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  1. ((Hololab, Deck 10, USS Darwin-A)) ::For quite some time he had been there, isolated at the fortress of solitude, speechless, incommunicable, forced by himself to deal with the consequences of his actions. He deliberately avoided all senior officers for quite some time and accepted all the assignments that could keep him busy all day long without having to interact with them. He needed time to mentally and emotionally purge his sins.:: ::The official excuse for his enraged behavior during the last mission was some kind of radiation within the Nebula that tampered with his e
  2. (( Oddas's Quarters, Embassy, Duronis II )) ((Dream - 3.5-years-ago, Control Center, Planet Kjenta II)) PAVLOVA: Its true then? It really has been over two centuries. TRENG: So again I give you the choice. Drop your weapons, sit down and we can talk things out like grown-ups, or you will never leave this high-gravity paradise of a planet. STAVINS: Don't be so sure... ::Irina just looked back and further between Captain Waltas and Dr. Treng. The long-haired captain really was from the future, or rather she and her shipmates were from the very distant past. What had t
  3. ((StarBase 11 - Promenade)) ::The chaos in the promenade was common and yet not. As new faces looked around in awe and excitement and old ones just tried to get through. So many couples, individuals, and varying sized groups stood haphazardly in the way of normal flow as the Galaxy Class ship docked with the Starbase. And right in the middle of the masses was pure chaos yet utter control. Were kids on leashes, but only mentally as they burst at the seams. An older man with a long, straggling mostly white beard had his arm wrapped around a thin faced and sagging skinned, coconut
  4. (( Starbase 11 )) ::Walking onto the dock of Starbase 11 was somewhat surreal. It was only a few weeks past that the last time she came off ship, it was due to being involved in the finding of the Yarhala and the controversy storm that followed. She had tried to avoid people as much as possible as while her involvement was minor at best, she had a feeling reporters eager for a new side of the story would try any lede possible. This time however, among all the families visiting, she felt she could easily blend in, and be invisible for the time being. It was a feeling she wanted to reveal in,
  5. ((SS Yze))oO Who names a ship "ship"? Oo::"Yze", in Brekkian Seritonan, quite literally meant "ship". So when she'd boarded the vessel on it's way to the fifth colony, she was a bit skeptical of it's captain's competence.::"It's time for you to take a leave of absence," her own captain had said. "Go home and see your family", she'd said. It'd taken a quiet argument with Zhou and co. literally pushing her aboard to get her on a transport to the Delos system.::It would be a quick trip, much more so than she was used to. Two days, if that. And then she would be in Seritona.::::Sky Blake had plans
  6. (( Flashback. Stardate 239212.31. New Year’s Eve. )) (( The Lighthouse Lounge. Starbase 74. )) :: The Lighthouse Lounge had a reputation as being difficult to get into. That was doubly true tonight. This close the the Sol system, New Year’s Eve was a popular holiday, and many of the Starbase’s 200,000 inhabitants were hoping to spend it here. With only a hundred tables, Evan had been forced to call in a lot of favors to make it happen. :: :: And though this was Evan’s first time in the Lighthouse, it quickly became obvious why it was so popular. The lower tier of t
  7. ((Starbase 118, commercial sector)) ::She was finally on an adventure, her second day in Starfleet and already an adventure. Just like she’d always imagined it would be. Nothing could stop her now, nothing but a certain pink hued targ. As she made her way through the ordered streets of Starbase 118, she idly considered if she’d get a medal for her efforts. At the very least a commendation. As images of a giant awards ceremony flashed through her mind, the excitable nurse rounded a corner slightly too quickly and she upended herself. The tricorder flew out of her hand and Hattie fou
  8. ((Arboretum, Deck 9, USS Za)) :: With his belly filled by all the oriental snacks Alex lied down like a well fed Roman of the ancient times. As he laid on his side he looked at Femi again. She seemed happy. Alex assumed she was probably looking for new friends out here too. He wanted to know more about her and thought of several ways to bring up “home” but he didn't want to get to young woman homesick. Even though she signed up for this assignment leaving home, and earth on top of that, it was a big step for someone her age:: ::Femi sighed happily. She was glad that they choose to me
  9. ((Duronis II, Embassy Beach)) Vetri: C’mon, give her here. :: T’Lea did so, but Della, totally on purpose, fumbled the catch completely and T’Sara ended up dropping butt-first into the water.:: Vetri: Oops. :: The Romu-vulc erupted in a short laugh, and T’Sara continued to giggle.:: T’Lea: That right there just won you the evil award tonight. Vetri: No comment. ::turning to Garth with a moderately evil grin:: Of course, there’s *this* giggling little critter as well... :: T’Lea, apparently, was going to take this one, and
  10. ((OOC- Slight backsim – after Rue gets off duty from the bridge after the mission, but before doing girls things and seeing Wyn/Hael)) ::Rue got back to her quarters, grateful for the relief arriving when they did. She had an early morning apparently. She still inwardly was debating about the “girls night” but Snezhana seemed nice and exubriant and Akoni seemed like good company. She knew she also needed to build partnerships with her crew mates..and socialization was one way of doing that. She stripped of her jumpsuit and threw it in a hamper for cleaning, and switched out for a t
  11. ((OOC: The location of this one was intentionally withheld to keep the mystery for the crew)) Dalor: oO My father served in the great Telaxian war. He was a soldier, one of the few survivors of the battle of Stinnett IV. He was not like me. Me? No, I am not a brave man, not like he was, not by any stretch of the imagination. When he passed several years ago rather than joining the military I came to the mines to find work. There wasn't much else for someone like me. But in the dark times like these, when things were really bad, I can still remember something my father used to tell me.
