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  1. Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!
  2. ::So, that became Kaitlyn’s goal, to become Leo’s jack-of-all-trades / ace-in-the-hole.:: (by Kaitlyn Falcon) Lucky Leo...
  3. Please post any funny lines or memorable quotations from sims from our crew!
  4. ((Intensive Care Unit, Medical Starbase 358, Four Years Ago - Late 2387)) ::Silence. Pure silence.:: ::Silence, of which was deafening. Though it’d been a few days without thoughts other than his own invading his privacy, it’d been excruciating. He’d only felt like this when he was a child, growing up in the world of extremely quiet minds. It was difficult to get into a Rodulan’s head, so leaving the home planet for Starfleet had been overwhelming. He’d dealt with that. Gotten used to it, even used it to his advantage. But now?:: ::Not even a whisper.:: ::Tristam glanced around his room, glari
  5. ((Counseling Suites - Moonsong’s Office)) :: He was still calm, and was fighting back his own waves of anger. The tears that threatened to rise to the surface were being held back by a manifestation of his will. Here he was, arguing with the one person on the ship who he came to for help. None of his conversations with Sal ever went this badly. :: ::Raissa stared him down, her dark eyes sparkling with unshed tears. She rose to her feet and moved away from him. Her hands clenched into fists as she struggled for self control. She was a counselor. This was her patient. This wasn’t how she was su
  6. (( Sickbay, USS Garuda )) :: Ensign Carter Greyson had returned with the recent away team, and didn’t have time to change. He recalled that he’d seen Ris transported away at Gabi’s insistence, and made his way to sickbay to check up on her. He entered and approached her bedside, noting that she didn’t quite seem herself. :: Greyson: Hey. You alright? ::Raissa opened her eyes slowly. She felt strangely light headed and calm. Almost floating in a warm comfortable state. It took her eyes a moment to focus on the face floating above her. Her mouth curved into a warm smiles:: Moonsong: ::softly
  7. ((Stateroom of Tolas & Ketanya Dajhul, Creshan'na Riyas)) ::Ketanya, despite the opinions of many around her, was not an entirely heartless woman. There she sat, at the table, with the data tablet featuring Tolas’s death certificate. She felt empty. Whilst she may have used Tolas to get into her current position, high above the typical wives of Cardassian officers, she did enjoy spending time with him - regardless of the deluded opinions. He was a peaceful man, didn’t enjoy arguments. Perhaps that was the reason she enjoyed being with him - she always won against him. ::But now, here she w
  8. ((Dreamscape/hullucination/they're not sure yet)) ::It was a counselling suite.:: ::Kinan had been one of them before, many times, for psych evals. She had felt that they wasted her time, but she answered the questions, explained her feelings, passed the evaluations with positive colours.:: ::She wasn't aware if this was reality, or if this was some form of dream. The woman in front of her had a teal uniform, the look you normally got from an expectant counsellor, waiting for your response, silently determining the mental stability of you. Kinan raised an eyebrow.:: Ari: Hello. Akyra: Hel
  9. (( Flashback )) (( Stardate: 237209.22 )) (( Angosia, Graziar Medical Center )) (( Center of intensive treatment – West Wing )) :: Camus arrived under heavy escorted. He was starting to get distressed for not seeing the mother of his son, Doctor Darci Sakth. Their romance was censored at the beginning but when Tarsii was born the situation got worst. Darci started to receive professional reprimands and everything that she did was scrutinized at the small details. They were trying to find a way to move her away from the senior staff since the baby had born, five years ago. But Darci was a super
  10. Seen! Confirms what I already knew about Lt Skyfire
  11. (( Del's Quarters )) Rahman: But it's okay. I'm glad it happened this way. Before anyone else could get hurt. Del Vedova: That's a little, uh, dramatic. Hm? :: He gave her a quirky smile, to which she furrowed her brow. :: Rahman: How so? Del Vedova: I mean to say, no one was killed. And whatever you're carrying around your neck, Rosh, I hope it's not so heavy. ::beat:: Engineers don't work just for Starfleet. You don't need a uniform to explore the stars. :: She tried not to laugh. :: Rahman: Yeah... but it helps if your face wasn’t all over the news streams for the past few weeks with "terro
