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  1. ((Power Facility- Duronis II Embassy)) ::Sharpe had finally arrived at the power facility, things had moved so fast during this latest invasion that he was all over the place, in fact the last place he remembered being was securing the Security building, and then notifying Captain Waltas that he had captured the group leader of the sabotage and retrieval team of Orion's in the basement of the Security building, he also mentioned that they may have a cloaked ship in orbit as they sent a very important looking file up to somewhere, he could not tell which, now here he was approaching Parker a
  2. (( USS Invicta, T’Lea’s New Quarters)) :: Pandora had done her job and delivered the new living space promptly. She’d also managed to include a little more room in the lounge area than what was normally allocated for “shared” quarters of two officers. Perhaps the ‘droid had taken into account the requirements of a six year old, rambunctious little girl running around.:: :: T’Lea briefly scanned the area through the tower of moving crates. The extra room would be the perfect place for T’Sara’s surprise, when it got here. She glanced at the time and scowled. Delivery from the st
  3. ((Jolara’s Quarters, USS Invicta)) :: Rune stepped out of the shower still feeling like she’d just been hit by a torpedo. The images Lt Reese had shown her kept flashing through her head. To say she was on an emotional roller coaster would have been putting it mildly. She was torn between being borderline glad he was dead and enraged someone had done it before she could get any real answers, not to mention they did it in a way that made it look like she had gone ballistic and done it. :: :: The fact that Laro had stepped in and destroyed the investigation before it even really got st
  4. ((Emergency shelter, USS Gorkon)) ::The fear was palpable.:: ::Every time the ship shook from an explosion someone cried out. Usually it was one of the children in the room, but the adult civilians were not immune from the fear. Even the squad of security officers stationed inside the room glanced at each other nervously. And that was before the ship had taken it’s tumble through space…:: ::Angie sat on the floor at the far back of the room, clutching her sons to her under a grimy blanket. Both boys were whimpering, despite her nest efforts to alleviate their fears. She was
  5. ((Corridors, USS Gorkon)) ::A pale light split the darkness.:: ::A lone figure materialized in a dark, disheveled corridor of the Sovereign-class ship and quickly slipped into a darkened doorway. Erik peeked around the doorframe, disruptor in his left hand and knife in his right. He’d left his personal guard on his ship. As far as he was concerned, the battle was done and dusted. His ship stood between the Gorkon and escape, and the starship wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It was now time to take care of some personal business.:: ::He was still seething. Months ag
  6. (( Corridor, U.S.S. Albion )) ::Kro marched down the corridor with purpose. Flanked by two fellow marines, a young Ensign skirted out of the way at their approach. Even according to his service record the Tandaran was the perfect picture of a hardened marine. He came from a long line of highly decorated military officers, and by proxy spent most of his childhood growing up on military bases. While his destiny seemed obvious, the road had been long and arduous. Growing up with the sons and daughters of soldiers had been a blessing and a curse. He had always wante
  7. ((Astrofori I: T’ang Wu’s Vulcan Chinese Cuisine.)) ::Raissa agreed to meet Alora for lunch on the station. She had found this place the last time she was here and had wanted to try the food for herself. She found a corner booth to sit and wait for her friend, drinking water.:: ::Her wandering around the ship had not improved her mood. She was beginning to feel as if nothing would. She could still do her job and she supposed that was what mattered. It wasn’t enough, but it would have to do.:: DeVeau: Hey Raissa! ::Raissa had been early and Alora - usually early, but not quite as early as her
  8. (( USS Columbia, Deck 1, Main Bridge )) ::The blood drained from Didrik’s face and hands. He felt sick. He broke a sweat. The bridge full of officers looked at him with a mix of surprise and confusion. A carousel of emotions fought for prominence in that moment before the silence was broken: sadness, shame, embarrassment, depression, annoyance, guilt. For Didrik, he was in that moment, in two places, on the bridge of Columbia, and also a thousand light years away.:: (( Flashback )) (( Path Encampment, Summer 2390 )) ::The hashes on the wall had stopped at twenty-seven. Didrik’s diligenc
