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  1. ((Holodeck 2, USS Garuda))) ::She had finally managed to untangle herself from the questions of the Counselor. While Alora understood it was his job, she just didn’t feel comfortable divulging her troubles to him. Maybe once she got to know him a little better she might feel differently, but for now, she was fine simply confiding in her friends. One of those friends just happened to be a certain Vulcan Chief medical Officer whom she knew waited on the holodeck along with his son. The ‘evaluation’ such as it was had taken more time than she expected, so she arrived a minute or so later than
  2. ((San Francisco, 239005.21)) ::The bar hadn't changed in six years...and neither had the woman sitting by herself, nursing what he knew would be a Calaman sherry.:: oO Velana. My Velana. Oo ::It might have been the four non-synthetic whiskies running through Cade's system, but suddenly it didn't feel as if all that time had passed. If he squinted his eyes just a little bit, he could almost convince himself that it was May of 2384 instead, and he was there to meet his girlfriend for a much-needed, post-finals drink.:: Cade: ::to the bartender:: Another whiskey. ::He paused.:: And
  3. ((Sickbay - Deep Space 6)) ::Eliaan Deron could hear the commotion from half way down the hall but even then, he was still surprised when he entered the main sickbay and saw several members of his staff standing around with equipment littering the floor. As he approached his aide Suvan, a tricorder flew out of a storage cupboard and landed at his feet.:: Deron: What is going on in here? ::The Vulcan gave the closest approximation of a sigh that Eliaan had ever seen from him.:: Suvan: Doctor, we're having some technical trouble with the EMH... Deron: What sort of trouble? ::More equipment was
  4. ((First Officers Office)) ::Eerie buzzed the office and walked into the first officer’s office. He had completed his written narrative of the events that transpired on the bridge and was quite interested in hearing what the Commander had to say. Eerie had always wanted to see what he could do in command of a starship. He walked in and stood at attention, as usual, in front of the Commander..:: Eerie: Lt. Commander Eerie reporting as ordered, sir. ::In his usual formal tone.:: :: Eerie had done a lot of thinking about his actions on the bridge. For the most part he was pleased with his action
  5. ((Vulcan, 239007.03)) ::Perhaps, being a doctor, she was simply more in tune with her body than the average being, but Velana knew she was pregnant before she even performed the necessary diganostic tests. When the results came back and the truth lay before her, the reality wasn't so much of a shock.:: ::The consequences of her actions were now growing inside her. It was time to face a very different future.:: ::Her sister-in-law stood in the doorway of the guest room which Velana had been occupying since her arrival on the planet. It hadn't been in her plan to confide in T'Sar about t
  6. ((Counselors office)) ::Gwinnett had an appointment with the new counselor. She was hoping that she might ‘bluff’ her way out of this after a few sessions. The run in with the Zalkonians had put on hold then her meetings with the Captain. She wasn’t particularly thrilled that she had been scheduled with a new meeting with another counselor or any counselor. She buzzed the office and entered. She was dressed in her normal fatigue uniform and boots. She had left her equipment in the marine lockers.:: Gwinnett:Sergeant Brooks Gwinnett, reporting as ordered, Ensign.::Standing at a sheepish att
  7. This is also another (non-SB118 though) resource.. http://stavatars.net/?page=avatars
  8. ((Captain’s Ready Room)) ::Gwinnett was dressed in her standard uniform, but she didn’t have any of her equipment, that she would normally have worn on duty. She wasn’t actually quite sure what one did wear for a counseling meeting with the Captain, who was now a Fleet Captain. She was sure that he had done his homework on her and, not to be completely in the dark, she had looked up as much as she rated on her clearances on his service record. She had learned that he had been a counselor at one time in his career, which didn’t lighten her mood.:: ::She buzzed the office and then entered. She
  9. JP: Fleet Captain Diego Herrera & Lt Kael Thomas - Time To Say goodbye((USS Vigilant, Deck 1: Captain’s Ready Room)) ::It took Kael a little while to work up the courage to ask the captain what he planned to do. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do it, he just didn’t want to have the discussion about doing it. T’Rella didn’t have anyone on board to look after her things, so Kael had hoped the Captain would allow him to do that for her.:: ::Diego looked up from his PADD as he heard the chime at the door. He hadn’t been short of visitors lately, which was to be expected after such a gruelli
  10. ((The Runabout Bar, Deep Space 6)) ::He had nothing in his hands except some mismatched cards, but without hesitating for even so much as a second, Cade Whitman pushed all of his chips towards the center of the table and leaned back in his chair like a man who had already won the pot.:: Cade: ::smugly:: All in, gentlemen. ::There was a ripple of surprise around the table, but Cade was only looking at the Ferengi sitting across from him. The expression on his grotesque face, so confident a moment earlier, had morphed into one of worried panic. He looked back down at his cards, then a
  11. ((Captain’s Ready Room)) ::Now that Greir had properly talked to Chen it had taken them barely a few minutes to work out how and who had played them both for fools. Greir was understandably very angry at himself for not spotting it and for being tricked; he was also very angry at Gwinnett for doing it. Having thought about it he wanted to know why she had done it. Chen said he’d had problems with her before and he was about to get to the root of it.:: Reinard: =/\= Captain Reinard to Sergeant Gwinnett. =/\= ::Gwinnett was just putting her equipment away at the end of her shift. She heard th
  12. ((USS Vigilant, Deck 5: Sickbay)) ::It was easy to lose track of time when all he could remember were fits and starts of consciousness. Lately when he had woken up, he’d felt the sensation of someone holding his hand, and he’d latched onto that, tightening his grip a little whenever he could gather his wits enough to do so. There were things he remembered, too, although he wasn’t sure how much of it had been real and how much had been a dream.:: ::This time, as Chen’s eyes drifted open a fraction, something felt different. He felt like he had a little more strength. The fog that had been clo
