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  1. A place to put your favourite Amity quotations.
  2. The current Thor/Amity joint mission has generated a lot of highlights for me but I wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for @Ikaia Wong's humor and style. This JP was his idea, went in completely unexpected directions and ended up being a real pleasure to work on. I hope this encourages folks to reach out and try writing with new people as often as you can! =================================================== ((High Containment Science Lab 4, Deck 3, USS Thor)) Geoff Teller grumbled slightly as he made his way from his office to the lab spaces on Deck 3. The visiting crew of Amity had been given run of the ship and while that hadn’t been a problem, it had mostly lead to some vaguely lost officers wandering the halls. As First Officer, he’d been primarily responsible for herding these lost sheep so when he received an alert from the High Containment Science Labs, one of the few fully restricted areas aboard ship, he assumed it was simply another officer who had gotten turned while looking for the ships spa. What he wasn’t expecting was a frantic looking medical officer tending to a large and varied collection of plants, spread across several of the lab tables in specialized bio-monitoring pods. Geoff watched in bemused silence for a few moments as the young officer, a Lt. in blue with an oversized lab coat, ran the scanner from a medical tricorder over one of the bits of flora before reviewing the readings with narrowed eyes. When Geoff realized he’d likely be standing there for hours if he didn’t say something, he cleared his throat politely and spoke up with a smile. Teller: I don’t remember authorizing a new Arboretum on this deck, Lieutenant. Ikaia nearly jumped out of his skin from hearing that voice. His hand reached up and clutched his chest as he spun around. Wong: Ah! Commander! I didn’t see you there! ::Takes a moment to breathe:: I nearly had a heart attack…. Geoff chuckled and put his hands up in a placating gesture. Teller: As you were, this isn’t exactly a formal inspection. I don’t think we’ve met...Geoff Teller, ships XO. He stepped from the doorway and offered a hand in greeting. Ikaia allowed his hand to drop from his chest as he tried to relax. He reached out to shake the ginger haired officer’s hand. Wong: I’m Lieutenant Ikaia Wong. Physician Assistant and part of the Amity crew. Nice to meet you, Commander. Teller: Ah yes, Mr. Wong...I remember your name from the manifest. You’re Amity’s incoming Chief Medical Officer, right? ::Geoff nodded to the wide assortment of plants:: Botany a hobby or are these for medical use? Ikaia put his tricorder down on the nearest counter. He had been caring for many of these plants since he was an ensign. In fact, it was a collection of plants he had inherited from a previous doctor. In many ways, he felt like he had adopted them. Wong: Ah yes. That’s correct. I’m looking forward to my new posting. As for these… ::gesturing to his plants:: …. They’re something of a practical hobby, I suppose. I’ve been caring for them for a better part of a year and in their care, I’ve also been studying them as well. With the exception of the aloe, many have their origins in The Shoals. Teller: Ah I see...quite the impressive collection in that case. ::Geoff walked over and looked at a few closely, surprised to recognize a few varieties from Ketar V and Havleys Hope:: In fact, I might want to steal a few ideas from the designs...I’m always looking for a way to grow a better coffee bean. Ikaia offered a curious head tilt. Wong: Are you into botany as well? Or coffee? You almost make it sound like you’re sourcing something for The Brew Continuum. Teller: The Brew Continuum? ::Geoff’s expression was the picture of innocent ignorance:: Never heard of it. Ikaia raised an eyebrow at him for a moment. Then a smile crosses his face. What a cheeky Commander! Wong: I know that at one point, the Brew Continuum was created by you. I can say I recognize at least your name from that. I was a regular customer back on the Veritas. Geoff found himself smiling again, thinking back to the tiny converted storage space that had grown into so much more over the years. Teller: Guilty as charged. ::Teller nodded back towards one of the pods:: Don’t think I’ve ever seen that species before...the hell is it? And why is it doing...that. Ikaia picked up a watering can and went to water one of the plants. He stopped to glance back at Teller. Wong: Be careful around that one. That’s u. Tempturvium. It may be beautiful to look at. But it’s actually about to bloom very soon. It lets off a fine mist of oils that smell very much like a rotting corpse. A sonic shower absolutely will not remove the smell from your skin and well…. The less said about what it will do to your uniform, the better. I’ve had a few incidents with it. The Klingon PA could remember the first time he encountered the Tempturvium’s oils. He got a face full of it. This would have been a horrible experience for a human. But for a Klingon, it was like entering a level of hell. Especially in getting it directly in the face. He could still smell that rancid smell for a few days following the incident. Teller: Great, a stinkbomb plant. Well, at least it’s in the right place - we can eject this whole lab compartment directly out to space if we need to. Haven’t had to do it yet but there’s always a first time. Geoff shook his head and took an extra wide step around the cylinder. Teller: What is that? Ikaia moved over to the next plant. It looked like a collection of vines curled up in a pot. Wong: This one is v. Eatoanium. It’s a fast growing carnivorous vine. I suspect that in its native environment that it would have snagged small prey items such as small birds or rodents. However, this specimen has been known to go after well…. Me. I’ve found ways of placating it, though. Geoff leaned forward just enough to catch the vines ‘attention,’ which began wriggling within the containment chamber. Teller got the impression that ‘Eatoanium’s definition of small prey definitely included him. Teller: Interesting choice of pets, Mr. Wong. I find myself glad you’re taking them as far from me as logistically possible, though. Wong: You can see why I asked for high containment lab space for these plants. Many of them have specialized care needs and probably wouldn’t have been safe to be allowed into the Arboretum where anyone could have access. Previously, I kept them in my office as it was the safest place for them and typically, I was the only one who usually used that office. Geoff snorted, remembering the close quarters aboard the Veritas and imagining this flower show jammed in it. It definitely would’ve made a visit to Sickbay a lot more interesting. He dug a small padd out and verified that the lab was properly assigned to Lt. Wong for the duration of the journey and, satisfied all was in order, prepared to leave. Teller: Absolutely appropriate, Mr. Wong. I don’t think the Commodore would appreciate having his stroll through the Arboretum disrupted by the scent of corpses. Alright, I’ll leave you to it Lieutenant - as you were. Geoff turned to leave but only made it a step before he paused. The vinelike ‘Eatoanium’ was writhing violently within its containment vessel and the whole apparatus was beginning to thrash about on the lab table. Teller: Your salad looks upset, Mr. Wong. Ikaia paused to look over the Eatoanium. He froze. A look of horror briefly crossed his face. Wong: Where’s the PADD that went with this? This plant needs that PADD. Geoff’s eyebrows went up as he took another instinctive step backwards. Already, Ikaia could see the vines shift and move. He started backing up as soon as they started slithering out of the pot. Teller: Wasn’t anything on the table when I walked in here. What do you mean the plant needs the padd? It’s just a plant….right? Almost in response the whole writing mass of vines shifted as once, tipping the containment chamber off the table and onto the floor where it shattered open with a crash. Alarms began howling and alert strobes began blinking urgently and the labs heavy isolation doors slammed into lockdown with a muted thud. They were now locked in a very thick duranium box surrounded by numerous redundant containment fields. Wong: Usually, this is placated with recordings of Picard’s speeches or 80s power jams! Something about the rhythm usually calms it down! That’s why I had the PADD with this plant! ::Turns around to see the isolation doors slam shut:: Oh that’s just perfect! It’s a plant! Not some spore or highly dangerous contagion that will invert your rib cage or fill your sinuses with incompatible fluids! Geoff worried about how unusually specific those two descriptions were but felt it wise not to press the issue at the moment. He had other, more immediate concerns. Teller: Computer, erect a level ten containme…. Geoff ducked as the vines slapped a tray full of instruments his way. When he looked back, the mass of vines had vanished, scuttling behind one of the lab tables or possibly into the equipment racks. Bits of gear clattered to the ground as the creature shifted. Ikaia put his hands on his hips as he pushed some air out of his cheeks. This has turned into a much bigger mess than usual. He went looking for a PADD. Wong: Well THAT'S new. Normally, that plant isn't entirely mobile. Teller: =/\= Teller to Larell - Chief, we’re stuck in one of the science labs with an angry plant, tell me you can beam us out of here. =/\= Geoff suspected he already knew the answer, but he had to ask. Larell: =/\= Sorry sir, you know how strict the lockdown protocol is around the labs. You’d have to bring down the isolation fields for me to get a lock and if the computer detects those have failed, it’ll automatically eject the lab. Can’t do it, sir. =/\= Already the plant had decided enough was enough as it started chucking lab equipment at Ikaia. The Klingon PA squeaked as he saw a microscope come flying towards his face. He quickly dodged that one. Wong: For the love of Kāne! You get back here this instant! ::Dodges some empty petri dishes:: Teller: Stay on it, Chief, we need some kinda way out that doesn’t involve floating home. Larell: =/\= Yes sir, I’ll give you an update as soon as we have something. =/\= Geoff sighed to himself, wondering how his day had gotten this far away from him so quickly, before shooting a scowl in the direction of the nearby Mr. Wong. Teller: So we’re locked in...we try to break out, we get ejected into space. We try to beam out, we get ejected into space. Compartment’s independent life support is only good for about...oh..four or five hours. ::Geoff leaned back against one of the lab tables as casually as he could:: I’m open to suggestions, Mister. Ikaia picked up a tray to shield his face. More petri dishes rebounded off of it. Wong: Our issue is two fold here and it's not as simple as looking for a means to escape. We need to calm down my Eatoanium first. It's likely agitated from the alarms. There's a PADD on the far counter I've been recording my work on. If we load that with the correct sounds, we might be able to soothe it. Either that or--- ::a vine now lashes out at him causing him to yelp!:: GAH! Either that or we both end up on the menu after it's done with its temper tantrum! Ikaia vaguely motioned to where the PADD he mentioned was. He knew that if they didn’t calm down his plant before their escape, there was a chance it could be released into the ship at large and this was something he did NOT want escaping the lab. Wong: The second part of our plan, the escaping part, we're going to need your PADD for the security clearance alone. I've been having a number of issues surrounding my guest clearance. Most of which surround doors and replicators. I will NEVER eat wasabi-cilantro paste out of desperation again! Geoff ducked under something that looked suspiciously like a microscope hurtling through the air and crouched low, trying to keep a few heavy solid barriers between him and the aggravated parsley. Teller: I can’t lift the lockdown until we get that thing... ::A beaker flew and shattered against a far wall:: ..back in a tube and the computer is content there’s no hazard to the ship. Wong: Right. As to what we need the PADD for ----- ::Deflects a vine with his tray:: Ugh! Let’s just get my plant to settle down and take it from there? Geoff took a quick glance over the top of the lab table and still couldn’t find any evidence of an errant padd. With a sinking suspicion he ducked back behind the table and turned his attention out the observation windows at the rear of the lab and into the connecting compartment. There, on a small worktable just on the other side of the sealed door a Padd sat perched, completely out of reach. Teller: Well, the good news is I found your padd. Geoff pointed out the nearby window and shrugged in frustration. It may as well have been on Vulcan for all the help it would be out there. Wong: This is literally the third thing I've been trapped in in about six months! ::A beat:: The good news? Why does it sound like there’s BAD news? Ikaia felt something wrap around his right foot. He screamed as it yanked him over. He fell flat on his butt and felt himself being dragged across the floor. He smacked at some other vines coming for him with his tray. It looked like Klingon was on the main menu as an entré! Geoff dove around the table and grabbed the man's labcoat, yanking backwards as hard as he could. The plant had an alarmingly firm grip. Well, Ikaia had mostly been yanked away from his plant. The vines were still firmly wrapped around Ikaia’s boots while his bare feet were free to the elements in the lab. Ikaia grabbed the counter top and stumbled back to his feet. Teller: Hold on! What did you say was on that padd again? Music and speeches?! Wong: Yes! 80s power jams and Picard’s speeches. That’s the only thing that seems to calm it down! Teller: Well library computer access was cut when the lab went into isolation mode and my singing is limited to sea shanties....how’s your accent? Wong: My accent? Well, it’s Hawaiian…. Teller: No, your french accent! Start Picard’ing, that’s an order! Wong: Oh. Riiight. Uh… ahem…. :Glancing nervously at the vines coming for him:: “Starfleet was founded upon seeking out life. To boldly go---” GAH! Ikaia ducked as one of his boots was flung back at him. Teller: No no, it’s gotta be a little more British than that for some reason! Like this…::Geoff took a deep breath and tried to draw upon the gravitas, poise and baldness of one of Starfleet’s most legendary officers.. ”“We’ve made too many compromises already. Too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back...this far...no farther....” The creature continued to thrash about but the vines slowed slightly, but his [...]