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  1. (Shuttle bay- USS Discovery-C) ::Mitchell awoke with a start and a throbbing head. As he tried to get his head to stop throbbing, he felt his hand hit something and then the sound of hollow glass rolling across a deck.:: oO Ugh! My head hurts…Oo ::He slowly opened his eyes and found wherever he was, it was brilliantly lit. He let his eyes focus, and found himself looking out at open space. As panic started to set in, he noticed the wavering effect of a mag-con field in place. That meant he was in a shuttle bay and a Starfleet one at that. He pushed himself to his feet and fell b
  2. ((Kitchen - Waltas’ Residence)) :: After finding Tye had come visiting, Toni invited him into the kitchen where she was preparing breakfast in bed for Tyr.:: Turner: Have a seat at the bar and I'll pour you a cup of coffee. Tye: No thank you, Admiral. Turner: Your dad mention you were not acting like yourself yesterday. Are you not feeling well? Tye: No, I wasn’t. It’s difficult but,:: he lied:: perhaps you’re the best person to talk to. There’s this girl.. :: he paused:: this woman. Her name is Samantha. She works with the Security forces and we, well. Turner:
  3. ((Bridge, USS Veritas, 0900 hours)) :: Mei’konda hadn’t gotten much sleep. It was hardly his first experience in assisting a starship’s departure on a mission, but this was the first time he’d felt this combination of excitement and anxiety. Excitement, because it’d been a year since his last deep space assignment. Anxiety, because of what was going on with Evan. :: :: He hadn’t had as much time to get to know the Bridge crew as he would have liked, but as he understood it, he’d have the better part of a month to get to know them while the Veritas traveled to Shadow’s Edge. Being
  4. ((Tro'Arn Farm, Arnmere, Trill)) ::It was spring in Arnmere, and Norva Rennyn had a lot on her mind.:: ::Her oldest son, Norvil, was the proud father of his third child, a bouncing baby boy of such typically large Rennyn size that he had put out his father's back, leaving them all short a hand for the season. She remembered very well that famous Rennyn baby mass. She'd had nine of them herself, only three of them under ten pounds at birth, and two of those were the twins. Then there were the nine grandkids, now ranging from twelve years d
  5. ((USS Constitution-B, Dial's quarters)) ::After moving to the Constitution-B, Dial had noticed that she didn't have quarters for herself only anymore. On the huge Apollo, any officer had had the priviledge to have small but one-person apartment like quarters. On this ship things were a little different. For the duration of the first half year aboard this ship she had never seen the one she shared her quarters with awake. Whenever she woke up he was asleep. When she came home, was not there. And that made "living together" actually quite comfortable. Dial missed the ability to leave the doors
  6. (( Bridge, the White Canary )) ::There had been a petty officer tracking them, by all accounts. A reptilian thing, one of the engineers outside the holodeck. However he had been doing it, they'd shaken him off -- he'd lost their trail after one of their turbolift rides and they had made it to their transport vessel unhindered. Already they were a fair distance from the station, but they hadn't escaped. Not yet.:: ::Ch'kehla, Alistair's Klingon companion, was leaning over one of the bridge consoles, and at the sound of a quiet alarm, she straightened to her full and considerable height, looking
  7. (( Starbase 118 Diplomatic Area)) :: Terran Ambassador Gavin MacLaren straightened up from heaving into the toilet bowl and leaned his head on the wall of the stall as he waited for his quivering stomach to settle. He wiped his sleeve across his brow and took a deep breath before he flushed away the contents of his stomach pointedly avoiding looking at it. This was an all too familiar ritual after he'd eaten Klingon food. In the course of his diplomatic career, he'd mastered eating almost any cuisine; he'd even learned to keep down Klingon food long enough to finish a dinner and then politel
  8. (( Main Engineering, USS Gorkon )) :: Chythar hadn’t time to read up on the specs, and he was still getting to know this fine ship. What better way than by a tour of the facilities? Since he’d asked during the party about what was under the hood and they were rudely interrupted with the death of the Cardassian envoy, it made sense to revisit the matter during shore leave. He entered the engine room and glanced around, having a vague understanding of what was here from his engineering courses; but that didn’t make him any more knowledgeable. It took him a few moments to locate their chief engin
  9. (( USS Conny - Security Chief's Office )) :: Rustyy had been called to Sinda’s office, the chief of security.... It had similar feelings of being called to the principles officer. Someone had done something wrong. And it was, of course, his shining star Penny Hopper. She had gotten into a fight with a part time civilian slash part time security officer. Just great. :: oO Could’a been worse..Oo ::Blank stare.:: oO Hoooooow? Oo ::His mind gumbled at him.:: oO It could’ve’a been somethin’ you did.. Oo ::Lightbulb.:: oO That’n be true. Oo :: Sinda had passed along some advice, good advice at that.
