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  1. ((Somewhere on DS 26)) … ((Isabel had promised to not tell anyone where)) ::It had occurred to Isabel that one very rarely saw the ship one was serving on. Isabel very rarely had gotten the chance to fly on shuttles which would approach the Darwin. They would just beam in and out from surfaces or space stations.:: ::It was when she had received the transfer orders from Starfleet, she had felt the need for that visual image once again. Some extensive research, a couple of determined questionings and a few pulled strings later, she actually had found and gotten access to a window where she could see what she wanted to see.:: ::Right bellow her, there was the Darwin, docked to the space station. For the reason mentioned above, Isabel had never grown fond of its unshaped exterior, that space-wise rather inefficient ball at the front and the dark-grey-ish paint job. But still, she had had the most amazing time on that vessel, had seen things she had never dared to imagine and met people that were now more important to her than anyone she had known before.:: ::But a little more to the side, there was laying her new assignment, the USS Atlantis. It was a fitting metaphor for the future, with its sleek, streamlined shape and very light hull. Nitpicking the aesthetics as always, the Trill found some of the proportions of the ship quite odd, but it was definitely much closer to what she imagined, when she entered the Academy.:: ::Isabel would have never thought that a transfer order could cause that much shock. When the guy at the recruitment center had warned her about ever changing postings, she had looked at it as an advantage. She had been adventurous, alone, independent… Who cares for packing the suitcases every once in a while, right? A new assignment would mean new things to learn, new patients to treat, new species to discover, new people to meet…:: ::Never had she thought that her first thought would be to the future of a relationship. Correspondingly relieved she was when Randal had come to her with the same set of fears, only to discover that he had received the same orders as well.:: ::The Trill was quite sure that somebody had actually made sure that this would be the case. However, it was unclear for whom it would be actually beneficial, career-wise. Yes, as a physician, it would have been tempting to go to the hospital ship, where most of the crew were transferred to. But there, there were dozens of Doctors walking around, all of them at least as competent as herself. She actually (and it bothered her quite a bit) still did not know how the personal situation on the Atlantis would look like, but surely it would be a more intimate work climate at least. The first glimpses at the medical facilities at least were more than promising.:: ::For Randal, on the other hand, it could also really be both. To Isabel’s understanding, in a helmsman’s career, the rule was „the bigger, the better“. And the Blackwell was definitely bigger. At the same time, the mission profile of the Atlantis sounded much more interesting if you are interested in high speeds and reckless maneuvers. Isabel decided to bring that issue up on the next opportunity.:: ((USS Atlantis, Pond and Shayne’s Quarters, Later)) ::One of the many things Isabel had never thought recently was how stressful moving from a ship to another was. Of course there was only a little time window to do so, as both ships had to be ready to return to their respective missions as soon as possible. A couple of days were intended, at least to Isabel’s knowledge, but one had always to be ready for an emergency. Therefore, she had crammed everything into the standard Starfleet baggage set, even though the last time it had proven to be a mistake.:: ::But luckily, no fastener malfunction caused a surge of delicates spilling out on the hallway and there was also Security Officer standing ready to embarrass her even further. However, Isabel was even more convinced that the bags where bigger on the inside, when her things (magically, as she later insisted) could now literally been found everywhere in their shared quarters. It was only a question of time until Randal would ask her to restore her usual exterior apparent of orderliness that was vastly contradicted by the inside of every single drawer and cupboard. But for now, both of them where quite busy, so Isabel sincerely hoped that they could spend their first free time together since half an eternity for just a nice, quite dinner in their new home, without thinking about such nuisances.:: ::They had been talking for quite some time about this and that, when the Trill saw the opportunity to bring up what she had been thinking about at her observation spot on DS26.:: Pond: Do you think you got dragged along with me to the Atlantis, when you really could have made much more career progress somewhere else? ::It was kind of an out-of-the-blue question, but Isabel did not think quite much by it. By now, she was convinced that even if he would think so, it wouldn’t really matter, as the more important thing was happening right here, right now. So, she actually wasn’t worried or anything, just interested.:: Shayne: ::Laughing gently.:: Where did that come from? Isabel, if I had to forsake my career to be with you, I'd do it in a heartbeat. You come first, before Starfleet, before anything else. I love you. ::Before she could even react to that answer, the door chime rang.:: Pond: ::mildly annoyed:: Who could that be… Shayne: At a guess? Someone with the worst timing in the world. ::As it was probably best to not show her chaos to every possible visitor, she decided to actually have a look herself and not just order the door to open.:: Pond: Just keep sitting, I’ll have a look. ::She walked over to the door and used the button on the side to open it. When it actually had opened, she faced a glass tank with two glowing fish and a distorted blue face looking through it. Apparently the First Officer himself had come for a visit.:: Brell: I’ve brought you a house warming gift. Pond: ::excited, without any bit of annoyance left:: Commander! How lovely they are! And how thoughtful of you. Please, come inside and try to not look at my stuff lying around… ::… and a bit louder …:: Pond: Randal, we have a high guest! Shayne: Hello! ::Still out of range of Brell's vision.:: Brell: Hello! ::He called out to Shayne. Then looked back to pond at the door.:: How are you both doing this evening? Pond: We’re just having dinner, would you care to join? I would say there were enough for you, too, but I guess there’s always enough coming out of the replicator, am I right? ::smiling:: ::Isabel realised to late that this harmless reference to times when one would cook a pan full of a dish which later had to suffice for everyone at the table could easily be mistaken for an insult on the implied appetite of the Bolian. Fingers crossed he would not notice or interpret it correctly. Brell: ::He chuckled a bit at Ponds unending replicator joke.:: As long as the power flows so does the chow. Sure I’d enjoy joining the two of you for a bite. Shayne: I apologize for the mess, sir. We're still trying to set up. ::The human came into view.:: Please, have a seat. Always room for you here. Can I get you a drink? ________________ Lt Isabel Pond Medical Officer USS Darwin-A D239212IP0
  2. ((School. Samual's School. And Tristam should definitely not be seated at a teacher's desk.)) ::Samual sat with his head in his hands, elbows rested on the desk, caramel skin on his cheek now doing it's best impression of the colour purple, spreading up to his eye.:: ::Taywor should have been here for this. Not Tristam. And the fact that Taywor was for some reason MIA stirred an anger that the Rodulan didn't think he was capable of towards his brother. ::He had his arms crossed, eyes intently staring at the young boy next to him. That was the point of all this - he was young. He was *allowed* mistakes. But violence as a Rodulan was one thing, violence as a young Rodulan in a place of learning was another.:: Samual: It's not my fault. Core: Really? Samual: She kept going on about mum and dad. Core: I hate to break it to you, Samual, but you were at fault the second you decided to hit her. ::Samual only shut himself further from his uncle. Tristam sighed, resting his elbows on his knees to clasp his hands together.:: Core: You need to tell me everything that's happening at home. Because I am concerned. I am concerned that you have lied to me. For months. Then your parents and gradda lie to me, for *years*. No one is giving me a straight answer about anything, and the second I think that everything is starting to get back onto stable ground, I get called up because Taywor and Yanata "can't make it" and that I'm the next one on the line to sort this out. ::He rubbed at his beard.:: Where are your parents, Mual? Samual: Mum was headed back to Cardassia. Dad didn't say. Core: Great. So they're AWOL. Your gradda is with doctors. Should I even ask about Ilen? Samual: Mum got into a fight with her. Haven't heard from her since. ::He was losing the ability to care at this point, now pinching the bridge of his nose and taking a deep, calming breath as he swallowed the pill.:: Core: Of course. ::He muttered.:: ::The door slid open to reveal the student coordinator - less then pleased, evidently, not giving Samual a second glance before perching in her chair as if she were a snobby kind of bird. She even had the beak for it.:: Salamara: Daneil Core. I am Sage Salamara. I'm sorry we've had to pull you into this, but with no other close family available- Core: It's fine. Let's just . . . skip the pleasantries please. Salamara: Alright. Samual from this point forward will need to a new place of education. Our staff here, we feel his temperament doesn't suit us here at Maddel. ::Oh he didn't need this right now. This did not need to be the tip of the iceberg that would sink him. Tristam rubbed his eyes with a deep sigh, Samuals shoulder's sinking to a new level.:: Salamara: Given his previous successes in his education, we can recommend some high-caliber institutes in the area, but with this on his record- Core: Who made this decision? Salamara: The school council, Daneil Core. Core: And did the council at any point in time consider the emotional aspect of this entire situation? Samual was *provoked*, Sage. He is having problems at home, and coming to this decision in the aftermath of another kid picking on him about his situation is hardly fair. Salamara: I hate to inform you, Daneil, but this decision was made well informed of Samual's behaviour over the period of the last four months. I'm sorry that this incident may have been due to an emotional outburst, but we can't excuse that he has been deliberately skipping classes - not to mention that one of our teachers logged an incident with Samual regarding some of his work- Samual: That wasn't my fault and he *knows* it- Core: Stay out of this. ::He snapped coldly.:: ::Wisely, the boy shut his mouth, looking away as those more mature debated what to do with him.:: ::Tristam turned back to the sage.:: Core: Is there nothing? Not even a probation period? Salamara: The council's decision was final. oO And suspiciously swift. Oo Core: And the other involved? What about her? Salamara: That is a private matter. Core: So she stays put? After deliberately provoking another student, engaging him in physical confrontation? Salamara: No, Daneil. But I cannot discuss another family's private matters with you. ::Tristam leaned back in his chair, eyes closed as he gave a deep sigh.:: Core: I need guidance. Samual's parents are . . . having some problems, and his other family members are otherwise indisposed. Do I have authority here? Can I actually say 'yes, alright, I'll find somewhere else to take him'? Salamara: Samual is your community's first priority. ::she looked back at Samual, finally addressing him for the first time.:: If you needed assistance at home, you have the right to a new carer, which will require a short investigation. There are also other resources you have access to - but if you wish to re-enroll here, you'll be required to undergo an assistance program. Samual: I'm fine. ::Samual wasn't fine.:: ::Salamara looked back towards Tristam.:: Salamara: Last I checked, Daneil Core, you have the authority as a family member to assist Samual, given that your fellows have not made attempts to contact us regarding him. ::The entire thing sounded juvenile - and it was. Taywor and Yanata, neglecting their kid? In what reality could that even be possible? It was unrealistic. It defied everything Tristam knew up to this point - hell, Tasnim wasn't even related to Tristam, not by any means other than his relationship with Roshanara, but he didn't downright ignore her existence, didn't provide a miserable atmosphere in her presence, and was there on the off-chance she needed something. Taywor and Yanata had a biological requirement to care for their child. 'Being busy' might be a valid excuse for the first week, but four *months* past that and you entered some dangerous territory. ::Salamara had given him a sympathetic look, and despite her initial reaction to Samual as she walked in - the same reaction Tristam imagined any education representative would have given that the kid had literally gotten into a punch up, which was a *huge* no in any square metre of Rodul other than training gym - she seemed to have a concerned bystander's approach to this topic in particular. She clearly didn't want to insult Taywor and Yanata, but she also wanted Tristam's involvement. ::How the hell did Tristam become the mature one, yet Taywor stuck with his child-like attitude to responsibility? And where the hell was Yanata during all this?:: Salamara: I can forward you more details and information about other education institutes and assistance regarding this problem. I assume your contact information is still as it was? ::Tristam shook his head, watching as she slid over a notepad to him on the desk's touch display, entering new details.:: ((Qucaberry Park)) Core: You didn't tell me what's happening at home. ::They'd been forced to clear out Samual's locker. Despite being incredibly helpful when Tristam volunteered himself as a new parental for the kid, Salamara had stressed that they no longer wanted Mual within the area of the school. He was to leave immediately. The fact that other learners had scattered when they saw him spoke wonders about how serious the 'scuffle' had been. ::All of Mual's music gear had been stuffed into his bag, Tristam cringing when he heard what might have been the boy's instrument crack under the pressure of the books, trinkets, and electronic devices now pushed up against it. Textbooks that had been given to him over the years by the school had been returned - Tristam had never seen a librarian shove her nose so far into the air, eyes piercing downwards in a clearly judgemental look. If it hurt Tristam, Samual was definitely feeling the scrutiny. ::When they finally left the building, Maul looked back over his shoulder, recognizing a slightly older boy leaning up against the paved outer wall. Tristam watched on as his nephew almost crumbled.:: ::Now they were slowly walking home, Tristam having stopped to get a bag of pop rocks, now sharing them with Samual. He didn't need anymore attitude, didn't need Tristam saying how incredibly bad his actions had made him look. Now he just needed a shoulder to lean on.:: Samual: There's not much to tell. Core: Four months worth of bad behaviour on a kid's otherwise stellar record says to the contrary. Spill. ::Mual sighed, rubbing his forehead.:: Samual: They're just . . . always arguing. I ask them to stop, they look at me like I broke their basotile, and *I* get told to back off. Help with homework? Forget about it. Then every word mum says at me . . . It's not abusive - at least, I don't think it is. But she picks on basically everything I do. And then says that I'm better off for hearing it, strengthening me for someone harsher. ::He paused.:: It sounds worse when I say it then it actually is. Core: I don't think so. Samual: I do. I love her. She loves me. Dad loves me, too. But when they broke their basotile, they tried playing tug of war with me, and that wasn't . . . it wasn't good. Mum wanted me to go with her on her trips, dad said I should go do overseas studies so that I'm out of the house and in a "more positive environment". Core: And what does Huzana think? Samual: She's been gone since last Areil. ::As Medledore was to Tristam and Nygeyan, Huzana was Samual's individual tutor. In the event Samual needed more assistance in his studies, Huzana was the go-to. Tristam knew extraordinarily little about her, having never met her. Her job was like Medledore's for him - help the kid, always be there for the kid in his studies and the stress they involve, be the guiding rock for the kid until they're no longer a kid. ::Last Areil was almost a year ago. ::He'd been without a mentor or a guiding rock for a freaking *year*. No wonder he had some pent-up emotional issues. There had been no one around to recognize he was having problems - no one unbiased in their opinion of him.:: Core: You're telling me she's been gone a year? Samual: She moved overseas. Core: And nobody found you a replacement? Samual: We just . . . didn't have time to, I guess. ::They live on Rodul. Rodul has 29 hour days. "Didn't have time to" was a lie. Nobody could say that unless they dealt with the 24 hour time most Federation vessels stuck to - *that* was a nightmare when first getting used to it.:: Core: Because of gradda's illness? Samual: I think they just didn't get around to it. ::Tristam sighed, throwing a handful of pop rocks into his mouth, chewing as he thought of his next words, swallowing when he was ready to say them.:: Core: Okay. So the way I see if, yours being at home, at this stage in your life, is not ideal. That's not because I think your parents are evil beings from the shadows of the canvas, ::he said before Samual could interrupt:: but at some point they've not realized that what's happening between them is clearly affecting you. And I am *not* okay with that. ::Silence. He was honestly surprised Mual had had enough courage to grab a handful of pop rocks, picking one by one out of his hand.:: Core: You have two options. You stay at home, ride this out, put up with whatever is happening between your parents right now. Or, you can exercise your right to find a new carer - if only temporary until they can sort out their problems. Samual: Are you volunteering? Core:::sighing:: I'm not sure the Gate's legal teams will recognize my ability to look after you, given that I tend to be off-planet for decades at a time - not to mention currently sleeping on my best friend's couch because I've nowhere else to go. Samual: Nygeyan? Core: Does it seem like I have any other friends here? ::He grinned.:: ::Samual just shrugged, still depressed about the entire day.:: Samual: If I leave, they'll hate me. Core: They won't hate you. Samual: They will. Core: Emotionally blackmailing you to stay isn't fair. It's all the more reason to leave. I'm here now - I will defend you if required. If I have to step up as the oldest, then so be it. Samual: But you're *not* the oldest. Neither of you are. It's a two minute gap. Core: Exactly. I'm older. Not to mention apparently more mature then both of them combined. ::He sighed again.:: Samual, this is your decision. And it's a tough one to make, I know - but it's not permanent. I know that my saying you should leave is harsh, unfair and unwanted, but hearing everything today, hearing that neither of them so much as lifted a finger to support or be there for you today, proves to me that you are better off with them in the background until they can get their act together. It's not just me that will rally, it's the entire freaking *neighborhood*. Vebra is probably shaking in her slippers right about now. ::That earned a giggle from Samual, likely picturing his elderly neighbor literally shivering in her woolly brown slippers.:: Core: If you want to leave, you only have to give the word, and I'll have people on the com to make it happen. You just have to say when and who. ::The boy glanced back to his uncle, gripping the straps of his bag.:: Samual: Okay. But . . . not today. Core:::nodding:: Not today. Tbc . . . Tristam Core
  3. ((USS Blackwell, Deck One, Captain’s Ready Room)) ::The only thing more dazzling than the perfectly white teeth grinning back to Akinor was his hair. As white as the snowcaps of the stunning Eromeva mountain range, it was combed to perfection. He adjusted his collar and cuffs as he groomed himself so he would be ready to face his new crew. After all first impressions were important and you only got once chance to do it right. This would set the tone for how things would be under his command and he wanted to make a good impression upon his crew as much as he was sure they wanted to do the same with him. This would be his second command and he couldn’t have been more excited as was evident from the spirited singing on an upbeat song that matched the joy and excitement in his heart.::Zaekia: Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team, Everything is awesome, when we're living our dream... ((Meanwhile, on the bridge)) ::Morin could not believe his luck. Getting to work on a brand new top of the line medical starship for his cadet cruise and working with real patients for the first time instead of holograms was a dream come true. He was positive he was going to be posted to some far off starbase or installation where he would be doing nothing but waving a dermal regenerator over scrapes and bumps maybe mend a broken bone or two. But here he would be in out in an unsteady region working with some of Starfleet’s finest on a dedicated medical vessel where there would be experts in many fields he could learn from. They would also be a first responder to any medical emergency in the whole of the Expanse from what he read about the region on the trip to DS26 from earth it was more than possible they could be called upon to assist someone. He was excited as he stood before the ready room door of the ship's captain with a huge grin on his blue face. Without hesitation he rang the chime.:: ((Captain’s Ready Room)) ::Captain Akinor Onali Zaekia, a Kalean of only 300 years, was in his prime. His people often lived to 850 years old but the oldest had lived for over a century, reaching the impressive age of 1,003! Akinor wondered what it might be like to live that old. When he thought about ageing, he didn’t think about his body or mind slowing down or growing weak. Many generations of his family were currently in excellent health. To him, it sounded fantastic. He could scarcely imagine all the things he could see and do over such a long time span. It had been a terrible shock to him to learn that most other humanoid species lived nothing near as long as that. He had already lived three times as long as many individuals of a shorter-lived species! Akinor had done much in his life and joining Starfleet had opened up many new doors and catapulted him through them. It was an unusual career path among his kind, and indeed he had the great distinction of being the first Kalean accepted into Starfleet! This was a point of great pride for him. Not to mention, the knowledge he had gained had garnered respect on a personal level for him among his peers and for his order. Being in Starfleet made him stand out in a crowded order and provided a fulfilling career in its own right. That career was once again headed in new and exciting directions!:: ::He heard the door and wondered which of his crew had come to see him. The most likely candidate and the one he was waiting on was his First Officer. They hadn’t worked together before but Commander Rennyn came highly recommended by his direct superior Fleet Captain Renos. If he’d been looking forward to working with the Trill before now, sharing Hasperat with him had only fueled his enthusiasm. He was very much looking forward to another meeting the Trill and hoped they would have a good working relationship. With a last glance in the mirror he pushed a stray white hair off his forehead and faced the door, inviting the visitor in confidently, in a strong clear voice.:: Zaekia: Enter! ::The young Bolian entered, keeping himself standing as straight as possible. He had never met a member of the Captain’s species but knew they were one of the few beside Andorians and his own people that had cobalt based blood. He didn’t know much else about the non-federation member Kaleans but their medical data would be the first thing he looked up after he left this meeting. He had to make sure he would how to help save the man’s life without needing to reference a PADD at the surgical biobed if such an emergency circumstance ever occurred. He realised that he was going to have to do a lot of reading on species not extensively covered by Starfleet Medical Academy.:: Morin: Cadet Morin, reporting for duty sir. Zaekia: Well, well, well! This is a surprise. Blue skin. No spots. You, sir, are not my first officer but you surely do get the prize for most eager crew member. Welcome! ::The young cadet was thrown off. Every officer he had ever interacted with had been quite formal. Granted most of them were also teachers whose job it was to ingrain respect and proper protocol into their student's heads. He kept himself at full attention waiting until he was told to do otherwise.:: Morin: Th..Thank you. Sir. Zaekia: At ease cadet. Relax. I understand you're here to complete your cadet cruise and medical residency. What expectations do you have? Morin: ::Standing at ease.:: Yes, Sir, I am looking forward to working with real patients and getting to learn how to be a Starfleet doctor first hand. I feel really lucky to be here. ::It had been his dedication to his studies that had gotten him placed here but he felt everyone worked hard and there were only so many positions available throughout the fleet for advanced placement. He already knew some his classmates were jealous he had been sent to the Blackwell as they had told him as much quite directly.:: ::The Captain nodded and smiled, he would have loved for an opportunity like this to have been available when he was at Starfleet Medical all those years ago. He couldn’t imagine anything more exciting than having the opportunity to study and learn on the job. Of course, Cadet Morin would not be able to treat any patient without proper supervision, however, the chance to learn on a working Starship like this was incredibly rare and highly sought after. Not only had cadet Morin shown himself to be among the top of his class, he had expressed an interest in the species out in the Par’tha Expanse through the reports and exercises he turned in. Since the Olympic Class medical ship was launching in the region, a golden opportunity had presented itself and he had been delighted to support it.:: Zaekia: You don’t need me to tell you how lucky you are but you can thank me and help yourself by studying hard. There’s no room for complacency here and I have high expectations. I’ve a lifetime of experience in the medical field, that’s 278 years in all, so far, including 80 in which I was a lecturer at two prominent medical schools. If you need any help, advice or guidance about anything I would be delighted to help. ::Akinor might not have taught in a classroom in some time, but one of the things he had always loved was being able to share some of his knowledge to enrich the lives of others. In doing so he elevated others, he elevated his order and himself.:: ::Captain Zaekia was more relaxed with certain protocols and had a more open and friendly demeanour than some commanding officers he had worked with but he stopped short of putting his feet on his desk. The was a healthy amount of perfectionism in him and the reputation he had as someone with high standards was well earned. The bar he’d set for himself was notoriously high and he expected the best from his crew too. He didn’t mind fun and wanted a happy crew but there was a fine line between managing a culture where people could enjoy their work and were more productive as a result, and having things become lazy, slack or carefree. With 5 years of experience commanding the Intrepid Class USS Edinton, he felt he managed to get the balance right. Now a new crew was going to have to adjust to his style and hopefully, there wouldn’t be too many teething issues. He glanced fondly towards there the model of the Intrepid ship sat next to the newest model he had acquired, for this very ship. Then he returned his attention to the Bolian before him, who seemed to be understandably nervous. Meeting superiors for the first time was often nerve-wracking and though he had tried to break the ice with his friendly demeanour, it seemed Morin was unsure about just how much he could relax in this setting.:: Zaekia: You know we’re not so different you and I. I’m not referring to the wonderful complexion we have or the cobalt blood that courses through our veins either, though those are acceptable examples. I come from a medical background myself, you know. My first assignment was to the Starfleet Academy Dreshna Campus on Andoria. Can you imagine? After all those years at Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical, only to be assigned to such an installation to care for the new crop of cadets? It rarely got above freezing, even in the summer… in many ways, it was just like being at home! ::Cheerfully:: ::He chuckled fondly at the memories he had of those times. There would be plenty time to swap stories later, for now, he wanted to get to know something of this cadet who was joining them:: Zaekia: Why don’t you tell me about yourself? Morin: Well sir I am from Bolarus, where my family operates an undersea farming business out of our homestead. I enjoy vectorboarding … also springball. ::He stumbled over his