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  1. (( Government Offices, Yarista, Palanon, Tyrellian System )) :: The monitor flashed in the darkened office, illuminating the immaculate and bare desk space around it. The silhouetted figure stood beside the window turned imperceptibly, enough to see the message, read the contents with disaffection, and turn back to the casement. Between dark eyes and glacial white hair a deep frown carved into her features. :: Worry had long since disappeared from her body, leaving behind an anger that was almost tangible. Her fist clenched on the arm that crossed her chest, her teeth removing slivers of the thumbnail on her opposite hand. The tall white buildings she could see stood out from the grass, the hazy blue of lakes, the transit ring that surrounded it all - her beautiful home. Her days of wandering out in the central garden alone were gone. :: Her mind felt like a razor blade dragged over taut piano wire; increasingly intensifying with each passing moment that she could still breathe. :: The decision to stay or to leave weighed heavily on her spirit. They wanted her to; she knew they did. They hoped she would take a shuttle, get off the planet, remove herself so that she was no longer their problem. They bandied around statements about her personal safety as if she didn’t know her card had been marked, as if she wasn’t acutely aware of her current predicament and how precarious prosecuting their internal invaders would be. :: As if she wasn’t cruelly conscious that she had no assurances of sanctuary from her own law enforcement - ambassadors that she used to trust, ministers she could no longer depend on, senators who held positions of distinction, who were no longer honourable. :: She would be damned if they were going to dictate her future. She was prepared for war and she would bear the inferno if she had to. There would be no running and hiding. She would not bow to their whim, sacrifice her principles for her life, be the embodiment of the corruption now rife within her own offices. She looked around at the stark white office encompassing her with darkness. Once it had filled her with pride; now she struggled to hold onto any of it. :: The monitor flashed again. :: She barely turned, far too used to the consistent news reports and transmissions, until she caught sight of the revolving symbol adorning the message heading. Unmistakable. Distinct. Her stomach dropped as a thousand possibilities gracefully grappled with her judgement. :: The tone of the communication was crystal clear. Starfleet were coming... :: ...whether she liked it or not.:: TBC -- MSNPC Jhaeina Raisaris Chief Prosecutor Yarista, Capital City of Palanon Tyrellian System Simmed by LtJG Jocelyn Marshall G239304JM0
  2. (( Quarters Rajel - The next forenoon )) :: Jalana hadn’t slept well, and Jerry’s visit had taken some of her, digging through past things. But she started to feel a bit better, now that she had eaten something and was able to sip her tea in peace. It was rather cozy on her couch, and the look out of the windows showed the breathtaking sight of Dagorin VI. A decision would have to be made, not by her, but by Awern and his people. Would they really want to stay here and risk the Syndicate trying to take up the operation again? When the door buzzer went off she looked up from her seat. :: Rajel: Come in. :: As the doors opened they showed the dark haired man and the white haired woman she had just been thinking about. Getting up to her feet she waved them inside. :: Please come on in, take a seat. I was just thinking of you. Sedean: ::he nodded and smiled:: You were?::Awern stepped inside and took a seat at the chair. oO She better have gotten some sleep! Oo:::: Lirane followed, and offered a friendly smile to Jalana. It was not hard to notice that the woman was tired, but she kept it to herself. After that day before it would be surprising if she wouldn’t be. :: Rajel: Yes. I was wondering about what your decision about the planet would be.Have you thought about it? ::She lowered herself to the couch again looking from one to the other.:: ::Awern inhaled and exhaled. The decision was tough, and he required a hell lot of thinking to reach his decision. He weighed factors with other factors, and considered everything, ensuring he did not leave out any details. He had consulted the Lady, and he hoped what decision he had made was the best for his people...and it would not involve any suspicious Syndicate.::Sedean: Definitely. The decisions was incredibly difficult.Rajel: I can imagine. So what did you think? :: Merina looked from Jalana to Awern, just as curious as the Trill. Awern had not told her anything yet, so she wanted to know as well. :: Sedean: I have reached a final decision. ::he fiddled with his fingers::Rajel: Ah! Very good. What have you decided?Lirane: Yes, what is your decision? Sedean: I have decided that we should…::he paused, unsure if he wanted to say his answer. He gave in, and blurted it out::..we should colonise Dagorin VI. :: Merina smiled widely. She was pleased to hear that, as she really had enjoyed the surface, even the caves weren’t too bad, but gone now. :: Rajel: ::Her brows raised:: Are you certain? Sedean: ::he grinned ear-to-ear in excitement:: Yes, the area will be suitable for us! From what we observed, we are not affected by the sap, which is good.Rajel: That is certainly good news. The sap might as well be your protection from other species then. What about the Syndicate? :: Merina looked to Awern, since they had talked about that the night before, she thought it would be okay to take that question. :: Lirane: We decided that if they return, the planet is big enough for both parties. It should be possible to live on the planet and use it to our advantage without being in the way of the Syndicate if they wish to return. Rajel: Fascinating. Do you think the Syndicate agrees? Sedean: I’m sure they don’t know we exist. ::he tilted his head:: Why do you ask?Rajel: ::smiling:: No, I’m just making sure you took everything into account. If you are really sure that this is what you want, we will make sure to get you safely to the surface and give you the supplies you need until you are settled in. Sedean: Wonderful! ::he looked at Merina:: Can you compile a list?Lirane: Of course, I’ll put it together. Rajel: Very well, please send the list to the OPS department and they will take care of everything. We are going to get everything together until noon, so we can begin bringing you down within the next hour, if that is alright with you. Sedean: I would very much like that. Thanks, Jalana.Rajel: Very well, then I better let everyone know. ::She smiled and raised from the couch.:: Lirane: Thank you Jalana. We appreciate what your crew had done for us.Sedean: I will get my people ready for transport as soon as possible.Rajel: I’ll come by to say good bye before you leave. :: Merina smiled and with a brief nod she and Awern left the Captain’s quarters, they have a lot to do in that hour. :: ((Transporter Room 5))((1 hour later))::Awern stepped into the room, as he saw some of the Dokkarans get beamed down as well as small cargo boxes for supplies. This was finally happening; their new home and community. He walked with Merina near the where some of the other Dokkaran were gathered. He turned to Merina excitedly.::Sedean: Excited?Lirane: Very. I can’t wait to get settled and find the treasures of this planet. Vilar and Sarey will fly the ships down to the surface, so they won’t stay back here. Sedean: Wonderful. I also got Kyana to prepare the first Vizinyian tree. I believe she beamed down with the first group.:: The doors opened, and just as Jalana had promised she entered the room. Though her expression was not the relaxed and chipper one they had met before. She looked worried even though she tried to hide it behind a smile, it was obvious that it was just a facade.:: Lirane: Is something wrong? Rajel: ::Taking a deep breath.:: Yes. ::Looking to Awern:: Do you remember when I talked to you about a tracking beacon in your ship? Sedean: ::thinking:: Yes, I do. What is it?Rajel: ::nodding:: As you know, my people investigated. It clearly used a signature used by quite a number of organisations, including the Orion Syndicate. It appears that they found a trace, a kind of fingerprint in the code, that helps to track who put it together. Sedean: And? ::he wanted to know, quite desperately:::: Merina silently listened to them both. She had not heard about this before, at least not as much as she remembered, so she just paid attention. :: Rajel: I have to inform you, that the person who wrote the code, is an individual of your group, named Vilar. Lirane: That is impossible.Sedean: ::his brows raised:: Our pilot?Rajel: Sadly there is no doubt. My people have checked and checked again. You can take a look at the data yourself. ::She handed him the PADD.:: We do not know if he has been in contact with the Syndicate members we found here, or those that poisoned your planet. We only know that he programmed the beacon. ::All this time, he hadn’t realised there was someone suspicious in the group, and it just happened to be the pilot. No wonder during the wait for the Constitution to arrive he did not report anything.::Sedean: What do we do?:: This was the question. She had thought about it from the moment she had read the Report to now, which had been the most part of the past hour. Truth was, this was an internal matter, since there was no proof to the depths of Vilar’s involvement in what had happened to the Constitution Crew on the planet. :: Rajel: Well you have the choice. You can either leave him with us and we will bring him before a tribunal, or you deal with it internally. Since you are not a member of the Federation, though aligned with us, the choice in your hands. Sedean: And he will be convicted.Rajel: Yes, there is a chance. What you say? Sedean: ::he thought, again. The decision was hard to make, as he was not sure which he would be more effective for Vilar.:: I believe it is better if we deal with Vilar. ::to Merina:: He won’t know what he’ll be in later.Lirane: ::Nodding:: I agree. It will be better to deal with it ourselves. ::to Jalana:: Thank you for letting us know. ::The Trill understood not only that they wanted to solve this among themselves, but also why. Vilar was one of them, they needed to know what he had done and why. And they had their own justice system as well. It made total sense. :: Rajel: Of course. Transporter Officer: There are only 3 cargo boxes remaining, and only Mr.Sedean and Ms. Lirane left.:: Jalana looked to the officer and turned her attention back to Awern and Merina. :: Rajel: Looks like it is time to bid our farewells. If you need anything please let Starfleet know. :: Merina nodded and couldn’t wait to get off that metal ship. While she had enjoyed being with the people she longed for natural material under her feet. :: Lirane: Would you please say good bye to Solaris for me? Once our communication system is up, I will contact her myself but did not have the time for it now. And I hope that Wyn will recover swiftly.:: The Trill nodded in acknowledgement. Being in the same team might have lead to new friendships, which made her smile. :: Rajel: I will let them know. ::Awern nodded and turned around to walk over to the transporter pad. Before he was off Starfleet and Federation property, he breathed in the metallic smell of the starship. He looked at Jalana.::Sedean: Jalana, I can’t thank you enough for assisting in our search for a new homeworld. And thank for helping cure us of our...chemicals. ::he smiled::Rajel: Naturally :: Smiling::Sedean: ::the officer behind the station began to energize:: Live long and propser, Jalana.:: While it was a vulcan farewell it made her smile nonetheless. Having learned a lot about Dokkarans in the last two days she remembered some of their customs as well.:: Rajel: And my the Lady protect and guide you and your people. Lirane: ::Surprised, she smiled:: And yours, Jalana. :: The farewell still echoed in Jalana’s mind as the blue sparkling lights engulfed the two and whisked them away from the Conny to the planet’s surface. Jalana stood there for another moment, hoping that they wouldn’t have too much trouble down there. Everything had been brought down, they would take care of the potential saboteur themselves and so far the Syndicate had not shown up again. She knew that one of the Syndicate members in the brig had not survived, the other two were now waiting to be handed over to the authorities, which would happen once they arrived at SB 118. She would have to find out how Rustyy and Wyn were doing, as they had been hit the hardest in their away missions. With that it was time to get right on that. She raised her hand to tap her badge.:: Rajel: =/\= Rajel to bridge. Get us home. =/\= -----MSNPCAwern SedeanDokkaran Group Leadersimmed byLt.JG Chelin Ch'GaborScience OfficerUSS Constitution-BC239212CC0Featured Bio Team Member&MSNPCMerina LiraneDokkaran Scientist& Captain Jalana RajelCommanding OfficerUSS Constitution BImage Team FacilitatorA238906JL0
  3. ((Embassy Grounds, Duronis II)) ::Ceilidh looked at the people there. The captain, Allison, Stelin, as well as the Laudean Prime Minister. There was tension in the air, and Ceilidh wasn't too sure what to make of it. Out in space, aboard a Space ship during battle was one thing, but on the ground, that was completely different, and to be quite honest, more terrifying. When Daysa greeted both herself and Allison, there was a sad joy to his voice, as if he was happy to see them, realizing that this was per chance the last time they'd greet each other alive. It was a sorrow that sprank up from deep within, but there was also a hint of determination in that voice, that if at all possible, they'd not allow such a thing to happen.:: Daysa: The Laudean Militia has been taught to face their battles head on, and I feel certain that they will do the same here at the front gate. Before the night is over, your beautiful fountain will flow with their blood. ::The statement still made Ceilidh blanch. Water had always captivated her, ever since she could remember. It's hues of blues and greens evoked fond memories. Yet the idea of the fountain spitting up red water, tinted from blood was not an image she wanted to think about, less see with her own eyes. It seemed that no matter how 'civilized' people got, there was still a barbaric nature hiding deep within, raging to get out at the first opportunity. :: Daysa: The thing that bothers me is them having vessels in space. Stelin: If we had another ship, we could coordinate with it in order to keep the ship in orbit busy while we fight the ground troops. ::Samal’s stomach turned. He was right. :: Frazier: I am sure that is why they are hitting us now. We can only assume they have been watching us a long time and know how we operate. Stelin: Is there any way to get a message to the Thunder? Frazier: And Star Base 118 is not able to send any ships to support either. Allison: They are operating dark, both the Thunder and the Bronwyn... Riverview: ::Looking at Frazier:: This could be the entire main reason as to why when I first arrived you stated that our ships are all out. This could have been their ploy the entire time, leave us unguarded in the hopes of taking over, without interference from Star Fleet. ::It was plausible that all the recent activity was to get us vulnerable, so that the Prime Minister could be attacked and Starfleet wouldn't be there to aid, and could then potentially be blamed for not helping in time. Thankfully though, both the Thunder and Bronwyn were just above the planet, operating in darkness, and now just needed to be contacted. Stelin, Allison, and Martinez devised a way to communicate with them so that the Laudean attack force would be unaware of what was taking place. Daysa: ::Fielding the oncoming Militia and the arrival of Dr. Peji and the students:: No, they are here. I have an idea that may stop a battle or at least buy us some time. ::Ceilidh watched as Daysa went forward to speak with the others. It saddened her to know that she was right, that it had been someone closest to Daysa who had decided to betray him. What must it feel like to know that someone who you've let into your life, perhaps even your heart betray your trust and wish harm on not only you, but your family as well?:: Daysa: ::Raising his hand to quiet everyone:: Please allow me time to be heard. I know that you've come to overthrow the Laudean Government under my direction, and drive the Federation from Til'ahn. ::When Daysa put things into familia terms, it began to become more personal forr all that were there. The facial expressions began to change, and not everyone was as eager now as they were when they first marched up. Whipping up anger among a group is easy and takes rather little effort. But calming such an approaching storm, that was an art form, built on years of learning patience and wisdom.:: Daysa: The Federation have not come to invade us. They've come to preserve our way of life. The people you fight for are the invaders in league with the Romulan Tal' Shair. Surely you remember how our lives were changed under their rule. Our children starved, our women violated, and our Lomales enslaved. Is this the life you want to return? Is it the life you choose for your children and your children's children? Abasi: That is not the life I want for my people Daysa: Then lay down your arms and recall the vessels. And let's go home, to a life we can enjoy unfettered. Abasi: =/\= All units. This is Submarshal Abasi. Stand down. Return to base. Repeat, return to base.=/\= :: The troops lowered their weapons and began to climb back into their transports:: Abasi: It is done, Prime Minister. If you wish to arrest me, I will be at my barracks... ::Now was the long road of healing that laid before all parties, and that included the Federation. There might not have been direct involvement in the reasons for the uprising this time, but they were mentioned as a source of resentment by some, and that needed to be resolved. :: Riverview: ::Looking at Frazier:: If I may sir, I would like to work with Prime Minister Daysa and Submarshal Abasi ::looking at both Daysa and Abasi:: to help understand what lead up to these events, and help on the road to recovery. I believe that the Federation needs to be involved in this process, as we were mentioned as a point of contention. Ensign Ceilidh Riverview Diplomatic Attaché Duronis II Embassy - USS Thunder-A ID number: C239209CR0
  4. ((Commander Cody’s Office, Deck 1, USS Athena)):: David established the security of his office before opening a comm channel through the JTSC encryption. Paranoia never really bothered him. He checked the sweep reports from his slimpadd, verifying the non-existence of listening devices, whether energy or bio-based, and entered Captain Rajel’s comm channel. He didn’t show Prendar all of his security features. That was a good way for David to get hacked. ::((Quarters Jalana Rajel, Deck 2, USS Constitution-B)):: The night in the dark quarters was rather quiet, which just played into Jalana’s hands. They had just returned from Dagorin VI, a taxing and exhausting mission. She had left Sick Bay after her treatment only about half an hour ago and the little break just to calm herself down was welcome before sleep. So she sat in the dark of her quarters, the only light illuminating from the screen in front of her. The Trill closed a report when her computer beeped, announcing an incoming message, without looking where it was coming from. :: :: On the other side was a young man and she couldn’t say she’d seen him before. She liked meeting new people, and she was curious what he wanted from her. So she leaned forward and offered him one of her signature smiles, spreading into her sparkling green eyes. :: Rajel: Good evening. :: David smiled. ::Cody: Captain Rajel. I’m Commander David Cody under Captain Faranfey’s command here on the USS Athena.:: One of Selene’s people? She knew that the crew had changed ships. The Athena was an Odyssey class, just like the Apollo-A, the ship she and her crew had been on before under Andrus Jaxx. :: Rajel: Please call me Jalana. ::A sudden thought shot through her head.:: I hope everything is alright with Selene? Cody: Actually, I was wondering if you might be willing to help me out. I have this… Thomas Prendar, who decided he wanted to come along on our ship’s next mission. After digging a little bit, I’ve found he’s made quite a bit of noise over several ships. ::with a crooked smile:: Enough for me to take a closer look at what he’s been up to over the last year or two.:: Raising both brows she squeezed her spots into her hairline. Prendar. She had met the man once, though her crew had met him another time before that. Akeelah had been acting CO back then and the report had been anything but a glowing recommendation for the man. The second time she only had gotten rid of him because Nugra had stormed into the ship and used his unique methods to make Prendar leave. Her mind wandered to Nugra and sadness washed over her, but she quickly moved it aside. This was not the time. :: :: So Prendar was on board Selene’s ship? She worried a little about that. Whenever Prendar showed up, that didn’t mean he was there to play nice. The usual chipper and bubbly Trill had trouble to not let her face fall through the ship into the vacuum of space. :: Rajel: Prendar. You have my deepest condolences for that visit. Cody: If I may, Captain, what can you tell me about Thomas Prendar and your experience with him?Rajel: Jalana. ::She smiled at him and leaned back in her seat, wondering where to start.:: Prendar was with my crew two times, but I personally met him only once. Though that was a rather impressionable visit. We had just returned from 1914. We had been pulled into a time rift and upon return learned that we’d been gone for two months. Prendar was the one greeting us. He confined me to my quarters and confiscated the ship. :: David raised a brow. ::Cody: He simply showed up right as you came out of the rift?Rajel: Yes, I don’t know if he waited for us or was just there at the right time as part of the searching party. ::Pause:: He believed that we tampered with the timeline, but in all actuality someone else had done that before us and we were the one fixing that mistake before we found a way to return. Prendar of course didn’t believe me. He investigated the mission and interrogated my crew in a manner that can only be described as him being obsessed with finding anything we did wrong. Not only pertaining the mission but anything at all.:: David knew that some officers could be a little overzealous in their investigations, and it hadn’t been long since he had talked with Dr. Foster. ::Cody: ::darkening:: Obsessed. How so?Rajel: From what I understand he was rather hostile, threatening my crew in a way that made it appear as if he followed the rules, but… you know when you just know that someone has malicious intentions. :: From one of the things that Foster had revealed, and having a bit better understanding of what might have shown up, David nodded. ::Cody: Dr. Foster and I chatted briefly. There was mention of another ship, either cloaked or hidden, within the rift. The reports are a little conflicting. I don’t know if Prendar knew about that or not, or what exactly that was.:: Jalana wasn’t surprised that he had talked to other members of the crew. He wanted to know about Prendar and the more voices he heard the more complete the image of Prendar would be. She did remember what David was talking about, though having seen the reports as she had sent them to Starfleet, she wondered why they were conflicting. :: Rajel: Why do you ask? Cody: The reason I ask is because I think it might be related to other events that Colonel Nugra had been involved with before… ::closing his eyes a moment:: Before his passing.Rajel: ::Swallowing she lowered her eyes, remembering her friend with a pang of sadness. Seeing David’s small gesture she had the feeling that they had been friends as well. :: I’m sorry for your loss.:: Although they weren’t as close as he had with Selene and Jalana, his death affected him, hard. ::Cody: He meant a great deal to me. ::taking a breath:: Nugra had a great deal of knowledge and experience about an ancient race, a symbol of which showed up the other day. I’m not sure how much you know about a couple of incidents, once at Duronis, and once on the Victory where Nugra had been.Rajel: What race… and symbol, if you don’t mind me asking? Cody: An ancient one that Nugra had come across before, Yeltan.:: She could swear she had heard that name before. Leaning back she stared at the surface of her desk and chewed on her bottom lip, as she tried to trace her steps. Where had she… oh. Her emerald eyes raised to look at David. She was not sure how much she could say, without getting either herself or Selene into trouble. She was pretty sure that these were things she shouldn’t even know about. :: Rajel: I don’t know about these incidents. ::At least that was the truth.:: Why would Prendar … ::She stopped herself. That question would lead into a deep rabbit hole. :: :: David studied her hesitation. He wasn’t entirely sure of the dynamic between her and Selene, but wasn’t sure how to approach it.Cody: Regarding that other ship, are you sure it was Romulan?:: She needed to turn around again. Fast. He had a question before she hadn’t answered. That was a good point to return to. :: Rajel: David, you were asking about that other ship before. I did mention it in my report to Starfleet, but I have the feeling that someone might have… changed parts. :: He masked a grim, somewhat bleak realization. If a report had been changed… oO Or sanitized… Oo Too many people knew how to scrub, himself included. But if there was a question regarding a potential altered report, he might be able to do something with that. ::Cody: What was the disturbance, if you don’t mind me asking?Rajel: We were in 1914 as mentioned and while our teams tried to fix the errors my bridge crew attempted to find ways to return home. While they scanned the anomaly for traces that could help, they found traces of another ship that had been there before us. They were Romulan. We do not know why they were there, they had been gone when we arrived. But we had the theory that they were behind the changes. We never figured out why they would do it, though. So we can’t be sure.:: A couple of things occurred to David. If it had been a Hunger ship, it would have made an attempt to breech. No, it wasn’t a Hunger ship. But… he did know that Sicarius intersected with the Romulans. That made a lot more sense, but increased his concern. ::Cody: Sicarius has shown up within Romulan space.:: The Trill’s face fell and her already light skin went pale as the moon. She stared at the screen, at the man who had just mentioned the one name that still after over 160 years send chills through her whole body, out- and inside. How could it be that after all this time they were still part of her life? And why did the Romulans work with them? If Sicarius didn't change their mission Romulans wouldn't have been the species she expected to hear in the same sentence. :::: She swallowed hard and her voice was slightly shaky, no matter how hard she tried to make it sound steady. :: Rajel: Are… you sure? :: At some point, David knew he would need to make a decision. A silent breath made him decide to take a risk. ::Cody: Yes. I don’t know if you’re aware of a certain Captain’s origins, but I’m also trying to locate a friend of theirs who came along.:: Still under shock of hearing of Sicarius activity, her eyes snapped up to David’s. He seemed to know about Selene and her past… or rather future. And who did he mean with friends. Selene had never mentioned friends. The unknown Romulan who had waited for her to bring a message to Selene maybe. Or was the ‘friend’ just a figure of speech? :: Rajel: What friend are you talking about? Cody: ::after a moment:: I have reason to believe that friend knows something about everything we’re facing.:: That did sound like the Romulan. Jalana leaned back thinking and taking a deep breath. :: Rajel: What does all of this have to do with Prendar? Or ::a short break:: Sicarius?:: And there was the real rub, the real question that set David down this path. He knew it was related, he was just missing one last piece. ::Cody: ::a long breath:: I can’t go into all of it, but the short version is I think what happened to you, what happened on the Victory, at Duronis, the Apollo-A are all connected, and somehow those two are tied into it somehow.:: This became worse and worse. :: Rajel: This is a bad idea. He should stay far away from them, no matter what I think of Prendar.:: But the man had gone to collect a captured, then escaped Sicarius prisoner. David shook his head. Something wasn’t right about that. ::Cody: ::after a long moment:: Do you know something?Rajel: I know too much if you ask me. ::She rubbed the bridge of her nose.:: You are speaking with the person who delivered Mida Shayzier to the Klingons. ::She remembered the ice cold aura of that man as if it had been yesterday.:: :: If there was something that could shock David, Jalana found it. He stumbled over his throat, unable to speak as took in her Trill markings. ::Cody: ::finding his voice:: Wait… you did, or?Rajel: My former host Apria. ::She shook her head:: I still don’t know why this has anything to do with … that friend of a certain Captain. You are not telling me that Sicarius has anything to do with the Hunger? .oO Damn, walked right into that, didn’t you? Now he knows that you know. Oo.:: Closing his eyes a moment, David made sure he hadn’t said anything about the Hunger as a certainty fell. Jalana knew. And if she knew about the Hunger, then it became likely she knew about Selene… about a great many things. He thought about the best way to proceed. ::Cody: ::softly:: Shayzier went on about a great evil about to descend on the galaxy and we needed to be ready for. ::studying Jalana:: I think we both know about Selene’s history, as well as Shiarrael. Sicarius started with Shayzier, Last year, we saw the resurgence of the Sicarius, starting with the Prometheus Station incident. Sicarius played around with weaponry that created temporal subspace rifts.Rajel: ::Closing her eyes briefly she inhaled deeply.:: Yes I’m aware about his… belief. It was all he talked about, and having to strengthen the galaxy by eliminating the weak. If they are really back and responsible for that, we all have a big problem. I am sure that everyone would prefer if what Selene and her friend know remains in their timeline and does not repeat itself here. :: A sudden realization slammed home that David should have realized just a short while ago while talking with Talia. ::Cody: ::shaking his head, angry mostly with himself:: There’s something you should know. There’s a shapeshifter associated with Sicarius who goes by Que. Que captured Talia Kaji at Duronis, impersonated her, was rooted out, then Que herself was captured later by Commander Brek and the Columbia crew later on in mid 2392. Prendar went out to Starbase 118 to collect Que, and somehow she managed to escape. I know because Brek and I got together barely an hour or two later after Prendar showed up. Jalana, this Yeltan symbol that came up, it’s on the planet in the Gamma Quadrant. And we know there is a shapeshifter involved with the Sicarius.Rajel: A shapeshifter? That means she could be anywhere… anyone. David, I don’t like the sound of that. Cody: ::recalling that Prendar spent the most time on both the Constitution