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  1. ((Backstage, King Levin III Grand Opera House, Va'ku)) ::Baale dipped a slender finger into a small ceramic pot containing a reddish paste. The paste was made from the crushed shells of a type of ocean arachnid. She brought her finger up and smudged a little paste on the prominences of her cheeks, rubbing it until it blended beautifully into her blue skin. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, turning her head from side to side, guiding a wayward lock of hair into its rightful place. Her long glossy black hair was fashioned into a towering sculpture, rivulets of which cascaded down onto
  2. ((Blueheart's Quarters, USS Discovery-C)) ::He emptied the fifth glass of whiskey, relishing the bittersweet afterburn at the back of his throat and the stinging vapors snaking up his nostrils, drawing tears from his eyes. His head expanded and contracted with each gulp of the honey-colored liquid. He stood surprisingly steady, staring silently out the view screen, the vivid magenta nebula large and close and painting the bedroom a matte violet. It was akin to watching a sunrise on Earth, the deep purple hues fading into lighter bluer tones, as the starship drew closer to the stellar
  3. Today on Topless Robot: http://www.toplessrobot.com/2013/03/william_shatner_versus_the_gorn_rematch.php So awesome. Intrigued by the game too, I wonder if this means the Gorn will make an appearance in Into Darkness?
  4. == Stardate 239004.01 == "Yeah, Mum, I've got it. Don't worry!" Why was it that every time they finally got around to a subspace call, Ryoma was always left with the feeling of being nagged at? His mother's lips seemed to work themselves into a blur and her words phased out into a dull ringing noise deep with Ryoma's ears. He imagined switching off the display and cutting the conversation short, but he knew that option was restricted to the confines of his mind's eye. "Do you want to speak to your father?" That was all it took to bring him crashing back into reality. "Dad... ?" Ryoma aske
  5. ((Blueheart's Quarters, USS Discovery-C)) ::And so, Lt Cogud began his tale.. .. :: COGUD: It all started... well I guess when I was born. ::Cogud went on to tell the Commander the many aspects of his childhood, including his family's experience with Orions, and how he had been taught to hate them.:: COGUD: I can't change my upbringing. BLUEHEART: ::nodding somberly:: No. No, you can't. ::He furrowed his brow and the helmsman picked up on this cue.:: COGUD: Yes of course, you want to know why Mr Vedra called me a racist... I mentioned the Sol System Rally, I may have... given in to my upbringi
  6. This is a really nice little piece I found on /r/StarTrek - Leonard Nimoy replies to a mixed race teenage girl who asks Spock about her difficulties fitting in: http://www.buzzfeed.com/leonoraepstein/spocks-advice-to-a-teenage-girl-will-make-you-cry Worth a read.
  7. I believe it was meant to reflect Starfleet utopian and egalitarian side. It was certainly a conscious effort on the part of Roddenberry and his staff.
  8. Makes sense to me. Starfleet is by all means a military and its ships are all militarily capable and relatively self-sufficient. They need sufficient numbers to be able to respond across the entire Federation. It also benefits from selecting the best of applicants to the academy rather than having general conscription or social expectations to join. Great find, I hope to read through after work
  9. I really hope they do. I picked up the 47-disc DS9 DVD set just before xmas and its really showing its age. Would love a Bluray overhaul.
  10. I really want a copy, but I'm not entirely sure if I can play on my Japanese PS3 if I buy it. I'm really waiting for the complete set (way down the line, I guess).
  11. Here's a new picture from the movie: http://screencrush.com/star-trek-into-darkness-pic/ The caption says that Cumberbatch is playing
  12. I just came across this site (through /r/StarTrek) and boy am I disappointed that I didn't know before Xmas, awesome stuff: http://www.lcars-studio.com/ For an example of what you get, look at the thread where I found it: http://www.reddit.com/tb/15dxrp Jealous!
  13. I don't suppose anyone else is reading this new-ish webcomic - LARP Trek. When the holodeck goes offline, the TNG crew are left with no choice to but RPG under La Forge's guiding GM hand. http://larptrek.com I thought some of you might appreciate it
  14. Just as the Countdown comic was in part driven by Abrams and there is some suggestion that it is considered canon at Memory-Alpha, the Ongoing series is also being driven by the introduction to Into Darkness and is, according to Robert Orci at least, considered canon: http://www.tor.com/blogs/2012/07/straight-from-roberto-orci-current-trek-comics-are-canon (even has a panel of Spock taking out Gary Mitchell). PS: Just saw your comment on this (the second) page, and yeah, I'm also a little sceptical of the canon vs. non-canon debate, and I wouldn't rule out Gary Mitchell being on the big screen
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