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  1. ((Embassy, Kainga Ranch)) T’Lea: So what exactly happened? Was the reassignment voluntary, or because of that. :: Her gesture at the cane conveyed a lot of meaning, and Della’s first answer was an ambivalent shrug – though she followed up with more right away.:: Vetri: I’m beached from command duties until I’m back up to spec physically. Because of that, I’d lost the Tiger at least for a while. Since that was the case, I threw a temper tantrum or two until they decided to give me my old job here back. I believe the reasoning was “since you’ve not managed to start any wars out
  2. (( Flashback - Stardate 237510.14, AR-558 (Home Universe) )) Colonel Mason: =/\= Come on, get to the shuttles! We. Are. Leaving! =/\= :: Purple bolts of energy raced passed Toran’s face. He returned the gesture with blasts from his own phaser rifle as he backran to the evacuation shuttle. Four months. He had been assigned to this rock for four long months, defending it from constant and relentless Dominion attacks. There had been too many occasions to count where he nearly met the Gods. He was one of the many replacements aboard the U.S.S. Veracruz Captain Sisko ordered
  3. (( Bridge - USS (redacted), 2.9 hours from Duronis )) :: Chang sat in the center seat, her face normally placid and calm, but now twisted with rage. Her ship, racing in at Warp Nine, she hoped to get there in time before the Ashoka was torn to bits:: :: She had made her case to both Starfleet Command and Starfleet Intelligence that the mission was too dangerous for one ship, even a Defiant Class, to handle alone. Chang had even worked out where they would rendezvous to give the Ashoka maximum protection. To no avail. She was told in no uncertain terms not to interfere in an
  4. ((First Officer's Quarters, USS Constitution-B)) T'Mar: Commander... ::T'Mar was alone. The bowling event had ended and she was preparing herself to meditate and get some rest. The reality of the situation had sunk in as she looked at the pip on her desk. She had made it to Commander. FULL Commander! There was a part of her that told her excitement was illogical. Earning a new rank was inevitable if she was performing at top efficiency and consistently so. But another part-- one that was much larger than T'Mar would ever admit to -- was overwhelmingly excited. And she yearn
  5. (( Jalana’s Quarters - USS Constitution )) :: The evening had been enjoyable, as Jalana spent it with her senior officers in SB 11’s own vintage Bowling Alley to celebrate promotions and the handing out of Service Ribbons. She loved that part of her job, it was one of our favourites. To see the smile and pride in people’s eyes the moment she rewarded them for their hard work. She preferred to not do it in ceremonies but in between to make it real surprises, but every now and then a party was just the right place. And seeing T’Mar handing out the Ribbons -as reward for her great work during the
  6. ((Parker Residence, Duronis II Embassy)) ::Tyr's battle cry could be heard all over the grounds as he rushed full speed at the Zalkonians and Orions, who were rushing full speed at him. When they were nearly in melee range he skidded to a halt, leveling his phaser rifle and shooting one soldier dead on the spot. As the lines closed there was no more room for rifles, so he swung it with blunt force trauma in mind, catching a soldier in the side of the head and breaking the rifle along with the man's jaw. The rifle went to the ground and he simultaneously drew his hand phaser with his
  7. (( Theo Whittaker's Apartment - New York District, Starbase 118 Commercial Sector )) (( Time Index: 'The Event' +5 Hours )) ::Having hobbled her way from the hallway to the little island in the kitchen, Mirra had laid her head against to cool marble in a failed attempt to quite the pounding. oO So cold...cold is good...Oo bits and pieces of the night prior tried to float to the surface of her memory, only to be banished back again by the pounding.:: Whittaker: What on earth happened last night? Tatash: I.. I don't know. ::he paused, letting out a belch followed by a broad wince on
  8. (( Shuttle Tyderion, Perimeter of Starbase 11)) :: Na'Lae folded her arms across her chest and sat back in her seat. The journey from Earth seemed to take forever. She was anxious... excited... and slightly scared. This was no freighter she'd been assigned to. A Galaxy class starship was for her a huge undertaking. It wasn't so much the technical aspects of flying such a large vessel. It was the responsibility that came with it. Once the flagship of the federation, the galaxy class's crew compliment was enormous. She wasn't used to carting that much luggage around at a time. And coup
