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  1. ((Bridge, IRW Draxan)) ::The Draxan shook violently as the Zalkonians fired again, but Commander Koral held firm in his command chair.:: Tactical Officer: Shields down to 30% but holding! Koral: Very well, bring disruptors to bear on the Zalkonian vessel. Target both their bridge and engineering… Pilot, bear down straight upon the ship then veer off at full impulse. ::The Draxan was still without torpedoes but at this range, its disruptors would rip through whatever shielding was left. Koral wanted prisoners, but he was not going to lose the Vorax. The most immediate threat had to be elimi
  2. ((Sickbay – USS Gorkon)) ::A crew, trapped by the strangeness of the galaxy and for the pleasure of a sadistic playwright named Murphy, who wrote a law about things getting worse. A Sovereign class starship, once the pride of the Menthar Corridor, now battered with holes and breaches that looks like it's ready for the junk heap. One year, spent in hell. One battlefield, where chaos reigns supreme. All hell was breaking loose here on this vessel, and things only had gotten worse since their attack on DSX.:: ::CD had read what reports came through after the attack, and knew the fragile c
  3. ((USS Conny - Engineering)) ::A new song hummed in the seemingly never ending path; Jackal, Lumberjack. The rev of a chain saw presented its uniqueness in time with the vocals. One of their more dynamic titles. Rustyy flopped, more like fell due to gravity being stronger than him, onto his butt. He was really tired now, so much so that with engineering being closer, it looked like he would be crashing there for the night. That he would complain, he felt safer there, surrounded by non judgemental things. People could be judgy, equipment went unbiased. It too
  4. ((Deck 7, Shayne and Pond's Quarters, USS Darwin-A)) ::Shayne wished he was knitting.:: ::It was a peaceful, productive, time consuming activity that offered a level relaxation could sometimes border on catatonic meditation. As one became more practiced and skilled, new projects and more difficult goals could be sought and completed. One's dexterity might also improve with prolonged execution of the art form, and, when all was said and done, everyone enjoyed receiving a fuzzy sweater from a loved one or friend.:: ::And apart from all these wonderful benefits, the
  5. ((Shooting Range -- Starbase 118)) ::Trellis held his hand steady as instructed. Aim. Breathe. Exhale. Fire. He was, yet again, wide of the mark. He howled in frustration and threw his hands in the air. ::It didn’t help his annoyance level that Kaitlyn promptly fired a quick succession of shots that all hit true. He stared at her, barely concealed anger in his eyes. His nostrils flared as he breathed heavily. Why had he let him talk her into this? He was never going to get better, no matter how long he practiced. ::Yes, phasers were important in modern society. Being able
  6. ((Engineering, USS Za)) :: As soon as Laura entered engineering she knew something wasn't quite right, it didn't sound right. She couldn't put her finger on it at first, then she noticed the warp core it wasn't glowing or make the usual humming sound she was accustom too. :: :: She moved quickly towards the warp core and heard people busying around. :: Human crewman: Ready to reactive reactor injectors Bajoran crewman: Go ahead. I'll monitor the anti-matter flow from here. :: Laura watched as the warp core light up, it was an impressive site. :
  7. (( Weapons Evidence Laboratory – Security Complex, Starbase 118 Operations Tower )) :: Seven hours. That’s how long Sanara Pran had been sat inspecting the weapons seized from the marauder Krayvet. Seven hours of tedious scanning, tagging and bagging- or some cases binning. For what amounted to a handful of Orion privateers, they had amassed a collection of weapons so large, it would make a Klingon battalion jealous. Some were standard Orion crafted knives, designed to be hidden from view discreetly, there were several ceremonial Klingon knives that Sanara swore smelt of drie
  8. ((Arboretum, Deep Space 32)) ::It was a strange thing, this need for nature. And it was a need, a telling mark of the tether that bound them to planets; to ground and open sky and growing things. They were, all of them, creatures of living worlds, not truly adapted to an existence in space, however much their technology might allow them to move through the dark between the stars. And so they brought these little pieces of planetary ecology with them.:: ::The trees of Deep Space 32's Arboretum were majestic, the small patch of grass lush and inviting, to those who were accus
