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  1. Hey you! Long time no see! :)

  2. ((Dream Scape, Deepest recess of Alexander Richards mind.)) :: Seconds passed to minutes and minutes passed to hours as the Ensign lay next to the younger form of his wife. Neither moved just looking up at the sky allowing the grass blowing in the breeze to tickle them both. Neither said a word, resting in the absolute serenity of the moment. Occasionally Marissa would allow her hand to gently stroke her husbands face, soothing him, helping him drift further and further away from the stark reality of his current situation. The young man was dying. Ever so slowly, his muscle structure was brea
  3. ((Dream scape, Deepest recess of Alexander Richards mind.)) :: Fields. Fields of tall grass as far as the eye could see. Bathed in bright sunlight and lovingly warm. Richards, as a much younger form of himself was stood in the middle of one of the fields. Beside him was a ghostly visage of a younger Marissa. A person he had only seen in pictures. She stood about 3 feet tall with long flowing jet black hair, a good 6 inches shorter than Alexander who himself had the long locks of his youth. Both just stood there in silence looking at the beauty of it all. So peaceful, so tranquil. :: Alexande
  4. (( CRR, USS Mercury )) :: In the hour before the away teams left, Aron left the operations of the bridge to Alex and retired to his ready room. In truth, he wanted to be on one of those teams, but it seemed that the job was going to come first: He had a backlog of status reports he needed to review regarding the Jaborrhik project; he'd just received new information regarding the Isharkian shards from Didrik Stennes; and Starbase 118 was still requesting a brutally detailed report of his incarceration on Vador III, as well as any information he had regarding the unknown telepath they had pick
  5. ((Transporter room 1, USS Mercury)) ::It had been a very long few weeks that Alexander would be glad to put behind him. The biggest lesson he had learned from his recent experience was that the Academy can't teach you everything you need to know to survive out on assignment. He was thankful that he now had the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and hopefully become a better man for them. He walked through the doors into Transporter room 1 and was greeted by a face he hadn't met yet. He could tell from her insignia though that she was a crewman. The young man decided to strike up a polite
  6. ((Sickbay; USS Mercury)) ::With the mission now over, and the Mercury limping back to safety of Starbase118, Rick completed his daily tasks and made his way from engineering. A rotation of crew were taking in turns to keep the old girl running, since many of the engineers had been injured (or worse) during the recent explosions. However Rick had only one thing on his mind... Gypsy, and Junior. He feared he would lose his beloved angel during the last mission, and then Rick himself had needed emergency battlefield surgery to save himself this time. These two close brushes with the unthinkable m
  7. ((Recovery Room, Sickbay, USS Victory)) :: David sat, not entirely comfortable in the sterile whites, that always made him look like a blasted wraith. But there were practical and extremely important reasons not to introduce any kind of contaminents. So instead, he did the only thing he could do, which was read the reports coming in from all over the station on a padd he liberated from one of the technicians in Sickbay. He made a decision that he was going to build another slimpadd again. There were some distinct advantages to that handy little device. :: :: In bed, Kalianna shifted, rolling h
  8. ((OOC: Just to warn everyone...this one gets romantical;) Nothing excessive or over the ratings code, but you have been notified.)) ((Junior officer's quarters, USS Mercury)) ::Velana wanted to turn around and flee the second she touched the chime on his door, but she grabbed onto the wall and held her ground. The fire raging through her body needed to be extinguished in order for her to live and Isaac Bale was the only man on the ship who she could even imagine approaching to help her with such a...delicate problem.:: ::Isaac sat cross legged on the floor of his quarters with the back of hi
  9. ((Eyas’ Quarters; USS Mercury)) ::Mister Richards paused before he rang the chime on the Lieutenants door. He was tired but very grateful for the blunt, honest advice he had received from Walker and Rahman. This still wasn't going to be easy. He had heard the news on the grape vine that the lieutenant had been demoted and he knew he was directly responsible for that. Eyas hadn't been the one to start the firefight but, as the CO of the away team, and the tactical/security department, the buck stopped with him for any transgressions on the mission. Due to his arrogance it was rare that the youn
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