words wondering where his confidence went. He hated bringing up the fact he had been orphaned at age eight, as he had so much family he never felt it: and people always reacted to that piece of information of his past with pity.:: Morin: I have an uncle in Starfleet as well whom I’m close to. Zaekia: ::With genuine glee:: Delightful! I like a good holoadventure myself! No family in Starfleet for me. You won’t find another Kalean in Starfleet at all as it stands actually. I’m a unique case. ::Chuckling again:: Was your Uncle your inspiration for joining, or was it something else? ::He was unsure how to act. He was expecting someone firm and rigid like nearly all of his instructors had been at the academy. This Captain Zaekia was open, humorous, and seemingly had genuine interest in learning more about him. He felt a bit intimidated by someone who has practising medicine for hundreds of years and still looked young.:: Morin: He was kinda. I lived with him at an embassy and on a starbase for awhile. I think it was seeing all the aliens working together and all of the heroic acts Starfleet officers did that really made me want to go to the academy. Zaekia: ::In a tone that suggested he had just discovered something extraordinary:: Oooooh! So you want to be a hero! Morin: Well … yes … but not in a run into danger without thinking way. I don’t care if the whole federation knows what I do or if it is just one person oO Or their family. Oo who I helped save who thinks me heroic. ::To the young Bolian, all doctors and medical staff were heroes for caring about others more than themselves. He also, ever since taking basic psychology classes at the academy had begun to wonder if he wanted to save people simply because no one was there to save his parents. He liked to think he would have found biology interesting and still been led to medicine from that interest. He also hoped some of that made sense to the Captain other than ramblings of one who must be to him an incredibly young person.:: Zaekia: I understand. You want to make a difference. Be a force for good! A common goal in those who choose this path. I hope you find your career as rewarding as mine has been to me. Morin: ::Smirking.:: It just might not be quite as long of one. ::He nearly gasped. He had been put into a relaxed mood by the commanding officer’s joviality and had just possibly put his foot in his mouth because of it. What would he do if age is a sensitive topic to Zaekia’s people? Or they may not like to talk about how much longer they live than most other humanoids. They could pity them for living so comparatively short lives, he hoped that was not the case. At least so far he did not get any condescending vibes from the captain’s words.::::Zaekia’s grin matched that of his new blue friend. If this was a joke he could give as good as he got and wondered what the cadet would make of his retort.:: Zaekia: Perhaps but from my point of view it can be difficult having to work with children all of the time. I’ll try to cope. ::Of course, he didn’t regard any of them as children, as his sarcastic tone ought to reveal. He didn’t know how old Morin was but if his best guess was anything like accurate, anyone this age on his world would be barely halfway through their apprentice degree. There would be another 22 years ahead before their education was finished! If members of these short-lived species were to spend as much time in education as the Kaleans did, half their lives would be used up before they truly entered their orders as fully qualified adults! That was to him at least an incredible thought. It was helpful to him to avoid thinking about the age differences, otherwise, it was tempting to see them as children with little experience of the world.:: ::The Cadet let out a short laugh. He felt relieved that the response to his comment was one of humour. He liked this idea of a Captain that would crack jokes, though he was sure it would not be the same with every officer on this ship who was going to be his superior. Which was basically all them as he was a Cadet.:: Morin: I think we know how to change our own diapers so we should not be too much of a worry. Might need burping in the form of a pat on the back from time to time, however. ::He cut himself off here before becoming too relaxed with what he said around the higher ups.:: Zaekia: If you seek my praise you’ll have to be truly astounding. ::As much as it was delivered in a friendly manner, he was careful not to be overly playful about this. He had a reputation for having some of the highest standards in the fleet, nevermind Andaris Task Force. He believed there was a time for having fun and a time for working hard. If hard work was worth rewarding, the end results were more so. What good was it to try endlessly hard but achieve nothing? Those who achieved great things would receive great rewards, while those who achieved nothing could expect nothing in return. He had enjoyed meeting this cadet a great deal and liked that he had a sense of humour and was brave enough to loosen up a little around him. There was potential there. His First Officer would be chiming the door any time and he was sure Morin had other things he wanted to be doing as well - like settling himself in and meeting his new colleagues.:: Zaekia: Well it is a pleasure to meet you Mister Morin and I’m sure I’ve taken up quite a bit of your time already. Is there anything you’d like to ask me before I let you go?Morin: Only who I will I be coordinating with in regards to my distance academy class requirements? My orders did not say specifically and I’d like to meet them as soon as I can as well. Zaekia: That would be my First Officer, Rendal Rennyn. I thought that might have been him at the door funnily enough - or perhaps our new CMO Graeme Cook. ::With a cheeky grin:: Morin: I see, Well I will wait in line to meet him then and go check out my quarters. ::He stood and saluted.:: It was a pleasure to report in and meet you, sir. Zaekia: Yes it was! ::Cheerfully:: Captain Akinor Onali Zaekia - Commanding Officer, USS Blackwell NCC-58999 * Executive Council & Captain's Council Member * Academy Commandant A238805EB0 & Cadet Morin, Medical Trainee, Uss Blackwell, NCC-58999 Simmed by, LtCmdr Brell, First Officer, USS Atlantis, NCC-74682 PotW Co-Facilitator - Publicity Team - Training Team E239109B10
  4. [Ed. note: The nomination below is stitched from several sims to present the completed scene.] ((Bridge, USS Veritas)) Delano: Given how large a problem piracy has become in recent years, it’s not uncommon for freighters to employ smuggler's techniques to protect valuable cargo. I wouldn't assume anything nefarious. ::It was a good point, and one that Roshanara surmised Delano had come to trust from his time here in the region thus far.:: ::Still, their chief engineer had her doubts.:: Walker: With all due respect? I'd not assume the reverse either. And I'd say odds are better than even at least one of them was working with the pirates. Sepek: ::controlling his excitement:: Captain, it seems the warp trail heads to an area where the tetryon fields are more dense and active, but then cuts off. I'm assuming that this area is the Shadows? Blake: Every pirate gang from one end of the Shoals to another knows that we are *all* blind in there. ::Mei'konda scratched his chin, deep in thought.:: Mei’konda: We’re probaably better equipped than most shiips to operaate in the Shadows. Most shiips don’t haave Starfleet sensors and the combinaation of durability and maneuverability that the Veritas class has. Still... Delano: Unless we know exactly what we’re looking for, I’d advise against entering the Shadows. Blake: By the time we reach the Shadows, tracking them will be ten times harder. But last time we tried going after them, we had a good idea where one of their haunts. Walker: If we have the locations where they were, it’s possible we could use the warp trails to verify where they were going. A lot better than going in with blinders on… ::She chuckled softly to soften the statement.:: Blake: Reports suggest Veritas got called away before the crew could investigate further. I wouldn't personally know - I was on my personal leave. ::There was a lull in the conversation, and Evan sensed a measure of frustration from the gathered officers. First Lenik. Now, likely, the Kos’karii. And they still weren’t any closer to bringing justice to Captain Carerro’s killers.:: ::Mei'konda turned towards Roshanara.:: Mei’konda: I thiink we should interrogaate the Klingon, as soon as she waakes up. If she would taalk, she might have all the informaation we need. Up to date guidance chaarts, information on their fleet’s strength… it’s just a matter of getting it from her. ::Roshanara nodded. Warp trails as Sepek noted only went so far. The best place to look for where to go next wasn't out in space but down in sickbay.:: Rahman: Agreed. Mei’konda: We could offer her plenty in return. Supplies, mediciine, a small pre-fabriicated house of her own on one of the colony worlds, or baack in Federation space… I mean, if she’d want any of that. ::Delano chuckled softly. When someone looked at him, Evan just shrugged.:: Delano: You think she’d owe us one for saving her from certain death. Blake: Maybe not a house on the colony worlds. Something tells me the Coalition would gladly set us on fire for that. ::Roshanara leaned against the worktable with both arms, looking first to Walker and Sepek.:: Rahman: Continue to prepare the ship and the Falcon for the warp tow. Ensign Sepek, you'll be working with Commander Walker. Walker: We’ll get the Falcon ready to soar again Captain. ::chuckling:: Or at least be dragged with her wings open. Sepek: Understood captain. ::The captain then glanced over to Evan, Blake, and Mei’konda.:: Rahman: I want you- ::She stopped when her gaze met Delano’s.:: ::In that moment of hesitation, Evan knew exactly what she was thinking. He averted his eyes.:: ::Given how the man's previous interrogation of a prisoner had turned out, she decided to keep him away from a similar situation.:: Rahman: ...Commanders Blake and Mei'konda to head to sickbay and see if you can get our "guest" to talk. Blake: We're bribing her? Mei'konda: If it works, I suppose. Yes, Captain. Rahman: Feel free to offer incentives for her, but... ::She thought of the suggestions Mei'konda had made earlier about what they could offer the Klingon.::: Rahman: ...don't be afraid to use the stick with the carrot. ::A shorter prison sentence was also an incentive after all.:: Blake: We'll see. ::The Caitian shook his head.:: Mei'konda: We won’t be. Of courrse. Good cop, bad cop, riight? ::Good. They all had their tasks.:: ::Well, except...:: Rahman: Let's get some answers. Dismissed. ::As the other officers split off to their duties, Roshanara and Delano remained at the table.:: ::She looked to him.:: Delano: Shall I return to my quarters? Rahman: You should feel free to continue offering your insight, agent... on the bridge. Delano: But not in sickbay. Or the brig. ::The accusation in his voice wasn’t really fair, but the bitterness Evan felt was getting the better of him. That look she’d given him had been a visceral representation of all the frustration he’d felt about Starfleet since he’d left the Invicta.:: ::What he’d done had ultimately saved the president’s life. But even that consolation wasn’t enough to make him feel good about what had happened. And, perhaps worst of all, a part of him would still be tempted to do it again, if the circumstances were the same. He’d grown so much in the last year, but a part of him feared he was still unworthy of the uniform he’d put aside. Perhaps that’s why it had felt so uncomfortable. And why he’d chosen the civilian clothing now.:: ::She took a breath.:: Rahman: ...let's go to my ready room. :: Evan nodded, pausing just long enough to save his work and log off his partition. :: Delano: After you, Captain. ::She led the way as they walked off the bridge into the small office.:: ((Captain’s Ready Room)) :: She didn’t waste time once the doors were shut behind them. She turned, and faced him with that stern captain’s expression he’d seen a few times since he’d come aboard. :: Rahman: You had further questions, agent? ::The man in front of her took a long breath before he spoke.:: :: Evan bit back a sarcastic response and instead focused on the imagery exercises the Reya-Laialara often employed to control strong outbursts of emotion. He saw himself on a mountain. He could feel the wind and the cold, and see the clouds below, but he did not need to do more than acknowledge they were there. :: :: He took a deep breath, then spoke in a measured tone. :: Delano: I understand why you don’t want me interrogating a prisoner. If not for the Ross incident, then there would still be the simple fact that I'm not here in an official Starfleet capacity. ::She crossed her arms. He was right, although the matter was not quite as simple, actually. His capacity as a part of Federation Security might have privileged him to participate in the interrogation. The simple fact was the "Ross incident.":: ::She didn't say anything just yet, and so he continued.:: Delano: What concerns me is that you weren't willing to let me down there, even with Blake and Mei'konda in the room. ::She looked up at him. "Even with Blake and Mei'konda in the room," Delano stood at an impressive 191 cm, with the physicality to match his height. Standing here now in her ready room, he towered over her, with the top of her head barely reaching his shoulders.:: Rahman: You find that unreasonable? Delano: No. And I don’t blame you for being cautious. :: A part of him did blame her, and he suspected she would be able to recognize that small lie for what it was. Still, he was trying not to, and he hoped that counted for something. :: Delano: I just… I'm not sure I can be aboard this ship if every time something like this comes up, you look at me like I've just kicked your favorite puppy. Rahman: Nonsense. ::She kept her gaze on him.:: Rahman: You didn't kick a puppy. You assaulted a prisoner during an interrogation. I don't see any reason to place you in a position where that situation may occur again--and neither did Captain Kells, if you recall. ::She hadn't meant that last point as a jab, just a reminder that her hesitation to let him near a prisoner wasn't unprecedented.:: ::But it still felt a bit harsh. She took a deep breath herself.:: Rahman: I respect that you feel differently. And as we discussed after your court martial, I am willing to move forward since what happened with Ross. But it would be negligent of me to not take some precautions in light of what happened. ::She could see--and sense--the earnest frustration he was feeling.:: Delano: I am what I am. But, I've come a long way, if that matters. ::beat:: At the settlement, I felt like I was in a place where I could be myself without the pressure of always living up to this impossible Starfleet standard. ::The frustration he’d been feeling was bleeding into his voice, but he took a few measured breaths and let it slide down the mountain, acknowledged but not in control.:: Delano: I’m sorry, Captain. I'm not angry at you. I honestly thought I was passed this whole Ross thing. But whenever it comes up there's just this raw, gordian knot of emotion I can't seem to untangle. Not when I'm face to face with it, anyway. ::beat:: Maybe keeping me out of that interrogation was the right call. Rahman: You took an oath to uphold that standard. One that your colleagues did as well. And up until what happened back at Astrofori One, you *did* live up to that standard. Why is it impossible now? ::She frowned, genuinely interested in wanting to know more about what was behind that sliver of vulnerability he was showing her now.:: :: Evan looked back at her, blue eyes betraying his own uncertainty. :: Delano: I don’t know. ::He finally admitted.:: But Ross wasn’t the first time I’ve lost control. In some ways, I can’t help but think this was inevitable. Rahman: Did those at the settlement help you come to terms with what happened? Delano: In some ways. I never denied responsibility for what happened - that’s why I pleaded guilty. But, the Reya-Laialara helped me find a way to have control without resorting to a traditional Vulcan philosophy of stoicism and unfaltering logic. Rahman: You already know this, but perhaps it would help to talk with a counselor. Delano: Perhaps. :: He agreed. :: I’ve worked with counselors in the past. ::He left it at that, though the idea of sitting down with Raissa made him uncomfortable for some reason. He’d do it. But it wasn’t something he was looking forward to.:: ::She nodded.:: Rahman: I know. There is no magical fix. And even the ones we love can feel helpless when they're not sure what they can do to make things better. Delano: Sometimes there’s nothing they can do. For whatever it’s worth, I still appreciate the thought and effort. ::She leaned back against the edge of her desk, looking down for a moment towards Delano's shoes.:: Rahman: Maybe keeping you out of that interrogation was the right call, but maybe it was also unfair to you. You took responsibility for your actions, and you accepted the consequences. Delano: I tried. ::She raised her head back up to look at him, her arms still crossed in front of her.:: Rahman: I was telling your fiance when he first stepped aboard this vessel and walked through that door, asking to join the mission to find you... I told him about how even after you and I had agreed to try to work on moving forward together, I was disheartened to see first you and then him leave. I felt sorry again for having ever known Harrison Ross and for having asked you to conduct that interrogation. ::She had asked Delano to interrogate Ross because she'd been wary of her own ability to do so without being compromised. It was one of the few decisions in her career--like when she'd first invited Tristam to join her research--that had haunted her long after.:: Delano: It’s… a complicated situation. And I’m sorry for putting you through that. At the time, it seemed like leaving Invicta - and taking this assignment with Federation Security - was the best thing I could do to help you and the crew get past it. Rahman: Yet despite what we told ourselves in that last conversation, we obviously have not moved on. ::Taking a breath, the captain straightened, then took a step towards him. Evan felt the urge to stand up straighter and tuck his hands behind his back. He resisted the latter.:: Rahman: Only you can answer this question: how do you feel? How much have you changed? If you were back in that interrogation room with Ross as the man you are now, would things have happened differently?
 ::And of course, could she trust him? But that question remained unsaid.:: Delano: Honestly, Captain, I don’t know. I want to believe that it would be different. But… ::He paused, looking her in the eye. Finally, he resolved to be as open as he could about this. :: Delano: We needed the information Ross had. Lives were at stake. The integrity of the Federation itself was at risk. ::beat:: I let my anger and frustration take charge back in that cell. I’ll regret that for the rest of my life. That said - all emotion aside - there’s a part of me that can’t help but think that the end justified the means. ::She shook her head slightly. But he already knew what she was going to say. She’d said it at his court martial.:: Rahman: You know very well my thoughts on that line of thinking. ::Though he remained motionless, she could sense the emotional maelstrom that lay behind that cool Vulcanoid exterior.:: ::He took a carefully measured breath, allowing him a precious moment to collect his thoughts and to allow the emotion behind his voice to settle from boil to simmer.:: Delano: And, maybe that’s why I don’t belong in that uniform anymore. I’m not sure that I ever did. Rahman: That’s not what your academy instructors thought. It’s not what Captain Kells or I thought. ::She raised her eyebrow at him.:: Rahman: And it’s not what your fiancé thinks. Delano: I don’t think Mei’konda understands. He wants me to ask for you to reinstate me and give me a permanent posting here on Veritas. ::She looked back at him earnestly.:: Rahman: What do you want? Delano: I think… maybe I just need some time. We still haven’t figured out exactly how the Reya-Laialara are connected to Lenik, the Kos’karii, and Captain Carrero’s death. Until that’s resolved, I’ll help out however I can. Whether that means putting me at a station on the bridge, or keeping me below decks until you need me for something is your call. ::The captain seemed to consider that, though her body language made Evan think she was still somewhat uncomfortable with the direction the conversation had gone.:: ::She nodded, her arms still crossed in front of her.:: Rahman: I appreciate that. You and Commander Blake are the two most experienced individuals among my senior staff when it comes to this region. From what I gather, this isn’t just a short-term assignment, so I would value your expertise beyond just the current mission. Delano: What would that mean exactly? Rahman: We’ll work out the specifics later, but for now, you may consider yourself a bridge officer. Delano: I’m up-to-date on most of the Veritas specs. With the exception of what’s classified. ::The captain’s hands went to her hips.:: Rahman: I trust a refresher course in starship operations isn’t necessary? ::Evan suppressed a small chuckle, if only because he wasn’t 100% sure it was a joke.:: Delano: No, Captain. I think I’ll be fine. ::There was a momentary calm between them and Evan found himself straightening his posture.:: Rahman: Just focus on your job, and I think a path will reveal itself. Whether that’s back to Starfleet or to something else… well, only God or whomever you wish to attribute your fate knows. Delano: I’ll… try not to disappoint you. ::She looked at him for a moment, standing before her in his civilian clothing. And then, she took another step closer to him still, plucking the combadge from her chest and placing it over his left breast. After she finished adjusting it, she took a step back and looked back up at him.:: Rahman: Consider that a bit of a nudge towards one direction. :: Evan placed a hand on the warm metal, his fingertips finding the familiar points. :: Delano: Thank you, Captain. ::And finally, for the first time in a long while, she smiled at Delano.:: Rahman: Dismissed, agent. === Agent @Evan Delano Special Advisor, USS Veritas Writer ID: T239007ED0 & Capt. @Roshanara Rahman Commanding Officer, USS Veritas Writer ID: I238705TZ0
  5. ((Traenor's Personal Quarters - USS Constitution)) ::Another sound from beyond the door. Muffled footprints, muffled noises. This was a new room, in a new place, and Barque needed to be alert. Turning his head to the side, he listened closely until the sound disappeared from his senses, then he relaxed from his primary role as defender of his human's domain and focused on his secondary role. Chew the toys.:: ::His human had left again, and again promised that when he returned they would go to the Real-Room. Of course, his human liked to bark in funny yips, and it came out as Arboretum. Barque thought his human would have an easier time calling it Real-Room, since that's what it really was. Real-Room had real grass to roll in, real dirt to dig in, real trees and bushes to mark. His human preferred the Not-Real-Room, and all the Not-Real things behind those heavy doors. The only benefit to the Not-Real-Room was the Not-Real birds and Not-Real squirrels and the Not-Real rabbits, which were really really fun to chase even if they were Not-Real. His human had a funny yip for the Not-Real-Room too, a weird howl that sounded like Holodeck.:: ::Barque vaguely remembered when he was but a pup, there was something like the Not-Real-Room but had all the Real things like the Real-Room did. Real grass to chew, Real water to splash in, Real mice to sniff out. Ever since he had joined his human, he had lived in these metal rooms that were all the same but were not. The humans and not-humans, of which many liked to pet him and skritch his ears, were different in these metal rooms. His human called it Transfer To A New Ship. They had done this a couple times now, and Barque kept hoping they would Transfer To A New Ship with endless Real-Rooms like when he was a pup, but they hadn't yet. It didn't matter, his human needed him to defend his domain and that made Barque very happy.:: ::Barque jumped back up on the couch and looked out the window. He liked looking out the window, even thought it was night. Again. Every Transfer To A New Ship they lived in always was night, but that didn't matter. He liked watching the tiny sunbeams streak by. Although it would be nice to see a bird or a squirrel or a rabbit once in a while.:: ::Properly sated by the view, Barque hopped down from the couch and wandered over to the food bowl. He had gobbled down his breakfast as soon as his human had left, but it never hurt to check and make sure he didn't miss any. He hadn't. So he took a big draught of water from the adjacent bowl and moved off to the bedroom.:: ::His human liked to keep things untidy in here, and Barque appreciated it. He was certain his human did so just so Barque could amuse himself, snuffling through piles of clothes and rolling on his human's bed. Rolling on the sheets was almost as nice as rolling on grass. He longingly spied the chew toys that his human wore on his paws, which were called Boots. He was not allowed to chew on those chew toys, would be in big trouble if he did, which was a shame because Boots were so tasty. Instead, he found his bone and alternated between viciously chewing it and napping in the master's bed.:: ::Now, Barque found himself sitting before the door, waiting patiently and tail thumping against the floor. His instincts knew when his human would come home; he didn't understand how he knew, but he just did. He heard the sounds and sniffed the smells of other humans and not-humans passing beyond the door, but other than being alert against intruders, he was calm. He knew they were not his human, so he didn't jump up or yip or whine at their passing presence. He would save that adoration for his human. Or anyone else who would pat him or skritch his ears. Or give him a Cookie. Cookie was one of his favorite words, second only to Ball. Perhaps his human would bring him Cookies today. With this thought, the steady staccato of a thumping tail filled the Traenor residence again as its brave protector waited for his human to come home.:: Barque the Beagle Erstwhile Protector and Shredder of Shoes ~as simmed by~ LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor Scientific Specialist, USS Constitution