  9. ((Delta Quardant, Pouiyeog region, USS Darwin-A, Deck 7, Holodeck 1, Above Outpost Unity)) ::The gentle breeze stirred the grass as Kurt stood on the small hill overlooking the valley with its grass covered lowlands that stretched out before him. The middle ground held a sprawling woodland birds flying from its canopy, a river meandered in from its left side and emerged from its right and even at this range the effects of the fish within it could be made out. As the sun shone down making the water sparkle the woodland appeared to be a dark emerald sitting proud on a silver necklace. Out to
  10. ((USS Constitution-B Williams quarters)) ::Alex was still sitting at his desk checking the local news from Earth when the door buzzer sounded. Wondering who would need to see him this early he grabbed his cup of tea from the desk and made his way to the door.:: Williams: On my way! :: As the door opened up Alex assumed it was Snezhana to report for her extra choirs but it turned out to be Rajel. Since to two of them didn’t meet in their quarters Alex assumed bad news. Someone was sick, dead or missing, it had to be… The somewhat sad look on her face left little do
  11. (( Starbase 11 - Strike Lanes Bowling Alley )) :: After Rustyy had left to settle the tab and perhaps throw some balls himself, Sol turned back to Essen with a grin. :: McLaren: So, you ready to give this a shot? Sinda: I guess so. I’m only gonna regret it if I don’t. McLaren: Alright. I’ll go get the shoes… Sinda: Thanks Sol. :: Sol nodded, and headed up to the counter to get them both some incredibly tacky footwear. She soon returned, holding out a pair to Essen :: Sinda: Classy. ::dryly:: :: She
  12. ((No'Vok Prime)) ::Ashes and death. That was all that was left of the small settlement on No'vok Prime, the air still hung heavy with the stink of the bodies of the fallen and the shattered husks of buildings draped in a pall of black, pungeant smoke. There were no survivors to the merciless and brutal attack, only the steady pinging of the automatic distress call that had echoed out of the colony's central communication centre before being little more then another hiss in the background radiation of the system. Dempok's boots crunched in the shattered debris. Where once wa
  13. ((First Officer’s Office)) ::There sat . . . lay . . . the Rodulan in his office, face down on his desk lightly snoring. He hadn’t managed to return to his quarters in time before he finally collapsed unconscious on top of the numerous PADDs waiting for him to sign off. He was out of uniform, having decided upon docking to Astrofori One, he was technically off duty. Or as “technically” as being First Officer would allow him to be off duty.:: Officer: =/\= Astrofori One to Commander Core. =/\= ::It roused him, if only barely, the man scrunching his eyebrows, his nose, before fina
  14. (( Romulan Refugee Ship )) Kells: You know this place. ::Intimately. Too well. It was a place Valesha would give a lot to forget, and a place that stalked her dreams far too often at night. Areinnye, but the *smell*. Sienelis: ::Quietly,:: Do you know what we're supposed to do here? Kells: An -- idea. But no more. ::He sounded uncertain, but he had more than she did. Her head was spinning with memory and heartache.:: Sienelis: I- I can't think. What's your idea? Kells: We completed my "challenge" by refusing to play through it correctly. It looks like Roshanara's group completed theirs by find
  15. OOC: The following is an approved plot twist. <evil laughter> (( The Island - Hemix )) Whittaker: It can't be... :: Those were words that should never be uttered on an away team. Nugra gripped his rifle even closer and unintentionally let out a low growl from deep inside his throat. It was a mixture of a low rumble and distinctive clicks. :: Kelly: Talk to me Mister Whittaker, What've you got? :: Nugra watched the butterfly as it flew off and the urge to pursue it started to overcome him. He resisted and turned his attention back to the conversation trying to ignore the call of
  16. ((Science Lab - USS Columbia)) ::He pored over the images and spectrometry results. Nothing jumped out at him showing that the planet's atmosphere had changed at all over the past three years. Instead the same uniform measurements with a bit of noise interspersed here and there showed up on all the scans. One thing struck him however. The star Hemix was orbiting was dimming and brightening at all the wrong intervals. Oh at first glance everything looked fine. But when Kevin sped up the measurement timeline and watched the wobble the anomaly appeared. Hemix' system was a strange one in that it
  17. ((OOC: The Full title of this is: Episode 1: SB118 Mystery Hour - The Pact, but unfortunately it was too large to fit in the Topic Title input)) ((Blueheart’s Quarters, USS Avandar / Haase’s Quarters, USS Gorkon)) ::Adam had recently changed quarters after the sudden invasion of the glass orb. Finally settling in, he felt compelled to speak with his mentor - Captain Raj Blueheart, who was now serving aboard the recently commissioned USS Avandar.:: HAASE: =/\= Computer, establish a linkup with the computer of the USS Avandar. =/\= COMPUTER: =/\= Please enter authorized security code =/\= HA