and Victory:: Wait… would Prendar know about you, Selene and Shiarrael?Rajel: I don’t think so. Shiarrael made sure that there are no traces of her visit here. ::She had tried to find anything but the computer had believed that nobody but Jalana had been in her quarters at that time. :: And I contacted Selene over a secure line. She did not mention Prendar being on board at the time, so he wouldn’t even know that we talked. But if Selene’s background is in her file, he could find a way to get to it.:: It solidified a somewhat working theory. David nodded, pulling in all the information that came through from different sources. He suddenly realized that the Shiarreal that came with Selene was still out there, if understood that she somehow showed up at the Constitution.::Cody: Do you believe that he could have found out?Rajel: To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised about anything when it comes to him. But why do you think he could know about that? Do you think that might be the reason he’s on the Athena right now?Cody: There’s something I haven’t told you, I haven’t told anyone, yet. There’s two event chains I’ve developed. One involving all of the incidents regarding temporal events that have and may have to do with the Yeltans and the Hunger, and then an event chain that includes the actions of a person along with the re-emergence of the Sicarius in February of last year.:: The Trill leaned forward, watching the man intently. :: Rajel: Which events? Cody: Here’s the one thing you need to know. On February 4, 2392, Lt. Commander Thomas Prendar requisitioned a ship from Starfleet Intelligence and flew off somewhere. There are two factors involved in this, one circumstantial, and one factual.Rajel: :nodding:: It is not surprising that he grabs a ship and flies off. ::But he surely had a point to what he was saying.:: What are the factors? Cody: Circumstantial, fourteen days after Prendar flew off, the first strike from the Sicarius happened at Prometheus Station. Factual, for reasons I have yet to find out, Prendar didn’t attempt to re-capture Que after she escaped from custody from Captain Shaw. I’ve read the report, and everything Shaw’s team said backs what Prendar said… but still.:: That hit her like a hammer right in the guts. There must be an explanation for that. Something. Anything. .oO Calm down, Jalana and think. Oo. Rajel: Are you sure about that?:: David assured her with a short nod. ::Cody: Every Intelligence officer has a personnel file that logs their activity, regardless of the operation. ::Rajel: What if the name Thomas Prendar is a cover he uses to protect his real identity? With him being of the SFI he has the means to do that and bury his real identity. We wouldn’t have access to that kind of information and no way to find out. Cody: ::thinking:: There’s only a couple who would. Do know you something, or is it an idea?Rajel: ::nodding:: I am simply trying to come up with alternatives, to keep an open mind about his involvement and background.:: David nodded. Always keep an open mind. ::Cody: And possibilities.Rajel: That is who we are. The keeper of open minds and finders of possibilities, seekers of truth and all that. And secondly… ::She sighed:: … The thought of Prendar being from the future and knowing about all of this is terrifying. So I have to hope he isn’t.:: With a somewhat morbid curiosity, however terrible it was, David relaxed. ::Cody: No. He’s from the Prime here and now. I’ve read his file… what was he like? Shayzier… if you don’t mind me asking.:: The Trill looked through David for a long moment, remembering that man like it had been yesterday that she stood in front of his cell trying to find out why he had killed so many people. Chills ran through her every cell. :: Rajel: Calm, calculating… He was convinced that what he did, had to be done. That the weak had to cease.:: Flinching slightly, David thought of the last Ixvapian warlord, Hadrian. The strong preserved, the weak perished, as was ordained by the Journey. He knew that deformed logic, even if he didn’t agree. ::Cody: ::entranced:: What did he say?Rajel: He told me… Apria, that it would come. .oO You can't stop it. It will come and the weak will cease. Oo. And that we can’t stop it. He smiled at me when he said that, even more when he told me I would see, when he didn’t answer to who ‘it’ was. ::She took a deep shivering breath.:: He… ::Pause:: He was obsessed with his cause, no matter the cost. But I can see why so many followed him. Cody: What was it about him?Rajel: Because despite all he said and did, he wasn’t cold. He was charismatic and passionate about Sicarius’ cause. He believed in it and could make others believe in it as well. If you ask me, that’s the most dangerous kind of fanatic.:: Closing his eyes a moment, David took a moment to digest. Charismatic, passion and belief, some of the worst people within Earth’s history possessed those traits. Yes, he could see how Mida inspired others, especially if his followers were prone to look toward someone who could lead them in those times. ::Cody: So you caught him, turned him over to the Klingons, and then?Rajel: He died the next day. I was there to personally make sure of that. He looked at me the whole time. He wanted me to see it. ::She stayed with that memory for a brief moment. :: After all we talked about today, I wonder if he knew about the Hunger.:: David couldn’t discount the possibility, given everything that happened. He wondered if Mida was another universe jumper, and somehow fell into a fever to spark this universe. He tried to picture Mida Shayzier, filling in everything from this tall, dark haired, charismatic man, to someone of normal stature, maybe with the elements of a scholar in his features. Was he clean shaven, or did he have a beard? ::Cody: What did he look like?:: For a moment Jalana wasn’t sure why David wanted to know, but it dawned on her. He tried to imagine him, something she had done many times in many lives when facing an opponent or an enemy. And without any information, it was hard to do that. Mida didn’t have pictures on files, but she had seen him, spoken with him, so the question made perfect sense. :: Rajel: Shayzier was tall, his hair brown and about shoulder length. He liked to wear it combed back… I remember him running his hands through it to move it backwards before he was executed. His eyes ::pause:: brown but not dark, though I found them dead and soulless. The kind of eyes that show you he could lose it any moment if he would allow it to himself. ::A longer pause.:: But maybe it was because he was in that cell, that they looked that way to me. ::She pulled herself out of the memory looking at the man on the screen.:: I was focusing on containing my rage against him when we met, so my impression might have been tinted by that.::Nodding, the deep black skin of the Ixvapian warlord and his dark, glittering, proud glean ghosted out of memory. David met people like Shayzier.::Cody: Those who are firm in who they are and what they believe.Rajel: He looked like the kind of man you would trust with your life, when meeting him as part of your crew. If not for those eyes.Cody: ::struck by a thought:: Any sons or daughters?:: Jalana rubbed over her face with one hand. All this talk about Shayzier made her nervous. It had been so far in the past, somewhere in a dark corner in the darkest room of the void called memories of forgotten past. And then this article had brought it back up, now David asked all these questions. It made it difficult to focus on anything but these memories. They were as fresh as the day it all happened. :: Rajel: Yes two daughters. Hope and Futureia. Why do you ask?Cody: Just free thinking, more than anything. Sometimes the cause of a father is inherited by the sons and the daughters ::humans were just as bad about that alongside both the Klingons and the Romulans at times::Rajel: I see. ::pause:: Well his wife, Leia, and his daughters were not there when we got him. We were sure that he made sure of that to get them to safety. We were unable to find them, no matter where we looked. I assume he had some powerful friends with means to take care of that.::That clinched a few things David learned during the course of this year, making several notes.::Cody: Would you be willing to tell me about them?Rajel: The girls were teenagers, that means they grew up with his convictions, possibly were influenced by it. That means unless he kept family and Sicarius apart. Though with his strength of belief that is hard to imagine. But I can’t say if they followed it as well.::A sudden feeling traveled the course of David’s spine, based on what he had learned about the initiates.::Cody: Jalana, you are a lifesaver.:: The Trill smiled slightly, she hoped she didn’t look as tired as she felt. With a gesture that had gone over into her blood she fluently pushed her hair behind her ear and lowered her hand again. :: Rajel: I am glad, if I could help. I appreciate that you shared the information you have. If you don’t mind I would like to stay updated on this.:: David leveled her a warm, somewhat devious smile. ::Cody: Something is going to happen in the near future. Something very large, very splashy, and very public. I won’t spoil the surprise, but I think you’re going to like it.:: The smile and the sudden excitement was more than a little curious for Jalana. Coming from such a dark subject to this of course made her want to know what had happened in this man’s mind, what was the mysterious event going to happen soon. But she also knew asking would be futile. She would have to wait.:: Rajel: I can’t wait to see what it is, David. And good luck with Prendar. Cody: Thank you, Captain. For everything. I’ll keep you in the loop.:: She nodded, offering him another smile, before pressing the button to end the connection. She closed her eyes and took a couple of deep breaths. This had been an emotionally taxing conversation, with memories she would have preferred to stay away. The day had been long and straining, so what she really needed was sleep. Opening her eyes again, she wanted to see if she had much urgent paperwork to do tonight, when in the corner of her eye she saw something, that made her heart jump and her body followed, pushing back the chair into the shelf behind her. She twirled towards the shape she saw standing at the window. ::Rajel: Computer light. NOW! :: The light turned on immediately, hurting her eyes briefly so she closed them for that moment. As she opened them again, there was nothing, but her rapidly beating heart. She could have sworn she saw someone standing there in the window, dimly illuminated from behind by the passing stars. :: Rajel: Computer, has anyone but me been in my quarters within the last 24 hours? Computer: ::beep:: Negative. :: The Trill exhaled. The conversation with David must have put her more on edge as she had thought. In combination with the taxing day her mind could play tricks on her. Yes, that must be it. Simple trickery. But that didn’t mean she would sleep with her lights out tonight. Clearly not. :: JP byCommander David CodyMission SpecialistUSS Athena, NCC-97780P237106MB0hoodsdavid@gmail.comFNS Team | Training Team | Top Sims Judge& Captain Jalana RajelCommanding OfficerUSS Constitution, NCC-9012-BA238906JL0werner-jessica@gmx.deImage Team Facilitator | Top Sims Judge
  5. Written by @Luna Walker ((Somewhen else)) :: In the distant past, two races fought. The details, while significant to each of them, were as dust...much like their original systems. Each felt that the other would doom the Universe if they weren't stopped. Unfortunately, each were equally matched in technology and production. A deadlock that spanned centuries without visible end. And so it was for all of their long memories, until, finally, an answer was created. The Omega device, too large to be called a ship, a hull as intransigent as the beliefs that helped create it. The plan was for it to destroy every trace of their opponents. And initially, it seemed the end to the violence between them both. Until, their weapon, seemingly of it's own volition, turned upon them as well. Due to an unfortunately literal interpretation of the command, the race that had created the device was a mirror of the target.. and therefore a trace of it. The idea that their own creation would turn against them had never been considered, the scientists behind it destroyed in the initial attacks. Millennia passed. The markings of that ancient race burned away by radiation and kinetic impacts against the nigh invulnerable hull. The device itself constantly driven by the command given at it's inception. Destroy all trace... :: ((Khitomer system, Now [2267] )) :: Omega had completed the task of eliminating the three of the system's planets. If a measure of satisfaction could be held by a computer program, it would have felt a taste of that. Only to have that taste turn to ashes as it noted the presence of an active mobile target. When the starship had previously limped away and fallen off the sensor grid, it had determined the likely destruction at 85%, something that had been determined sufficient for it's goals. Calculations churned within the Omega device. After long moments, the algorithms shifted priorities of targets. The planetary bodies remaining in the current system would not significantly shift in the duration it would take to remove the more mobile target. The decision made, additional time was utilized to determine the optimum thrust and pathing required to destroy the target. The path that allowed for the rapid follow up destruction was selected and implemented. The optimum energy output was provided to the engines, driving the device on a precisely calculated path to the target's destruction. There was a calculation made, as always, that determined the known means of the Omega devices own destruction. There was no exhaust port that would allow an explosive charge to destroy it. Previous Wars in the Stars had attempted and failed there. Nor was there an interface that would allow someone to attempt to remotely reprogram it. Millions of Independent races had tried that their Day. No, quite simply, the risk was vanishingly small. It would destroy the current threat, then continue it's effort to fulfill it's programming. As it always had, as it always would. ~ Fin The program of the Omega Device as simmed by Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker Chief Engineer, USS Invicta I238010BW
  6. (( Earth - By The Docks - Shanghai )) :; Rustyy considered his options, not that he would have much control over where he was put. The lady in charge was in charge of that. He would liked to have gone off and play on the boats, not that he would have gotten much accomplished. Ship and boat engines of this era was just too much to pass up! His lips moved of their own accord while he thought of the expensive engines and the excuses he could come up with to keep them. But apparently the head of security had other plans for the smelly chief engineer. :: Sinda: Alright. Mr Hael, no offense but you have the stealth capabilities of a Betazoid bride. Plus you need clothes more than any of us and know what this tug runs off. :: Rustyy inhaled sharply, had it get caught in his throat and choked, trying to breath. What did she just say?!? He was no Betaziod bride, stark naked and prancing down some else in front of waaaaaay to many people. ::   :: Of course he couldn't stop and make that imagination a good one, of some pretty gal in that position. Oh no, it was like that nightmare of going to school in your underwear. Look down... Lookup... Check again... Pause... Scowl. He crossed his arms and pouted. If he didn’t know that the woman in front of him could kill him in a heartbeat he would have protested. But dieing in the 1914 wasn’t on his list of way he wanted to go out. :: Hael: Oh tay, boss lady you got’s it. Sinda: Williams, I know you have the training, but given your current disguise, I think your capture poses the greatest risk to current events. An Army officer caught stealing would generate the most attention by far, but the added authority it gives you might help in buying goods. Williams: aye That makes sense commander. Sinda: Foster and I have the best chance at remaining undetected. :: Oh she wasn’t fooling anyone! She wanted to sneak about and play just like Rustyy. And he knew it. Well not actually, but the childish mind he was blessed with was convinced of it. And now he had to go back into town to get clean cloths. If he was caught what was he supposed to do? “Hey guys sorry about all that, can we do a redo? By the way I need cloths.” Yeah that sounded like a good plan… :: :: oO Wait a minute! Oo Him and Williams would have to do some James Bond, master of disguise stuff too. Because Rustyy had no intention of getting caught. :: Foster: I have, with me, an array of hyposprays that will handily make people very sleepy and a rash of other interesting things, a selection of lovely medicines and drugs with, again, a wide variety of effects, and a laser scalpel. What about you guys? Hael: I’s’a gots a few tools. Only what’ll fit in my pockets though. Like’a handy-dandy soldering iron and a few other things. Foster: How do you power a soldering iron on 1914? ::He wondered it and it slipped out his mouth, which wasn't an unusual disease for him. His father had called it brain-mouth diarrhea.:: Williams: A weapon and some cash, enough to get some decent amount of what we need. Hael: So that be meanin’ now we gotta go back up to shore? :: Rustyy nodded, of course they would be going back to shore. For most of the adventure so far they were in some kind of limbo trying to figure out what to do. He turned the wheel and opened up the throttle some sending them back the way they had come. A little slower, just in case they changed their minds. :: Sinda: Looks that way. Put us as far away from where we were docked, though. Williams: As soon as we get close to the shore it might be wise to pedal again, sorry doctor, but the less noise we make, and the more fuel we can save, the better. Foster: For the record I hate that engine. :: Rustyy frowned and looked at the two officers. Diesel was a pretty hefty fuel, better than coal or gasoline, so using too much to get back wasn’t such a big deal. Plus everything was super cheap. Of course if Williams was being quiet to not draw suspicion, this was the exact opposite. If someone saw them, they would tattled on in heartbeat. Unless they said they ran out of fuel… But their lights were off. :: :: Rustyy barely restrained himself from pulling out his hair. What if’s were as bad as theories. And he hated those. :: Hael: :: Shrugging. :: You be the boss. :: He winked at Sinda and smirked. :: Sinda: Now there's an attitude that's going to continue right up until you set foot in an engine room. :; Rustyy smiled cheekily at Sinda before wiping it away and looking at the floor like a child. Today is NOT a good day to die. :: Williams: Give it full throttle for a minute Rustyy, then cut the engines and let’s hope we will keep up with the pedals. :: Rustyy nodded and watched the two men go down to the main dock, while he and Sinda stayed up in the raised cabin. Rustyy was more focussed on on pirate songs and full speed ahead. He just couldn’t help himself… :: Hael: Vroooom vroomvroomvroom, Waaaaaa :: In a slightly lower tone. :: Waaa-r-waaa-eeerrr-- Sinda: Hael, you know you said you needed a certain gas to kick start the warp core... :: Freeze, like a deer in headlights. He heard someone say something. He hunkered down like a turtle into its shell and looked around. Sinda! She said something… Something about a core. Was she talking to him though. He pondered, squinting his eyes. Quick kill the engines! Oops his bad. :: Hael: Yeah? :: He yelled out. That was a universal safe word. It could go anyway for anything. :: Sinda: How about I tell you where you can find a LOT of hydrogen right now? Williams: Hydrogen? Hmm, we would be more fortunate in Germany. :: Hydrogen? That wasn’t on the list he made up… But boy it would be volatile, more so than the explosives below deck. And because it was a gas it could be handled easier on from a distance rather than the more hands on with the version they started with. :: Foster: Why does this sound explosive to me? : Hael: I’m’a listenin’ to ya. :: He looked at Sinda. :: Sinda: I believe they called them 'Zeppelins'? :: Rustyy walked out to stand next to Sinda to see what in the world she was talking about. Though he wanted very much to not have to leave his new prize. it was probably the only time he’ll get to drive her. :: :: Just beyond, Rustyy saw the large oval balloon in the air. oO What the heck be that… Oo Rustyy thought long and hard about what a Zeppelin might be. But whatever it was, regardless of it being Terran made, it must not have had an interesting motor in it. Oh well, if it has what the boss lady says it does, it was good enough for him. :: Hael: I’d be thinkin’ that’ll be more than ‘nough fer what we be needin’... Foster: Oooh yeah, that looks like a deathtrap if I ever saw one. Williams: Yes, but I think this is still considered a safe craft. The Hindenburg won’t go down for another twenty years. Hael: I donno what a safe craft be, but how do ya reckon we get that there bollon and its :: Smirk :: gas.. To the ship? Williams: They never found out how but…. SSSSHHH :: Rustyy looked down onto the deck at Williams. Shh? Why Shh? He already made him kill the engines, there was much more he could do to be quiet. Unless he meant for Rustyy to close his trap. :: Williams: Navy! Be quiet! Foster: Navy? Hael: We ran outta gas and that there battery’s be dead. That ain’t too suspicious. Sinda: A patrol? Or... Williams: No doubt looking for us… Sinda: Darn. Williams: They probably can’t see us yet, but we are very close to sunset I think… Foster: Ok, how far away from the shore are we? Can we hide among other ships. And how did the navy figure out to look for us so fast? I didn't think information traveled quickly in 1914. Hael: :: Chuckled.:: A lotta things traveled fast back in them… these... days and gossip will always be number one. Sinda: Didn't you know, Doctor? Rumours are the only things to travel faster than warp 10. Williams: Its possible someone called in a missing ship already but doubt the navy would investigate. So it’s probably a patrol. Foster: Ok, maybe a stupid question, but does that Navy ship have anything we need? Hael: You sayin we gonna steal from armed folks? :: Rustyy bobbed his head side to side in thought. Not such a bad idea really. they had to be prepared for anything. Rescue missions or fighting. At least that was how it was suppose to be. :: Foster: Well, if we can get everything on a one stop shop, getting boarded might not be a terrible idea. Especially if someone can hide. Not that I especially want to tangle with them. :: The coal in Rustyy’s brain fired up, slow and cold at first, but slowly working. Sometimes, rather most times, ideas hit him in the face with a frying pan. Other times he had to think and think and think and think and think some more and then someone else would take his idea. :: Sinda: Tackling an armed and alert naval patrol would be a lot different to sneaking onto an unsuspecting ship. Williams: If we need ammo or guns it would be a nice target, but I doubt they carry much rough recourses. And I don’t know how to pull of a stunt like that even if they had all we need… Foster: Diphaline kerasodium. Tasteless, safe, and an incredibly effective sedative for humans. I was planning on spiking the grog of whatever ship we snuck onto, but it doesn't discriminate. It will put naval officers to sleep as easily as it will sailors or pirates. Just give me a target. Williams: But than it would infect us too right? Might want to think this through some more. Foster: Well you gotta drink it... just don't drink the spiked canteens. But if you want aerosol... Hael: Okay… okay, okay, okay. I think… ::Paused.:: I be thinkin’ I’s’a gots an idea. Williams: I doubt it will work, but if you guys think it does… Foster: I want to hear him out. Hael: Gimme a minute. :; Rustyy stared at the floor like it held all the answers and his lips moved like he was reading. He brought his hands up and gritted his teeth. A slow bounce made its way to his feet moving him up and down more rapidly than what the boat did. Why was it so painful to get an idea out? :: Sinda: Not sure if you're going to get much more than a minute... Williams: Might be wise to make a light before they ram us… Hael: Okay what if’n we play hurt, get that there ship ov’r ‘ere :: He sped up his talking from excitement.:: The doc hides’n there and we distract thems long enough fer the doc to knock’em out, right. Tug their boat with our boat an’ take it ov’r to them there gas balloons, pillage thems boats get the gas and leave. Then we might’n not need’em :: Pointed to the sky.:: to run no scans and save some power. :: He smiled triumphantly. Rustyy talked faster and with poor grammar. He feared if he didn’t say it all at once he would forget his brilliant plan. And a half plan just wasn’t enough. :: Sinda: Doctor? You up for that challenge? Foster: Sure am. :: They understood what he said. Rustyy figured that was all that matter. He jumped down the flight of steps, yelling while whispering. :: Hael: Ya’lls get down an’ be ready to knock them out. TBC/TAGs ____________________ Lieutenant JG Rustyy Hael Chief Engineer USS Constitution A239202RH0
  7. ((USS Stormcrow, Captains Ready Room -CRR)) ::Haz looked over the data on his desktop viewer and leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them he adjusted his uniform.:: Arrhimen: Computer start and recording. Computer: Ready to record. Arrhimen: To Star Fleet Command, This is Captain Haz Arrhimen, Commanding Officer of the USS Stormcrow, Command ID number Alpha 1150Gamma 453 Bravo. As you know I have strong feelings about the Romulan threat, and your weakness and ability to not lift one finger to stop it. I now know that it is my responsibility to purge the issue for ever. I will take up the flag of the martyr. My crew and I are ready to do what is need to save and protect the Federation. I am deeply saddened that I will not live past what I have to do, if I were to live my next target would be Star Fleet Command. An American President by the name of Thomas Jefferson once said that The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. He also said that every generation needs a New Revolution. Well i say to you, here is the new revolution. Me and my crew of the Stormcrow are those Patriots and we will water the tree of liberty with green blood of the tyrants. We have lived in fear too long. We have had to many of our loved ones taken from us by these tyrants. No more... It ends today. History will remember us as the savors of humanity while our so called leaders did nothing. If you send a Star Fleet ship to try and stop us, I will count them as siding with the Romulans and they will be destroyed. That is your only warning. Captain Arrhimen out.... Computer end recording and send to Star Fleet Command and to all Star Fleet Captains. Computer: Message sent. ::Haz smiled and walked out on to the bridge.:: Arrhimen: I have sent Command a message with what we are about to do. There is no turning around now. ::The crew turned to listen:: Arrhimen: In 1519, Captain Hernán Cortés landed in Veracruz to begin his great conquest. Upon arriving, he gave the order to his men to burn the ships. What Cortés did was force himself and his men to either succeed or die. Retreat was not an option. Now we are faced with the same challenge. We succeed or die. If we die, the Romulans will when, so Retreat is not an option. ::Turing to face to First Officer:: Commander Orin, we still have samples of the Tremar plague outbreak in the sickbay hazardous storage locker. Put on an extreme hazard suit, and synthesize more please. Remember that just one drop of that will kill every person on this ship with in an hour. We are going to load them into atmospherics probes and launch them into the plants atmospheres and have the plague disperse it self. ::As she answered, Haz turned and walked back to his command chair and took a seat and looked out the view screen.:: TAG/TBC Captain Haz Arrhimen Commanding Officer USS Stormcrow ID: R238606GHO