-french accent would not have won him any awards. Ikaia tried to concentrate. What did a French-British accent sound like again? Wong: Okay okay. Let me try this - “While most of us recoil in fear, we must remember that this plant, the Eatoanium, is still worthy of our care. It has demonstrated at least on some level sentience. Are we not there to seek out new life?” He could see his plant starting to calm down a little more. It was still gripping on to that other boot. Teller: It’s working! ::Geoff cleared his throat and tried again for something approaching stately gentility::...”With the first link, the chain is forged….The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden….” Teller doubted he’d win Starbase 80’s famed talent contest but the creature was loosening its grip, and Geoff was able to haul Mr. Wong backwards towards relative safety, but not before another projectile headed their way. It flung the last boot. It rebounded off of Ikaia’s head. He yelped as it smacked him. He was getting really tired of being hit with things. Wong: Ow! GEEZ! Ugh….“That is one of the tenants that Starfleet was founded upon. We are Starfleet. It is our duty to ensure that this plant is well cared for as long as it is under our protection. It is not to be ejected into space like refuse.” Geoff put aside his personal feelings in this moment of deep crisis and called upon the powers of Earl Grey himself. Teller: “The first duty of every starfleet officer is to the truth! Whether it's scientific truth, or...uh”…::Geoff’s memory was failing him so he improvised.::....to space truth...or...ground..truth... The plant was starting to come down off the shelving. Ikaia crouched down low and started making his way closer. Wong: Ah… it’s working….. It’s calming down…. Ah “Part of seeking out new life is also the care and protection of that new life. That’s what we must do. This is not a compromise.” Geoff tried to lower his voice towards a register he hoped was soothing as he slowly lifted an unbroken containment canister. Teller: “So I lied...cheated….bribed men to cover the crimes of other men….”...wait, dammit, that’s not a Picard speech. ::Geoff took another small step towards the creature and nodded to Mr. Wong.:: “There’s coffee in that neb…” dammit that’s not right either. Ikaia calmly approached his plant. The vines were already starting to curl back up into its pot. He carefully picked it up in his hands. Wong: ::Whispering:: Are you ready to seal it up? We’ve got it back into dormancy. With the vines as docile as he’d seen them, Geoff crossed the final meter and scooped the vines into the canister and sealed it in one quick motion. It wasn’t until after he’d gotten it fully back on the lab table and behind a level five containment field that both men exhaled and slumped to the floor, Geoff’s back against one of the tumbled equipment racks. After a few deep breaths, Geoff laughed out loud at the absurdity of the last few minutes until his eyes were watering. When he could catch his breath again, he wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and tapped his com badge. Ikaia was more than thrilled to see his plant safely tucked behind glass. He rested his back against a counter as he seemingly sprawled across the floor. Ikaia snorted. The ludicrousness of it all! But at least everyone including the plant was safe. Wong: ::Sighs:: That’s a relief….. Maybe now we can lift the lockdown? Teller: =/\= Computer, lift isolation lockdown on containment lab 4, Authorization Teller Sigma Kilo Alpha Nebula Tango Sigma. =/\= Computer: =/\= Unable to comply, internal sensors detect a possible contagion which matches established viral profiles. =/\= Geoff gulped, his good humor forgotten. He looked around nearby and found several tricorders scattered in the debris on the floor. He flipped one to Wong and began scanning the area the vines had been writhing around. Ikaia blinked at what the computer had said. Sure, he often worked around the sick. But that wasn’t without decontamination afterwards. He took the tricorder in his hands and began looking. Teller: Were you storing anything else in here? Biomatter? Research samples? Especially pungent cheese? Wong: There shouldn’t be. I always decontam whenever I deal with the sick. There shouldn’t be anything here. Teller: Tricorder’s picking up nothing over here...air reads fine....no particulate matter...no radiation...certainly nothing that looks like a virus….you got anything? Ikaia was about to get up when his hands brushed against his thigh. It stung when he touched it. Bringing his hand up to his face, he could see a pink liquid coating his fingers. Blood. His blood. He glanced down at his thigh and sure enough, he could see where it had been sliced. Possibly from the glass when the Eatoanium escaped. Wong: I think some of the glass got me. My thigh’s been slashed by something. I’m going to need a dermal regenerator here to fix it. Geoff swung around in alarm at the shrieking tricorder. Teller: Stay still, try not to move. It could be on your uniform...we could still decontaminate it… Ikaia froze. He looked at Teller. Wong: Wait. On me? Geoff narrowed the scan field on his tricorder and took a few steps back towards Mr. Wong, following the increasingly rapid beeps from the scanner. When he was within a meter, he slowly panned the device down, starting with Mr. Wongs head. Teller: I’m no medical officer, Mr. Wong, but I’m picking up something tricorder thinks is a retrovirus…. Ikaia’s eyes went wide. It was as if Teller had said something that had triggered a memory for him…. ((Flashback - Russell River Mines - Approximately Six Months Earlier…..)) S’Ten: What do you know of Drell? That question came as a surprise to him. His hand slowly reached up to touch his hair. Since he started experiencing new cultures and other planets on his travels with Starfleet, that name has come up over and over again. Mostly in response to his blond hair. Some days, he was half tempted to dye it just to keep a lower profile if he knew he was dealing with other Klingons. Wong: House of Drell. I’ve heard of it. Mostly through it being shouted at me with plenty of finger pointing. But I really don’t know much about it. Except for that blond hair seems to be a house trait. Although, I’m not sure if I’m connected to that house or not. I absolutely know nothing. What do you know about this? S’Ten: I see. I can only tell you what I know from my briefings on Romulus. It was important to understand the workings of Great Houses, while they are an Empire there are always disputes between their houses, which is something that can be exploited during a conflict. Membership of a Great house has traditionally been by virtue of birth, or marriage. But the House of Drell was different. You are aware of the Klingon augment virus? Wong: Bits and pieces about it from what’s been mentioned in Starfleet databases. Victims impacted by it lost their head crests. S’Ten: The first Klingon that was born with blond hair was a result of this virus. Over time, Klingons with your hair color were born throughout the population, but only a handful. Word of them spread, and they became shunned like other augments. As a joke, Klingons said that blond Klingons were of “jul”¸ the Klingon word for “sun”. Klingons also found it amusing to claim that any Klingon born of jul were of the same family. One blonde Klingon was so incensed by being teased constantly that she formed a house named “Drell”, a play on the word jul. She declared that any blond Klingon was instantly a member of Drell, should they choose to be. Wong: Did all those impacted join this house? S’Ten: Many blond Klingons joined, proudly. Conversely, many sought genetic modification. And some… were sent from the Empire by their parents to live elsewhere. Ikaia frowned slightly. The gene pool expanded significantly and even if he got a hit in his search using DNA, it didn’t mean that it would be someone from this house. His investigation has just hit its first snag. ((High Containment Science Lab 4, Deck 3, USS Thor - Present day….)) Ikaia scanned himself and began cross referencing his DNA with the RNA of the Augment Virus on file. Sure enough, the virus had been embedded in his DNA. It was less than a 5% fragment of the original virus. But it was still there. He briefly reached up to touch his blond hair for a moment. Ikaia’s breath seemed to be caught inside his chest. Time almost felt like it had stopped for him. This was a major revelation. The reason for his hair colour, for who he was came down to a virus fragment. He looked at Teller wide eyed. He had been quiet in his realization for the longest time. At that moment, he finally broke his silence. Wong: Commander….. That virus you’re picking up isn’t on me. It’s a part of me. Geoff’s attention turned away from the baffled tricorder and towards the bewildered looking Mr. Wong. Teller: That’s...that’s somewhat alarming. I’m alarmed. I feel like you should be more alarmed. The lab is certainly alarmed. Wong: I have less than a 5% fragment of the Klingon Augment Virus embedded in my DNA. It’s what’s causing the blond hair and I suspect what triggered the lockdown when I got cut by the glass. It was never my plant. It was me the entire time. Geoff flipped the tricorder closed and scowled but focused on the immediate problem and located the compartment's medical kit, one of the few things that hadn’t been tossed around. Teller: Pretty basic but there’s a dermal regenerator in here along with some broad spectrum antivirals... Wong: I’m not contagious nor am I sick. It’s a virus fragment. But it’s certainly enough to trigger the lockdown of the labs. I’m sorry, Commander. Which meant that now the labs had to be keyed into his DNA just to avoid future lockdowns pending their survival from this lockdown. Teller: Well, it’s not really me you need to apologize to, it’s the sensors in here. Patch yourself up and try not to bleed on anything else. We’re going to need to decontaminate every surface you’ve touched or brushed against and…::Geoff shook his head, wondering how he’d explain this to the Commodore.::...lose the pants. Gonna have to vaporize those. oOExcuse me. Who’s the medical officer around here---- wait. Is he REALLY suggesting THAT?! That’s EXTREME.Oo Wong: You’re asking me to depants myself and BURN them?! Am I hearing this correctly? Teller: Look, I’m not the one who [...]ed off the computer, so I get to keep my pants…. A single drop of pinkish blood, accidentally smeared across the back of Mr. Wong’s tricorder dangled and fell before either man could react. Geoff could only watch in horror as it landed with a small splat on the right leg of his uniform pants. Ikaia gave something of a coy head tilt. Wong: Hmm yes. I seem to recall something to the effect of vaporizing one’s pants if they’re contaminated with my blood? Ikaia started to remove his pants. This was quite embarrassing. Almost as much as the tattoo on his backside. Teller: Welp...yep, ok, now we’re going to be two totally normal officers not wearing pants, cleaning a lab. ::Geoff sighed and began sifting through equipment on one of the nearby racks.:: Find yourself a subsonic sterilizer and get to work once that leg is patched up. Wong: Don’t worry, Commander. I very much understand sterilization procedures and medical care. Pretty sure that’s why I’m the Amity’s CMO. ::Sighs:: This is really embarrassing. We’re really going to have to key in my DNA into things to avoid generating false positives in the future. He finally removed his pants entirely and folded them up on the floor leaving him in his standard issue Starfleet boxers. He cleaned off his hands and grabbed the dermal regenerator to run across his wound. The whole incident had him stressed out, if he had to be honest with himself. It wasn’t just that he’d have to make the long walk to his quarters without any pants. It was what he had just learned here today. It was entirely possible with the virus fragment in his DNA that he was a member of the House of Drell. But given how Klingons handled matters like this, there was still a chance he may not be. Either way, this was a heavy result for him. It made him somewhat terrified of what the entire truth was going to be. Wong: Sorry about the mess….. It was the better part of an hour before the two men, fully stripped down to their starfleet standard issue skivies, emerged from a lab the computer now considered entirely free of pathogens. Both men made a dash for the nearby turbolift in an attempt to forestall questions or curious glances and they were entirely successful, except for Lt. Kowalski, who valiantly managed to restrain their laughter inside the turbolift car until Geoff stepped out, but broke before the doors could close again. [End] ======================================== Lieutenant Ikaia Wong PA-C Chief Medical Officer Amity Outpost V239711IW0 & Commander Geoffrey Teller Executive Officer USS Thor - NCC 82607 Commodore A. Kells, Commanding V239509GT0
  3. Did someone write something that you loved? That made you laugh out loud, or gasp? Please share it here, on this post.
  4. I figured instead of having a monthly thread, we could just keep a running thread of funny instances in our sims.
  5. Please post any funny lines or memorable quotations from sims from our crew!
  6. Good character torture here. Wow. Well done! @John Kendrick
  7. There was one of these for the Victory and I seen other ships with a simular topic, so here is a new one for a new ship, who wants to be the first to put up a funny Quote from one of the crew??
  8. Someone was speaking. Lilith could hear, but her mind was barely registering it. Lilith was angry at herself. Danger meant she should be at the forefront and defend, instead she found herself unable to move. She chastised herself for that. Wong: ::To Thorne:: Hey. It’s me. Lieutenant JG Wong. I’m here now. Let’s get you patched up. ::Glancing up at Reade:: How has she been doing? Thorne: ::weakly:: I got a boo boo. Just a small snippet. But this made laugh.