  12. ((Ten Forward)) ::Raissa found herself sitting in a corner of the room. Ten Forward was half empty with much of the crew on the station for shore leave. She ordered her usual tea as she tried to relax after a day full of appointments. For the time being her time was her own. Oddly enough she didn’t know what to do with it.:: ::She looked out the window. The planet below gleamed with heavenly light. She knew nothing about the world. She made a mental note to find out more about it. But the sight of it was wonderful. A few years ago she didn’t imagine she would be out in the galaxy seeing new wo
  13. (( Mei’konda’s Quarters, USS Garuda )) NAUGHTON: All right, I believe that's more than enough. ::He looked at Mei'konda.:: I look forward to a copy of that report. :: The Caitian nodded as Roshanara remained silent, looking down now at the floor. :: MEI'KONDA: All riight, Lieutenant. I will forwaard the report to you. :: When she finally looked up again, she saw the man catch her eyes. They both looked rather miserable, so she attempted a reassuring smile. If it were anything like the reflection of one he offered back, she hadn't been successful. :: RAHMAN: But thank you again, comm
  14. ((Holodeck, USS Mercury)) ::It had been a tedious process, clearing up the Mercury. The fact that it had barely made it to DSX in one piece showed just how skilled the Engineers that put her together in the first place actually were. But now, it was Tristam's Engineering department fixing her up, getting her into a stable condition. ::The Oracle class ship's situation reminded him of how he had been stuck in a medical facility, doctors constantly working over him. The Mercury was in just as bad a shape as he had been. The only difference is that Tristam didn't know how the Mercury had gotten
  15. (( 1900, Counseling Office )) :: CD took a breath and relaxed as he rang the chime. Due to the amount of stress he was under, Gabi had ensured he had at least a sandwich to go with his tea. He was relieved when she was the one to suggest they reschedule the date they had made for this evening. Now, he was wearing the standard issue Starfleet Teal, because he was the acting boss. :: Moonsong: Come in! ::she was finishing up some notes on her padd:: :: He entered with a smile. :: Skyfire: Things got busy. Apologies. Moonsong: ::lifted her head to smile at him but it didn’t quite reach her eyes:
  16. (( Sickbay, USS Garuda )) :: A light chemical push. Alleran felt it as a real, physical thing; an intrusion into his sleep, forcing him awake. Forcing him to live. Open his eyes. :: :: It wasn't truly living with half a mind -- unjoined Trills were perfectly capable at any task they set their minds to, really -- but after years of having two brains, it certainly felt that way. The world was sluggish, dull, and had a strange unrealness to it; as though the dream, and the Otherplace was the reality. :: :: A shadowy figure stood above him. Alleran's eyes had not yet adjusted to the light. :: Alle
  17. (( The Otherplace )) :: Where did people go when they die? :: :: Philosophers from every species had asked this question for years. For Tan, it had always been this place. :: :: It had no real name. The Graveyard of Dreams. The Otherplace. It had whatever label was most appropriate to it at the time. :: :: A simple cottage, in a dark wood, surrounded by grass and trees. :: :: Hell. :: Alleran: Why are you doing this? :: He was seated in a warm, comfortable rocking chair, nestled up by the fire. It crackled and popped as Trill honeywood burned away, bathing the entire building in a warm, aroma
  18. (( 0700, Counseling office, USS Garuda )) ::Raissa was surprised to see Skyfire at her door, since they had agreed that she was going to swing by his quarters this morning. It was early and she wanted a chance to go over his files. She was surprised to see the number of counselors that had annotated his file and she was not pleased:: Moonsong: Lt. Please come in. ::stands:: Would you like something to drink? :: Chythar was clad in his black leather jacket, an Excalibur patch on one shoulder and 118 Ops patch on the other. It was a casual morning for him,yesterday having been crazy-like f