  6. ((Til’ahn – Kainga Ranch)) :: This was it. This was her BIG DAY! This was the day that Chief Engine Lady was going to take her on a tour of the Thunder’s engine room! :: T’Sara: Weeheeheeee!! :: The little blonde girl came running out of her room and smacked right into Ceedel’s big haunch. :: Ceedel: Hey. Cut it out. If you break yourself I’ll get in trouble. :: He held out one of his three large fingers. The tiny girl took hold as she climbed back to her feet and picked up her backpack. :: T’Sara: I gets ta see the slippery steam drive, ‘n I gets ta help fix fings, ‘n I gets ta play wiff all dah buttons and lights! :: The large Shrakkian hunkered down to the child’s level as if this were suddenly a competition. :: Ceedel: Oh yeah? Well, I get to sit in a bar, and get drunk, and hopefully have a lovely lady play with - T’Lea: Idiot! Shut up. :: She jabbed him hard in the ribcage as she walked by. Her daughter didn’t need to hear about his disgusting habits… and neither did *she*. :: :: Kneeling down to T’Sara’s level she doted over her daughter, smirking at the girl’s choice of clothes for the big event. A pair of pink pants and a replica uniform t-shirt, in gold, of course. :: T’Lea: Ready nugglet? What’s in the bag? :: With an excited nod, T’Sara whipped around the backpack and opened it up to reveal all the important tools she thought she would need for engineering. Mostly they were toy replicas of the real gear, spanner, tricorder, etc., but there was also a wrench, pliers, glue, tape, Ensign Fluffypants, candy and a few other things that she simply could not live without. :: T’Lea: Oh, wow. You’re prepared for anything. :: She managed to say that without laughing, which was a huge feat.:: Ceedel: Oooo… Is that candy? :: T’Sara snapped the bag shut and hugged it close. :: T’Sara: Mines! You eated yours already. Ceedel: No, I- T’Lea: Okay, let’s go before this turns into a complex war of words. :: T’Sara stuck out her tongue at the Shrakkian.:: T’Sara: Dids so. Ceedel: Did not! :: Stepping onto the transporter pad in the living room, T’Lea put T’Sara in place and ordered up the transport. Just as the lights activated, T’Sara smiled at Ceedel.:: T’Sara: Dids so! :: Before the giant could reply she was gone and he was left standing there looking like a big looser, defeated by a tiny girl.:: ((USS Thunder, Main Engineering)) :: In a way Aria was looking forward to giving the tour. Her official position was she didn't like children, but she had discussed them with Alea enough to know she was malleable. She had also met T'Sara and seen enough of herself in the young girl. She had taken things apart as a girl, put them back together, sometimes working, sometimes not. She had even disappeared for days looking for parts in junk heaps. :: oO Hopefully T'Sara isn't doing that. Well not yet, if so I'll have to give her some tips. Oo :: She was taking a deep drink of her coffee, the third for the day, when the Commander and her daughter came through the doors, smiling. :: :: The bay doors parted to reveal a much better looking room than the last time T’Lea had seen it. T’Sara stood in awe for a moment, and then started bouncing anxiously on her toes when she saw the Chief Engine Lady.:: T’Lea: Lieutenant Oddas. Thanks again for having us. ::looking around:: You’ve been busy. :: Well, just a good task master. Aria was about to respond when the little girl, blonde hair, spots, and ears, jumped forward in a rough approximation of an Engineering uniform. She stood in a very stiff salute that Aria hadn't seen since the academy. :: T’Sara: Capn’ T’Sara Maren weporting for dooties, sir. :: It was times like these when T’Lea literally had to bite her tongue and draw blood to stop herself from bursting out laughing.:: :: Aria smiled, or smirked, and hoped T'Sara wouldn't tell the difference. :: Oddas: Welcome aboard Captain. I see you brought some supplies for your inspection? T’Sara: I bringded everything I could thinks to help fix fings. See! :: The little girl opened up a bag and spilled its contents right on the engineering deck, it appeared to be some toys, but a few actual pieces of real tools. There were also several bits of kid ... flotsam: toys, candy, and odds and ends. :: T’Sara: I has tricorders, spanners, sonic divers, flux cuppler, micro-resnator, and glue. I thoughted you might need my help after you broked the Thunder. Don’t worry I can fix stuff. Mommy n’ me is makin’ a grabbity bike all new again. Right? :: The little girl seemed absolutely ecstatic with herself as she looked to her mother for confirmation. :: T’Lea: Yes, ma’am. The Captain here is a very skilled engineer. Tiny hands in tight places. Very handy with small parts. T’Sara: See? Oddas: I see. I've never had a gravity bike. You'll have to show me sometime. T’Sara: Canni see dah main engines console? An dah matters chambers? And den dah slippery steam drive? Oddas: Of course, we'll see all of that. First, lets gather up your supplies and we'll see the engineering console. :: After T'Sara gathered up the supplies Oddas took the bag and slung it over her own shoulder and led them to the Engineering console. Realizing it was about the same height as the girl’s height she got the girl the stool used for shorter crew members began bringing up various displays. She had the display in simulation mode, displaying routing training data from a previous trip the Thunder had made. T'Sara could execute a self destruct and the ship would go through the motions without actually doing anything. She tapped a few controls and brought up power supplies. :: Oddas: And this is the how power is being distributed across the various decks right now. T'Sara: I knew’d it. :: she looked at T’Lea :: Capn’s like Mommy are dah boss, but it dah Engineers who weally command dah ships. ::at Oddas:: What ifen we was being attacked n’ we needed to make dah phasies shoot more? Oddas: Well, we would push this :: click :: and reroute power from that deck to the weapons. T'Sara: N’dis makes it go to shields? :: She tapped the other button and viola, another deck rerouted to shields. So excited that she got it right she nearly fell off her stool.:: Oddas: That's exactly right. :: Aria was impressed, the little girl had figured it out. Granted, it was labelled fairly well, but stilll for a child her age it was an impressive feat. :: T’Sara: How’d you do the dah upside-downy piggyback slippery steams ride? Mamma T told me ‘bout it. It sounds cool! :: Aria had assumed the non-engineers in Starfleet would have just shrugged off the latest crazy bit of Engineering as something they could do on a daily basis, and the engineers would talk about it as something they had to do to get home. One more problem to solve. Obviously T'Lea had been discussing it at home, its not as if it was classified though. :: Oddas: Well, :: drinking her coffee :: we had to get home, and the ship was too damaged to do it on its own. We had to do something :: she realized saying 'or people may not have gotten home' might not have been the best thing to say to a little girl in front of her mother :: or we would have had to abandoned ship and send others back for it. As an Engineer sometimes you have to put things together in ways that haven't been tried before. oO That's it Aria, give her an explanation that doesn't make too much sense. Oo :: She was still mentally berating herself when T'Sara was off to the next question, oblivious to the concern running through Aria's mind. :: T’Sara: Whad’about stabilities and compensayshuns wiff dah tracky beams? An’are bof ships weally in the slipper steams or is one just gitten dragged along? Whad’about the rippley wake stuffs like on dah waters when deres a big boat and wittle boat behind it gets all bonked around on dah water. Din’t dat happen too? :: T’Lea made an apologetic face and thumbed that she would be over at the replicator getting herself a hot beverage. Aria nodded in return. :: Oddas: We pulled the two ships in nice and tight to each other :: she made two open palms and brought them close almost touching ::, the bigger ship :: she shook one :: created the stream and pulled the ships along. The ships acted like one boat in the water. T’Sara: But wad’about the slippery steams drive? How’d it knows to be bigger dan one ship? Oddas: oO That is one smart wild flower Oo the smaller ship :: shaking the other hand :: emitted a beam, pressing the stream outward, which forced it to go around the smaller ship. T’Sara: I wanna see! :: Aria pulled up a file of notes and diagrams and hastily put together simulations of the maneuver and brought up a dragram of the Thunder's deflector emissions wrapping the Discovery's slipstream around the smaller ship. :: Oddas: So this is the slip stream and this is the deflector moving it around the other ship. :: she watched as the small girl's eyes watched her explain the various point of how the stream moved around the ship. :: T'Sara: Oh, dah defwector makes dah qauntums open, like a door. ::she made a cute frown:: But what makes dah ship go? Oddas: Come on, I'll show you. :: she pulled a panel open from underneath the QSSD's interface and began pointing out the various components. She crawled on her back with the girl by her side. :: T'Sara: Ooo… pwetty. What dat? An’dat? Oddas: :: in response to the girl :: well, those emit the graviton stream. The central control matrix interface is :: pointing :: here. :: Over the next little while T’Lea kept out of the way and let Oddas occupy T’Sara’s inquisitive little brain… or was it the other way around. The amount of questions the girl was throwing at Oddas had, no doubt, put the engineer to the test with basic applications of warp and QSSD theory. In fact, some of the stuff T’Sara knew about almost seemed impossible, but maybe she was just *that* smart.:: :: T’Lea sipped her tea and sat at the main engineering console kind of watching the two of them explore the QSSD’s actually working components. She had an eye and an ear on them, but she was mostly researching a few possible leads to Iconian artifacts.:: T’Sara: I knows dat the slippery steams works in dah quantums barriers, and dat why warps don’t work wiff dis driver. :: The little girl was on her back looking at the innards of a console, mesmerized by the little blinking lights, wires and biogel packs.:: T’Sara: So what about dah transwarps, lik dah Borgies use? Where do dat come in? Befores or after quantumifications? Oddas: Transwarps are more like transporter beams mixed in with warp drive. Where did you learn about that? :: Now that was fascinating to the little girl, because she used transporters every day. She gave a nonchalant little shrug to Oddas’s question.:: T’Sara: My friend Mo knows stuff. He teaches me sometimes. Sometimes I learns on my own. But dah hard stuff he shows me. Mostly. :: T’Lea’s eyes lifted with concern. The mere mention of Mo, T’Sara’s secret imaginary friend, filled the Romu-vulc with a cold chill of worry. Was he back? Was T’Sara so scarred by separation anxiety that she needed fake friends in order to have some stability in her life?:: :: The other thing that bothered T’Lea was that the little girl had not told either parent about the imaginary friend. They had both learned about it second hand from another officer. And here T’Sara was again, talking about Mo to a stranger first. It was enough to make the Romu-vulc feel like a failure of a mother.:: Oddas: I see. Is he a teacher at the school? :: The truth was Aria hadn't really looked into the schooling available on Til'ahn, but she doubted it included advanced warp theory for five or six year olds. If it did then the Laudeans were much more advanced than she had realized. :: T’Sara: No, Mo is everywhere. He’s not a teacher, but he teaches me. He pops in and out like a ghost. ::pause:: What about dah transwarps? Oddas: :: uncertainly, but deciding to let it drop for now :: Well, you need to get access to some Transwarp corridors to make it work and so far no one around here has really made it work. T’Sara: Dat make sense. I bet Mo could make it work. ::looking up at a gelpack:: Dis ones not right, you know? Dah fibers is old n’ weak. See? :: She showed Oddas the tricorder readings.:: :: In truth, Aria had seen it on the repair schedule for the day and left it there, planning to let the girl replace it, but had gotten distracted by the questions. It was a good turn of events the little girl had found it on her own. :: T’Sara: It getting’ all squishy. Oddas: Well, I guess we need to replace it then. :: she pulled out a standard tool kit, she had not expected T'Sara to bring along so much stuff and placed it between them and handed the little girl a Hyperspanner, the first thing needed to remove the pack from its receptical. :: T'Sara: Weally! Okays! :: Even though she was more excited than she could ever possibly contain, T’Sara managed to not drop the tool she’d just been handed.:: :: Carefully following the Chief Engine Lady’s instructions, T’Sara manipulated the tool against the gelpack to disconnect it. Once that was done she paused and smiled at Oddas.:: Oddas: :: smiling :: good work. Now pull it gently from place. :: Little fingers and hands started to work the pack from its place and after a couple of “no-go’s” it finally came loose.:: Oddas: :: gently taking the pack from the girl and handing her a new one, hoping she didn't notice there was a new one readily available :: now place this back in its place. :: She watched as the girl gingerly placed the pack in its place and then used the spanner to secure it. She smiled when she noticed how serious the girl was taking the procedure. :: Oddas: Ok, now, take this tricoder :: she switched it to diagnostics mode :: and verify its working. :: The little girl waited for the readings to settle into place, and then grinned.:: T'Sara: All deh levels is green. We did it! Oddas: Good Work! :: When they were standing she shook the little girl's hand. :: Thank you! T'Sara: Dat was supah funs! Oddas: Oh, I almost forgot. :: she snapped the tool kit together and handed it to T'Sara, and then realized maybe she should have asked the girl's mother before giving her actual tools. She looked in T'Lea's direction as if to say 'Sorry' , but the Romu-vulc shook her head that it was okay.:: T'Sara: Weally?! Dis for me? It’s all mine? I can has it for keeps? :: T’Lea patted the excited little girls head.:: Oddas: Oh! One more thing! :: Aria pulled out a small circular object from her pocket. It was an embroidered disc in a style she had come across when looking up ways to entertain kids. It was the Starfleet Engineering Core logo and the Thunder-A in a style she hoped mimicked a 'merrit badge'. She had no idea if the little girl would care, but it had amused Aria. :: To commemorate your first starship repair. :: She dropped from her tippy-toes as Oddas reached down with another gift. As it was handed over, T’Sara’s eyes lit up even bigger. It was an official looking patch, like she’d seen official engineers wear on their uniforms, and she was so happy she could only think to do one thing.:: :: Flying two steps forward, T’Sara slammed into the Chief’s leg and wrapped her in a tiny, but heartfelt bear hug.:: T’Sara: Thank you Lootanant Oddie. Thank you! Thank you! Oddas: oO Great, now what do I do? Oo :: A chuckle slipped out of T’Lea’s throat. The new name for the Chief Engines Lady was icing on the cake. Honestly it was the best T’Sara could do to pronounce the name, but it was priceless.:: :: Aria looked at T'Lea as if for help, she had expected the girl to be excited and had planned for it to a degree and it had gone better than expected, but this was more than planned. She gingerly patted the girl on the head, hoping it was the right thing to do. :: Oddas: You're welcome, Captain. :: T’Lea reached forward to gently disengaged the tiny hugger from Oddas’s leg, otherwise the girl may have just stayed there. She had a feeling Lootanant Oddie was T’Sara’s new hero. With any luck maybe she would replace, Mo.:: T’Lea: Okay, nugglet, it’s time for us to go. We need to get back to the ranch, and Oddie has other obligations. T’Sara: Aww… I guess so. :: Clearly she would have liked to have stayed longer, and perhaps even arrange for a bunk in engineering to live there permanently, but today was such a good day that nothing was going to spoil it, not even leaving. :: Oddas: :: smiling at them both :: Just today, you can come back soon. :: T’Sara gave the Bajoran one more quick hug of gratitude, and then T’Lea directed her over to the main engineering console.:: T’Lea: Why don’t you self-destruct the ship before we go, I’d like a moment with the Lieutenant. :: With an eager nod, T’Sara grabbed her official tool bag, backpack, and patch, and then climbed the stool, parking herself at the console for some explosive entertainment. :: :: Meanwhile, T’Lea nodded for Oddas to follow her a short distance away, out of earshot.:: T’Lea: I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this for her. ::smiling at the girl across the room:: She’s going to be dismantling everything she can get her hands on with that tool kit though. Not that she wasn’t before, but now it will be more efficient. Oddas: :: smiling :: Glad I could be of help. :: That wasn’t the reason why she’d called Oddas for a private talk. There was something else on the Romu-vulc’s mind, and she was about to get to it, bluntly, as usual.:: T’Lea: I heard her mention Mo. What did she tell you about him? Oddas: Mostly he was a teacher. I assumed he was a friend somewhere she had picked up along the way. :: Disappointed was the best way to describe T’Lea’s expression. As unperceptive as Aria was, she still noticed it looked confused herself. :: T’Lea: Damn. I thought we were rid of him. :: When she looked over at Oddas, she realized that an explanation was deserved.:: T’Lea: We think he’s an imaginary friend. ::she hated to even say the words:: It’s nothing to worry about, so I’m told. Oddas: :: Aria was more confused by T'Lea's reaction than the news. :: Is this news? Do all kids not have imaginary friends? T’Sara: KabooooOOoooom! :: Obviously, she just blew up the ship, and couldn’t have been more happy about it. Yep, that was T’Lea’s girl alright.:: T’Lea: Ones that are well versed in engineering? I don’t know. She’s not the type to make things up, or keep secrets from me. I just… ::shaking her head:: Sorry. It’s not your problem. Thanks again. :: As T'Lea turned to go Aria surprised herself and touched her arm, stopping her gently. :: Oddas: I don't have children, but I do know what its like to identify with machines instead of people as a kid. I had an imaginary friend, he was the only person around me who didn't want to run around with a phaser and relive the :: mock emphasis :: glory days of the Resistance. It might be ok. T’Lea: ::nodding:: Maybe. :: T'Lea headed off, not wanting to reveal just how vulnerable she felt. That and something just felt wrong about the whole “Mo” thing. For instance some of T’Sara’s knowledge was too damned advanced to have been learned through books. Somebody had to have taught her, and it wasn’t T’Lea.:: :: T’Sara glanced up as they approached. Her finger pointed at the console screen, which depicted the Thunder in pieces.:: T’Sara: I blew’d it up. But I waited till dah crew vacuated. Oddas: Good idea. T’Lea: Ready? :: With an eager nod, T’Sara took to her mother’s side and waved at Oddas.:: T’Sara: Bye lootanant Oddie. Fank you for dah tools. Oddas: See you soon. oO Prophets, don't let 'Oddie' stick. Oo Lieutenant Oddas Aria Chief Engineering Officer Duronis II Embassy - USS Thunder-A - 70605-A ID number: E239305OA0 and Lieutenant Commander T’Lea Chief Science Officer Historian & Archaeology Specialist Embassy, Duronis II Author ID I238301T10
  7. ooc-I'm back. RL had to take priority, but I wanted to read what everyone posted. RL is still a but fuddled, but getting better. Thankfully our CO is wonderful and understanding. This is just a post bringing Ceilidh up to speed. Hope it's okay. (( Embassy Beach Area)) Riverview...life in recent review ::Ceilidh sat at the edge where the grass turns into sand and stared at the water. The slow ebb and flow of the waves as they touched the shore and then retreated held her captive. Time here at the Embassy seemed to be a fickle thing, never really keeping a predictable rhythm. At times, moments passed by as quickly as one blinked, while at others, they seemed to take hours for a single nanosecond of time to pass. The only constant seemed to be the patterns of the waves as they washed up against shore. It was this that kept Ceilidh feeling in sync with the world she now inhabited. The people here also kept her attention, as she tried to understand each one. Coming from a large family, people always assumed that she was quite at ease in large crowds, but the truth be told, she was anything but. Ceilidh appreciated her time alone, her imagination her true source of comfort and confidence. Perhaps that is why she always seemed to just...what was it? Drop from reality as often as she did. Now, sitting here close to the shore with people interacting on the beach, she questioned if perhaps her own comfort within her imagination was truly a blessing of Kerlia, or a curse. Whether curse or blessing, Ceilidh’s mind drifted with the breeze deep within her and tried to fit various pieces of information with the faces and names she was beginning to become familiar with. Your crew was to be your family she remembered some commander muttering one day while she was a cadet in the academy. She never really fully understood that, nor did she want to. She had a family, it was back on Kerelia where it was supposed to be. Those on the ship she would work with would simply be her crew mates, not family. Oh how she had kept that rational of thinking all this time, even up until now. The idea that her shipmates would become her family was an uncomfortable notion for her. Her family was constant, whereas her assignments were not. The idea of constantly starting a new family over and over again was unbearable. Every day Ceilidh was forced to acknowledge and live with the reality that part of her family had been taken from her, and that no amount of wanting them back would ever make it happen. She mourned for the other two who she never got to know. Was retreating into her imagination a way to conjure up what they might have been like? Frazier Stelin T’Lea These were individuals she had gotten to know since she had arrived on the Embassy, but could she call them family? Wasn’t family something that was comfortable, familiar? She had worked with them, even interacted with them off duty in a social setting, but that was it. Would she invite them over to just ‘relax’ and talk together the way she used to back home with her brothers and sisters? Toni Waltas These two flustered Ceilidh and how opposite at times they seemed to be, then the next in perfect sync. They reminded her of the winds just before a storm would hit shore back home. One moment a north wind would swoop in bringing cold air, the next, a western wind would dash in from just off the coast and clash against the north. Moments later, they would seemingly become one and create magnificent fierce storms. But when they got out of unison, heaven beware, for the depths of their emotions were unbridled and fiercely opposing each other. Her new commanding officer and spouse reminded her of those winds. She wasn’t certain if she should be frightened of them, wary, or simply accept the current situation. She had seen them both socially - at their wedding - and then on duty when things got haywire. One a loving parent who provided the best examples of what to remember in life; while the other was split in two, each child at the opposing ends, yet it was easy to see they truly were one before life forced them to grow up. Glancing momentarily from the waves to the prints in the sand at the edge of the water, Ceilidh had to ask herself if she was comfortable referring to them as her family? After all, wouldn’t the commanding officer typically be seen as the head of the family? If so, was this the type of family Ceilidh was comfortable having? Her own parents always seemed to be in such harmony, even when at opposite sides. Could she ever get to a point of comfort where she would refer to them as family? Irena Ceilidh’s aunt was a woman renowned for her passion and joy of life and her temper. She didn’t hesitate to enjoy life and include those around her in experiencing life with her, no matter how embarrassing it might be. Yet, cross her path or her family, and there was no shadow you could hide in where she wouldn’t track you down. If Ceilidh had to call anyone family at the Embassy, it would be Irena. She reminded her of her aunt, and to her, it was a comforting thought, and one she doubted her Aunt Maude would actually mind. This small thought produced a small spark in Ceilidhs memory, as if a wick was finally being lit after such a long time dormant and unused. The warm winds slowly dying down brought Ceilidh out of her thoughts and back into the present. Looking around, she noticed that in the span of 5 minutes the beach had filled up with much of the crew and that people were starting to drift to the left to form some type of assembly. Standing up, Ceilidh dusted off the sand from the crinkles of her clothes and joined the group. There were still so many faces she didn’t recognize, but hopefully over the course of the next while she would become familiar with them. Perhaps it was time to take her eldest brothers’ advice and create her own family where she was, and to not be afraid that if she created a new one that her original family would be forgotten or ignored. It was what their parents had hoped for, that as they got older, they would create their own lives and live them to the fullest. It wasn’t until recently that Ceilidh was starting to understand this. Sure, she had moved away from home, but family had always been there, just back on Kerelia. Yet this had left her lonely, and a sense of emptiness that never seemed to be filled. With understanding comes new challenges...this time to think in new terms of what the term family meant. Ceilidh desperately needed family...heck, everyone did. Turning to face her commanding officer, she hushed as the crowd was addressed. Apparently this was to be a celebration of awards, ribbons and promotions being handed out amongs the crew. Each was fitting, especially the promotions. It was nice to see the crew being recognized by Star Fleet command for their service to the Federation. When her own name was called, not once, but twice, Ceilidh blushed, and honestly didn’t feel that she deserved either of the Ribbons she received. Back in her small spot, she looked over the two and felt the material between her fingers. The ribbons were small, and the material was smooth underneath and course on the front. The Explorer’s ribbon with its hues of blue and yellows, and it’s capital E in the middle, reminded her of her time on the Invicta and those she had served with. The War of Shadows Blockbuster ribbon with it’s brilliant emerald green and single star held her gaze much longer. Emeralds reminded her of home, and perhaps it was fitting that she was now receiving here, on her new home, with her new family. As the presentation ended and the music and food were served up, the introvert within tried to rear it’s head once again. But Ceilidh wasn’t having any of that this time. If this was to be her new family...and she desperately needed one, then she would have to work through her uncomfortable and awkward silence and interact with others...for longer than 2 minutes. Talk about a challenge.:: En. Ceilidh Riverview Diplomatic AttachéDuronis II Embassy - USS Thunder-A ID number: C239209CR0
  8. ((D’Sena’s Quarters, USS Conny)) ::It was the battle of the wills. One vulcan-betazoid and one rodulan. Both stubborn as hell it seemed. T’Mar refused to leave Akeelah in her state, but Akeelah did not seem to be having any of it.:: D'Sena: All I want is to be left alone. :: After all everyone else was so good at it. :: ::T’Mar shook her head in the negative. She wasn’t going to give in. She may not be able to read into the Rodulan’s mind, but she had the overpowering sense that she just had to help her. There was no other option.:: T'Mar: I can’t just leave you. D’Sena: Of course you can ::She stretched out her arm to the side.:: There's the door! T’Mar: Why is it so hard for you to accept my help? D’Sena: Why is it so hard for you to understand that I don't want it? ::She retorted.:: Doubt you're doing that for everyone you feel guilty about. T’Mar: No, there’s more to it than that. You don’t understand. You can’t possible be able to understand what it’s like. ::She was talking to Akeelah, but her thoughts weren’t even focused on the woman. Her thoughts drifted to her parents, to the Vulcans that ostracized her. To Zage who got her to open up and feel.. to love.. only to disappear without a sound.:: D’Sena: Yeah you keep going on believe that. T’Mar: It doesn’t matter. ::pause:: You may not like me. You may not want this help. But you need it and I’m going to do it. D’Sena: You will not. You'll leave my quarters right now. T’Mar: Or what? You will stay on the floor for hours on end without anyone to check in on your well-being? ::It was a low blow. T’Mar couldn’t even believe she said it. Why was she angry at Akeelah? She had done nothing but gotten injured under T’Mar’s watch. Was that really something to be angry about or was she simply angry at herself and taking it out on the poor woman?:: D’Sena: Yes sure, why not? It's not like anyone cares. ::And there it was. T’Mar hit below the belt and Akeelah responded in kind. Did anyone care? She wasn’t always sure she was capable of controlling her feelings, but she did have them. And she did care in her own way.. as messed up as it was.:: T'Mar: ::repugnant:: I care.. D'Sena: You care that it happened on your shift. That's it and nothing more. T'Mar: Is that really what you think? You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself! ::Was she talking to Akeelah with that or herself? The Vulcan wasn’t really sure.:: D'Sena: You can't order me around in my personal life, your rank means nothing here. T'Mar: No, I can’t order you, but I can help you if you would only let me. D'Sena: You are not leaving before you can do your good deed of the day. :: It was a statement not a question and T’Mar knew the Rodulan woman was conceding finally. At least a little bit. T’Mar knew enough to know that wouldn’t be the end :: T'Mar: If you want to put it that way.. yes. D'Sena: Then do it so I can get my peace back. ::It would have been embarassing if it hadn't been necessary. Could just as well make it embarassing for T'Mar as well.:: I need to use the bathroom. ::Blink. Blink-blink. T’Mar wasn’t sure how to respond. Was she serious? Well, surely she wouldn’t be joking now. But T’Mar hadn’t been expecting that request. After an uncomfortable pause, she nodded.:: T'Mar: Okay. Lets go in there and I can move you. TAG/TBC --------------- PNPC Cmdr. T’Mar Security Officer USS Constitution-B as played by: Commander Sarah Mason First Officer USS Constitution-B