  9. Did you see something memorable aboard the Chin'toka that you want to recognize? Drop it in this thread! Whether it's a mishap or just Toryn being Toryn, this is the place for it.
  10. There was a plan at the start of our "Fissure" Veritas mission to have Kinan Venroe, written by @Blake, Tristam Core, as the love interest for Wil Ukinix. At the end of the mission, they finally got to spend some time together. The sentiment of this sim is beautiful and heart warming. ((Officer's Mess)) Kinan: What are we doing, Wil? Soon, Veritas would go in for a refit. It may be up to Kinan where Lt Commander Ukinix ended up next. That was Kinan's job: personnel officer. When resources were assigned to the Shoals, she forwarded them to where they needed them. She had two ships worth of people she had to arrange, and she wasn't sure whether Veritas' current crew would be part of that list. Ukinix: Um- ::pondering, before gesturing to bottle:: We’re drinking wine? I’m clearly flirting with you- Kinan: Work gets in the way of these things. You are amazing. you are talented, you're sweet, funny and just... you. ::she sighs:: I usually need to be five steps ahead of... everything. I guess I need... a name for what this is. Ukinix: ::more pondering, slight blush:: - it’s an impromptu date. I was looking forward to catching up with you and then, you know, that whole mine collapse thing happened. I mean, I dunno, are you ::squinting eyes slightly:: okay with that? She twirls her glass a little, referring to her symbiont. Kinan:: :with a smile:: Venroe's lived three half-lifetimes, including my own. You'd think with all that language, I'd be able to define things on my own. ::pause:: Venroe hasn't met someone like you before, though. I think that's special. Once again, Wil chuckled quietly. Ukinix: Flattery will get you everywhere. Both of you. ::Slight squint:: Wait, what’d I just say? He leaned forward, pouring more wine into her glass. She responded with a coy smile. Kinan: Nothing I haven't asked myself. Ukinix: I’m not good at expressing myself sometimes, I’ll be honest and say that I get tied up in knots when I get interested in someone, and even more so when they are interested in me. That’s my way of saying I like you. Kinan's eyes sparkle. Kinan: That's a good way. Ukinix: I know nothing is certain in Starfleet. Veritas is going to need a refit, who knows where I’m going to end up, maybe out of The Shoals. You know that better than I do. Wil held out his hand to Kinan... and she takes it. Ukinix: I just witnessed 20-odd miners and two of my fellow crewmates being rescued out of a kilometres deep mine. 5 people down there didn’t make it. ::Chewing bottom lip for a moment:: We shouldn’t let Starfleet get in the way of living our life. ::Slight smile:: Or lives in your case. oO I don't want to say no. Oo Venroe's experience lived in the background. It was a long life, with experiences of love, curiosity, tradegy, and a little more. The point was to continue experiencing, with all the complications life brought. It wasn't that Kinan had been hiding from that -- not really. But she had expected life to repeat itself. Seated across from her was an anomaly of a man, unlike whoever she'd met before. That was special. With her other hand, Kinan brings her glass up and taps it against his. Kinan: To living life, with pleasant company. And to many more dates in future. END. LtCmdr Kinan Venroe Personnel Officer Cait Spacedock C238803SB0
  11. It's about time we had one of these for our wonderfully wacky and eclectic ship and all who sail in her. Go nuts!
  12. How to write a good and awesome paced action scene by @Alleran Tan. Slow beginning, nice and in the mood of the previous scene, sudden snap to action, breathtaking description and..... Awesome job mate! ((Tunnel Fork, Darime Underground)) Wandering down an unexpected fork in the tunnel, one that wasn't on any maps, team JAMS—Jona And Mallora, Serren—were feeling pretty crammed in by the low ceiling. Or at least, Jona and Serren were. Mallora seemed to be doing much better. And the heat... and the smell... Okay, so everything wasn't so great after all. To make things worse, there was a hot, possibly radioactive, electronic thing on the other side of the wall. Mallora indicated it was a malfunctioning generator and he had no reason to doubt that assessment. But they had come to a fork in the road, one that wasn't on either of their maps. ch'Ranni: Great. Which one do we take? No way to know. Tan: Fifty-fifty shot. But if I had to guess... the new tunnel would probably be more interesting. That generator isn't going anywhere. Mallora stepped over to the place where the cooler passage split off from the main tunnel. There was a pile of loosely scattered rocks on the ground almost marking the divide between dug tunnel and natural cave. Waving her tricorder at the two passages, she examined the flow of data on the screen. Vossti: Sirs? I think there's a scuff mark here. ::she pointed to one of the larger oblong rocks about the size of a Trill honeymelon.:: Like someone stepped on this rock on their way through. Mallora looked at them questioningly. Tan: That would likely be our cadets then. Jona mulled the decision while the doctor leaned against the surface of the wall. The Betazoid doctor seemed a touch startled as she directed her tricorder to the walls of the tunnel. Vossti: What? ::hesitantly:: I'm checking for structural instability in the tunnel, but it looks fine both here and in the cave beyond. ch'Ranni: Good call. I think the last thing any of us wants is to have a few tons of rock and dirt falling on our heads. What does your scan show? Serren definitely didn't want that. But he really had no idea what they were looking at. Vossti: Response Tan: But it's stable for now, right? ch'Ranni: Right. Stable for now. That's the best we can do. Head into the natural tunnel and see where it leads. From the scuffs the doctor saw, we can expect that someone has passed through here before. That's enough to warrant a look. With Serren in the lead and the doctor bringing up the rear, they maneuvered themselves and their equipment into the side tunnel. In doing so they left behind the cramped passage as the natural one opened up above their heads. The sheer relief he felt when he was able to finally stretch out was delightful. But it wasn't just the high ceiling that brightened his day. The ceiling was dotted with bright shining geodes, reflecting and refracting the light all around them. ch'Ranni: The rock and crystal formations are amazing here. It was hard to disagree. Jona pointed to a yellowish patch of geometric crystalline growth on one passing stalagmite with his hand torch. It flashed and glittered in the beam of light with an almost internal glow. ch'Ranni: I saw some of this crystal in the ceiling of the main cavern. Tan: ::Softly,:: This is beautiful. Vossti: Response ch'Ranni: Record and sample everything. There's no telling what data the Pelian researchers may find useful. Vossti: Response Tan: Aye, Commander. Serren absently pulled out his tricorder and began taking a routine scan. Vossti would no doubt be on it too, but it was good to have a second set of data just in case. With Serren and Mallora working, Jona took a wander around the cavern. Serren idly shook his tricorder, urging it to scan faster. The sooner they were done with the scan, the sooner he could check out the beautiful geological formations. His eyes flicked down to his device, watching a tiny bar fill up on a too-small screen. Why didn't they make these things a little bigger, just so looking at them didn't strain the eyes so— ch'Ranni: ::calling out:: Whoa! Watch out! Serren's head snapped around. Time itself seemed to slow down; body instantly flooded with adrenaline, he assessed the situation in a flash. Hidden crevice. Deep. None of them had seen it. Jona, off-balance, arms pinwheeling. A split second away from disaster. Tan: Jona! Serren exploded into motion. His tricorder fell out of his hands, clattering onto the ground, and he slid out of his heavy pack in one smooth motion. Trill legs pumped furiously as he transitioned instantly from "relaxed scanning" to furious sprinting, closing the distance between himself and Jona. ch'Ranni/Vossti: Response Too late. He was going to be too late. He... Did a risky and dangerous thing, totally against his training, that risked sending him off the edge as well. Serren leapt forward like a hunting cat as Jona tumbled backward. His arms outstretched, reaching, reaching... trying to grab any part of Jona he could. A boot. Serren landed bodily on his chest, sliding on the smooth rock, shoulders over the edge. One hand had managed to grab hold of Jona's left boot, holding on with every ounce of his strength as he caught his buddy mid-fall. Tan: ::Grunting,:: I got you! But then the full weight of the guy was transferred to his arm, to his shoulder, and then to his whole body; threatening to pull him over the edge too. Serren's fingers held on to Jona's ankle as tightly as he could, his blue buddy swaying ominously below him. He felt himself sliding forward too; the weight pulling him over... kicking frantically, his boot hooked around a crystal formation, snagging there. Serren held on as tight as he could as Jona dangled over the abyss below. It all happened in just a few seconds. ch'Ranni/Vossti: Response Serren's training kicked in, voice totally bereft of its normal levity. His tone was clipped, calm, and professional despite the strain on his shoulder, ankle, and whole body. They'd need all three of them to get out of this. Serren shifted his posture, grabbing hold of Jona's boot with two hands now. Much better. Tan: Vossti. Rope in my bag. Tie it off on a strong-looking crystal, or use a climbing piton if you can't find one. Just anchor it. Commander, do you think you can put on a climbing harness upside down? Or freeclimb a rope? It was that or something much more primitive, like a lasso around the arm. ch'Ranni/Vossti: Response -- Lieutenant (j.g.) Serren Tan Security/Tactical USS Gorkon O238704AT0
  13. Okay, I just couldn't resist. This was an absolutely delightful and funny introduction sim from our new Counselor! Great start! (( Lightside Station - Starlight Market )) Once Arys found herself on Lightside Station she couldn’t help but regret not being here for recreational purposes. She had visited the angry jellyfish that was Deep Space Nine and found some appreciation for the Cardassian aesthetic, but this was entirely different. There were large open spaces and botanical gardens, restaurants, gambling establishments, nightclubs, theatres.. a spa… There even was an authentic Irish Pub with real food. Should she not make it in Starfleet, she would settle down here. A small private practise close to one of the gardens. oO Great Arys, you haven’t even started Plan A and are already thinking about Plan B. How about you go and find your ship before plotting your exit strategy. And try not to get lost. Oo Arys hated to admit it, but there was a good chance she already was lost. She wandered through Starlight Market and every now and then forgot what she was looking for, and entered one of the shops instead. This time she found herself entering a softly lit establishment that smelled of foreign herbs and spices. At the back of the shop was a wooden counter where a small older woman smiled kindly at her. A cup of tea and half an hours worth of conversation later, Arys was directed to Deck 423 and made her way to where she hoped to find her new crew. oO I haven’t seen a single Starfleet Uniform so far, or I could just ask them.. with my luck this is the wrong Lightside Station. Or I got the wrong assignment. Or I missed them because I had tea… ::She rolled her eyes at her own thoughts:: Ooooor they are not in uniform. Since you’re not in uniform either. Now stop being a weirdo. oO She sighed and very subtly followed a brown haired human who looked like he was headed into the same direction. Surely enough, he eventually approached a large crowd gathering around a pavilion, and Arys watched him greet and smile at others before getting something to eat. Good strategy. oO Just smile and nod, I guess. These are a LOT of people.. I found seventy hard to deal with. How many people does the Juneau actually have on board? Five hundred? Seven hundred? Either way the number seemed a lot less intimidating when it had just been that - a number, and not all those new faces. Oo It was a bit of a relief when she noticed people smile and nod at her. Someone even offered a ‘great to see you again’. Which was amusing since she was pretty sure that she had never seen this person before, and she concluded that smiling, nodding, and blending in was an appropriate way of handling the situation. Deciding that her new life as a stalker wasn’t something she wanted to give up yet, she decided to approach the human she had been following as he introduced himself to a man and woman. Kendrick: My name is John by the way. John Kendrick. Qinn: response Falt: response Arys: I apologise for hijacking your introductions. My name is Arys, I’ve just been assigned to the Juneau, and I don’t know anyone here yet. ::She smiled a lot more confidently than she actually felt:: It is however very nice to meet you. Kendrick: response Qinn: response Falt: response Arys: I believe I am supposed to report to Lieutenant Commander T’Lea. Would you be able to point me into the right direction? Kendrick: response Qinn: response Falt: response ———————————— Ensign Trovek Arys Counsellor USS Juneau J239809TA4
