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  1. ((Blueheart's Quarters, USS Discovery-C)) ::And so, Lt Cogud began his tale.. .. :: COGUD: It all started... well I guess when I was born. ::Cogud went on to tell the Commander the many aspects of his childhood, including his family's experience with Orions, and how he had been taught to hate them.:: COGUD: I can't change my upbringing. BLUEHEART: ::nodding somberly:: No. No, you can't. ::He furrowed his brow and the helmsman picked up on this cue.:: COGUD: Yes of course, you want to know why Mr Vedra called me a racist... I mentioned the Sol System Rally, I may have... given in to my upbringi
  2. ((Eerie’s Dream)) ::Eerie was walking on a beach, next to gently rolling waves that lapped up onto his feet. It was a bit disconcerting but it didn’t bother him too much. The high heat however, was wonderful. He looked out at the water, which was disturbing to him since he could not swim. As with all Brikar he really disliked water and images of when he almost drowned came back to him. He discarded them and soaked in the heat. :: Eerie: oO Other than the water, this place is great. Oo ::He walked down the beach. It was strange as there seemed to be no end to the sand, no hills or anything
  3. ((Runabout Rick Husband)) ::Through the runabout, a voice echoed. It was peaceful, perhaps, but some kind of surety or strength stood behind the pleasant façade.:: Odyssey Station: Welcome to Odyssey Station. Please proceed to the nearest docking port. All Travelers must abide by the Wayfarer's Code while visiting the station. ((Flashback moments prior)) ::Opening his eyes just long enough to note that Kevin was staring out the window, Ben forced them shut again. His hands gripped his shoulder straps as they plunged through the gravity well and into probably, oblivion. When he could tell
  4. Polling closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, March 31st. This is a run-off poll, where our general membership will choose from the top sims of the first six rounds of the contest to find the best sim that will proceed to the final round of the contest. Please read the six sims below, which were chosen by a panel of judges (one from each ship) to find the best sims from each round of Set 1: Wulfantine & Richards: Guilt RiddenWALTAS: One More TimeMajor Hannibal Parker - Revelations & InvitationsFox, Malon, (msNPC)s Zaveri & Dalal - Invitation to a ForfeitedLt.Cmdr. Kevin Breeman/Lt. JG. J
  5. ((Bridge - USS Columbia)) ::Perhaps someone is reading this and thinking that it is horrible for Puncdor to have lost the use of his Teth A gland. Actually I believe it would be best to call the gland what it is in the tongue of one civilization in a nearby galaxy that has from time to time had dealings with dragons. I believe I would be straying too far from my present concern were I to tell you how it was that this civilization came to know of the organ, much less what civilization I'm talking about. In any case they called it the igel. Now from a certain point of view it really is true th
  6. ((Rear Compartment, Runabout 'Rick Husband')) ::To be there, yet almost completely invisible, was something that Vincent often tried accomplishing. Sometimes, usually on account of stillness, or rank, perhaps, it would work. Other times, his size simply got the best of the situation, and people would 'see' him in the plain sight where he stood. Now, however, was one of the former moments, and for a time, as the runabout filled with officers, he seemed nearly invisible to them all.:: ::It wasn't something he minded either; being able to stand in the back of the rear compartment and simply watch
  7. ((Greir’s Quarters)) ::Greir sat at his console. He'd had a productive day and thoroughly enjoyable evening. He felt he had been further able to cement his friendship with Dr Malon, and further earn her trust.:: ::However that gnawing feeling was still bothering him and he finally decided to take action, starting by checking the chronometer. Deciding that now was as appropriate a time as any he took the plunge.:: ::The last time he’d tried to call home he’d cut the connection before anyone could answer. He had his fingers tightly interlinked behind his back to stop him wimping out and d
  8. "Yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream." ~ Kahlil Gibran ((Present)) ((Blueheart's Quarters, USS Discovery-C)) ::In 2576, when Amman will tear out the door to Blueheart's quarters amidst the wreckage that was at one time the resplendent flagship of the Avalon sector, the grieving Emerson Ravenscroft will enter that space in the hopes of sensing some residual emotion, some remnant memory, tattooed into the bulkheads and deckplates by fires and explosives. Alas, he would find no such solace. But Love, the one and only true timeless cosmological constant, knowing no shame
