive, they had been proactive in putting in extra hours to help to reduce the backlog. Rather than assigning each member of the team to just do one thing, Vance had made sure that their appo
  3. ((Starbase 118; Deck 507 - CSO Office)) Familiar Voice: Well now, here we are again. Still think I should be the one sitting there though. ::It was said with a laugh, even if what was said sounded a little biting - the friendly tone was enough to disarm Richard. Blinking dumbly up from the sea of paperwork that he was attempting to get through during his shore leave -holding up in his office for hours on end had seemed like a brilliant idea the previous morning- Richard found himself looking at a ghost.:: Grant: Sir. Matthews: Grant! ::Okay, a figurative ghost of sorts. Hollie Grant had been t
  4. ((Tiam's Quarters)) ::Her quarters were illuminated only by the faint dark purple glow of her artificial window. The image of a swirling nebula glittered above the bed of the young Betazoid woman. The countless pillows that adorned her bed were tossed unceremoniously around the room. Her plush comforter had become tangled, wrapped around her legs. Though the room was cool, a thin sheen of sweat had covered her pale skin. Instead of the deep and uninterrupted breaths of a peaceful sleeper, hers were shallow and intermittent.:: ((Dreamscape)) ::Sabina stood in the middle of an elaborate ha
  5. ((Executive Officer's Office - StarBase 118 ops)) ::It was early in the morning. So early that Sal hadn't even gotten his Rigellian orange cider cool enough to start drinking, he was just sitting and enjoying the heady, peppery citrus smell it had. Early enough that he felt he was alone, that the rest of the station was sleeping and everything was still. So when there was a ring for entry he jumped to attention with a startled expression. He had no appointments, and quite frankly he expected most of the people who wanted to talk to him were still sleeping or nursing hangovers.:: Taybr
  6. Taybrim: =/\= We have Ambassador Calderan here, she is in need of medical assistance. =/\= Jos: ::That gave the doctor pause.:: =/\= Did you say Ambassador Calderan? =/\= Taybrim: ::he paused, glancing towards Vell and Stevens. Why, yes, that was most certainly Ambassador Calderan.:: =/\= Yes... =/\= Jos: =/\= Nia *%*$*£*&* Calderan? =/\= ::Again said if it was her full and proper name:: Taybrim: ::he blinked several times, taken aback:: =/\= Um, yes. =/\= ::beat:: =/\= And it's just Nia. =/\= Jos: =/\= Just Nia *%*$*£*&* Calderan. Got it. =/\= ::At this point it was hard
  7. ((Promenade, back maintenance corridors - StarBase 118 Ops)) ::They said that one man's tragedy was another man's opportunity. For Lt. Surem nothing could be more true. He heard the rumors, the hushed whispers that these terrible riots and all this destruction were caused by the same saboteurs who crashed the Cerberas into the special ops tower. If only the Resiliency had the resources and the capabilities to bring the Federation to its knees this easily! Surem would be thrilled to wield such power. But that was not the case. The timing was a classic case of red herring, where it simply s
  8. ((Flashback: Counsellor’s Office, USS Einstein, Stardate 239110.15)) ::Since the initial breakthrough with Kellan a few weeks ago, Vance had made little progress. They’d reached the major landmark of Kellan talking to him a little bit, but he felt like he was starting to reach an impasse. He still hadn’t been able to start to address the reasons why Kellan had broken down shortly after being posted to the Einstein. The young Bajoran would really only say just a few words to him before stating that he’d had enough and he wanted to go back. Vance wasn’t even convinced that ‘back’ was Kellan’s qu
  9. ((USS Einstein, Counsellor's Office, Stardate 239109.15)) ::One month. These appointments had been going on for one month. Vance was friendly and optimistic and he could get on with anyone, but he was finding Ensign Kellan Joran to be impenetrable. He'd tried talking. He'd tried not talking. He'd tried adjusting the lighting and temperature in the office to make it seem brighter and more welcoming, or to seem less formal and more relaxing. Whatever he did, he was met with the same impassive expression, and he was running out of ideas.:: ::Reading through Kellan's files hadn't helped, either. T
  10. ((StarBase 118 - Security detention center)) Taree: Rhiaandrus…. thank you. :: The girl stared into the his eyes and suddenly the world of pain went away. His mind went back to his homeworld. His homeworld before it was torn apart by riot and radiation and war. His homeworld where they used to sit under the cokaberry trees after all the chores were done, eating the berries until their tongues and lips were stained a deep purple. His sister Vorna would keep the pits of the biggest cokaberries and carve them into tiny tops. It was always a game to see which one would spin the longest.::
  11. Richard Matthews: ::Closing the com link, Richard busied himself making those last minute preparations that always seemed to pop up when someone thought they were done. He didn't have much time before he was expected else ware. Unless Leo was overseeing the ceremony Taybrim was attending. Then the speeches alone might buy him hours of time.:: ::If the Captain ever devised a way to read Richard's thoughts, he'd be hung.:: I don't drone on that much, do I?