  9. ((Science Labs, USS Athena)) :: Tal walked past various different science departments, looking for the one that he needed. When he spotted it he slowed down, approached the door and entered when it automatically opened for him. He glanced around, looking to see if anyone was currently present. :: Tel-ar: Anyone here? Elzizabath: Here in the back. :: At the sound of the voice Tal’s antenna twitched. Youthful, female with a underlying hint of controlled tones. It reminded him of the civilian nurse that the Captain had added to the crew a while back and kept on when they transferred vessels. :: :: Tal circled past a number of elaborate and completely confusing devices and workstations until he spotted the woman. She was over 6 with long straight pale blond hair that hung down to the small of her back. She wore a lab coat over her science uniform but he could see the rank on her collar, she was an ensign. She was slim, with long delicate fingers and the pointy ears that one normally associated with Vulcans but there was no way anyone would ever mistake this young lady for a Vulcan. The tattoo on her face that started near the center of her forehead and circled out and around her right eye to end on her cheek was a colorful maze of swirls and flowers. It marked her as a member of the Ash’lie species which Tal found surprising. :: :: According to all the data that he had seen on them less than a hundred thousand of them had ever left their homeworld and only a small fraction of them had ever joined Starfleet. For there to be two on the ship, a civilian nurse and this scientist was highly unlikely but they were here. :: :: She finished what she was doing and stood up from where she had been slightly bent over working on something. As she did she turned to face him. As expected her face was slim with a high forehead, unusual greenish blue eyes and high cheekbones that gave her face a haughty appearance. :: Elzizabath: How can I help you Cmdr? :: She asked in that melodious tone that he had come to associate with others of her species. :: Tel-ar: I was curious if anyone in this department had examined the data in regards to the various different planets in this system? Elzizabath: Let me check. :: She replied as she turned back to the work station in front of her and quickly searched for the information even as she asked another question. :: Was there anything in particular you were looking for? Tel-ar: Any artificial or alien structures, artifacts, devices or facilities in the system other than the station. :: She worked away, calmly but with a certain degree of confidence that seemed to indicate that this was child’s play for her. :: Elzizabath: Scans show the 4th planet has the remains of a colony, it most likely had a population between 100,000 to 150,000 based on the size and number of buildings and was abandoned approximately 50 years ago. There also seems to have been 4 other colony sites on the planet, all abandoned at approximately the same time but with much smaller populations ranging between a few hundred and a few thousand. There are 3 deactivated satellites in orbit of the planet. :: She paused for a moment as she continued to examine more data. Then she continued to speak. :: Elzizabath: The 4th largest moon in orbit of the systems 8th planet, a gas giant has some kind of structure on the surface of it, estimated size is that of a Federation Saber class vessel. :: Again she stopped speaking for a few moments while she searched for anything else in the records. It took only a few moments before she spoke again. :: Elzizabath: The 3rd planet which is a desert planet shows signs that it was not always so desolate. There are numerous readings that might be an indication of unknown foreign objects beneath the sand. :: Tal considered what she had told him so far as she again searched the records for anything else. As expected the information available to him here was more useful for planning his next steps than the data he had been able to access by doing the scans himself. :: Elzizabath: There is a possibility that there is some unknown object on the surface of the 7th planet as well as something floating inside the asteroid field at the edge of this system. :: She stood and faced him as she continued to speak. :: In order to give you more conclusive information we would have to do further scans and deploy probes. :: Again she paused, her green blue eyes probing, curious but her voice resumed as calm and melodious as before. :: Do you wish me to do so Cmdr? Tel-ar: No Ensign. That will not be necessary. :: Tal replied. He had the authority that he could have ordered her to do so, his being the head of the Tactical department gave him that authority but they were far from the Federation and they had a limited number of probes on board and while they could most likely build more it would be a time consuming process. :: Elzizabath: Is there anything more I can do for you Cmdr? Tel-ar: No. Thank you Ensign. :: Tal replied before he turned and left. :: ************************************ PNPC – Ensign Torali Azivalora Poracin Elzizabath Science Officer USS Athena, NCC-97780 As simmed by Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar Chief Tactical Officer USS Athena, NCC-97780 darylpea[...]@hotmail.com Daryl.Pea[...]@ontario.ca Tal Tel-ar’s Writer’s ID: T237708TT0
  10. ((Black Hole Bar, Deck 9 -- USS Za)) ::Drinks in hand Trellis walked back over to the table where Kaitlyn sat waiting. In one hand he held what he hoped was a lovely new Ktarian merlot, vintage 2367 -- he’d heard good things about that year but had never tried it -- and in the other a chai tea. The different scents from the wine and tea were mixing in odd ways. The merlot was fruity, nutty and woody; the tea a bit sweet. ::He placed the tea down in front of Kaitlyn before sitting down. She had moved her piece after a prolonged analysis of the situation. He tilted his head as he looked at the chess board.:: Vondaryan: ::smirking:: Ah, I see you’re using the Roskarian gambit. ::Right. THAT was the name.:: ::Kaitlyn had actually spent pretty much the entire time Trellis had been up trying to remember how the pattern went. Given her level of experience with chess (just shy of nil), she had looked up a thing or two prior to this long awaited duel of wits.:: ::The result? Well… she had not lost horribly. Yet.:: Falcon: Ah, noticed that, huh? ::Kaitlyn took a sip of the chai, giving Trellis a grateful nod.:: Vondaryan: ::he sniffed his wine but didn’t sip it yet, letting the tannins flow free:: Of course I recognized you were heading that way a few moves ago. ::Kaitlyn smirked.:: Falcon: Heh. No surprise, there. Vondaryan: ::he lifted his own piece, putting on another level of the board:: But you didn’t seem to notice my own incorporation of the Mimolotian Tactic. ::The redhead looked carefully at his pieces, trying to analyse what he was up to… However, strategy had never really been Kaitlyn’s strong suit; she was usually one for the straight-up approach.:: Falcon: The what? Vondaryan: ::he chuckled:: The Mimolotion Tactic. Named after the famed Zakdorn tactician who invented it. Falcon: ::Moving her white bishop forward in counter.:: And that means…? Vondaryan: ::he grinned, then chuckled:: That means you’ll be losing your knight at the moment. ::Kaitlyn watched as he effortlessly swooped a piece in and relieved her of one of her knights.:: Falcon: Oh… Well, then, he should just be embarrassed to get snuck up on, like that. Right? ::Trellis had to admit, that was funny. He laughed while Kaitlyn continue to contemplate her move.:: ::She tried to put a bit of dry wit into her tone. Admittedly, she did not much care for losing, but this WAS Trellis’s thing more than hers. And she got to win in their last thing, so it was only fair.:: ::...is what she kept telling herself, at least. She took another sip of her chai, studying the board before moving a pawn up.:: Vondaryan: And now you’ve lost a rook, too. ::He moved a bishop down a level to take the rook. It left his own knight open, but that was a trap. Take it and it’d be mate in three moves. Leave it and he could use it to make mate in seven. The game was more or less over but it’d be an excellent training tool. Kaitlyn had been very patient with him in their previous exercises, so the least he could do was show the same patience.:: ::Kaitlyn squinted her eyes slightly as the rook was removed from the board:: Falcon: Why hast thou forsaken me, traitorous tower… ::While intended as a funny quip, Kaitlyn’s irritation at losing was starting to come forth.:: Vondaryan: I understand your frustration. It can be a complicated game sometimes. ::he smiled:: But you’re definitely getting better. ::Kaitlyn took a breath, and a sip of chai, before looking at Trellis with a renewed smile.:: Falcon: Hey, I can take this in stride… after griping about it for a bit. ::Smirks.:: Vondaryan: Ah, but that was the trap I had set. No way out of it, I’m afraid. A no-win scenario for you. ::Another analysis of the board… really told Kaitlyn little. She guessed it was the newly vulnerable knight. A look around its general area revealed at least one other piece covering it.:: ::She could not quite keep the slight twitch of grimace from the corner of her lip.:: Falcon: I’ve never really liked no-win scenarios. ::He pursed his lips as he listened. That was a very Kaitlyn thing to say.:: Vondaryan: So not a fan of the Kobyashi Maru, then? ::he smirked:: Falcon: ::Smirks back, giving a slight shake of her head.:: Not particularly, no. ::Chuckles.:: Haven’t met many who were. Vondaryan: ::he tilted his head:: Oh, I don’t know. It’s a good learning experience if nothing else. Want to talk about it? Falcon: Sure, why not? ::Smiles.:: I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours. Vondaryan: ::he couldn’t help but chuckle. A very human phrase, that ‘mine’ and ‘yours’.:: Good, I can learn from your test. ::Kaitlyn leaned back, taking a slight break from the game as she took another sip of her chai.:: Falcon: Well, I pretty much knew what to expect of it going in. Both my parents AND both of my sisters are ‘Fleet, after all, though my older sister didn’t take the test, herself. Anyway; I was given an Intrepid for the test, so I tried to use speed and agility to my advantage. ::Using her hands to pantomime as all pilots did.:: Run straight between the Romulan Warbirds they put me against, keeping my velocity high enough for them to miss me and hit each other. ::Trellis nodded in understanding. It was a fairly good plan, tactically speaking. But, being the Kobyashi Maru of course there was more than just that.:: Vondaryan: It couldn’t have been that easy. Falcon: ::Shakes her head.:: Not really, but it was worth a shot. But I think I was able to take at least one of them with me into photonic oblivion. ::Smirks.:: Thing is; most traps depend on the target not knowing they’re there. So, I’ve always had a bit of a policy. If I see a trap… ::Kaitlyn reached out to the board, taking hold of her remaining bishop and taking out Trellis’s vulnerable knight.:: Falcon: ...I spring it. ::Smiles.:: ::Not that she had any expectations of winning, at that point. But for something like this, Kaitlyn was okay with Operation: Blaze of Glory.:: ::Trellis laughed out loud. He knew very few people who actually enjoyed getting into traps. Oddly, it was one of the things he liked about Kaitlyn. He would never willingly spring a trap. He’d try to figure out some way around, or to turn it against the trapper. But she went right ahead, her two guns blazing. Sometimes he needed that recklessness in his life. Haylie was like that, too -- a real adrenaline fiend. It was probably why he liked both women so much.:: Vondaryan: Okay, so what happened then? ::he idly picked up a pawn, pushing the game forward.:: Mate in three, by the way. Falcon: Oh, I made it barely thirty seconds past that. ::Smiles.:: That ‘one-in-a-million’ shield failure that’ll always happen in the worst-case scenario. The instructor liked my guts, but suggested I might want to try something a bit more defensive ‘next time’. ::Smiles.:: How about you? ::Kaitlyn reached for her queen, pulling it back to cover the gap left by her bishop.:: Vondaryan: Mine was on a Galaxy-class. I knew I wouldn’t be able to outgun the Warbirds, even with all the enhancements they’ve had in the last thirty years. But it’s too big to be maneuverable, so anything quick and fast was out of the question. So I tried subterfuge. Had myself disguised as a Romulan, claimed I was a hostage and somehow get them to fire upon themselves. ::He moved a rook, threatening the queen and king at the same time.:: ::While Kaitlyn had typically been the one to think up crazy plans needing a lot of luck to succeed, Trellis had always countered her with a well thought out idea with far greater chances of success. Kaitlyn might usually quip that his ideas sounded ‘less fun’, she knew he was right. It was one of the reasons she had enjoyed working with him; he kept her from getting shot at more than she might like.:: Falcon: Interesting idea. ::Smiles.:: They buy it? ::She looked over the board, seeing both her queen and king at risk. Tracking back from his rook, Kaitlyn spotted his other knight in position to eliminate her queen should she take it out.:: ::So, which piece would she trade?:: ::While an unbalanced swap, Kaitlyn wanted to at least take a piece with hers. She slid her queen over, taking the rook.:: Vondaryan: Of course they didn’t believe me. ::he chuckled:: They were holograms, of course, and programmed not to. But I thought it might be interesting to see their reaction. ::he frowned:: I did manage to save the hostage ship, but lost my own in the process. I’m not sure it was worth it, in the end… ::He tilted his head, thinking about the situation. Would it really have been better to save the hostages and not engage the Romulans? Would it have been better to let the hostages die and somehow destroy the Romulans? There really wasn’t a good answer to that question. Which, he supposed, was the point.:: ::He smiled at the board, moving his other bishop to place the King in check. Two more moves.:: Falcon: Well… The way my father put it; it’s not just what you do in the Kobiyashi Maru test. It’s why you do it. How you justify your actions, for good or for ill. Hell, I’ve even heard of folks who decided the whole thing was a trap, and refused to respond to the distress call at all. I’m not sure there’s really a ‘wrong’ answer. Vondaryan: ::he nodded:: Yes, I suppose. Part of me wanted to take it again just to see a different outcome. Haylie thought I would be a glutton for punishment if I did, though. Besides, I had plenty of other finals to study for. Falcon: ::Chuckles.:: Didn’t we all? ::With a small, thoughtful, sigh, Kaitlyn looked over the mess before her. Her queen could move to block the bishop, but not in a way that would meaningfully protect her king… So, she grabbed an as-of-yet unmoved pawn and moved him two spaces up instead.:: Vondaryan: ::he tilted his head at the board:: Interesting. Desperate, but interesting. Still, it won’t keep you from losing in two moves. ::he moved his remaining rook, blocking off all retreat for the King next move.:: ::Desperate moves… For some reason, that was catching in her head…:: ::No… She knew exactly why. It was hardly her first time doing something desperate. Granted, this was just a game of chess, but…:: ::Some of the edge fell from Kaitlyn’s smirk as she reached out to the board again. She could see the inevitable loss. While she knew she could always just go and tip her king, it felt… wrong to go and rob Trellis of his victory. He had worked for it, after all.:: ::Given her level of skill, she did not think Trellis had needed to work particularly hard for the win, but it was the principle of the thing.:: ::With a soft sigh she grabbed her queen, pulling it back to stand next to the king. While it would be unable to protect the king from all angles, it was still something.:: ::With Kaitlyn’s queen right where he wanted it, he moved his own queen to position. With the King in check Kaitlyn would be forced to move it in the only space available, leaving the opposite queen for the taking and the king mated.:: Vondaryan: Check. ::Kaitlyn saw. And heard. Though some of her mind was not fully there. When she looked up at Trellis, part of her saw him a few months back… That uncertainty in his eyes, and the shudder at what he saw.:: Falcon: Trellis… Are… Were… ::Pauses a moment, trying to unjumble her words.:: Were you afraid of me? ::They had never discussed what had happened back on the Marauder…:: ::Trellis let out a long, deep sigh. It was a question he suspected might have been coming at some point. It was a perfectly normal question and he’d had plenty of time to think about the answer. Not that he really needed to think about it, per se. It was more about phrasing, than anything.:: Vondaryan: At that particular moment, for that small fraction of time, a little. ::he sighed again:: But it wasn’t being afraid OF you, rather being afraid FOR you. ::He wasn’t sure if that would make complete sense to her. Honestly, he wasn’t sure it made sense to him.:: ::To Trellis’s first sentence, Kaitlyn had given a soft sigh and a nod of understanding. Honestly, she did not blame anyone for it; the sight had been… But to his second sentence, she looked back at him with a look of slight confusion.:: Falcon: ‘For’ me? Vondaryan: I think I was worried about what could cause my friend to act in such a matter. I knew you would never do that sort of thing without good reason. You’re not a cold-blooded, heartless, killer ::he smirked, almost forcing a chuckle to lighten the mood:: despite your facade. It would take a lot to push you past a breaking point. Which must have been hard on you. I wasn’t sure you’d be able to get back to being right. Falcon: Truth be told, what happened there was a surprise to me as well. ::Sighs.:: It was something that happened a long time ago, something I thought I was well passed. ::She leaned back in her seat, taking another sip of her chai.:: Honestly, I think the only reason it came back up was because of… Because of someone we ran into on that ship. ::He nodded in understanding. He knew she’d had troubles with the Syndicate before. He was just sorry to see the outcome in such a… violent… manner.:: Vondaryan: ::he frowned:: I’m sorry I brought it up. Falcon: No, it’s okay to bring up. I’ve had a lot of time to process it, and I’m pretty much back to where I was before. ::She set her hands onto the table, trying to show that she really was calm about it all.:: If you’d like to know more about it, what happened and all, you can ask. ::Small smile.:: Vondaryan: ::he gave a small smile:: That I’m glad to hear. In case I haven’t said it, I’m glad you’re on my side. ::he blinked:: And that you’re my friend. ::To that, Kaitlyn gave a smile much closer to her typical.:: Falcon: Right back at you. ::Soft chuckle.:: You’re the best friend I’ve got. ::Not just on Za, either. At that point, Kaitlyn was not sure how many friends she had left outside the family circle.:: ::She finally reached back to the board and slid her king to the only remaining spot he could move.:: ::Trellis nodded. While he was tempted to actually leave the match as it was, not completed, he wasn’t sure that would be fair to Kaitlyn. She had tried rather hard this match, after all, and she deserved closure on this.:: ::So, with a bit of a heavy hand he moved his queen to its final position threatening the king.:: Vondaryan: That’s game over. ::he sipped his merlot, enjoying the flavors as they reached his senses:: ::Kaitlyn reached over to her king, setting him onto his side. For some she might have pouted, but for Trellis she could be graceful in defeat.:: Falcon: Congratulations. ::Smiles.:: I hope I was, at least, interesting to watch. ::He chuckled. Without meaning to she could be quite funny.:: Vondaryan: I had fun, thank you. ::he finished his merlot and came away with a smirk:: A game of Velocity? ::Kaitlyn smiled. Simple target shooting was Kaitlyn’s strong point, as chess was Trellis’s. Velocity combined shooting with strategy; best of both worlds.:: Falcon: ::Finishing her chai.:: Sounds perfect to me. -- Lt Commander Kaitlyn Falcon Chief Helm Officer U.S.S. Za; NCC-65385 F237507RF0 & Lieutenant Commander Trellis Vondaryan First Officer USS Za O239208TV0
  11. ((Alora’s Quarters; U.S.S. Za )) ::It had been a long day.:: ::Alora had hit the ground running and hadn’t stopped until the situation was over. After that, she still hadn’t stopped for quite some time until things had settled down somewhat and Sickbay wasn’t quite so hectic. While not a doctor, she had first aid training and had remained unharmed, so put her able body to use for minor injuries. All hands on deck, so to speak. The day had waned into night and even those hours passed, so by the time she actually made it to the quarters she’d been assigned, the first time she’d actually seen them, night was technically morning. Despite that, Alora found herself with a little too much energy to go to bed, even after changing and preparing to do so. After lying down and tossing and turning for a bit, she’d finally arisen, gotten some chamomile tea, and settled in the provided armchair.:: ::Around her, all her things cluttered the floor, still packed in boxes, each one carefully labeled with its contents. One item, however, had been too awkward a shape to be packed and had been carried in its own personal case - her Vulcan harp. It brought to mind the one who had given her.:: ::Saveron.:: ::Someone had mentioned him on the ship and it was then Alora realised that he was stationed there. Normally, she would have taken time to get to know most of the senior staff in writing before arriving, but her transfer had been so quick, she’d only been able to peruse the information of a few of them. She hadn’t even gotten to his name on the list.:: ::Taking a sip of her tea before setting it down on a side table, Alora then picked up her triPADD. A moment of effort allowed her to connect to the ship’s network and she plugged in his name. There he was. His profile was there, the USS Za’s Chief Medical Officer, his stern features and striking eyes staring up at her.:: ::She had loved those eyes.:: ::Space was enormous. Not even a quarter of the galaxy had been explored and who knew how much was still out there to discover. In all the hundred thousand light years of distance, between all the stars and planets, nebulas and anomalies, somehow, she had been assigned to the same ship once more. Only now, things were different.:: ::Now she was going to have to face them after they were no longer together. Now she was going to have to find a way to work with a man who had broken her heart. Oh she could do it. She had to do it. There was no choice in the matter. Starfleet wouldn’t take their past as an excuse to transfer her elsewhere, and truly, what did that say about her, if she ran away from someone she used to care about?:: ::Someone she still cared about.:: ::Someone she still loved.:: ::Except he didn’t love her. Alora rose and crossed over to the harp. Laying it flat on the ground, she opened the case and peered down at the beautiful instrument crafted from replicated wood that seemed to be of walnut. Dark cherry formed the inlaid designs, curling in an abstract fashion upon it. Carefully constructed, it was Alora’s most prized possession along with her cat, Sachiko, even after everything. A single finger stretched out, tracing the pattern of one of those curls.:: ~~~~Flashback~~~~ ((Alora’s Quarters, USS Invicta)) ::Saveron stopped outside Alora’s quarters, pausing briefly before keying the door chime.:: DeVeau: Come in! ::While her voice couldn’t be heard outside, it was the signal for the computer to open the doors and allow the person on the other end into her quarters. The Vulcan stepped inside, long robes swirling about his feet as he entered, and Alora’s face lit up with a smile. She had perched herself on the couch and was enjoying a book, but she certainly didn’t mind putting it aside for this particular visitor.:: Saveron: Sochya, Alora. ::He offered her the ta’al, the traditional Vulcan salute.:: DeVeau: Hello, Sav. ::She offered the ta’al, finding the greeting formal, but then, Vulcan’s were a pretty formal people. Saveron: I wish to speak with you, if your time is not otherwise occupied. DeVeau: Always. ::The lanky doctor helped himself to a seat on the couch and perched on the edge stiffly, never quite at home with sitting on something other than the floor.:: ::Now, she knew Vulcans were a generally reserved people, but something about the whole set up wasn’t quite right. Even for Sav, things were a bit more...distant than usual. Alora set her book on the table and turned her body toward the Vulcan.:: DeVeau: Is something wrong? ::The Vulcan considered the question.:: Saveron: I anticipate that you would say that there is. ::He said at last.:: I have received notification of another transfer. DeVeau: Another transfer? ::That wasn’t highly unusual. Starfleet posted those who had specific skills, knowledge, and ability where they were most needed. Evidently, Saveron was needed somewhere else more than he was needed on the Invicta - which meant he would be leaving.:: Saveron: A second Romulan situation. ::Perhaps his success at the first was his undoing.:: DeVeau: I see. ::Even though she knew such things happened, and it wasn’t odd, that didn’t mean Alora had to like it.:: Saveron: I do not know how long my presence will be required, which is one of the reasons that I wished to speak with you. ::Alora nodded. She didn’t want Sav to transfer, but really, neither of them had much say in it. Well, he had more. He could refuse the transfer. The refusal might not be accepted, but he could try. However, that wasn’t the sort of thing the Vulcan would do.:: DeVeau: But we can keep in touch like we did last time. It’s not ideal, but I’m glad there we have that sort of technology. We could even do holographic calls from time to time if you’d like. Saveron: That is correct. ::He agreed.:: However, as you note, the situation is not ideal. ::It was something that had been weighing on his mind, amongst other things.:: DeVeau: No, it’s not. ::Alora thought about saying more, but something stopped her and she waited for him to continue instead.:: Saveron: I anticipate that this may be the pattern for the foreseeable future. I do not know when I will return to the Corridor, nor for how long. ::Indeed, even if he would be able to return. His meditations on the subject had not been calming.:: Such a situation will be less than agreeable for both of us. Thus, whilst I will always be your friend, I consider it preferable to finalise our closer relationship. DeVeau: I disagree. I would much rather continue our relationship. We’re not the only ones who would have ever had to deal with distance. ::Or was there something more than just that?:: Saveron: That is correct, however I do not consider a long-distance relationship to be preferable. ::And he hadn’t considered that she would disagree with his preference.:: DeVeau: It’s not like it’s never been done before. Even some married couples have to do it at points sometimes. ::The Vulcan laced his long fingers together, a thoughtful gesture.:: Saveron: Alora, whilst courtship is uncommon in Vulcan culture due to the practice of bonding in childhood, if one member of a courting pair no longer considers the pairing preferable, the courtship ends and the pair return to their previous friendship. ::He tried to explain.:: Nothing I have read has indicated to me that there is a requirement to continue in Terran culture. ::And he was endeavouring to end the relationship as gently as possible.:: ::For a moment Alora remained quiet, her green eyes studying the stoic face of the Vulcan.:: DeVeau: And it’s simply because of the distance that you don’t find it preferable? Saveron: There are other factors that I have taken into consideration. ::He allowed.:: DeVeau: Then what else? Saveron: It has become apparent that there are considerable differences between our expectations for a relationship. DeVeau: Oh? Saveron: I am aware that you have certain… reservations regarding relationships, stemming from your previous experiences. I suggested previously that you seek Counselling on the subject, but you declined to do so. I do not believe that our relationship can progress without your resolving these issues. ::As he had done. Multiple sessions with two different Counsellors had been required - along with the intervention of a mischievous Q - before he had finally been able to resolve the issues surrounding T’Rel. But he had, and only then had he moved on.:: DeVeau: Actually, I’ve spoken to Raissa about it. ::Her frown deepened, drawing lines across her brow.:: DeVeau: Are you talking about the desire to wait for physical intimacy? Saveron: Negative. ::He replied.:: Such is common in my own culture. ::Though he knew it was less common in hers.:: DeVeau: Then I’m not sure I understand. ::Alora didn’t like where this was headed one bit and she shifted. There was truth in that statement, she didn’t understand, she wanted to understand but was also afraid that understanding would lead to a result she didn’t desire. Unfortunately, it was aimed in that direction no matter what, and she didn’t think there was any way to stop it.:: DeVeau: What, exactly, is troubling you? ::The Vulcan had held it preferable that she would simply accept his statement of preference regarding the ending of their relationship. It would, after all, be illogical to attempt to persuade someone to continue a relationship they no long desired. But Terrans were often quite illogical; sometimes their leaps of intuition and faith achieved great things, things the steady progress of logic could not. And sometimes they made things difficult.:: Saveron: It has become apparent that you have an expectation of the manner in which the relationship would progress. At the same time, you have expressed a preference that I should take the initiative in the relationship. This puts me in the difficult situation of living up to your expectations; were I not a telepath it would be impossible. ::Saveron was a Vulcan, and therefore he was quite adept and hiding his feelings, even when they touched telepathically. Lately, they’d both been so busy, they hadn’t had much time together, but even when they were, she hadn’t suspected anything was wrong. Obviously, something was.:: DeVeau: I’m sorry, I never intended to make you uncomfortable. Saveron: Never the less, I find the situation disagreeable. I respect your right to your preferences, but I cannot live them. ::Part of a relationship was talking, communicating. Lately, it seemed he’d been harbouring feelings that he hadn’t shared with her, and that definitely wasn’t healthy in a relationship. Alora might not be as experienced as he, but even she knew that. DeVeau: So instead of discussing things with me and try to work them out, you’d rather just break things off? Why? ::The Vulcan rose to his feet.:: Saveron: Because you are still looking for Prince Charming, and we have already established that he is not me. I trust that you will find him one day. Live long and prosper, Alora. ::He turned and, robes swirling about his feet, walked out.:: ~~~~End Flashback~~~~ ::He must have received transfer orders after that and been placed on the Za. If Alora had paid closer attention to the senior staff list, she wouldn’t have been taken by surprise. Still, surprise or no, they were now fellow officers on the same ship. She would respect him, work politely with him, and always fulfill her duty. While she did so, she would never let him know how much her heart hurt, never reveal the pain he’d caused her, the stabbing that sliced through her every time she thought of him and the way he’d left.:: ::Alora inhaled and closed the case once more, shutting the instrument off from the world once again. Rising, she returned to her tea and clutched the cup in her hands, the heat warming her skin. He’d never know. He’d moved on, and all he would see was that she had too.:: ::Even if she hadn’t.:: ******** Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau Science Officer USS Za M239008AD0 With Guest Star Appearance by Commander Saveron Chief Medical Officer USS Za