  8. (Earth, Sarajevo, a house) :: So, it was decided. The team would need to prevent the Kaiser from attending the parade in order to keep the timeline on track. Everyone agreed a non-lethal solution would be best; the Kaiser needed to die, but not at their hands. To that end, the plan was to drug his food to give him symptoms as though he had a stomach flu. He was sure both Jalana and Danzia had the knowledge of how to make that happen, but since Jerry was actually carrying the drugs, not to mention the only official medical officer on the team, he decided it was his duty. Although he was happy they wouldn't be causing the Kaiser any permanent harm - at least, not directly - it went against everything Jerry stood for to intentionally make someone sick. Knowing it would eventually lead to one of the bloodiest wars in Earth's history didn't make the prospect any more appealing, but it simply had to be done to prevent irreparable damage to history. The doctor did his best to steel himself and continue planning for the mission. :: Milsap: Sure, I can handle that. Of course, I'll need to get close to him, and I could always use some help. I don't suppose any of you pretty ladies would care to turn the Kaiser's head while I fix up his drink? Rajel: You could also try to get to his food in the kitchen, or be the server for it. Of course that could always go wrong and either you don't get to it, or he eats with someone else and they get the dosage. So getting close to the Kaiser himself might be a good idea. Danzia: Turning people’s heads seems to be my job on this mission. T'Mar: You have a proven track record at this point.. Rajel: ::chuckling:: Indeed. Milsap: ::nodding:: I gotta say, you certainly do have the wiles. Danzia: But I’d need more suitable clothing. Milsap: ::He looked down at his own outfit.:: Same here, I doubt I'd fit in with the Kaiser's servants looking like this. T'Mar: That seems to be the issue of the day. Now that Ian is taken care of, let's try on those clothes that we had found. Perhaps the Captain can do some sewing as suggested earlier? Rajel: Good idea. I think I have seen some sewing tools in the woman's bedroom. Let's go and I'll fix what we need. Milsap: ::chuckling:: Why am I not surprised you're a seamstress too? ((Timeskip)) :: Jerry had excused himself to another room while Jalana, T'Mar and Danzia changed their clothes, but now that Jalana was down to some final alterations he joined them again. Now dressed in a freshly tailored set of clothes he stood next to the window overlooking the street below, trying to keep a lookout for the return of the house's occupants while remaining undetected himself. Every once in a while he caught a glimpse of the ghostly reflection of the women in the window's glass. As ridiculous as the clothing of this period might seem, there was a certain charm to it. :: T'Mar: Was it ever mentioned where the Kaiser was staying? I believe that would be the first place to start. :: Jalana appeared to be trying to remember something, then slightly shook her head. :: Rajel: No, he only mentioned that the Kaiser would be there. I do assume though that we can find that information in a gossip column or something like that. Or just listen to the people outside. :: Jerry talked over his shoulder, reluctant to turn away from the window. Knowing his luck, the house's residents would return the second he took his eyes off the street. :: Milsap: Something like that definitely oughta make a stir. It doesn't seem like there's much else going on around here. Danzia: Definitely not. Sarajevo was a little bit of a backwater at the time - a major city, true, but not one in which much actually happened. T'Mar: If we can find the location, Danzia and Milsap will then need to find their way to the staff. I believe that will be the most challenging aspect of this whole ordeal. Rajel: ::Nodding:: I agree with that. Though maybe we are lucky and there is so much staff preparing and working that they won't notice the new unknown additions. Milsap: If they're preparing for a public appearance I would imagine there should be plenty of chaos. Danzia: And plenty of people that might not know each other. T'Mar: I believe the we ::looking at Jalana:: should stay close in case something goes wrong. Rajel: ::nodding:: I would suggest that we would find our way to staff as well. I remember from the banquets my father gave, that the serving staff is usually overlooked, as if they are not important enough to pay attention to, which would be what we need right now. Milsap: ::chuckling:: This is one time it would be nice to get looked down on. Danzia: We’d need uniforms. Rajel: We could of course simply ask. With the festivities tomorrow, there is usually enough to do for everyone and almost always they are understaffed. They might be grateful for the offering. Milsap: It couldn't hurt to ask. ::He shrugged.:: And if they say no, you can just sneak in like Danzia and me. Danzia: Good point. Asking might work if you can demonstrate you can do it? Rajel: ::nodding:: Yes, first find out where we have to go. ::She turned already to head to the door but then stopped and turnd around again to look at the others.:: That reminds me... Now that Ian is gone, we need a new display leader. ::She looked to Jerry.:: :: Jerry turned to face her and scratched his head. He had almost forgotten Ian was the acting team leader, although Jalana was officially still in command of the operation. :: Milsap: Hadn't thought about that. Danzia: In this day and time, a woman in charge would be noticed. Rajel: ::She looked at him in surprise, as if she had not noticed that he was the only man in the team.:: Oh really? Now that poses a little problem. Milsap: ::He raised an eyebrow questioningly.:: Oh yeah? How's that? :: She tried hard not to smirk and keep her face straight, though the twinkle in her eyes betrayed her slightly mischievious nature. :: Rajel: Well look at us Jerry. We are three women of high ranking. We can't be bossed around by a mere Ensign, can we? :: Jerry's brow furrowed. "A mere ensign"? It wasn't at all like Jalana to belittle someone like that. Besides, Ian was the leader while holding an even lower rank. He had the feeling she was up to something, but darned if he knew what it was. He decided to play along until she played her hand.:: Milsap: ::He stuck his hands in his pockets and nodded.:: Yeah, I can see how that might be a problem. :: Jalana glanced over to T'Mar, then stepped a little closer to Jerry looking at him with a stern expression. When she reached him she placed a hand on his shoulder. Jerry tensed at first, not expecting the sudden contact, but quickly relaxed again. Turned out he really didn't mind it a bit. :: Rajel: That is why I am going to promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade with all rights and responsibilities, and into the Position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer. ::Her firmness broke and she grinned widely up to him.:: Gotcha! :: Jerry was almost too distracted by Jalana's hand on his shoulder to process her words, so it took a second for his eyes to shoot wide open. His jaw worked silently, waiting for the punchline. When none came he stammered out his incredulous reply. :: Milsap: You...you're serious? :: He shifted his gaze to T'mar and Danzia, looking for any clue that this was a put-on, but none came. He grinned widely at Jalana. :: Milsap: I don't know what to say. Thank you! Rajel: ::Reaching out her hand to him she shook it.:: Congratulations Jerry. Danzia: It’ll squeak for a while, then you’ll get used to it. :: Jerry blushed slightly, unaccustomed to all the attention. :: Milsap: Thank you, I'll do my best to live up to the rank, and the title. I have to say, you definitely know how to keep a secret. I had no idea that was coming! Rajel: Well luckily you had forgotten that Ian was a Crewman and still our leader, or I'd been in trouble. ::Chuckling, she stepped back again.:: Now let's get out of here and find the Kaiser. :: Jerry forced himself to focus his attention on the mission once more. As happy as he was about the promotion, the new rank wouldn't mean much if there wasn't a Starfleet to return to. :: Milsap: Right. Shall we go mingle with the locals and try to drum up some information? Danzia: Let’s go. Lieutenant(jg) Jerome Milsap Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Constitution-B C239208JM01
  9. ((The Pocahantas)) Alt!DeVeau: Il y a les ténèbres. Il n'est pas sécuritaire. Nest pas sécuritaire! ::The utterance was soft, but still audible in the confines of the ships cabin. Although spoken aloud, they were done under the influence of sleep as Alora muttered in between the unconscious whimpers that punctuated her slumber.:: ::He looked over at the sleeping woman with a slight frown. He recognized the sound of the language but not the words. He could have used the translator but he decided not to bother. For all he knew, she was spouting all her secrets. He had secrets of his own. Far too many. With a sigh he turned to the comm and sent out a signal. It did not take long to get a response. The voice was female.:: Woman: =|= You again? Lobo: ::smiles:: =|= I need a favor Woman: =|= You always need a favor Lobo: =|= You owe me, love. Woman: ::audible sigh:: =|= What is it? Lobo: =|= Medical. Woman: ::a touch of anxiety could be heard:: =|= Again? Bran, you have got to stop doing this. There will be a time I cant fix you up. Youve barely recovered the last time. The nerve damage to your face You could have lost your eye Lobo: ::chuckles:: =|= Easy, Soop. Its not for me. Woman: ::Another sigh.:: =|= Another stray? Really Bran Lobo: =|= This one is worth a lot. ::pause:: Shes Ronin. ::There was silence for a long moment.:: Woman: =|= Are you sure? Lobo: =|= Im sure. ::Another moment of silence followed by a long sigh.:: Woman: =|= How far out are you? Lobo: =|= Ill be there in a couple of hours. Woman: =|= How serious? Lobo: =|= Broken arm, leg and ribs, single gash on her forehead. Possible internal damage but no other bleeding I can detect. Woman: =|= All right. Well be waiting. Lobo: =|= Thanks, Soop. ::With that he closed the comm. He leaned back in his seat and this time letting out a sigh of his own. Absently, he ran a hand over his face, pausing over the scar. He had allowed Soop to save his eye and knit the skin, but he didnt allow her to take the time to heal the rest of the damage. He had been in a hurry at the time. Then he discovered the advantage of it among his own kind. The perception of who he was and what he did changed. It made things easier and harder at the same time. It was a choice. His choice.:: Alt!DeVeau.: Who is she? ::She had awoken to the burning sensation in the pit of her stomach that had become far too familiar over the years, even if it wasnt constant. As she had drifted awake, shed caught most of the conversation with whomever it was he called. Soop?:: ::He turned the seat around to face her, and eyebrow lifted in inquiry.:: Lobo: Someone I know. ::All right, fine.:: Alt!DeVeau: Who do you plan to sell me to? Its not as if the Ronin can afford to buy me back. You plan to hand me over to the Dominion? If so, you should have just left me there, they already had me. ::Alora doubted they would treat Lobo kindly should he try to do so.:: Lobo: So it doesnt matter. The Jemhadar arent the only ones buying. ::Her eyes fluttered shut again and she attempted to take a deeper breath, an action that resulted in rasped breathing. Even doing that was too difficult still. Alora focused her attention to that sensation, then her eyes flew open.:: Alt!DeVeau: Somethings wrong ::Strangely enough he didnt move.:: Lobo: Do you want something for the pain? Alt!DeVeau: No. Somethings...somethings wrong. Somethings ::How could she explain it? Honestly, Alora didnt quite understand it herself, the strange sort of warnings she seemed to get. Unfortunately, because she was unaware of the route they were taking or his plans, she wasnt sure how to get him to understand.:: Alt!DeVeau: Where are we? Somethings coming ::He glanced at her with a frown then he turned back to his console, scanning the area around his ship. Just because something sounded weird or unbelievable didnt mean he wouldnt listen. He would have been dead long ago if that had been the case.:: Lobo: Something like what? Alt!DeVeau: I dont know. I cant explain...its just ::She paused. Would he believe her? The only person shed truly confided in was Raissa.:: Alt!Alt!Alt!DeVeau: I get these...feelings sometimes and they generally mean something bad is going to happen. Lobo: Always? Alt!DeVeau: Always get them or always bad? Lobo: The latter. ::Alora shifted, her eyes darting toward the screen that afforded a view of the outside. There was nothing there, but that didnt mean something wasnt coming. If she had a feeling, she knew it would happen eventually. Her heart beat rapidly against her chest and she struggled to sit up, a feat that was impossible between the pain and her inability to use her hands.:: Alt!DeVeau: Turn around...turn around, go a different way, do something! ::Before he could react to her advice, a ship rippled into existence. Immediately, a light flashed and the vehicle they occupied rocked against an impact.:: ::Lobo swore with such creativity the air almost turned blue as a side effect. ::The ship rocked with another blast and Alora cringed. As a third one hit, the reaction of the ship was enough to cause her to tumble out of her cot. Her teeth drew blood as she bit down in order to keep from screaming in agony. Even with that, a half scream, stunted in her attempt, made its escape.:: ::Outside the ship shifted around and took position on the Pocahontas left flank.:: ::Lobo was still swearing and cursing a blue streak. His hands danced over the board, proving he was a skilled pilot. The Pocahontas abruptly flew backwards. The with equal abruptness dropped straight down. He didnt fly in any particular pattern and that was what kept them from being hit again.:: ::Lobo was almost as fond of his ship as he was his life.:: Lobo: I dont have time for this crap ::Neither did she. Alora emitted another groan and a strangled cry. If she were rattled again in such a violent fashion, she wasnt sure shed be able to remain conscious.:: ::The ship corkscrewed and spiraled, straining the inertial dampeners to the limit. A quick scan of the immediate vicinity gave him what he needed. Oort Clouds on the edge of solar systems were amazingly handy. Better than asteroid fields. Another shot just missed them and the Pocahontas dived into the debris of broken comet.:: ::Although her eyes scrunched closed as she attempted to deal with the pain, they flew open as she managed to choke out.:: Alt!DeVeau: Keep going! ::She wished she could see, but the roiling in her stomach eased with whatever action hed taken. With another violent twist, Alora heaved, unable to withstand the nausea that welled up from within even with an empty stomach, then suddenly fell still and limp.:: ::Lobo ignored the smell. He was completely focused on his piloting. The scans had told him what kind of ship was after him. In this galaxy there were pirates and there were Pirates. Unfortunately he had [...]ed off the latter on more than one occasion which explained the bounty on his head.:: ::His hands tightened around the manual controls of the his ship, his eyes glued to the screens as he twisted and turned through the debris like a crazed dancer on hallucinogens. He slammed close to the edge of a chunk, blasting it, sending up a billow of plasma and debris her dove through, then swinging up he dropped his ship underneath the ledge, letting the debris and fire mask the sight of him. Once there, he shut down all his power except for passive sensors and his jamming system that would mask the lifeforms on his ship. He leaned back and shook the circulation back into his hands.:: ::With a sigh he got to his feet to deal with his passenger. He reinserted her onto his bed and then dealt with the mess she left behind on the floor.:: Lobo: Im starting to wonder if youre worth all this. Alt!DeVeau: Probably not. ::Alora managed a smile, though in her present state, it shone weakly at best.:: Alt!DeVeau: Sorry for the mess. ::Though, really, why was she apologising? She guessed shed always been brought up to be polite. After a few moments in an attempt to catch her breath and calm her heart, she managed to find her voice once more.:: Alt!DeVeau: What now? ::He straightened up, his arms crossed as he stared down at her. His face was devoid of expression as his dark eyes glimmered with intensity.:: Lobo: That is a good question Jettisoning you would be the quickest. Alt!DeVeau: Dont like that option. ::Honesty, considering everything, Alora was amazed at her calm. Maybe she was simply in too much pain to get worked up.:: Lobo: So you dont like something? ::What did that mean? Aloras eyes fluttered shut as nausea twirled with dizziness.:: Alt!DeVeau: You never answered my question. Lobo: Which one? Alt!DeVeau: From earlier. When you were...so...insistent. About fear. Lobo: Thats true. I didnt. Alt!DeVeau: Well? ::Conversation. If nothing else, it helped, whether to bear with the pain or the situation in general, she couldnt say, but she just needed to keep talking. A smile touched his lips for a moment.:: Lobo: Yes I did say I would tell you, didnt I? Alt!DeVeau: Yes. Lobo: I lied. ::He reached up over her head to his medical supplies and withdrew a hypospray.:: Alt!DeVeau: I guess...I shouldnt be shocked. Lobo: Yet you are Alt!DeVeau: Not really. Is this...how you treat all the girls? Or am I just...lucky? Lobo: No, this is how I treat fools Alt!DeVeau: A fool? ::He sat down on the edge of cot, the hypospray in his hand.:: Lobo: Somehow in this nasty little universe we live in, you think you can survive on ignorance, illusions and high morals. ::pause:: Which pretty much tanks your value beyond having that all stripped away once. ::If he expected a response, he was to be disappointed. Alora simply lay there and gazed up at him.:: Lobo: So my idea of stealing you from the Jemhadar is becoming one of my poorer choices in hindsight. Alt!DeVeau: I guess were both fools, then. TBC ========= Alora DeVeau (alternate) as simmed by Lt. Alora DeVeau Chief of Science, USS Invicta M239008AD0 & Lobo as simmed by Lieutenant Raissa Moonsong Chief of Counseling, USS Invicta G239107RM0
  10. ((Transporter Room 1, Adjacent to Bridge, USS Apollo )) ::The faint, dizzy lurching sensation that Torrin was not sure he would ever grow accustomed to faded quicky, and he materialzed. As his senses returned to him, he saw standing in front of him a human-looking man with short neat dark hair, a clean shaven face, and the uniform of ....:: oO An admiral? Where am I?! Oo :: The man looked with what Torrin could only interpret as disapproval at his state of undress. He was suddenly incredibly self conscious and entirely horrified and humiliated, the realization dawning on him that there had been some kind of mix-up, and right now his husband was meeting with a confused civilian welcome wagon somewhere on the lower decks while he was making their first impression on the commanding officer. He vowed, if he ever saw that little scarecrow again, to murder the boy in coldest of blood.:: :: Chandni Kapoor watched Jaxx turn to look at the man, apparently just as surprised. Since she had sent the coordinates to the shuttle she wanted to make sure that everything was in order and got up, stepping a bit closer, as she crossed the bridge. :: Jaxx: Admiral Andrus Jaxx, commanding officer of the Apollo. And you are? Torrin: I... I am Professor Avaris Edral Torrin sir, I apologies for my appearance sir, we had some trouble with the life support on our runabout, and I was not prepared to be meeting you today... ::The admiral shrugged slightly in a gesture that seemed to say "don't worry about it", but Torrin still clutched the ends of his open dress shirt pulling them close together, wishing he had been wearing some kind of large cloak that he could hide behind completely. The Admiral continued :: Jaxx: Welcome to the Apollo. What is your function aboard the ship? :: Hearing the name Chandni sighed. Of course, that bored - most likely - teenager had mixed up the coordinates, what a surprise. In case the Admiral wanted to know what happened she wanted to be there to explain and approached further, stopping just a few steps behind him. :: Torrin: I apologise Admiral, there must have been a mix up with our transporters, my husband was supposed to report to you, he was recently assigned to the Apollo as a security officer. I am here along with him. ::The admiral looked at him expectantly, as though he expected Torrin to say more :: Torrin: ... as for my function personally on board this ship, I have some ideas about what I would like to do, but I doubt that civilian job postings are the responsibility of an Admiral sir. Neither is providing directions to lost and disheveled new arrivals, but may I impose upon you to point me in the direction of the family quarters? I would like to get.... appropriately dressed before we meet again, if I can avoid dying of humiliation between now and then. :: The commanding officer smiled slightly, and turned to a beautiful tan-skinned woman with long dark hair who was standing slightly behind him:: Jaxx: Ensign Kapoor, can you get him where he needs to be? :: She was not surprised that he knew that she was here. Even if he had not seen her, she thought that he most likely sensed her. Just like her boys sensed when she was around. :: Kapoor: Of course, Sir. ::She gave Jaxx a smile before turning to the other man.:: Please, come with me, Professor. Torrin: oO Well, if that wasn't the greatest first impression, it was at least ... memorable. Artem is going to kill me Oo Thank you. :: Torrin nodded to the Admiral (who he could swear was suppressing a smirk) to the turbolift, which in another twist of humiliating fate, meant leaving the small transporter alcove and being briefly visible to the entire crew present on the bridge. A few of them looked up at him, but whatever was going on in their day was clearly more engaging than the arrival of a disheveled tattooed barbarian claiming to be a professor. Avaris was particularly taken by the image of a fair haired Vulcan woman (no... there was a shadow of forehead ridges, part Romulan probably) who didn't even make eye contact with him, being too engaged in frantic whispers with another crew member and looking as though she might burst into tears at any moment.:: Torrin: oO Whatever they are dealing with must be pretty stressful for my appearance to barely register as unusual. Either that or this crew has seen its share of unusual things. Maybe both. Oo :: Chandni walked with him to the lift and with the luck they had the doors opened right away so they could step in. She waited until the doors closed behind them. :: Kapoor: Deck 38. :: The lift began to sail downward. The ease with which Torrin usually schmoozed with strangers had briefly left him, but she broke the silence first, as he was just beginning to panic about what he should say to start a conversation. :: Kapoor: ::She looked to the Trill.:: I saw in the database that you are coming with your husband? Torrin: Yes, Ensign Dragumov. He just graduated from the academy, this is his first posting as a security officer, I am ... proud of him. oO Yes Torrin... "proud" is a word... Oo Kapoor: ::smiling:: It's nice that you follow him here, long distance is hard when it is not limited to the same planet but the galaxy. Torrin: Yes. I don't think I could go back to that. We met just as the War was beginning, I was still in school on Trill at the time. We did the long-distance thing for 13 years, when I finally graduated and he started his academy training, I think we got married mostly to ensure I COULD follow him on his first assignment, we were so tired of the way it had been. Are you married ? Kapoor: No, not married. But I got two kids, twins and my boyfriend is on board. ::Chuckling:: It sounds silly at this age. ::Torrin smiled broadly at her. He loved talking to people about their kids, and had found being an elementary teacher back on earth surprisingly rewarding.:: Torrin: Twins! How lovely, that is considered very lucky on my world, one of the quirks of our evolutionary background means that they are even rarer for us than for you Humans. And its not silly, not at all! Trust me, this is when life gets good, nobody could pay me to be young again, there is not enough latinum in the universe. ::She looked at him quizzically. He had simply meant that he was approaching 40, but he realized his choice of words might have given her the wrong impression, given just how relative age was to some of his people. She seemed to want to ask just how old he was, relatively speaking, but seemed unsure if there was a polite way to ask. He decided to spare her the embarrassment of trying, at least someone deserved to have themselves spared embarrassment today.:: Torrin: 'Torrin' is a family name, not a symbiont... I am 38 in-case you wanted to ask, but if anybody else asks I'm 29 okay? ::He winked at her in a way he hoped came off as "fun" and not "creepy and gross"... she knew he had a husband, so he gambled that she would know he was not trying to being a leech. It went over well and she smiled prettily up at him:: Kapoor: ::grinning up to him:: So, Professor, what are going to do on board? I don't get the feeling that you are the type to just sit in the quarters all day. Torrin: Well I still do research for my Alma Mater, I am currently writing about convergent evolution for the Xenobiology department, I hope that I will have a chance to do some field research while travelling with the Apollo. Aside from that, I don't know. Are there a lot of civilians on board? Kapoor: Oh yes we have many civilians. Some of them work in the departments in areas that are available to them, others have their own field of work, like our Botanist, the Bar-owner - if he ever opens that bar - or the kindergarten teacher. I'm sure that we can find something for you, there are a lot of possibilities on board. Torrin: Well I have been teaching elementary school for the last four years while Artem was a the academy, do you know how many children are onboard? Are their parents teaching them or is there a school? Perhaps I will drop in with a resume after I get my quarters settled. Kapoor: You have? Ooh, adbhut.. sorry wonderful. We do have a a bunch of children, I cannot give you an exact number without accessing the database. We did had a teacher on the Apollo before this one, but he went back to Earth. Mark O'Donnal is taking care of the children in day care. I'd suggest to talk with him, I can imagine that he would be thankful for some help. Torrin: Thank you, I'll do that. ((Deck 38)) :: Chandni smiled to him and as the doors of the lift opened she let him go first and stepped out after. It was bustling with life and chatter. Here and tere was an officer, most likely the spouse of a civilian, who rushed past them. It was different here than on other parts of the ship. The other hallways were order and work oriented, people made sure not to be in the way and with swift steps went from destination A to B. Here it was like in the alley in a village, most people walking without aim, strolling and suddenly changing directions, standing in the middle of the way for a chat. :: ::The computer announced their arrival on the family deck, and he stepped out of the turbolift into a large, busy hallway. Torrin had no idea that there were quite so many other civilians on board, it was a pleasant surprise to think that he might avoid too much interacting with officers and not have to be too lonely about it. Although so far the officers he had met had all seemed alright... for Starfleet. :: :: The OPS officer was genial and personable, and Torrin was greatly enjoying the brief moment of sanity in an otherwise strange and distressing evening. They had been discussing civilian life onboard the Apollo, and she was proving wonderfully inclined to helpfulness :: Torrin: Is there anything else I should know? Kapoor: Ah yes, since you are new on board you will have to be checked out in sick bay. ::It was not as urgent as with an officer who had to get to duty, but they also could bring anything on board. :: Your luggage should be in your quarters and if you need anything, just let me or someone else in OPS know. ::Torrin's heart sank, but he had known that a medical examination would be in order. He just really did not want to think about it right now, his first priority was to take an extravagantly long solar shower, followed by changing into some clean clothes, followed by at least six other things he had yet to think of before finally relenting and going to the doctors.:: :: Just as he was about to say goodbye to her, an extravagantly dressed, and incredibly loud foppish and ridiculous man with perfectly coiffed pink hair stopped dead in his tracks, looked Torrin up and down, his eyes darting from one ugly aggressive tattoo, to his undershirt, to another ugly aggressive tattoo, to his haphazardly tied up mane of hair, and upon taking it all in, screamed in seemingly genuine horror. :: :: With an abrupt halt the baby blue eyes of the pink haired hologram wandered briefly over the woman, in her terrifying uniform, but stunning long black hair and tanned skin but then remained for a bit longer on the man besides her. That guy was a whole fashion disaster. The only thing that was going well for him were the spots running from his hairline down to his feet. :: Georgio: ::shaking his head he put one hand on his cheek with a distressed expression on his face. :: Oh honey, no. Loreyn Gates or Zumo Hynes can pull ... ::his hand moved from his face and circled the whole man::.. that off but no... ::he scrunched his nose and shook his head:: ... you really need to get out of that and into something ... anything but that! :: Chandni stared at the pink haired man and was so startled by that, that she slipped into her native tongue, and then into a thick Indian accent as she caught herself. :: Kapoor: ::mumbling:: Gaand maraa. ::Shaking her head she looked up to Torrin, who seemed to be rather confused:: Eye dun' know eether :: Torrin looked uncertainly at the pink haired man, and finding himself entirely unprepared to engage with him, turned back to Kapoor.:: Torrin: Okay... well thank you for everything. I hope to be less of a disaster next time we meet. Kapoor: You're fine. Welcome aboard again Professor. :: She smiled reassuringly, and gave him a polite nod before going back to the turbolift. He turned away and walked purposefully across the hall, ignoring the pink haired man as he strode past him towards the quarters assigned to Artem and himself. He heard the strange man calling after him, but was far too exhausted to deal with him. :: Georgio: Wait sweety, you clearly need my help. :: Chandni looked over her shoulder, to see that he had slipped into the Professor's quarters and shook her head. For a moment she thought about going back to ask if he needed help, but then decided against that. She was pretty sure that he was capable to do that himself. So she stepped back into the lift and headed to the bridge. :: (( Quarters Torrin/Dragumov )) :: The doors to the quarters whooshed open, and Torrin sighed heavily, hearing them close behind him and being thankful for a moment of peace. He surveyed the modest room, which apart from some basic furniture was entirely empty. :: ::Before the doors could close, Georgio slipped through them and into the quarters, that were just as boring as the rest of the ship. All this grey and Starfleet blue, they needed a decorator. His eyes wandered from the room to the shoulder of the Trill. :: Georgio: Whoever told you that these tats suit you, was a liar, sweetcheeks. :Torrin whipped around startled. The pink-haired man was standing in his doorway, either unaware that it was generally considered inappropriate to enter a persons quarters uninvited, or (as Torrin considered to be more likely) completely unable to fathom that anybody may not be delighted by his presence. He was exhausted and his temper was never easy for him to control, he nearly roared at the little man:: :: Georgio blinked when the man suddenly jumped around and stared at him. Well Georgio was used to stares, who could not stare at this fabulousness? It looked as if he wanted to say something so the pink haired man waited. :: Torrin: What are you doing in my quarters?! Georgio: ::Waving his index finger in front of the tall man's face and spoke in a singing voice. :: Na na na, no reason to raise our voice. I'm here to help you of course. These ... ::He encircled the tattoos with his finger.:: ... fashion statements will have to be corrected if you want people to not look away when they talk to you, dear. ::The little man spoke as though Torrin had casually asked him what the weather was like on Andor this time of year. Torrin was used to his 'teacher voice' commanding fear, but something seemed to have erased this man's capacity for understanding social signals :: Torrin: They are not a fashion statement, they have meaning to me. Georgio: ::Sighing dramatically, he begin to circle around the Trill, checking him all over.:: Well I don't agree that something this ugly can have meaning but whatever. Then we at least change this nest of hair. Torrin: My hair has meaning to me too. Georgio: Honey, did nobody ever tell you that "has meaning to me" does not mean the same as "is hideous"? :: He finished the assessment round and came to a halt in front of the tall man, looking up. :: ::Torrin decided a change in tact might rid him of the strange little creature, and leaned in close, lowering his voice to a menacing whisper :: Torrin: I earned half of my tattoos in space while serving on an Orion pirate ship. See this one? It means I killed a human captain with my bare hands. The other half came from the maximum security penal colony I just got out of. See this one? Its the symbol of the prison gang I was in. I had to do some terrible things to survive in there, some truly terrible, and quite violent things. I am a dangerous man, you had better run while you can little one. Georgio: :: The Pink haired man smiled widely at the Trill and reached out, patting the man's cheek. :: You're cute when you are trying to intimidate me. ::Torrin threw his hands up in the air. He thought he had been convincing enough. Maybe he had been, and the issue was that this man was as incapable of feeling afraid as we was incapable of understanding that following someone into their quarters to tell them that they looked like a mess was not appropriate. Apparently nothing was going to shake the determined fop :: Torrin: Listen, I promise I do know how to dress myself alright? I promise I wont leave these quarters until I am presentable. :: Georgio: Leave that judgement to the pros, sweetcheeks. Torrin: Now you are just being rude. Georgio: ::waving