  9. (( Junction 06, Jefferies Tubes, USS Tharsis )) :: With the water flow slowed at the moment thanks to Cmdr. Eerie acting as a plug, they had a little more time to come up with a plan.:: Drax: We have to risk the other way. Although, it doesn't have to be all of us. Captain, it is between Lt. Sevo, Ensign Orrey or myself. :: He paused for a brief second.:: With that being said I volunteer to go. Eerie: I don't swim. I sink. Anyways, a bit preoccupied right now. But, I could make good speed. :: Very reluctantly, Ayiana summoned up some courage to get past her fears and spoke up. :: Sev
  10. ((Hemix - The Island - Plains)) :: Tyler had been doing his best to reassure the shaken Security crewman. He wanted to assuage her guilt, but more than that, he needed Tula to be firing on all cylinders if they ran into trouble again. Tula had somehow managed to keep her pack and Tyler was greedily adding it's contents to their inventory when he heard Whittaker call out to Ezo:: Whittaker: “Mirra?” ::Tyler turned to see the young doctor staring into the trees, a troubled look playing across her face.:: Ezo: ::quietly to Tyler:: Sir...I- :: She trailed off just as Tyler's eyes found t
  11. I am pretty sure we are on Round 22, but if not, then round 23. But, These are the sims I liked. JP: Lt. T'Var Helling and Ensign Roshacari-The Results of Telepathy-Part 1 JP: Lt. T'Var Helling and Ensign Roshacari-The Results of Telepathy-Part 2 LtJG Mary Fenelli USS Avandar A239201MF0
  12. ((Deep Space 6 - Deck 79, Sickbay Complex, Recovery Room 17)) :: Fingertips gently caressed nir exposed stomach as ne lay on nir back. The sensation was slightly ticklish and very pleasurable causing nem to grin impishly. Renos let nir hand tenderly slide up nir partner’s arm as ne rolled onto nir side. Nir gaze travelled lovingly up his body to his dreamy blue eyes. He had the most charming smile and lips that demanded to be kissed. Pulled by the forces of attraction Renos slowly leaned towards him with parted lips. :: :: Todd felt relaxed and happy as he listened to the J’naii’s soft murm
  13. ((Backsim)) ((Starlight Ballroom, DS26)) ::Raj accompanied Tyr closely as he made his rounds meeting and greeting members of the crew of the Atlantis, proudly showing him off like a kid at bring-your-dad-to-school day. Once everyone had been introduced to and pleasantries exchanged cordially, Raj took the Colonel aside to speak softly.:: BLUEHEART: Can I get you something to eat? ::He looked around to summon a passing waiter.:: There’s plenty of food to go around. You must be tired after your long trip. Or do you prefer to rest and shower first? I can find you a place---- WALTAS::Chuckling:: Y
  14. ((USS Victory - Guest Quarters, Deck 5)) ::Ben squirmed in his borrowed uniform. It had been brought to him by an overly helpful nurse, as his own clothes were a bit...bloodied. Not to mention dirty. He'd been on duty for about a month since the last of his medical staff died, with barely a moment to sleep. Laundry had not been a high priority.:: ::The shower had felt heavenly. His...mother...had taken him to a small set of guest quarters to clean up. Then she'd left, promising to meet him at the meeting. Ben had showered and shaved, then walked out of the bathroom in his towel. T
  15. ((USS Excalibur-A, Bridge - Mindscape- )) :: Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker looked on in shock at the downed Captain. Everything around her seemed frozen, locked in the moment. It had happened again... which was impossible. She'd followed the rules.. to the letter. She'd ignored her instincts and did everything right... so why was the Captain hurt because of her? :: Pink Walker: Nice job. I mean this is totally better than doing things my way. :: Luna looked up to see herself... well the "old" her.. perched on the console. Her uniform was stained and spotted, and was obviously r
  16. ((OOC: for the new ensign, Talia Kaji is my main character, and Ben Kaji is her little boy, but the adult Ben came from the future with the other mission npcs. Sorry, I know it gets confusing.)) ((USS Victory - Sickbay)) ::Benjiro Kaji watched his mother walk away, and it nearly broke his heart. He was relieved to see Captain Faranster approaching him.:: Faranster: I'm ready. :: She looked at the man, hoping he was ready to look her over. :: If you have a moment, Lieutenant. B. Kaji: Oh, now you want medical assistance? Faranster: I know what you think of my little declaration, hopefully our
  17. (( Place: not here not there )) (( Time: just now and never )) :: Darkness was everywhere but he could hear treble noises just ahead. The feeling of solitude was present. Dizziness too. But that sound was more powerful. It was attracting him. So… he stood up and started to crawl toward it. But he couldn´t see himself, just feel his movements. There was an energy of joy coming from that sound. People were clapping their hands, whooping. It had become more and more intense at each step he made. The fun, the joy were contaminating him. He was feeling different. He was feeling capable of everythin
