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  1. ((USS Darwin, Deck 1, Captain’s Ready Room)) ::The door chimed bringing in the second interviewee. Ne was lucky to have so many capable officers serving aboard the Darwin and after one candidate had taken a career break unexpectedly to deal with an emerging family problem, it had thrust Emery Rhyn into the spotlight. So where ne’d previously thought ne would only be interviewing one candidate face-to-face, now ne had the pleasure of interviewing two. Renos was lucky to have worked with both candidates personally and know more about their capabilities but ne also had to b
  2. ((Bridge)) ::As the two women walked off the bridge, the captain called out to the engineer.:: Rahman: Commander Walker, you have the con. :: Time froze with the Captain's words. Luna forced herself to blink.. :: ((Luna's Mindscape/Bridge)) :: Luna paced across the back of the bridge. Her bright yellow hair somehow writhed with worry above her head. :: F. Walker: NO! We can't do that! Dad was in charge.. he died.. Ben was.. and now he's as good as dead. What if something goes wrong? We tried this before.. and we ran from the Atlantis.. and look what happene
  3. (( The Pulse Light Racing Platform - Main Stage )) ::The platform had come alive with the hustle and bustle of a busy city square. The sounds of engines, crowds, and celebration echoing through the various makeshift buildings and vessels. At the center of it all, the primary administrative tower stood sentry over the large empty stage and its army of speakers that had stood silently so far. A large crowd had already gathered at its edges with the anticipation of what was soon to come. Their wish was granted. It started out as just a slow thumping beat, but the cro
  4. (( Bridge- USS Discovery )) :: The last fight Hannibal would ever want to engage in had begun. Two massive starships were trading weapons fire.Hannibal knew it was tearing Tyr's heart out to fire on the ship commanded by his wife, and commandeered by his son. While Riverview and Tyr were having their conversation, he noticed Tye was no longer on the bridge...and on his panel, he saw that Tyr had locked down the hangar bay. Hannibal bit his lip...he knew Tye was going to try to stop the bloodshed, hopefully make his brother listen to reason... Sanuye would try to kill him again, just as he
  5. ((Subspace Airwaves - between StarBase 118 Ops and the USS Constitution-B))::In his office, Captain Sal Taybrim gently flicked through the reports that had finally concluded in the wake of a full investigation into the actions of the so-called Jenatris Confederation (a clever cover name for the nefarious Orion Syndicate). He felt rather privileged - his place as the commanding officer of StarBase 118 Operations gave him a wide overview of the overall picture. The intel tower had generously given him a broad understanding of the puzzle pieces that had fallen into place, allowing them to focus i
  6. ((Starbase 118 - Habitat Section - Deck 818 - Room 224B)) ::Mirra was a little disoriented. She was wondering what exactly was….off. She was far too warm, and looking down, her arm didn’t seem to want to respond to her brain’s commands. As the fogginess of sleep slowly receded, realization slammed into her like a cargoload of furless tribbles. oO That is NOT my arm….Oo Beginning to panic, she mentally retraced her steps from the night before. She knew she had been extremely exhausted, and after finishing up a few patient’s charts, she had left Sickbay to find the person in charge of quarters
  7. ((The backwater reaches of the badlands - planet Alcarin III - alleyways)) (Flashback - nearly 20 years ago) ::Rohan Marco had never liked doctors. Routine checkups on Bajor were a endurance tour of thinly veiled racist remarks whenever his hybrid physiology was concerned. Like a child could help how they were born and what genes carried their breath into this world. It instilled in him a wariness about doctors that was never shaken through all the physicals in Starfleet academy. Still, he was generally a healthy person. For all the frustrations and unpleasant situations his half Cardass
  8. (( Counseling Office, Starbase 118 ))(( Time Index: SD 239301.20 )) :: Cadfael was dressed in his typical Starfleet-issue gold, hair combed back and not covered in grease or fur. With a deep breath, he pressed the button and waited for Zinna to answer. :: :: The curly haired El-Aurian was sitting at her desk enjoying a nice cup of coffee. She had recently dropped off her son, Taxo, at the schoolhouse on Starbase 118, and decided to check in at the counseling office that she had yet to see since her transition to counseling from medical. Hearing the chime she raised an eyebrow. :: Zinna: Come i