dismissively:: Just honest, darling. I'll wait, you get ready. Torrin: I just arrived! I haven't had a chance to even shower let alone decorate my quarters. Georgio: Oh decorating, how exciting. Let Georgio do that for you and it will be fabulous. :: Excitedly he clapped into his hands, bouncing up and down, but then realized that something was not right about that plan. :: But... ::He stopped bouncing and made an all including gesture.:: ... to decorate, you first need decoration. Where is it? Torrin: 'Georgio' eh? Well listen up Georgio. All I want is to get washed up, changed into something not soaked through with sweat, and maybe even relax for a few hours. If you ..... ::But what Georgio had said sunk in as he was talking. His quarters truly were empty. They were not simply missing some homey decoration, or in need of some domestic love, they were missing something else. They were missing all of Avaris and Artems' belongings:: Torrin: actually you seem to have a point mister Georgio. I seem to be missing my ... everything. Georgio: Well, you are not missing me, sweetie. That counts for a lot ::smiling widely.:: ::Torrin responded pointedly in an increasingly half-hearted attempt to shake loose of the strange little creature :: Torrin: Yes, the difference is my belongings are supposed to be here. Georgio: ::Again he waved his hand dismissively:: Avaris, sweetie.. same difference. ::He raised on his foot and pushed himself a little with the other, to turn on his toes like a dancer before he put both feet back on the carpet:: So, where did you hide your things? Torrin: I wish I knew mister Georgio. I hadn't thought to hide my belongings, but someone else seems to have helpfully taken it upon themselves to hide them on my behalf. ::The Trill sat down heavily and rather dramatically onto one of the two standard chairs in the quarters main room:: Georgio: ::gasping theatrically:: Oh dear, that is horrible. ::But the next moment he caught himself again and grinned.:: Ah, I have the solution. Of course I do, I am the genius Georgio. ::Torrin was holding his head in his hands, acquiescing to the apparent inescapable truth that this Georgio was not going anywhere :: Torrin: Oh good, I wait with bated breath and whispering humbleness. :: Georgio looked at him as though he had just started barking instead of using actual words:: Torrin: … its Shakespeare. You look human, and seem… theatrical, don't you know Shakespeare? Georgio: ::With quick dancing steps he hurried to the replicator in the wall, raising both his arms towards it like a showgirl pointing out the big prize, completely dismissing the Shakes-whoever comment.:: Tadaaaa, what's your size darling. I'll get you something really nice. It won't be like the real deal, but better than ::waving his hand towards the man:: that. :: As soon as Torrin had seen his luggage was missing, he had feared that he might have to do this. Avaris' physical baggage was missing, but he was never too far from the emotional baggage he carried with him. He had found ways to work around it most of the time, but it manifested in strange and often seemingly nonsensical ways. His mostly-irrational fear of replicated clothing was one of those ways. :: Torrin: Please no. I … I try to avoid wearing replicated clothing actually. Georgio: What? ::smiling widely:: Well that is so much better, not all hope is lost. At least you know to cherish what is good. ::Torrin could not help himself but smile slightly at the misunderstanding. The man clearly thought he was a snob about replicated clothing when the truth was so far from that. He thought back to Irazina and Paxan's trial, sitting in the wings watching the prosecutor parading the conspiracy evidence for the impassive Vulcan Federation judge, and in front of the crowded room. The horror and rage he had felt as the trial revealed the true extent of the Starfleet Intelligence and TSIS surveillance of their little group. :: :: They had been too bold and not suspicious enough, they did not think that they were interesting enough to warrant such invasion of their privacy. They had not yet realized just how important placid unquestioning acceptance of the status quo was to the government of Trill, and to their puppet masters in the Commission and Federation. They had no idea that undercover agents had been their friends, room-mates, fellow organizers and even lovers for the past two years.:: :: And they had not counted on the deviousness and ingenuity of tampering with their local replimat to embed low level proton radiation particles in the clothing they ordered, in order to more easily track their movements. This last, [...]ing piece of evidence had punched a starship-sized hole in his friends otherwise meticulously constructed alibis, and had added the charge of perjury to their already very serious charge of conspiracy. Irazina and Paxan had served 5 years in a Federation penal colony. :: :: And it could have been any of them. They were all sloppy. Avaris and the rest of them had just been extremely lucky, and Avaris had, even now when his movements, were they being monitored, would not be considered particularly interesting, refused to ever trust replicated clothing again. :: Georgio: Then we have only one way to solve this horrifying dilemma. ::Torrin snapped out of his daydream, back away from his depressing past into his increasingly depressing present, too exhausted to argue with this Georgio and just accepting that his day was not going to stop being surprising and uncomfortable.:: Torrin: And what would that be, oh genius? Georgio: Finding your things of course, silly. ::He grinned and in a rather feminine posture of his legs, one leg pulled up slightly in a bend he stretched his arms in a 12 and 3 position waving his jazzhands, as he melodiously raised his voice again. :: Roooooooad triiiiiiip. :: Torrin closed his eyes, steeling himself and taking a deep breath. :: Torrin: Okay. But first may I have your permission to take a quick shower? Georgio: ::grinning he waved dismissively with his hand:: You may, off you go. Torrin: How magnanimous of you. :: Georgio curtsied and dropped himself on the couch, crossed his legs and leaned back, waiting for the Trill to get ready. :: ((Hallway, Apollo Deck 38 )) ::Torrins appearance and mood was improved slightly after his solar shower. He had brought his clothes in with him, which was not an ideal way to launder clothes but was better than nothing, and having rolled down his pants and done up his shirt, and tied his hair back a little more neatly, he felt slightly if not wholly more respectable. He was, in spite of himself, enjoying following Georgio through the sea of people, slightly behind him and observing the reactions he elicited as he gracefully swanned around aimlessly, stopping occasionally to point out any flaw he perceived in the way somebody was dressed. Torrin was not sure how this strategy was conducive to finding his luggage, but reluctantly admitted that he was sort of enjoying himself.:: :: As every road trip had to be, this one was fun as well. Georgio met a lot of people and got to help them with some fashion and hairstyling advice. Here and there he even did the good deed of offering make overs. All over it was a success and he felt great for helping so many unfortunate people. :: ::Torrin noticed that whatever the little man said, people tended to be too shocked to respond to him, leaving him free to waltz over to the next person he saw desperately in need of style advice. Torrin occasionally saw anger in peoples expression, but Georgio critiques were like being struck by lightning on a cloudless sunny day, it was fast, unexpected, and he was gone too quickly to really respond.:: :: Georgio just spotted a green skinned woman with bulky clothing, a ponytail that came out of the back of a cap and who was talking with someone over the comm. But since the other person was talking right now he saw his chance and stepped closer.:: Georgio: Sweetie, you obviously need my help. These clothes are way too masculine for your pretty frame. :: She did not even look at him, not a single word came from her towards him, but he felt the extended arm hit his chest and push him aside before she stomped away still talking to the other person, though he did not really listen to what she said, it was not important anyway. He landed against a wall and slid down onto his butt. :: ::Torrin missed exactly what it was Georgio had said to her, but without a second of hesitation, she snarled and violently shoved him out of the way. Torrin felt inexplicably responsible for the strange little man, in spite of the fact that the strange little man seemed to be in charge of this road trip, and ran up to him. :: Torrin: Georgio! Are you alright? ::Georgio seemed not only to be alright, but also to not be in any way, physically or emotionally, affected by what had just happened :: :: The pink haired man laughed and without any problems got up to his feet again, looking after the hurricane. :: Georgio: Always wondered what it means to be hit by a shuttle, must have been like that. :: He grinned widely to Torrin and sorted his clothing, to make sure he looked as immaculate as ever. :: ::Torrin turned to the where the violent Orion woman had stopped, still growling into her comm badge, about to scold her for throwing people around a crowded hallway, when he heard WHAT it was she was growling. She was growling to OPPS about strange luggage materializing in her arboretum, and that it was still there when she had specifically asked for it to be gone..:: Sherana: =/\= I have told you to get rid of that luggage in my Arboretum until I am back. Guess what happened? =/\= Ops: =/\= What luggage, Ma'am? =/\= Sherana: =/\= What lu... =/\= :: She growled in frustration and began to pace, which lead her on the hallway. =/\= The luggage that someone beamed into my Arboretum. =/\= Ops: =/\= Have you notified us before about that luggage, Ma'am. =/\= Sherana: =/\= You did not just ask that. What did I say a minute ago? =/\= Ops: =/\= Please, Ma'am, stay calm. We are doing what we can. =/\= Sherana: =/\= Obviously you are unable to move luggage from one point to the other then. =/\= Ops: =/\= We will send someone to get it. =/\= Sherana: =/\= Don't bother. I will move it, and attach a note that any damage is your responsibility. =/\= Ops: =/\= Ma'am, I will send someone right now. =/\= Sherana: ::growling:: =/\= Sure, now you do. Sherana out. =/\= Torrin: Mister Georgio, remind me never to question your genius again. Now… which of us is going to talk too her? Georgio: About time you see my genius. ::Grinning he continued:: Oh let me talk to her again, that was a fun ride. Torrin: I know.. but you seem rather durable. How did you not break your arm being thrown like that? Georgio: I just don't break. I'm Georgio. Let me get to talk to that little whirlwind. ::He already started to walk towards when Torrin held him back. :: Torrin: WAIT nevermind, Ill talk to her, you just … maybee let me do the talking. :: Georgio shrugged, watching (quietly, for the first time since Torrin had encountered him) as he hesitantly approached the Orion woman. He cleared his throat to get her attention. She angrily snapped around, fire in her black eyes and a snarling, wolf-like expression on her face. Torrin racked his brain to remember if throat-clearing was a grave insult in Orion culture, and being unable to recall any such information, presumed that this particular Orion was just a generally angry kind of person.:: :: In her whole time Sherana had been on board she had her emotions really well under control. But since not only Tal but also Porus had left the ship, it seemed that little things like that just brushed her the wrong way. She would have to get some training and meditation later to balance herself again. When someone cleared his throat behind her she twirled around and raised her furiously gleaming eyes upwards to the man. :: Sherana: ::snapping:: What? Torrin: I do apologies miss, but I couldn't help but overhear that you seem to have stumbled upon some mysterious luggage? Sherana: ::crossing her arms in front of her chest:: So you always listen to conversations that are none of your business? ::Torrin was not in the mood to indulge a grown woman's temper tantrum, but reminded himself that in spite of his size, he was older, out of fighting practice, a bit out of shape, and likely no match for this woman. He tried to reign in the impulse to respond sarcastically and was sure the effort he was making was distressingly obvious. :: Torrin: I apologies for contradicting you and mean no disrespect, but I do in fact think your conversation IS my business. Sherana: Oh really? ::She did not sound like she believed him:: And what do you think makes it your business? Torrin: Well you see, my husband and I have just arrived on the Apollo, and one of the several unfortunate mix-ups has been that our luggage was beamed aboard, in error, to a mysterious location we are unaware of. Sherana: ::The thought of getting rid of that stuff sounded very tempting, even if whoever got it was not the owner.:: So you dropped that in the middle of my work place? :: And just like that, the facade of friendly, mild mannered and patient understanding that Torrin put a great deal of effort into projecting during his day-to-day life came crumbling away. The intolerable shuttle ride, the fighting with Artem, the embarrassment of meeting the Admiral in a state of undress, the apparently unshakable little pink haired elfs critiques, and now an Orion woman being needlessly hostile all was just too much to keep it up. Torrin finally snapped.:: Torrin: Am I speaking Ferengi or are you just not listening ? I get that you might be having a rough day, but you really don't want to try my patience right now. I said that my luggage was misplaced by some miscreant cadets when they beamed it aboard, trust me if I could have avoided this unpleasant conversation I would have loved to but as it stands I believe my belongings are in your arboretum and would be SO very greatful if you could maybe take a deep breath and relax and take me there so I can get it off your hands. Do you think you can manage to calm down and do that, or should I call for a medic to treat your impending rage blackout? :: Sherana was amused. It did not happen that someone stood up to her like that without knowing of her past, knowing that she was a Klingon Warrior. Most people seemed to think that she was a small weak woman who should not be spoken down to, or raised their voice to. This man had gained some respect from her with that little blow up of his. Her eyes sparked, though that 'smile' never reached her lips, although it tugged faintly at the corner. :: :: Torrin was just starting to feel relieved that this interminable series of disasters would finally conclude, when Georgio broke his record streak of being quiet and causing no trouble, and interjected into the conversation. :: :: Since they had gotten to that point, and only watching was rather boring for Georgio, especially since she did not give him the same fun treatment as well, he decided to join them again. :: Georgio: I always thought Orions are sensual and very friendly. Must be that outfit, are they forcing you to wear those too, like those uniforms, sweetheart? It's dreadful! :: Sherana's eyes snapped to the other, loud and very colourful man. She felt the rolling snarl in her throat before it even sounded in her ears.:: Sherana: Be careful what you say, paleskin. Georgio: Oh darling, I know what I'm saying, you clearly need some help with your ... :: The woman snarled at Georgio, and Torrin was certain that he was going to get that second ride across the hall into the bulkhead that the clearly deranged little man had said he was hoping for.:: Torrin: Georgio, could you please give us a moment here. We were just getting to the point where... ::The Trill looked at her inquisitively, leaving an opening in the conversation for her to identify her name. She stared at him impassively, either not following, or not interested in introducing herself. Torrin sighed :: Torrin: ... this charming young lady was going to take us to her arboretum so that we might relieve her of my burdensome belongings. Isn't that so? Sherana: ::Pulling her eyes back to the tall Trill she took a moment to calm herself and nodded.:: It is in the Arboretum. This way. :: With that she turned on her heel and walked with brisk steps along the hallway, her boots sounding heavy on the carpet, as her ponytail bounced on the back of her thick bulky sweater. She heard a whisper behind her, but not what was said, but did not care about it anyway.:: :: As she headed off, Georgio followed them both and with quick, hip swaying steps he was at Torrins side. :: Georgio: ::whispering:: You know that she will need my help, these things make her look like a man. She could be so pretty with the right accessories. Torrin: She does not seem interested Georgio. Not everyone cares so much about being stylish. ::The look of sheer horror at the thought was priceless. Torrin could actually see the moment where Georgio realized that the issue was not always that people didn't know how to be stylish, but that, vulgarly enough, they might simply not care to be. Torrin could not help but smile at the mans expression of sheer disgust, but before he could say anything further, they arrived at the arboretum. The Orion woman pointed at the large pile of cases and containers (no wonder she was upset, it looked like they had damaged more than one of her exotic plants.... Torrin regretted snapping back at her as he could see her anger was more than justified, if misplaced in his direction):: :: Just a few moments later they were at the entrance of the Arboretum and the angry lady pointed in the direction of the piled up luggage. :: Sherana. There. Even if it is not yours, you can have it. Georgio: Now wouldn't that be fun! Grabbing random belongings and make a fashion show! ::he grinned widely:: :: Was this guy for real? Sherana stared at him in disbelief. That was his understanding of fun? She would never understood humans. :: ::Torrin looked at Georgio with an expression of utter disbelief, still not really sure of what to make of the little man. He turned his attention back to the Orion :: Torrin: Well fortunately for me, this is in fact my luggage. Unfortunately for Georgio, that means no surprise fashion show. Now, if I could just ... ::Torrin approached her, and tapped her comm badge. She seemed shocked and angry at the invasion of her space, much to his satisfaction. He leaned in close to the badge, not really knowing how the device worked, and how close he had to be to it for his voice to be picked up :: :: Sherana looked at him in terror as he approached and reached out to her to tap the badge on her chest. It was even worse when he remained way too close for her comfort, as if he had never seen or used a comm badge before and thought he'd have to speak right into it. :: Torrin: Hello? Ops? =/\= ...OPS here? Who is speaking? =/\= Torrin : =/\= I am Professor Avaris Torrin, and I was rather hoping you might assist me in transporting my luggage into my quarters and out of your charming and lovely botanists way =/\= =/\= Ah yes the containers Sherana was telling us about. So sorry about the mix up professor, we will get those where they belong immediately =/\= Torrin: =/\= Thank you.... ::he was not quite sure how to end a conversation via comm badge :: ... um... bye then. =/\= :: Sherana had kept a close eye on the man, alert in case he was doing anything stupid. And met his case as he looked at her. Now that the call was done she took a step back to get her personal space back. :: Torrin: Sherana eh? Thats a lovely name. Thank you ever so much for all of your help. Sherana: ::nodding:: Pleasure, Mister Torrin. ::She only graced the pink haired man with a brief look before she turned and grabbed her watering can off the ground, to bring it back into the tool room. At least she was getting rid of that luggage. And she had been intrigued by that Trill and his way to handle her. It was quite a surprise to her, but it indeed had been a pleasure. :: :: Georgio had pouted as he had heard that the luggage was indeed Torrin's and had watched the Trill for a moment as he walked to that rude woman and tapped her badge. He chuckled as she obviously wanted to get away from the Trill because he had come too close. Georgio in the meantime had walked to the luggage and took a look at it. He could not say if it was because it had landed in the dirt or if it was just old, but there were some scratches and abrasions on the material. He was curious to see what was inside, but he did not know the code, and while he could have done that, he did not want to hack in it. Way too much work just to see what he would see in a bit anyway. :: Torrin: And thank you for all of your help mister Georgio. I wont take up anymore of your time, you surely have other things demanding your attention. ::Hearing his name he looked up, standing bent over the luggage to take a look at the damage, raising his finely shaped pink brows in surprise.:: Georgio: Taking up my time? Honey, I still think you need my help. ::Torrin felt strangely sorry for the man. He seemed to be just wandering about the ship aimlessly, and although he seemed happy about it, Torrin could not help but wonder who this guy was and what he was doing on the Apollo. He wanted nothing more than to light some candles, replicate a stiff drink, and put his feet up... but the man looked so crestfallen at being dismissed, and Torrin DID have to unpack still. Sighing, and against his better judgement, he spoke to the man again :: Torrin: Well, if you are free for a little while more, I suppose I could use help unpacking? Georgio: ::grinning widely he straightened his back.:: I knew you would see that you'll need my help. After that we're going to take care about you. Torrin: That is not going to happen. :: When Torrin started walking, he quickly followed staying at the Trill's side. He would not give up, not that easily... or ever. :: Georgio: But darling you really need to. Your hair is too long and I need to see what you have in these containers. Torrin: No haircuts and no fashion shows. Don't make me regret inviting you over. Georgio: ::Sighing dramatically:: You can't take me with you and let me do *nothing*, darling. ::He talked while he moved his hands in grande gestures, as if he was on stage.:: Torrin: Fine. If we have time you can trim the split ends. But no more than half an inch okay? Georgio: ::He immediately stopped with the show and grinned widely, placing his hands on his hips:: A good start. About a new colour? Something fresh and bright to bring out these cheek bones of yours ... Torrin: I'll stick with my natural colour thanks. I don't think I have to necessary ... pizzaz to pull it off like you. Georgio: ::Grinning:: Not everyone can be Georgio, honey, but you can be... :: he threw one hand in the air, throwing his head back:: ... fabulous! Torrin: Im not really going for ::he waved his hands around in his best approximation of an impression of Georgio:: 'Fabulous'. Georgio: ::shaking his head he hooked his arm with Torrin's:: But don't you know, sweetcheeks? ::Torrin sighed heavily.:: Torrin: Know what, Mister Georgio? Georgio: That everyone is fabulous. Torrin: Trust me, not everyone. Some of us are content with being frumpy curmudgeons actually. Georgio: ::grinning:: That is because some people hide it inside and they need someone like... no they need *me* to help them to bring it out. Torrin: Your generous spirit is truly an inspiration to us all. ::Apparently sarcasm was as foreign a concept to Georgio as "dont bother people who are angrily yelling at someone" because he just beamed up at him, still holding onto his arm. (( Quarters Torrin/Dragumov )) :: As they entered, the Luggage that had been in the Arboretum just a little before, had finally found its way to where it belonged. Georgio let go of Torrin's arm and with a light jump turned and sat on one of the boxes, wiggling his legs and fidgeting on his new seat. :: Georgio: So, where do we start? ::Torrin looked urgently about, and found the crate he was determined to open first:: Torrin: This, Mister Georgio, is where we start. :: Georgio watched Avaris when he began to look around and searched obviously for something. He had found it rather quickly and opened a crate. Curiously Georgio leaned forward to peek under the lid before it was lifted. :: ::Torrin brandished the bottle of Saurian Brandy, almost reaching a level of theatricality on par with the pink haired sprite:: Torrin: Could I interest you in a glass? Georgio: ::Raising his hands:: I'm good, thanks. :: He did not drink... or eat.. or even breath for that matter. Of course Torrin did not know that yet, but Georgio did not even think about that. He did not feel like a hologram. On the other hand he did not kno whow it was to feel human, he just felt like ... himself. :: :: Torrin's immediate thought was that of course the little man didn't drink, he probably only ate steamed Andorian Kale in-between hours upon hours spent at the gym. Torrin was passingly familiar, through acquaintances and ex partners of Artem, with men of his type (it was common to be preoccupied with fashion and physical fitness amongst human men who were attracted to other men, as he assumed Georgio was), but had always seen their smaller subculture as a culture even more strange and alien to him than even the mainstream culture of Earth. He had certainly never gotten close to any man like that, they just didn't get him. In his youth he had been very concerned with presenting as scruffy and barbaric an appearance as possible, his first rebellion against the generally clean cut and elegant profile his people were known for. This attitude, even as he grew did not entirely leave him, and delighted in the horror Artem's male friends had tried desperately not to show on their faces when he had first brought Avaris for a visit to Earth. :: Torrin: Suit yourself. ::He replicated himself a tumbler glass, and poured a great deal of the drink without bothering to measure it. When he turned around, he saw that Georgio had already opened three crates and was studiously regarding every article of clothing he picked up before throwing it behind him :: :: When Torrin headed to the Replicator Georgio bounced off the container and begann to open some lids, grinning when he saw that he had found the ones with the clothes and began to pull out one piece after the other. Looking at them, he made a face, scrunched his nose and threw it behind him on the ground, before taking the next one. :: Torrin: Well I see you don't wasting time Georgio: Of course not, you cannot run around like that forever. ::He extended his hand and waved all over him, without looking at the Trill.:: You have some really beautiful pieces, though they look pretty patched up. You poor thing are not getting new things often, hm? Torrin: I told you I dont do replicated clothing, so of course I need to repair small wear and tear every so often. :: The little man had a point though. Torrins wardrobe was a beautiful collection of sumptuous fabric and top-notch tailoring. With clothing easily replicated by most people, the only vendors of handmade clothing were quite serious about it, and it was impossible to not look good in well made clothes. But his wardrobe was old, he hadnt bought new pieces in nearly two years, and he had made repairs enough time that the effect was glamorous from far away, but a little rough around the edges up close :: Georgio: Looks like you need a crash course in needlework, sweetheart. ::With that he threw the next piece behind him.:: It's a crime to ruin these wonderful fabrics with that. ::Torrin was a little bit shocked, it sounded like Georgio was talking about actual needles and thread, not the usual handheld sewing implement used in modern clothing manufacture and repair. Certainly needles and thread were easier to control and left a tidier finish, but it took lots of practice to master and most people didn't bother. Besides, there was a part of him that liked the ruggedness of his repair work, it made the clothes seem less pretentious. :: Torrin: Well I suppose I could not expect you to simply compliment my taste in clothing without sneaking in a suggestion for improvement. Ill just pretend you left it at the part where you were admiring my style. Georgio: Oh yes, yes. You certainly have style, sugar. Quite exquisite. Ever thought about using the holodeck programs to make yourself a tailor? ::Torrin did not quite understand what Georgio was saying:: Torrin: Would that not just be like, personifying a replicator? That seems even sillier than refusing to wear replicated clothing. Georgio: Oh honey, not for the clothes. For the sewing. Or is using replicated yarn also against your rules? ::Something about the suggestion was deeply troubling to Torrin. He was uneasy about artificial people, uncertain of the ethical ramifications of programming what essentially had the potential to be considered a person (as holograms had been proven to over the past decade) to perform menial labour. He had a talent for finding ethical dilemmas where everyone else seemed to just enjoy life and their privileges (such as possessing technology that allowed them to do this) and constantly had trouble expressing himself to others without sounding preachy and ridiculous, and so just fumbling for something to say replied :: Torrin: I don't know, that might work. I sometimes find the holodeck a bit creepy though, you know? ::Georgio's eyes narrowed in the first expression of anything other than spritely enthusiasm Torrin had seen on the man. But the brief expression of annoyance was fleeting, and he was back to a manic whirlwind almost instantly :: Georgio: Well either that, or learn it yourself. I'm not ruining my dainty fingers with needles. ::Smirking at him:: Torrin: Yes we couldn't have that. Georgio: ::Raising the lid from another container:: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh ::He squealed in delight:: Decoration! ::Torrin laughed. How was this person for real?:: Torrin: Those 'decorations' are fascinating objects called "books" actually. They are used for reading, from before PADDs were invented. Georgio: ::He reached into the container and pulled out a few pieces.:: Marvellous. ::Turning around himself:: Now... where .. to.. put that. :: With every word he rotated another time just to then walk in one direction and place it on a side table. He stepped back a little shook his head and stepped closer again, moving it an inch and grinned pleased before he walked into the other direction to find a place for the other piece. :: Torrin: Yes I suppose that one does look good there, although it is more usual to place them on shelves. Georgio: ::waving his hand dismissively:: Usual is boring, change it up and make it your own. Torrin: You are right. Who wants to be ordinary. :: Georgio grinned at him, almost proud that the Trill got his point, and continued to decorate the place with all the things he could find in the containers. While he was sure that he could easily place the decor all by himself, with this being Avaris' quarter, Georgio had to listen to his ideas of course. Sometimes they discussed the placement, several times Georgio won, but at times Avaris put his foot down and Georgio gave in. It took a little while that they went through the containers, and Avaris seemed to enjoy to empty his glass a couple of times. Georgio did not really understood that kind of pleasure, not because he was a mean man, he just was unable to experience it or anything like that. :: :: The two of them continued unpacking, and Torrin continued drinking. He was a third through the bottle before he realized that he should probably kick the little guy out before he started to get mean. Friendly sarcasm was one thing, but alcohol induced mean-spiritedness was quite different, and Torrin was frequently ashamed of the things he said to people when he had too much. :: Torrin: Well Mister Georgio, it has been a pleasure, but I really must have a rest now, it has been a very long 24 hours, and I need to rest before going to visit the school and convincing them to employ me. Georgio: Oh how exciting. You show them your fabulousness and they won't be able to say no! ::He then tilted his head.:: But we did not get to cut your hair yet, you are not trying to trick me to get out it, aren't you darling? ::He spoke with the kind of voice that mothers used to perfect over hundreds and thousands of years, when it came to their children attempting to get out of things they did not want to do. :: Torrin: I am not trying to get out of anything, I promise you can trim my hair tomorrow. Besides, it would be lovely to get together again, I have somehow seemed to start enjoying your company ::he paused, worried that he had already started to get feistier than was entirely appropriately, and added ::… its nice to have a friend on thhe ship. Do you have time in your day for a hair appointment mister Georgio? :: This strange Trill saw him as a friend? That was a fascinating thing to hear, he had never had a friend. What exactly was a friend even? Maybe this was something to explore, as his programming only went so far. Experiencing could be interesting, it was something new, maybe it even fit into his shiny glittery world. But for now he focused on the really important part of what Torrin had said. :: Georgio: Honey, I *always* have time for a hair appointment. ::Smiling widely:: Torrin: Wonderful. Meet me here at 1830 tomorrow then. :: Georgio nodded and grinned, he would get that hair chopped off... even if only an inch. There was no way around it. He might have only been a holodeck program, but Torrin wasn't and he had promised. :: Georgio: Marvellous. I see you tomorrow then. Toodledoo! :: Georgio waved his fingers, like he was spreading glitter on the rug and left the quarters, already curious where his travels would lead him next. :: ::As the strange man left, Torrin found himself smiling. It was rather nice to have already met a friend on the ship, even if it was an unlikely friend.:: ---- Avaris Edral Torrin, PhD Civilian USS Apollo - A & PNPC Georgio Emergency Holographic Hairstylist (And self declared Fashion Police) USS Apollo - A simmed by LtCmdr Akeelah D'Sena First Officer USS Apollo-A Image Team Facilitator