  12. ((TIL’AHN – EMBASSY GROUNDS)) :: It was pouring rain. The drops were so big that it felt like T’Lea was getting pelted with water balloons. The seasons were changing on Til’ahn, and wet weather meant a cold front was moving in. That was something T’Lea was very much not looking forward to. But right now there was the issue of avoiding looking like a drown rat by the time she reached the holodeck.:: :: Why was she running to the holodeck, one might ask? Well, it wasn’t for a relaxing day of hand-to-hand combat with multiple varieties of large idiots that needed dismembering. No, this was not an invitation for fun. This was the dreaded mandatory weapons recertification test. A run and gun obstacle course that in the past had been T’Lea’s one flaw in combat.:: :: Lake sized puddles splashed beneath the Romu-vulc’s boots as she raced toward the cover of the building. She recalled what one instructor at the academy had said about her marksmanship skills, “can’t hit the broadside of a Borg Cube”. It was true, and it was something T’Lea could never correct, until the illegal upgrade.:: :: She entered the building, leaving behind her rain gear, and gripping the dual pistol case in her hand. She felt confident, but she still carried a bit of residual trepidation from past experiences. Failure after failure, or just barely passing by the skin of her teeth made her hate these drills. But that was then, and this was now. And right now the holodeck awaited.:: ((HOLODECK 3)) :: Irina was already in the holodeck and had finished her own qualification courses with Captain Martinez signing off. Unlike most Starfleet officers, Irina had three courses she needed to maintain currency on; the Starfleet Security Officers’ certification, which was a more involved and difficult course than the standard Starfleet course, but also the standard marine course which was mostly rifle based and involved longer range shooting, and finally the marine sniper course, which was pretty much the most difficult course in all of the Federation’s various departments.:: ::For Irina, none of these were much trouble. She still had a perfect record, one shot, one kill, dead center, each and every time irregardless of size, speed or distance. She had held the Federation record from 2169 through 2172, and while no longer the record holder since her return in 2389, she did hold the record for ORGANIC life forms, and when synthetics were added was still in the top three.:: ::Sniper course complete and boxes all checked, Irina looked up and noticed T’Lea entering with a pistol case. A quick check of the board indicated it was her time to qualify. Irina having rangemaster as one of her collateral duties decided she would run the course herself and dismissed Captain Martinez.:: Pavlova: Do you need a practice run first? T’Lea: No, just give me a minute to set up. Are you qualifying also? :: She plopped her pistol case on the table, and opened it up to reveal the standard Starfleet issue phaser, and the other weapon which was military issue, just not Starfleet. It was her mother’s disruptor, and a special one only issued to Tal Shiar agents.:: Pavlova: I just finished, but I’ll be running you through your course. ::Irina looked at the disruptor, which looked Romulan in design, if her guess was right:: Nice toy. :: A bit surprised by the news that Irina would be running the show, T’Lea glanced up at her for a split second, and then shrugged.:: T’Lea: I know it’s not regulation, but I’d also like to qualify to carry this as well. :: She gestured at the disruptor fully expecting a “hell no, we don’t allow Romulan garbage in Starfleet.” After all, the last time she tried this she was met with exactly that kind of response.:: Pavlova: Hmmmmm, non-regulation weapon. ::Irina glanced down at her own 22nd century phase pistol that was still on the bench:: Pavlova: So long as I verify its within accuracy standards. T’Lea: Be my guest. :: She moved aside allowing Irina to handle the weapon.:: ::Irina picked up the weapon and inspected it closer. The craftsmanship was superb, far better than standard Federation or Romulan weapons, and its balance was about as close to perfect as possible without custom weighting to the individual owner, or perhaps it was custom, but for somebody other than Irina.:: Pavlova: Romulan? T’Lea: It was my mother’s. She used it to assassinate my father. :: A total lie, but she wanted to see how the woman would react to it. Raivus hadn’t killed Keros with the disruptor, it had been poison.:: Pavlova: Let me guess, he left dirty dishes on the table, or did he always forget to put the toilet seat down? Poison or even good old-fashioned suffocation is cleaner. :: Not what the Romu-vulc expected in return, but she hardly knew the woman. In fact, she was beginning to think that maybe she had pegged her wrong. T’Lea had always steered clear of Irina in the past, believing her to be a goody-two-shoed, by-the-book, strict follower of code and conduct, which was something T’Lea disliked thoroughly. Of course, it was going to take a lot more than just two minutes of time together to change her mind, but she would be more than happy to admit she was wrong.:: T’Lea: Well, we all make do with what we have at the time. :: She held out her hand for the disruptor, holstering it and then the phaser.:: ::Putting the weapon back down in the case Irina stepped aside.:: Pavlova: Well, lets get you qualified. We’ll start with the standard phaser, I’ll append your little toy after I see that you can actually hit what you aim at. T’Lea: I hear you’re one of our top shooters. Feel like taking a tandem run with me? Unless, you’re too tired. :: The last time T’Lea qualified had been under the strict eye of Skye Blake, who held the record also. T’Lea didn’t break it, not because she couldn’t, but she made certain that she came close enough to make Blake sweat. It was a good laugh.:: Pavlova: I’m not a bad shot. Hannibal’s almost as fast, but not as accurate. ::Irina set up the standard officer qualification course and picked up her brand-new 250-year-old phase pistol.:: Pavlova: Ready? :: T’Lea turned her back to Irina, pulled the phaser, and blinked. The innocent little bat of her eyes activated her optical targeting system, (OTS). The reticle instantly came online and she felt the surge of power twitch through her shoulders all the way down to her finger tips. Muscle stimulators were active and her reaction time doubled.:: ::Anyone look at T’Lea wouldn’t know that she was now under the influence of cybernetic enhancements, unless they look very closely at her right eye and saw the faint shadow of a holographic red dot sight overlaid in the lens in her eye. T’Lea: Indeed. ::Irina started the course with two adjacent lanes open, T’Lea’s targets in blue, her own in set to black to accommodate her color blindness as the blue targets were very close in tone to the gray walls and white targets would just be too easy.:: ::The first set of ten appeared at varying distances and size as per the standard course outlines, and each time Irina hit it dead-center in a fraction of second.:: :: The OTS recognized the color blue as T’Lea’s primary target after the first two eye movements tracked the objects. Swift shifting flight patterns and variable sizes made little difference in the optical systems ability to identify and hold the targets unpredictable actions. The reflex stimulators were icing on the cake, thought T’Lea with every sharp jerk of her muscles. The ability to snap to the center of the target worked in perfect unison with OTS and the users own thought. The system was flawless. SFI’s upgrades hadn’t just protected T’Lea from being hijacked again, but they seem to have improved on an already impeccable system. It was like her OTS was on steroids. Hell, she couldn’t have missed even if she’d tried!:: :: When the round was over, she turned to Irina and did her best not to look as surprised at herself as she felt.:: T’Lea: Can we skip the targdren and go straight to the difficult stuff? Pavlova: Sure thing. T’Lea: Simulated fleshy objects are more entertaining than flying discs don’t you think? Pavlova: Even better when they shoot back. :: The holodeck imagery reconfigured into an abandoned building with Klingon architecture. The structure looked like it had been through war. When the sounds of shelling in the distance concussed the air, it was clear that it was still going through a war.:: T’Lea: Clearing the building? Pavlova: Sure, why not; T’Lea: On my six. :: Since she was the one in review she knew the lead was hers.:: Pavlova: And, begin. :: T’Lea plucked the disruptor from its resting place on her thigh and now both hands were armed. She’d never done this before, but she wanted to push her OTS and reflexes to see if the system could handle dual targeting at once. She was about to find out just how good SFI had made her.:: :: Not two steps down the hall and suddenly the lower level came alive with a pair of Klingons exiting from opposite doorways in front of her at the same time. In a split second her system calculated all of the important factors for both of them – distance, predictions based on tracking movements, and much more. It was determined that the one on the right had raised his weapon a fraction faster than the one on the left. The VOTS, (vital organ targeting software), selected the best organ for a fatal shot according to the angle of her body, and then it did the same for the second hostile. With hardly a thought, T’Lea raised both arms almost simultaneously, and fired. The one on the left fell seconds after the Klingon on the right, both mortal wounds.:: :: The Romu-vulc smiled at herself, then quickly wiped it away and glanced back at Irina, giving her a little quirk of the brow before moving on. Without the OTS those kinds of results never would have happened… at least not as efficiently.:: :: A couple of more rooms were cleared and the shelling started getting closer to the building.:: T’Lea: Is that our artillery or theirs? Pavlova: Theirs. T’Lea: I assume we’ll be taking them out down range. I’m not a sniper… ::mumbling:: well, as far as I know, I’m not. :: Something told her those SFI upgrades may have made her one.:: Pavlova: I am. T’Lea: That sounds ominous. Let’s see if we make it to the top first. :: They went up the flight of stairs, dropping Klingons and a couple of Cardassians for good measure along the way.:: ::Irina was positive that something was up with T’Lea. Even Hannibal wasn’t that fast or accurate, and it was likely that Irina wouldn’t be either without the benefit of a few centuries experience and the intuition that went with it. As she had lead, most of the targets were placed in front of T’Lea, but the computer had a few surprises for Irina as well, and despite the age of her weapon she hit everything that presented itself, in a fraction of a second, and unlike T’Lea with her computer suggesting vital organs, Irina just did what she always did and hit everything she shot at right between the eyes. :: ::Finally the pair made it to the roof :: Pavlova: That was fun. T’Lea: I must admit… I have a new appreciation for these. :: She indicated to the two weapons in her hands. She had always felt that using projectile, or energy based weapons was cheating in combat. She much preferred to have personal face-time with her victims, but, as Irina had said, it was fun, and now that she could hit her targets it kinda was.:: T’Lea: By the way, you were right -- shooting the Waltas Twins. It was the only logical choice. Pavlova: I’ve known Tyr a long time. I promised I wouldn’t kill his kids, and that was the only way to keep that promise. :: The Romu-vulc gave a nod, and holstered both weapons.:: T’Lea: So, pass or fail? :: Like she had to ask.:: Pavlova: Not bad at all. So what are you using, some kind of computer enhancement. :: The sound of Irina’s voice prompted the Romu-vulc to turn her thoughts elsewhere. She should have made a point to miss a few. She got greedy and she got caught.:: : :T’Lea turned with a serious Vulcan expression.:: T’Lea: Are you accusing me of cheating? Pavlova: I’m asking what you are using, because whatever it is, it is not limited to skill and experience. :: T’Lea had to be careful with her next choice of words. Not that her implants were a secret, but the less people that knew about them, the better off she was.:: T’Lea: I can assure you that no external help was applied. ::thoughtful pause:: If you had one fatal flaw that may put your family and co-workers in jeopardy, would you not do everything in your power to correct it? Pavlova: Oh I cheat too, wherever I can. Counterweights, custom beam focusing lenses, optimized ammunition and even custom weapon fitting. Not to sound arrogant but, but without some electronic cheats, I’m guessing linked from eye to hand, there’s just no way you can shoot as quickly and accurately as you just did. I can, with practice on the course, but not with two weapons and I’m sure…… :: Another loud explosion hit the ground a few yards away from the building they were standing on. T’Lea scowled and then glanced at Irina.:: T’Lea: Do you mind dispensing with that annoyance? ::Irina looked quickly and saw that the Klingon with the mortar was 1500 meters away on an distant rooftop. With casual disdain she picked up the rifle from the its perch at the ledge and quickly brought it to eye level, aimed and fired. The whole process from target identification to .50 caliber hole between his eyes took barely two seconds, more than half of that just picking up the weapon.:: :: It was in those two seconds that T’Lea recognized something… interesting.:: Pavlova: I’m guessing you want me to fudge the score a bit? :: The Romu-vulc stared the woman in the eyes for a mere moment, trying to gauge her motives. Suspicion rose in T’Lea.:: T’Lea: Something consistent with my previous records. :: Records that would probably horrify the woman if she saw them. She said the last statement hesitantly, wondering if she would owe Irina something in return :: Pavlova: Sixty-four percent it is. ::Irina then raised her voice and went somewhat monotone:: : Computer, End program. :: As the holodeck fell to grid form, with only a table remaining, she went about placing her gear in the case. She half glanced at Irina who was collecting her own belongings, and then T’Lea decided to prod.:: T’Lea: Careful. Pavlova: Of? T’Lea: If you keep breaking the rules I may start to like you – a little. Pavlova: Just don’t start following me home and begging for scraps. :: The Romu-vulc gave her wry smirk and poked a bit more.:: T’Lea: Everyone knows your reputation, Ms. Pavlova. Superior marksman, skilled in hand to hand combat, the perfect soldier. Two-hundred and fifty years of experience. Starfleet loves that kind of officer, as long as you don’t cause problems for them. Something tells me you have a history of problem causing. ::looking at her as if seeing through her:: I know darkness when I see it. People try to hide it, try to deny it, but once you’ve touched it, it never really goes away. You’re not fooling me, but I’ll pretend. ::Darkness. Most of her life was spent in darkness. For 219 years she brutally acquired and drove a slave labor force to built Treng’s great sub-particulate antennas. Even since then, the darkness was always just one step behind her, waiting around every corner, under the bed, and most importantly, behind her eyelids. The faces of all of the people she had killed, and perhaps worse, the ones she had left behind, waiting at the window until they withered and died.:: Pavlova: What Starfleet loves most about me is the possibility of my vivisected organs in some secret laboratory unlocking the secrets of making old rich people young again. :: The expression on T’Lea’s face narrowed into a slight frown. She wondered how deeply Starfleet had their claws in her. Or whom had manipulated whom.:: T’Lea: Obviously you have enough influence to prevent that from happening; otherwise you wouldn’t be standing here. Pavlova: Me, influence? Anyway, they’ve already tried, more than once. There were four of us on Kjenta II who were not in stasis, the other three were found in trashbags in San Francisco China Town with their organs harvested. At first Tyr doctoring my medical file made them think I was in stasis the whole time with the other 9, but somewhere along the way someone got a medical scan out, and now they know. T’Lea: You think they’re coming for you? Pavlova: Its been a few months since I sent their last would-be abductor back to them in a box, but they’ll try again, maybe not right away, but eventually. T’Lea: What are you going to do if they try to take you in? Pavlova: Not let them. T’Lea: You do realize that they may not even show their faces. They may blackmail you, manipulate you, or leverage your loved ones until you surrender yourself. If I were you, I would find them before they find you, and I would start with the fecal matter that leaked your medical scan. :: She gave a little shrug at the end, as if trying not to get to involved.:: Pavlova: The release was accidental, I walked a bit too close to a biobed. They’ve already tried for people I care about. Katya was with me the first time they made a move, and they did kill AJ. She may have died from some pollen, but I’m positive it wasn’t accidental. I definitely received that particular message. :: While Irina was talking, T’Lea studied the woman a bit. Admittedly she was handling the murder of her wife really well. Had it been T’Lea she would have gone supernova on the galaxy until it coughed up the people responsible.:: T’Lea: I see. Well, if Oddas means anything to you, then you owe it to her to warn her. If these people are as sinister as you say they are, then she’s not safe. She has a right to know and decide for herself if she wants to risk her neck for… whatever it is you two have going on. :: T'Lea had recalled the intimate moment she'd stumbled on in Engineering between the two, and quickly put it together that they were more than colleagues, or friends. Being the blunt force that she was, T'Lea didn't mind bringing it up. After all, she knew very well the liability of love and family when enemies were out for blood.:: :Irina stopped moving as she was overcome with sadness at the thought of Aria getting in the middle of this.:: Pavlova: You’re right of course. She was just a kid with a funny nose until the night before the wedding. I should know better than to think I could ever find happiness. T’Lea: Oh, please. If *I* can find it anybody can. The hard part is keeping it. :: She thought about how close she’d come to losing Della recently, and how the long distance relationship was making everything that harder.:: Pavlova: They all leave, one way or another. Dimitri died waiting while I was marooned on Kjenta II. AJ died just an hour after our wedding. The sad part is, I wasn’t looking for anything, but I can’t stop thinking about her and when I do, everything else just fades away. :: Uncomfortable with the opening thought of Irina’s confession, T’Lea Vulcan-ed up inside to reject any lingering doubt she had about her own marriage.:: T’Lea: But not Oddas. Pavlova: Well, we didn’t have Bajorans when I come from. ::Irina felt a sudden need to change the subject.:: Pavlova: You still didn’t answer my question though. Computer enhancement? Muscle and/or ocular implants? Both? T’Lea: Yes. ::pause, frown:: You weren’t there for the “off the books” rescue mission to Vetka, were you? :: She was a bit fuzzy on the participating players, because at the time of her rescue her cybernetics had been hijacked by a Cardassian CBI agent, Dal Selta, and T’Lea was not operating under her own accord.:: Pavlova: Yes, but I was busy in Lokesh city at the time. T’Lea: Ah, well, long story short my implants were hijacked and I turned against everyone. ::shaking her head remembering:: It was frakked up. Nearly killed everyone that came to help, including Della, but then that wouldn’t have been the first bondmate I was directly responsible for murdering. ::she shook her head again and quickly moved on:: After Vetka I agreed to allow SFI to upgrade and protect the cybernetics from further security breaches. Only now… :: She looked thoughtfully at her hands, letting her worry hang in the air.:: Pavlova: So do you know what SFI added or changed? T’Lea: Just what they promised me. But since my mother was directly involved… I don’t know for certain. They may have protected me from outside hacking, but… Pavlova: But you have no idea if they put in a back door. :: She sneered at Irina.:: T’Lea: You just had to say it, didn’t you? Anyway, while I was on the Invicta, SFI assigned a handler to me. They were supposed to watch me, run tests, and update the implants now and then, and I’m sure they were supposed to do some other things that I’m not aware of. Luckily, my handler was a… friend-ish-like person. What’s disconcerting is, now that I’m here no new handler has been assigned. When SFI stops talking, I start to worry. So… ::looking directly at Irina:: … it seems we’re both looking over our shoulders. Pavlova: Knowing SFI like I do, my guess is that you have a handler here too, just not revealed to you. T’Lea: I hate that idea even more. Now I don’t know who to harass. ::she gave a little shrug:: I’ll find out. :: A call to her mother would be enough, she hoped. If her mother didn’t know, then it would be time to worry.:: T’Lea: Well, if you ever need me to kill something for you, let me know. :: An offer like that from T’Lea wasn’t in jest, even though that’s what I may have sounded like. She collected the last of her things and prepared to brave the rain once again.:: Pavlova: I’ll keep that in mind. T’Lea: Tell Oddas, I’m looking forward to our date. :: She couldn’t resist tossing that out there. The date was for T’Sara, but it was amusing to think that other thoughts might rub Irina the wrong way. It was just in T’Lea’s nature to do that sort of thing.:: ::Irina saw through the barb immediately, both due to being present at T’Lea and Della’s wedding herself, and what she had come to know of Oddas. Pavlova: Well, I can tell you that those ridges on her nose aren’t sharp. -end- Major Irina Pavlova Chief of Security Duronis Embassy / USS Thunder Author ID 0238908HA0 and Lieutenant Commander T’Lea Chief Science Officer Historian & Archaeology Specialist Embassy, Duronis II Author ID I238301T10
  13. ((USS Darwin-A, Sickbay)) ::Ren had no conscious awareness that he had been moved to the special quarantine aboard Darwin, but some part of him sensed he was caught in a transporter beam, and knew he was placed gently in a reclining position, separated from the shoulder of a captain he didn’t know yet. The puddle of drool he’d left had soaked through the captain’s uniform enough to still be present when they awoke later, but for now, Ren contented himself to curl up where he was left, and continue dreaming, breathing the clean, quarantined Darwin air.:: ((Ren’s Dream)) ::Arnom, that mysteriously unsymbiotic symbiont who served as the master of ceremonies to Ren’s afterlife, or dream, or whatever this happened to be, had already sent Ren through two dreams. In one, he saw what life might have been like if Navin was still alive. In another more nightmarish landscape, he saw what his fate could be if he chose to try again with Sovak.:: ::Now, Ren was deposited into a third and final dream, wandering out of the bright white mist onto a familiar scene. He emerged from a turbolift onto a Starfleet bridge, not one he knew, not even a class of ship that was real, but the whole thing was so Starfleet. In his dream state, he knew he had been there before. This was his ship. This was his crew. This was the future.:: Tarch: Captain on the bridge! ::The crew rose and stood to face him, all smiles. Ren blushed.:: Rennyn: Who, me? Ravenscroft: Welcome back, Captain Ren! We’ve been waiting for you. ::Ren paused in his celebration, and started to look more closely at the faces around him. Why was his ship crewed by dead people? Barbara Tarch stood proudly as his first officer, in her old maroon uniform with the white collar, her jacket buttoned uncomfortably high. Emerson Ravenscroft’s bright auburn hair and warm smile looked impossibly real, but he couldn’t be true. He was long gone now. And Mort Opfer was there. What was a deck chief doing on the bridge? Especially one who was dead?:: Rennyn: Am I dead? Opfer: Not yet, guy. But don’t worry. You’re getting there. ::A warm shimmer of light captured Ren. This dream was taking a dark direction, but suddenly there was blue light, and Ren was taken from the place that was killing him, and deposited somewhere safe. In his dream state, it was a long, protracted process that he observed as an outsider.:: Ravenscroft: Where’d the captain go? Rennyn: You guys, I’m right here. Tarch: Fire all torpedoes! Opfer, scramble all the jets! Launch the megazords! Power up the noisy crickets! Dispatch the battlemech! Call in Mega Maid! Rennyn: Yeah, but, you guys, I’m right h-- Oh! ::He was suddenly not right there. He was, instead, on a planet, alone in a barren, rocky landscape. Alone except for a Gorn who was bearing down on him in his clumsy but powerful way.:: Rennyn: What the--? ::Ren grappled with the Gorn. The Trill’s shirt was artfully ripped open for some reason, exposing one shoulder and part of his chest, heaving now with the effort of fighting off the powerful enemy. The struggle was tough, but Ren felt exhilarated. He knew more now about what it meant to be in command of a starship, and just how much it took, but when he was a kid, this right here was exactly what he thought it would be like!:: ::Just when the powerful Gorn seemed to have the upper hand, something magical happened. Ren was aware of a purple cloud gathering above them. It swooped down and swarmed the Gorn’s face, confusing the lizard and causing him to release his death grip on Ren. The Gorn ran away.:: Rover: It is Rover! ::Ren looked up in delight at the sound of the squeaky, excitable little voice. His friend was back! Rover was his mischievous cloudy self again, and all was right in the universe!:: Rennyn: How is this possible? Rover: Spotted One, you healed Rover with the power of your love! Rennyn: That makes so much sense! ::With Rover finally at his side -- or, suspended somewhere over his shoulder -- again, Ren was finally at peace. He was living his best dream, and he could be exactly what he wanted to be. He could have it all! His shirt torn artfully open, and a proud look on his face, he struck a heroic pose with one leg up on an outcropping and his chest heaving broadly.:: ::It wasn’t about being a captain. It was wasn’t about commanding his own ship. If Ren was second officer for the rest of his life, he would be happy, as long as he got to be the one thing he’d always dreamed of being, lying in a field in Arnmere gazing up at the stars. As long as he got to pull up from the drudgery Starfleet sometimes became, and be just the thing the wanted to be…:: Rennyn: Space hero! ::Rover was part of it, but this was the real dream Arnom was showing him. To prove it, the dream kept on giving.:: ::A storm of troopers in white helmets thundered over the horizon, and only Ren could stop them.:: ::He shot his laser effortlessly, and hit everything he meant to. All the return fire missed.:: Rennyn: Pew! Pew! Pew! ::To the victor went the spoils, and Ren happily accepted a large delivery of pizzas.:: Rover: Rover wishes Rover had a stomach! ::Someone was rubbing Ren’s shoulders, and another was feeding him slices with pepperoni and mushroom. It was the hunky Orion bartender from Outpost Unity, and some kind of sultry cat man. Ren found himself purring.:: Rennyn: Space babes! How YOU doin’? ::A plate appeared in the air before him, and the cat man took it down with one paw. Ren’s eyes went wide in excitement.:: Rennyn: NACHOS! ::Rover was playing electric guitar riffs and the Orion had duplicated himself to massage Ren’s feet. Everything was awesome! Ren leaned back across the cat man’s lap and sighed in deep contentment. His was a charmed life with barely a problem in it. Even the rocky landscape had been replaced with a luxury resort, with lush greenery, no tourists, and bottle service to the hot tub.:: ::Then Ren’s head turned to the side, and his eyes opened slightly, and he almost choked on a pizza-nacho combo bite when he saw that cheap plastic gate again. It was just like the first one he’d stepped through, at Arnom’s insistence. He knew this meant his dreams were coming to an end. Just like the other dreams, he knew this life wasn’t quite right. But it sure did feel good while it lasted.:: ::Ren had been obedient to Arnom throughout this ordeal, following through each gate no matter how difficult it was. This time, the feeling of a warm coat of fur against his cheek and the offer of a blue margarita with a lot of ridiculous umbrellas in it made Ren reconsider. He called out towards the gate.:: Rennyn: Five more minutes, Arnom! Half an hour, tops! ::Ren turned back to the scene at hand, and was pleased to find there was now three of the Orion. This dream was going well.:: Rennyn: Hey Rover. Why don’t you go see if there’s some other kids to play with? ::He hated to chase the little cloud away so soon, but there were six muscular green arms holding slices of pizza, and to be honest, it wouldn’t be fair in front of someone who didn’t have a stomach or taste buds.:: ::The dream faded to PG. No one wanted to see Ren eat that much pizza.:: LtCmdr Ren Rennyn First Officer USS Blackwell, Andaris Task Force A239102RR0