  9. ::She was aware she was conscious when she realized she could hear the soft beeping around her. Her memory was chunky and hazy, but somehow she recognized that the beeps were most likely coming from something mechanical. What exactly, she wasn't sure...yet. Speaking of memory, she decided to give it another try to see what exactly she could remember. Her name? Check. Where she was? Hmmm...no. Frankly, she was having a hard time remembering her last memories. But she did puzzle out that the reason all she saw was blackness was because her eyes were still closed. Why? Could be that the effort to
  10. ((Rosek's Quarters, USS Gorkon)) ::This was the conversation Lael had least been looking forward to. So much so that she'd put it off until the last possible minute. With the majority of the holidays over with, she felt safe that even her mother's worst tantrum couldn't ruin one of her happiest Christmases in recent memory. Yes, she missed her friends and younger brother dearly and wished she could be with them. But Christmas with Jansen--she grinned. It was the happiest she'd been since the divorce. She was head over heels in love and, for once, wasn't fighting it. No doubt her mother would k
  11. ((Holodeck 1 - USS Gorkon)) ::Jansen stood silently in the familiar grid covered room. His sanctuary, the center of his piece of mind. He had spent nearly a half hour here just staring at the grid imagining all the shapes, people and places of his life. There had been so many good moments lately. His studies coming to a happy conclusion, his moving back into the position of counselor, the promotion, Lael…yes there was Lael. Jansen couldn’t help but smile thinking about her. He would certainly celebrate his promotion with her. First though he had to celebrate it with his family....:: oO Anothe
  12. (( Airlock, USS Garuda, Starbase 118 Drydock, 239210.03 )) :: A decommissioned Galaxy-class starship at rest. :: :: This wasn't as she remembered it. The last time Safine had seen the Garuda, it had been a living beast; a floating city, soaring through the Menthar Corridor, a beacon of peace, scientific inquiry, and justice. Warm. Alive. Full of life. :: :: Now it was dead and cold. The lighting was minimal; the air cold and stale. The body of a friend, lying in state, its fate uncertain. :: :: Retrofit and redeployed? The Galaxy-class were getting on. Maybe it would be retired to the rear, o
  13. (OOC: These posts follow the death of Captain Blueheart's long-time partner, Lt Emerson Ravenscroft, KIA. 'The Letter' is the note that Blueheart places into Emerson's breast pocket when he visits the morgue. 'The Postcard' is an alternate tale, that somewhere in the myriad alternate timelines, Raj and Emerson are together and, forever.) THE LETTER :: .. .. withdrawing a small, folded piece of paper from the breast pocket of his uniform jacket, he stared at it for several seconds, rubbing his thumb across the surface in circles, before gingerly inserting it into a pocket on Emerson’s uniform
  14. (( OOC: The Apollo has been shaken through by the Ion Storm hitting SB 118, where the ship was docked. While everyone went back to work, the children were brought to the School rooms, from which two children 'escaped'. This is an adventure of these children, through their eyes: The 5 year old Kapoor twins, also known by their hero names Captain Warpcore and Frontier Man. )) (( Hallways - otherwise known as the transwarp streets of the Galaxy )) :: Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Apollo, manned by the two bravest heroes of the world: Captain Warpcore and Fron
  15. ((Quarters - Torrin and Dragumov )) ::Avaris had been hard at work for nearly three hours after leaving Sickbay with the recording Dr Renos had given him, with no success. He had used a personal portable computer terminal, having learned his lesson about using the ships system for less-than-authorized means after the first officer had instructed Security to search their rooms terminal to discover how he had accessed the intelligence report on himself . It was an empty meaningless trick, he still needed to use the Apollos network and no amount of wizardry could truly stop Security or Intelligen
  16. ((Holodeck 2, USS Atlantis)) :: In the heat of the moment Gwen found herself in a long, beautiful, and passionate kiss with Wyn. She wasn't sure which one of them kissed first but she didn't care. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. The pair danced and kissed and didn’t notice Lt. JG Janeway coming up behind them. :: JANEWAY: GET AWAY FROM HER! SHE’S MY MATE! :: Breaking from the kiss :: GARDENER: What are you yelling about? JANEWAY: ::Getting increasingly frustrated:: YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! GET AWAY FROM THAT ANDORIAN PUSS HOG!!! ::Wyn paused and looked around. So far, wit
  17. ((USS Atlantis – Main Sickbay)) As the crisis resolved and the doctors around him finished their tasks, Wyn Foster lay back in a heady haze of painkillers, feeling consciousness drain away from him like a deflating water balloon. He didn’t fight it, closing his eyes and looking oddly peaceful, a bizarre juxtaposition from the messy carnage of his clothing and patchwork hair. He had ‘The Dream’ again. The one he used to have all the time as a child. The one that wasn’t really a nightmare, but it kept recurring and it always woke him up without fail. The one he hadn’t dreamt for over a
