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  1. Only two more weeks until summer vacation!

  2. Spring Break isn't long enough...

  3. ((Deep Space 17: Tallis and Toni's quarters, 0400 hours)) ::No sooner than Toni laid down, wrapped in Rhul's strong arms, a sense of safety washed over her. And for the first time in quite a while she felt protected from the harshness of reality. With this knowledge, she soon was lulled into restful sleep by his assuring whispers.:: ((0600 Hours)) ::Awakened by the computer alarm, she sat up and stretched her arms, then slid her feet to the floor. Taking off her clothes from the night before as she moved to the bathroom, she threw them into the refresher, then entered the sonic shower. :: ::Later, in a comfortable embroidered Laudean dress, she entered the Twilight's Edge.:: ((Deep Space 17: Twilight's Edge, 0700)) ::He should have been seeing the now quiet promenade through the haze of sleep-bereft eyes. The smell of freshly-brewed coffee that rose from the table in front of him should have been all that was keeping him awake. In truth, however, he had been up for a couple of hours already and running on adrenaline. Unable to sleep, he had done his best to settle down for long enough to let Toni drift off before taking a sonic shower, dressing for breakfast and hitting the promenade. On the way, he had removed a package from his travel bag that he had surreptitiously had sent to him while the Thunder-A crew had been on Earth; finding himself in a position where he had no family heirlooms for what he had planned, he had been in contact with the Anderssons. As the family that he had grown up with after leaving his homeworld, he owed them an update and they had been keen to grant his favour. It was with his best friend Steffen's blessing that he now had his grandmother's diamond engagement ring stowed away safely in the pocket of his dark green tunic.:: ::By the time Toni arrived, looking like a gift from the Prophets, he was ready to greet her with breakfast already laid out on the table and her first cup of coffee ready to pour.:: Tallis: Good morning, beautiful. I thought I'd get everything ordered up ready for when you arrived. Turner: ::her eyes moving from him to the lavishly laden table; smiling:: It looks like you did a good job of it too. ::Moving around the table, he pulled out her chair. It was his usual, chivalrous gesture.:: Tallis: ::Putting on his best waiter act.:: So, what can I serve you this morning, Ma'am? ::Spreading his hands wide, he indicated the selection of breakfast foods that were arranged before them. The usual cooked Terran fare, such as sausage, bacon and eggs were laid out on a platter, accompanied by a bowl of fruits from various worlds. A toast rack with a selection of jams, jellies and marmalades in small sampling bowls topped off the display, alongside a large vase of long stemmed pink roses with Baby's Breath... behind which a large dish of grits were waiting to make an appearance.:: Turner: ::putting the napkin in her lap:: It all looks good, but bacon and eggs, toast and orange marmalade, and coffee would do as starters. ::Noticing the roses for the first time, she smiled as she admired them, then looked to Rhul.:: Turner: You remembered. They're beautiful. Tallis: ::Beaming:: Hey, you know me... I wasn't going to do half a job! Turner: ::spotting the bowl of grits; laughing slightly:: Looks like they're not the only things you remembered. I'll take some of those too. Tallis: I was counting on that too. Seems like I'm one of the few people who didn't know what they were. ::The waiter who had dealt with his sizeable order had been human, although his accent had been different to Toni's.:: ::The fact that he had included them on the menu brought the realization that she and Sidney had converted him, at least partially, to the southern dark side. She chuckled internally with that thought.:: Turner: Shall we eat? ::Rhul served Toni's breakfast for her and then helped himself to a couple of pieces of toast and some butter. As much as he was hiding it on the outside, he had butterflies in his stomach. He knew there was no good reason for that; given everything that had led them to this point he was sure that Toni would not turn down his proposition. As he buttered his toast, he continued the conversation, trying to remain as casual as possible.:: Tallis: I've been thinking a lot about what things will be like when we move back to Til'ahn. Living with you and the children has been a wonderful experience so far but once we have our own house I have a feeling it will be even better. ::He was right. It had been a wonderful experience. He had brought with him the gift of laughter that had nearly faded from their lives.:: Turner: ::nodding:: I agree. Having a place to call home will be great for the children, especially a home where they know they are loved. ::Images began to form in his mind's eye; he had bonded well with both of the children and fate had presented him with not just a chance to be happy himself, but to offer happiness and stability to three other people that were dear to him in the process.:: Tallis: We could plant a garden... I can see the children running around in there now. I could