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  1. (( Corridor, USS Garuda )) :: Tan walked. The ship rocked. Red alert lights flashed. The pain trickled up his leg, fighting against the painkillers, effective as they were. The turbolift to the bridge seemed so far away. :: :: Chaos. Pain. War. The tink of metal-tipped walking stick on deckplate. :: :: He wasn't frightened. He'd been frightened before battles, and after battles, but never during. Never, ever during. :: :: The only thing that frightened him, these days, wasn't phasers. Wasn't death and misery. :: :: It was how happy he felt, right at this moment. :: :: He'd missed this. :: ::
  2. (( The Pit, DSX )) :: In the center pit, a shirtless, holographic Evan was trading blows with a Klingon that towered a good foot higher than the Vulanoid. In neighboring pits, the real Evan was trying to determine how bad his holographic counterparts injuries were. Without the accompanying pain, it was harder to remember that his left knee was badly bruised and that three of his ribs were cracked. :: Still new to the way the fighting system in the pit worked, it was also difficult to remember exactly how his blows would be affected. He couldn’t trust his instincts, and that put him at a disa
  3. (( Evan Delano’s Quarters, Deck 9, USS Garuda )) :: At this range, subspace communications were sometimes difficult to arrange, but Starfleet had gone to great lengths to establish a secure, fast network that allowed live communication with most of the core Starfleet worlds. That being said, Evan’s mother still accused him of not calling often enough. :: DELANO: Mom, I called you a week ago. I can’t help when we’re out of range of the subspace relays. SUSAN: You could still write, or record a message. DELANO: :: sighing :: I’ll try to do that more often. Did you get the package I sent? S
  4. (( Private Quarters of Nienne Kenoi; USS Garuda)) :: The color scheme for her new quarters were cream and mauve with accents in a muted green and she approved. Sort of. It was soothing enough and feminine. Alright but not quite what she wanted. No, what she wanted, really wanted, were hardware floors and floor to ceiling windows that let in lots of light and a workspace for her art. She wanted those beaches that turned this lovely shade of pink as the first tendrils of dawn worked their way up into the sky. She wanted that one turquoise wall in her bedroom that always made her mother cringe w
  5. ((Prak Zel Grand Hotel)) ::The first thing Velana did after checking into her room was to put Maddox down for a nap and take the longest shower possible. Unfortunately, it wasn't as long as she would have liked since her baby started crying about twenty minutes into her steamy bliss.:: ' ::Although still tired and sore, Velana couldn't help but smile as she wrapped herself up in towels and went to sort out what was wrong. This was her life now. Relaxation had just become a luxury.:: ::After she changed Maddox and rocked him back to sleep, she got dressed and combed out her wet hair.
  6. ::He cried out, writhing against his bonds, and looked down at his stomach.:: ::It was a bloodied mess of torn armour, clothing, skin and flesh. Blood was seeping out, and he could feel it pooling underneath him, the metallic scent terrifying him far more than anything else. ::Tears began to spill from his eyes as his own death stared him in the face. Shallaten was gone, and he was dying, alone on this alien ship.:: VISHALYA: {{Someone, ::he sobbed, his voice thick with pain,:: someone help me, please.}} ________________________ So, a bad day at the office then?
  7. ((Deciduous Forest - Unknown Realm)) ::She could smell the forest before the darkness faded to reveal it. The sharp, crystalline scent of deciduous chill playfully tickled her nose and was followed by the appearance of colour. Yellows, golds, and oranges were tinged with undertones of red. Beneath her feet, a carpet of the bright hues softened any of her movements but there were still leaves that clung to the limbs and branches, not quite ready to hand over the glory of Autumn to Winter's kiss. It was a scene that held a hint of familiarity among the unfamiliar, a forest of her dreams, perha
  8. Trel'lis: This worries me. What if we get into a playful tussle and whatever it is takes over? LUCKY SIAN!!
  9. Pecs! We call them pecs on Byzatium!! *flexing*
  10. ((Holodeck 3, USS Garuda))) ::Alora's suggestion that they explore their home planets via the holodeck had been eminently agreeable. Her desire to show him her martial training was met with rather more reserve. Vulcans were by nature pacifists, and whilst Saveron understood the principle of being prepared to defend one's self - he himself practiced the Vulcan martial art of Suus Mahna to a high level - he was aware that Terrans as a species still occasionally employed violence purely for it's own sake. That was not a concept that he found easy to equate with what he knew of Ensign DeVeau, and
  11. Heehee, a Mirror Universe LHP? Well, we will just have to see what happens!
  12. This pleases me. Never underestimate the sip of tea. Leo loves his tea (and his monsters). So how about a picture of Leo with a MONSTER bag of Yorkshire tea?