  11. ((Jamming Room – The Tower)) ::Nate had created quite a buildup of stunned guards, all of which had fallen unconscious at the top of the stairwell. Frankly it was becoming somewhat ridiculous. They had dedicated a significant number of guards to preventing them from deactivating the beaming jammer. However, the Starfleet officers had the superior advantage and it was beginning to come across as something of an “overkill” on their part.:: ::Nate allowed himself a moment to focus on the situation with his colleagues – Fi, D’Sena, Collim, even Gordo. They were all still alive.:: ::His comrades were all growing on him. He respected them greatly. He would hate for anything to happen to any of them. And even though he felt that this particular arena of combat presented now significant danger to them, he still would not allow his friends to be hurt in any way.:: ::It was during that moment of thought and hesitation, that Nate noticed he’d allowed one heavily armored guard to get to the top of the steps. The soldier was wearing some sort of sophisticated energy absorption armor, and was mounted with a chemically mounted, tank fed, flame throwing backpack.:: ::Fi screamed something to get Nate’s attention. He didn’t know what exactly, he simply heard a voice.:: ::His mind refocused on the flame throwing guard, and he instinctively fired, without taking a moment to aim.:: ::Nate’s shot was on spec, but poorly aimed, and the shot left a trail, which danced up the soldiers armor, glancing across his backpack.:: ::The chemical exhilarant in the tank was no match for the focused energy beam, and it super ignited. The shockwave rocked the man to his knees, and he screamed in pain as he was engulfed in flames.:: ::The soldier screamed, burning alive. He hadn’t meant to kill the soldier, but the shot had missed…:: Wilmer: No… no…! No!!! ::The man was screaming in agony. None of his compatriots were attempting to put him out. They were just letting him burn. However, it soon didn’t matter. A second or two after the explosion sent shrapnel into the soldiers back, the screaming stopped.:: ::The soldier was dead.:: ::Nate felt a moment of serious guilt pass his mind. In all his years in Starfleet, in all the time serving in the Dominion War, and in the many away missions since, he had never killed anyone.:: ::No one moved up the stairs. No more guards came. That one lethal kill scared the remaining guards, sending them retreating down the stairs in terror. No matter how much the soldier had meant to kill them all with his flame thrower, no matter how well intentioned Nate’s defense of his friends had been, he had killed someone.:: ::He would never forget that man’s screams as he burned.:: TBC Ensign Nathaniel Wilmer Intel Officer USS Apollo-A
  12. ((Bishop's Quarters - USS VICTORY - Deck 2)) ::To say that Leland “woke up” was to make light of a great struggle – like saying The Trail of Tears was “a long hike.” It was a slow and painful process which began with the gently piping chimes of his alarm. Unused to the sound, Leland waved his arms about ineffectively trying to knock the offending timepiece across the room. Only after prying one eye to half mast did he realize that the alarm was tied to his rooms comm system. Knowing the only way to silence it was to hit his comm badge he blearily scanned his bedroom. There it was, still attached to his dress whites which now lay crumpled in a chair near the door. The only way to stop the merry little tune was to somehow make it over to them...His head felt like someone had removed half his brain and filled up the cavity with a spicy gumbo and his mouth tasted of shame. Slowly he levered himself up on this elbows... Only to meet the unflinching gaze of his roommate, the taciturn Admiral Nibbles.:: Bishop: Nibbles, be a good boy and get my badge, would you? ::The massive Oscar did not reply, as he was a fish. But the sidelong glance of his long-time companion seemed filled with reproach.:: Bishop: Why didn't I get a dog...? ::Nibbles had been with him for years. On a whim, Leland had decided he'd like a pet the day before he left for The Academy. Even with so much to do to prepare for his new life, Leland made a trip to the pet store to select a creature that would fit the bill. He had spent more than an hour scanning the kennels and enclosures: looking with mild disdain at the puppies happily shaking their tails, the analytical cats, and the hideous noise-machines that were the birds. Even the fish didn't really do anything for him, they seemed to be dullards and devoid of spark...Then, as he was about to leave, he spied a little piebald fish swimming in the corner of his tank, away from his fellows. The fish was a bit smaller than the rest but seemed to posses a keen intellect. As if it knew it was destined for greater things. As Leland himself knew he was. He had leaned down to the fish, his nose near the glass and bade it come over. And sure enough, I had! It swam defiantly right up to Leland's nose and met his gaze with a look that brooked no argument: “You must choose me Leland,” It would have said if it had been capable of speech. “I understand you, and I alone.” Giddy as a schoolgirl, Leland had the pet store owner personally net the impudent young fish. The rest was history. Admiral Nibbles had been with Leland ever since and had made the journey into space with him to live near his bed on the Victory and give him disapproving looks when he drank too much. Casually Leland flicked some flake into the tank and gave Nibbles his customary rub as the fish rolled over to expose his flank. Leland then staggered wearily to his heap of clothes and reached for his comm. No sooner had his fingers touched the brushed metal of the badge than the thing squawked it's own, special annoying noise at him. Followed by..:: Nugra: =/\= Nugra to Victory Staff. There will be a mission briefing at 0900 in the Main Conference Room on the Deck 1. =/\= ::At once Lelands mind cleared. It looked like things might start to pick up after all! He dressed quickly and presented himself to Admiral Nibbles.:: Bishop: How do I look? ::The fish, as was its custom, said nothing.:: ::Leland made a gesture to the fish that was unbecoming of a Starfleet Officer and rushed to the meeting.:: Ensign Leland Bishop Diplomatic Attache USS Victory
  13. ((USS Columbia - Deck 8 - Carson's Quarters)) ::It had all come down to this; the evidence had all fallen into place and with equal parts luck and skill, Tyler was moments away from a slam-dunk arrest. He could almost feel the pats on the back he'd receive for this one, he could imagine the the pretty little notation in his Starfleet record. What he didn't know was that the universe seemed to have other plans.:: Kelly: Starfleet Security! ::He knocked strongly door 3 times:: Come out now or we will force entry. ::A voice came through the door, sounding mildly perturbed..:: Gerard: What is the meaning of this? ::Tyler recognized the voice of Carson's aide, though he didn't have any cause to arrest him, he had gotten a very strong impression that Gerard had been a party to Carson's misdeeds. Both of the men were pompous, arrogant thugs that thought they were too smart to get caught. Tyler's resentment for them was all-encompassing. Even now with the impending arrest of his employer, Gerard sounded almost bored.:: ::Refusing to acknowledge the smug, glorified man-servant, Tyler ignored him:: Kelly: Robert Carson, come out with your hands where we can see them. ::He heard foot steps in the distance, his men weren't far now.:: ::Tyler was about to give a final warning, when Carson emerged. The man's face was far too calm for the circumstances, but Tyler figured he'd continue his act, and ignored it.:: Kelly: You're under arrest for the murder of Aiden Richardson and Karen Stone. Do you understand that anything you say after this point can be used against you in any trial that may result from this arrest? ::Tyler made every attempt to speak in a calm, matter of fact tone, but the contemptuous look on Carson's face nearly sent him over the edge. Carson shoved a PADD in Tyler's direction, but Tyler just let it fall to the deck as he pulled his wrist restraints of his belt and began to secure the murderer's wrists. All at once his four crewman arrived on the scene and Carson called out in protest, his pompous tone caused Tyler's blood to boil, pushing him ever closer to the edge.:: Carson: Before you dig a bigger hole than the one you are already in Lieutenant you better check those credentials. ::Tyler nodded his head towards Carson, motioning for his crewman to secure him as he retrieved the dropped PADD. Tyler was livid. This man had come onto his ship, murdered two people and now he thought he could present some "credentials" and make it all go away. Tyler replied, making no attempt to soften his tone. He was no eternally placid Vulcan and in this moment, he was no longer the neutral professional he always tried to be, he was human with flaws and weaknesses and he HATED Robert Carson.:: Kelly: oO Before I dig a bigger hole? Who does this clown think he is dealing with?Oo Kelly: I am entirely uninterested in your [...] credentials Mister Carson. ::If words could kill, Carson would be a dead man.:: You know what you have done and there is nothing here that means anything imp-... ::Glancing down at the PADD as he spit his venom, he realized that it did appear to be an official document. Even as the security officers had him cuffed and restrained, Carson continued smiling, obviously under the impression that he had it all figured out. Tyler's hands clinched so tightly around the PADD that he felt the boronite casing flex as he read it's contents. Tyler's mind was racing, considering options, following all the different choices he could make to all of their possible conclusions.:: Carson: It means that no matter what proof you might think you have it is worthless. ::He smiled at Tyler.:: I have diplomatic immunity Lieutenant. I am Ambassador at Large for the Son’a Solidarity. Now I suggest you leave before you make a worse figure of yourself. ::He tilted his head slightly.:: We will arrange for your apologies later. ::In his minds eye, Tyler imagined his hands around Carson's neck, giving it a good squeeze. Shaking clear of the deranged fantasy, he made his decision acted without hesitation.:: ::In one smooth motion, Tyler threw PADD hard into the deck with all of his strength, shattering the screen and rendering the device unusable.:: Kelly: Oh no! How clumsy of me! ::He offered Carson a smile that nearly matched his own smugness.::These credentials will have to be verified through proper channels now! There's no telling how long that might ta- ::He was interrupted again, by Gerard this time. Tyler Turned slightly to face the man, with no shortage of disdain for him either.:: Gerard: Perhaps it is best we call on Commander Livingston Sir. ::Turning towards Tyler.:: I am sure the ship has a diplomatic officer that can testify for Mister Carson’s credentials. Will you call them or shall I? ::Tyler's eyes narrowed slightly, he had enough. If they wanted to play rough, he could play right back. Maybe he was making a mistake, but he had a hard time coming up with a scenario where securing a murderer was the wrong thing to do.:: Kelly: oO Even if we have to turn him loose when we get to the colony, there won't be a killer loose on my ship... Oo Kelly: You are quite right Mister Gerard, but I'm afraid all of the Senior staff were called into a very important meeting that starts in minutes. ::He faked an apologetic tone:: However, I'll be sure to present this matter to the Captain and CDO at my earliest convenience. Gerard: I will see the Captain myself Sir. Carson: I know you will Gerard. But don’t worry, I am sure the Lieutenant will take good care of me. Kelly: I believe we're done here. ::He turned to his crewman.:: You two take Mister-er, sorry, ::He emphasized the next word:: "Ambassador" Carson to the brig. ::Tyler turned to the remaining two crewman.:: Kelly: You two confine Mister...::He shot Gerard a glance:: or are you an ambassador as well? Nevermind. Confine Gerard to quarters, until further notice. ::The men acknowledged his orders and set about completing them. Tyler found Carson and Gerard's reactions to this move be particularly satisfying.:: Gerard: I must protest Lieutenant, you have no grounds to confine me. I believe you are making a huge mistake. Carson: Come now Gerard, the Lieutenant is an intelligent, I am sure he realized already this is a mistake and he can’t do things like that. Kelly: We shall see gentlemen, we shall see. ::With that, Tyler strode away heading for the bridge. He'd taken a gamble, but in his heart he felt he'd made the right choice. He only hoped the Captain that he'd yet to meet would agree.:: ::As he headed for the meeting, he did know one thing was certain; It had been one hell of a first day.:: ======//////======> Lt. Tyler Kelly Security Officer USS Columbia NCC-85279
  14. ((USS Atlantis - Rennyn’s Quarters)) ::Ren Rennyn fell gracefully through the air, high above the village of Arnmere. He could see all the places he loved from here - the old farmhouse he grew up in, the school, the forest, that bend in the creek behind old Uncle Wavern’s fallow field, where an ancient tree bent lovingly to the brook below, where little white paloue blossoms littered the sloping banks. He drew nearer that spot, remembering youthful romps there. Now he was naked, and falling faster. Wind rushed toward him mercilessly. The parachute he was sure he’d been wearing seemed to have disappeared. The field was alarmingly close. A few more moments to impact. Ren breathed his last breath, and he screamed.:: ::The scream was real, though the field was not. Instead, his body jerked against the bed where he lay face down, arms and legs spread carelessly at odd, unnatural angles. The dream clung to him, and he was as shocked to find his body unbroken as he was to find himself awake.:: ::He was wearing a full-body black spandex suit that may or may not have been a Parrises Squares uniform. His head was throbbing.:: ::Rudely, the comm rang out through his quarters, and Ren was sure someone had turned up the volume.:: FOSTER: =/\= Doctor Foster to Lieutenant Rennyn =/\= RENNYN: =/\= Uhnnn… Doc…. what fresh he--? =/\= FOSTER: =/\= I didn’t wake you did I? =/\= RENNYN: =/\= Wyn… =/\= ::He wondered if they’d entered some kind of reality-bending vortex. The pain behind his eyes was unreal. His tongue was dry.:: =/\= …I have no entire clue… =/\= FOSTER: =/\= Well, just as long as you’re not in some sordid naked tangle with a lover or three. =/\= ::smirk:: =/\= Not that there is anything wrong with sordid naked tangles whatsoever. I just would hate to interrupt one! =/\= ::Entering the world of the living, Ren was becoming aware of his surroundings again. The spandex suit was a size too small, and it really didn’t breathe well. There was half a box of jelly doughnuts in the bed with him. His right arm curled tenderly around a trombone.:: ::He sat up a little, and shook his head, trying to make his voice sound less groggy. The shake was a mistake. He looked around, trying to piece together the night before. The last thing he remembered was talking with Mattingly at the reception. All that bathtub gin…:: RENNYN: =/\= Well, I’m not naked. =/\= ::For a strange moment, he peered into the shadows in the corner, looking for spooks. He refrained from looking under the bed.:: RENNYN: =/\= Wyn, you don’t want to know. I also don’t want to know. How about we get down to business? =/\= FOSTER: =/\= Ah yes, business. I received a curious side mission from Commander West yesterday before the briefing and dinner… he wanted me to look into the scans Sovak and Valis took of the area outside the holodeck, in specific regarding Emerson Ravenscroft’s disappearance.=/\= RENNYN: =/\= That’s a lot of things. =/\= ::He picked up a doughnut. It couldn’t hurt. He talked with his mouth full of jelly and powder.:: =/\= Are you sure he meant me? Sounds like a mistake. =/\= FOSTER: =/\= No, he specifically mentioned to work with you. =/\= ::He paused:: =/\= I admit on the medical things I’m ace, but I’m no security junkie. =/\= RENNYN: =/\= Me neither. But Emerson’s a friend. I mean, we were going to get tattoos together, and that means something. So I’d be glad to help. But I thought the captain declared it a closed case? Emerson left of his own will? =/\= FOSTER: =/\= Evidence suggests otherwise. Strongly otherwise. Emerson may have left a note threatening to leave, but come on, Ren… we know exactly how likely that is. =/\= RENNYN: =/\= Maybe we’d better talk about it in person. Hey, Wyn. As a medical professional, how many jelly doughnuts would you say is too many? Because if the facts in this case bear out, I ate nine of them so far. =/\= FOSTER: =/\= Nine? Well… that’s… pushing it. =/\= RENNYN: =/\= And what’s the limit on bathtub gin? And should Okoryx be shut down for health code violations? I mean… I don’t even play the trombone! =/\= FOSTER: =/\= Trombone… please tell me you didn’t eat a trombone… =/\= RENNYN: =/\= I have a lot of questions. Give me a few minutes. Get me a hangover cure. I’ll see you in your office. =/\= FOSTER: =/\= Hangover cure. Right. Those seem to be popular lately. I’ll see you soon. =/\= ::The comm closed and Ren forced himself out of bed, delicately climbing over the mysterious trombone. He noticed a piece of material stuffed in its bell, and pulled it out. It was a hot pink ski mask.:: RENNYN: What the h was in that gin?! What kind of promotion ceremony was that?! ::He took the rest of the doughnuts with him and ate them in the shower. Nine had not been enough.:: Lt. Rendal Rennyn Helm Officer USS Atlantis NCC-74682
  15. (( Flashback )) (( Stardate: 237209.22 )) (( Angosia, Graziar Medical Center )) (( Center of intensive treatment – West Wing )) :: Camus arrived under heavy escorted. He was starting to get distressed for not seeing the mother of his son, Doctor Darci Sakth. Their romance was censored at the beginning but when Tarsii was born the situation got worst. Darci started to receive professional reprimands and everything that she did was scrutinized at the small details. They were trying to find a way to move her away from the senior staff since the baby had born, five years ago. But Darci was a superb professional in her field, psychotherapy. :: :: Besides all that, she had been deprecated to promotions in recent years. She took that lightly because she was more concerned about his son’s heath, but Camus constantly fought against that prejudice. :: :: After some minutes, the tall and slim Angosian appeared behind the transparent wall of isolation. Her expression was not good. She was sadder than usual. Something had happened and Camus could feel it in the air. He walked toward her, clenched his fists tightly, and struck the wall with both hands. The vibration caused by that action resonated for the entire wing. Soon after that, came the sound. :: CAMUS ASMARA: :: Looking straight at Darci’s eyes. :: What did happen? SAKTH: It would be better that you come in. :: She said in an emotional tone. :: But please Camus. Behave yourself. CAMUS ASMARA: :: He nodded in agreement. :: As you desire. :: Darci waved her left hand over a blue spot on the translucent wall and quickly a door appeared as per magic. Camus then entered without the escort. Both holding hands and walked toward the center of that wing. Over there, laying for almost one year in coma, was the infant Tarsii. :: CAMUS ASMARA: Is he still unconscious? :: He asked with moderate tone. :: SAKTH: I would like to talk with you about an experimental drug that came to my knowledge this week. CAMUS ASMARA: Another experiment? SAKTH: Yes, Camus. I will not give up our son. CAMUS ASMARA: But he could be suffering a lot. Did you think about that? SAKTH: Yes. I do. We have those equipments … :: Pointing to a complex set of devices connected to Tarsii at his both arms. :: … they guarantee that he is not suffering. He was barely alive Camus. CAMUS ASMARA: I know, I know. You have told me uncountable times. SAKTH: I know you love him as much as I do, and you don´t want him to suffer. :: She pauses while taking some kind of hypospray with green phosphorescent liquid inside. :: But this new drug could help our son. CAMUS ASMARA: But… :: Every experimental drug that Darci had tested came with a high price, and that one didn´t seem different. :: SAKTH: The cost of this drug is exorbitant. The program budget will not cover. CAMUS ASMARA: If it works we will figure out one way to raise funds for that. I guarantee you. :: With his right forefinger he caressed her nose. :: SAKTH: They need your consent before the procedure. :: She handed him a tablet with the authorization letter. :: CAMUS ASMARA: I will not read. I trust you. :: He imposed his right thumb over the device. Some noises were heard and soon ceased. :: SAKTH: :: Holding hands with Camus she applied the drug on Tarsii’s neck. :: Come to us son. CAMUS ASMARA: oO You must react son. You’re a warrior. You must carry my name and make your mother proud. Come to us son. Oo :: The time freeze. For some instances any reaction could be measured. The fragile body of that boy seemed to have lost the desire for life. :: CAMUS ASMARA: Didn´t work? SAKTH: :: She shrugged.:: Let’s wait! :: But almost at the same time the equipments got crazy. The little boy was in terrible pain. Other doctors appeared and started to help. Tarsii seemed to reacting negatively to the drug. :: CAMUS ASMARA: He is in pain. :: He held his son’s hand with great emotion. :: You must prevail son. SAKTH: :: She joined Camus and both held the hand of Tarsii. :: oO You are strong. You are made from love and light. You must shine. You must survive. Oo :: A small tear came from Tarsii’s left eye. The pain was intense and his parents would have to do something. Darci hugged Camus in despair and asked for a miracle. :: SAKTH: She is suffering Camus. What do you want me to do? CAMUS ASMARA: I don´t know Darci. I will not terminate his life. :: All the medical staff was looking toward the couple waiting for a decision. Darci with close eyes hugged firmly Camus. She didn´t want to see that. Camus however was strong and his instinct of survival didn´t allow him to quit his life or his son’s life. Then the equipments went silence again. Darci feared the worst. :: TARSII ASMARA: Mom and dad. I love you. :: For a fraction of second his conscious had wake up. :: (( End Flashback )) :: Tarsii was lying down on the floor and he could hear some altercation around him… some dispute. He brought his hand toward to the throat and he felt pain. Last thing he remembered was to be in the kitchen waiting to speak with Commander Mei’konda when he fainted. But now he was on the saloon of the dining hall. He didn´t know what had happened but as he stand up in his feet he could realized some Cardassians fighting against his comrades. :: To be continued… ---------- Lieutenant JG Tarsii Asmara Science Officer USS Garuda NCC-73809
  16. ((Nissitissit Middle School, Pepperel Massachusetts, Earth))((15 years ago)) ::Despite the growing cosmos and expanding enlightenment of the known galaxy, even the epicenter of the Federation was riddled with small towns full of people who were quite happy living on their home world thankyouverymuch. Pepperel Massachusetts was one such town. Many of the inhabitants rarely went farther outside their front door than the coast; and if they really felt the need for a cultural exchange they could take a weekend trip to New York and get all curiosities satisfied. Most of them wished no ill on any other species, but they all felt a solid comfort in keeping a firm footing right where they were rooted. And in turn they didn’t get many visitors. They had a half-Vulcan high school teacher for a few years and the occasional guest speaker; but like so many other small towns they mostly kept to themselves. Which wasn’t to say their lives were boring. Most would say their lives were anything but. In Mrs. Theresa’s sixth grade class, for example, the kids were in a never-ending social struggle of developing awareness. Old enough to be awkward and self conscious, but young enough to have very little rein on their reactions any time beyond the watchful eye of their teachers was spent testing and developing a pecking order within the ranks. For twelve year old Peter Bentley, voyaging to the stars seemed like a very far away dream when he trying to survive a new day of middle school. It was a dream he held on to, nonetheless. Sometimes it was the only thing that buoyed him through the days. ‘Hey Peter Pudgebucket!’ ‘Portly Peter gonna finish all that?’ ‘Bozo Bentley’s got two left feet!’ Peter had heard them all. It wasn’t his fault he was raised by his grandmother and she insisted on making everything from scratch. If he ate replicator meals like the rest of the kids he would have all his nutrients carefully and scientifically calculated out for him. But Gramma Bentley loved to bake and Peter loved to eat what she made. She was also somewhat sedentary, and therefore Peter was too. He had spent his childhood reading books and learning historical woodcrafting from his grandfather rather than running and joining sports. So now he was the awkward pudgy kid who was the last one picked for every team. And like vultures circling around a carcass, every one of the insecure homebodies in sixth grade zeroed in on him as the target of preference. But not today. Today Peter had leapt out of bed, practically rushing to get ready. This surprised his grandmother, who usually had time for a full three cups of coffee before frying up Peter’s breakfast eggs. Today she had barely finished one. She wanted to ask why Peter was in such a rush, but he ran out the door before she could ask. The answer was simple: today marked the day where he was no longer the biggest outcast in the school. Today was the day the new kid arrived. New kids always took a bit of heat off Peter, at least for a little while – until the new kid integrated into the social scheme and the bullies went back to tormenting their favored omega. But from all the rumors he had heard, this new kid was as different as possible. An Andorian kid with a human name. And while Peter didn’t understand it in an academic sense, he certainly knew by instinct that nothing brings a population closer together than being faced with an outsider. He was determined to get the middle school equivalent of a ‘front row seat’ to see what everyone would be facing. And so he rushed to school early, getting a prime spot on the playground as the kids gathered, watching as the new kid arrived. Peter Bentley could barely contain his glee (though later on in life he would be mightily ashamed to admit that). The kid was short! Complete with a mop of white hair, a weird smile and a strange accent. He couldn’t ask for better. He smiled inwardly, looking forward to a long term reprieve from the bullies attentions.:: ~*~((Playground – Pepperel Massachusetts, Earth))((Two weeks after the previous scene)) Sometimes things just don’t go the way we plan. Peter Bentley stood in the chilly November evening, holding a handful of slimy dead worms, staring into sapphire eyes that were quite possibly colder than the wind that was cutting through his jacket. BENTLEY: Eat ‘em, or we wash your face in the snow. FOSTER: ::Nonchalantly:: Hardly a decent threat to someone who was born on an iceball. ::The adolescent Andorian managed a wholly smug look, which made the pudgy kid named Peter squirm, and the bullies behind him bristle.:: ::Peter took a tentative step forward, not liking the position he was in one bit. The new kid had been every inch as alien as he had expected. The bullies didn’t like him at first glance, though he seemed to win accords with some of the kids who had Starfleet ties – and oddly enough he was quite popular with the girls. Then again at twelve, being popular among the girls wasn’t a selling point with the bullies. They started up a mess of rumors that the new kid wasn’t really a man. Weren’t their species hermaphrodite or four sexed or some other crazy thing? Peter didn’t know and he was certainly too scared to ask the new kid. Not that the new kid was scared. And therein lay the problem. None of the other new kids had stood up to the bullies, but Wyn Foster seemed to have little fear when it came to staring someone down and telling them off. Which the bullies didn’t like one bit. So they started planning ways to drill fear into the new kid. There was a pecking order and he would respect it! To this end they started recruiting. Peter Bentley was shocked when they recruited him. Him! One of the in crowd! He said yes in a heartbeat. He never thought it would land him here, in-between the defiant new kid and a crowd of bullies who he was quite sure would beat the ever living snot out of him if he chickened out.:: BENTLEY: There’s more of us then there are of you! FOSTER: ::eyes darting around:: Ok… not faulting you that logic. BENTLEY: ::Taking another trembling step forward:: Eat the worms! MATTINGLY: ::The biggest of the back bully-line called out:: Or we’ll make you wish you never came to this planet. FOSTER: Really? Brett, your dulcet tones already make me wish I never came to this planet. But if worm eating amuses you… ::he leaned forward and snatched the slimy mess from Bentley’s hands and stuffed them in his mouth.:: ::A chorus of ‘ewww!’ and ‘that’s disgusting!’ came from the back line. Wyn himself had a somewhat academic expression on his face as he chewed and swallowed.:: FOSTER: Not terrible. Tastes a bit like dirt. Would be better if they were fresh. You know, like gagh. MATTINGLY: That is totally gross. Worm eater. FOSTER: How would you know it’s gross if you never tried them, hm? ::Brett Mattingly grimaced, folded his hands over his chest and stormed off with his posse behind him. In that very moment the bully decided that, yes, he hated Wyn Foster and something had to be done about that kid. On the other hand Peter Bentley lingered and slowly smiled an apologetic smile. He had decided that the new kid was pretty cool…:: Lieutenant Shar’Wyn FosterChief Medical OfficerUSS Atlantis