  9. (( Computer Core; F.M.S. Krayvet )) ::Kaitlyn refocused her thoughts, plastered an image into her mind; the Orion woman who Kaitlyn now desperately wanted to kill.:: ::The fires relit, Kaitlyn’s energy coming back as well as it could. She shouldered her rifle, pulled herself up enough to get aimed downrange, and pulled the trigger.:: ::The woman was advancing, deftly dodging Kaitlyn’s disruptor fire as she threw her own rifle aside and drew a dagger. Kaitlyn reached back, yanking the shard from her leg with a hiss and tossing it aside. She could not move at max speed, but she neede
  10. (( Mission Specialist Office - Deck 1 - USS Athena )) :: She had been in the middle of a nap when her PADD had chimed and a message had been displayed by someone named Commander David Cody. As far she could think, Shiarrael had never met anyone by that name, but human faces were still quite difficult to tell the difference at times. :: :: Having found a clean dark gray-black jumpsuit with her rank and Republic insignia embroidered in silver, she took a quick look in the mirror and growled at her hair. It was a bit mangy, and though she usually did not care. Being made Liaison Officer
  11. ((Briefing Room, USS Avandar)) ::As he awaited the mission briefing, his mind began to wander until it arrived, rather unexpectedly, at a destination he was not entirely prepared for. Emerson. Oh sweet, dear Emerson! Emerson who always made things better. Emerson who always harnessed and dragged the sun through the darkest of clouds to shine on his gloomy days. Emerson who always made the pain go away. Emerson who was murdered. Emerson who is dead. Emerson who is gone. Forever. He sighed, staring blankly at the PADD before him. A swirl of memories spun furiously in his mind.:: ((Flashback
  12. ((Deep Space 6 - Deck 79, Sickbay Complex)) ::After so long an interminable period of time, Maxwell Traenor could stand it no longer. He knew that his captain and friend Renos had been placed in a medically-induced coma in order to facilitate nir healing, but no other info had been forthcoming since. All he knew was, “no visitors allowed!” But, that just wouldn’t deter the obstinate scientist.:: ::Technically, with his assignment to acting first officer of the Darwin, Maxwell should be wearing the maroon collar of the Command track. Thankfully though, he had some teal Science uniforms st
  13. ((Morgue, Deck 576, Starbase 118)) ::Solok approached the Tellarite deliberately but with caution, as one ought always to approach Tellarites.:: Solok: Doctor. ::Fargit was standing atop a short stool, immersed -- quite literally -- in his work. He was poring over the innards of what seemed to be roughly 43% of a person, charred beyond visual recognition. His short snout occasionally pressed into what seemed like it must once have been a pelvis of some sort, but the coroner did not seem to mind. Death was his work, and he took his work seriously. Solok was not offended by that.:: Solok: Doctor
  14. ((Q Continuum)) ::She smirked with amusement.:: Q: So much for the exchange of rooks. Quana: I don’t follow your meaning. :: She looked at her with a raised eyebrow.:: Q: You obviously weren’t paying attention, were you? Quana: Not particularly. Like I said, they need conflict and you refuse to provide anything worth while. Q: Conflict is more than the physical drama. It is mental as well. Despite their simplicity, they are quite adaptable. ::She flicked her fingers and a view of Aron Kells appeared before them.:: Q: He navigated his challenge rather well I think. :;glances at Quana.:: No, you
  15. ((Holodeck 1, USS Darwin-A)) :: Since the last shore leave, Valdivia had been attending to Kaigut classes, taught by Captain Renos nemself. The other attendant had been Rennyn. Renos was in a coma and Rennyn was getting transferred, which left Valdivia a bit alone on that. He wondered whether the Captain would be willing to continue the classes with just one student, once ne recovered. :: :: Until then, however, he was willing to keep practicing, even if there were no classes he still had the holodeck. :: Valdivia: oO Fold, chambering, refold, recovery. Oo :: The problem was, at his current l
  16. ((USS Darwin-A, Deck 8, Shuttlebay)) ::Iniko tightened another bolt on the port driver coil and rechecked jheas calibrations. Still not quite perfect, but jhe didn’t think jhe could get the mismatched parts to align any better than that. Jhe had spent the last hour getting the coils within acceptable safety margins. This had seemed like a great idea at the time, but it was taking a lot of work to get all these parts to work together, and jhe was starting to have misgivings that it was even possible. Jhe called up to see how jheas partner was getting on.:: Mpeba: Any luck up there? ::In t
  17. ((South Wing, Factory Complex - Zakdorn)) :: The Zakdorn elder walked slowly, his leg hurt. And his chest burned with every breath he took, probably due to the toxins he had inhaled. They were slowly leaving the facility, Starfleet officers had left and everything was now in Zakdorn hands. He slowly walked, while the flow of people walked faster and past him. :: Nalurn: Thanks... for everything... :: Through the pain and cough, he was talking to Airun, the young girl that had not separated from him since the initial explosion. He was walking now mainly thanks to her, that let him lean on