teach Garth to play springball. We could sit outside on the warmer evenings and watch the suns go down. It all seems like a dream come true. ::And in honesty it was; they had been able to do some of those things before he had first left the Embassy and transferred to the Mercury, but everything now came with the added bonus that they wouldn't ever have to go their separate ways at the end of the day. Of course, there would be times when they would both need to travel to complete their duties but knowing that the other would be waiting for them when they returned, that they would be living under the same roof, seemed to make everything sweeter.:: ::She smiled warmly, thinking of the time they had walked home from the Market Place in the rain; Garth's laughter as Rhul chased him around the house, pretending not to be able to catch him; Vee trying so hard to play the flute for him, wanting him to be proud of her, and him showing that he was.:: Turner: ::noticing he was not eating much:: Are you alright? ::He realised he had paused half way through buttering his toast. Smiling in acceptance that he couldn't wait any longer, he answered by placing his knife and half-buttered toast back down on his plate.:: Tallis: I'm fine... more than fine in fact... ::And then he rose from his seat, only for long enough to lower himself onto one knee, following the human customs that he had read up on before leaving Earth. Reaching into his pocket, he removed the heirloom ring, and held it towards Toni, looking deep into her blue eyes and drinking in every detail to remember in future years.:: Tallis: Toni, we've been through dangerous missions, stood by each other's side through the hardest of times and even after being separated we have always found each other again. The Prophets did not create words for me to describe just how much and how deeply I love you and will always love you. Will you marry me? ::She paused, taken off guard by his actions and question. Sitting back in her chair, she took in a long breath, reaching to caress the side of his face.:: Turner: Marry you? ::tears of happiness forming in the corner of her eyes:: Nothing in this Universe would make me happier than to become your wife, because, I love you deeply too, and will always love you. ::Flinging her arms around his neck to kiss him, they lost their balance, tumbling from his kneeling position to an awkward sprawl across the floor, but still holding the kiss, until the waiter disapprovingly cleared his throat.:: Turner: ::laughing, glancing up to the waiter:: Don't mind us. He just asked me to marry him, and I was showing him how head-over-heels in love with him I am. Waiter: ::helping them up and back to their seats:: Oh, I see. Congratulations. Tallis: ::Laughing and dusting himself down:: Thankyou. ::He had expected to be the one to sweep Toni off her feet, rather than the other way around. The waiter, having dealt with what he could possibly have considered to be a potential incident, cleared his throat once again before returning to his duties.:: Turner: ::after the waiter had left:: To answer your question... Yes, I'll marry you. Tallis: I was hoping you'd say that. ::Moving closer to her, he slipped the ring onto the fourth finger of her outstretched left hand. It looked right at home; he felt as though he should have done this a long time ago.:: Turner: ::watching him place the ring on her finger:: It's beautiful. ::He could not have been more pleased. He had taken steps to make sure it would be the perfect fit and did not want to give her just any ring.:: Tallis: Technically it's a family heirloom. It belonged to Steffen's grandmother and his family were happy to pass it down. I wanted it to mean something, and to have a little history behind it. Turner: That they would do that for you, makes it even more special. Tallis: ::He smiled:: Not just for me, for us. They think of me as their son, so that will technically make them your in-laws... ::And they were certainly better than the recently-deceased alternatives, but now was not the time for such negative thoughts.:: Turner: Now all we have to do is decide where and when. Any thoughts about that? Tallis: Here, or on the Tiger. Before we go back to the Embassy. I don't see any need to wait. I asked Sidney and she said that she would perform the ceremony, unless you'd prefer to have it somewhere else? ::He was keen to tie the knot as soon as possible but not to the exclusion of Toni's feelings and wishes. He did not know whether or not she had any plans for how and where she wanted to get married. Hopefully a holodeck or a part of DS17 or the Tiger could accommodate whatever she wanted to do. If not, he would wait.:: :: It certainly wasn't the wedding she had dreamed about, but if that is what he wanted, then she'd gladly relinquish that ceremony, after all, she was in love with him, and he seemed to want to do it as soon as possible.:: Turner: Then we'll elope, if Sidney has the time. Tallis: We can speak to her to finalise a time and a place, and we already have a maid of honour and a page boy. ::Picturing Vee in her favorite, a sparkly dress, and Garth in a suit, carrying their rings, she smiled.:: Turner: That we do! ::He wondered how the children might