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  1. ((Counsellor’s Office)) ::Greir was running out of time and had been procrastinating about watching the news feed from Britta Daysa. He’d even gone so far as to coax Eerie into coming in for his yearly psych eval. Anyone would think he wasn’t taking his task seriously, especially given how important his task was and the greater things at stake – things that mattered a great deal to him personally.:: oOSo what was the problem then? Oo :: He knew how the battle went, he’d read the reports, talked to surviving relatives. They’d won, massacred the Klingons and drove them from their home so what
  2. ((Counselor’s Office)) ::Grier was leaning back in his high backed leather chair and listening to some Mozart as he made preparations for his speech and waited for Eerie to arrive for his yearly psych eval. He’d never listened to it before but despite his time constraints he’d done his homework and knew that Eerie listened to it. Having it play quietly in the background was as much an effort to understand the officer as it was to put him at ease when he arrived. Shame it did nothing for his, but then perhaps he was just procrastinating. That was an extremely bad idea right now. He needed to w
  3. I think you can have both. Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered Country and First Contact had a good amount of 'action' in them, and personally were amongst my favourites. Insurrection, Final Frontier and Generations did not and lacked a certain ooomph for me imho, but then I am an action adventure junkie.
  4. ((Security Office-Deck Thirteen-USS Mercury)) ::Alexander, Jade and Prianna are in the security office when Lt. Bale walked in behind them and announced that he had a plan to deal with the people that were behind the poisoning of Velana and the possible attempt on Councilor Prianna.:: Bale: I have a plan in motion to neutralize the threat to Councilor Prianna. I'll let you know when it's finished. For now I would recommend keeping her here, and putting a few guards at the door. ::Alexander watched as Bale was about to leave. He felt the urge himself, for revenge, his friend was hurt. Then he t
  5. ((USS Tiger-A - Bridge)) Delores: lloann iumnahna? I believe I heard that word before... ::Tracey turned towards the Tactical officer who had just spoken. There was a pause before the Vulcan Science Officer spoke also in Romulan.:: T'Mihn: ::Looking over at Tracy, ::In a very surprised tone. :: rhanne ssuaj khla, riov. ( I understand you commander) Idh iumnahna. (- (they are Very desparate.) Delores: Captain, maybe we should contact some other ships in the Federation, because it seems that we are in a desperate situation. ::Tracey nodded. She agreed with the idea of the tactical officer. Furth
  6. ((Sickbay, USS Mercury)) Del Vedova: Right, Commander, walk this way. ::Roshanara followed the doctor over to the empty area of the medical bay Velana had gestured to earlier. The engineer had been focusing on the man's strange gait, and she was caught off guard by his next statement once she had propped herself onto the biobed.:: Del Vedova: All right, Lieutenant Commander. Spill. Rahman: Excuse me, doctor? Del Vedova: I'm not going to waste your time with a lengthy work-up. My 'corder says you're fine, and if they didn't find anything major at MS253, I'm not going to find it here. ::This was
  7. ((Officer's quarters, USS Mercury)) ::When her shift in Sickbay was through, Gypsy went back to the quarters she shared with Rick. She wasn't surprised that he wasn't there, just like she wasn't surprised that he hadn't put yesterday's uniform in the cleaning processor. She smiled, rolled her eyes and did it herself, making a mental note to remind him that as she got bigger, it was going to get harder to bend down and pick up his discarded clothes. A little guilt would go a long way.:: ::Before she was through tidying up the room, her stomach growled.:: Hawker: ::to her belly:: Are you hungry,
  8. Congrats to Velana, and also to everyone else who entered. They were all great stories!
  9. The rain poured down the outside of the small hut. The squad huddled in the tiny structure, trying to get some respite from the tempest lashing all around them. Lieutenant Weyland looked out of the cracked window. He knew his foes would not let some inclement weather dampen their bloodlust. The war was going badly, very badly. It had been several months now since the alien ‘Army of Execution’ had landed on Byzatium, and systematically marched across the planet, laying waste to everything and everyone they had come across. These giant, ruthless Pythron warriors – trained for war since birth – w
  10. Did I put the Matthews / Shryker sim in the wrong Round? Apologies if I did. Will it go through to Round 11, or was it missed from the voting?
  11. ((Matthews’ Quarters-Deck Four-USS Mercury)) ::Alexander walked out of his bathroom just after taking a shower he was a little nervous about meeting Jade Shryker from the Drake. Askade had met her while she was the counselor on the Independence. He walked over to the closet, taking out his dress white uniform, he looked over to the shelf, and pulled out the other black box, that held his medal for bravery. He took it out of the box and pinned it in the correct place on his jacket. He laid the jacket on the bed , the pants and sat down to look at his pictures of the crews that he has served wit
  12. THE GATHERING STORM ((A Lonely Clifftop; the Shores of Venoba)) ::Lightning illuminated the lonely scene as the wind tore at his hair and the thunder boomed all around – deafening and continuous. However, Graven barely moved, just watching the waves rolling over the rocky foreshore, all the while holding his limp bundle tightly in his arms. Nothing could stir him from his current focus. The storm lashed the cliffs and blew cold spray into his face. Still he remained fixed and immobile – like a monolith against the tempest.:: Graven: Tick, tock, tick, tock. ((Flashback – three days previous -
  13. I'm the part of the Castle not shown to visitors!