  14. This.. just this. Action, humour and splendid described images. Nice work @Jona ch'Ranni ! ((Natural Cavern, Darime Underground)) The team of three had made their way into a natural cavern that forked off the newer tunnel construction dug by the Pelian surveyors. The vaulted ceiling and walls were littered with an impressive display of mineral ore veins and crystal patches. ch'Ranni: The rock and crystal formations are amazing here. He pointed to a yellowish patch of geometric crystalline growth on one passing stalagmite with his hand torch. It flashed and glittered in the beam of light with an almost internal glow. ch'Ranni: I saw some of this crystal in the ceiling of the main cavern. Tan: ::Softly,:: This is beautiful. Vossti: Response ch'Ranni: Record and sample everything. There's no telling what data the Pelian researchers may find useful. Vossti: Response Tan: Aye, Commander. As the two worked, Jona took a step back and spun on his heel. He made it only a few steps before his left foot found only air instead of solid ground. His arms pinwheeled backwards in an attempt to regain solid footing as the maw of the deep crevasse loomed before him. ch'Ranni: ::calling out:: Whoa! Watch out! As gravity became his worst nemesis, he slowly pitched forward, losing his vain fight to maintain his footing. Tan: ::from behind:: Jona! For what felt like seconds, but was logically much shorter, Jona felt like he hung motionless over the deep maw before its pitch dark tendrils pulled him down. A hilarious (it would be hilarious in any other circumstance) image flashed in his mind of an animation series he watched as a younglings where an anthropomorphic Gralaa wolf attempted to chase a Zabathu but always came up short in his endeavors. The poor wolf was always falling from great heights but somehow managed to survive. Jona wasn't so sure he'd have the same fate. Vossti: Response Just as he was about to disappear into the sheer ravine, he felt a hand grasp at his left ankle. It had to be Serren - the man who had stuck with him through bar hopping and shenanigans, the man who was the most important person in his life in this second. Tan: ::grunting,:: I got you! While Serren's desperate grip was keeping him from certain doom, it could do little to stop the laws of physics. The Andorian's momentum carried him forward in an arc and his face slammed into the crevasse's rockface below Serren's feet. There was something thoroughly unpleasant about dangling upside down in the blackness of a kilometer deep cave. ch'Ranni: ::with a nervous comedic quip:: Ouch. I just kissed a cave and I think I liked it. Vossti: Response Jona could hear Seren speaking in a clipped, serious tone - different from his usual light - and providing direction to the only one of them that could give an extra assistance. Tan: Vossti. Rope in my bag. Tie it off on a strong-looking crystal, or use a climbing piton if you can't find one. Just anchor it. Commander, do you think you can put on a climbing harness upside down? Or freeclimb a rope? Vossti: Response ch'Ranni: Yeah, I think I can. As he waited for the safety equipment to be passed down, he noticed he was still gripping his torch tightly in his hand. It was amazing that he still held it. Though, in the moment, he mused it was probably evenly split on whether a person involuntarily gripped an object in terror or chucked it away in surprise. He shone the beam of light above his head and spotted a hidden ledge about twenty meters below. And there was a light source casting a dim glow outward. ch'Ranni: How's that harness coming? Tan/Vossti: Response ch'Ranni: No rush. Hey, Serren, thanks for not skipping the upper body routine last week when I tried to get you to go to the holodeck with me. Tan: Response -- Lt. Commander Jona ch'Ranni Chief of Operations USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) C239510JC0
  15. @Kaijin445 I wanted to post this sim of yours here for a few reasons. 1. I just love how much of a gentleman Dune is towards Sheila/in general. He is really the perfect sort of man in my opinion. 2. I also love the descriptions you provided on Dune's background. It definitely helped me get a deeper understanding of the type of person Dune is. I can't wait to see where the scene goes from here. ❤️ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ((Sheila’s Quarters, Starbase 118)) Well, the good doctor did seem happy to be talking to him, at any rate, which he was pleased with. The reddening of her cheeks, the smile that seemed to never stop growing across her face and making it positively glow – all good signs, he took them as. Perhaps she didn’t often get visitors and he was a rare exception to that norm; in which case he was still glad to provide her the company she wanted. Dune: ::blushing lightly:: Well, I suppose. I did earn the top score of the cadet’s command and control course at Starfleet Academy – but book learning does not substitute for actual empirical experience, does it? Holodeck simulations are quite close but they still cannot compare to the unpredictability of real-life circumstance, can it. Then she seemed to stumble and fall, even in the lowish gravity that they were currently floating in – in response to which he surged forward, catching her in his arms and providing support. He must’ve felt like a tree, strong, tall and sturdy as most of his people tended to be. The perfect steadying pillar. Bailey: You could say that again. ::Sheila gave a low laugh, relating her current experience to Dune’s statement:: Dune: Does this happen often? Bailey: Oh, no. I don’t fall often but it’s not unusual. My left hip is weaker and it must have had a twinge suddenly. ::Here Sheila blushed not out of fondness but embarrassment for her fall as well as her rambling:: Dune: That’s alright. Does this affect you badly? Bailey: Well I’m not sure if you have experienced this but being a minority species comes with certain disadvantages within Federation space and Starfleet. That gave him pause. He too was of a minority species, in fact, a species that’d only just come into the Federation – and he felt the pressures all the same. He’d scared children his age for looking different and felt daily the pressure to represent the best of his people, to perform in the best arenas possible and show that there was plenty the Kelpien race had to offer. Dune: As a matter of fact… I have, somewhat. ::glancing towards the sofa:: Would you like me to help you back to your seat? I can handle our drinks if you’d like. Bailey: Oh, that would be great thanks. ::Though she sounded less enthusiastic than when she had replied to his opinion on the gravity situation:: Gripping her hand he floated over, gently easing her into a sitting position upon the presumably much more comfortable sofa, and off he went again towards the kitchen counter. He’d been scalded a few times in his life from careless hot water handling and poured many, many drinks; he could presumably handle himself around two cups of tea. He could sense the drop in enthusiasm in her voice, however. It was plain to see: the doctor valued her autonomy greatly and offering to take this simple task from her likely made her feel a little worse than she let on. Nonetheless she’d accepted, perhaps feeling that it’d be best that she not ruin their talk by spilling boiling hot liquid on herself, and so he would gladly offer his assistance, but he’d have to keep that in mind from now on. Dune: Growing up on a Federation vessel of humanoid children was not easy. I was a scrawny, hoof-footed bald boy with large yellow eyes at age six and you can imagine how my class of humanoid, hairy-headed peers felt about that. It is easier for young humanoids to accept other young humanoids, I feel, ignoring even the color of one’s skin, extra bodily features and so on. So I did not have very many friends and continued to do despite my parents’ best efforts. Bailey: ? Dune: I had some very persistent friends who took my hand and ran the journey in part with me. Indeed Qltlha and Julien had helped in spades; the former was adamant about dragging him from the cosy confines of his textbook and dorm room to attend the wild party that cadet Strauss three doors down sometimes held; not for the purpose of partying, but to get him to mix with people. It was a life skill, she’d said with utmost certainty, to be able to at the utter least be able to spend time in crowds and seem less like a shut-in, especially for someone with the ambitions that he held. Oh, it’d been nerve-wracking at first and he bemoaned silently each and every time, but slowly but surely he’d learned. Julien was a different story. The human took it upon himself to hone his crush’s person to person skill; behind many of their interactions (yes, including the badly veiled attempts to win his affections) was a lesson to be learned about the nuances of face to face relations. Again it had not been easy for the then much younger man that Dunamis had been then; making eye contact, reading body language, catching tone and so on was a supremely difficult affair for someone who’d been deprived of it for a great portion of his life. But he’d learned. Slowly but surely. He in fact continued to attribute his success in the Academy’s command modules to Julien’s efforts back then and this he did without a single sliver of shame. But that being said this conversation was not about himself. This conversation, this visit in its entirety, was about Sheila, and his purpose in seeing her was to offer her support, be it the starbase’s – or his own. He brought the steaming cups of tea over, placing them delicately on the table between them. Bailey: ? Dune: Would you be comfortable in sharing with me how you feel in that regard? Bailey: ? Ensign Dunamis Tactical Officer as simmed by Ensign Drevas Matthel Security Officer Starbase 118 - USS Narendra O239706DM0
  16. Prime example (IMO) of how to get a new player up to speed on a brand new mission! Good job @Elizabeth Snow! 😃 --- (( Sickbay Complex, Deck 10, USS Chin’toka )) Elizabeth had been pretty busy this morning. Between the new arrival onboarding exams and dealing with the medical supplies now that they were successfully onboard, Elizabeth had been muli-tasking with what supporting the colony from a medical standpoint would look like. She had hoped to collaborate with Counselor Azorius to get his view from a mental health standpoint, but he had been transferred. It was important that the two fronts were on the same page as in many ways, they mixed. Luckily a new Counselor had been assigned to the Chin’toka. Elizabeth would have to bring Ensign Hex up to speed on things, but hopefully they could work together. Snow: =/\= Doctor Snow to Counselor Hex =/\= Hex: =/\= Hex here. Good morning, Doctor. =/\= Snow: =/\= Morning, Counselor. I was hoping to get the chance to speak with you, if you had the time? =/\= Hex: =/\= Of course, Doctor - how does your office in ten minutes sound? =/\= Snow: =/\= That works for me, Counselor. I’ll see you then. Snow out. =/\= Elizabeth closed the comms and began gathering the data from the recent mission. Hoping not to overwhelm the poor Ensign. ((Time Skip)) (( CMO’s Office, Sickbay Complex, Deck 10, USS Chin’toka )) With Ishka and Wyla now tending to the restocking of the inventory, Elizabeth finished up the current on boarding exam she was working on and then proceeded to her office. Elizabeth updated the medical profiles as she waited on the Counselor. Happy that it was work related and not a mandatory session with her. As much as she respected those in the profession, she wasn’t fond of being the one receiving their services. She was finishing up with the last of the profiles when there was a chime at the door. Snow: Enter. The doors slid open and in walked their new Betazoid Counselor. Elizabeth greeted her with a smile and motioned for her to the chairs in front of the desk Hex: Doctor Snow. Elizabeth finished up with the profile she was working on and turned her attention to the new face. Snow: Before we get started. Can I get you something to drink? Hex: I was talking to a Marine on the way to the Chin’toka, and he asked me what I'd prefer to drink out of a choice of Bajoran wine and Tellarite beer. Elizabeth’s left eyebrow raised in response to the Counselor’s story. She wasn’t sure where this was going, but she decided to go along with it. Snow: Oh? And what was your response? Hex: Tellarite beer, of course. But I suppose now’s not the time for me to talk about wines and beers. Not least with the Chief Medical Officer - I won't shy away from a water though, Doctor, thank you. Elizabeth smiled as she walked over to the replicator to acquire their drinks. She thought for a moment that the Counselor was about to ask for a beer or something. Snow: No worries, Ensign. Though I’m not sure I can work with a beer person. :: sighs :: I suppose I’ll just have to make due. :: teasing :: An ice water and a hot cup of Jesteral Tea. She was aware of the Ensign’s Betazoid eyes watching her. Hex: Do you prefer Doctor Snow, or Lieutenant? Something else entirely? She grabbed their drinks and walked over to the Ensign. She handed the woman her glass before taking her seat behind her desk. She took a sip of her tea before responding. Snow: Doctor Snow is fine, Doctor, or Lieutenant. I’m not picky. You can call me Liz or Elizabeth when we’re not on duty. :: smiles :: Just don’t call me Lizzie. Do you have a preference? Hex: Response Snow: :: nods :: Alright. :: beat :: I’m going to do this the best I can so as not to overwhelm you with anything. So, please, speak up if there’s something you don’t understand and I will do my best to clarify it for you. Hex: Response Snow: Well I’m hoping we can work together to determine what supporting the colony will look like from a mental health and medical standpoint. It’s important that our two fronts are on the same page since our two fields mix in ways, but before we get into that I will have to bring you up to speed, so to speak, with details from our recent mission. Hex: Response Elizabeth nodded once the Counselor confirmed she was ready to begin. Snow: We recently went on a diplomatic mission to Oscion which is a neutral planet in Caraadian space that the Great Houses of that region use for political purposes. Our goal was to obtain a planet to set up a Federation colony on. By the mission we’re embarking on, negotiations were successful. In exchange those in the Expanse were free to use the resources the colony had to offer. Trading, shipyards, medical responses from the planet and nearby ships, mental health, science, and so on. She took a brief pause to sip her tea, studying the young Counselor to make sure Elizabeth hadn’t completely lost her along the way. She took another sip of tea, letting the information she laid out absorb into the Betazoid before she continued. Snow: The services Counselor Azurios laid before the Council were everything from simple counselling offices to psychology departments, psychiatric services, and neurological research as well as, the most up to date psychological trauma centres. Of course the facilities will expand over time, but that should sum it up for now. Hex: Response Elizabeth took another sip of her tea, as she watched the Ensign process the information. Snow: I hope I didn’t overwhelm you, but with him now gone and you coming to take his place, I felt it was necessary to draw you into things before we reached the colony, so you weren’t blindsided and so we could start working together for the greater good of the colony. Hex: Response ============ Lieutenant Elizabeth Snow Chief Medical Officer USS Chin'toka NCC-97187 D238803EH0
  17. Paraphrasing our first officer and since we didn't have a quotes thread, let's start one! From "Minefield, both metaphorical and literal" Allegedly Lia Rouiancet, in fact @Tony, aka Kells You've KILLED me with that, Skipper XD