feel about that. He hoped it would not prove to be difficult for them.:: Turner: Okay, with that settled, we'll need to buy wedding bands, and have Sidney arrange for a witness - perhaps her First Officer would do it... The children have new clothes I bought them on Earth, and I have a dress suitable to wear. Am I forgetting anything? ::He racked his brains, trying to think if there was anything about human weddings that he had forgotten.:: Tallis: What about a bouquet? Turner: ::glancing at the roses he had gotten her:: No, I can carry these pink roses as my bouquet. ::It seemed a little bit like they were running on a shoestring but that all added to the sense of excitement.:: Tallis: If you're sure? Turner: Let's go tell Vee and Garth, and get started. With any luck at all we can be married by tomorrow morning. ::It certainly looked like she was on board and if she wanted to do things a different way then she was hiding it very well indeed. He hoped that she wouldn't regret eloping but it came with the advantage of their knowing that their future was secured. As for breakfast, he was far too hyped up now to eat even a morsel.:: Tallis: Let's do that! As soon as you're finished eating. ::Too excited to eat anymore, but not wanting him to think his efforts with breakfast would be going unappreciated, she made an egg sandwich with the toast.:: Turner: ::wolfing down a spoonful of grits:: I'll finish eating on the way. You ready to go? Tallis: I'm ready to go whenever you are. ::Both having served with the fleet, Tallis and Toni were no strangers to adventure; they were about to embark upon the most exciting one of all.:: TBC JP by. . . Ambassador Tallis Rhul Embassy Duronis II USS Thunder NCC 070605-A andFleet Captain Toni Turner Commanding Officer Embassy Duronis II USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A
  4. ((Reaper Unreality)) T'Mihn: This place might not even be real, but in our minds. Jorey: oO This isn't in my mind... must be their mind.Oo ::As the realization came the environment seemed to flicker in agreement with him. Tagren: What makes you say that? ::As the two women discussed the situation, Jorey focused on the idea of being caught in another's mind. oOMaybe this isn't our nightmare, but rather we are in a Reaper's dream. There is no way out, we cannot wake up, because we are merely character's in the Reaper's dream.Oo Tagren: I noticed my medical kit missing but I wasn't sure... I did try to use my communicator but got nothing. Not even a... T'Mihn: ::nodding:: I believe we are in a virtual environment. ::Jorey turned his thoughts inward again and the two women's voices faded into the background. oO Virtual environment... no that can't be. How would I be back aboard the Helios at the Battle of Betazed while the others were still in the twisted hospital replica? If it were virtual, wouldn't we all be in the same location?Oo T'Mihn: ::T'Mihn's voice slowly made its way back to holding Jorey's attention:: Existing in fear is a choice. Tagren: It feels like they... whoever they.... a Reaper? It feels as if they are trying their best to force that choice on us. Jorey: Why? oO Why do they want to dream about us afraid? Does it make them feel better to see others weak? Maybe they can't experience fear and need to feel it second hand? Like fear addicts...Oo ::Jorey's thoughts gave way to the doctor's confusion and fear. Tagren: Are... are we back on the ship? No, wait... Jorey: ::Jorey, involuntary, moved slowly toward the doctor:: No doctor, we are not on the ship. ::Jorey felt the strange sensation of not being able to control himself. He placed his hand gently on her arm and looked her in the eye and with all sincerity continued:: We are in no place... we are nowhere. Alone. Tagren: I... don't feel very good. Please, give me a moment. ::Jorey watched as the doctor closed her eyes and slumped down against the wall.:: oO Nowhere? No, not nowhere. Somewhere, but not a place in our reality. A dream can exist, but that doesn't make it real. The reaper dreams of us in nightmares.Oo Jorey: If a man dies, but exists in another man's dreams, is he still real? Does he still exist? ::Jorey slowly sat down on the cold, hard floor. He crossed his legs, placed his elbows on his thighs, and held his chin up with the palms of his hands.:: oO Am I already dead? And the Doctor and T'Mihn too. But instead of our souls being blessed and joining the gods, we are somehow trapped in this purgatory to be a reaper's play things while he dreams?Oo Jorey: ::Jorey felt the predator within him.:: Doctor, we will not die and leave you alone...:: Jorey felt oddly compelled and whispered just loud enough to be heard.:: Maybe we are already dead and trapped here together. No escape, no relief, and no hope. ::Jorey looked up Tagren and then to T'Mihn before closing his eyes and cradling his face between his hands. Jorey wondered if he was losing himself to the despair and hopelessness that had been stalking him since he first beamed down to Bilire IV.:: Ensign Brayden Jorey USS Tiger – A Helm Officer
  5. Can't believe we're already headed into the Christmas Season. This year has gone by so fast!

    1. Aribelle Tagren

      Aribelle Tagren

      Definitely, way too fast.