  17. ((San Francisco, 239005.21)) ::The bar hadn't changed in six years...and neither had the woman sitting by herself, nursing what he knew would be a Calaman sherry.:: oO Velana. My Velana. Oo ::It might have been the four non-synthetic whiskies running through Cade's system, but suddenly it didn't feel as if all that time had passed. If he squinted his eyes just a little bit, he could almost convince himself that it was May of 2384 instead, and he was there to meet his girlfriend for a much-needed, post-finals drink.:: Cade: ::to the bartender:: Another whiskey. ::He paused.:: And a Calaman sherry. ::A minute later, with a drink in each hand, Cade released a long breath and started across the crowded floor.:: oO Fortune favors the brave. Just like Father always says. Oo ::But his drunken bravado almost gave out when Velana spotted him. Her ice blue eyes grew wide for a fraction of a second before narrowing considerably. Not the greatest welcome, yet Cade kept going.:: Cade: Hey, Vee. ::He held out the sherry.:: You look ready for a second round. ::He hadn't meant it to mean anything more than another round of drinks, but even to his own ears, the words came out with a bit of a leer, as if he was suggesting something far more intimate. So, it wasn't really a surprise when she rose to her feet.:: Cade: I'm sorry. Vee, I swear...please don't go. ::He set the drinks down and regretted it immediately, as he suddenly had no idea what to do with his hands.:: I just...I just wanted to talk to you. Velana: Why? ::She folded her arms over her chest.:: I've been under the impression for the last six years that everything that needs to be said between us has already been said. Cade: You're wrong. ::He swore softly.:: No, that's not what I meant. I mean, yeah, I don't agree, but you have every right to think that...you know...considering what happened... ::He plunged his fingers into his hair.:: This is not how I wanted this to go. Velana: Let me guess. You imagined that you coming over here with a Calaman sherry and a grin would immediately make me forget everything that you... ::When she suddenly stopped, Cade frowned. It might have been years, but he recognized when Velana was on the verge of losing control of her emotions.:: Cade: Vee? Are you all right? ::Her laugh was bitter.:: Velana: Only you, Cade, could have the audacity to stand there and honestly ask me that question. ::She glanced away for a long minute, and when she looked back, there were tears in her eyes.:: My mother is ill. ::He'd only met T'Lan once, during a painfully awkward dinner that Velana had arranged after weeks of pressure on his part, but he'd come away with the impression of a formidable Vulcan mother whose entire world revolved around her only living child. As for Velana, T'Lan was the only family member she had left, save for the sister-in-law she hadn't seen in years. No wonder she was on the verge of a breakdown.:: ::Human apologies would have been meaningless words to Velana. So, he pushed aside that instinct, a trick he'd learned during their time together.:: Cade: Will she recover? Velana: Her doctors aren't certain. I've looked over her tests myself and I want to say that she will, but... ::When she shook her head, her hair swung around her shoulders. Cade swallowed heavily. Did those dark locks still feel like silk?:: Cade: I think she will. Velana: ::with a sharp laugh:: Oh, you do? Cade: I do. Velana: And where did you get your medical degree? ::He took a step towards her, then another when she didn't move back. Up close, he could smell honeysuckle and orange blossoms. Even just a whiff of her scent was enough to bring him back to a time and place when he would have been able to take her in his arms and kiss her tears away.:: Cade: Just a feeling, Vee. ::Lost in the scent, lost in her eyes, he reached out and pulled her to his chest.:: Everything will be fine. ::Maybe she was lost in the past, too, because she didn't try to get away. He would have been no match for her if she had, so he was grateful when she relaxed against him.:: Velana: ::voice muffled against his collar:: I don't know why I came here. ::Her hair did still feel like silk he discovered as he stroked it softly. Why did she have to feel so good? Why did she have to fit so perfectly there in his arms?:: ::How had he convinced himself six years earlier that he didn't need this, didn't need her in his life?:: ::Everything had gone wrong since he'd left Velana in that hotel room after he'd said everything possible to break her heart. But now it was starting to seem like the pieces could be picked up and put back into place.:: Cade: Me neither. Just felt like I should. ::He lifted his shoulders.:: Fate? Velana: I don't believe in fate. Cade: ::smiling:: Right. Luck, then? ::She said nothing.:: Vee... Velana: ::cutting him off:: I haven't forgiven you. Cade: Didn't expect you had. Velana: But I also don't think about you all the time. ::She drew back to look up at him.:: I moved on. Understand? ::He nodded even as he tried to stamp down a wave of jealousy. It wasn't as if he had been celibate for six years. And Alaxa had already told him this several years earlier. That didn't mean it didn't sting, but the blow wasn't debilitating.:: Cade: I think about you all the time, Vee. ::She studied him for a second, the way only she could. Velana had always been able to see through his bravado and ego and lies...except for the one time he hadn't wanted her to: that last night after graduation.:: Velana: Why? Cade: Because. ::He wanted to tell her everything. How he had never stopped loving her, but he'd given in to family pressures and expectations and prejudices. No. Too much time had passed. Or not enough time. Regardless, he just couldn't do it.:: ::So, he kissed her.:: ::If he'd woken up the next morning with any scratches or bruises or bite marks, he might have thought she'd gone into pon farr, but he woke with a smile on his face. Turning over, he reached for Velana...only to find a cold pillow. The tangled sheets were the only proof that she had been there at all.:: Lt. Cade Whitman Ops USS Vigilant Simmed by LtCmdr Velana CMO: USS Vigilant
  18. ((Temporary Quarters, DS-285)) ::His possessions had been beamed over to the temporary quarters that Captain Samuelson had assigned to him, and for the first time in a long time, the Ba'ku was alone.:: ::And it was killing him.:: ::All of the items remained packed, with the Captain knowing that he was headed for another starship soon. There was no point, and the quarters served as little more than a storage space and a bed for the night. All packed, except for one thing: His prized guitar. An ancient acoustic guitar made of the Bhavir wood with a mahogany neck that he had had specially shipped from Earth to Ba'ku when contact had been made with the Federation. The strings were hand-made by one of the best metalsmiths on Ba'ku, and the deep, resonant tone spoke of the loving craftsmanship and care Tyr had applied when he assembled it. It now sat on his knee, his experienced and talented hands gripping the neck and ready to pluck the strings. It was here, alone, with his music, that the Ba'ku sought solace. Shelter from the storm of Sanuye's rage, of Tye's fierce loyalty to his brother, and from the stinging loss of both of his sons. He could blame it on the mission, true, and the chaos that followed, but in truth, it was his fault. He could no longer blame anyone else, and he didn't try.:: ::He struck a G chord, allowing the sound to resonate out of the opening in the guitar and dance across the room, resounding off the walls with a surprisingly good resonance. He searched his mind, through the catalog of songs he'd learned and memorized, for the right one. For the one that matched the mood and the message, and, after several more strums in the key of G, he found it. Taking a deep breath (and, although he would never admit it, wiping away a stray tear), the Ba'ku tapped record on the PADD. When they were infants (which, truly, was not that long ago), music had always been the way to get them to sleep, or stop crying. He hoped that that still held true, and that they would listen, preferably together, to the message from a father trying desperately to maintain a connection with his sons. He strummed the guitar once more, then looked into the PADD and spoke.:: WALTAS: Tye. Sanuye. I know that things have been strained between us, and that I am responsible. I should have been there for you, and I have no excuse. I could blame my duty, my ship or the mission, but I won't do that. I failed in my ultimate duty-the one I have to both of you. I hope that you can forgive me some day, and that we can, at the very least, maintain contact. Wherever you go, I will be with you, and it's my hope that you live full and rich lives. ::Pausing:: I'm leaving on another mission tomorrow, and it's one I may not come back from. I just wanted.. ::His voice broke and he paused, collecting his emotions:: I just wanted to leave you with this..if it's all you'll take from me, it's enough. ::He struck the guitar and slid slowly into the rhythm of the song, his fingers moving across the frets and pressing the strings down to produce the chords. Soon his voice filled the room.:: OOC: http:\\youtu.be\zXwr0JGUCFI ::With the finished notes resonating through his quarters, he ended the transmission and his finger hovered over the send button. After a moments' hesitation, he tapped the PADD, sending a father's hope to two boys who may never listen to it.:: =========================== Captain Tyr Waltas Commanding Officer USS Discovery
  19. ((Sickbay - Deep Space 6)) ::Eliaan Deron could hear the commotion from half way down the hall but even then, he was still surprised when he entered the main sickbay and saw several members of his staff standing around with equipment littering the floor. As he approached his aide Suvan, a tricorder flew out of a storage cupboard and landed at his feet.:: Deron: What is going on in here? ::The Vulcan gave the closest approximation of a sigh that Eliaan had ever seen from him.:: Suvan: Doctor, we're having some technical trouble with the EMH... Deron: What sort of trouble? ::More equipment was thrown from the cupboard onto the floor and the holodoctor was muttering away to himself in the cupboard.:: Suvan: His holomatrix appears to have been damaged with the recent computer system breaches. I have reported the malfunction to engineering and they have informed me that several systems were cross-linked to circumnavigate security lock outs. Evidently, the EMH program has been linked to the main hologrid... ::The EMH leapt out of the cupboard and stared at them wide-eyed. In his career, Eliaan had seen several different EMH models. The Powers That Be seemed to be fine with the hologram looking completely different each time and while they were all technically the same program, they all had slightly different personalities. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with the needless technical regeneration that Starfleet seemed obsessed with. Despite his familiarity with the other Doctors, the EMH currently looked nothing like the previous versions.:: ::In fact, he looked a little like Lt Commander Breeman, who Eliaan had served with on SB118!:: ::The EMH held a tricorder against his face and was talking into it as if it were a communication device.:: Doctor: Please nature the medical of your problem state! ::The Betazoid raised an eyebrow. It was clear that more than his physical appearance had been altered by the cross-link.:: Doctor: Good cupboard that... bigger on inside than it looks from out here Deron: Can we deactivate him? Suvan: No. His deactivation protocols appear to have been damaged ::Eliaan shook his head and sighed. Why did nothing run smoothly around here?:: Deron: Typical. ::turning to the EMH:: Hello, I am Doctor Deron. Do you know where you are? Doctor: Of course I do, I travel through all time and space! ::If, as seemed likely, holoprograms from the network were bleeding into his matrix then he wasn't technically wrong. Maybe he wasn't even the EMH any more but rather a character from the holodeck. If so, there was a good possibility that their EMH was gone and might not be retrievable and that was bad news for the station. The last time it had been offline it had taken ages to bring it back.:: Deron: Do you know who you are? Doctor: You can call me Doctor Deron: Doctor who? ::The hologram looked confused by the question.:: Doctor: Just The Doctor Deron: I see... ::Before he could say anything else, the Doctor flickered a little.:: Doctor: Oh... what was that? Deron: Your matrix is unstable. Try and hold tight until someone can come and fix it. ::The Doctor seemed to think about that for a moment before he dropped the tricorder onto the deck and leapt back into the cupboard. More chaos ensued as it sorted through the equipment, which meant throwing most of it onto the deck. When it burst back out of the cupboard, it did so with a shout.:: Doctor: AH - HA! ::Eliaan held the bridge of his nose. He was supposed to be off-duty, why did he think he could pop in and pick up some messages without being pulled into some kind of nonsense.:: Deron: Okay, everyone out. Suvan can you wait here with him a second? Suvan: Yes, Doctor. ::The other members of staff filed out of the room and the doors closed behind them. Eliaan issued orders for them to use the other rooms of sickbay and to leave this one empty for now. He then contacted the engineering teams, busy as they were fixing the other damaged systems, this crazed hologram could destroy sickbay. He was assured that they would get to sickbay as soon as they could and with that he re-entered the room. Suvan stood completely still as the EMH leapt around and shouted nonsense.:: Deron: Why is he waving that dermal regenerator around? Suvan: ::deadpan:: I have no idea but he claims it is sonic Deron: A sonic regenerator? He looks insane. Suvan: Indeed. ::At that moment, the Doctor stopped leaping around as he flickered again. He looked up at them both and looked scared at what was happening to him. It dropped the dermal regenerator onto the deck. The next moment, there was a flash of light and the hologram yelled as his matrix whirled and jolted. Even knowing that this was a technical problem, Eliaan was stricken by how it looked and sounded and the worry of what was coming next.:: Deron: By the four deities... ::As quickly as the light and the shouting had started it stopped and to everyone's surprise, the EMH looked completely different.:: Suvan: Fascinating! ::As it began to look at itself on a reflective computer console while tugging on the new hair and making faces at itself, Eliaan realised he had experienced enough insanity for one day.:: Deron: Look, Suvan, the engineering team said it would be here presently. Can you handle things here until they arrive? ::The Vulcan looked crestfallen but nodded.:: Suvan: Of course, Doctor Deron: Great, thanks! ::He headed quickly out of sickbay as the EMH leapt up onto a biobed.:: Doctor: GERONIMO!! ::The doors closed behind him and Eliaan was glad of the silence. He would make it up to Suvan later, somehow, but for now he was just glad to be out of there and back in calm, non-wacky universe of the Federation.:: END Lieutenant Eliaan DeronActing CMODeep Space 6 Simmed by Lt Cmdr Zehn
  20. ((First Officers Office)) ::Eerie buzzed the office and walked into the first officer’s office. He had completed his written narrative of the events that transpired on the bridge and was quite interested in hearing what the Commander had to say. Eerie had always wanted to see what he could do in command of a starship. He walked in and stood at attention, as usual, in front of the Commander..:: Eerie: Lt. Commander Eerie reporting as ordered, sir. ::In his usual formal tone.:: :: Eerie had done a lot of thinking about his actions on the bridge. For the most part he was pleased with his actions. There was always things that he could be improved upon and he noted them in his report. He wanted to do his very best, and was looking forward to any feedback the Commander had to offer. He was happy that the bridge crew had done so well considering that they didn’t normally work together and several of the officers had limited experience on duty posts. The boarding by the Zalkonians had been unfortunate, but he was under orders to get crew members over to the station. He had debated the risks and been surprised by the Zalkonians, dropping their shields with a fully active starbase phaser bank firing at them.:: ::Greir had been reading the mission reports from his department heads. Since stepping up to First Officer he hadn’t had a chance to touch base with everyone to talk about their performance and career aspirations. When his door chimed he figured his first appointment had arrived and upon opening the door Eerie had walked in and reported just as formally as expected. :: Reinard: ::Smiling:: Good day Commander, come on in. ::Greir would normally offer a seat to whoever he was seeing but he knew that the Brikar preferred to stand. He preferred to sit but was considering standing because having the tall Brikar towering over him didn’t make him feel as comfortable as he could be if they were more on each other’s level. :: Eerie: Yes, Sir. ::Eerie noticed that Grier was smiling and took that as a possible good sign.:: Reinard: I’ve read your mission report, it was very detailed and I appreciate that as it couldn’t give us a better record of events. Eerie: Honestly, Sir, I find writing reports somewhat boring but I wanted to document the actions during the event very well. A lot transpired and it was important to get it correct. I was proud of the actions of the crew and hope that is reflected. ::Greir had few questions about the report because it had been put together so well. He had a strong opinion on how he felt Eerie had acted as a commanding officer but first wanted to get a more in-depth and personal insight into how Eerie himself felt things had gone. :: Reinard: I don’t think there’s many people who enjoy writing the reports but they’re important and I do believe you got your viewpoint over well. I believe this was your first time commanding a starship in combat? ::Greir knew that Eerie was quite used to ship combat, but following orders and giving recommendations about how to deal with these kinds of threats was different to being the one who had the final say. It was much harder when the responsibility for the whole ship and crew’s well being fell on your own shoulders. :: Eerie: Yes Sir, It was quite an experience. Something that a simulation will never completely train oneself for. ::Eerie remembered each agonising decision, and he thought he had made the right ones. There was a few he would have changed, but for the most part he was pleased with his decisions. There was always something to learn from each situation as he tried to dissect the actions of that day.:: Reinard: I understand how you feel completely. What was the hardest things for you? Eerie: Probably my greatest weakness, managing people. Making sure that the right people were in the right positions. It was a makeshift bridge crew, I didn’t want to change personnel during the middle of a combat situation. I figured it was best to keep everyone at their posts. ::Eerie had pondered the question about the crew assignments, and while he still debated the decisions he couldn’t come up with better assignments.:: Reinard: Managing people is one of my strengths so let me give you a couple of tips that i’ve always found helpful. Putting people in the right place involves knowing what skills you need for any given situation. Taking the situation you just reported on as an example - you know you need tactical officers on the bridge offering firing solutions and managing the shields, a pilot flying evasive maneuvers, security guarding key locations like engineering and sickbay, and so on. That’s people management on it’s most basic level. If you know the individual better then you can take their strengths and weaknesses into account to truly make sure you have the right people in the right places. I would say to you that if part way through combat someone becomes available that’s better at a job than the person in that place then get them where they need to be. If you have someone manning a station with only a little bit of experience and then your 15 year veteran and department chief becomes available then get them to support that officer. ::Eerie nodded. He agreed with his comments, it was important to have the most experienced personnel in the key areas during a combat situation. The biggest problem and concern Eerie had was the interpersonal relationships he had with the rest of the crew. While it was very important for the crew to follow the orders of someone in charge, it was also important to have a relationship with that person. It was something that was still lacking.:: Eerie: Agreed Commander. Completely. I just feel that I still need to have a better relationship with the crew. I recognize that weakness is something that I need to work on improving but I hope my actions were acceptable. I would like any feedback you would have to improve on that as well. ::It had been an issue that Eerie had struggled with during his entire time off of the Brikar homeworld. :: ::Greir was quite a social, friendly person who managed to easily relate to other people. However there were plenty of people ranked Captain and higher who preferred and thought it more appropriate to maintain something of a distance with crew. Some of them thought that the idea of making friends with the crew could make command decisions more difficult at times for both parties. So although Greir was in the camp of having good relationships with his crew he also recognised two important things. He knew it was not the only approach to command and it certainly wasn’t required, which was just as well because Eerie’s personality wasn’t suited to it and to force himself into a particular mould could make him seem less genuine - that would hurt the thing that he thought really did matter. :: Reinard: I understand what you’re saying about having better relationships with the crew. However it can be really hard, especially on a station or large ship to get to know everyone. What I think matters the most is having respect. If you make good judgements for your crew, speak to them with respect and make sure your department heads are reporting and dealing with problems then you’ll get that respect. ::Eerie knew that he was correct, he had felt that he had the respect of the crew, but he needed to do more. It was something that he would continue to strive achieve, he would make a point to at least know everyone by name at least, and made a issue to engage in conversation on a more regular basis. He also knew that most people liked informal conversations as well. Another area to work on as well.:: Eerie: Yes, Grier. ::He dropped trying to slightly less of a formal tone. He had known Greir the longest other than deBarres and Gwinnett, who had transferred over with him from the Avandar. Eerie had watched the counselor be promoted to first officer and then the rank of Commander.:: Eerie: I know that I need to do better, in that regard. Reinard: Perhaps i’m not making myself clear. I think it’s really great that you want to get to know the crew a bit more. I’m saying that you shouldn’t worry too much because from the point of view of a command officer the thing you need most is respect. I believe you have that. The crew do respect you and it’s because you know your job inside and out and even if you’re stiff you treat them with respect, finally - you make the right calls. Eerie: Thank you. I tried my best, I know there is room for improvement. Always. I hope my actions during the actions met with your approval, I value your input. ::Lowering his tone a bit. :: ::Greir noticed that Eerie had mentioned his actions a few times now and seemed to be seeking approval. He was certainly on his way to delivering his verdict but he wasn’t quite done with the things he intended to talk about first. :: Reinard: Talking about your actions, what do you think went particularly well? Eerie: I was most pleased with the crew, they handled some responsibilities that they were not used to particularly well. There is of course room for improvement. I would like to see more cross training. Something I have thought about. ::Eerie kept talking about there being room for improvement so perhaps he wasn’t as confident about his actions as it first seemed. He also wasn’t quite answering the questions as he asked them or quite picking up on the points he was making. He wondered if he was not communicating as clearly as usual or if he needed to adjust his approach to get more solid answers. :: Reinard: I’m glad that you’re pleased with the crews actions. They followed their orders to the letter. I’m interested to know who you would recommend for cross training and why but for now I want to talk about your actions. What actions or commands did you make that you thought worked particularly well for the situation? Eerie: I knew that we could not stand and fight with the cruisers. The tactics while dangerous, I thought gave us the best chance for survival and to give the station time and us to get the drive operational. Frankly, I like stand up fights but I had to adapt as well. ::The hit and run tactics were something that he was not particularly used to, in fact, his upbring was totally against it, but he had to think what was best for the Vigilant and the crew.:: ::Greir had read about the tactics involved and wasn’t sure he would have chosen that particular course of action. That being said he knew that Eerie knew his stuff when it came to tactical matter considerably better than he did. The Brikar had taken a calculated risk and in this case it had paid off. :: Reinard: Right and it was great to see you weighing up the enemy’s capabilities and making a decision about what the Vigilant could do. The tactics were certainly dangerous and required particular skill from the bridge crew. One of my concerns with that was the proximity to the station. Fortunately the bridge crew did manage to handle the challenge and it worked out just fine. Let’s hope we never have to try it again. Eerie: Agreed. I wouldn’t of tried it with an green ensign on the helm, or me for that matter. Lieutenant Falcon and the shooting of Captain Pavlova, was a major asset. But I hope we don’t have to try that again. Reinard: Right. Is there anything that you feel didn’t go as well as you’d hoped that you’d do differently next time and if so what would you change? Eerie: It goes totally against my nature, but perhaps one more communication try with the cruisers. I don’t know if it would of made any difference. Perhaps it might of given us more time. I don’t know. ::Eerie had been thinking about it for a while, and perhaps another try might of been worth it. He never received any communication from the Zalkonians, it might of been better not to put the ship as such a risk.:: ::Greir could understand why Eerie might think that and part of the problem was how little they actually knew about the Zalkonians. His own gut had told him that they would be non-responsive. As the premier expert on Zalkonians he felt he was getting a feel for why this might be but he was still learning about them much the same as everyone else. :: Reinard: You’ll remember as well that the station were making communications attempts. They did not respond to any of our hails either. It’s quite easy to wonder if ‘one more’ would have helped and there’s always ‘one more’ but you have to draw the line somewhere. This is where understanding the species, their motivations and personalities can help. Of course the problem here is that no one in the Federation has much dealings with them. They are a very insular, xenophobic people but that in itself is telling. They probably feel we are too far beneath them to communicate with. They have no interest in getting along with or negotiating with us. You’ll remember when we encountered them at that station some time ago they communicated to us - but it was on their terms? Eerie: Yes, I remember. Command is very consuming, particularly in a combat situation, so many actions to be concerned with and about. I think a dedicated person to do comm traffic would of helped. Something I need to do a better job with hopefully next time. Each was important, but need to do better at it. Reinard: I’m glad that you learned a lot from it and importantly, I feel you made some responsible choices and got the ship and its crew through. Well done. Is command something you aspire to in the longer term? ::Eerie was relieved. It meant a lot to him to get the nod of approval and the feedback on his concerns.:: Eerie: Someday. I don’t think I am ready yet, still have things to learn, and one always needs to be learning. Something I always try to remember. ::Eerie knew that he was still not ready for any permanent command of a vessel, as much as it was one of his clear defined goals in his career.:: Eerie: oOSomeday, not today or this year. Someday.Oo Reinard: Then I have two pieces of advice for you. You’re already managing a department so you’re in a leadership role, you train your people and you make decisions and recommendations. Command is about doing all of those things but instead of just focussing on one department as aspect of managing a ship you’ve got the bigger picture to take care of. It’s going to be beneficial that you make yourself more aware of other departments work, concerns and how they fit into the bigger picture. The other thing is experience. We could arrange it such that you’ll have more opportunity to take control on the bridge. Maybe work a few gamma shifts and take the bridge when all the other senior officers are sleeping. It’d also give you a chance to interact more with some of the crew you don’t get to see as often. You’ll still have us there obviously in the event that anything pops up but it’s a step in the right direction. ::Eerie had always wanted to take the duty on the bridge for a shift, and while gamma shift was usually pretty quiet, he was privately thrilled at the opportunity. It would give him the opportunity to do and learn more.:: Eerie: Thank you sir. I would consider it an honor. I’m sure that it will be a good experience. ::Eerie voice didn’t change