  14. Sedrin Belasi

    JAN/FEB *WINNER* Affectations

    An excellent story. I love the way it uses the concept of the mast both literally (as an object / artifact) but also as a metaphor for the way species can 'masks' their true intentions and/or emotions. It seems I might be referring to the Vulcans, but I also gleen a hint that Cade is also masking his true intentions. The imagery in this story conveys very well, and I also like the reactions of the characters to each other. It feels very natural, and I can easily picture the scene - as if it was live action on screen in front. A great entry!!!!
  15. ((USS Tiger-A - Bridge)) ::As Tracey sat at her post at Ops, with the red alert lights flashing all around her, creating an eerie glow upon the armor she still wore, she thought of the situation and realized the necessity of some of the tests she was placed under in this universe's rendition of the Academy. Being holed up at StarFleet medical for almost a year, undergoing psychological analysis by Doctor Samuel Huff, Tracey spent most of her free time studying manuals and performing tests. Some were to assess her skills as a StarFleet officer, and some were to assess if she could actually be a
  16. JP: Lt Jg Zinna & Ens. Alexander Richards - Dealing with the nightmare part 1 [[DS17 promenade, 24 hours after the briefing]] :: Time with his family should have been a joyous occasion. However for the tall, blond ensign events of the previous mission continued to weigh heavily on his mind. He found himself getting distant from the important things in life. A fact that hadn't gone unnoticed. The worst thing for Alexander was that due to the nature of the previous mission he was unable to discuss anything that happened with his wife. The recurring nightmare after the link had been broken wa
  17. (( Outside the Ventral Battlebridge, USS Independence-A )) m-Velana: I've already killed you once; it didn't take. Mapak: oO Well, better luck next time! Oo :: Alleran shrugged the stunned Trill off his shoulder. The stunned woman landed in a heap at Velana's feet. :: Mapak: I don't care, as long as I get THAT Trill. You can kill the other me if you want... and I'm just saying, let's rush through there. Murder everyone. m-Velana: That is perhaps the most illogical plan your parasitic brain has ever... :: She stopped, seeing something. Mapak was on such a high he didn't care.:: Mapak: If you ki
  18. ((Vulcan ship Vahklas, 2376)) ::It wasn't unusual for Velana to be called to the medical bay. In the past few years, she had become her father's primary assistant as he tried to teach her everything she would need to know to follow in his footsteps as the ship's physician.:: ::But it had been her mother, T'Lan, who had made the request and that peaked Velana's curiosity.:: oO Is Mother ill? If so, why wouldn't she want Father to know? Oo ::As she made her way through the worn corridors, she was careful to avoid engineering where Sotek was most likely to be in the middle of the work day.:: ::In
  19. I believe it does mean that they both qualify for the next round, but see if a staff member confirms this. Also, where do we nominate any sim that is written between now and end of the year? Do we start a new Round 1?
  20. Ens. Richards - "The Richards" ((Richards unconscious mind, a warped version of his childhood home on the Lunar colony Tycho City)) :: Richards awoke with a start yelling for his mother. He was frightened, cold and alone. His room, scattered with various cuddly toys, dirty washing and various books. He went to yell again but froze. Something wasn't right with this picture. How could he be here? Why was his room so messy? :: oO This isn't right. I shouldn't be here. This isn't my room. Oo Richards: :: Shouting in his mind out loud as if the place he was were real. :: This isn't my Room! Shadowy
  21. ((Deck 9 Corridor Near Main Engineering Level 1, USS Independence-A)) ::Sidney felt like she was floating, her vision was fuzzy. Her mind still trying to process what had happened, she couldn't speak. It would have taken too much concentration. With a thud, she fell to the deck, her arm smearing the blood on the deck as her mind mercifully went blank. The tide had definitely come in...:: ::Hearing the Captain collapse, Townson ran back to where she was. Kneeling, she pressed her fingers against her neck to check for a pulse as she continued.:: Townson: Townson to ....... Clack, Lieutenants Shr
  22. I've made a gaff, have put Round 13 for the 'Inner Demons' nomination, but it should say Round 14, but I can't seem to edit it. Any help or suggestions?
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