  18. ((First Minister's Office - The Citadel)) Zim: What. :: A moment ago, Arvin had watched one of his oldest friends destroy a the glass he had been holding, seemingly by sheer force of will. It was something he had only seen once in his life before, and it had scared the hell out of him just as much. Zim's tone didn't help the matter any either. It wasn't a question. It was a simple statement of disbelief, an declaration that he refused to believe what he was being told without something else to back it up with. It wasn't entirely surprising. Arvin had nearly refused to believe it himself. If
  19. (( Marine CO’s Office, Duronis Embassy )) :: Hannah was nervous. After leaving the Somers sisters on board the Thunder, she wondered exactly how she was going to tell Hannibal she had been recruited by Lt. Commander Nugra to join his new strike team. It was a wonderful opportunity, but it was fraught with problems. Hannibal had been nothing but good to her since she joined him, saving her career. Would he view this as betrayal after all he did for her? Was she being used as a pawn by the Gorn commander to needle Hannibal in their simmering feud? The Gorn, after all, had been trying to nail Han
  20. ((USS Tiger-A, Deck 2, Jorey Personal Quarters)) ::Asher sat down in his favourite chair. It was a rich, warm mahogany wing chair upholstered in a soft patchwork of velvet in blues and greens. The chair was set beside a small viewport. He liked to look out into the vastness of space as he sipped his sweet uttaberry tea. It made him feel insignificant. It was a humbling experience and Asher believed it was important for Betazoids to nurture their humility. Betazoids are not known for humility.:: Alena: ~Enjoy your tea, Bryant.~ She said draping a beautifully crafted sheer scarf over her sho
  21. ((Sickbay, USS Discovery-C)) ::He spotted the flustered Raskorian instantly upon entering the infirmary and dashed directly towards the plumed physician, battling nausea and a pounding head along the way. He stopped abruptly. A wall of glass stood in his way, between himself and the doctor, whom he saw buzzing about the surgical suite like a hummingbird on speed. As he pressed himself against the thick glass panel, he caught glimpses of the patient in between flitting silhouettes of dancing medics and pirouetting automated scanners. Blood. Everywhere. The prophecy was coming true. Each of us w
  22. (( Command Center: Kjenta II )) ESKYYS: You want to do this? :: Reaching up to his collar he removed the pips and held them in his hand for a moment. Looking at Tyr he dropped them to the floor. :: You do it without me. I quit. ::Tyr looked down where the pips had fallen, mixing in with the gore and blood from the battle. Esk quietly stared at the top of his head and said nothing more. He returned his eyes, dull and unsympathetic, to the Hallian.:: WALTAS::Flatly:: Fine. Then get out of the way. You’re relieved of duty. ESKYYS: oO Again Oo :: Esk walked away quietly as Tyr ordered the transpo
  23. ((The Eagle’s Roost, USS Discovery-C)) ::Fearing the worst for the away team, and specifically, the first officer, Emerson had sought the solace of spirits and a sympathetic (pointy) ear.:: CRUELLA: Your day will get worse. You have already guaranteed yourself that much. I think in a minute you may be glad to have avoided physical violence. RAVENSCROFT: Nah, ::waving his hand arrogantly:: I doubt it. I need the violence right about now. ::He stared longingly into the empty glass as if it were an eye of a lover.:: I need the distraction. ::Someone howled on the other side of the bar. Emerson lo
  24. ((Captain’s Ready Room)) ::Gwinnett was dressed in her standard uniform, but she didn’t have any of her equipment, that she would normally have worn on duty. She wasn’t actually quite sure what one did wear for a counseling meeting with the Captain, who was now a Fleet Captain. She was sure that he had done his homework on her and, not to be completely in the dark, she had looked up as much as she rated on her clearances on his service record. She had learned that he had been a counselor at one time in his career, which didn’t lighten her mood.:: ::She buzzed the office and then entered. She
  25. JP: Fleet Captain Diego Herrera & Lt Kael Thomas - Time To Say goodbye((USS Vigilant, Deck 1: Captain’s Ready Room)) ::It took Kael a little while to work up the courage to ask the captain what he planned to do. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do it, he just didn’t want to have the discussion about doing it. T’Rella didn’t have anyone on board to look after her things, so Kael had hoped the Captain would allow him to do that for her.:: ::Diego looked up from his PADD as he heard the chime at the door. He hadn’t been short of visitors lately, which was to be expected after such a gruelli
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