  18. @Kali Nicholotti's recent character arc has given us innumerable great reads. Through a seamless blending of recent IC events and moments from the character's backstory, I feel like I've really gotten to know Kalianna through these sims. This JP, in particular, weaves some particularly elegant narrative into the dialogue, making it a distinct pleasure to read. (OOC - Though he is not on these lists to see this note, I want to thank Steve for writing this up with me and helping me with this part of the arc. We hope everyone enjoys this contribution...) ((The Round Table, USS Excalibur - A)) Sleep in a time other than her own had been just as restless as any other, giving way to nightmares and the reflection of regrets she carried with her in her own time. The concerning part was that no doorway she had walked through as of yet had returned her to her own time again. Still, she continued to try, moving from the diplomatic offices, to the bridge, to engineering, the shuttle bays, and now to the Round Table lounge where a drink, perhaps, would help ease her mind. The doors, like all the others, parted, inviting her in. Stepping through changed nothing, and the nearly empty room told the tale of an ending that needed to happen. Outside the massive transparent aluminum windows at one end, the remnants of the anomaly known now as ‘Kali’s Scar’ drifted beautifully amongst the stardust backdrop. In front of one of those windows, in a seat facing the same, she caught a familiar face. He was older, with edges etched on his face that told of experiences she did not know about, and time she wasn’t there for, but beneath it all he was still the same man. Liam Frost. Stopping to order and grab a drink, she quietly approached the table and slipped into the chair next to him, following his gaze out into the stars. The lights flickered and seemed to brighten. The view outside suddenly shifted. The Scar was gone and in its place, the curvature of the planet below faded off into the darkness of space. It had been a long time since Liam Frost had found himself on board a Starfleet ship. And if he was being honest with himself, it had been a long time since he had been welcome on one. His uniform and pips had long since been put away, and his career as a Starfleet officer closed like a book that often seemed like it had ended too soon. But there was still a familiarity about it. The way the Stars looked through the windows of the lounge of a ship. The hum of the deckplates under his feet. And the energy of a crew going about keeping it working that was unmistakable. Nicholotti: Thank you for coming, Liam. It wasn’t often you got to thank a friend for being there to serve justice for your death. Time was fickle and she didn’t want that opportunity to fade before she’d said it. He didn't need to turn to see who was coming. Even if he wasn't here by her invitation, the voice of Kali Nicholotti was unmistakable to anyone who had spent any significant amount of time with her. And it didn't take much longer than that to pick up on the distinct difference between Command Kali and Casual Kali. He had seen both, and in many ways he was a fan of both. But in this particular moment he was glad to be dealing with the latter. Frost: It's been a long time since I was on a proper Starfleet ship. Nicholotti: I know. Kali nodded, looking down at her drink before looking over at him. It had been a very, very long time. She couldn’t help but smile, however slightly, and however etched with sadness. He looked down at his drink for a moment, reminiscing about all the times he had spent within the similar, but always subtly different corridors of various vessels. The people that he had known along the way. The people he had lost. The people he had left behind. There were entirely too many of them. Some of them he still kept in touch with, but it hadn't been the same. Frost: Not since… well… the funeral to be honest. Andrus Jaxx had been one of Liam's mentors. Along with Kali they were easily the two people most responsible for who he had become as an officer. Whether or not that was a good thing had become a subject of some debate and contention at his own court martial. And even though he wasn't an officer anymore, he felt that he owed a debt to his old friend and mentor to be there despite some of the sideways looks he got when he was there. Kali nodded. She completely understood. Though her own path had taken her back into command, it hadn’t been easy stepping foot on the bridge, let alone the bridge of the Resolution. Echoes of the voices of those long gone haunted her in ways that were more real than ever since the Q. Nicholotti: Do you ever think about returning? They were, at one point, thicker than thieves. From their jaunt in the past in Earth’s 1960’s, to their trip to Echevarria, Kali, Liam, Jaxx, Katy, and so many others...it physically hurt to know that some of those faces she would never see again. Certainly, they would never work together again. Frost: Sometimes. But that assumes they would have me back. Truth be told he missed the life he had built for himself in Starfleet. He believed in what he was doing, and in the people around him. And he was proud of what he had accomplished. Anyone in his position would have been. He was a part of shaping events that would be talked about and used as case studies in the Academy for decades. Some who reported on his last mission in Command of the Gemini would say that he threw it all away. They speculated on his motives from selfishness, cowardice, hubris, and outright malice. There was never any question that he had broken a number of Starfleet regulations. But one thing that remained consistent was his belief that he had done what was right. And as long as he could maintain that belief, he could live with himself. And so far he had done so. The details surrounding what were his final days as a Starfleet captain were a maelstrom of ambiguity. Everyone at the top had an opinion, and as usual, most of them stank. Kali hadn’t been given a say, other than to commission the Apollo with the remains of the crew and carry on. And it might have been one of the hardest things she ever had to do, had she had all of her memories intact at the time. As it were, regret gnawed at her even now, but not for the launch of the Apollo. No, she regretted not being there in the full capacity to save him. Nicholotti: What you do here...it matters too. Frost: It's not quite the same. But I have a good life here. Bajor has been good to me. He took a long sip of his drink as he looked out over the blue-green hues of Bajor's oceans. If you had asked him when he graduated from the Academy where he was going to end up, a flight instructor for the Bajoran Defense Force would probably not have been high up on the list. But it was where he was. And even though it wasn't Starfleet, it still gave him the one thing he wanted most; a sense of purpose. Frost: For what it's worth, you're part of why I'm here. I wasn't sure where I was going to go after I left Starfleet. It was the only life I'd ever known. I didn't have a backup plan. But the fact that you stuck your neck out for me… Her crystalline blues met his browns and she leaned her head to the side slightly as if asking the question. In return, she could see the churning behind his look. He paused for a moment. For a long time there had been a very clear distinction in Liam's mind between the Kali he had known and the Kali that came out of that void. He had very nearly had her arrested as an imposter the first time the blue-eyed version of the woman he had known and admired showed up on his bridge. But he had come to learn that the things that had made her who she was; the passion, the dedication, the determination, and the compassion, they were all still there in spades. She looked a little different, but she was still fundamentally the same person she had been before. And never was that more clear then when she had risked her reputation to speak up for him. And it was probably the biggest reason he wasn't halfway through a ten-year prison sentence. Frost: I figured I owed it to you to find a way to keep going. And here I am. A ghost of a grin, reminiscent of that which she used to often flash to those she knew well, danced across her face. Nicholotti: That, Liam, is a gift. For all you did for me, even after my death, I am glad I could give something back. Besides, the universe would have been a much colder place without the warmth brought to it by old friends. He deserved a fairer shot, perhaps, but fate, and the universe had a strange way of leading you home. She could still remember the young, [...]y pilot on his first days, and a much younger version of herself laughing at one who reminded her very much of her own antics. All told, they had been given something special and time had taken it away. But the end wasn’t always the end. Frost: Luckily for me the Bajorans were happy to bring someone with my experience on board. Nicholotti: Lucky for the Bajorans, someone with your experience was available. For a moment, Kali settled into silence, both comfortable next to one of her oldest and most trusted friends, and uncomfortable in knowing just how much was left unsaid. Nicholotti: For what it’s worth, I’m sorry. He wondered silently what she might have thought she had to be sorry for. Knowing her there were probably a dozen or more things that she thought were her fault, or her responsibility. Regardless of whether or not they actually were. Some of that was a natural part of the burden of command. At the end of the day, the decisions made by those under your command were ultimately your responsibility. If you didn't like the ones they made, the burden was on you to teach them better for the next time. It was a weight he was keenly familiar with. But in a much more real way, this was just Kali being Kali. She had always been the type to carry the weight of others on her own shoulders. Even to her own detriment at times. She was often utterly unable, or unwilling, to let others carry burdens she believed herself to be able to carry for them. Even when she appeared to be overestimating her own abilities. In many ways it garnered her the respect and the trust of those under her command faster than just about any other officer Liam had met. And the value of that trust was immeasurable. But it also meant that it was hard to separate oneself from the inevitable negatives that came with command. Every wound, every tragedy, was felt that much more keenly, cut that much deeper. And Liam was absolutely sure it was that same sense that had led her to sacrifice herself, rather than order a member of her crew to their death. And the uncomfortable truth was that he had at least some idea of how she felt. He had given the order for the Apollo to fire on a ship commanded by a terrorist. There were 1300 people on that ship. He lived with it because just about every regulation in the book said he had been justified in doing so, and the Board of Inquiry had agreed. What was less easy to live with was Vanessa Driscoll. He had ordered a young woman in the prime of her career on an away mission that she would never return from. She was a victim of a civil war that had started long before Liam had even thought of joining Starfleet, left on a planet that few in the Federation had ever even heard of. There was another possibility as well, though. And that was simply that she felt sympathy for him. Frost: Don't be. You did more for me than I could have ever asked. And as bad as it was, the chances of dying in the process were pretty low. The things that everyone had gone through after she had gone into the void, essentially killing herself, had left quite the storm in her wake. The fact that she stood there now was a miracle of time and the thought stream on the other side of the Scar, but it certainly had not been promised, nor part of the plan. Still, she stood by the actions. Nicholotti: I still would have done it, even knowing, but, maybe I would have walked away a little bit differently. The question hadn't been asked explicitly, but it was clearly enough implied, at least between the two of them. There were people that he could say he was closer to in some ways, but it would be a mistake to dismiss the familiarity that serving together the way he had with Kali created. And in a way, being out of the uniform made it that much easier, knowing that there were no protocols and regulations to dance around either. Being able to look back and see things for what they were, her final words to those she loved, those she respected and cared about, for everyone involved...they would have been different. She would have hugged Jaxx a bit tighter that last time, spoken softer and with more understanding to Silveira, and let everyone know just what they meant to her. Frost: Yeah, I know that feeling. Leaving behind someone who had died was never easy. It left wounds that took a long time to heal, if at all. But there was a finality to it. There was time enough to wonder what if, but no amount of wondering would change the way things were. What was often harder was the ones that were still around. He could think of a few names on that list. People that he wanted to reach out to. To explain. To apologize. To say a thousand or more words that he hadn't known how to say before. Or been too frightened to say. And if he was going to be perfectly honest, one of the biggest reasons he hadn't reached out was that he was still too frightened. Whether it was true or not, he had it in his mind that most of them wouldn't be too thrilled to hear from him. Nicholotti: And we all have our demons that we carry with us to the grave. Sometimes not even that can shed them. Frost: Well that's an uncharacteristically bleak take. Kali nodded. Perhaps it was, but no one really knew what she had been living since the Resolution’s tango with the time loop. The Kali that Liam had first gotten to know could best be described as an optimistic realist. She believed that the best outcomes were possible, but that they wouldn't happen if one wasn't prepared to work for them. She also believed in preparing for the worst outcomes as well. At least to the extent that one could prepare for such a thing. By just about any measure, Kali had been through one of the worst possible outcomes someone could experience. She had, by every existing definition, died. People generally did not come back from that sort of thing. And yet here she was. He had to assume that an experience like that would change a person, though he couldn't begin to truly fathom how. Nicholotti: Let’s just say I’ve been reliving history as of late. Her crystalline blues flicked upwards and met his eyes, holding them for