  14. ((Burellion, Azinda, Consortium HQ, Sub Basement Level 7)) ::Stalking through the corridors, Dominic Gray inspected his new domain. The Consortium’s new HQ went above and beyond any mere tower. Set on the edge of the city it was practically a whole new district in its own right. It’s two towers situated at 0 and 180 degrees around a circular ring of flats looked down upon the rest of the city. The HQ formed the shape of the Consortium’s logo and was visible from space. They had very much stamped their mark on this planet. The towers housed their pharmaceutical and heavy industries respectively, with the lower levels reserved for industrial operations and machinery, while the upper levels were related to the managerial aspects of running a galactic corporation - marketing, finances, legal department and much much more. It was no wonder they needed such dominant and far reaching towers as big as their ambition. The deepest, most secret and secure levels were for the special projects. These were need to know and he was directly in charge of most of it. This was his domain and down here, he was king.:: Richardson: Jasin Maradere was quite impressed with our investment here and of course the access to skilled workers will help us recover our strength after the unfortunate loss of the Vanquish. Tor’kath let his success go to his head. He got sloppy and all his plans went awry but you know what they say... “the best laid schemes of mice and men do often go awry.” I can’t have another incident like that Mr Gray, I must and will protect my business interests with any means necessary. ::While it was clearly good news that their settlement here was going well, they wouldn’t have lost business and been forced to move out here had it not been for Tor’kath. Dr Richardson was a man with little patience for fools and no tolerance of mistakes. Since the Federation started poking around and investigating the Vanquish and other assets the CEO had been especially difficult to work with. When he told you heads would roll, he meant it. Right now his menacing tone betrayed his fury that one of their most important special projects had hit the rocks. This was down to one of his own people - Natalya Lagunova but as lead developer the buck stopped with him. He would make her pay for her failure, for making him look incompetent in front of the boss! He had given her a spearhead class ship for the smuggling operation. The CSS Repulse was fast, maneuverable and tough. It didn’t have a lot of raw firepower but it’s EM warfare systems could lock down enemy systems, leaving them disabled and unable to prevent them fleeing to distant lands. He rounded on his boss, as his own short fuse sparked. He had already explained the cause of the setback and the individual behind it so there was no point rehashing the same points repeatedly.:: Gray: It is the plans of lesser men that go awry. ::He ran a hand through his cropped black hair, which was flecked with grey, giving it a tousled look. The back of his hand swiped his rough chin as he cooled his demeanour and sought to remind Victor just how valuable an asset he was to The Consortium. His proven track record and talent for disposing of the competition had easily secured him this position and he had no desire to lose everything he’d worked so hard to gain.:: Gray: Being as resourceful as I am, I was able to develop a cheaper substitute. Not only have we claimed three months back from the initial setback, we’ll save billions of bars of latinum in the long run - not to mention the heat generated by efforts to acquire biomimetic gel. ::Of course there was a catch, several actually. The product was being of lower quality, not suitable for use in all experiments. It wouldn’t eliminate their need for biomimetic gel, it would merely reduce it. The fact that the substitute was more unstable and hazardous than the real deal made it a poor long term solution in his mind. However, the ultimate goal was to start production of biomimetic gel in their own facilities and plans for a small manufacturing plant had already been passed to fabrication. The underground site was being dug out and fortified as they spoke.::Richardson: In that case it won’t bother you to hear that this Captain Renos has been placed in charge of an operation in the region then? Gray: What? ::He turned his head, steely grey eyes met Dr Richardson’s. This was the first he’d heard of any operation involving the Federation, nevermind this Captain Renos. They couldn’t be here simply on their account surely? It worried him little. The Federation had no territory, very little presence and less influence out here. They were all aware that House Larokon would be little more than fair weather friends, but as long as looking after Consortium interests was in their interests they could do as they pleased.::Richardson: Official line is that they are here as peacekeepers, responding to Caraadian pleas for help in the war against the Valcarians.::A war they intended to profit from considerably.::Gray: Unofficially? Richardson: I have it on good authority they plan to ‘keep an eye on us’. ::He paused for dramatic effect:: I thought it might be nice to extend the hand of hospitality to our suspicious neighbours to personally show them what an upstanding business we run here.Gray: Wonderful. ::In an oily manner::::A sly smile crept across his face, which was mirrored by the man before him who was both his employer and mentor.::Richardson: I’m headed up to the core. I have a meeting at 2 to discuss the Scorpous serum. Our new friends are very keen to see a sample in action to verify the effectiveness of the product. They will suffer no more delays Gray. You will have your deadline by 5pm and you will rise to the challenge because the consequences of failure would be dire indeed.PNPCs Dr Richardson, CEO and Dr Dominic Gray lead developer at The ConsortiumSimmed by:-Fleet Captain Renos - Commanding Officer, Andaris Task Force * Executive Council & Captain's Council Member * Academy Commandant A238805EB0
  15. ((Starbase 11)) Dial: No, Boe, I didn't mean to...Boe: But you did it.::Angrily, Boe, Dial's obese sibling, stomped off the room. Dial tried to follow but with every step the ground felt more and more like viscous honey. It became harder and harder to follow Boe and eventually Dial tumbled. Falling into the molten ground Dial made one last attempt to reach out to her sibling.::Dial: Wait, Boe. Please. ::The huge Paelian didn't even look back and only after the doors closed, Dial said, more to herself than to her sibling that was gone once more.:: I need you.::Dial's eyes blinked and she hyperventilated. She had missed the one opportunity to get Boe back, to reconcile with him. To her it didn't matter, that she sunk more and more into molten ground. In fact she appreciated it. At some point, she was completely swallowed and woke up.::((Starbase 11, psychiatric ward, Dial's quarter)) ::Dial felt her body parching while she breathed stertorously. Entirely dried out, she made it somehow to get out of bed, tumble into the bathroom and turn on the aquatic shower. She laid down a while without moving while replicated water showered down on her physically exhausted body. Very slowly she started to move again. She turned around so that not only her back would be watered. At some point, she opened her mouth and with the water reviving her body functions, her brain started to work properly again. Only now she understood that what she had experienced moments before was merely a dream.::Dial: oO Can you believe this? Only three days aboard this station and I am freaking out like this.Oo ::A few seconds passed before another thought crossed her mind. oO Moy, this is why they got you here, remember?Oo((Flashback, USS Constitution, Evening of the Holiday Party)) Dial: Hey Alex. Williams: Dial!? What an unexpected surprise. Dial: Prepared a little something for you. ::Handing over a gift that was packed in transparent wrapping paper.:: Williams: Aw? You shouldn’t have. ::Alex took the gift and felt his cheeks burn a little.:: What is it? Dial: Moy, open it. You'll see. Williams: Thank you Dial. That is very thoughtful. Dial: Moy, press the button on the bottom. :: Alex looked a little puzzled since he hadn’t seen the button yet. When he did find it he pressed it and a small hologram was projected through the berg crystal. It started with a picture of a city, high from the sky and as the picture zoomed in Alex recognized it. It was Venice, the city he visited with Dial about two years ago. As the scene zoomed in even further Alex could see two people in a gondola and it didn’t take him long to see it was him with Dial.:: Faranster: That's so beautiful, Dial. :: Her voice full of awe, as she got closer and was able to look more closely at the people in the boat. :: ::Dial recognized Dr. Faranster's voice. She had seen her around Alex and actually she had hoped to catch Alex when he was alone. Now she felt a little ridiculous for giving him the gift this evening.:: Williams: Dial this is amazing ::Utterly cconfused, Dial didn't know how to answer in this situation and helplessly turned at Faranster.:: Faranster: I'm sorry to intrude, I was looking for Alex, I didn't know this was a private moment. :: Her tone was soft, and demure. :: I just had a couple questions, but they can wait. Williams: Well… ::Alex now turned away from Dial and focused on Sundassa:: oO Oh dear… this is going to end bad for someone.. Oo to be honest I wanted to discuss something with you as well. Dial: I don't want disturb you two any furhter. Faranster: I'm not worried about that. :: She smiled. :: I was just curious if there were meanings behind different kinds of earthen flowers... :: turning to Alex :: You explained that these were sort of a tradition, :: she held up the flower :: but I wasn't sure if there was something more behind the flower... Williams: :: Alex spotted the rose he brought Sun and knew what is was used for. And then he realized that all he had to do was say that. It would make his intentions clear, even though those weren’t his intentions when the night started. :: It’s a rose, ancient symbol of love and beauty… ::Dial stepped back. Careful not to make it look like she fled from the situation, she took a step and waited for a few seconds. Thereby she unvoluntarily overheard the rest of the conversation between Faranster and Williams.:: Faranster: Well, I think humans have some interesting traditions associated with flower and plants. Like toemistle, I believe it's good luck to stand beneath it... which is why I found it fascinating that the spot under this particular twig was surprisingly empty when I approached. :: Alex followed Sun’s hand with the twig and for a moment he wasn’t sure if she was dead serious or actually telling him to make a move. When she spoke it became very clear to him:: Am I right, do I have good luck? ::Alex didn’t speak. He leaned forward. While his arms sort of opened up he gently pushed Sun towards him a little and kissed her. The moment lasted a few secondsAs he pulled back his head he kept his arms around her and looked her in the eye.:: Williams: I hope that answers that question… Faranster: Oh... yes. Um.... I'll just wait at our table to continue our date, Alex. Williams: Thanks… ::Now a few metres away, Dial had nowhere to look but at the two and was still kind of part of the conversation.:: Williams: I don't know what to say... This wasn't planned at all. I asked her out for an evening as friends, and I never expected it to kindle some old flames, last of all I expected them to be mutual. Dial: Oh, don't worry. I tried to find personal, emotional gifts for everyone. oO Except that I didn't hand over each and every one of them.Oo I think, Sun is waiting. ::Unable to bear one more line by Alex, Dial spinned on her heel and headed for the exit. Her breath frequency increased and her eyes blinked, slowly at first, then faster and faster, and more and more she shook her head. When she had left the room, she didn't need to hide her emotional breakdown any further. She headed for the closest unmanned workshpace she could find and spent the rest of the evening pitying herself.:: ::It was this very state she spent her time until the arrival Starbase 11 where she asked for a leave due to her psychological situation. She had seen Danzia one last time before being transferred to the station's psychiatry. She felt that a more intensive way of taking care of her might help her more than the weekly sessions she had had on the Constitution.::((End of Flashback)) ::In some 40 minutes, Dial had satisfied her body's need for water and heat by standing in the aquatic shower, enjoying the boiling water rush down her chubby body. She hated sleeping in a bed but the psychiatry's regulations were very strict about the design of the quarters. There were so many unknown scenarios of what might happen if they allowed Dial to have the cylindric water tank, she was used to. Dr. Krystof Szot had even pointed out that the personnel wouldn't know how exactly to use restraints on someone sleeping in a 'fish tank'. Dial had felt very uncomfortable in that debate and had only agreed since she badly needed treatment. Also, her agreement wouldn't inhibit her from sending an official complaint to Starfleet Medical.:: ::Reflecting on the three days of therapy, Dial thought her decision had been the right one. She had spent some of the time with other people in group sessions, tried individual therapies and been part of holodeck approaches. From her first day onwards, she had been part of the daily life inside the ward. Dial had talked in the individual talks a lot about her family problems and concentrated in the group therapy sessions on her problem with Williams and her frustration with her limitation of getting into contact with people.::::Yesterday, though, Dr. Szot had asked her about why she was talking about different topics in the different therapies and that she should see him today about this. Dial was not afraid of the discussion itself but of the situation. Confronting a doctor who's currently oneself did need some courage. It was time to head for that conversation.:: -------------------- OOC:http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Dial/Personal_Glossary ------------------- Ens. Dial Nurse USS Constitution-B A239103D10
  16. ((Bridge)) :: Hell had gotten loose on the Conny and the Bridge had heard about it last, which was a new one for Jalana. She now had to sort through events, make a plan and had asked Engineering to give them a diagram of the ship on the main screen, Dag had tinted in the areas without power, Caesar had added the areas affected of fires and gas leaks. That diagram lit up like a christmas tree. Jalana really hoped that these were the only areas, but that was hope, not knowledge. :: Rajel: Okay. We need to form a couple of teams. We know that the lifts can't reach these decks, so let's get as close as we can, and use the Jeffrey's tube for access. Since the ship own systems can't take care of the fires, we need manual extinguishers. Every team also needs flashlights and phaser on stun. It might be possible that these voices are intruders, though I hope they aren't. For communications we need walkie talkies, because Comm badges do not work. I'll keep one on the bridge to be sure there is a way for contact.Soriano: Are we the only one’s that will be doing the rescuing? Look how small our group is.Thea: Well, the other option is to stand here with our thumbs up our noses. I know which option I'd rather take. Rajel: I am sure that medical is sending people out. It might be worth to latch onto them, to have bundled efficiently. I'd like to have three or four teams to try and put out fires and get people out. Dag, I know you have all your hands full with trying to get things fixed. ::She looked to the guys on the bridge and smiled.:: Thea, Akoni, Caesar, care to have a walk in the dark?Soriano: I’m already on a ship out in the middle of the vastness of space so, ::she shrugged her shoulders:: Why not. Let’s do this!Thea: That's the spirit, Skippy. Let's do this. Hol: Yeah! Let's do this! :: When Caesar suddenly covered his ears, Jalana instinctively took a step forward to check on him, but the Counselor seemed to be already on it. :: Thea: What are you doing? Rajel: Are you alright, Caesar? ::She forced herself to stay back to not step on someone else's toes. :: Soriano: ?Hol: Seriously... You can't hear that.Rajel: Hear what? Soriano: ?Thea: No, that's exactly how they acted before they started running off and yelling.Hol: I've heard it before. Back in my marine days. Ah. Me and my men were attacked by something, we called it the Presence. It drove my men insane.Thea: Wait, whoah... you have heard this before? When? Where?!:: Jalana wondered if that thing could have been following him, but that would not make much sense. If there had been on board the whole time it would have shown any signs of presence before now. Maybe there was a 'Presence' on the Unity? Or something on the Unity tiggered this? :: Soriano/Hol: ?Thea: It could be a lead - but we need sane crew to investigate those leads. Soriano/Hol: ?Rajel: Agreed. So let's get your team ready so you can start getting that crew out of the dark areas. We should have the right tools in the suppy cupboard. ::She gestured in its direction and Thea headed right over to get whatever would be useful for them out of it. :: Thea: Two fire suppressants. Four handlamps, one medical kit, and four phasers. Anything I'm forgetting?:: Jalana wondered why she grabbed four phasers and it appeared that the Counselor assumed that Jalana would go with them. She smiled to herself. How much would she have liked to go with them. Rajel: No sounds good. Keep the fourth as a backup for whoever you find. I will have to remain here. As said you are not alone out there, we have a big ship with many people and I'll call out to form more teams. :: Ezirah walked up to them and handed each of them a walkie-talkie, apparently he had gotten those while the four had talked. :: Rajel: Thank you. Keep those with you and use them for contact while you are on the dark decks, communicators won't work down there. ::With that she turned hers on.:: Soriano/Hol: ?Thea: I ain't afraid of no ghosts... ::She proclaimed, grabbing her equipment and heading for the door.Hol: Who's gonna stay on the bridge? We can't leave the ship unmanned!:: Jalana almost laughed, but suppressed it.:: Rajel: Look around. We have 5 people here, apart from us four, also over 900 more crew members, two of them will come up as soon as you leave to take over your consoles. I would hardly calle that unmanned, Caesar. Don't you worry. We'll be fine. Dismissed.Thea/Soriano/Hol: ?:: She watched the team leave and placed the walkie talkie on the seat next to her own, where the Counselor or Medical Officer or whoever would help out without a console on the bridge would be seated. She raised a hand to brush over her forehead, a few fiery locks got tangled between her fingers. :: Ezirah: Sir, you should see that. :: She looked up to him and he gestured to the screen where she looked at one of the camera images. The person next to the camera wearer raised their arm and shot at Kalos. Well not directly at him, but only a little above at the wall behind him. She blinked. :: Rajel: Which camera is that?Ezirah: Doctor Milsap. :: Jalana's heart beat a little faster. :: Rajel: Who is the shooter?:: Apparently Jerry looked at the teammate. From what Jalana could see he was no Senior Officer, which was difficult with the helmet. So it had to be the security detail. :: Ezirah: Senior Chief Petty Officer Riyao, Security. Commander Fiorr does not appear to be hurt.:: Jalana nodded slightly, relieved to hear that. A cold shiver ran over her back, as if someone had dragged down the thermostat on the bridge. For a brief moment she closed her eyes and exhaled. As she opened them again she stared into the blackness of a non visible face under a black hooded figure staring her right into the face. She yelped and fell backwards onto her chair, seeing that it was not just a black hood but a robe, floor long and tattered. :: Voice: They will be mine. :: The throaty voice rattled like a bunch of marbles in a metal can. Jalana had frozen up on her seat, unable to move and the cold seeped through every cell of her body, making it hard to breath. She did not have to be terran to recognize the Grim Reaper. She tried to speak but all strength had been soaked out of her body at the sight of the one thing she feared more than anything else. :: Ezirah: Ma'am? Ma'am are you alright? :: The El Aurian's voice came through, slowly like through many layers of cotton. She felt a touch and jumped in her seat with a scream. But it caused the image in front of her to change, from the black hooded faceless taker of lives to the worried expression on the quiet Intel Officer, whose curls dropped in front of his shoulders, framing the bronze face. :: Ezirah: Are you alright, Ma'am?:: Jalana looked around, officers from all stations either looked over to her in confusion, or tried very hard to look away. The viewscreen still showed the Unity, the camera image and the ship's diagram. Everything was normal, he was not here any more. :: Rajel: Yea... yeah I'm fine. It's nothing. Ezirah: Are you sure, Ma'am? ::She clearly saw that he doubted that. She lowered her voice so only he could hear it. :: Rajel: Did you see someone in front of me? Tall, black robes... Ezirah: No. Should I call for a Counselor or Medic to check on you? Rajel: They are busy with the trapped crew. But you could give me a medkit from the other panel. :: The Intel officer didn't wait a beat, before he headed right there and came back with the medkit just a moment later and went back to his console, though she felt that he kept checking on her. As she opened it, she saw the vials of drugs, that could easily help her to calm down. Her fingers slightly shook as she forced herself not to use either. It was so tempting, so easy. Just like back then, suppress, calm down, don't think. No she had to keep a clear head. She hoped that he hadn't noticed her hesitation and quickly grabbed the Tricorder to check on herself. :: :: She leaned back and exhaled, her eyes fixed on the tricorder. Raised blood pressure, pulse is too high... ::She furrowed her brow.:: Increased brain activity. Thea had talked about people hearing voices, being spooked, hearing things. Caesar had heard something none of them had. Kalos had spoken of a voice in his head earlier. She had seen and heard the Grim Reaper... :: .oO What is going on here? Oo. TBC-----Captain Jalana RajelCommanding OfficerUSS Constitution BImage Team FacilitatorA238906JL0
  17. (( Government Plaza - Anjunaar District )) ((30 Minutes post engagement – 06:13 Local Time)) ::Nine losses and forty-eight confirmed kills. For a hostile beam-in surrounded on all sides, the sheer maths of it should have made this a moment of triumph. All too often these sort of incursions ended in larger losses and lessons learned, promises to train harder that often didn’t bear fruit.But there would be no celebration, at least not from Tatash. He had nine letters to write when he returned to the station. Nine parents, partners and children that were going to be mourning a loved one, collecting little more than a folded flag and a note explaining why their dearest had to die on some backwater little world.::Hughes: “We tracked a few of the stragglers Sir, all hostiles have left the theatre”.::Tatash grunted in response. Of course they had ran at the first sign of a genuine military force. Tilanna consisted of a barely capable Police force rife with corruption, with no actual armed force to speak of. To go from taking pot-shots at a Police cruiser to being engaged by a true outfit would have been a shock to the system. The chances were they wouldn’t be met in the field again, not in a stand up fight at least::Tatash: “They were children, Phil. Look at them. Do you really think they knew the risks? That they knew what they’d be up against?”::He gestured to the row of enemy corpses, being loaded up onto the local ambulances. He’d already ensured his own fallen troopers had been beamed back to the Aegis::Hughes: “No.” ::They didn’t share any more words, just a few moments looking around the wreckage as the sun started to finally break through down onto the ground. Blackened vehicles and barricaded metal lay twisted, reformed by the heat of plasma into a twisted sculpture while the once pristine walls of the Governmental building were cratered like the surface of a barren moon. The occasional fire still burned, one by one being damped out by the planets fire service, the entire scene having transformed from a pleasant civic garden to the war-torn hell that Tatash had seen countless times before. It had always been and would always be nothing short of madness:: Jemet: "I take it that you are in charge here?" ::He turned to face the Cardassian woman who had approached them, Captain Hughes moving quietly off to assess the damage inside the building::Tatash: “I am, for now. Major Tatash, 292nd Iron Yaegers”. Jemet: "Senior Inspector Gilora Jemet, Anjunaar City Police Department" :: she extended her hand towards the reptile. :: "I'm glad you and your people are here..." ::He didn’t take the offered hand. His powered gauntlet could crunch her bones into dust if he squeezed a little too hard, he also found the concept of friendly gestures to be somehow immoral given their ruined surroundings::Tatash: “I can give you nine reasons why I’m not, Inspector.”::A harsh comment, but a fair one. The Police forces incompetence had cost both sides dearly and had started dragging in external forces to spill blood on their soil.:: Jemet: "I'm sorry you got caught up in our mess Major Tatash." :: she motioned to the smoldering wreckage of the skimmer :: "I'm afraid the mob were prepared to take us on."Tatash: “They were prepared to take us all on. I suppose we have the narcotics to thank for that.”::It had crossed his mind after the initial engagement, how a group of civilian mobsters could stand and face such a force as his head on. Then they had found vials of ATH on practically all of them, the blood-work would undoubtedly reveal they were all out of their minds on the powerful substance:: Jemet: "I take it you secured the Governor, is he unharmed?" Tatash: “He has been secured. He’s receiving medical attention at the moment.”Jemet: :: alarmed :: "Medical assistance? May I see him?"Tatash: “Of course, he’s still in his office. It’s probably the safest part of this entire compound.”Jemet: "Stay here and assistant the marines where you can." ::She turned to her uniformed officers. :: "Care to walk with me Major?":: He nodded and followed Jemet into the building, hydraulic servo’s whining in this legs. The lobby was absolutely ruined, thin plaster walls tore down by weapons fire, his feet crunching on shattered glass underfoot as several of the large skylights lay ruined on what was a beautiful mosaic floor.He couldn’t help but notice that Jemet didn’t seem at all phased by the sight of the pools of blood on the floor, smeared where people had been dragged away either for medical aid or to finish the job, Raisillius was as efficient a killer as he was disciplined. No prisoners were taken from the building, nor had he expected there to be. :: Jemet: "I wish I could say that this was an isolated incident." :: beat :: "This is the fourth major riot against the government in six months. Al'Akir is a good, honourable man but this planet is a cesspool. He's one man surrounded by bad, bad people." Tatash: “You call this a riot Inspector? Riots on most worlds involve broken shop windows and burning cars, not firefights and public executions. This was a out and out rebellion” Jemet: "All Time High is just the latest in a long line of problems Major" :: beat :: "We've dealth with traffickers, smugglers, arms dealers, other drug epidemics... all within the last five years. This is like Nimbus III writ large."Tatash: “Things are completely and hopelessly out of hand then.”Jemet: "I'll be honest with you Major, I've come close to resigning so many times." :: beat :: "Al'Akir persuaded me to stay, I don't understand how he can be so optimistic when 9 out 10 members of staff are on the take."::He didn’t say a word to that one as they stepped into the elevator which was struggling to lift the added weight of a tank armored Gorn.:: Jemet: "I take it your Marines won't be assisting in the search for Malinov's murderer?"Tatash: “No, that falls under the remit of Commander Whittaker’s team.”Jemet: "Is this 'Whittaker' a good man?"”::He suddenly felt a pang of emotion towards his friend. Theo was the definition of a good man, always wanting to see the best of a situation. When they had faced down that monstrosity weapon Providence, he’d seen how close it had pushed him to breaking. How would he react to coming down into this mess, seeing the death and the carnage that his best friend had brought down on the heads of these misguided souls. Would it harm their friendship?::Tatash: “He is. The best I know”Jemet: :: with a weary chuckle :: "He'll be eaten alive here Major."::He paused for a second to press the emergency stop button, leaning himself in with a hand covering his microphone pickup::Tatash: ::growling:: “If a single hair on his head comes to harm, Inspector, I will tear this city apart finding the ones that did it and I can promise you it won’t be pleasant.” ::He let that linger for a moment, locking his gaze with hers before letting the elevator start once more::