  13. (Biodome 5, Connecting Tunnels)) ::Volhv Oskendu, Eerie, Chen and Greir were among the last to leave. They had reached the junction where Eerie, Bram and the Chairman needed to split from the group to go to the larger sub. The Absolution of Vangr was already rising up through the sea as it could no longer afford to remain and risk permanent damage. They had managed to evacuate a lot of the population and they were still transporting out those they could reach. :: :: Eerie was considered the best person to guard the Chairman and ensure he made it to his sub safely, which was going to leave Gr
  14. Congratulations to all entries, and especially to the winner, Captain Herrera
  15. ((USS Vigilant, Deck 2: Greir Reinard’s Quarters)) :: Greir paced and prowled around his quarters like an agitated, caged animal. He clenched and unclenched his fists as he replayed the conversation in his mind. Gjord had started on the attack immediately. Greir had known he would and had tried for an embarrassingly short time to remain patient. He hadn’t wanted to let Gjord get to him so quickly. :: :: He thought perhaps the shock of the news was the thing that had tipped it. He had been worried and reeling from the news. The way it had been used to attack him when all he wanted to do was fin
  16. (( USS Vigilant - Observation Lounge )) Oo Vigliant. oO ::Dr Kydy pondered the term, the name, the definition of the ship she served on. She was very proud of her shipmates. The entire ordeal had been... confusing. She had expected her tour of duty on the Vigilant to be signifigant periods of routine work, interrupted by occasional moments of great intensity with history-making discoveries. Her maiden voyage had turned out to be anything but routine, and if she understood the Captain correctly, they had actually preserved history in this cruise.:: Oo Vigilant. oO ::Kydy absent mindedly rub
  17. Drats! The forums seem to have posted two copies of my Top Sim nomination for Lt. taJoot's Bent out of shape... can some kind moderator please do the needful? Much abliged.
  18. ((Engineering Lab Two, USS Vigilant)) Matthews: =/\= TaJoot, I heard engineers were like smart and stuff, right? Listen from what we know so far the toxin is transmitted through that gelatinous substance. So how do you normally clean up the gel from one of those packs if they break? Moreover, could you implement that operation on a grander scale? And I really wish we could tell you that this was some freak accident. But I have pieces of a dead Romulan here that screams otherwise. Who knows what other types of sabotage could have implemented aboard that station. So you guys be careful poking a
  19. (( USS Saratoga )) ::Raw ingenuity, inspired brilliance and sheer dumb luck had all come together to keep the Saratoga alive as it languished in the atmosphere of JB-437-2. Tubes and wires criss-crossed engineering, conduits were laid bare in the corridors, decking was pulled up in crew quarters and science labs alike, visual reminders of the dirty tricks used to keep the starship powered for decades longer than it should have been. ::But time takes its toll. Even with the abundance of hydrogen available, the patched Bussard Collectors were failing to gather the fuel they needed to power the s
  20. ((Eerie’s Dream)) ::Eerie was walking on a beach, next to gently rolling waves that lapped up onto his feet. It was a bit disconcerting but it didn’t bother him too much. The high heat however, was wonderful. He looked out at the water, which was disturbing to him since he could not swim. As with all Brikar he really disliked water and images of when he almost drowned came back to him. He discarded them and soaked in the heat. :: Eerie: oO Other than the water, this place is great. Oo ::He walked down the beach. It was strange as there seemed to be no end to the sand, no hills or anything
  21. ((Greir’s Quarters)) ::Greir sat at his console. He'd had a productive day and thoroughly enjoyable evening. He felt he had been further able to cement his friendship with Dr Malon, and further earn her trust.:: ::However that gnawing feeling was still bothering him and he finally decided to take action, starting by checking the chronometer. Deciding that now was as appropriate a time as any he took the plunge.:: ::The last time he’d tried to call home he’d cut the connection before anyone could answer. He had his fingers tightly interlinked behind his back to stop him wimping out and d
  22. ((Assembly Chamber Grounds, Prak Zel)) ::With nothing more than a cursory glance at the assembled flock, Vahini Dalal assumed her position on the rostrum that had been constructed for the media event that she was rapidly beginning to see as a total farce. Unimpressed with the rhetoric of a Laudean and his alien cronies, she had been disappointed to see that the public opinion polls were swaying back towards the Federation camp. To cap it all off, she couldn't understand why her Stratagema match with Minister Zaveri was scheduled for this particular time. It seemed as though it was an unnecess
  23. ((Staging Area, Assembly Building)) ::The premiere trade district on Zakdorn filled the huge screen as Greir pressed a button on the lectern. There was a buzz of activity as goods were handled and checked for import and export. Upbeat, melodic trance techno music played in the background, but not so loudly that Greir could not be heard clearly over it. A few seconds later the camera zoomed out and the planet of Zakdorn filled the whole screen.:: ::This was going to be truly spectacular and he was very proud of not only his research but the way it was presented. He wasn’t going down the usual
  24. ((Assembly Chamber, Prak Zel)) ::Following Minister Haksar into the lion's den, Diego caught himself tapping his PADD against his leg and quickly flipped it through his fingers to look at the display. He had left himself bullet points to guide his speech along with the necessary logs and records from his various sources. As he was shown to the lectern in the centre of the room, he was pleased to see an LCARS interface, which was going to make the technical side of the affair relatively easy, at least.:: ::Many of the seats around the chamber had now been filled, and those that weren't were abo
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