  18. ((OOC: I’m making a new word, “lom” to be the diminutive casual equivalent of “boy/girl” for a lomale. This takes place later on, the day after the card game.)) ((Deep Space 6, Promenade)) ::The public call center on Deep Space 6 was nearly empty. Iniko could walk right in and make a call, no waiting in line. Jhe could also have simply made the call from jheas room on the Darwin. But that would have given too much away. Jhe turned away, thinking to put it off again. Jhe had already walked away twice before, unable to face this meeting. But jhe was running out of shore leave, and jhe suspecte
  19. (( Main Engineering, Deck 24, USS Columbia )) (( 0800 – The morning after the party )) :: Like the majority of Columbia’s crew, the newly promoted Lieutenant Theo Whittaker was still on shore leave. He was not due to report as Chief Engineering Officer until the order to rescind their scheduled downtime was officially given. Given his new position, however, there was much to be done in order to make the transition easier for his department and he did not want to have to juggle those pressing concerns with whatever mission the Nebula-class starship was assigned to next. Thusly, Theo
  20. ((Yamaguchi-Bridge)) ::In all the confusion, Mary closed her eyes to stop the world around her. She smiled when the first thing that came to her mind was Adam Haase.:: ((Flashback - SD 239207.15)) ((USS Atlantis - Hallway en route to Shuttlebay)) ::Adam walked through the hallways where he’d spent the last six months of his life. It was his home, his shelter, his resting place. It was his sanctuary from the outside world - a place where nothing could really happen to him. It felt as if he was being torn from a friend, one who had protected him, and now in its time of need Adam was abandoni
  21. ((Promenade, two decks above the main brig - StarBase 118)) ::Seth Ralston was having what he liked to think of as a 'working lunch' Except in his line of work, the working part was far less clear. For all intents and purposes he was a well to do trader enjoying a delicious and exotic meal on the promenade of StarBase 118. He had picked a sampler platter from the Al-Leyan restaurant on the corner and was in the middle of savoring every little bite like a gourmand. The food was good, but he wasn't really there for the food. The sampler platter simply drew out his eating, allowing him to spen
  22. ((Embassy, Ambassadorial Kitchen)) Vetri: Ah, they're not usually that bad. ::gesturing to a seat at the counter:: So, what did you actually come here to talk to me about? Rossh: Just a matter I wanted to bring to the Admiral, but I wanted a second opinion - politically speaking - before I did. I really shouldn't intr... ::The thought that had been nagging in the back of his head finally came to the forefront.:: ..wait, did you say fuzzy dice earlier? :: The idea of political ramifications gave her a solid idea why he'd come to her, but that was put on hold for a moment as she gave him a quick
  23. (Corridors - USS Atlantis) ::Mitchell yawned as he made the trip up to the bridge from the Runabout dock on Deck 9. He’d been sitting in that runabout for such a long period he’d decided to walk from the dock at the aft end of the deck forward all the way to the forward pair of turbo lifts. It wasn’t the extreme hike it would have been back on the Lady since the Atlantis was a smaller Intrepid, but it was a good walk to loosen up all his stiff muscles. It had been a long time since he had put himself through the gut wrenching effects of combat flying.:: oO And this was only a runabout, not
  24. (( 0700, Counseling office, USS Garuda )) ::Raissa was surprised to see Skyfire at her door, since they had agreed that she was going to swing by his quarters this morning. It was early and she wanted a chance to go over his files. She was surprised to see the number of counselors that had annotated his file and she was not pleased:: Moonsong: Lt. Please come in. ::stands:: Would you like something to drink? :: Chythar was clad in his black leather jacket, an Excalibur patch on one shoulder and 118 Ops patch on the other. It was a casual morning for him,yesterday having been crazy-like f
  25. ((USS Garuda, Corridors )) ::Several new faces had joined the crew as of late, and one of them she'd caught sight of but they hadn't been officially introduced. Yet. That would all change very shortly. As she had been helping Delano, Alora realized she really needed to go ahead and give away some more of her babies and, she thought, it might be a good way to meet some of the newest arrivals. As she had in the past, the science officer had appropriated a cart and proceeded to place a variety of plants. There were some other species among the violets, but that particular Terran plant made
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