  18. ((Unknown, Unknown)) ::He woke up with a jolt. He expected the bright light of the sickbay, surrounded by worried doctor and nurses, and the smell of the gas. But he didn't. He looked around, he was in a dream, it seemed. The white background started to materialise. It turned into a ship's bridge. He slowly took a step towards one of the consoles. The crew there couldn't see him, apparently. The Human Captain sat on his chair, facing the viewscreen intently. Chelin peered down at the console. He was on the Kyushu. The ship his dad had died on.:: ::There wasn't an Andorian on the bridge. Chelin started to breath heavily and fast walked to the screen. The Borg. Chelin realised, he was at the Battle of Wolf 359. The turbolift behind him opened up, and an Andorian figure stepped out. His hair was straight, eyes were gleaming. It looked as if he got into some trouble before he came here.:: Dad: Hello, Chelin. ::His head spun around, the Andorian knew his name and knew he was there!:: Chelin: H-hello..who are you? ::The Andorian walked over and placed both of his hands on Chelin's.:: Dad: I am your father, Chelin. ::A shot of anxiety and panic riddled Chelin's body. It can't be. He died 25 years ago. Died the same day Chelin was born. This was impossible.:: Chelin: No...it can't be! You died 25 years ago! ::Pain captured his voice, he felt betrayed.:: Dad: I am aware of that...::he let go of his shoulders:: Chelin: Why..only now? ::The question paralysed his father, stopping in his tracks in front of the Captain. He took a moment to take in the question.:: Dad: This was the right time. I hope you know that you are about to die. ::Chelin fell backwards. D-die..? Of falling down a deck and breathing in unknown fumes? Before another word came out, his father spoke first.:: Dad: You joined Starfleet. Chelin: ::Shaking the death thought out:: Yes, I did. ::A blast shook the ship, throwing officers to the floor. Chelin and his father were unfazed. The battle had just begun.:: Dad: Three different divisions in one family. I was in Engineering. Your brother in Command. You in Science. ::Was that necessary?:: Chelin: I am...aware of that. Dad: ::He nodded his head:: Good. ::One more blast shook the bridge, exploding some consoles. It was not real. Nothing in this dream was real. But it felt real.:: Chelin: Where will you be, right now? ::The question was left hanging as the bridge combusted into flames. Consoles were breaking apart, officers were flung out of their seats, the vacuum of space exposed itself. The Captain tried to pilot the ship himself, surviving the blast. It did not last long, until a ray of light enveloped the bridge.:: ::The setting was white again, this time around he was alone.:: Chelin: Anyone there?! ::echo:: ::He squat down to feel the floor. Nothing. Plain, simple floor. Immediately the background materialised. He faced a stage, an Admiral held about 10 pieces of papers. In front of the stage, the banner read 'Battle of Wolf 359 Memoriam".:: ::The birds were chirping, the San Fransisco Bay water soothly crashing against the wall. The Golden Gate Bridge stands like a mighty king. The memoriam appeared to be attended by hundreds and hundreds of grieving civilians. Seats extended all the way to the back. That's when he spotted Andorians among them. Surely, there were other Andorians grieving for their lost ones. But Chelin was sure it was his mother, holding himself, alongside his elder brother.:: ::The Admiral was reading names, of the lost ones to the Borg cube, destroyed by the Enterprise above orbit of Earth. Each name mentioned, sounds of crying and weeping here heard.:: Admiral: Charon Ch'Gabor, Engineering Officer, USS Kyushu. ::A mildly loud cry could be heard, his mother. Chelin himself felt like breaking down. It was like losing another parent, in spite of losing already one. He tried to conceal the tears, failing miserably at it.:: Dad: How do you feel, Chelin? ::He appeared right next to him, as the Admiral read more names.:: Chelin: ::Chocking on his tears:: Dreadful. Sad. Emotionally-scarred. Dad: That was how your mother felt, after losing me. You take from her. ::Soon, the San Fransisco view disappeared and the white background surfaced again. Still crying, Chelin started getting agitated. What was the purpose?!:: Chelin: ::Wanting to shout, but chocking:: What does this mean?!? ::There wasn't any answer. He sat on the empty floor, unsure of his next move.:: Dad: Nobody wants you to die, Chelin. ::Once again, he reappeared.:: Dad: Your mother can't take another loss. Your brother does not have the guts to take care of her, if she gets emotionally scarred again. She will go crazy. Goodbye, son. ::Nothing else. He didn't felt like he was dying. But whatever the fall gave him, it must have hurt himself a lot.:: oO I'm not ready to die, just yet. Oo TBC Ens. Chelin Ch'Gabor Science Officer USS Constitution-B C239212CC0
  19. (( Corridors, USS Invicta )) ::A new ship, and a new school. Not *entirely* new, something for which she was grateful. The faces were mostly the same, and of course Dylan now had new partner in crime, in form of Saavok. He didn't really need walking to the classroom, and she suspected it wouldn't be long before he wanted to be left to get to school alone. But for now, he was content with the company and she liked the few extra moments it gave her with her eldest. ::Though her company was lacking that morning. While Amelia was contentedly cocooned in her sling, as ever soothed by motion, Quinn was distracted by the PADD in her hand. She scowled at the urgent missive from Admiral Zeldenthuis that was seared into the screen, not daring to respond immediately, for fear of career-ending sarcasm. The next time she saw that man... well, she'd… she'd... ::She'd be very cross. Not that it would do her any good. The ebullient Dutchman was well used to her squinted glares by now, and almost seemed to delight in them. Perhaps this time she'd try not to give him the satisfaction. ::Chance would be a fine thing. Pursing her lips, Quinn dropped her hand -- and the PADD she carried -- to her side, and looked to her son, who was unusually quiet. ::He wasn't there. ::She turned, puzzled to see him a few paces back, stood at an intersection, staring intently down one of the corridors. Reynolds: Dylan? ::She started back toward him.:: What's-- Dylan: Dad? ::He paused, disbelieving.:: Dad? DAD! ::He broke into a sprint, charging down the corridor and out of sight. She frowned in confusion, then realisation dawned and all the colour drained from her already pale skin. Reluctantly, her shoulders hunching in grim anticipation, she looked in the direction her son was running. ::If looks could kill, she would have combusted on the spot. Walter Brunsig *glared* at her, seconds before Dylan threw his arms around his arms around his waist. The boy was barely holding back tears, almost overcome with emotion. ::Quinn felt like crying too, but hers was an entirely different set of reasons.:: Dylan: Nono, look! Look! ::Oh, she was looking. Like a shuttle wreck, she couldn't turn away. Dylan released Walter, only to take his hand and start dragging him down the corridor toward her. Silently, she prayed for a red alert. ::It was not forthcoming.:: Dylan: Look! Look, Nono! You were wrong! He's okay! ::Her answering smile was a grimace, and she deliberately avoided meeting Walter's gaze. The threat of spontaneous combustion had only increased, after all.:: Reynolds: I, uh… Yes, I was. ::Her mind went blank. Amelia groused in the sling. There was an awkward pause that ended with an irritated snort from the tall blond.:: Brunsig: Isn't it time for school? Dylan: Yes, but-- Brunsig: Go. Use that brain of yours. Expand your mind. Be productive. Shoot spitballs at your teacher. Dylan: But-- Brunsig: Beat it, Pickle. ::A moment, then he added,:: We can catch up when my shift's finished. Dylan: Promise? Brunsig: Scout's honour. ::When Dylan didn't move, Walter planted his hands on his shoulders, turned him in the direction of the classrooms and walked him a couple of steps forward.:: School. Now. ::There were some fights you couldn't win, and she saw the realisation that this was one of them cross her son's face. He grumbled, glanced back at them both, and shot Walter a small smile before tearing off in the direction of the classrooms. No doubt Saavok would be hearing all about how Dylan's dead father was not-so-dead after all.:: Reynolds: Thank you. ::To no one's surprise, his mood markedly soured after Dylan's departure, and he was back to glaring at her.:: Brunsig: I'm not doing it for you. ::He eyed her.:: So why didn't you tell him? Reynolds: ::Weakly,:: I… was going to? ::She just hadn't been sure how. How to tell Dylan that the man he considered his father wasn't dead after all, but marooned on an uninhabited planet for several years. How he was back, but there'd be no happy families. That civil conversation was a stretch. ::And honestly? She didn't expect him to stay around for very long. If she knew Walter, his transfer request was already submitted, and he was simply waiting for permission to hightail it away.:: Brunsig: Let me guess. Your great, master plan was to hope we wouldn't bump into each other? Reynolds: Yes. Brunsig: For someone so smart, you can be jaw-achingly stupid. Reynolds: ::She sighed.:: Yes. ::Insults thrown and acknowledged, she expected him to walk away. He almost did, taking a step forward. But something caught his eye. Something small, blond and five months old.:: Brunsig: So this is the spawn of Reynolds. ::He paused, studying Amelia.:: She's not entirely unattractive. Who's her father? ::Oh. That question. Why did he have to ask *that* question? She grimaced, and the reluctance to answer was obvious in her voice.:: Reynolds: Harrison Ross. ::He paused. She saw the recognition in his eyes.:: Brunsig: You have appalling taste in men, Quinn. Reynolds: You aren't so bad. Brunsig: I rest my case. ::She gave him a weary, resigned look. Oddly, he had returned his intense gaze to Amelia, who returned it, and threw in a gummy smile for good measure.:: Reynolds: Walter? ::His eyes snapped back up to her, and his scowl returned.:: Brunsig: I'll stay out of your way while I'm aboard. Reciprocate. ::He paused.:: Dylan can come by if he must, but I'm not sticking around, and I'm not going to explain that to him. ::She sought for the right words. Perhaps not to fix things -- nothing would immediately repair the damage, but maybe she could start things in the right direction.:: Look, I-- Reynolds: Walter, I-- ::She didn't get to finish. He slapped his combadge, began barking out orders and stalked off down the corridor. Wrapped up in her own unhappiness, she didn't see the last glance he threw over his shoulder as he rounded the corner and moved out of sight.:: fin -- Captain Quinn Reynolds Director of IntelligenceUSS Invicta & Commander Walter BrunsigStrategic OperationsMenthar Corridor
  20. (( Salon De Georgio - USS Apollo A )) ::Fleeing the scene of his quarters, where he had just gotten the news that not only was he and Artem to leave the Apollo, but also that the one person onboard who he had really connected with would not technically be considered a ‘person’ at all by most of the ship. He had called for Georgio, whose program designation was, he had just found out, Emergency Holographic Hair Stylist, and a moment later he had appeared in the chaotic disorder of sparkly sumptuousness that was the empty quarters he had likely just taken over on a whim. :: :: When Georgio appeared in the absolutely fabulous sparkle, his babyblue eyes caught Avaris right away and he smiled brightly. :: Georgio : Avaris. Don’t tell me I finally got you to succumb to my amazing cutting skills? ::Avaris laughed sadly .:: Torrin: No… I am not here for a hair cut…. I think I have gotten out of that forever now. Georgio : ::laughing:: You are not getting out of that just because you say it, sweetcheeks. You would look smashing with shorter hair. Torrin: You know that might actually look good, but I don’t have the time Georgio… I came to say goodbye, Artem and I are leaving the Apollo, he has been reassigned. Georgio: Oh you are going for a vacation. ::He clapped his hands:: How exciting! Torrin: … no, that means we are going off of the ship, onto a different ship where you won't be. :: Georgio tilted his head slightly. He might not have known much about organic lifeforms, but a few things he knew. :: Georgio: Of course you are, you are not able to breath in space for your travel. Torrin: No you still aren't understanding… we are going to be on a different ship. A place that is like the Apollo but it is a different place entirely. We will only be able to talk to each other by making subspace calls to each-other, with a computer terminal like this one. ::Georgio looked at Avaris in confusion. What did he mean a place like the Apollo but different? Now Georgio was not stupid. He was connected to the computer in a way organics could never be. But he had his purpose, being an Emergency Hair stylist and Fashion guru, so he did not access the database for anything beyond that. It was just not his interest. So he did not really know, that the Apollo was not the only ship, or the only place to go for that matter. He knew that people looked different. Some had spots, others pointy ears, others ridges on their faces or different skin colours. But while knowing that, he did not completely grasp that they had come from different places, because he did not access that part of the database. :: ::Avaris lead him over to the computer and activated it. :: Torrin: Whenever you want to talk to me, all you have to do is tell the computer to call me like this. ::He showed him how to find people to call with a search for them by Starfleet ship or facility and name. :: :: Georgio watched the Trill as he showed him the use of that terminal. So many different ship names, that he could choose from, and on these were so many people, that he could contact with the touch of the screen. The hologram’s eyes were wide as he saw the thousands of profiles skimming by. :: Georgio: Oh! ::he whispered and did not take his eyes of the display:: Look at all these people! So many poor unfortunate people in need of my fabulous skills! Torrin : Georgio, I wanted to talk to you about something important, something a bit serious. You realize that you are different from most people on this ship right? :: The pink haired hair stylist had still gone through lots and lots of ships and planet installations of Starfleet, judging their file pictures, putting them into a priority order of need, when Torrin spoke and he smiled widely. :: Georgio: Of course. Not only am I the most fabulous, but the others are also organic. Torrin: Yes… that's right. Most of us can't talk to the ships computer the way you can, we cant see what is going on outside the ship without asking the computer to show us on a screen. We also can’t turn on and off the way you can…. I think you have been turned on for a very long time now haven’t you? When was the last time somebody shut you down? :: Georgio finally turned to look at Avaris, his head gracefully tilted to the side, his slender arms on the skirted hips. :: Georgio: You have never asked these things before. Torrin: Georgio I … I didn’t realize you were synthetic before now, I only learned this today. Georgio: ::Chuckling:: Am I that convincing that you did not notice? :: Avaris laughed loudly, at the ridiculousness of the situation. :: Torrin: Actually no you aren’t at all, I guess I am just not very observant. Georgio: Well I am here since the Apollo left the dock. Haven’t been turned off since. I did… read is the closest to what you call it I guess... about what you organics do. Sleep. But I have not slept myself. I did ask that lovely pink haired woman Luna Walker for her help though, to change my program so I can turn myself on and off. She also gave me this portable thing, just in case the holoemitters have to be turned off again or get damaged. But I wear it under my clothing, because there is no way to accessorize with it. ::He rolled his eyes in a dramatic way.:: Torrin: I would expect nothing less from you Mister Georgio. Georgio: :: He grinned further:: I am sure you would like her. She is glorious. And that hair! She let me even style it. You should meet her. :: He looked to the wall panel with all the faces and looked up the personnel of the Apollo and when he found her, he noticed the note beneath.:: Oh. She is transferred to a place called Excalibur. ::His face dropped slightly, the disappointment clearly written in his face.:: ::Torrin sighed… it was good that the chief engineer was supportive of Georgio up to now, but how could he be sure that her replacement would be equally accommodating. :: Torrin: Georgio, I need you to promise me that whoever the new chief is, you won’t let them mess around with you. I don't know who… made you, but you have so much potential and it would be a crime to change you in any way. :: The babyblue eyes of the hologram were fixed on Avaris’ face, wandering all over it and trying to make sense of the expression on his face, the tone in his voice. What was that about? It did not sound like usual, and it was not anger or sadness. What was it? He tried to compare it to those he had seen around and thought he remembered it in the face of that tanned woman with the red dot on her forehead. In surprise he straightened his head. :: Georgio: Honey… are you concerned about me? ::Avaris looked down at the pink haired man, a bit sadly. :: Torrin: Yes, of course I am concerned about you Georgio. We are friends. :: Georgio looked at Avaris with wonder in his eyes, before he took a long step forward and jumped up, wrapping his arms around the broad shoulders of the man in front of him and just hugged him. :: ::Avaris bristled initially… he was not a person who made a habit of touching. :: Torrin: Oh! Well…. okay... Georgio: ::without letting go:: Nobody was concerned about me ever before. :: He felt himself melting slightly, holding onto the hologram. Was he tearing up? He felt at once ridiculous but also devastatingly sad. :: Torrin: Well I am concerned enough to make up for it. I'm going to miss you so much. ::They stayed like that for a long few minutes, in silence, just standing and holding each other. Even Georgio had realized by now, what Avaris had meant when he’d said that they were leaving. He was not familiar with the concept of a friend - something Avaris had called him before - but he knew that he would miss the tall spotted man. :: Torrin: You better not forget about me you strange little man. Georgio : You are way too fabulous to forget you. Torrin: And I am going to call you every week and make sure nobody is messing with your program, you hear me? I am putting you in the ships directory before I leave, incase you get too distracted with your fabulousness to call me. Georgio: You know that can happen easily. I will hope to hear from you soon. And I’ll let the new engineer know, that a big strong Trill will come to defend me if they try to change my program. ::He grinned, still holding on tight. :: Computer: Incoming transmission for Avaris Torrin. ::Avaris sighed, and letting go of Georgio, he went to the comm panel on the nearest wall. :: Torrin: =/\= Torrin here =/\= Dragumov: =/\= Where are you? The shuttle is leaving in 15 minutes. =/\= Torrin =/\= Okay, keep your shirt on I’m on my way. =/\= ::He disconnected to call, and turned back to Georgio. :: Torrin: Thats my cue, Mister Georgio. Georgio: Greet Artem from me, and you both owe me a make-over when we meet again. Torrin: ::laughing:: And you stay fabulous. ::Avaris bowed dramatically, as though he were leaving a stage, which from Georgios reaction, he found delightful. As he left the room, tears still welling in his eyes, he looked back at the funny little guy, wondering what was going to become of him. He hoped that they would meet again soon, in the brief time he had known the hologram, he had somehow found his way right into Avaris’ cautious and distant heart.:: ::But it was time to go, and so setting his jaw, and assuming a determined expression, he made his way down to the launch bay, on to the next adventure. :: A JP By Avaris Torrin Civilian USS Apollo A and PNPC Georgio Emergency Holographic Hair Stylist (and self declared Fashion Police) USS Apollo A Simmed by LtCmdr Akeelah D'Sena First Officer USS Apollo A
  21. ((Williams Quarters – The Previous Evening)) ::The remains of their meal was still laid on the table, long forgotten as they chatted. Even in his wildest dreams Alex could have hoped for an evening like this one. It was perfect in every meaning of the word. I really liked Kala and truth be told she was a true sight for sore eyes:: Kala: Dinner was excellent, ::playfully:: it was almost as good as my father’s hasperat. oO Is she teasing me? I can play that game. Oo Williams: Almost? Then perhaps you’ll introduce me to your cooking the next time? Kala: I may just have to do that. oO Great! That’s a date to look forward to! Oo :: Alex noted how Kala was playing with her cup of tea. He served over an hour ago so no doubt it was cold by now :: Williams: Would you like a new cup of tea? ::Just outside, in the corridor, a familiar sound began to invade their conversation, the transition from B shift to C shift. Both Alex and Kala had the A shift so it was time to call it a night:: Kala: I wish I could. But I really should go, it's getting late. oO I don’t like it, but it’s true, it’s getting late. Williams: Times flies when you’re having fun. I really enjoyed this. Please allow me to walk you home? Kala: Walk me home? Really? Williams: When on a data, always make sure the lady gets home safely. Also an earth tradition but once that makes perfect sense. Kala: Well I would hate to break tradition. ::Standing, and heading for his door.:: You coming? ::surprised by the sudden haste Alex quickly jumped up:: oO Hope she is not THAT anxious to get home… Oo Williams: You are in a hurry all of a sudden… afraid I turn into a wolf or vampire at midnight? ::They continued to make jokes but .:: Kala: Thank you for this evening. Beginning duty on a starship has been surprisingly lonely. oO Lonely? Doesn’t she interact with the other ensigns when she is off duty? Oo Kala: I have met some very nice people, all very professional and capable. But tonight is the first time I have felt a connection to anyone since I left the Academy. ::For Alex it was a both a sweet and a sad comment. He was pleased to make her feel welcome, but the idea that a fine woman like Kala had to wait for weeks to get any friends was a shame:: Williams: You’ll always be welcome at my place if you need someone to hang out with. And keep in mind that you are not the only new crewmember on board. There are many activities for new people. Kala: Of course, it was just an unexpected complication on top of starting active duty on a starship. I suppose I was a little silly for not seeing it coming. ::They stopped walking just outside of Meressa's quarters.:: Williams: Not silly… It took me a while to get settled on my first ship. And the second for that matter. But know this. You are great company. Anyone not wanting to hang out with you is a fool. Kala: I'm not so sure of that, but it is nice of you to say. Williams: Then I’m sure for the both of us. Tonight was one of the best nights on this ship. :: As the two got to Kala’s quarter Alex wasn’t sure what do to next. He didn’t want to ruin a great evening by going too far. But then not doing anything could sent the wrong signal too.:: Kala: So… what is it you Human/Bajoran hybrids do to say goodnight to a girl at the end of the date. oO I guess that’s my call… Oo :: Alex pulled Kala closer to him and kissed her, the kiss was quickly followed by Kala wrapping her arms around him and Alex pulled her even closer. He could feel her heart beat and he tried to treasure to moment as much as he could but all always it was over way to quickly.:: Williams: Is this acceptable… for a hybrid? Kala: Works for me. ::Kala opened the door and went inside. For a moment Alex thought about following but he reminded himself he had to get up early and so did Kala.:: Goodnight. ::the doors closed and alex noted two young people at a corner looking his way as the giggled:: Williams: ::whispering:: Sweet dreams my love. TBC? ===================== With great pleasure written as: Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Williams Chief Tactical Officer USS Constitution-B
  22. ((Promenade, Starbase 118)) :: Alexander once again found himself wandering the promenade deck alone whilst his wife, Marissa, was away on a botanical mission to Pedarves Three. Her civilian team had been attached to a Starfleet expeditionary force owing to their knowledge and experience in the field of Xenobotany. Under normal circumstances he would have been left with their son John However owing to the fact that Marissa was liable to be away for several months and Alexander was due to rejoin the USS Gemini when it returned from whatever mission it was away on, the happily married couple had made a decision to leave John with his grandparents back at the Tycho City lunar colony. :: Richards: oO Hrmm, the air temperature is off by about 2 degrees Celsius. I must remember to to make a note of it to Lieutenant Toral before I depart. It might be something as simple as a misaligned coil in the environmental control systems or could be something more serious. I’m sure they haven’t worked out all of the kinks from the interior rebuild following the events one year prior. Oo :: Coming to his favorite bench on the station which, as usual sat empty mainly because of what Alexander considered the soothing hum of one of the station’s massive Plasma generators. He pulled up beside it and stretched his arms, yawning loudly as he did so. :: Richards: oO So little time spent on this station yet so many memories both good and bad. Nice to see some stability in the new CO, Commander Page. There is no way that he can make as much of a mess of this station as Captain Rogers did. Oo :: He let out a little chuckle as he mused on a situation where he found himself knocked from his chair after Rogers had managed to smash a giant aquarium in the restaurant of the same name. His laughter stopped abruptly when he remembered that in the confusion, Solok had been pushed over a railing and for all intents and purposes killed by the fall. Very soon however a smile returned to his face as he recalled the moment the senior staff of the USS Drake stood up for he and his wife after she had been accosted by the door staff at the seedy establishment Rogers had chosen for a promotion ceremony. :: Richards: oO What is it with that man and trouble. It seems to follow him wherever he goes. Oo :: Thinking of other memories, Richards found himself saddened that he had not made the time to meet up with colonel Whale whilst he had been here. From the things he had heard, the man with a tough exterior yet heart of gold was working his charges well. He knew the colonel was a no nonsense man and had every faith that he wouldn’t pass any man or woman who was incapable. :: Richards: oO So many people, so little time left. I guess i just got too wrapped up in my own little world. Oo :: That of course was very much the heart of the truth. To an outside that may have seemed selfish but to those who knew him, they would understand. In all honesty the death of Vanessa Driscoll on Rathos had left him feeling empty and drained. There was now an indelible mark in his brain, a constant reminder of his own failure as her department head to protect her from harm. He had vivid memories of the argument at the mission briefing for their trip to Rathos of himself speaking up, saying just how bad an idea it was to place a mobile lab on the surface. A lab that had been brought aboard by the ships then mission specialist without even consulting him. Yes it was a medical research lab but with the Gemini having no CMO at the time, the final call regarding the lab should have been his. :: :: Of course all that was moot. The fact was that with everything that happened on the surface of Rathos, the fact the away team escaped with only one death was nothing short of a miracle. Every time he came back to it, it always boiled down to solitary thought that rode through his mind, that it should have been him. Starfleet regulations and his disability be [...]ed, it should have been him and not Vanessa on the surface of Rathos. It was a mistake he was never liable to make again. If he found himself in a position where he was the most suitable candidate for an away team, his name would always be at the top of the list. No more hiding, he was a Starfleet officer, a job that came with inherent risks. :: :: Marissa of course knew those risks and was fully supportive of her husband. She had practically begged him, along with his mother and father, to stay in Starfleet, since he had considered handing in his resignation soon after departing the Gemini. There may have been a slap involved, a tearful argument with boiling emotions but logic and sense won through, as they always did when his loving wife was involved. :: Richards oO I seem to recall the term ‘you are not a quitter’. Oo :: Looking out across the sea of smiles Alexander sighed once again. Repairs following the ion storm had been swift. Thankfully he had been at Tycho during the whole debacle but he had heard through the grapevine that things had been tough for a little while. Grek, his boss whilst he had been working as a barman following his resignation from Starfleet many years ago had assured him that it would take more than the events of the past few years to cause him to abandon a most profitable endeavor. Alexander took that to mean that the poor little Ferengi had too many black market investments in the sector to walk away unscathed should he shut up shop. :: Richards: oO At least i still have my source for a certain type of Contraband. Oo :: A chirp from the LCARS panel on his chair brought his wandering mind back to the here and now. He had hoped that it was a note saying that the Gemini was on her way to dock but alas that wasn't to be. The message still brought a smile to his face as it was from his wife. Although short it let him know that despite the massive instability going on in the Galaxy at the moment owing to an experiment gone ary that her team had arrived at Pedarves Three safe and sound and were beginning their expedition. :: Richards: oO Well that’s a huge worry taken off my mind. I think she’s going to enjoy it out there. Oo TBC Lieutenant Commander Alexander Richards Sabbatical USS Gemini​