a long moment. For the briefest moment, it seemed that something changed in her. He couldn't quite put into words how it looked, or even be sure if it was something he could actually see. It was as though she were somehow outside herself, as if she were looking in on this moment as an observer, or an audience member, rather than being a part of it. Perhaps that was some sort of leftover effect from what she went through in the rift. He couldn't imagine what it would have been like. He had been unconscious before. And perhaps from her perspective being dead wasn't all that different. You were aware of something one moment, then, all of a sudden, you were aware of something completely different, with little to no memory or understanding of what had happened in between those two moments. It was only the people around you who could tell you exactly what had happened in those intervening moments. And that was where things really hit you. Nicholotti: Or perhaps my sins are haunting me. Either way, it brings me peace to know you’re alright. And it did. With so many connections lost, it was a relief to know that at least one had survived. The once fresh-faced ensign-turned-captain-turned-civilian had quite literally walked through his own hell, but he was there. He was alive. He had survived just like she had, in a way. Frost: I've got more than enough skeletons to fill my closet. There was a long list of names of people he felt like he had done wrong by, that he owed an apology to. He wasn't sure how many of them would be willing to hear one from him. And to say nothing of those that weren't around to hear one even if they would. Frost: Prophets know there's enough people that I owe an apology to. Or at least a better explanation than the one I gave them. He gave her a deliberate look and raised his glass in her direction. Frost: But at least I can cross one name off that list. Kali nodded. She understood and grabbed her own glass, raising it in return. Nicholotti: One of perhaps many. Maybe you should keep going. There was something cathartic in the process of reconnecting, of speaking thoughts that had weighed heavily on the mind for years and years. When you share life, and death, with people the way that a Starfleet crew did, a bond gets built that is difficult to tear down, especially as quickly as some of the transfers come. When things happen, such as her death, that change, that transition becomes even more complicated. Second chances didn’t happen often. Frost: Well considering this one went better than I expected that it might, I might just have to. He had always found it awkward to reach out to someone that he hadn't spoken to in a while. Especially when it got to the point where he had become very aware of how long he had let things go without doing so. And all things considered, it was just about time that he found a way to get over that and start to mend some fences. Or at least offer to. And if they weren't interested in hearing him out, he could at least say that he tried. That got him a smile. The voices in the back of her mind lingered, ever threatening, but for the moment they remained quelled by a very loud, and very real voice from her past sitting right in front of her. And even with the years that had gone by, even with the history that had passed between them, there was still something worth sharing. There was still wisdom, camaraderie, and friendship. Nicholotti: Time is a fickle thing. We never really know when it’s done, but until it is, it’s never too late to start over. Her own advice resonated through her mind as the images of a painted sky danced in her mind. Tiny drops of color shared between two minds, emotions passing between barriers that didn’t really exist save for the non-telepaths reminded her of chances at life, at happiness and at love. She saw the ideas reflected in her friend’s eyes as well. He held up his glass to her once again. Frost: To new beginnings. Kali raised her glass again, this time with a broad smile. Frost: I suppose it's entirely possible I'm just in my own head about how long it's been. Drinking what was left down, Kali shook her head. Nicholotti: No, it’s been that long, but I meant what I said. It’s not too late until it’s over. Liam found it reassuring to know that at least he wasn't starting from scratch. He had begun the process a few times, though he'd done little in the way of follow-through. He had a more or less complete list of names. And had even managed to confirm that most of them were still in Starfleet. Or at least had Starfleet-adjacent careers. But that was the easy part. With eyes that fell on the planet drifting lazily beyond the window, it shocked her when it momentarily disappeared. Replaced, again, by the image of the Scar jutting across the sky, Kali’s eyes narrowed as the voices in her mind suddenly grew louder and the surrounding area grew dimmer and colder. Time was, indeed, a fickle thing. Even she understood the meaning. She closed her eyes for a long moment until the warmth returned. Frost: I hope the folks on my list share that sentiment. And when she opened them, he was there next to her again. She smiled knowingly, looking over at him. Nicholotti: Don’t waste it, Liam. Don’t waste whatever you have left. Find them, tell them. Say what you need to say. And there was the other half. The insightful and sincere Kali. The one who was, when called upon, able to make an emotional appeal that was in every way as convincing as raw Vulcan logic. It was a side of her that he always felt struck a delicate balance. He had seen it often enough to know that it was utterly genuine. But just rare enough to know just how important it was to her. Which only made it that much more convincing. He smiled again. There was a weight, small enough that he had almost forgotten he was carrying it, that seemed to drift out of the room. Frost: Hey, just because you aren't my superior officer anymore doesn't mean I don't know how to follow a sensible order. The dull roar in her head was returning and she knew something was up. The draw to find Addison was real, though she was certainly sure she had no idea what to say when she found her. Kali shook her head. She stood, moved towards him and put a hand on his shoulder. Nicholotti: Promise me you won’t be a stranger? You just need to call. I’ll be there. A whole new level of seriousness flowed through her crystalline blues as she looked at him. Her grip was perhaps a bit too tight, not wanting to let go, but knowing that time itself was messing with her. She did what she could to lock this moment, this memory up tight and keep it safe. And there it was. He knew it was coming, but it still hit him like a punch in the gut. He had told himself at least a hundred times that it was something he needed to do. But he had just as often managed to find a reason to avoid it. But it was a lot harder to ignore it when it was coming from someone else. And even more so when it was someone he admired and respected as much as Kali. They had been through too much together for that, too many times she had trusted his decisions, too many times she had put faith in him to keep everyone under her command safe, to say nothing about what she had been through herself since then. As hard as it was to hear her say it to him, ignoring it at this point would be an insult to everything they had been through together. Frost: I promise. And if you ever find yourself anywhere near Bajor, my door is open. I know a place near my house that serves a Bajoran shrimp stir-fry so good it'll make you want to move here. And then she smiled, loosening her hand slightly just before turning to go. Nicholotti: Good. I look forward to it. She might have left it at that, and walked away, but she took only one step before she stopped and turned back. Nicholotti: Liam. Thank you. For everything. Always. Liam smiled in her direction again. It was odd to have her thanking him. The way he saw it the balance of favour owed leaned heavily in her direction. He knew she would never have made anything of it, but he was quite firm in his belief that he owed her more than he could ever hope to repay. He liked to think that he had become at least a touch more humble since he had first graduated the Academy, full of bravado and with so much to prove. And one of the reasons for it was the selflessness that the crews he served with had shown. Their willingness to put themselves out for others and for who and what they believed in. Frost: it's nothing you wouldn't have done for me. For as much success as he had earned in his life, he still had trouble properly accepting genuine thanks. He made a mental note to try and work on that as well. As he watched her turn to leave, he became very suddenly aware of a weight near his chest. But unlike before, this weight was very much real rather than metaphorical. Frost: Kali? He reached into the inner pocket of his jacket and pulled out a small datachip. She leaned her head slightly to the side and offered him a questioning look before her eyes narrowed in on the chip itself. Nicholotti: What’s this? Frost: I'm not sure what right I have to ask for favours, but maybe you could help start this whole process along a bit. The road toward absolution was a rocky one, and it was always better to travel with friends. Kali knew this first hand. Overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness as a result of her own, self-fabricated walls, she envied his strength, and certainly did not spurn his request in any way. Nicholotti: I’d be honored to. What is it? He hesitated a moment before he held out the small chip for her. He knew that once he handed her the chip, there was going to be no going back on this process. And maybe that was what he needed. Frost: It's a message for an old friend that I've been meaning to deliver. There was hesitation, but Kali understood. She gave him his time, despite the flickering of the lights. Time be damned, some things would stand its test. Her boots were planted. She would stand. Nicholotti: Who do I get it to? There was her solid agreement, her promise, to get it to where it needed to go, even before she knew where it was going. Frost: Randal Shayne. Last I checked he was the CO of the USS Arrow. He was assigned to the Gemini out of the Academy. Always took a shine to him. He kind of reminded me of… well… me. Kali couldn’t help but grin. She remembered a very young Ensign Frost, bright eyed, raring to go, confident to the hilt, complete with every bit of swagger that a good pilot should have had - and all of the skills to back it up. The raven-haired command officer had taken a liking to him immediately, having seen perhaps a bit of herself in that reflection. It must have been a pilot thing. The years had tempered him, perhaps, but the skill remained, and the experiences had shaped him into one hell of a man. Nicholotti: Full of life with a side of a pilot’s ostentation? Frost: Yeah. And also with a lot to prove. He handed over the chip, knowing that it was now officially out of his hands. It wasn't too bad. At least he knew that Randal was hoping to hear from him, which made the process easier, though slightly more embarrassing that he hadn't done so sooner. But there was nothing that he could do about it now. Taking the chip, Kali nodded an understanding. The bridges would begin their mending now, at least for him. For her...the lights dimmed slightly, momentarily, as she slipped the chip safely away. Nicholotti: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Frost: Well I gotta start somewhere. Nodding, she offered him one last, knowing smile. Nicholotti: Perhaps today we start together. Her crystalline eyes held his gaze for a moment longer than she meant to, making it hard to turn away, but she knew it was coming. It took work, but she said one final, silent farewell to her old friend and turned away, leaving the lounge and doing her best to make her way to her quarters before she time-jumped again. Or before the tears fell. Whichever came first. TBC -- Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti Commanding Officer USS Resolution R238605KN0 And Major Liam Frost Senior Flight Instructor Bajoran Military Academy Former Commanding Officer, USS Gemini
  19. I guess you may already know that but USS Arrow simulation was just launched last Monday. In order to celebrate such unique event here are the nominations for the Top Funny Quotes of the Season. 🤣😆😂😝
  20. ((Max's Quarters, USS Narendra - Starbase 118.)) Max was sprawled out on his bunk – mercifully back to his proper height – with a old paperback novel lay on his chest. Unusually for him he was snoring loudly. All the lights were off, with only the glow of passing stars at warp speed flickering gently across the room. From the bedside cabinet his photograph of Milly on the beach with Ishani aimed a pair of bright smiles at his snoring form. He snorted and rolled over as a message alert trilled from the wall-mounted viewer. A few moments later, it trilled again. Maxwell: Hmph... b'grr uff... He buried his face into his pillow, huffing sleepily to himself as he settled again. The trilling continued, until Max groaned and rolled over again. Straight off the bunk and onto the floor. Picking himself up he rubbed at his eyes and blearily looked over at the viewer, eyeing the priority icon attached to the message. Maxwell: Computer, open message. There was no sender listed, and the message appeared to be text only. Exiting the small bedroom into the equally-sized lounge/dining area, Max made for the replicator and a mug of tea. As he manually tapped in his request, he rubbed at his eyes again. Scooping up the steaming mug he went and sat and his little corner desk before pulling up the message again. The Clamour of Battle, And the Beating of Shields. The Ringing of Blades, My Thoughts are Cast to the Hall of Kahless. Of Battle against the Empires Foe, Blood is Spilled, and Insides Cut Free. Treacherous Hearts Torn Asunder, Honour Restored by Loyal Warriors. Vipers Nest Cast Down in Ruin, And an Empire Reborn, A House Reborn. Glory Earned by Hearts Aflame, Flames Tempered by Distant Space. Max sipped at his mug of tea as he continued to read the following seven verses. He placed the mug down lightly with a look confusion upon his face as he reached the end of the message and the picture it contained. A picture of a tall and proud warrioress. He ran his eyes over the picture for a moment. Fists planted upon her hips, she stood before a huge stained glass window displaying the sigil of House Kravzo'ch. Her uniform was pristine and cut a fine figure of a great and noble Matriarch. Heavy boots with polished metal shin plates, fitted leather trousers of a deep red and a subtly-armoured and also not so subtly corseted and sleeved top half. Shoulders wrapped in segmented sections of polished plate armour and forearms protected by thick leather vambraces that were laser-burned with intricate designs. A deep green cloak hung down her back, as did the wavy mass of her long dark hair. At one hip she wore a long blade, and at the other a heavy pistol and brutal-looking dagger. Her crimson sash was tied about her waist instead of it's traditional shoulder-to-hip arrangement. A KDF brooch, and one of her House alongside several prestigious Imperial decorations completed the striking image and Max couldn't help but be impressed. But why send it to him of all people? ~tbc~ ~*~ Lieutenant-Commander Arturo Maxwell. Chief Tactical Officer / Second Officer. Starbase 118 Operations. O239311AM0