  9. (( Lyshan VI - Stardate: 2390.10.23 )) :: Dressed in all black, she stood quietly off to the side, little more than a shadow in the midst of the other mourners. She drew in a deep breath of the cool forest air, the fresh scent of pine seemed somehow soothing. She looked down with tears threatening to cloud her vision as the tiny bundle, cradled in a sling against her chest, squirmed and made the tiniest sound. The round little face scrunched up but quickly relaxed, never even opening his eyes as she gently stroked his cheek with the back of her finger. The peacefulness of her son's expression
  10. ((Stardate 257608.31)) ((Mess Hall, USS Discovery-F)) ::Emerson spooned tasteless grub into his mouth. Not because he was hungry. Not because he sought nourishment. Only because it was a ritual. A habit. A routine to hold on to whatever remnant of sanity still lurking inside that dented and cracked skull. Like a gaudy Picasso he stood out in his drab oversized civilian clothes in the equally drab hall, his skin an asymmetrical patchwork of scars, sutures and scabs. Without looking up, he knew the others were watching. Watching an ugly animal feed. Watching a grotesque fossil from the past. W
  11. (( Lyshan VI - Stardate: 2390.10.23 )) :: There was a slight bite to the evening air. Devon suppressed a shiver as she double checked the address she had written down. Biting her lip, she stood staring at the numbers. Doubt or maybe it was fear, once again rose inside her. She had no idea how the couple would react to meeting her or more importantly the small baby bundled warmly in the baby sling draped in front of her. But this was the right thing to do. She had to at least give them a chance to know their only grandchild. :: :: Taking a deep breath, she climbed the last two steps and press
  12. (( Lyshan VI - Stardate: 2390.10.23 )) :: In the wooded hillside of the beautiful but slowly dwindling Lyshan VI wilderness, a sombre palette of mourners stood out amongst the browns and greens of the evergreen forest. :: At the head of the crowd stood a white-haired man, back bent by work, carrying himself as though shouldering the galaxy's burdens all upon himself. :: TADANOBU HOSHINO: Today we gather to remember the life... and death... of Ryoma Hoshino: son to my family, and to Lyshan VI as a whole. --------------- (( Crew Quarters, USS Discovery-C - Current Day )) :: Ryoma was awake
  13. ((USS Avandar, Daycare)) :: It had fallen over again.:: :: No matter how many times she tried, she couldn't get more than many bricks to stand on each other without the whole thing collapsing. Some, she could do. More... usually stayed up. It was when she got to many that it went badly.:: :: Thinking about it, she decided that giving Izzard to Gee had been were it went wrong. When Izzard was there, she could sometimes get many *many* bricks to stay up...:: :: She'd have to get him back when she next saw her.:: :: With a sigh, she grabbed a brick and started again, only to get distracted w
  14. ((Deep Space 17: Tallis and Toni's quarters, 0400 hours)) ::No sooner than Toni laid down, wrapped in Rhul's strong arms, a sense of safety washed over her. And for the first time in quite a while she felt protected from the harshness of reality. With this knowledge, she soon was lulled into restful sleep by his assuring whispers.:: ((0600 Hours)) ::Awakened by the computer alarm, she sat up and stretched her arms, then slid her feet to the floor. Taking off her clothes from the night before as she moved to the bathroom, she threw them into the refresher, then entered the sonic shower. ::
  15. ((Matthews’ Quarters-Deck Four-USS Mercury)) ::Alexander moved on the new cane that was waiting for him out of the bathroom of his quarters into the bedroom where he could see the love of his life, Jade Elizabeth Matthews looking out of the viewport at the space station Deep Space Ten. He looked at her, the passion in his eyes that could only come for the overwhelming love he has for her in the heart that belongs to her. With each passing day he looked at her, falling in love with her each time he looked into her eyes, her flowing brown hair that smelled of jasmine. The perfume that she chan
  16. ((10-Forward)) Valaine: From my fun...? :: His confusion remained for another moment, but realization hit him. The span of days where he’d been... physically incapacitated... around the time of Xena’s birth. He hadn’t mentioned that to anyone, though he figured his reputation had taken a hit from the gossip from his attempted failures. This... was something else altogether. :: :: It was a long moment he stared into his drink... before he began to lightly laugh. A hand came up to cover his eyes as it grew into a full laugh. :: Valaine: *She* did that? Talya dosed me with... an anti-Chase hy
  17. (( Banquet Halls, Twilight's Edge, DS17 )) :: Sitting at a table with fellow ensigns such as Jorey and Malik, Zerxes was ready for this event to be over. Dinner had come and gone and he'd avoided conversation as much as possible. There were few on this ship that he yet knew, and even fewer that he trusted. So far, his time on the Tiger had been mostly negative. :: :: By nature, Al-Leyans were a suspicious people. It bordered on paranoia at times. They were fiercely loyal once it was earned, but there was little in between the two extremes. In the weeks since Bilire IV Zerxes had not been ask