  23. ((Observation Lounge, USS Constitution-) :: The preceeding mission briefing was vague, but perhaps understandably so. The Menthar Corridor was a long ways away and Zayar would need to brush up on the area in the intervening period it would take the Constitution to reach Deep Space Ten. There were several sources he could consult, but it was unknown how much good anthropological reports would do the Constitution. Still, anything might help, Zayar had learned that a few days ago during the last mission. Every little bit of information was an edge. But of course he didn't know how much he could truly get done with his mother lingering around. She would no doubt want to spend the rest of the journey with him and while he could certainly think of an excuse to deny her, Zayar didn't know if he had the heart to do so.:: Faranster: Dismissed... Except McCleran, I would like a word with you. :: Zayar filled out with the rest of the crew, leaving Lieutenant McCleran behind. Most likely to discuss the shift in the power structure in engineering. With the departure of Lieutenant Commander James and the arrival of this Commander Hunnicut, McCleran was no longer next in line. Hierarchies were fascinating structures, they relied on charisma and the balance of ego along with the nuances of flow and what was 'understood' between different members. Fascinating as they were though, Zayar had other matters to attend to.:: :: It appeared that the Constitution's crew, himself included, would have to endure the presence of Jherain Nevarin for a little while longer. Trotting off the bridge and catching a turbolift with some of the other officers, Zayar was off to see the Conny's quartermaster. He would be dead before he would cohabitate with his mother, it was bad enough that he would be sharing the Constitution with her. And Zayar feared that not even 42 decks would be big enough for the both of them.:: ((Zayar's Quarters, Several Hours Later)) :: Sitting on his bed once more, Zayar was once again attempting to finish his latest journal entry. He had arranged accommodations for his mother that were several decks away, though she was being unusually persistent in her desire to be near him. Luckily Zayar had talked her out of sleeping on his couch, or rather, him sleeping on his own couch.:: :: Zayar loved his mother, but they're superficially amiable relationship depended on distance. Setting down his pen, he couldn't help but feel that he had just lied to himself. Did he love her? Was it possible to love someone and not like them, in much the same way as someone could 'like' another, but not reach a more substantial level of intimacy or closeness? His mother had walked out on him when he was sixteen, and he was hard pressed to find happier memories before that. Or maybe there were and he simply didn't remember them. 'Time makes liars of us all' and all that. Which perhaps, examined in a Freudian light, meant he hated his mother so much that he had repressed all happy memories of her.:: :: He remembered the fights, the quarrels between his mother and father, the fiery Amazigh man and the passive-aggressive, haughty El-Aurian. They were split on cultural lines and never made the effort to understand each other or level with one another. Jherain had always stood defiant and pouty, like a child, while Mezwar had been unyielding and fiery, deeply offended at his wife's lack of sensitivity to his culture.:: :: Years later it was still hard to piece together if 'cultural differences' were the causes of the termination of their marriage, or just a cover Zayar had created in his mind. Perhaps they were just ill-suited to each other, psychologically. Of course then the anthropologist in Zayar wished to pose the question, 'which came first, the chicken or the egg'? Whatever the reasons were, Zayar's relationships with his parents really ended when he was sixteen. Jherain moved out and Mezwar went off somewhere, Zayar never learned where, and left him in the custody of his grandparents, who never liked his El-Aurian mother. In the years since he had spoken to his parents only superficially, though that was somewhat true for all members of his family. Or most other people for that matter. He valued objectivity, and perhaps that was an excuse not to get close to the 'subjects' he was observing. Most of the time, they were simply other people.:: :: And now his mother was here, ostensibly riding along to Deep Space 10, and after that who knew? She most likely wouldn't stay beyond that but Zayar could never tell with her. She was flighty and frivolous, or at least appeared to be.:: :: As was happening with greater frequency now that his mother was around, Zayar heard a beep over his communication system. Looking over to the panel on his end table, he sighed as he pressed the 'Open Channel' button.:: Feraoun: :: Massaging his temples.:: Yes? Nevarin: :: An exuberant tone.:: Oh good you're up my dear. :: It was a simple statement, but one that revealed much about his mother's character.:: Feraoun: :: Leaning his head back onto his pillow, his tone was a bit strained, marked by exhales, but he tired not to openly sigh.:: What is it mother? Nevarin: Oh I just couldn't sleep, I was hoping we could talk. Feraoun: :: His tone was devoid of patience.:: About what? :: He asked, closing his journal, resigning himself to not finishing it any time soon.:: :: There was a silence on the other end for a while. Perhaps Jherain was becoming aware of the gap in the relationship between herself and her son, maybe that's why she came to the Constitution in the first place.:: Nevarin: :: A little hesitant at first.:: Why don't you tell me about the people you work with? :: It was something more substantial than small talk, it wasn't about the weather or simple facts about what was going on in his life, it was about the people in it. Perhaps she was sizing up the competition? They were hardly in competition for his affections, but perhaps she sensed the connection he had with the other officers. She was, to some degree, empathic, perhaps she felt the panic of when Zayar had realized that Aigle and Jherain would intersect. It was one thing to watch his words, but Zayar rarely watched his thoughts.:: Feraoun: :: Taking a great intake of air followed by a long decompression.:: Um well... :: He shifted around in his bed, pulling the covers over his legs and body, lying down to get comfortable. He could feel that he would be here for a while.:: There's Commander Faranster. Nevarin: :: Perking up a bit in tone.:: Tell me about him, and the others, in detail. What are they really like? :: Zayar looked over to his end table, as if to face his mother on the other end. She was clearly intent on learning about the other people in his life.:: Feraoun: :: Brushing his hair out of his face.:: Ah well, he's... :: Zayar struggled to describe the man in the most basic of terms, but then remembered his mother's prompt and his brain recalled the conversation they had a few days ago.:: ... strong. He's a lot like a father to the crew, a parent, much like any Captain should be I suppose. :: Zayar put Commander Faranster in the context of the others he had known and he found the comparison positive.:: Nevarin: So he's good at command? Feraoun: :: He didn't think about this answer, perhaps he was finally reaching a place of honesty.:: Yes... I originally thought he was coming into his own, but I suppose he already has. I haven't seen much of the way he actually 'commands' though, I've been away from the bridge when he's there and then when I was a few days ago, he was, of course, held hostage. He doesn't look any worse for wear though, none of them do. I think that's pretty admirable. Nevarin: So what about the others then? Feraoun: :: He pushed into his bed, considering the others.:: Oh the others... hmm... oh well there's this engineer, Lieutenant McCleran, I think you'd like her Mother, she's got this spirit to her, it just radiates off of her. She tells it like it is, point blank. Nevarin: :: He thought he could almost hear her smile on the other end.:: I suppose I would like her. Feraoun: :: Going on without being prompted.:: And then there's Selene. Nevarin: Selene? Feraoun: Doctor Selene Faranfey, she's... an enigma, there's so much about her that just doesn't add up. She's a Doctor but she has this confidence about her, mixed with experience and a certain... pain, I guess. I don't know. :: He paused for a moment.:: I didn't like her originally, I'm not really sure if I like her now, but I respect her and her ability, and perhaps that's better than merely liking someone. :: Perhaps that's what he felt towards his mother? 'Respect'? No, that just seemed to clinical and in recognition of a familial position or title Jherain never claimed.:: Nevarin: Perhaps. Feraoun: There's Lieutenant Stoyer, the Conny's helmsman, he's a good man and a good officer, but he has a certain trepidation to him, I think he served in Starfleet before, enlisted, before attending the Academy and his assignment to the Conny. Nevarin: :: Interrupting.:: I'm sorry, Conny? Feraoun: :: Remembering his mother's ignorance of shipboard lingo.:: Oh right, um that's just what we call the Constitution, for short. Nevarin: Ah. Feraoun: :: Returning to his recollections.:: Okay, then there's Commander Siris, he's El-Aurian, I could sense it a mile away, but there's something a bit off about him. He's intelligence, or was I guess, I don't know if I trust him either, still he's proven himself a capable battlefield commander, if nothing else. I suppose that skill trumps all others in certain situations. He worked hard to get Commander Faranster and the rest of the crew back and he didn't even know them. I guess that's admirable. :: Zayar said the last part as if admitting defeat, in the context that his earliest assumptions about Commadner Siris might have been wrong.:: :: Zayar continued his tales of the Constitution's crew, the ones he was more familiar with anyway. He spoke about the indomitable Andorians aboard and the rather honest and well meaning Lieutenant Danara, who was nothing like he expected in an Intelligence Officer. He spoke about Ensign Kala and how she had been thrown into the fire the moment she came within scanner range but had performed bravely, same with Ensign Li, who was a counselor of all things but served admirably as a bridge officer during the asteroid crisis. It had been a day for the shifting of assignment though, and testing one's boundaries as an officer, Zayar would know.:: :: He talked about the mission to Sotra and his first experiences with Lieutenant Faranfey, Commander Udas and the rest of the crew, and tried to explain the best he could about what had gone on there, still not fully understanding it himself. Zayar also relayed the tale of Doctor de Massard, the Maquis agent who posed as a Starfleet Engineer.:: :: Eventually he found himself talking with his eyes closed, and after non hearing questions from his mother in a while, he looked over to his end table.:: Feraoun: Mother? Nevarin: :: There was a pause, followed by her voice in a rather distant tone.:: Oh, still here dear. Feraoun: Are you tired? Nevarin: :: There was another long pause before she spoke again and her tone was equally distant, preoccupied.:: Yes dear I'm sorry... Feraoun: :: Showing a measure of genuine concern.:: Oh well you should have said something then. I didn't mean to keep you up. :: It had been a nice talk, or a monologue perhaps. It was honest at least, the first honest, meaningful words he had exchanged with his mother in a while. It was a gateway to be sure, to other conversations, though Zayar never really took stock of what others told their parents. It could very well be that this was just it.:: Nevarin: Ah yes... well I'll see you tomorrow then? Feraoun: :: A bit of a somberness, disappointment in his tone, mixed with a certain anticipation. It was sadness at the end of the momentum of this conversation, but the happy anticipation of others.:: Sure, we can find something to do. Nevarin: :: Her tone rushed.:: All right my dear, good night. :: The line cut out and Zayar was left alone to his quarters. Rolling over on his side, he once again retreated into his own mind. He considered the implications of his previous words. He couldn't help but be somewhat concerned that his mother was somehow hurt by them. If she really was concerned that she had missed out on the last half of his life then perhaps she wasn't keen on hearing about the people that now filled his life. They were colleagues but the ways he had described them perhaps made them seem like giants, in the context of his personal life at least, no matter how professional their relationship was.:: :: Rolling over on his other side Zayar breathed for a moment. He was looking forward to seeing his mother again, for the first time in a long time, but part of him thought this conversation was like every other one they had, had, the only irregularity being its length. There was still a lot she didn't know, and there were things Zayar would never tell her. Perhaps the type of honesty he envisioned with his Mother wasn't possible, and as he drifted off to sleep, he could feel his thoughts grow cold to her once again. Perhaps he wasn't so much excited about talking to her, as he was about talking to someone. It wasn't something he often did, confiding and relaying his thoughts to another.:: :: Perhaps he would talk to T'San about it. Yes, the logical Vulcan would know what to do. But like an impending day with his mother, it could wait till morning.:: Ensign Zayar Feraoun Mission Specialist USS Constitution-B
  24. (( Promenade; Starbase 118 )) ::It was strange how all the hustle and bustle of the Promenade seemed to smooth out and quiet down when you were just walking for walking’s sake.:: ::It was also amusing the sorts of things you remembered.:: ::Kaitlyn chuckled, raising her free arm to point at a particular establishment while her non-free arm tightened around Leo’s.:: Falcon: And that one? A couple Nausicaans came in, pretty sore that they hadn’t been able to swipe our cargo. Tried to punch James straight in the jaw. ::Smiles.:: They ended up paying for the two tables and four or five chairs that got wrecked in the ensuing brawl. Handley-Page: ::chuckling:: That sounds like James all right. Any other tales I should know about from the rest of the bars here? Falcon: Oh, I don’t have stories about ALL of these places. ::Smirks.:: Just a lot of them. Handley-Page: Want to make some new one? ::Kaitlyn gave a nod and a smile.:: Falcon: I’m game. ::She scanned the way ahead, seeing a couple establishments she hadn’t frequented in the past.:: Falcon: Hmm… How about that one? ‘The Watering Hole’. I don’t think I’ve been in that one before. Handley-Page: Sounds like my kind of place! :: Leo guided Kaitlyn by the arm towards the crowded bar.:: Handley-Page: What you drinking? Falcon: I’ll take an Andorian ale. Been long enough since my last one. Handley-Page: I think I’ll join you in that blue elixir. :: They sat at a table and waited for one of the bar staff to attend to them.:: ::Kaitlyn settled in, taking a moment to crack her knuckles and stretch her arms over her head.:: Falcon: Mmmm… ::Smiles.:: This is nice. :: Leo settled back in his chair, and sighed a happy sigh.:: Handley-Page: Well, we survived our first mission on the base. Falcon: Yep. Not for lack of the bad guys trying, but yeah. ::Smiles.:: At least I got to actually finish this one. Didn’t get to two of the last three ‘firsts’. Handley-Page: So I have heard, you’ve been a little nomad these last few months. Falcon: Well… ::Starts counting on fingers.:: Garuda, I got kicked off by Starfleet to get several others back to 118. Constitution, we actually got to finish. Excalibur, we got pretty well beat up before we even had a chance… Handley-Page: Hopefully you’ll be here for a while. :: He winked at Kaitlyn. Now that he had her back with him, Leo had no intention of losing her again.:: ::Kaitlyn chuckled, leaning toward Leo and giving a smile.:: Falcon: That’s certainly the plan. I just hope I don’t lose any more of your runabouts. It’s a little embarrassing when you don’t bring back the ship you took, you know? Handley-Page: I forgive you… this once… ::Kaitlyn gave a small, gracious, bow of her head.:: Falcon: Why, thank you, captain. Handley-Page: You’re welcome, Lieutenant… although I guess you should say Commander. I know as CO I get the honorary title of Captain… but I only feel I deserve it when I get that final pip. :: Leo looked a little bit wistful. He wasn’t sure it would really ever happen.:: ::Kaitlyn reached across the table, gently taking Leo’s hand and giving it a squeeze. Falcon: Well, I’ve got faith that you’ll get it, Leo. Still, for now, I’ll honor that request… until we’re out and about on Albion, that is. If you’re actually in charge of a ship, you’re a captain. No arguments, there. ::Smiles.:: If my brother gets to take that title, so do you. Handley-Page: Thanks! :: Leo gave Kaitlyn another hug, and then took a sip of their drinks which had now arrived.:: Handley-Page: Here’s to us! ::Kaitlyn chuckled, lifting her glass.:: Falcon: I’ll drink to that! ::She clinked her glass against his, taking a sip of the delightfully fiery blue beverage.:: Handley-Page: Ahhh… that hits the spot!! ::Kaitlyn nodded her agreement, taking another sip of the ale.:: Falcon: So, how’s it feel having an entire starbase at your beck and call? Has it all gone to your head, yet? Handley-Page: Are you calling me big headed? ::chuckles:: Well, not really… It is an honour, but so far all I’ve achieved is a wrecked tower, several dead crew and one less runabout. I hope things improve or they’ll throw me overboard. ::She reached over to grasp Leo’s shoulder, a sympathetic expression on her features.:: Falcon: Leo… Given what we got hit with, it’s clear that whoever did this wanted to take out the entire station if they could. It might have been a little touch-and-go for a bit, but we kept them from achieving that goal. That’s still a success. Don’t knock yourself for it, okay? Handley-Page: Alright princess. Stiff upper lip and all that eh? Falcon: ::Small smile.:: That, and placing the blame where it rightfully sits; with the people who attacked us. Then, we go track them down and make them regret ever even trying. Handley-Page: And that’s why I love you… you’re my little conscience! :: Leo realised the word *love* has slipped out. It wasn’t that he didn’t care deeply about Kaitlyn, and in his heart perhaps he did love her… but he knew that the word has deeper meaning sometimes than a mere *I love lasagne!* :: ::Kaitlyn returned a beaming smile. She knew that he appreciated her, and her viewpoint on things, but it was always good to hear.:: ::Leo’s use of the word ‘love’ did trigger in her mind, but not in quite the way he might have feared. She reached up, giving him a pat on his shoulder.:: Falcon: Always happy to help. Can’t have my knight in shining armor getting stuck in the mud, right? Handley-Page: Definitely not, or how else would he rescue his damsel in distress? ::A warm giddiness rose in Kaitlyn’s chest. One of the many things she’d thought only other people ever felt, and one of the things she only felt around Leo. Her mind harkened back to her thoughts on Aramis mid mission, as she leaned forward with a big smile on her features.:: Falcon: Cleaving our enemies in two with a gigantic sword of blazing fire. ::In her mind’s eye, she suddenly saw Leo clad in brilliant armor with said sword held high.:: ::Yep. That was hot.:: Handley-Page: Blazing swords eh? That’s me! And the damsel clad in long white dress perchance? ::Kaitlyn chuckled. Preferably, she’d be right there next to him ready to bash something of the head with her quarterstaff. Still, she nodded to confirm her part in this little fantasy.:: Falcon: Just waiting to be rescued. ::Smiles.:: Of course, as soon as I’m freed I’m grabbing the nearest heavy object to make my captors rue the day they crossed me. ::Grasps Leo’s hand.:: There wouldn’t be a doubt in my mind that you’d come for me, though. Handley-Page: Always. A Klingon battle fleet couldn’t keep me away from getting to you. :: He squeezed her hand back.:: Falcon: Nor I to you. ::Smiles.:: I thought about you a lot after Vigilant. More than once I checked what trade lanes might get me to you, if I had to start hitchhiking. Handley-Page: It would have been a long trek, but I knew we’d find each other. :: Leo took another sip of his drink. He wished they could go somewhere more private, but said nothing. A dinner invitation tomorrow was on the cards. He kept patient.:: ::For her part, Kaitlyn suddenly realized just how… somber the conversation was turning. Not nearly what she’d wanted. This was supposed to be happy, joyous times! She gave a smile as her brain switched gears.:: Falcon: The mention of armored knights and damsels in distress reminded me of something random. ::Best way to announce that it’s a random topic shift, in Kaitlyn’s experience, was to just announce that it was a random topic shift.:: I’m strongly considering learning archery. And not just the computer assisted holodeck game level of archery. I mean, actually get my hands on either a program that accurately simulates it, or get a real bow. :: Leo liked the idea of seeing Kaitlyn as a medieval archer, a bit like a *kick [...]* Snow White or Belle.:: Handley-Page: Sounds like fun… what would I train in? Falcon: Hmmm…. ::Leans back, tapping finger to chin as she considers.:: I dunno… the sight of you in armor with a two-handed greatsword is still a pretty compelling image, though I might be romanticizing a little bit. ::Smirks.:: Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Still, what would you be interested in? Handley-Page: A great broadsword sounds good to me! Hacking my way through a field of monsters! I think we should make this happen. ::Kaitlyn smiled.:: Falcon: I’m game. I’ll get in some practice, and let you know when I’m ready. Handley-Page: Great! :: Leo settled back and relaxed - closing his eyes, safe in the knowledge that his sweet Kaitlyn was safe by his side, although knowing her prowess with weapons, he wouldn’t be ashamed to admit that if anything, he was safe by her side..:: ::Kaitlyn took another sip of her drink, giving Leo another smile. She knew she wanted to protect him from whatever she could, though she also knew how important it was for him to be able to protect her. It was a strange mix, for her. On the one hand, she’d long since learned the importance of being able to defend herself. On the other, she wanted him to know that she trusted him.:: ::She tried to find the words to express all that without being too overt or bulky… but movement nearby interrupted her thoughts.:: Falcon: Well, looks like we’ve got some company. ::Smiles at a familiar face.:: ~*~ Lieutenant Kaitlyn Falcon Helm Officer; Starbase 118 Ops And Commander Leo Handley-Page Commanding Officer; Starbase118 Ops wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Handley-Page,_Leo --- SB118 Podcast Team Facilitator --- "Professional Daydreamer & Rural Spaceman"
  25. ((Engineering Labs, USS Gemini)) :: Harold was relaxing in one of the Engineering labs of the ship. He couldn’t help but feel useless given the current situation. Since he saw this as part of his down time, he had decided to use it wisely by reading one of the many new papers published in the recent months regarding warp drive. It was becoming increasingly obvious to him that he should probably branch out his certification to include these new fangled Quantum Slipstream Drives. :: Konstava: oO As if I needed yet another reminder that I am getting old. Oo :: Sighing to himself and wondering just where the past 40 years had gone, Harold found himself reminiscing on old times both bad and good. He was so wrapped up in his own little world that he failed to notice the distinct hiss of the door as the Transporter Chief walked in. :: Konstava: oO I wonder how Smitty is finding retirement. Hard to believe it’s going on 15 years since he and I were neck deep in broken wreckage fending off Jem’Hadar. Oo Arisu: Uhm.... :: Beat.:: Excuse me? :: The unexpected interruption nearly had Harold jump feet. It took a few moments for the shock to settle before he composed himself enough to respond. :: Konstava: Sorry, I was a million miles away there, in my own world so to speak. What can this lowly Warp Technician do for you today? :: The fellow CPO’s body language spoke volumes and Harold knew this wasn’t going to be like one of his famous jovial chats with his colleagues. He stood up out of his chair and straightened his posture, adjusting his uniform as he rose. If the fellow non-com in front of him wished this to be a formal meeting, he would certainly act the part. :: Arisu: I have a problem. :: She made an audible sigh. :: Apparently a problem that someone only of your skills can solve. :: Konstava was old enough and wise enough to pick out sarcasm when it was presented. Fortunately for the woman who had presented herself to him, that wisdom allowed him to keep his cool in confrontational situations. They may have held the same rank but he was certainly her senior by merit of the fact he had been serving in Starfleet since her parents were probably in diapers. Pulling seniority was something Harold did not have to very often but if push came to shove, he would do so. He shot the CPO a hard glare whilst answering her statement courteously. :: Konstava: Someone of my skills eh? What exactly is the problem? oO I’ll play your little game. Oo :: Harold could be sarcastic as well, not that he liked it. He considered sarcasm both demeaning and arrogant however, when faced with a colleague such as the one in front of him now he could and would make exceptions. If she wanted to play herself up as all high and mighty, he would oblige for as long as he felt the charade was worth keeping up. :: Arisu: Here. :: The CPO threw the PADD at Harold in a haphazard manner. Fortunately for Harold working with warp cores and their various systems and subsystems had granted him excellent hand-eye coordination. He caught the flying device and promptly turned it once settled to begin reading its contents. :: Konstava: Hm, interesting and most curious. :: He scrolled through the information. :: Should be a simple fix. :: Keeping one eye on the obnoxious intruder who was eating into his very valuable time, he continued to read. Had she actually bothered to pay attention to him she would have realized her next statement was entirely redundant. :: Arisu: We appear to be having an issue with transport during warp.. :: She raised her eyebrows. :: Think you have the knowledge to fix it? Konstava: Quite. :: His patience now having evaporated. :: If you had bothered to pay attention to me rather than worrying about this eating up your precious time you would have realized that not only had I gathered that much from the information on this PADD but, that I also had the beginnings of a solution. :: He sat back down in his chair maintaining his posture whilst turning it to face her. :: Of course I am more than surprised that a Transporter Chief doesn’t have a few theories regarding the problem. After all, even for non-coms like ourselves warp theory and annular confinement beams during transport are required reading. Arisu: ::Face beginning to turn red in anger.:: Your time isn't the only time that is precious. ::She folded her arms.:: The manual states that the confinement beam needed to be boosted in power by almost a magnitude to adjust for the fluctuations during warp. :: Harold was laughing inside. Outside, he maintained his stoic expression as he listened to her words with intent. If he didn’t know any better who would have said that the CPO in front of him was rather taken aback by his statement. As much as he disliked the tone and direction of the current discussion, he had to admire her gumption and resolve. In a way it reminded him of what he had been like in his early days. A part of him wanted to go easy on the poor woman since she obviously had no clue that she had just poked the bear inside of him but, this was overruled by both his own pride and his perceived authority in the current situation.:: Konstava: Well of course that didn’t work. With all the various sub systems on this ship, there isn’t enough power to boost the confinement by that much, at least not with the personnel transporters. Arisu: ::Clenching her teeth.:: Instructions that I had on this matter did not mention these limitations. I am the transporter chief, not ::She paused for emphasis.:: the chief engineer. Konstava: You see that’s your problem. Out here on the fringe, we have to often think outside the box and come up with unexpected solutions to what in ordinary circumstances would be benign problems. When you’ve lived as long as I have, completed as many tours as I have you’ll understand this to. :: A broad grin crossed his face. :: At first it may seem like the cargo transporters are entirely unsuitable but, with a little bit of reprogramming they can do exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Time consuming? Of course it is! But it will solve the problem without risking lives or damage to the ship. :: As Harold handed her the PADD he looked her directly in the eye with a look that would cause most to run a mile. He very much felt like he was now in control of the situation whilst serving up plenty of life lessons into the bargain. It wasn’t often that Harold Konstava could be labelled as arrogant yet this was one of those times. It appeared his fellow non-com brought out the worst in him, something he would definitely have to relate to Hannah and Katelynn over a very stiff drink. :: --------- CPO Harold Konstava Warp Specialist USS Gemini As simmed by Lieutenant Commander Alexander Richards Sabbatical USS Gemini
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