  19. ((USS Garuda, Corridors )) ::Several new faces had joined the crew as of late, and one of them she'd caught sight of but they hadn't been officially introduced. Yet. That would all change very shortly. As she had been helping Delano, Alora realized she really needed to go ahead and give away some more of her babies and, she thought, it might be a good way to meet some of the newest arrivals. As she had in the past, the science officer had appropriated a cart and proceeded to place a variety of plants. There were some other species among the violets, but that particular Terran plant made
  20. ((Sick Bay, USS Garuda)) Core: I'll talk to her tonight, see if she's willing, and then if she agrees, we'll come here. Del Vedova: Good. Let me know when you're coming, and I'll set aside a private room. Core: You can do that? Del Vedova: It's one of the perks to being chief of a department. Core: I guess it is . . . but I can only ask. Del Vedova: Let me know, Commander. But don't wait too long. I'd like to know as quickly as possible, and it can only help whatever case we may build by hurrying. Core: I’ll ask her tonight then. Maybe I’ll actually have good luck for once. ((Roshanara Rahman’
  21. ((USS Garuda, R'raika Voss quarters)) :: Voss considered her quarters- Starfleet had years to perfect the sterile environment they expected their crews to live in, and in Voss's estimation they had done a brilliant job. It was cold, harsh- 'neutral'- and almost certainly maddening. She had succeeded at getting them to set the gravity of her quarters to something much closer to that of Vulcan. She had only ever set foot on Vulcan once, as a small child- and with luck she would never need get close to her home world again. Still, the higher gravity was comfortable, like a soft blanket- and i
  22. ((Corridor, USS Garuda)) ::She was roaming through the halls, so that was a good sign, wasn't it? Okay, maybe not roaming, but she was free to move about, so that was something. As Alora trotted to catch up with Rahman, her lips soured into a frown when she realised she'd been stripped of her uniform and her rank. That was not so good a sign.:: DeVeau: Hey. ::The science officer slowed to match strides with the Kriosian, a friendly smile that couldn't mask her concern fixed upon her features.:: DeVeau: Are you okay? ::Making her way to her quarters from the Captain's ready room, Rosh
  23. (( Outside Roshanara Rahman's Personal Quarters, Deck 35, USS Garuda )) ::Quinn had found her way back to her quarters, after leaving sickbay. She'd showered, she'd cried, she'd paced, and then she'd showered some more -- mostly while pacing and crying. Officially, she was on medical leave, but the Director of Intelligence was still the Director of Intelligence, and it didn't take long for information to find its way to her. ::So here she was, for no logical reason she could fathom, hanging off a door chime on deck thirty-five. Finally, it opened, and she dragged her gaze off the floor to
  24. (( Ancient Station )) ::It was strange, really, how much time the many and varied species of the universe had devoted to finding new ways of causing one another pain. The only one she knew that hadn't were the Deltans -- and that was simply a matter of self-preservation. Empathic for as long as their history extended, there were no bloody wars staining their past simply because the emotional shock wave would have ruined the victors as much as the defeated. ::The Not-Harry, unfortunately, knew very well how to cause her pain. Excruciating pain, beyond imagining. And had been doing so, for what
  25. (( Thunderbird )) ::Her wrist was cut to ribbons from her struggles -- but oddly enough, that had proven to be useful. The blood flowing out of the ruined, ragged skin had provided just enough lubrication to enable her to drag her small, narrow hand through the rigid bond, freeing her arm. It wasn't the first time the scent of her own blood filled her nose, and she had the dark, depressing suspicion that it wouldn't be the last. ::But for now, she took it as a blessing, and with that hand loose, it was exponentially easier to free the rest of her limbs. ::So she was free. Now what? ::A glance
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