  6. Glad the cool weather has finally arrived! Happy Fall!

  7. ((Lathu's Quarters, USS Tiger-A)) :: At first Zinna was a bit scared. Why? Because what if she'd prove Velana right? What if she proved that she wasn't capable of helping Lathu. T'Mihn had told her that if she couldn't help Lathu then she wouldn't be the chief counselor in the first place, and she was right. Surely Captain Riley had faith in her or she wouldn't hold that position. Zinna then consider becoming a security officer if she failed Lathu. That would give her a chance to use her telepathy to solve crimes and interrogate people and be a lie detector and basically be a forensic scientist. As a counselor she felt restricted and confined sometimes. Zinna felt as if she wasn't nearly as important as the rest of the officers. If she'd said that to someone they'd call it nonsense and probably reply, "you're the one that keeps us together and focus. Without you we'd all be crazy and sad and unable to work properly. But that was the thing...did they really *need* her? Most people preferred talking out their problems with their friends, so was Zinna really helpful. :: :: She had enrolled and took the major of counseling because her friends had told her it was perfect for her. She was from the race of "listeners" and that's what counselors needed to be able to do: listen. But was Zinna a listener? or did she just tell people what she thought was best? But that was what counselors were supposed to do right? They were supposed to give suggestions, but also listen. They weren't there to lecture their patients. Zinna always tried not to lecture people because she despised being lectured. Now she asked herself if she was being a good counselor. She had had hardly any real sessions. Now that she thought about it, she hadn't given any psyche evaluations in a long time. It seemed like every time she tried to offer listening to someone, they refused with some excuse that basically stated: "I'm more busy with this than worrying about my mental healthy." They had always been able weasel their way out of talking to her. So the question was.....:: Zinna: oO Am I so bored that I have to fight to get someone to talk to me so I can do my job. Is that how useless I am? Oo :: She sat in a chair that she had replicated in Lathu's quarters. She had a smile that gave the Suliban encouragement, but she didn't know if it was working or not. She didn't know if he could tell her true emotions. Zinna had said she could take care of herself, but was that true, or was she just trying to act tougher in front of Velana and Lt. Beaufytor? But why would she need to impress them? What did they have that she wanted? *Happiness?* :: Zinna: Hi Lathu. Lathu: What's up counselor? Zinna: How do you feel about finally getting out of sickbay and being in your room? Lathu: Like the luckiest man in the world. Do you know how awful it is in there? Zinna: ::jokingly:: Oh...I think I have a picture of it, ha ha. :: Lathu looked at her with curiosity and scratched his head. :: Lathu: Why do you want to talk to me? Zinna: Because I'm a counselor, and that's what I do. But I'd rather listen. oO Yes, listen, that's what I need to do. Oo So go ahead. I think someone whose been through all the things you have, you'd want to pour out some of those feelings. Now if you don't mind, I'd like for you to start from the very beginning. Please. :: Lathu sighed for a moment. :: Lathu: I started off being transferred to the Tiger because of "emotional stress". My CO seemed to think that I needed to get off a starbase and go on wild adventures and get some stress relief. This was after my...demotion to ensign. Zinna: Do you think that was a reasonable punishment? Lathu: I'd rather chew a yellow rotten toenail. Zinna: Oh...well...that's an interesting punishment. Please continue. Lathu: And then I met Ens. Vistain. She was really nice to me. Zinna: So you're friends with her? Lathu: Not anymore. ::sniff:: I nearly killed her. Zinna: But I bet she still wants to be friends with you. :: Zinna could feel the security officer outside the room with his phaser ready to stun Lathu if he would get violent. What would the engineer do to him? Would he jump up from the bed, replicate a rope, and choke her to death. Or would he beat her, like Fulian, her ex-husband, beat her in the past. Could Zinna *really* defend for herself. On earth, a zinna was a type of flower, and that's exactly what Zinna was, a flower. She was a froufrou like woman. She didn't like to get down and dirty. She had sworn an oath to never take a life again, not that she *would* try to kill Lathu, but what if he got violent with her and somehow defeated the security guard. She would call for backup of course, but there was always that short time she would have to calm Lathu down or try and restrain him. She wasn't a martial arts expert, but surely she could fire a phaser. :: Lathu: Ens. Taylor hates me, counselor, what do I do about that. Zinna: First tell me, what are your feelings towards Danielle? Lathu: I like her, a lot. She's the only one that's really my friend. Zinna: Are your feelings stronger towards her than Amber? :: For a moment Lathu looked as if he didn't know how to answer it. He shed a tear and wiped his eye. Zinna felt sadness within in heart. She knew this was a hard question for him, but that's why she asked it. She needed something to work with. :: Zinna: Lathu?