  13. (( Walter Schirra Interior )) :: Well, it wasn't the best plan, but it was all he had and it had seemed to make sense in the moment. The Mercury crew would be fine, after all, under the wing of a Galaxy-class, and there was nothing more that he could do -- or, indeed, wanted to do -- other than get out as quickly as possible. Of course, then the question really did become where he was going. He answered that in spirit easily enough -- so easily, in fact, that he wondered if he hadn't known the answer before he left: He was going to join his grandfather. Whether or not he was going to assi
  14. ((Arboretum; USS Garuda)) ::The Garuda was much larger than the Avandar had been and even though Rune had already memorized the ship's layout, it took her longer than she expected to reach the Arboretum. She actually had a dual purpose in seeking out the ship's garden park. One was personal, the other business though she wasn't going to push the business end too hard just yet.:: ::As soon as she entered, she was greeted by a breeze of fresh air and the sound of water trickling somewhere from deeper within. She stepped forward, allowing the doors to close behind her. Taking a deep breath of t
  15. (( Sickbay, USS Garuda )) :: Del could get used to the Galaxy-class, but he did wish he didn’t feel so [...] guilty admitting that to himself. After all, it wasn’t as though Aron was dead -- in fact, it wasn’t as though Aron and he had even really been good friends any longer. But after cleaning out his quarters with Alora DeVeau, Del found that he just didn’t have the heart to accept the latter as true, and so he was stuck feeling terrible, even as he stretched out in the large office off of the main sickbay. It was cushy, truly: He had an office, Saveron had an office, Kotir had an office, H
  16. ((Sickbay, USS Vigilant)) ::Everyone always said that doctors made the worst patients. Velana knew it to be true of other physicians, but she had always assumed that she was the exception, perhaps because of her innate sense of logic. It would have illogical to do any of the things that doctors usually did when they were on the other side of the tricorder such as self-diagnosing, downplaying symptoms to either get back to work or to appear tougher, or questioning their attending physician’s ability to do their job.:: ::But apparently logic went out the proverbial window when it came to her
  17. But I have just been out-Britished... Francois: Yes indeed. ::He beamed at the young lady.:: And whilst possibly not the role that would best utilise your talents, I’m thinking that perhaps Tiger Lily’s father, the chief of the Indian tribe, could well be just your cup of tea.
  18. So British. Absolutely, old bean. Keeping the British end up.
  19. Rahman: Monsieur Maréchal-Ferrant, it is such an honor! Your performance in Pygmalion... wow! I cried... I still cry! I can't believe you're here! Just- oh my goodness! Ahhh! So, not too excited then?
  20. MEI'KONDA: Lieutenaant Commander Handley-Page? :: The heavy set man turned to gaze at Mei'konda and Evan. Was it his imagination, or was the expression on the human's face particularly odd? :: Handley-Page: ::smiling:: Heavy set?????? I'm just big boned!
  21. Bakari: If someone had told me that Sian Douglas would one day be wearing a gold shirt, I would have told them to go %#$@ themselves. This made me chuckle!
  22. ((CMO’s Office, Main Sickbay, USS Garuda))::Working with his door open as was his habit, Saveron looked up as a figure eclipsed the view of Sickbay beyond. The face, though familiar, was one to which he would have attributed a very low probability of seeing in that particular location. It belonged to a crewmember with whom he’d had little to do beyond the necessary.::::The Vulcan doctor rose to his feet.::Saveron: Sochya Captain Reynolds.::He offered the ta’al, she replied with a nod.::Saveron: Since your next physical examination is not yet due one can only conclude that you have come seeking
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