  18. ((Erscyne Station, Eridani Erscyne System, Afehirr Sector)) ::It had been some time since an outsider had stepped foot on Erscyne Station. Back then, her people had been in a world of trouble. Now that was not the case, yet they still invited this one in. In return for saving them, the least they could offer the one who had returned was a way to get home.:: ::Isdae had no idea what home was for the raven haired command officer who had spontaneously appeared in the shadow of her own scar not long ago, nor did she know if the woman really was as different as she seemed to be now, but she felt
  19. ((Holodeck 2, USS Atlantis)) LIANI: One dance then- and you’re free to go. :: Liani fervently hoped that the Captain would just laugh this off and the two would part amicably- instead his eyes seemed to take a feral glint as he replied. :: BLUEHEART: Okay, but only on one condition. :: Liani stilled her antenna- they were all but one hair away from drooping- and now was not a drooping time. She forced them by sheer will into a stance of upbeat cheerfulness, rabid upbeat cheerfulness. :: oO How bad could his one condition be. Oo LIANI: And that would be…? BLUEHEART: Kill the penguin
  20. ((Lieutenant Eriss' personal quarters - USS Victory)) ::Despite his intention to visit the Lieutenant directly after finishing up in Damage Control Central, Michael had ended up going back his own quarters and sleeping for the best part of ten hours. He did eventually visit the Lieutenant once he had showered and put on a fresh uniform and was invited to sit across from the Andorian in the living area of her small quarters as she finished off breakfast.:: Eriss: Congratulations on the promotion Petty Officer. Jellico: Thanks ::Michael was still surprised at the increase in his rating. After
  21. ((StarBase 118, Habitat Area, Temporary Quarters, 1 hour ago)) ::Ry’van Alstred admired himself in the mirror while he fastened a silvery skintight vest to his torso. The cosmetic surgeon who had altered his appearance had done quite a fantastic job. He looked every inch the perfect specimen of an Arkarian merchant, even down to the pinkish flush in his cheeks. Once the vest was in place, he picked up a tricorder, scanning the flexible circuitry embedded into the garment, making sure that everything was in good working order. It was a simple device, really. Simple enough to evade all
  22. ((U.S.S. Odyssey, bridge)) :: So, it was over. Slowly systems were getting online again, power returning. Flying was no longer needed, for the Odyssey had come to a complete stop. Now crew were standing down from battle stations and returning to their emergency duties. An evacuation would take place in stages, if it took place, ensuring the amount of available crew per ship was maximized. :: DICKENS: Ok people, you heard it. Ensign Price, I'll need you to coordinate the three ships, the rest of you try to assemble your people for transport and see if there's anyone in an area potentially
  23. ((USS Excalibur-A, Main Engineering)) :: Murphy was not her friend. Neither was irony. Apparently, this was manifesting as a lot of things going wrong, all of which was definitely forcing engineering to work like mad. It made it worse that she had to keep in the corner of her mind whether one of the engineers was causing any of the problems. The only blessing so far was she'd not found anyone responsible. Oh, and that the ship was still semi-functioning and in one piece.. there was that too. While she waited for a response from the bridge, hoping that Livingston or someone up there sti
  24. ((Monitor Launching Berth, USS Odyssey)) ::He walked with the practiced ease of someone who had been in combat many times. His feet barely made a sound, even in the boots of the Federation uniform he was wearing. He was conscious, barely, of the four pips on his collar-what they represented, and what he was undertaking. He knew, as a Captain, that he should be on the bridge taking care of his ship in a time of crisis such as this. He also knew that Nekkar, as a Captain himself, would expect this. He trusted his Security personnel completely, but Nekkar was a scheming coward, and he refused to
  25. ((Arboretum; USS Garuda)) ::The Garuda was much larger than the Avandar had been and even though Rune had already memorized the ship's layout, it took her longer than she expected to reach the Arboretum. She actually had a dual purpose in seeking out the ship's garden park. One was personal, the other business though she wasn't going to push the business end too hard just yet.:: ::As soon as she entered, she was greeted by a breeze of fresh air and the sound of water trickling somewhere from deeper within. She stepped forward, allowing the doors to close behind her. Taking a deep breath of t
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