-- Lathu: WHAT?!!!! :: He voice was loud and forceful and it sent his quarters' door to open. The security guard looked at Zinna, who gave a him an expression to signify that it was okay. :: Zinna: Stand down crewman. Lathu, please answer the question. Lathu: ::he stood:: I love Amber! I LOVE HER! Zinna: Are you sure? Or are you obsessed? Or lust? Lathu: I LOVE AMBER WITH ALL MY MIGHT! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME! I WON'T LET YOU! I'LL DIE FIGHTING BEFORE I LET YOU STEAL HER AWAY FROM ME! :: The security guard raised his phaser, and Zinna didn't tell him to stand down, because veins were popping from Lathu's neck. He was getting angrier. :: Zinna: Lathu, I don't want to steal her away from you, why would you think that? Lathu: IT'S WHAT ALL YOU WANT TO DO! YOU, VELANA, TAYLOR, AND THAT CADET! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LET US BE IN LOVE!!!!!!!!! Zinna: Let's think about what you just said, Lathu. Are you certain Amber loves you back, or is that just your fantasy? There's a difference between something that IS true and something you WANT to be true, Lathu. Think very hard about that because I'm going to ask it again. Are you certain Amber loves you or is that just your fantasy? :: He didn't answer at first because he slumped in his bed. :: Lathu: I don't want to talk anymore. Zinna: Are you sure, Lathu? I was only trying to--- Lathu: LEAVE ME ALONE! :: Zinna stood to get ready to exit Lathu's quarters. :: Zinna: Lathu, I know this is hard for you at first but the only way to get through this is to talk to me, so I can provide suggestions. I'd love to help you. I want to. If Amber doesn't love you, then you'll have to accept that. You can't force love.You may think you're the only one with love issues, but you're not. Thousands of people are, but they keep trying. And you shouldn't blame yourself for Danielle's injury. Although you may have been the cause of it because of carelessness, you did take the blame which was a brave thing to do. You just need to restart your life, Lathu. You need to be more happy... Lathu: I'll start when you start. Zinna: oO What's that supposed to mean? Oo What's that supposed to mean? Lathu: You're telling me to be happy, but you can't even be happy yourself. Is that really being a good counselor? Being a hypocrite? Zinna: Rest and get better, Lathu. :: Zinna left the quarters and the security officer gave her a nod, whatever that meant. :: Zinna: oO Goddess, what in heavens does he mean by that? Oo :: As Zinna walked off, she could here Lathu singing "I'm Walking On Sunshine", but she didn't pay any attention. She was heading for the bridge now, for something new to do. To be useful and do some good besides run her mouth about not being able to do her job. She could do her job any time she liked, but she was just into impressing people and trying to be someone else. Who *was* she trying to be? Zinna was certainly different now. She was way different. She used to be tranquil. She walked and wondered what was different about her. What was she doing wrong. Where were her friends? Why wasn't she hanging out with officers off duty or on leave? Why was she so invisible? Why was she a mystical enigma feeling useless? She helped people or she thought she did. She was different from when she was an ensign. Had her pride as Lt. JG gone to her head? She didn't sing anymore. She didn't garden anymore. She didn't spend time with Taxo anymore. She didn't do anything besides get better at her job. She was trying to hard. Did Lathu know some dark secret about her that she didn't? :: Zinna: oO He'll save it...and use it as blackmail...Oo He knows me better than I know my own self.... ((OOC2: I will sim Zinna either on the bridge, sickbay, or in science labs next. Thanks)) T.B.C. ~~~~~~~~~~~ LtJG Zinna Chief Counselor USS Tiger-A