  18. OOC: This is in tribute to Abbey. When my cat Tas passed away, I decided that, since I had simmed him in the UFOP world, that Tyr would take him to Ba'ku when he became too old to travel with him, so that he could live forever at least in a fantasy world. Abbey deserves nothing less. ((Ba'ku Homeworld)) ::She'd never liked him. Never really considered him a friend or even a companion. At best, they had tolerated each other, with the occasional attack that had sent her yowling to her protector's feet and him skulking away with his tail between his legs. Now, she spotted those same eyes gazing
  19. ((Breen Homeworld)) ((Stardate 257607.28)) CAMERON: =/\= Hey Holmes! Check this out! =/\= ::The man in the matte grey EVA suit lumbered up to his similarly-dressed colleague and peered over his shoulder, the lights around his visor illuminating the console Cameron was working on. The rest of the derelict ship was submerged in cold, unforgiving darkness.:: HOLMES: =/\= What? More ice-slugs? =/\= CAMERON: =/\= Ship logs. A non-encrypted cache of them. Back in the day, they used a rudimentary system to store information. A system that didn't require too much power to access. I hooked up my Q
  20. ((Cargo Bay 4 - USS Columbia)) ::Johanna MacLaren's fury at the dragon turned to terror as her back erupted in fire. Her cry of anger turned into a scream of agony. Then she had no more breath for the scream. She was drowning in her own blood as her chest seemed buried under an enormous weight. She was going to die; Breeman was going to die because she'd cared more for his hand than their safety. More fire ran down her back and then the pull of the transporter gave a momentary surcease to the pain. Fighting to breathe, struggling not to cry out, she tried to lift herself from Kevin's inert fo
  21. Commander Karynn Brice - Consciousness ((Karynn’s Quarters)) ::The first thing she noticed was how dark it was. In the pitch-blackness, for a moment she wasn’t sure whether her eyes were closed or she had lost her sight or the room was just really dark. The second thing she noticed was the pain. Her head throbbed. It felt like it had been caught between a hammer and an anvil. Or a spike had been driven through it.:: ::A moment passed by and she determined that yes her eyes were open. But she still wasn’t sure if that meant that her sight was gone or the room was just that dark. She f
  22. ((OOC: As you read this, please bear in mind that the writers behind Tallis and Parker have communicated extensively during the course of this JP, and are in fact on awesome terms in real life. They just like throwing their characters at each other every now and again for fun, and hopefully for your enjoyment. No animals were harmed in the creation of this SIM.)) ((IC: USS Canis Major, Deck 1: Bridge)) ::Ready and raring to go for the first full day aboard the Canis Major, Tallis and Toni had met Alucard on the way to the turbolift. Rhul found, to his surprise, that the noises the lift made we
  23. ((Dream Scape, Deepest recess of Alexander Richards mind.)) :: Seconds passed to minutes and minutes passed to hours as the Ensign lay next to the younger form of his wife. Neither moved just looking up at the sky allowing the grass blowing in the breeze to tickle them both. Neither said a word, resting in the absolute serenity of the moment. Occasionally Marissa would allow her hand to gently stroke her husbands face, soothing him, helping him drift further and further away from the stark reality of his current situation. The young man was dying. Ever so slowly, his muscle structure was brea
  24. ((Dream scape, Deepest recess of Alexander Richards mind.)) :: Fields. Fields of tall grass as far as the eye could see. Bathed in bright sunlight and lovingly warm. Richards, as a much younger form of himself was stood in the middle of one of the fields. Beside him was a ghostly visage of a younger Marissa. A person he had only seen in pictures. She stood about 3 feet tall with long flowing jet black hair, a good 6 inches shorter than Alexander who himself had the long locks of his youth. Both just stood there in silence looking at the beauty of it all. So peaceful, so tranquil. :: Alexande
  25. ((Main Bridge-USS Mercury)) ::Alexander looked upon the station as he waited for the Captain’s answer to move the Mercury closer to the station. He could only wait for the answer, he thought about Jade and the baby. Since he has really had not that much time to really be with her since she came back on duty, he could only dream of being with her and his mother and father. He did not get to spend the holidays with them this year, but he knows that they will understand and give them a nice holiday dinner with his aunt and uncle. He knows that the valley is covered with snow. The trees and the lo
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