but his eyes got a lot wider.:: Reinard: Is there anything else you wanted to discuss regarding the last mission or anything else before we move on to discuss the rest of the security and tactical department? Eerie: No, It is good to see that you have gotten your hearing back.::Eerie had heard that a procedure had been successfully do to give almost complete hearing back to Reinard.:: ::With matters of the mission report for tactical and security sorted out and discussed as well as Eerie’s command aspirations it was time to move on to the next piece of official business needing their attention. :: Reinard: I had given up hope of it to be honest but thank you. I couldn’t be happier. It certainly gives you a deeper appreciation of things. Now, why not talk me through any disciplinary or performance problems you’ve come up against – or equally if someone is performing especially well. ::Eerie thought for a moment, and figured that is was a good time to broach the topic.:: Eerie: I would like to see some cross training on some of the officers. I knew that they did their best but emergencies never lend themselves to having the best personnel at some duty posts. On the plus side, I was impressed with Lt. Falcon. Her skills were impressive and did quite well. Reinard: Cross-training can be good but it’s not necessary for everyone to be cross trained. It’s better to have a tactical officer at the tactical station rather than someone who only works at it occasionally. Lt Falcon undoubtedly did well but I was asking about the officers in the tactical and security department. ::Eerie nodded his agreement.:: Eerie: Recruit Borr did well in engineering, and from the reports I have seen that Rascon did well on the station. I have checked with other reports from other personnel and they with that assessment. So I would recommend both of them. Reinard: Rascon did do very well. He has a very direct, no nonsense approach and he’s good at getting things done. He handled himself very well and i’ve been considering whether or not to recommend him for promotion. I’m also glad to hear that recruit Borr is doing well. ::Greir had to admit that he had been very impressed with Rscon and there was no doubt that he had done well and proven himself to be a real asset but had he done enough to earn a promotion to Lieutenant. He had been recently promoted to Lt JG and Greir didn’t believe in rushing people through the ranks. They needed time to gain experience as there was a lot more to being an officer than having a lot of text book knowledge. It was a hard call and one he was still debating. :: Eerie: What do you think about a promotion to full Lieutenant? His work habits and performance warrant it. He is handling the responsibilities of a Lieutenant and the reports make him a good candidate. . ::Eerie remembered his rise to Lieutenant, and decided that he could handle the responsibility. Also some officers grew well into higher rank, and his personality certainly didn’t lack for boldness.:: Reinard: He certainly does stand out from among other similar candidates but I wonder if perhaps he needs a bit more experience. I’ll give it some more thought and consider taking it to the captain for consideration. ::Eerie nodded. He always believed that officers needed strong positive feedback. He also liked to give recommendations for promotion. Giving credit for where credit was due.:: Eerie: Thanks. I don’t know if it will come a surprise to Rascon, he is certainly not very reserved.::Eerie said it extremely straight, wondering if Reinard would make any connection to the very reserved Eerie.:: Reinard: Well we’ll see, it’s not set in stone yet. The Captain may decide he needs more time to develop some of his weaker areas first. However, I think that about concludes things for this, unless there’s anything else? Eerie: No, I think that is about it. I was gratified to see that the slipstream drive worked properly. It presents a great number of possibilities. ::Eerie had already been working on the tactical possibilities and problems that the new drive proposed. However, its benefits certainly outweighed the negatives.:: ::Greir leaned back in his chair thinking about the possibilities. They could now reach places they’d never dreamt possible before.:: Reinard: If you could go anywhere with it, where would you go? ::Eerie paused for a moment, he really had never actually thought about it.:: Eerie: I don’t know. I have heard the badlands near the Cardassian border are spectacular, if not for being a a navigation nightmare. ::Greir knew people often said that about the sandbar around Duronis II as well. He wasn’t a pilot but he could field his way around it. The only unknown was whether he could get a ship or a pilot to follow what he needed to happen. :: Reinard: I’m sure it’s a piece of cake but it begs the question of what’s so spectacular? Eerie: The firestorms, at least that is one place to go and see. Of course a trip home would be nice. I would also like to show Lt. Calderan, my homeworld. Any place you would like to go? ::Eerie really couldn’t think of any other place. He had not been back home in almost 7 years since his acceptance into the academy. There were a few places he would like to avoid if at all possible. Eden for one, but he was pretty sure that Star Fleet had quarantined the entire region.:: Reinard: I’d like to visit the Betazoid home planet. I’d also like to find the largest area of unexplored space on the edge of the Federation and just head off to see what’s out there. I guess part of our role includes exploring the unknown, so i’m really lucky. ::The Brikar pondered that for a moment. He had always enjoyed first contact missions, but was usually content to go wherever the ship was going. Perhaps the Brikar weren’t the most adventurous of races. Perhaps that is why they had infrequently ventured past their own region of the Alpha quadrant.. Eerie: With the new drive it does offer a lot of opportunities. Reinard: ::Nodding in agreement:: It sure does. Shore leave offers a lot of opportunities too. I’m planning on doing a bit of training and upskilling between trying to relax. What about you? ::Eerie wasn’t sure if it was appropriate. He wasn’t even sure that if Greir knew about his relationship with Nia.::. Eerie: l have some work to do. Each one of our missions seems to produce more reports and new projects. I will be going over new procedures with the tactical staff about situations with the new drive system. ::He paused but added.::Spending some time with Nia, I mean, Lt. Calderan. :: Eerie had gone from formal mood, and slipped out of it for a instant when talking about Nia. He recovered quickly.:: Reinard: That’s great. It’s good to see you expanding your circle of friendships. Eerie: Yes we share a lot of interests together.::Eerie hesitated for a moment, but decided to broach the topic.:: I was thinking about seeing if it would be alright for her to move in formally in my quarters. I haven’t found anything in the regs about it. Are you aware of any restrictions? ::Eerie was trying to broach a personal concern, in a formal statement, he really didn’t know how to pose to question.:: ::Greir didn’t realise how close the two had become until he said that and as someone who was pursuing a serious relationship on the crew he could understand Eerie’s concerns. He was delighted for the both of them and hoped that it would work out well. Hopefully his own experience would help Eerie.:: Reinard: Yeah you wouldn’t find anything about it in the regs as relationships between crewmembers isn’t generally encouraged. Some captains take quite a firm stance on it too and i’ve known people to end up in a situation where they’ve had to choose between their career and their relationship. Fortunately Captain Herrera has a much more relaxed view on this. Eerie: Nia knows that my career is first, and she agrees that her career is first and foremost. But we do enjoy each others company, and we don’t get to see a lot of each other between our different shifts. ::Eerie was happy to hear that the Captain was relaxed on this topic, however, he would never go against the Captain on this topic or any topic for that matter. Eerie enjoyed following regulations and the traditions set by the fleet.:: Reinard: There isn’t going to be a problem with Calderan moving into your quarters if you’re both sure that’s what you want. Lt Chen has recently moved in with me. We’ve notified Ops that his room is now vacant and available for assignment should we receive any new crew. ::Eerie didn’t show any surprise, he was actually happy for Greir, he knew that Lt. Chen was a good officer. He wished only the best for both of them.:: Eerie::Nodding::Very good, I hope you will both be happy. Reinard: The thing to remember is that it might be easier moving in together than moving out. If things don’t work out and you want to reverse your decision there’s a chance there won’t be any free quarters any more. Ships don’t tend to fly around with an abundance of unused space so you have to be sure. How long have you been seeing each other? Eerie: Understood. Actually I think it will be good for me. It will get me out of the cabin a bit more socially. It is something we both really want, and we have been seeing each other for about 5 months now. But I want to make sure that the Major is fine with it. Professionally of course. ::Eerie wanted to make sure that there wasn’t any problems for Scania. Being a Marine officer had different responsibilities that being a line officer in the fleet.:: Reinard: If it makes you feel better then by all means talk to him about it. Is there anything else I can help you with today Commander? Eerie: No. that seems to be everything on for me, Commander. ::Eerie was very pleased the conversation. He would be working some shifts, and he how had formal approval for Nia to move in, making sure that he talked with the Major.:: Reinard: In that case I’ll let you carry on about your day. Goodbye for now Eerie. Eerie: Thank you Greir, It has been nice. ::Eerie stiffened a bit. He couldn’t do something formal, when leaving a superior officer. He bowed slightly.:: ::Greir nodded smartly to Eerie and let him get back to it. There were various other things he had planned for today and he was in the mood to crack on and make a big dent in the to-do list.:: A JP by: Cmdr Reinard First Officer USS Vigilant NCC - 75515 and Lt. Cmdr. Eerie Chief Tactical/Security officer USS Vigilant NCC - 75515
  21. ((Vulcan, 239007.03)) ::Perhaps, being a doctor, she was simply more in tune with her body than the average being, but Velana knew she was pregnant before she even performed the necessary diganostic tests. When the results came back and the truth lay before her, the reality wasn't so much of a shock.:: ::The consequences of her actions were now growing inside her. It was time to face a very different future.:: ::Her sister-in-law stood in the doorway of the guest room which Velana had been occupying since her arrival on the planet. It hadn't been in her plan to confide in T'Sar about the possibility of the pregnancy, but there were only so many times one could lose their balance or nearly lose their breakfast before suspicions became logical. When T'Sar had confronted her, Velana had been unable to lie.:: ::Many years earlier, on the day Velana had given T'Sar the news that she was expecting her own child, their entire world had exploded. Although she doubted Vulcan itself was going to perish in the next few minutes, Velana still felt jumpy and unsettled as T'Sar stared at her, waiting to hear the results.:: Velana: Positive. ::She paused.:: I'm pregnant. ::There were a lot of questions T'Sar could have asked right then, but she lowered her chin in silent acknowledgment. Velana looked down at her flat belly, only looking up in time to catch T'Sar looking as well.:: Velana: You can ask. It's all right. T'Sar: ::after a moment:: You seem surprised by this, and yet...not. As if it is something you wanted and did not want at the same time. I am puzzled. Velana: ::whispering:: So am I. ::She drew in a breath and released it.:: Before I learned that Mother was ill, before I left my last ship, I was...involved with a man. Intimately involved. ::She hesitated.:: I loved him. I wanted to believe he loved me, too. T'Sar: He was not a Vulcan. Velana: No. ::Again, she hesitated.:: I started...reconditioning my body to be more...receptive to his DNA. Gene therapy. ::She looked into her sister-in-law's eyes.:: I wanted him to know that there was at least the possibility that we could have a family together. T'Sar: Then surely he will be pleased to hear that it worked. ::A shadow crossed Velana's face, followed by a wave of shame. Dropping her head, she looked down at her hands.:: Velana: When news of Mother's illness reached my ship, I just left. Isaac didn't follow. ::She lifted her shoulder.:: I gave him no reason to, I suppose. T'Sar: Perhaps this news will help you reconcile with him. Velana: It might have. ::Her cheeks burned.:: If the child was his. ::Unable to look at her sister's face, Velana rushed on.:: It happened on Earth. While Mother was in the hospital, I needed to get away. I went to a bar that I frequented when I was at the Academy. ::She stared at the floor without really seeing it.:: I never imagined he would be there. T'Sar: Who? ::A moment passed.:: Velana. Who? Velana: ::blinking:: I hadn't seen him in six years. But it was like...no time had passed at all. I wasn't even really surprised when I saw him across the room because... ::She smiled sadly.:: It was Cade. It was always Cade. T'Sar: Cade is not Vulcan? ::Under different circumstances, T'Sar's hope that Velana might have found a nice Vulcan male to have nice Vulcan children with might have annoyed Velana, or at the very least amused her.:: Velana: No. Cade is Human. ::She touched her belly.:: My baby is half-Human. ::Finally, she dared to look at T'Sar.:: The gene therapy worked. Only by the time it did, I wasn't with the right man. ::Velana closed her eyes, remembering that night in San Francisco. The way their eyes had met across the crowded bar, the way he'd remembered exactly what she liked to drink, the way his hand had covered hers so entirely...and the way it had felt to kiss him, to touch him, to be with him again.:: Velana: Or maybe...I was. Lt. Commander Velana Chief Medical Officer USS Vigilant
  22. ((Counselors office)) ::Gwinnett had an appointment with the new counselor. She was hoping that she might ‘bluff’ her way out of this after a few sessions. The run in with the Zalkonians had put on hold then her meetings with the Captain. She wasn’t particularly thrilled that she had been scheduled with a new meeting with another counselor or any counselor. She buzzed the office and entered. She was dressed in her normal fatigue uniform and boots. She had left her equipment in the marine lockers.:: Gwinnett:Sergeant Brooks Gwinnett, reporting as ordered, Ensign.::Standing at a sheepish attention, as this was the ‘last’ place she wanted to be. She had seen the inside of the brig from time to time, but that was usually after one of her all night benders, and that would've been better...:: ::Jansen had stood as the door chimed and couldn't possibly understand why so many people stood at attention around him in this office. He was a counselor for Pete's sake...:: Orrey: At ease. Please take your pick of seating. ::He had shifted the room slightly to provide more options with a large section of one corner covered by comfortable pillows, a pair of chairs sitting beside a table elsewhere in the room and a large comfortable couch in another spot.:: ::She put her arms behind her, and then walked over to one of the chairs and sat down. She then put her hands in her lap. She had been flying the straight and narrow of late, and she was itching to let her hair down, but she knew that every move she was making would be under close scrutiny.:: ::Jansen moved to the seating she chose and settled in some.:: Gwinnett: I hope we aren’t going to look at any ink blots.::With a trace of sarcasm.:: Orrey: ::snapping his fingers he shakes his head with a quiet smile:: No not since you ruined the surprise. ::Gwinnett groaned. First she had to look at those pictures of Andorians and now she was going to look at ink stains.:: Gwinnett: If we must, but if anything is evil looking, I might stab at it.::Half seriously.:: Orrey: I'm Jansen Orrey by the way. ::he extended his hand slightly.:: and what brings you here? ::Gwinnett took his hand and gave it a firm handshake. She had learned the custom from earthers, and it seemed like an okay greeting. Someone once had told her it was to show that you didn’t have a weapon in one’s hand. But she had heard a lot of strange things.:: Gwinnett: I am told that I have a problem with Andorians, which I have never liked. Frankly you could ship the lot of them out, and yes I know what I did wrong. And I am sorry for that.::Her tone had changed to a bit more serious, that last part of the statement seems almost like an afterthought.:: :: Jansen immediately thought of his dinner the previous night of Andorian red bat and nodded slightly as he recalled his recent stint of time on the Andorian home world trying to fix his own problems.:: Orrey: Why is it that you've never liked Andorians? Gwinnett: Something about the way they look, it gives me the shivers.::Trying to mentally blot the image out her mind. She had tried and for the most part blocked the real reason, but she also suspected it went back to her time as young girl and crazy which had captured her, but she wasn’t ready to admit it to herself. She had never knew what had happened in the cave after she blacked out mentally and physically. Anyways, she was embarrassed by the incident, and always avoided her younger years as any topic of discussion.:: Orrey: Interesting. ::Jansen settled for a brief moment considering the next way to proceed.:: Orrey: And Just Andorians do it? Gwinnett: Just andorians? Of course crazies, but they are mutants, you only find them on the homeworld, Byzatium. Nasty place. Frakin... Omunics.. creating those nasty mutations. ::Her voice dripping with disgust.:: Orrey: Okay why is that? Gwinnett: I don’t know. ::Uncaring, like she was some counselor looking into her own soul.:: ::Jansen nods some an idle thought of what they were really doing to the marines around here crossing his mind.:: Orrey: I'd like to help you with this. But part of it is you wanting to get better you know. Gwinnett: Alright. her is the very short version. Life on Byzatium is hard, that is why the smart ones leave. Do you think I should of stayed?::Defensively:: Orrey: No I'm not saying that. But if you can become more comfortable with Andorians it will open up worlds of new things for you. Gwinnett: I guess. ::She could never see herself working with one, except under the most extreme circumstances. She would have to control herself to dispatch with one of the those hideous antenne.:: Orrey: Well what happens if you are forced to work with one? Gwinnett: I guess under duress.::Turning away and not wanting think about it.:: Orrey: Or if you are advanced in your career and put in charge of them. ::She laughed. She had never been put in charge of anything, and she would be frankly worried if she would be placed in charge of Andorians.:: Gwinnett: You gotta be kiddin, I am lucky that I have sergeant's stripes. Me in charge of a detachment? That is a laugh. ::She paused for a moment.:: Look, I will be amazed if I make to fifty, which is old age for a any dorfman. We live life to the fullest each day, as most of us don’t expect to see the next. ::Jansen shifted slightly he had easily found the nerve he was looking for. Now what if we poke it slightly.:: Orrey: So you would find yourself adversed to working with Chen? ::Gwinnett wasn’t sure of the newbie counselor had heard, that she didn’t like Andorians.:: Gwinnett: He wouldn’t be my first choice, Probably the last choice, even missy deBarres would be better. She does have any rotating appendages out of her head, last I checked. ::Gwinnett was now firing from the hip, and really didn’t care. But she had just given away a clue, even if she didn’t know it.:: Orrey: Tell me more about life on your home world. Gwinnett: The less say about it the better. Father was a doctor. Killed. Never remembered my mother. My brother is still a para regular in a milita. Stupid. I expect him to be dead one of these days. I was lucky, I wised up, and got frakin out of the pile. ::Jansen was purposefully skewing his questions to multiple fronts in hopes of finding another opening in further beyond the shield that all the marines seem to have up.:: Orrey: Interesting. oO rotating appendages huh? Oo So how do you feel about Vulcans? Gwinnett: What about them? Other than that cool logic, and acting superior to everyone. I don’t have a problem with them. ::Shugging her shoulders.:: Orrey: I thought you might have a more favorable opinion of them considering the former hostilities between Vulcans and Andorians. Gwinnett: Not really, just don’t like Andorians. Orrey: Do you like mountain climbing? ::Brooks thought it an odd question, but it was easy and run of the mill type.:: Gwinnett: Never tried it for recreation. Not that I haven’t scaled some hills, not a good combat environment particularly if you are going up. Anyways, I tend to find ‘liquid refreshment’ for my recreation. Among other things. Orrey: Ever done combat training in the snow? Or desert? Gwinnett: The corp does almost every type of environment. Of course, being a medic I usually have one of the heavier packs.::Showing just a bit of pride.:: Orrey: What about Zero G? Gwinnett: Yea, I always get nausea. At least I don’t barf in the helmet. Orrey: ::with a small chuckle given:: Always a plus in one of those suits...::Jansen snapped the focus back to her problem.::...so what is it about the Andorians antennae that bother you? ::Gwinnett wasn't paying much attention and before she could clam up it came out.:: Gwinnett: Darn antenna. Would be so bad if they were stationary.::There was resentment in her voice, but also a bit of nervousness.:: :: Gwinnett decided that she wasn’t going to go there, into that deepest of corner of her mind. It was just too painful. She fidgeted a bit in her chair. Then settling back in the seat..:: Gwinnett: Well, I just don’t like Andorians. We just need to figure out how I can work with them, right? :: Trying to move the goal to something that she might be able be more palpable.:: Orrey: Absolutely. That is our primary goal. My over arching goal would be to make it where you can judge them as individuals rather than on a racial level. Gwinnett: Good. ::Still a bit off of her game plan. She decided that this counselor wasn’t as green as he looked.:: Orrey: If you'd like I have a thought we could try on one of the holodecks on station. It would give us more time and an easier way to unwind after words without time restrictions like we have here on ship Gwinnett: Alright. What do you have in mind? ::Hoping it wasn’t life sized ink blots.:: Orrey: ::Jansen templed his fingers in front of his face for a moment. After a second he nodded sitting up.:: I have a few thoughts, can you meet me on station tomorrow afternoon and we can go from there? Gwinnett: I guess. ::Gwinnett knew that powers that be, would be keeping an eye on her compliance with counseling, and during shore leave she didn’t have any excuses. :: Orrey: Alright thank you. ::Jansen did have some wonderful ideas, but he had to speak to someone else first....:: ((Outside Holodeck 9 - Deep Space Six)) ::Jansen stood outside of Holodeck number 9 and waited patiently the day before brought about many meetings and changes. The most pressing on his mind was the one he was continuing right now. He had spent quite a bit of time researching and preparing the program he was about to run and hopefully gain a bit more ground with Brooks. Her problems were deep and home related but he chose to start with something distinctly human. A new day and a new approach as they say.:: ::Gwinnett was surprised that the counselor wanted to meet off the ship that she didn’t mind too much. She really didn’t want to be seen with him anyways and this was going to work out. It was just probably giant ink spots that she had to tell him about, so she really didn’t care. She arrived on time to make sure she got out of their on time. She saw the counselor. :: Gwinnett: Morning Sir. Orrey: Good Morning, Sergeant. Gwinnett: Are we ready to get this get over with? ::Looking at the door, and then back at the counselor.:: ::Jansen nodded some and opened the door and they stepped into a jungle scene.:: Orrey: Earth has a very diverse history did you know that? Gwinnett:: I read that somewhere. Glad they got their act together.::Looking around at the wild environment. Orrey: Oh yes. A long history with much to offer the concentrated learner. My mother was from earth before she became a teacher on Starbases. Gwinnett: Interesting.:oOI guess.Oo ::Jansen led them to a small campsite with some logs around a fire as well as a few knives and things scattered around what would be on any planet a hunting camp.:: Orrey: I learned many things from her. ::Brooks decided that the counselor was trying to make a point. Gwinnett decided that she would find out where he was leading them to if anywhere. Gwinnett:: Never knew my mother. My father said she left about the age of 2. He never wanted to talk about her, but family relations on the homeworld were usually those you had around you. Transient in a lot of cases, you never got too close to people.::Which was true for the most part. She had been lucky to know her father and brother for a good part of her life. She had stuck around for a few years after the death of her father, but finally decided to leave, and never look back.:: Orrey: ::Jansen nodded as the rolling mass of a large anaconda slide down the tree behind the marine and started for her. The test was getting interesting.the snake wasn't going to hurt her just pass by at a few feet.:: I understand that about your home now yes. Gwinnett: If this is a combat test, I don’t have a problem with that.:: Watching the snake slitter by her.::Gwinnett could conjure up any number of things as she watched the snake. Not liking them much.:: Orrey: ::He shook his head.:: Combat isn't going to help you learn how to suppress violence is it? ::Gwinnett had grown up in a violence society, if one called what her upbring a society. Shielded from it for the first few years of her life, she became almost numb to the constant death and violence, that surrounded her.:: Gwinnett: It is what I learned from an early age. I was lucky in a lot of respects, I got out of there. Best thing I have or will have ever done.::Watching the snake retreat.:: :: Jansen counted off tempo in his head. He had the program planned to a beat all his own.:: oO One two three....one two three. Oo ::The snake stopped and began to focus more on the local area flicking it's tongue before changing direction and crawling toward the councilors log first, crawling across his feet before looping around the fire and starting for the marine.:: Gwinnett: Nasty things.:: She moved slightly, then realized that it was only a holograhic image.:: Orrey: From what I've learned lately you were very lucky yes. ::Jansen watched her mind reassertion itself. It was only a hologram, but he wondered how long that would hold out against his programming. He had a line to approach and push, he had to be extremely careful not to go over it.:: ::Gwinnett watched as the snake started back at her and she moved her leg back, wondering if this was a test. Either way she didn’t like it as the snake appeared that it wanted to climb up her leg.:: ::The snake writhed and slithered to Gwinnett and regarded her leg for a moment before starting an attempt to slither across her feet as well, doubling back again before starting up her leg, or attempting to, as if she were a tree. ::A flash of panic spread on her face, and then she grabbed it just below the head and pulled it off and tossed the snake away. Her breathing had increased and a she could feel a cold sweat on the back of her neck.:: Gwinnett:: Don’t you bother little girls.::She had forgotten completely about counselor, and then she realized he was standing there.:: Orrey:: ::Jansen for his part did nothing but observed. After she tossed the snake he nodded slightly and, with his internal count clicking away the scene changed to a verdant green plain with them standing at the mouth of a cave.:: This time you may want to arm yourself. Ancient Greece was a dangerous place, especially with the safeties off. ::Truthfully the safeties were still intact but this would make part two interesting given what she had just revealed.:: Gwinnett:Computer, Give me Klingon Bat’leth, make it 5 percent smaller than standard size.::Gwinnett had handled them from time to time, and while she could handle the standard size, she preferred one just a bit smaller.::The computer instantly made one as it materiziled on the ground. She picked it up.:: ::Jansen lifted a spear from its place beside the cave and handed it to her as he himself took up a short sword. When she chose a more modern weapon he shrugged softly and laid the spear back in place.:: Orrey: After you.. ::Gwinnett didn’t like caves, the reminded her way too much of the experience on the homeworld with the crazy. She was starting to think that the counselor had done his homework. In fact, he had done it way too well. She steeled herself, she wasn’t going to have some freakin counselor get the best of her.::oO&^% counselor. Probably a tribble in there.Oo::She snorted.::oOThe great tribble hunt!Oo Gwinnett: Alright. Anything you can dish out. I can handle.::Trying to be boastful.:: ::She started in the cave, there wasn’t a lot of room, so she had to duck a bit. There seemed to be some light up ahead as the exterior lighting faded quickly. She was now moving slowly trying to feel around. The cave started to angle down a bit, and the ambient temperature seemed to cool a few degrees. She started to use the edge of the weapon to find the top of the ceiling, hoping there wasn’t anything to hit her in the top of the head. The light was growing stronger as the seemed to come into a large part of the cave. There was a torch burning, but it wasn’t regular. Some breeze in the cave forced the lighting brighten than dim, only to grow strong one again.:: ::Jansen nose twitched his own medical condition flaring as his muscles tensed and his own mind fogged for a moment before he could clear it.:: Gwinnett: How far do you want me to go, I am guessing there is a reason for all stuff? ::She was trying to be strong, but internally she was a bit nervous.:: Orrey: oO Easy Jansen. Deal here. Stay now. Oo There is a reason for everything, yes. is? ::She stopped in the center of the large room not too far from the torch that was sticking in the wall.::the large chamber they entered was covered in statuary. All manner of being Human, Vulcan, Andorian, even Tellerites and Klingons were frozen in positions of fear, faces twisted in a rictus of terror and silent screams. In some places there were shattered stones and bone piles. The far end of the room had an opening smaller then the one they came out of.:: ::Gwinnett turned around to see the frightful statues of various humanoids. Cold sweat started to pour down her back as she saw the Andorian as the light flickered almost giving it a real life quality to it. The she saw something start to move in a darker shadow that was moving directly towards her. She raised her weapon in the ready position. She had a death grip on the weapon.:: ::The