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  1. (( Kaitlyn Falcon's Quarters; Starbase 118 )) ::It was quiet. Far too quiet.:: ::After a wonderful night spent with Leo, the in-depth conversation began. He gave her his updates; what had happened, what he had learned, what he had done for his sister and his friends.:: ::He also told her what had to happen next... He would be leaving the station, turning over command to Sal, and he had no idea when he would be back.:: ::Kaitlyn's next question was the obvious one; "When do we leave?":: ::That was when the other shoe dropped. Leo needed Kaitlyn to remain there. Kaitlyn had immediately prep
  2. DeVeau: ~But...but...chocolate...~ -------- DeVeau: ~Chooooocolate...~ ::Alora resumed the slow pull of the bag.:: DeVeau: ~Come to me, preciousssss...~ ::taps Alora's hand away.:: Moonsong ~There is a price for chocolate. ~ ::Alora straightened and eyed her friend.:: DeVeau: ~I refuse to jump up and down, scratch my head and make monkey noises. I also don't like bananas.~
  3. ((Earth Starfleet Headquarters)) Personal Log. I find myself sitting in my temporary quarters, looking out the window towards the setting sun of the San Francisco bay area and contemplating my experiences over the last few days. It's hard to describe my feelings from what I have been through, and it feels all like a mind-numbing dream, and a part of me still thinks that maybe it all was. But it felt so real. I was there, if only for a short time. Back home. Back in my universe of origin. But was I? It seemed so real. The sounds, sights, smells. It felt real and maybe that was enough, even if
  4. Sal Taybrim: Hello rock, meet hard place. That is now going into my daily vocabulary.
  5. Taybrim: He was beginning to wonder how Leo managed this all the time without going mad. Then again maybe Leo was mad, and he just never noticed. On second though, nah, Leo was too well grounded to be mad. He just must have the patience of a saint. A little from column A, a little from column B...
  6. Taybrim: He breathed an audible sigh of relief when he caught sight of Commander Falcon. Not only was he personally glad to see her, but back in the depths of his mind he knew Leo would have his hide if he came home to Falcon in sickbay. Or worse: the morgue. Aye, Leo is rather fond of his red-headed lady...
  7. ((Promenade, two decks above the main brig - StarBase 118)) ::Seth Ralston was having what he liked to think of as a 'working lunch' Except in his line of work, the working part was far less clear. For all intents and purposes he was a well to do trader enjoying a delicious and exotic meal on the promenade of StarBase 118. He had picked a sampler platter from the Al-Leyan restaurant on the corner and was in the middle of savoring every little bite like a gourmand. The food was good, but he wasn't really there for the food. The sampler platter simply drew out his eating, allowing him to spen
  8. ((Main Engineering)) :: Ashley strode into Main Engineering, purple eyes glancing curiously at all the equipment and crews goings abouts. He was on a search… as was usual for *some* crewmembers… for his next appointment. One Cadfael Peters, who he had last seen unconscious on the shuttle that had acted as his method of rescue from the Asphodel. But if the man was back on duty, he was healthy enough to attend a scheduled appointment. He wasn’t going to let people think he was a pushover about these things. :: :: Cadfael wasn’t known for avoiding the required sessions, though with all th
  9. ((Freighter Anatoli - Captain's personal bathroom suite)) (nine days ago) ::Seth Ralston raised the still-hot tip of the silenced phase shift disruptor to his thin lips and blew on it. There was no smoke - gunpowder and bullets hadn't been used in his line of work for centuries, but he had always been a fan of Terran 'old western' holovids and at times like this he fancied himself the spitting image of an old frontier bounty hunter. Before him Captain Grek's eyes bulged out of his head as he sank below the fragrant bathwater. Little bubbles filtered up to the surface marking Grek's last brea
  10. ((Starbase 118: Counsellor’s Office)) ::It was incredible how routine visiting the counsellor had become. Kellan’s conditional return to duty after Counsellor Sheridan’s breakthrough with him on the Einstein, which had stipulated that he would need to continue with regular therapy sessions, had led to a change in career goals and an increase in Kellan’s confidence after a breakdown that he had expected would see him locked away and medicated to the point where he would live his life as a vegetable. Then it had become clear that he wasn’t in Ravensville any more - this wasn’t some fabricated al
  11. Matthews: Hey Smurf ::A smurf, Udas had come to learn from Matthews, was an ancient Earth cartoon. They were blue with white hair. All similarities ended their. Andorians were vicious warriors, scientists and politicians. Smurfs ran around in the woods.:: Udas: Hey yourself. ::looking Matthews up and down.:: You'd think just once you'd come your bloody hair.
  12. ((Starbase 118: Holding Cells)) ::Chen sat with his arms folded over the back support of the chair he'd wheeled out from behind the nearby guard station console. He'd spun it around and re-settled himself after sitting in view of Lukic for a good ten minutes, just watching him. With the seat backwards like this, he could lean forwards towards the cell and really pile on the pressure. He didn't need to tell Lukic why he was there. He didn't need to bombard him with questions. He certainly didn't have any desire to indulge in the interrogation methods that some of his black-collared compatriots
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