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  2. Loxley is breaking the theme by putting emphasis on the “casual” of “smart casual”
  3. BRIAR PATCH — The Hanno, an Oberth class ship, transmitted a distress call indicating a crash was imminent and launched an emergency distress beacon, which successfully transmitted a signal to Deep Space 224. Starfleet Command immediately mobilized the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) to locate the science vessel in distress. Initial long-range scans of the Briar Patch revealed no signs of the Hanno, though the Resolution’s helmsman believed it possible to predict the ship’s location based on the trajectory of the beacon. The Hanno’s mission in the Briar Patch is unknown, though because of the s
  4. Imas Heeka being efficient, and just a little macabre.
  5. Oh wow, this was really moving and a great peek into his struggling to come to terms with what he had to do.
  6. Last week
  7. (( Office of the Chief Science Officer )) Forms, reports, explanations, extrapolations, reviews, redactions, signatures, assignments… on and on it went. He had much to account for, and almost as much to atone for. Alone in his office, at some point the lights got turned down and set to a warmer color temperature, almost mimicking the ambience of a candle-lit room. As per usual, music was playing in the background as he worked; but he was unable to find something suiting for all that he was feeling and thinking. Listless, ambient music invited his mind to wander too much. Orchestral musi
  8. Sometime in June of 1994 (the exact date is lost to the sands of time), the first live AOL Star Trek chat sims were held for the community that would later be known as “UFOP” and now “StarBase 118 PBEM RPG” – that’s ~9863 days or 27 years ago! If you’re reading this post, you’re a member of a community that is older than Amazon (by just a few weeks!), Google (by more than three years), and even Star Trek: Voyager! In that time, we’ve built a fascinating, rich, alternate history of Star Trek and touched the lives of thousands of people across the planet in a shared vision of a future society
  9. Note on the use of ungendered pronouns: as J’naii are a predominantly-ungendered society, most do not use gendered pronouns for themselves. As such, I will use the ‘ne/nem/nir’ pronoun set, in accordance with the precedent set by Ensign Kteer and Admiral Renos’ wiki entries. -- Kivik sat at the corner table alone save for a duffel bag of belongings, one hand fidgeting with nir glass. In the other, ne held a datapad full of overwhelming but riveting information. StarBase 118, its Command and Crew compliment, its various segments - along with their businesses and technical specificati
  10. Hello all! My character’s name is ‘Kivik’. Kivik is J’naii and, as such, is androgynous and does not experience gender. Their preferred personal pronouns are ‘ne/nir/nem/nirself’. They understand many species are primarily binary and won’t be offended by incorrect pronouns, except on a continued basis. My name is Keegan and I’m from Vancouver, in BC, Canada. I work in post-secondary education administration. My personal pronouns are He/Him/His. I’ve watched Star Trek from a young age - my Dad was a casual fan and we’d often watch TNG together. When Voyager started airing, I foll
  11. I loved every bit of this JP. From the images akin to "Best in Show" to the insane chaos at the end.
  12. Another fabulous intership JP from @Vitor S. Silveira and @LtJG Aine Olive Sherlock; this time two old cadet cruise buddies meet up for some fun and funny banter. Quite pleased to see Academy friends continuing to get along! ((USS Juneau, deck 4, Silveira and R’Kala’s quarters)) Vitor passed again by the console in his quarters, finishing a cup of coffee, and putting it back to the replicator for recycling. It took a few more minutes for the comlink to load, so Vitor sat down and leaned back waiting as the screen flashed through the loading cycle. He stared quietly until he sa
  13. @Meidra Sirin and @Maz Rodan have done a fabulous job creating an intership JP of two people who shouldn't know each other, justifying it, and then having a hell of a lot of fun with it. Well done guys! ((Risa - The Grand Key Resort; Main Lobby)) Regan was impressed with the lavish interior of the Grand Key. He hadn’t stayed there before, mostly because when he was on the planet he stayed at his family’s beach house on the seafront - it was only a stone's throw away from the main chain of hotels and nightlife in the beach district. Meidra wasn’t sure what t
  14. "Red is and always will be your colour, ervami." -Tristam Core (played by @Blake)
  15. @Alex Brodie has a way of really deepening his character and also giving more depth to a situation. Here we see a blast from the past and a relation to something that involves the planet the Thor is now taking shore leave on - Cardassia. I can't wait to see what happens next. I love this look into Brodie's past! IC: ((Applied Psychology Division, Elysium Research Institute, Mars)) ((Year: 2375)) Alexander Brodie sat watching the feed come in from the Federation News Service; he wasn’t channel hopping for fun though, this was work.
  16. First there was a line to go into the "Juneau's Rememberable quotes!!! IC". Then another, another and another. After laughing... I mean reading it again I thought it best to post the hole thing here. IC: ((Lightside Station – Mega Deck – Simulation Red River - Street)) Wyss: Yep. We’ll have to disconnect it carefully. She handed Dekas a set of tools and gave him a lopsided smile as his hat disappeared once more. It was like the thing had a mind of it’s own. And since they were possibly dealing with telepathic technology she had to wonder if it re
  17. DEEP SOUTH DILITHIUM MINE — Having defeated two Orion Syndicate ships at significant cost to the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) herself, her crew worked to free the captured mine. The mine known as the ‘Deep South’ Dilithium Mine had been under-producing for months, and the reason became clear. Determined to rescue their original away team, now presumably held hostage, the ship’s senior officers together with a large contingent of security personnel accessed the mine’s docking points in shuttles, under the ruse of being refugees from their destroyed ship, whilst both halves of the separated C
  18. Much like Ayiana, Piravao has decided red is a good colour for an awards ceremony, and is looking very formal in her suit. She promised someone that she would wear a flower crown to the ceremony, but can't remember who it was.
  19. A really emotional and well written ending to our current mission (or is it M'Rishion?). M'Rish must be protected. (( Observation Room - Cardassian “Prison” )) Ayiana lay partially collapsed on the smoking and sparking ruin of the computer console. She had seen several logs by the Chief Researcher that detailed the meticulous and cruel social experiments they had been performing on dozens of prisoner groups over the years. They were just the latest iteration. Drop prisoners in the rear of the ship, see how they act and survive in the prison. If some break out into the mid
  20. @Alex Brodie writes up a lovely summary of our most recent mission but couples it with some thoughts about the Prime Directive. I love how he refers to precedents to make a case for what the Thor did. I found it a nice wrap up to our mission! IC: ((Intelligence Watch Centre, Deck Three, USS Thor)) Broide had occupied the main office in the Intelligence suite. Jehe was on leave so he was taking his rotation although there was less in the way of intelligence briefings and a lot more legal documentation scattered over the desk. This was likely to be a b
  21. Ayiana looking beautiful as always in a sparkling red, backless dress.
  22. I really liked the way this one flowed and the emotion was shown. I had to share. (( Captain's Office - Constitution )) Finally. Finally the Constitution was back on their way home. Not without a lot of help of the Galactic Starship Service though, but they were on their way home. While the teams had been in the mines, the Stardrive section had caught up to the Saucer and reunited, so when the shuttles returned from the surface the whole ship, sans warp nacelle and plus a couple of holes, had waited for them. The 'tow' service members had been muttering and ranting about the state of
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