  8. ((Jeffrey Tube 2, Main Engineering level 2, Deck 8, USS Tiger-A)) ::Darius Clack peacefully took in the hollow sounds of the dark horizontal tunnels the made up Jeffrey Tube number two. In a seated position on the floor, his back rested comfortably against the wall. His feet were firmly planted on the floor and his bent knees served as a resting place for his arms. His chin rested against his chest as he listened to the churning sounds of the Tiger. All ships spoke in a coded language. The trick was having the ear to understand their words. The Tiger had a strange accent, similiar to the one that the Ursa Major possessed. Strange that everything in the universe communicated in its own language.... Many conversations, few listeners...:: (Time jump, past) ((Outskirts of Wheeler Colony)) Clack: I envy you Mr Hahn. ::turning toward the robust man dressed in tan overalls:: Hahn: That's something coming from a Starfleet officer. There is not much to do but to wait out the storm. You're welcome to join us at the Cantina when you are off duty. You can always find me there, if not, the Colony-wide comms will the best next alternative. ::The two stood alone on top of the ridge overlooking the valley toward Capital City.:: Clack: By membership only? Hahn: Anyone's always welcome there, just leave your weapons at the door. That might be the only house rule...oh, yes and the new guy buys the first round. Clack: You have a wonder talent Mr Hahn. Only a man of superior abilities could have keep the power grid operating as long as it has given the circumstances and equipment. Perhaps, you should reconsider and request a transfer. It would be a shame to waste that talent. Hahn: Oh yeah, I have been meaning to. I think that they have a vacancy over at the western sprawl- the guy just never make it home one night. Pah! Talent nothing, you keep that Starship going- now that kind of engineering work...it will take a many liters of ale to get me through fixing that. I am sorry, I am just bitter and sour, I would like nothing more than to die here- it is home to me, for better or for worst. I do this because that is all I know. Sure, it has its downside, but I enjoy it, it is a puzzle to me. And I have a wife who, for whatever reasons, have not run away with some other person. ::He took out his PADD to make a note on the cable box. :: Hahn: What about you, Lieutenant? Clack: Myself? ::pausing as he chose his words carefully.:: I just remember awaking one day to this reality. It is a good life. I don't regret it for one-second. ::kneeling on one knee.:: However, I was thinking recently that I haven't been home in ten years. You see your home everyday. Ten years. ::closing his eyes.:: There are times I wonder what have I accomplished in all that time. What difference your being there at any time made to anything. Hardly made any difference at all, really, in the grand scheme of the universe, particularly when compared to other men's occupations. ::He paused as he looked across the desolate valley.:: Clack: Looks like your party has left you behind. Hahn: Can't get good help these days, Lt. Clack: I will definitely catch up with you later, Kevin. I have to get settled in and report back to the ship. ::Clack watched Hahn walk away to join the others as if he didn't have a care in the world. It was funny that some people could live like that. The sound of thunder echoed off into the distance as he rested. The melody of the storm began to echo in his head. It was a different tune than that of the Ursa Major but a beautiful one to say the least. Darius paused and looked across the green meadow. The flat terrain stretched as far as the eye could see. Two hundred miles precisely it stretched to the North according to his tricorder. The setting sun was now hidden by a blanket of black mid-level clouds. Closing his eyes, he deeply inhaled the cold southerly wind that flowed along the prairie like a lonely specter in search of comfort. Darius could feel the air burning his heavily scarred lungs yet somehow the oxygenated air brought a renewal of life to the diseased cells....:: (Present) Lightfoot: Darius? ::He opened his eyes to find Cocheta Lightfoot standing over him. Her facial expression was stern as she waited for his response.:: Clack: Is Kesi here? Lightfoot: Kesi? Clack: Yes. ::Cocheta stood speechless before answering the question.:: Lightfoot: We said good-bye to her at the Gateway. ::break:: Don't you remember? ::Slowly, Darius rose to his feet. As he stood, he had to momentarily steady himself with his hand against the wall as his legs were not up to the challenge just yet.:: Clack: Yes, ::looking away as he remembered::, yes of course we did. ::speaking softly:: (later) (( Robotics Lab )) ::The dark shadow entered the Robotics Lab to find Atimen, Firestarter, and T'Mihn present.:: Atimen: I'm sorry about the delay, have you started yet? Firestarter: ::Looking at the contraption.:: I would have to say more than started. Care to tell us what you have gotten done so far? ::At first it seemed the group was not aware of his presence.:: T'Mihn/Atimen/Firestarter: Response Clack: Excuse me, ::in a low voice:: do you have anything to report? T'Mihn/Atimen/Firestarter: Response tbc Lt Cmdr Darius Clack FO USS TIGER-A and PNPC PO 3rd Class Shoodi Cocheta Lightfoot Engineer USS Tiger-A
  9. I love the idea of something similar to "Wrath of Khan" era uniforms. That would be awesome!
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