  21. One I meant to throw in here a while back; how to open an intriguing spin on the mission in style. Descriptions of the ??? are so evocative and alluring, it's hard to not get sucked in and want to explore it yourself. A fascinating take on it and splash into a great media res opener from @Quinn Reynolds, as always! -- ((???, Darime IV)) Consciousness filtered back with all the reluctance of a Starfleet cadet dragging themselves to class after a night on the town. Ryan’s brain felt too small for his head, pounding and struggling against the confines of his skull, and he breathed out a low groan of pain. The stench of burnt dust bit at the back of his throat, and he coughed, choking on the taste. But he couldn’t lie there forever. Cracking open his eyes, he pushed himself up—and for one horrifying moment, he thought he was blind. There was nothing but thick, impenetrable black, brushing over his skin with fingers of ice. He swallowed, goosebumps shivering across his skin, and then vague shapes took form. Straight edges in the distance he could only see out of the corners of his eyes, and much closer to him, the softer lines and curves of people. Three of them. Vaguely recognisable for spending so much time in each other’s company. Isaacs: Ugh... ::He pressed his hand to the back of his neck, massaging the muscles in an attempt to relieve his headache.:: Is everyone okay? Or at least... you know, alive? Ressan/Gilbert/Ico: Response Talking while he fumbled on the ground around him, Ryan’s hands bumped over what felt like an engineering kit. His fingers were clumsy on the latches in the gloom, and the opening snaps reverberated through the space as though they were in the middle of some vast flight deck, sound waves bouncing off the metallic, cavernous walls. Which didn’t make sense, because he was pretty sure they were on one of the greenest planets he’d ever seen. Granted, as someone from Mars who occasionally visited Earth, that wasn’t saying much, but the point was the same. There were trees and grass. Lots of it. His hand closed around the smooth, orthotopic form of a tricorder. He tugged it free of its housing, blindly thumbing at the controls until he hit the right one to make the device light up. Chirps and beeps echoed, the subdued light of the tricorder casting ghostly shadows across his youthful face. Isaacs: Anyone know what happened? One minute we were... ::he paused, and screwed up his eyes in thought.:: Uh... I’m actually not sure. The last thing I can remember is breakfast. Ressan/Gilbert/Ico: Response He felt it before he heard it. A low, bass rumble that burrowed into his chest before it reached his ears, an electric thrum his engineering training recognised as power rushing through conduits. Maybe they were on a starship, but how— A deep chime sounded, and light blinded him. Ryan’s hand snapped up, shielding himself against the sudden onslaught of brilliance, squinting and blinking until he was able to brace himself against the brightness searing his retina. He scrambled to his feet and his hands dropped to his side, tricorder loose in his fingers and momentarily forgotten. Dumbstruck, the young man stood agape at the sight in front of him. Tall spires erupted from the earth and clung to the rocky ceiling high overhead like stalactites and stalagmites, glistening and glittering in ivory and gold. But they weren’t rock formations, they were buildings, with windows and doors and walkways threading like silver ribbons between them with no obvious means of support. He and his fellow cadets were standing in the centre of a septagon, and around the edges it looked as though it was some kind of... garden? Ferns and mosses in vivid shades of blue and violet, indigo lichen clinging to artfully arranged boulders, and huge geodes with amethyst and sapphire crystals sparkling inside. He spun on the spot, taking it all in. It was incredible, the kind of thing he’d joined Starfleet to see... except he had no idea how they’d got here. Or where “here” even was. He smacked his combadge with his palm, but wasn’t the least bit surprised when the only response was the dismayed burp of a no-contact alert. Isaacs: So... We should probably try to get out of here, or at least get comms working. Any ideas? Ressan/Gilbert/Ico: Response -- Cadet Ryan Isaacs 4th Year Cadet Starfleet Academy simmed by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds Commanding Officer USS Gorkon T238401QR0
  22. Really enjoyed this sim from @Alieth! Her reactions to the presented ideas made me chuckle, and it's a good representation of an MSNPC. Pushing the plot forward, involving her fellow cadets, conveying her personality with every interaction. -- ((Outskirts of an unknown city underground, Darime IV)) The small group of cadets had awakened, headache notwithstanding, in an unknown place, in the pitch black darkness that could only belong to a cave or the emptiness of deep space. Due to the damp, mossy ground beneath their feet, space had been ruled out ipso facto, but they still had no idea where they were, how they had got there, .... or how long it had been since that breakfast that was the last memory they all shared. However, things had gone a little south when, mere minutes after they woke up, a beam of light had appeared and a city of towering spires and vertiginous towers had unfolded before them, prompting a tense debate between the two human cadets with some comic insertions from the Kelpian, which perhaps had only served to fuel their growingly heated tempers. Following a quick and unproductive exchange of words, the young Bajoran mustered enough courage to raise her voice. Ico: GUYS! That doesn’t matter if we don’t get out of here. We are all friends and classmates after all... r-right? Her voice lost strength and volume as she spoke. A flush rose to her cheeks, soon turning them deep crimson. Ryan broke out in a wide grin, and with his hand held close to his gut, gave her a surreptitious thumbs up which only increased the blush on Ico's cheeks. She had always thought Isaacs had a good-looking smile, anyway. Ressan: Yeah. You're right, Ena. We're Starfleet, we can handle this. ::He grinned.:: Or all get turned into puppets. Ena raised her gaze for a brief second to flash a grateful, minute smile to Jack. Not at the allusion to her more-than-unlikely transformation into puppets (though she had read something about such a weapon in the FedNet's "I want to believe" almanac, a publication to which she could only give marginal credibility) but rather for the supportive intent and the attempt to lighten the mood. Everyone could always rely on Jack, even when his ganglia were extended, as they were at that moment, and he was possibly struggling as much (or more) than she was. Isaacs: All right then. ::He dropped his hands to his hips, fingers still curled around the tricorder.:: What do we want to do, and where do we want to start? Gilbert: Response The Bajoran gave a small nod at Solomon's words, breathed in for a second to gather her courage and spoke. This time almost (almost) without hesitation in her voice. Ico: I don't know, but we have to remember our training: determine dangers, get as much information as possible, try to get out of here or look for help. Ressan: That's right. Isaacs was right before, as well; we should try and get a signal going. Even if these walls are messing with our combadge signals, there might be a way once we sit and think for a bit. Gilbert: Response She clutched her pack tighter and glanced down somewhere between the boots of her Kelpian teammate. One, two, three, a hard squeeze to the backpack and tell her mind once more. Ico: Maybe, maybe they are already looking for us actually, we just need to stay safe and don't do anything crazy. Ressan: It's a good survival rule. "Stay put". We don't know how we got here, we don't know where we are. We could be just down the road from our quarters, or we could be on the other side of the galaxy. The Bajoran cringed slightly at that response, considering the comment a criticism of her idea. Her fingers dipped into the torn fabric of the backpack. Well, maybe it wasn't exactly the brightest idea, but... she doubted they were anywhere near the Base. .... Ressan: Could be a The Traveller situation, could be a Q, we could have gone full Voy' and be in the Delta quadrant—could be there's something in the air and we are all tripping the most balls ever as your people say with disturbing regularity. Until we know more, we should examine our immediate surroundings first. As the Kelpian droned on, Ena felt more and more the urge to cry, all those prospects were horrifying, far from home, left to their own fate with no chance of rescue. She squeezed her eyelids shut and bit her lower lip. No, she couldn't think like that, there was always a solution to every problem, or almost always. She just had to focus, learn what means they had and everything they knew about their environment and look for solutions. Her mother's voice, as she planned the next year's crops, echoed in her mind, clear as the day she heard it: "Remember, my child, that all problems seem huge if you look at them from a distance, but if you look at them from up close everything seems more manageable. Don't think of the spring harvest, only of ploughing the field, of sowing the seeds. The small steps. Little by little, step by step a trail becomes a road, Ena." Then, she always told him that the Prophets also cared for Bajor and its people, and that no matter how much trouble they put in her path, there was always a plan in place. That she should trust them. Surely they wouldn't let her get lost forever in a dark and isolated place away from everything she knew, would they? It was a comforting thought, one that allowed her to raise her eyes a little, to her companions' chest height, almost to their shoulders as she turned her attention back to the conversation. Isaacs: Okay. If they aren’t looking for us already, they will be once we miss our scheduled check-in—if we haven’t already. So first things first. Safety checks: ::he held a finger for each item he rattled off,:: are we being exposed to anything dangerous, are there any immediate threats, is there enough water and food to wait out a rescue, you know the drill. Ena nodded quickly, and one of her hands dropped from her backpack to grab the tricorder. One small step, one at a time. Ryan had made it clear what they had to do, so she was going to work on it. She wasn't a security specialist, but maybe she could answer some of the other questions. Gilbert: Response She took the floor then, her voice still a bit shaky and small. Ico: I have a regular tricorder, not a medical, so I can' t get detailed readings of our organism, but I could try… Maybe I find n- nothing, or… I don’t know, I’m a astronomer, not a doctor. Then she made a brief pause. Her voice had become too hesitant and unsure by the end. She wanted to help the better she can, surely the others knew it. As she thought about it, her gaze looked for the canteen she had passed to the other cadets, and then pulled out the half-sandwich out of her backpack. Ico: As for food, I have this half sandwich... turkey and apple, I think. The water I've found is what's left in the canteen, if there's any. Finding supplies... sa-safe supplies, I mean, is paramount. ...especially water. It was then that Jack spoke. Ressan: I'm just saying. Let's look around before we run off. ::To Gilbert,:: You too. If a Q did this, I promise you can try and seduce them. ::He fought down a wave of nervous laughter.:: Not that you ever needed my permission to try the Solomon Manoeuvre in literally every single possible situation ever. Ena bit her lips at that phrase, still uncomfortable when boys talked about boy stuff. The blush threatened to rise to her cheeks again and she struggled futilely to control it, remembering all too well some of the other girls' comments regarding Solomon's... 'skills'. Gilbert: Response Isaacs: Gil, you’re the guy to check if there’s any immediate threats. Ico, can you figure out if we’re being exposed to anything dangerous: radiation, airborne contaminants, that kind of thing? Ryan paused for a second, and the young Bajoran was quick to nod eagerly. However, the human's mind was elsewhere, on Jack who, in turn, seemed to be absorbed in staring at the buildings that had appeared out of nowhere a moment ago. Somehow the Kelpian's violet eyes seemed to be squinting, giving him really goofy look almost as if he were performing one of his usual tomfooleries. She struggled to refrain a chuckle. Ressan: The walls are reflective in a wide range of bands; a good chunk of the visual spectrum, especially in the ultraviolet—and thermals, too, so... presumably that's what's scrambling our comm frequencies.. We might be able to talk to each other with a bit of rejigging, but we're not getting a signal out here if that material treats comm signals like it does everything else. But that'll take time. Isaacs: If the walls are acting like mirrors higher and lower in the spectrum, they’ll mess with a lot of our scans, too. We’ll have to watch out for sensor echoes and repeats. The Bajoran's urge to laugh vanished quickly, as her companion with heightened senses described the scenario: the environment itself was working against them, rendering even more challenging the task of getting out of there. Isaacs: Can you see if there’s any way for us to get a signal out? Or at least an idea of whether it’s worth trying. Ico: Or a less reflective area, a blind spot that we can use to our advantage? Ressan/Gilbert: Response Isaacs: Okay, so— Before he finished the sentence, a mechanical growl reverberated over and over in the walls of the massive cavern, gravel against stone, the sort of thing that augured an avalanche or other cataclysm. Another rumble and the next thing that rang out was the sound of water. A distant section of a wall retracted up and frothing water crashed through the opening, pouring into what looked like an empty canal.Ico thoughtlessly embraced her backpack once more. Why seemed as if they had stepped into a beast's den just as it was awakening? Isaacs: So, uh... let’s keep an eye on that while we see what we can find out? Ena attempted to find the positive in all that. Ico: At least we won't go thirsty... we might as well check it first. Ressan/Gilbert: Response Ena nodded slightly and slung her rucksack over her back, taking care that the tear did not cause her to lose even more of its meagre contents. With that taken care of, she picked up the tricorder and began configuring it for a medical scan. The device wasn't specialised in it, but a few tweaks here and there could do the trick. Once she had done so, she followed her companions sheepishly, her nose almost immersed in the small screen of her device. Ico: The atmosphere seems to be mostly harmless, there are quite a few spores and some complex hydrogen compounds, methane and other hydrocarbons, but nothing that could pose an immediate danger. Ressan/Gilbert/Isaacs: Response The Bajoran nodded absently, focused on work, which usually changed her attitude a great deal. So intent was she that she stumbled over a rock covered in blue moss and rolled to the ground. Ico: Ich! Ressan/Gilbert/Isaacs: Response The young Bajoran shook her head and patted around for her missing tricorder. She sucked in her breath between clenched teeth before answering. Ico: Yes, yeah, I'm fine, it's just a scratch. Ressan/Gilbert/Isaacs: Response Ena accepted the offered help to get back to an upright position, without letting go of the bruised tricorder. No sooner was she back on her feet than the scanner started beeping rapidly. Ico glanced at the screen and then at the young man who had helped her, a wrinkle of concern growing on her forehead. Ico: Are you feeling alright? The tricorder took some strange readings when it had picked you up in the scanner beam... Ressan/Gilbert/Isaacs: Response -- Cadet Ico Ena 4th Year Cadet Starfleet Academy simmed by Lt. Alieth Chief Science Officer USS Gorkon NCC-82293 E239702A10 Image Collective Facilitator /Art Director