  18. ((Deep Space 6 - Deck 20 - Race Spectation Area.)) ::She had joined the crowds as captain Harrington took the stage. Her lunch or second lunch as the case was with Walker had been quite enjoyable. She had not expected to open up to her as much as she had wanted Luna to do. She had told her things no one on the ship knew, things that she had not even told her spouses. It had been enjoyable, and she had more in common with Luna than she would have thought. After hearing the crowd praising Ugly Baby she felt a great deal of pride for her crewmates on the winning team. She would give them her
  19. ((Earth - Star Fleet Academy - Near the shore)) ::DeBarres was sitting on a bench near the bay, she put down her PADD and looked out at the water. It had been a good couple of weeks at the academy. She had skipped her 3rd year cadet classes and was now ranked as a 4th year cadet. The two years as a crew member and her work on the Victory and Vigilant had convinced the brass that she would just be wasting her time spending her third year with her classmates. Not that she even considered them her classmates. She had spent most of her academy class time via subspace and serving in the engineeri
  20. ((Rosek's Quarters, USS Gorkon)) ::Lael was browsing through her message inbox when she noticed one from Janel. Eager to read it, she selected the message and entered the command that would allow her to view it.:: =========================================== Dear Lael, How are you settling in aboard the Gorkon and what have you been up to lately? I’m really enjoying it here on the Darwin and am catching up with old friends as well as making new ones. I helped the medical relief crew aboard Deep Space 6 while they had their second annual shuttle race. I thought it would mainly be a case of
  21. (( Sick Bay, USS Apollo - A )) :: Jalana leaned back in the seat in her office. She was catching up with paperwork that had piled up while she had served as First Officer. While the EMH had been in charge of Sick Bay, she still wanted to know what had happened, not to forget messages from the outside that had come in and news in the medical field. But after such a long time reading she had to rest her eyes and raised her hands to rub over them and massaging her temples. :: :: For a moment the Trill closed her eyes. She still had not heard from Viktor and was getting really worried, wondering
  22. (( Quarters Laxyn/Lanius )) :: As good as it was for Jalana to distract herself with work, talking with Dr. Mike and Nyals and exploring the new Sick Bay, at some point she had to return into her quarters and that point had come sooner than she had expected. Upon return she had hoped to find him in their quarters, waiting for her with an explanation why she had not seen him for a few days, but all that greeted her was quiet emptiness and that has it been ever since. :: :: The night had been short and empty and her morning walk had not helped to calm her down. With a sigh she kicked off her s
  23. (( Botanical Gardens, Deck 12, USS Apollo-A )) :: She knew she could do the job, if she wanted to. But truth was, if it led her from him, she didn't want to. And there were different aspects of her career, he only seemed to be focused on one part, but before she became his First Officer, she was Assistant Chief Medical Officer, and she liked the job. :: Jaxx: And you have done so, masterfully. Faranster: I missed you terribly while I was in Command of the Aegis, while there was a part of me that liked it, it wasn't right without you. I know there will be times when our adventures have to be
  24. ((Tamaiti Scott’s Quarters, USS Atlantis)) ((Ren's dream)) ::Navin was floating in space, dressed like he used to, like a Trill would, not like the Borg had done him up ten years ago. He was carrying a purple trident that glowed with terrific mystical power. He smiled broadly.:: ::Ren scoffed.:: REN: You said no more dream visits. What the hell? ::A song played around them. Sound in space. It was a familar voice, but an alien song. Something from another world.:: EMERSON: Your heart is not open so I must go The spell has been broken, I loved you so Freedom comes when you learn to let go
  25. Ambassador Della Vetri - Extreme Babysitting ((ZSC Supreme Vigilance, Turbolift)) :: Having left the bridge, Della was using the ride in the turbolift to indulge in what were by this point probably at least fourth thoughts about what she was about to do. Her comment about her mental shielding hadn't been an idle one, and now here she was about to shove herself head-first into what promised to be the emotional equivalent of a fusion reactor.:: :: Not, all in all, one of the things she would have put on her list of "things I'd love to do today".:: :: On the other hand, she wasn't doing it fo
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