  10. (( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A )) :: As Selene finished up with the new Engineering officer that she had just been assigned. She noticed the medical ship’s former commanding officer. A woman whose paperwork was on Selene’s desk, with a recommendation for her as First Officer. Selene trusted her brother, but she wasn’t entirely sure if she trusted the woman, so she had set out to avoid the prospect of talking to her for as long as she could. Now the woman was approaching. Did Shel send the woman up, or did she come on her own? That was the question Selene had going through her head, but wasn’t
  11. (( VIP Quarters - Deck 2 - USS Doyle-A )) :: Shiarrael's eyes opened groggily and a piercing headache shot through the side of her head. Her mind was muddy and the Romulan had trouble gauging where she was. The cool breeze in the room immediately told her that she did not have a stich of clothing on and the small set of cases in the corner finished up the idea that she was in her room aboard the Doyle. :: :: Sitting up, she placed her aching hand to her forehead and tried to keep from collapsing back on the couch. :: oO Fvadt! What did I do this time? Oo :: Stumbling out of bed, she tripped on
  12. ((Shuttle orbiting Igguden III)) :: The shuttle approached the planet and started to slow down. :: Pilot: We are here Cmdr. Where do you want me to land? Tel-ar: Move into orbit above the largest land mass, above the large inland sea. Pilot: OK. :: He replied slightly confused, then again it kind of made sense. The massive Andorian had made the entire 4 hour flight without saying a single word, which for him was normal. Still it made you wonder why he was here. Not that he was going to be stupid enough to ask the man. He had something of a reputation, one that made you think twice before y
  13. ((Camped near the great lake on Igguden III)) :: Tal woke, stretched and slowly sat up. His antenna scented the air, the clean fresh air mixed with the numerous different scents of plants, flowers, animals, birds, death, decay and rebirth. :: :: The week had gone by so fast. The shuttle should be returning in a few hours to collect him and return him to the ship. Part of him was looking forward to it and part of him was dreading it. This life, this having to rely on his wits and strength alone had certain attractions that spoke to him on a depth that was almost unnerving. :: :: Still he had hi
  14. ((Starbase 118 Ops, Operations)) (Day of the Party and Awards Dinner) *OOC: A little long but should be enjoyable none the less.* ::Baylen had been sitting up in Ops watching the reports of the Flight Officer while he had gone to lunch, This was not his normal cup of tea, there was far more that he should be doing. Station traffic was pretty run of the mill but while he running names against the station watch list there was a name that caught his eyes and made him jump straight up. He looked at the screen with a big huge grin for several minutes. While he watched the Runabout approachi
  15. (( Kaitlyn Falcon's Quarters; Starbase 118 )) ::It was quiet. Far too quiet.:: ::After a wonderful night spent with Leo, the in-depth conversation began. He gave her his updates; what had happened, what he had learned, what he had done for his sister and his friends.:: ::He also told her what had to happen next... He would be leaving the station, turning over command to Sal, and he had no idea when he would be back.:: ::Kaitlyn's next question was the obvious one; "When do we leave?":: ::That was when the other shoe dropped. Leo needed Kaitlyn to remain there. Kaitlyn had immediately prep
  16. (( USS Constitution - Daycare / School )) :: The time had finally came for school to be over. Not that there was much in the way of schooling after the ship jostled everyone like a martini. The adults were solome, milling around constantly asking if they were alright. Worry etched in their features as they offered comforting words and coo’s. :: :: The children, on the other hand, were wound up tighter than a fresh ball of string and bounced around like a spring that had been sent down a flight of steps. Even though they had gotten their fill of bumps and bruises, and the classrooms looked li
  17. ((Earth, Los Angeles)) ::Sivah beamed down to the surface from the Starbase in orbit. She headed back to Earth as soon as she could in order to be at Angelica's graduation. She barely made it back in time. She had beamed down into the quad at UCLA campus where Angelica had transferred to in order to complete her degree after leaving Starfleet Academy. She glanced around and was overwhelmed by a tackling embrace by her beloved.:: Angelica: SIVAH!!! ::Sivah couldn't get a word in edgewise as Angelica was kissing her all over and holding onto her tightly. Sivah resorted to simply hanging