  12. ((OOC: Reference is made to previous posts named “Sweet Music” - Part 1 and Part 2. Though not necessary reading, it does provide background information on the situation. )) ((Holodeck 1, Deck 7 - USS Darwin-A)) ((1st POV)) Renos: =/\= You know, that’s not a transmission I think we should be worried about. =/\= :: The J’naii captain stopped mid stride, stooping to pick up a mishandled PADD ne’d fumbled and dropped. Ne had butterflies in nir stomach again today and was all thumbs. It wasn’t the first time ne’d sent something tumbling and clattering to the floor. It wasn’t like nem at all - n
  13. ((Deep Space 6, Level 21, Function Room A1)) ::Varaan entered the multi-function room, which was decorated in an extravagant manner, to say the least. The last time Varaan had attended a formal gathering of crew like this, had been less than a year ago on Deep Space 26. It had been a combination of promotion ceremony for the crew of the USS Atlantis, and a "fun" get-together for the crew after the completion of the Outpost Bravo mission. It had also resulted in a terrorist attack on the station which trapped the crew and threatened thousands of innocent lives, and Captain Raj Blueheart had bee
  14. ((Tuggy the tugboat - Waters of Earth, 1914)) Foster: are we there yet? Hael: Ya'know we ain't gonna be here much longer... We could just drive. :: He chuckled at the paddling doctor. :: ::Wyn Foster raised his head and offered Rustyy Hael a tight-lipped smile. Pause. He turned stubbornly back to paddling. By all outward appearances this was wholly because he was a contrary, stubborn jerk. Which as admittedly true - he was frequently any of those and sometimes all. But at this particular moment he was channeling a well of negative energy into something useful rather than using it
  15. ((Earth Starfleet Headquarters)) Personal Log. I find myself sitting in my temporary quarters, looking out the window towards the setting sun of the San Francisco bay area and contemplating my experiences over the last few days. It's hard to describe my feelings from what I have been through, and it feels all like a mind-numbing dream, and a part of me still thinks that maybe it all was. But it felt so real. I was there, if only for a short time. Back home. Back in my universe of origin. But was I? It seemed so real. The sounds, sights, smells. It felt real and maybe that was enough, even if
  16. ((Bridge - USS Albion)) ::There comes a time when life slows to a standstill, and the hyperactive brain starts making commentary on the action around you. Something in the subconscious becomes a play-by-play announcer, wondering if this next decision will be the thing that propels you to victory or kicks you into the void. Sal felt like he was on a see-saw, balancing on a highline several hundred meters above a hard concrete. One wrong move and everything would tumble, and he would end up a meaty vaguely Betazoid-shaped smear on the pavement of history. Despite that, his resolve was solid.