first thing she saw was some tentacles that appeared out of the darkness. Or at least that is what she saw. Her mental state had be shifted back to her as a preteen. She attempted one wild swing, but the grip on her weapon failed as she was transformed into that scared child. The bat’leth fell to the floor clanging on the stone.:: ::She turned to run, but except for the darkness she was totally disoriented.:: Gwinnett: Father. ::It was plea.:: ::Jansen dropped his sword and wrapped Gwinnett in a light but protective hug standing silently and holding her safely against the darkness waiting to see if she had completely slipped or if she would say more.:: Gwinnett::Make it stop!, keep those things away from me.::She could feel the appendages started to probe her body, a least mentally.:: Orrey:::Jansen nodded some and kept her close.:: Computer end program. ::Jansen kept his arms around her and held on a moment more.:: Its alright. They’re gone. ::Gwinnett hovered for a moment, she had shut her eyes, it took her a moment to realize that warm arms were holding her and she looked up to see the counselor. She looked around to see the normal pattern of the holodeck. She now tried to shake off his embrace. Recovering quickly :: ::Jansen let go of her simply prepared for her defense.:: Gwinnett: I’m fine...frakin crazies.::Breaking free and backing away from the counselor.:: She paused for a moment , looking away. Then she turned back around to see him. Gwinnett: So you know my dirty little secret. ::Shamefully and with a bit of spite.:: Orrey: It is a secret that is safe with me. I’d still like the chance to help you with it. ::Jansen smiled lightly as he continued.:: We all have secrets. Not everyone has free and willing help to deal with them so they aren’t secrets anymore. Gwinnett: I guess you want to know the rest of it. :;Her tone was cold, but in a low tone of voice.:: Orrey: If you want to talk about it right now. Then yes. If you would rather come back to talk to me another time. I’ll gladly wait until you are ready. ::Jansen matched her coldness with his own warmth and understanding.:: Gwinnett::Computer, beach scene, some ocean ...rolling waves. ::The holodeck was transformed into a beach with a gentle rolling waves coming up from the surf. She moved out to the edge, watching the waves.:: Gwinnett: I was about 12 years old, I was mad at my father so I ran away, into no mans land. I must of tripped on something and passed out. Next thing I know it was dark and I was in a porrly lit cave. There was this thing....::Shuttering a bit.:: A crazy with this wild tentacles out of its head, reaching for me. I must of passed out. I remember something going over my body. ::She turned towards him.::That is all I remember. I must of passed out or blacked out, or I don’t know.::She let the sounds of the waves wash over her.:: ::Jansen nodded some as he listened. He could only imagine from his talk with the Major about life for the young on the homeworld he and Brooks shared. He moved up beside her and spoke softly enough that the waves nearly drowned him out.:: Orrey: As a Marine I assume you’ve been called a lot of things, yes? Gwinnett::Laughing dryly at herself. Gwinnett had been called every name in the book. Some of them justified, other not so much.::Yep. Some of them true. I am not a very nice person sometimes. I have been known to take and use. But I am a good soldier and a better medic. Who was it in earth history? Some dude, named Patton. Break glass only in time of war. Orrey: ::Jansen smiled some.:: Im going to call you something then and even if I’m not wearing this collar its true. ::He turned to face her.:: A friend. I’ll help you with this as much as you want. ::Even if she had not been turned inside out, she was still shocked. Gwinnett had lot of buddies in the marines, but she didn’t have any real friends among the fleeters.:: Gwinnett: Ensign, I understand the gesture, but I have a tendency using people, sometimes I make a horrible friend. Just get some drinks in me, you probably will not like what you see. ::Gwinnett had a basic rule for her life, train hard, and party harder. It barely kept her in the uniform.:: Orrey:: ::With a Shrug he turned away from the water.:: I’ve said it and I’ll keep to it. It’s up to you. Gwinnett.: You better.::She paused for a moment and then turned to Orrey.::You know I really don’t personally dislike Lieutenant Chen. ::Starting to realize for a instant that it was her upbring and her torturer that was causing some of these feelings.:: Orrey: I told you. We will work through it together and fix the feelings and problems you have so things will improve. It won’t be easy and it won’t be short but it will happen. Gwinnett: I will try. Can’t promise anything. ::Getting some of her bravado back.::What should be the first thing? An apology? ::Shugging her shoulders just a bit.:: Orrey: ::With a short nod.:: It would be the best place to start. JP Ensign Jansen Orrey Counselor USS Vigilant & (PNPC) Sgt. Brooks Gwinnett Combat Medic Marine USS Vigilant simmed by Eerie
  23. ((DS 285)) ::In her white dress uniform and the hover-stroller in tow, Tracey exited the airlock and found herself on the station with her adoptive child. With the station bustling with activity, Tracey stopped for a moment to get her bearings, for she had never been to this station in all her career. It was at that moment she overheard a couple of people talking about the upcoming memorial. Tracey made her way towards them and politely interrupted their conversation.:: TOWNSON: Pardon me, but would you happen to know where the "atrium" is? ::As one of the two pointed out the directions for Tracey the other looked into the stroller.:: PERSON 2: Oh my, what a lovely...::noticing the child was Romulan:: child. ::looking up at Tracey:: Is it...yours? TOWNSON: ::without breaking the stare:: Yes he is. ::to the one who gave her directions:: Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me. ::And with that, Tracey quickly spun on her heels and vacated the area and left the two to gossip about something else entirely other than what they were gossiping about earlier.:: ::Once Tracey found the room she was to enter, she almost stopped at the doorway as old habits came flooding back into her psyche. To her, standard procedure was to have blood tests before entering any room with high ranking officers of the fleet to be certain one was not a changeling. But in this universe, the war was long over and so, coming back to reality, she just paused and then continued on into the room.:: ::Once inside, she couldn't help but notice the amount of people from all different backgrounds. As she made her way through the crowd, a woman and a man approached in hooded Vulcan robes and as the woman slowly lowered her hood, Tracey stopped dead in her tracks and her heart started beating in her chest frantically..:: CYNTHIA TOWNSON: ::almost a whisper:: Tracey. ::Tracey looked at the woman now standing in front of her, then up to Sorel, then back to her mother.:: TOWNSON: Mother. ::hoping the woman would not protest the use of the word:: My apologies. CYNTHIA TOWNSON: No apology necessary. It has been a long time. TOWNSON: ::looking towards the hover stroller then back to her mother:: I am happy to be out of the hospital on Earth. ::It was Sorel who spoke next as he too lowered his hood and revealed his Vulcan heritage in full.:: SOREL: We have been following your career from afar. TOWNSON: ::once again looking up to Sorel then back down to her mother:: I see. Then what brings you so close? CYNTHIA TOWNSON: We were led to believe the Discovery was lost. ::gesturing to the room a a whole:: Part of this was designed as a memorial service to those who were lost. TOWNSON: ::looking past her mother momentarily:: And your husband? CYNTHIA TOWNSON: Too ill to travel. It is the reason I came with Sorel. ::looking towards the stroller and changing the subject.:: You have a child. TOWNSON: ::following the older woman's gaze then looked back towards her.:: In a way. He is not mine by blood. He was discovered abandoned on Bilire IV. He is Romulan of origin. I felt obliged to take him into my care. CYNTHIA TOWNSON: ::leaning over the stroller to take a closer look and smiling slightly:: My...he is...what is his name? TOWNSON: Hvaid...named after an old...colleague. ((Time-Warp - City of Solius - Romulus - Otherverse - Years Ago)) TAL'AURA: Beautiful evening, isn't it? ::Tracey had just finished work at the office and she was sitting at an outdoor terrasse at a Romulan version of a cafe. All day, Tracey had seen the sunlight beat in through her office window, and she knew that after her day of work, she wanted to relax. The Romulan Cafe was just on the ground level of the offices she worked at. Tracey was sitting, enjoying the setting sun of this alien planet as the Romulan soldiers patrolled the streets. This was a bustling, military city, where 90 percent of the soldiers were Romulan. The other 10 percent was made up of a mix of different alien species, with her being one of them. Humans who were assigned to Romulus were dispersed all over the planet. Since her arrival, Tracey only counted a handful of humans assigned to the city of Solius. And only about three times that amount who were members of starfleet.:: ::Looking up from her PADD, Tracey squinted through the setting sun over the man's back. Placing her hand over her brow to protect her eyes, Tracey looked up and smiled.:: TOWNSON: Why yes it is. ::gesturing towards a seat opposite from her:: Would you care to join me, Commander? TAL'AURA: Why thank you Cadet. ::pulling out the chair and sitting down:: ::Tal'Aura ordered a drink and when it arrived, he took a sip.:: TAL'AURA: Still working I see. ::gesturing towards Tracey's PADD:: TOWNSON: Just studying, Commander. ::Tracey watched as the well-built Romulan sitting across from her took another sip. Tracey found him to be quite handsome, and if her situation would have been different, if Tracey was not with Jaxx, Tracey would have probably tried her luck. But She also knew it was completely inappropriate to think the way she did. But her loneliness of being away from her Betazoid boyfriend for so long, and the lack of any relationships in her environment, Tracey found herself to be flirting with her superior officer. To Tracey, it was as if there was an internal battle between her brain and her body. And up until today, her brain had won out. But all that was about to change.:: TAL'AURA: Very good, Cadet. I am very proud of your progress thus far. TOWNSON: Thank you, Commander. TAL'AURA: Please, Cadet. In there, ::referring to the office building they both worked in:: my name is Commander Tal'Aura. Out here, my name is Hvaid. ::smiling:: TOWNSON: ::placing her PADD on the table in front of her and looking at the Romulan with a mischievous smile:: Thats very unprofessional of you, Commander. TAL'AURA: ::feigning a broken heart by holding his hands to his chest:: My, my. Are you going to report me, Cadet? TOWNSON: ::smiling:: Only to say that you are one of the best teachers I've ever had. And only if you stop calling me Cadet. TAL'AURA: ::taking one last sip then putting his empty glass on the small round table.:: Then we have an agreement. We call each other by our first names. ::Tal'Aura looked around the landscape of the city before returning his gaze on Tracey.:: TAL'AURA: Have you had the chance to tour this city, yet, Tracey? TOWNSON: ::nodding:: I took the primary tour upon arrival and I have walked around the center core near my place. Why do you ask? TAL'AURA: Well I know this city very well. My grandmother used to live here. I used to visit quite often as a child. I know places here the tour guides would never show you. TOWNSON: Is that so, Hvaid. TAL'AURA: Would you like me to show you? TOWNSON: ::smiling:: Yes. Since I've come to Romulus I find it all to be quite enchanting. I would very much like to see the rest of the city. ::And with that, the two stood up and left the little table at the cafe and walked. The two walked for hours throughout the evening, as soldiers wound past them at every turn. They went into various shops and tried different local treats. Tracey practiced her Romulan with each shop they'd enter and look around in. The two laughed and spoke the whole evening through, despite the ever present backdrop of the familiar war-zone they both lived in. Several hours later, the two found themselves on top of a mountain on the edge of the city, looking down at the city lights, while sitting on a bench.:: TOWNSON: Thats it! ::pointing to building in the distance:: TAL'AURA: No, no! Thats it! ::pointing to another building close to the one Tracey was pointing to:: I'll bet you dinner thats it. TOWNSON: No...Look at the markings on the roof. Thats our office building. TAL'AURA: Oh...yeah. I guess you are right. ::smiling and looking at Tracey.:: It looks like I owe you dinner. TOWNSON: ::looking up at Tal'Aura and smiling:: You sly individual. Yes you do. ::On the bench next to theirs, a young Romulan couple were embrasing one another.:: TAL'AURA: Young love. TOWNSON: ::looking towards the shadowed couple then back to the city lights:: Yes. TAL'AURA: How is Jaxx? TOWNSON: ::without averting her eyes from the lights below:: Far away. TAL'AURA: You miss him. ::Tracey just nodded.:: TOWNSON: I hate this war. TAL'AURA: Don't we all. It makes us all very lonely, and who knows what tomorrow brings. TOWNSON: ::turning to look at Tal'Aura:: Is there someone special in your life, Hvaid? TAL'AURA: ::shaking his head and looking down to the ground:: I have placed all my efforts into the military. I had no time for much else. I had to work hard to earn the rank of Commander at such a young age. Plus with the war...::trailing off:: TOWNSON: I know. ::The couple at the opposite bench stood up and walked away hand in hand as Tracey and Tal'Aura watched them leave. Tal'Aura turned to look at Tracey and their eyes locked for a minute. Tal'Aura gently took Tracey's hands in hers and Tracey didn't pull back. She knew what would happen next, and for the first time in years, Tracey allowed her body to overrun what was going on in her head. Tracey took a deep breath, and the two embraced.:: ((Later)) ::A light misty rain was coming down over the city of Solius, as Tracey an Tal'Aura were walking down a laneway, hand in hand, leading to Tracey's temporary home. When they arrived, the two stopped.:: TOWNSON: Thank you...for a wonderful evening Hvaid. TAL'AURA: And thank you too, Tracey. ::pause:: Back to work tomorrow. Townson: Yes. Back to work tomorrow. ::The two kissed one last time, and then Tal'Aura started walking away. Tracey watched as the man became a shadow under the lights and then a message came through her PADD that drew her attention. Tracey quickly scanned the message which said she was being recalled from Romulus in the morning. Tracey looked up at the retreating Tal'Aura in the distance and opened her mouth to shout something. But before she did, she closed it and watched the man disappear into the night of this alien city. Tracey never saw Commander Tal'Aura again.:: ((Present - Atrium - DS 285)) SOREL: ::looking over at the two women near the stroller:: There is an odd serenity emanating from the child. TOWNSON: ::looking up at the Vulcan:: Your empathic skills are still sharp, Mr. Sorel. The child's emotional centers are not connected to his brain. SOREL: Fascinating. Have you considered getting assistance from anyone? TOWNSON: ::nodding:: Both the Romulan and Vulcan hierarchy want nothing to do with the child. I fear I am on my own. CYNTHIA TOWNSON: ::standing back straight up and looking at Tracey:: Should you need any...help... TOWNSON: Thank you. ::after a moment of awkward silence:: Keep the faith that one day she will return to you. SOREL: Faith? TOWNSON: ::turning to Sorel:: Something unheard of in your philosophy, but something real to us humans. ::to her mother:: I came to terms with the death of you and father years ago when I buried the two of you on the plains of Ishmatel on Orelian II, in a universe that now only exists here. ::pointing to her head:: It is as if you are a ghost to me. I couldn't bear dealing with that pain and sorrow again, for once is more than enough. CYNTHIA TOWNSON: Of that I am well aware of child, but...my husband...your father would like to see you one last time. ::Tracey looked down in thought then over to the stroller before returning her yellow eyed gaze back towards the one who resembled her mother.:: TOWNSON: As duty calls, my ability to get to Earth is limited. But I promise, when I am there next, you can count on my visit.... In the meantime...there is something I wish to give to you. Something to keep the memory of your daughter alive. ::tapping her com-badge:: =/\= Townson to Discovery. lock onto the contents of the closet in my quarters and transport to my location, except for the black dress, shoes and any uniform. =/\= ::In seconds, the shimmering of the transporter left a bag with contents next to the trio. A pair of downhill skis and poles were visible protruding out of the bag.:: TOWNSON: ::gesturing towards the bag:: These were hers. I think...I think she'd want you to have them. And if it makes you feel any better, I never opened that bag. ::As tears started to flow in the older woman's eyes, she went over to the bag. Looked at the skis then dropped to her knees and held the bag in her arms. She then turned to Tracey.:: CYNTHIA TOWNSON: Thank you. I...I thought there was nothing left. I now know how you feel Tracey. Today taught me that losing someone once is hard. Losing them twice is gut-wrenching. ::standing back up and moving towards Tracey, she held out her arms and Tracey fell into them and the older woman whispered:: You too will always be my daughter and I am proud. ::The two just remained in each others arms, and with fellow StarFleet officers all around her, she held back her tears as she was so well trained to do from her universe of origin, but she swallowed hard and whispered back in her mother's ear.:: TOWNSON: I love you, and tell father the same. CYNTHIA TOWNSON: I will. ::The two let go of each other and Tracey stepped back.:: CYNTHIA TOWNSON: Safe travels, Tracey. TOWNSON: You too, mother. ::Tracey then turned towards the Vulcan and looked up and gave the man the Vulcan "V" greeting using her right prosthetic hand.:: TOWNSON: Peace and long life. ::Sorel did the same.:: SOREL: Live long and prosper, Commander. ::And with that, the Vulcan picked up the bag and Tracey watched as the two departed as she held tightly onto the stroller in front of her.:: -Fin- Lt. Commander Tracey Townson Chief of Operations USS Discovery-C
  24. ((Senior Officer's Quarters, USS Columbia)) ::After spending a few hours with her nephew, Hsina took a quick trip over to the USS Columbia. There were a few workers from the star base on board, but for the most part it was just a minimal security contingent keeping the public off while the powers that be decided what to do with the relic. Hsina had not yet visited the ancient ship since the initial away mission prior to her trip to Kjenta II, and as an archaeologist and historian she simply couldn¹t resist taking another look around. Her first stop were the senior officers¹ quarters. Dr. Treng¹s quarters had already been scoured before the descent to Kjenta II when Hsina was looking for clues regarding the mysterious antenna, but Hsina had not taken the time to try and figure out who exactly Lan-Ngoc Treng was as a person. The more Hsina looked, the more she admired the person who became the madwoman on Kjenta II. That Treng was a brilliant scientist was without question, but Hsina found in her diaries and logs that she also had a passion for helping the poor, which was still a problem on mid 22nd century earth. While the transporter was Treng¹s most famous invention, the one the scientist was personally the most proud of was a compact, low cost water purification system that used sunlight common aluminum as a catalyst and could purify over one thousand gallons per gram of aluminum, with no toxic waste. It was a simple and elegant system that Hsina found out was still in use throughout the federation today. Treng wasn¹t the only overachiever on Columbia¹s crew. Commodore Moretti, in addition to being a famous explorer and career officer, was also a fairly famous painter in his day. A simple check of his published paintings revealed that one of his works remained on display in the entrance to Starfleet Academy, a painting of the signing of the Federation charter, which Moretti was a personal witness to. The list went on and on. Every room she visited, Hsina got a sense of the people who had once lived, served, and in most cases died here. Lieutenant Klein¹s room filled with pictures of her daughter, Ensign Marquez¹ room filled with beer-making equipment, and Commander Lennon¹s room with a collection of medieval manuscripts that would make a small museum proud. Each one a story. Hsina¹s entire life had been spent uncovering the stories of people long dead, but somehow this was different. Except for Moretti she hadn¹t met any of the dead, but she had met some of their shipmates and had conflicted feelings about them and their plight. The marine, Pavlova, was someone that Hsina could actually relate to. Tough and pragmatic, Hsina admired the way the marine handled herself on Kjenta II after being betrayed by her shipmates. Again it made Hsina think back to her first mission on Discovery when she had moved against Captain Waltas to try and prevent him from firing on a Romulan colony. It was amazing how far she had come in such a short time, to the point where she would fight and if necessary die to protect that same Captain and his crew today. In the marine¹s room Hsina found a small mahogany box, and inside the box an ancient firearm in well-maintained condition, along iwht a faded black-and-white photograph of a World War Two Russian officer shaking hands with a Nazi Officer as the latter handed the former the same box. An ancestor¹s spoil of war, and one that Hsina would make sure was returned to the marine before she left DS 285. Her exploration complete, for now, Hsina returned to the large hall for the ceremony that was due to start about 30 minutes later. She would give the marine her momento, and then link back up with her shipmates. Shipmates? When had she started to think of those people with such closeness? By all of the standards that she had lived by, many of them were people she simply should not care about, and yet somehow, she did. They were caring, emotional and sensitive, all qualities that Hsina had long despised, thought of as weak and feeble. Yet somehow, she had come to care for each of them. She thought of Commodore Moretti and his painting, then of her sister Samira, how had killed herself after their mother¹s death. Samira had also been a painter, but by the time Samira died at age 19 Hsina, then 13, was already hardened and cold. Hsina hadn¹t cried since she was six-years-old, so when a tear slid down her cheek as she walked out of the marine¹s room, for a moment she didn¹t even know what it was. It was followed by another, and another, causing Hsina to stop, turn around and go back into the room she had just left. She just stood there for a few minutes until the water stopped flowing, wiped her face dry and then took a look into the mirror.:: AMMAN: And who will cry for you, when the time comes? ::She just stood there for a while and looked at her reflection. Without another thought she then suddenly turned away, put her demons back in their closet and walked out of the room.:: Lieutenant Hsina Amman Chief of Security, USS Discovery-C
  25. ((Backsim)) ((USS Discovery-C, Security Office)) ::The young security officer sat in front of the console. With a soft movement of her hand, she banned a rebellious curl of her obsidian-coloured hair behind her left ear. Now that the Discovery was about to dock, she had managed to set up a plan to ensure security. Even in the case of shoreleave, a minimum contingent of security officers was required to remain on duty, while most of the crew could enjoy the pleasures of some time off duty. Now as the temporary executive of the new Chief of Security, she had thought she would organize that in advance – probably one of the last acts as her exec, as the return to the Starbase not meant repairs for the ship, but also replacement of the crew and there would almost certainly be a more experienced security officer who would take over that position. After all, she was still fresh out of the Academy and had just finished her first mission as an Ensign. A last glance over the duty schedule and then she sent the plan to Lieutenant Amman.:: ::Vanessa leaned back and nodded contentedly. There was a bit of time left, before the ship would actually be docked and the crew could head on over to the Starbase, so she checked the latest news that had come in. The conversation with Saxena, her Trill roommate had stirred up a sad and unsettling thought that the Discovery and all her crew must have been declared missing. And that would mean that all the families had most likely been informed , which was almost the same as declaring them dead.:: ::Since then, pictures of the scene ran constantly through her mind – her mum, dad and her brother back on the colony world Toral IV receiving the information. Not knowing that she was actually alive and well, the idea of them mourning for her was almost unbearable. Especially the thought of her beloved brother almost broke her heart.:: DRISCOLL: ::whispering to herself:: So it’s true… they planned a memorial service. ::She quickly skimmed the short report from the Starbase about the service in commemoration of the Discovery. As she read that not only Starfleet personnel, but also many relatives of the allegedly dead crew had arrived at the station, her heart started racing.:: DRISCOLL: oO My family… what if they are here on the Starbase! Oo ::She was absolutely sure that her mum and dad and especially her brother would have travelled to the Starbase for that, if they had been informed about it. Toral IV was not too far away and with a shuttle they could have arrived here within a short period of time.:: ::Excited about the prospect of seeing her brother again, she checked the lists of all the persons who had arrived at the Starbase as well as the lists of people who were already staying on the Starbase for some time. She double and triple checked the lists, but none showed the name of her family or at least one family member. It took a while, but when she was absolutely sure that she hadn’t just skipped the name, she fell back into the chair and stared at the ceiling.:: DRISCOLL: oO What if they didn’t get the information about the memorial. Oo ::So she checked again whether the families had been informed and found a little report that the families had been informed. There would have been enough time for her family to come to the memorial.:: ::Her head braced on her hand, she starred at the console. Vanessa couldn’t understand it. What could be the reason for her family not being here on the station. The young woman couldn’t just think of any reason why they couldn’t have come, unless they had been forgotten to be informed by some sort of mistake.:: ::As she tried to make up an explanation in her mind, she suddenly noticed a little blinking number at the padd, showing her that she had received an unread message. Knitting her brow she opened the message and stared at the sender with wide eyes. The message was from her brother. As soon as the Discovery had established contact with the station, the messages which had been sent to them at the time when their comm was down, were delivered. Checking on the date she saw that it had been sent only a few hours ago – at a time, when nobody here had known that the Discovery-C was on its way back and the crew was alive.:: ::With a shaking hand she opened the message and read a message her brother had sent to his sister, believing that she was lost somewhere out the in the black vastness of space.:: MICHEAL DRISCOLL (message): :: As she opened the message, she realized that it was an audio recording and heard her brother’s voice:: Hello my dear Vany! I’d never thought that I would have to send a message like that. A message that I send out, not knowing where you are, what happened and whether you are… you will ever be able to read it. Some weeks ago, we received the message – and I could not believe it. I was out helping Dad on the fields when Mum came out to the farmyard. She was just standing there, her whole body shaking… and I knew. I instantly knew… It sounds sort of strange, but when I saw her standing there, the tears rolling down her cheeks, I knew that you … ::pause:: I ran back to the house to our mum and she just locked her arms around me, whispering in my ear that you were dead. Dad also came back to the farmyard, he only remained standing a few metres away. It is really hard to bring back the images of that day. It is hard for me to think back to that moment and still be strong enough to write those lines … to you. Dad just thinks that this is nonsense. Sometimes I really would like to… ::pausing, Michael took a deep breath:: but this is not about my anger today. This is… my way of saying farewell to you. It sounds strange, but do you remember us sitting out there just outside the farm on clear summer nights when we were younger? We were both looking up at the sky with its endless number of sparkling stars. You sometimes said that you would like to travel to one of the stars pointing your fingers at one of those many sparkling dots. I always loved those nights, when you told me your stories of what you would be finding there…. After the message arrived, I went out and looked at the stars and I somehow knew, that even if you… even if you are no longer there as the person I knew, you are still up there… somewhere. And I decided to send you this message. Today we received the information that Starfleet plans a memorial service at the Starbase, but… Dad wouldn’t agree to go there. It would just be a journey of a couple of hours… ::a deep sigh interrupting the audio transmission:: Over the last years, he turned into a cold-hearted, emotionless man – even more after you had left us to go back to earth. ::Her brother’s voice sounding both hard and sad at the same time:: Mother and I tried to convince him first, I shouted at him and told him, he could go to hell and I would go on my own, but he just wouldn’t change his mind. :: A loud bang could be heard as if something hard hit the table:: I really didn’t know what to do. Of course, I could just have travelled there on my own, but… Mum got desperate, but he wouldn’t let her go and I just couldn’t leave her alone at home with him in her condition. So…. This is my way to say farewell to you, my little Vany! And it’s even harder than I could ever have imagined. I will always keep you in my heart. I love you … wherever you may be now. And whenever I look at our sky at night, I… ::his voice getting thinner and breathy:: I will think of you. ::As Vanessa heard her brother’s voice, her tears started to flow. She was just sitting in the chair of the security office, not being able to say or do anything, but a soft and husky:: DRISCOLL: I love you, too. ::She logged out of the console. Without looking left nor right, she ran out of the office. She was happy that most of the crew were already preparing to leave the ship, so she didn’t really meet many crewmembers on her way back to her room.:: ========= Ensign Vanessa Driscoll Security Officer USS Discovery-C
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