  18. ((Science Lab 3, USS Atlantis - 2391)) ::Barbara Tarch didn't know where she fit in. Was she chasing after her baby daughter, or abandoning her in Sickbay? Was she trying to find a solution to the time rift, or standing idly by? Was she moving forward in time, or trying to move back? Was she coming? Was she going? And where had she been...?:: TARCH: Look, I just want to get this thing solved. So we can all go back to wherever we're supposed to be, and get on with our lives. SOVAK: You believe the Pike will escape from the rift into its own original time? TARCH: I believe I'm not supposed t
  19. ((Unknown)) ::There was everything, and then there was nothing. Both concepts described the circumstances, yet neither did it any justice. All that could be said was that nothing was as it should have been. Everything, even the laws thought unbreakable, were turned on their ends. Time dripped down into the nether itself flowing forward, and backwards, and in on itself.:: ::Darkness fell all around, suffocating, despite the blinding light that ignited a fire so cold it froze one to the core. Or was it all just a lie? There was nothing that could be seen, and yet everything lay out before ever
  20. ((Bridge, USS Atlantis)) ::The ripple in time gently rolled across the ocean of consciousness, and in its wake, fragments of past, present and future lives, intricately entwined yet remarkably distinct, lay scattered along the shores of forever.. .. :: ((Through the rift – an alternate tale)) ((Il Diavolo Blu, Living Museum District, Sigma Iotia II)) ::His flame-colored hair appeared black under what must have been a ton of pomade. A stray strand of scarlet had still managed to break free of its waxy sticky prison and now hung carelessly over one twinkling emerald eye. His face was flushed fro
  21. ((Temporal Rift)) ::Lieutenant Commander Franklin Delavigne – Frank to his friends – sat in the fathomless waste of the rift in time, petting the head of an infant no more than a few days old.:: DELAVIGNE: There, there, Elizabeth. Don’t cry. I will find you some food if we can ever get out of here. ::Her name wasn’t Elizabeth. It was Debra or Diana or something. But that didn’t matter. He mother had been here, sometimes she was full of spite and hormones, sometimes she was lying down, covered in the mess of birth, cooing and nursing the child. Sometimes the baby was born, sometime
  22. (( Holana Orphanage, Musilla Province, Bajor )) :: Holana orphanage was on fire. It filled Essen’s senses - the acrid smell of smoke, the sound of the crackling flames, the intense oppressive heat pressing down on her.Ess shook her head in confusion. What was she doing back on Bajor? This wasn’t right, the orphanage had never caught fire when she’d lived there. :: CINDER: So this is where you‘ve been lurking? Pretty dull place, really, I’m glad I could make it more interesting. No need to thank me. :: A blazing figure strode out of the grove of Jumja trees. As she did so the trees burst into f
  23. ((Holodeck 2, USS Garuda))) ::She had finally managed to untangle herself from the questions of the Counselor. While Alora understood it was his job, she just didn’t feel comfortable divulging her troubles to him. Maybe once she got to know him a little better she might feel differently, but for now, she was fine simply confiding in her friends. One of those friends just happened to be a certain Vulcan Chief medical Officer whom she knew waited on the holodeck along with his son. The ‘evaluation’ such as it was had taken more time than she expected, so she arrived a minute or so later than
  24. ((Epsilon VII Medical Facility - Counseling and Neuroscience offices)) ::The call has come through from Starfleet Medical, indicating that the USS Excalibur-A, a ship in dire need of a full counseling staff yet barely able to keep one counselor onboard at any given time, was docked back at Starbase 118. Doctor Solan arched a perfectly sculpted Vulcan brow, and idly wondered if it was logical to contact him with such short notice. If he was not an enlightened follower of the Kohlinar, he might have attributed an emotional reasoning to the late orders. His colleagues often said things like ‘th
  25. ((StarBase 118 - Promenade)) ::As the others went off to eat, Tracey considered joining them, but they all seemed still like strangers to her and she didn't feel so hungry as of yet. So she strode through the shopping district of this massive starbase almost aimlessly as her thoughts turned to her adopted Romulan infant still on DS 285, wishing she could return to his side, and soon.:: ::As she walked, she passed by an open doorway where a distinct sound could be heard coming from within. Pausing, she looked into the darkened lounge and could see the silhouette of the massive instrument stan
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