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-31662024
  13. ((Cell 5 Observation Room, Security Hub - Starbase 118)) ::Lucien watched attentively as Toral, Tiam and the captain questioned the captive. Whoever did the man's makeup deserved an award, he looked every bit arkarian on the surface. He seemed despondant and unco-operative. Landau wasn't surprised; the man's home had died, and he'd seen enough war between his people and the Federation to last a lifetime - even a Romulan one. Now there he was, being questioned and trialed for killing four people. Luc found himself empathising with the prisoner; four people really wasn't a huge amount, in the g
  14. (( Docking Port; U.S.S. Albion )) ::After ensuring that her clearances were accepted, and after a long walk along the gangway, Kaitlyn arrived at Albion’s airlock.:: ::Albion was a strikingly beautiful ship. As an Excelsior-refit, she was one of the few ships in Starfleet with a hull color other than battleship grey, sporting white with turquoise trim. Her engineering hull projections hinted at space for additional equipment, and her additional pair of impulse drives and beefed up warp nacelles gave Kaitlyn the hope that she’d have better agility than most older starships.:: ::Kaitlyn knew t
  15. ((Maximum Security Holding – Brig – Starbase 118)) ::With the argon pumped from his system, Ry’Van Alstred was ungraciously dumped in a high security holding cell. Starfleet had taken all they needed to take. They stripped him of his signal enhancer vest, taken complete medical scans as well as blood samples – which quickly affirmed that he was not, in fact, Arkarian as his identification card and merchant’s permit indicated. Problematically the ID card and merchant’s permit were quite valid and had been entered some seven years ago. That begged the question: where was the real Ry’van A
  16. Ensign Ellen Cain, "The end of one journey is only the start of something else" ((Temple Complex, Ceti Gamma Seven)) Reia: ::Not bothering to hide edge of tiredness and irritation in her voice.:: Seriously, what are we doing here? Hartwell: Assisting Commander Herodion and Lieutenant Commander Becks in determining what happened to the people that once lived on this planet. :: Cadet Vance Hartwell, a human male, sounded equally annoyed Cadet Ellen Cain thought. Ellen suspected that Vance’s annoyance came from the fact that he actually enjoyed the work at hand, but was constantly being disturb
  17. CPO Necessity James: Broadsword Calling Danny Boy! "Where Eagles Dare" reference, love it!!!!!
  18. Especially coming a scant three lines after a comment about Velana being 'the one that got away'. ¬_¬
  19. ((StarBase 118, Habitat Area, Temporary Quarters, 1 hour ago)) ::Ry’van Alstred admired himself in the mirror while he fastened a silvery skintight vest to his torso. The cosmetic surgeon who had altered his appearance had done quite a fantastic job. He looked every inch the perfect specimen of an Arkarian merchant, even down to the pinkish flush in his cheeks. Once the vest was in place, he picked up a tricorder, scanning the flexible circuitry embedded into the garment, making sure that everything was in good working order. It was a simple device, really. Simple enough to evade all
  20. This earned a "Daww...." from both my wife and I. ::Chuckles.:: There was no doubt in my mind that he cares about her, but we still enjoy seeing it demonstrated! He does care about her... very much
  21. ((Outside Chief Science Officer’s Office)) ::”Find Lieutenant DeVeau.” Sounded simple enough.:: ::And yet, as Roshanara looked ahead down the corridor that resembled now more a hedge maze, she wondered if she should have had some of the other shuttle crew come along.:: ::Holding a flashlight in one hand and a tricorder in the other, the Kriosian engineer crept closer to Alora’s office. The sensors on the device were of a little help, just showing an ill-defined biomass.:: ::The doors to Alora’s office abruptly opened as she approached, startling her a bit in the dark. Peering i
  22. (( Deck 4, Crew Quarters )) :: Andrew hadn’t had much of an opportunity to add personal effects to his quarters, so when he stepped out into the corridor with the intent of eating breakfast in Ten Forward, he had no warning to prepare him for what greeted him. :: :: The ceiling of the corridor was overgrown - completely - by a series of what looked to Terran vegetable plants. Tomatoes, specifically. His mother had been a gardener, once upon a time, and there was no mistaking the plants for what they were. Although the overripe, too-green fruits littering the floor didn't much resemble the tom
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