  23. So, my favorite bit outta this whole sim is the line about the Bolian. Well written, Jim. Very well done indeed. (( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Yanktonai, NCC-67205 )) Madison sat in her chair in the center of the bridge, and gripped the arms of her chair to force herself to not get up and pace. It was a nervous habit of hers and her crew was used to it, but this was the first time she and the Caitian Captain had interacted and she wanted to make a good impression. His service record was something to be envied, though her own was nothing to sneeze at. She had received numerous awards and accolades throughout her career, mostly for her work in the field of science. She was a Xenologist by trade, and thanks to her scientific contributions, she had played significant roles in helping discover the reasons behind an outbreak on three different worlds, had led several expeditions to study different new worlds and their inhabitants. Her track to command had been a bit slower than the distinguished officer facing from the viewscreen, but she had managed it. Mei’konda: =/\= ...The Yanktonai will be briinging up the rear, the Chin’toka will be in the heart of the fleet, and the Diligent will taake point along our journey. Diligent is the faastest ship in the fleet, with sensors as good as ours, so she will be able to respond quiickly to anything out of the ordinary. =/\= Delano: =/\= We’ll be ready over here, Captain. =/\= St. Claire: =/\= Understood. =/\= Transport Captains: =/\= Response =/\= oO Rear guard, not the most glamorous position, but someone has to do it, I suppose. And his logic is sound. Oo Several of the transport Captains piped in with questions that were easily and quickly answered, and Miranda had to once more remind herself that these were civilian ship captains, not Starfleet, and they were not very familiar with typical Starfleet protocol in these situations. Mei’konda: =/\= Any other questions? Claarifications we should make about the journey before we get under way? Speak your mind, anyone. =/\= Chin’toka Bridge: =/\= Responses =/\= Transport Captain NPCs: =/\= Responses =/\= St. Claire: =/\= What does our route look like, Captain Mei’konda? =/\= Mei’konda: Current telemetry from Deep Space 26 indicaates that our route is clear. As you all know, we deployed several comm and sensor relaays along our route to the rendezvous from our initiaal survey of the Shemsh system, in order to maake sure that any hazards were catalogued. At the moment, there is no indiication of any problems. She started to reply to the other Captain when a couple of his officers interjected their own questions and comments, so she patiently waited her turn. Peters: =/\= Understandable. Thank you, captain. =/\= McKnight: =/\= Tactical, ready, cap'n. =/\= Peters: =/\= And we will be travelling at warp 6, correct? =/\= Marseille: =/\= Yeah, that’s right. It’s our maximum cruising speed. No fancy Starfleet engines over here. =/\= Delano: =/\= :: In a playful tone :: Don’t worry Marseille, we can always give you a tow if it comes down to it. =/\= It had been a source of frustration for Madison. While nowhere near as fast as the refitted Akira-class starship, her Dakota-class starship could still reach speeds of up to warp 9.85 and sustain it for twelve hours, and Madison was secretly a speed freak. It wasn’t unusual for her to push the ship to warp 9 and hold it there for as long as she could before her Chief Engineer began to turn blue in his face - ok, that was unfair since he was a Bolian - but the expression still counted. Kiax: =/\= We’re capped to Warp Two as we go through the Jenatris Corridor anyway, Captain. After that I wouldn’t want to be going much faster than Six – even with our navigation aids pointing the way. =/\= She had heard of the treacherous navigation within the Expanse and she had studied it on her trip here. The expanse was filled with high volumes of space debris and dangerous gases and posed a hazard to space flight. It even had designated space lanes which were considered safe for travel, apparently at slower speeds if the pink-haired Trill was to be believed, and Madison saw no reason to doubt her. They worked there, after all. Serala: =/\= I would also recommend modifying your shields to the specification we have sent you. The Atlantis has some issues a couple years ago with the gases of the Cloud seeping through and causing some rather unusual effects amongst the crew. =/\= Chin’toka Bridge: Responses St. Claire: =/\= Noted about the shields. And I think we can manage warp six. It might be a strain on the engines, but I like to keep my Chief Engineer on his toes. =/\= She said it in such a deadpan tone and with such a straight face, she wondered how seriously anyone had taken her. Certainly the Starfleet officers, at the very least, should know she wasn’t serious. St. Claire: =/\= And what about a risk assessment? Are you expecting any kind of resistance, Captain Delano? :: she belatedly realized there were two Captain Delano’s, though the CO of the Diligent was actually a Commander. Still, his position afforded him the title. :: Captain, Mei’konda Delano. Forgive me, I forget there are two of you here. =/\= Delano / Transport Captain NPCs: =/\= Responses =/\= There was a brief pause as another officer entered the viewscreen image and spoke to the Caitian and then she noticed that they were receiving telemetry data detailing some areas of concern. She studied the data for several minutes as the others conversed, taking note of those places that had been marked. Finally, the newest arrival to the conversation spoke. Rosek: =/\= Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, the Chin’toka’s Mission Specialist at your service. =/\= St. Claire: =/\= Well met, Commander. =/\= Transport Captain NPCs: =/\= Responses =/\= Rosek: =/\= A pleasure to meet each of you. :: turns to Evan :: And a pleasure to see you again, Commander. Back in the big chair I see. =/\= Delano: =/\= Sharp eyes, as always, Commander Rosek. It’s a little ship. We had to compensate somewhere. =/\= Chin’toka Bridge: =/\= Response =/\= Transport Captain NPCs: =/\= Responses =/\= There was some more conversation and when it was all finished, Captain Mei’konda returned to the screen to give final instruction. Mei’konda: =/\= Very well then. If that’s all, then let’s get under way. Commander Delano, you’re leadiing the pack. Good luck to all of you. =/\= St. Claire: =/\= Thank you, Captain. I am looking forward to it. Yanktonai out. =/\= St. Claire: Helm, slow speed, fall to the aft position of the convoy and then increase speed to match the slowest ship. Keep us astern of the convoy by one thousand five hundred kilometers. If anything does happen, I want a little breathing room between us and the convoy. Helm: Aye, Captain. Reducing to one-half impulse and coming astern of the convoy. St. Claire: Tactical and Ops, keep your eyes peeled. Let’s make sure nothing slips up on us. A round of ‘ayes’ followed as she gave more instructions and her various officers carried out her orders. -- Captain Madison St. Claire Commanding Officer USS Yanktonai, NCC-67205 as simmed by Commander Serala First Officer Training Team Member Image Collective Member Chat Team Moderator/Facilitator Academy Statistician USS Chin'toka NCC-97187 A239412S10
  24. You can tell @Alieth is a real dogfriend. This sim put a smile on my face so, deserves a spot here. And the Admiral didn't throw either in the brig so it's a win-win. 😃 ((Stick House, Deck 8, USS Gorkon)) After reached her new favorite place, Cheesecake have picked a stick for her very newest friend, then, she flopped down on her chest, hindquarters still held high, in a clear playful attitude. The big mastiff was overjoyed, things couldn't be better. In fact her day couldn't have been nicer. It was just perfect! Her dull morning had turned into an ADVENTURE with NEW friends and NEW things and places and.... Reynolds: What the— Uh-oh The animal froze in place, tail halfway to a happy wag. Her ears flicked back in concern. Liva: Hello. ::She smiled some more, readjusting the bag.:: Is this your dog? Reynolds: No. That’s Cheesecake Watanabe. ::Her head canting to the side, Quinn squinted at the sight in front of her.:: She’s Lieutenant Alieth’s, our science chief. Uh-oh.. Watanabe: ::innocently:: worf? Her new friend's attitude changed beside her and the hand buried in Cheesecake's fur trembled slightly, a telltale indication of nervousness. Familiar with her role as a therapy dog, Cheesecake leaned against her leg (or, rather, against the whole tiny woman) as a demonstration of support. Including, of course, a gentle nudge with her head that would unbalance nearly any biped under seventy kilos. Liva: I don’t understand. Why did she take me here? She didn't break anything in there, did she? Her tone wasn't cheerful at all, so the large canine gave an animated wag of her tail and leaned more firmly against her. She was a good girl. The best. Of course the tallest biped (the friend of the human with the pets and the balls in her pokets!) couldn't be mad if she was being SUCH a good girl, right? That frown that started to crease over her eyes would soon be gone, wouldn't it? Would it? Yesssssss? Pretty please? Reynolds: How she took you here is the far more interesting question, because this is a restricted area. Neither a vet nor a dog should be able to wander into shuttle maintenance unaccompanied; it’s a security and a health and safety risk. ::Her tone flattened, and she crossed her arms with a frown.:: Maybe someone took it upon themselves to change the clearance requirements because it’s my workshop. UH-OH... Watanabe: ::soft whimpering:: arf…. The big cream-coloured mastiff plopped down on her hindquarters and lowered her ears, contrite for... she didn't really know why, but that face always scored points. And the puppy eyes. The usual whole repertoire. Even in an act of remarkable willpower, Cheesecake poked the stick with her nose towards the annoyed biped. Liva: Your workshop? I… I am so sorry, ma’am. I didn’t mean... We didn't mean to intrude. I followed her, thinking she wanted to show me where I was needed. ::Her hand moved to the furry head, swallowing before she tried to put on a brave smile.:: So you don’t need any help? Reynolds: No. And what do you mean you followed her? She was unaccompanied? Liva: Response The bipeds kept talking, trading information that escaped the canine's understanding except for the occasional glance in her direction, so the animal did the only sensible thing: she remained VERY still and tried to make herself VERY small. A real challenge when she had been luring several bipeds into feeding her treats and her figure was... rounder than usual. Of course most of it was fur and fluff but it still didn't make the process of shrinking into invisibility any easier. Reynolds: I see. ::She gestured toward the door.:: Well, let’s get the pair of you to your quarters for now. And please, call me Admiral Reynolds or Doctor Reynolds, whichever you prefer. I don’t care for ma’am. Liva: Response Watanabe: ::Relieved:: Bork, bork! Scooping the stick from the floor, Quinn offered it to Cheesecake and shepherded the rogue pair out of the maintenance area. The mastiff interpreted the gesture as a sign of peace and took the piece of wood excitedly, her whole body frisky and energetic like a fawn in springtime. It seemed that it was time to go somewhere else (to another adventure!) and that she was invited. And with a stick! Cheesecake didn't drop it not even to push the hand of the tallest biped with her wet (and really lovely) nose. And then her whole head, and her whole long, shaggy back before she pranced forward in front of the couple in a spirited fashion. Behind her back the women continued their conversation, oblivious to (or perhaps encouraged by) her playfulness. Reynolds: Don’t worry about it. ::Finally, she found a small grin.:: At least you’ll have an interesting story to tell your new colleagues. Always handy to have an icebreaker. Liva: Response Cheesecake didn't understand what they were saying and didn't really care, she only knew that she was in the company of two good friends, that she had a stick and that the day was fantastic. And that as long as they needed her ('cause who didn't need a furry friend or a wet snout?) she would be there for them. [[FIN]] ================================= Crewman, 1st Class Cheesecake Watanabe The captain's bestest friend USS Gorkon NCC-82293 E239702A10
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