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  1. You are captain of a Starship, and you receive a request for medical supplise. A plague has been declared in a Federation world not far from your position. The world has been quarantined, but they need those supplies as soon as possible, because the prediction is for millions dead in a couple of days unless something is done. You could beam them down. With that in mind, you approach the nearest starbase and request the supplies. You are informed that they do have the supplies. But for you to receive them, the process would need to be approved by the corresponding Admiral, who happens to b
  2. When we create a new character, we put a lot of thought into the process. Some parts usually get more attention. Race, gender, department (or, in general, job)... while other, more cosmethic details, are given thought but have little effect on the simming. The fact that the character is blond gives information about them, but in most missions it won’t really matter. It is purely aesthetic. A similar thing happens with birthdates. Of course there is the age matter (and we might discuss it in a later poll). But what about the date within the year? How do players choose it? Does it have any
  3. You are the captain of a starship and, while walking through the corridors, you hear a ruckus coming from the holodeck. As you apporoach, you find a couple of engineers trying to reason with a mob, varied in all shapes, species, genders, clothes and ages. And very angry. After trying to understand what was going on, you finally get an odd explanation. Apparently, these holodeck characters, even though they are not supposedly self-aware, are requesting rights to control the holodeck, who appears or disappears and what their environment is. The engineers look at you for what to do. The
  4. All characters we can encounter, both in simming and in other kinds of fiction, are partly defined by a large number of relationships they have. Friends, lovers, coworkers… and family. If we think back to Star Trek, we can remember several characters with differing relationships with their families. Some had not talked to them in a long time, while others did regularly. Some had their families living far, possibly in their home planet, but maybe elsewhere, whereas some had their families living with them in their quarters. Some had close relationships, while others were distant, even con
  5. You are the captain of a starship, and you are called for an urgent diplomatic intervention. You go to the home planet of the Mantisar (fictitious species created for this exercise, do not look them up). They are not members of the Federation, but they are allies. In this case, a human couple in their sixties has called for your intervention. Once you arrive at the planet, the humans explain the situation. Their son Marcus has fallen in love with a Mantisar female. They had been together for years now. The problem is they have now decided to get married. And, in the insectoid culture of t
  6. We are mostly used to see Star Trek in TV form (or movies), and in our particular case also in simming form. But Star Trek has taken lots of other formats in all these years since it first arrived to our screens. One of these formats are videogames. Of course, not everyone plays to videogames, but since we are convinced there is a fair amount of players among us, we wanted to give them some space in our weekly polls. Of course, it would be impossible to mention every single Star Trek based videogame and say something worthy about them. So let us simplify. We will talk about genres. W
  7. When we are simming, we are writing about the life of many characters. Every aspect of their life, sometimes. Their adventures, that’s true, but also what they do on their free time, what they have for lunch of how they have decorated their bedrooms. Inevitably, those characters will at some point be confronted with death. The death of others, sometimes secondary characters that have barely appeared, specific to a mission, whose death is a way to add drama (an involved civilian, maybe?), or to give closure (a villain beyond redemtion?). But sometimes, very rarely, it is our own chara
  8. Pirates. Bandits. A huge galaxy like the one we inhabit must have its share. And rumors say you are headed their way. You are the captain of a starship, and you are patrolling an area where several ships have disappeared in the last months. According to intelligence reports, all ships disappeared while responding to false distress calls, coming from holographically disguised pirate ships. You don’t know what happened after they approached, but they suddenly dropped out of contact. As you patrol the area, you receive a distress call. Coming from one of the ships that disappeared las
  9. As our characters go through missions, they get experience. We, as simmers, get to know them better, but they also evolve themselves, as we get to live through their missions. From the moment they step out of the academy, we have shaped them, but we have not been the only ones. We have also been a powerless witness as they lived moments that would shape them in the future. Sometimes, all those experiences and evolution are rewarded with a promotion, and as time passes, both the characters and the players get promoted into our game. However, sometimes, a player gets a new character. Maybe
  10. Most of us will remember Wesley Crusher’s storyline throughout The Next Generation. A powerful alien, apparently with knowledge about the universe that far exceeded what any human had ever possessed, offered him to leave Starfleet behind and join him in a voyage of discovery like no one had ever imagined. If you don’t know what Wesley decided, I won’t spoil it. But let’s see it from captain Picard’s perspective. You are the captain of a starship, and one of your crewmembers is offered a choice, by a powerful alien. He could share his powers, learn everything the alien had, but he would ha
  11. All players here love Star Trek, but we also love other forms of science fiction. And, as the genre has evolved, so have some of our conceptions, and the fiction works have tended towards more realist elements. For example, in the first Star Trek series, hardly ever had they used an EVA suit to go into an unknown planet. Or worse, an adrift starship. We all have seen uses of Star Trek technology that would be really useful if deployed to certain points where they have not. Portable shield generators, anti gravity apparel, even using transporters during combat. We love Star Trek, and
  12. Remember that movie from the 20th century, the Matrix? About how life was just a virtual reality humanity was connected to while their bodies were used by machines, so they would not know about the real world? Well, what if that situation had had an external influence? You are the captain of a starship and, in one of your planets, you find a planet ruled by robots. After investigating, you learn that the native population of the planet, humanoids like you, have been enslaved by the robots, and they live connected to computers for their raw computing power. However, they are living in a vi
  13. You are the captain of a starship. On one of your missions, you find an android, in his own lab. He has been trapped for some time, abandoned by his own people, who were scared of the artificial life form. He has been sending an SOS, and as you reach his orbital station he contacts you. After some talking for a bit, you discover he was a regular member of his species, but an amazing cybernetist. He found a way of introducing his consciousness into an android. Not just that, but it worked, and he is convinced that knowledge would change the galaxy. And it definitely would. If it worked on
  14. If we ask about pets and Star Trek, most will automatically get an image of Spot in their minds. The fact our favourite characters had time or space for pets, and the fact that it was precisely Data the one who had a cat gave us an unique insight into the character. Similarly, our very own characters in Starbase 118 have their own opportunities to have pets. Not just that, they have a huge ammount of possibilities. Why limit yourelf to pets we have here? They can have alien pets. Or even animals that would not usually be considered pets. Or maybe they don’t even need to be animals at all.
  15. Although Star Trek tries to show their characters as peaceful, they can not escape conflict. And, as such, through the series we have seen a wide range and variety of weaponry. Both Starfleet and every other civilization use them.. We are used to phasers, but we have also seen lots of variety. Ships use them, and people use them. Let’s focus on people. Handheld weapons, or even rifles. Although we can not vote for absolutely every weapon that has appeared (but feel free to tell us which one is your favourite), we can discuss which kind of weapons we prefer, be it for aesthetic reasons, pe
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