  17. ((Bridge, USS Ronin-A, Menthar Anchorage, Universe #14762)) ::The shock had been palpable. The normally ragged and unruly crew of the USS Ronin-A had been quiet and businesslike on the journey away from what was now a boringly normal patch of space. Shockingly normal. No USS Invicta, no Legate Prianna and her fleet of Cardassian warships, just the Ronin. The tension in the air had been palpable until they received the signal from the first of the hidden asteroid sensors. Either they were a common way of eavesdropping on space traffic, or they were still in their own universe.:: ::It meant that
  18. ((Island Beach, The Next Day)) ::Raissa went for a walk up the beach. She put a little distance between herself and the crew, but she did make sure she stayed within sight. There were several jetties of stone the stuck out into the surf. She took a seat on the stone, trailing her feet in the water. The advantage of this shore leave was that the uniforms were put away and they stayed away. The wind blew her dark hair around, but she didn’t try to tame it.:: Core: Good morning, Counsellor. ::She looked away from her contemplation of the waves to see the chief engineer. She frowned slightly.::
  19. ((Holodeck 3, USS Invicta)) ::The north American forest was an interesting environment, and one that Saveron had not experienced before. The trees were larger than any he had ever seen, much of the undergrowth outcompeted for light and thus the walking wasn’t difficult. The pair wandered through the soft, dappled light as a breeze stirred the leaves and occasional hints of movement gave away the native fauna.:: ::Saavok had run ahead somewhere, pursuing a small creature that Alora had identified as a ‘squirrel’. He appreciated new environments as much as his father, but expressed that apprec
  20. ((Bridge - USS Atlantis)) ::As the computer began its process of searching for the prefix codes for the USS Christopher Pike, Tracey leaned back and looked up at the two Romulan vessels lingering on the main viewscreen, and she wondered what deceit they had planned. Tracey knew first hand the levels of deception the Romulans can go to to get what they want, and her memories of a particular mission to a Romulan refugee colony, while serving on the Independence flowed back to the forefront of her consciousness.:: (USS Tiger-A - Sickbay 2 Years Ago)) VELANA: Commander, this might sound odd, bu
  21. ((Unknown location)) ((Several days later)) ::How long had he slept? How many hours? How many days? He tried opening his eyes, fearing the glare of light would burn them, but they only saw a soft red ambience all around. His neck hurt when he tried to turn it to the side, the ligaments and tendons taut with strain. He winced, closing his eyes momentarily. When he opened them again, he took half of the room he was in into view. He was on a four-poster bed lined with burgundy satin sheets and draped with matching heavy drapes. The faint scent of jasmine lingered in the air, as if lef
  22. ((Intensive Care Unit, Medical Starbase 358, Four Years Ago - Late 2387)) ::Silence. Pure silence.:: ::Silence, of which was deafening. Though it’d been a few days without thoughts other than his own invading his privacy, it’d been excruciating. He’d only felt like this when he was a child, growing up in the world of extremely quiet minds. It was difficult to get into a Rodulan’s head, so leaving the home planet for Starfleet had been overwhelming. He’d dealt with that. Gotten used to it, even used it to his advantage. But now?:: ::Not even a whisper.:: ::Tristam glanced around his room, glari
  23. ((Counseling Suites - Moonsong’s Office)) :: He was still calm, and was fighting back his own waves of anger. The tears that threatened to rise to the surface were being held back by a manifestation of his will. Here he was, arguing with the one person on the ship who he came to for help. None of his conversations with Sal ever went this badly. :: ::Raissa stared him down, her dark eyes sparkling with unshed tears. She rose to her feet and moved away from him. Her hands clenched into fists as she struggled for self control. She was a counselor. This was her patient. This wasn’t how she was su
  24. (( Sickbay, USS Garuda )) :: Ensign Carter Greyson had returned with the recent away team, and didn’t have time to change. He recalled that he’d seen Ris transported away at Gabi’s insistence, and made his way to sickbay to check up on her. He entered and approached her bedside, noting that she didn’t quite seem herself. :: Greyson: Hey. You alright? ::Raissa opened her eyes slowly. She felt strangely light headed and calm. Almost floating in a warm comfortable state. It took her eyes a moment to focus on the face floating above her. Her mouth curved into a warm smiles:: Moonsong: ::softly
  25. ((Stateroom of Tolas & Ketanya Dajhul, Creshan'na Riyas)) ::Ketanya, despite the opinions of many around her, was not an entirely heartless woman. There she sat, at the table, with the data tablet featuring Tolas’s death certificate. She felt empty. Whilst she may have used Tolas to get into her current position, high above the typical wives of Cardassian officers, she did enjoy spending time with him - regardless of the deluded opinions. He was a peaceful man, didn’t enjoy arguments. Perhaps that was the reason she enjoyed being with him - she always won against him. ::But now, here she w
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