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Found 4 results

  1. Please post any funny lines or memorable quotations from sims from our crew!
  2. Having the privilege of reading two well-established writers enjoying themselves is a delight. It shows you the ins and outs of a JP (in this case) how the narrative can flow from one narrator to another without obvious limits and how the stories intertwine in space and time to form a beautiful all-embracing tapestry. Being able to write a Commanding Officer and still be able to show the human side of the story and let us read it is a genuine delight. I think I'm falling short of explaining why this SIM deserves to be here, but I think you all know @Tony (Kells) and @Alora DeVeau and that their skills and expertise are undeniable. Beautiful, as usual, you both.
  3. One of the things I have discovered that I like most about the SB118 community is the chance of doing sims between different ships. How the stories of some characters and some others, even though they may be mostly independent, are intertwined and enrich each other. How even in different ships friendships could flourish. We can seen a beautiful example of that here. Add to that mix two wonderful writers (and PRODUCTIVE ones, @Alora DeVeau is a monster with JPs and writing one with @Geoffrey Teller is always fun and instructive) , the ongoing sense of shared background (even without knowing the whole story it's delightfully obvious and annoyingly ambiguous, which makes me want to know MORE of both of them and the moments they had shared), a scene that's beautiful and fun at the same time... well, the result is that we have a very good example of what can be read between our ranks, and an example to aspire to. Great job guys, keep raising the bar!
  4. Not saying THIS thread has an awesome title, but a place for us to commemorate those sim titles which stand above the rest. I'll start it off with Lt. Peters: "Peters. Not Scotty."
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