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  1. My heart, my soul, my light in the darkness. I will forever love and miss you.

  2. ((USS Avandar – Main Engineering)) :: This was a most special day for the tiny daughter of Della Vetri. This was the day that T’Sara was amongst the most powerful people on the ship. The engineers. Mo said so. The engineers were the only ones that had absolute power to control the ship. Not even the Captain could do what the engineers could do.:: :: With her alert blue eyes T’Sara soaked in as much of her surroundings, and listened closely to what Chief Ryan was saying as the tour progressed. The little girl was in lock step with Ryan as consoles and controls were pointed out. Nothing
  3. (( Holodeck 3 )) :: After the conversation with Rune earlier the day, Jalana had spent most of the day thinking about her past. That was when she was not trying to get control over her shaking hands or tried to not fall asleep. Her thoughts had wondered to her family, which she had not seen ever since leaving Trillus Prime. She missed them quite a lot, but was not sure when she would see them again. So many things had gone so wrong, and pride got in the way. :: :: After her shift had ended, she felt an almost unbearable urge to see her old home. It was so strong that she would have taken a r
  4. Dang, there goes my plan lol Whew, I'm safe on the Apollo after all! =) You do have the booze.
  5. I agree with the others. I've been with SB118 off and on for years and I can say combat is not a primary here, though you will certainly find some ships that do far more combat than others. I believe you find a wide variety of missions. Like Sal, I prefer 'solve this mystery' or 'explore this place' with combat as a last resort type scenario and that's exactly what I've been doing over the last several months. I can't remember when my current ship last had a full blown combat scenario... actually I don't think we have since I've been on board.
  6. ((Isolation Unit – Sickbay)) ::Folds left Skyfire with the new data from Cuthbert's biobed and went to the nearest open workstation. As rapidly as he could, he called up the computer's database of toxins. Then he narrowed it by those known for use in murders or assassinations. Then -- in the midst of narrowing for known or suspected use by Romulan or associated agents, he remembered that it would be far faster to simply allow the computer to sort by similarity to the toxin he had just discovered in Cuthbert's bloodstream. He was far, far too tired. And now, with Cuthbert deteriorating nearby,
  7. (( Lyshan VI - Stardate: 2390.10.23 )) :: In the wooded hillside of the beautiful but slowly dwindling Lyshan VI wilderness, a sombre palette of mourners stood out amongst the browns and greens of the evergreen forest. :: At the head of the crowd stood a white-haired man, back bent by work, carrying himself as though shouldering the galaxy's burdens all upon himself. :: TADANOBU HOSHINO: Today we gather to remember the life... and death... of Ryoma Hoshino: son to my family, and to Lyshan VI as a whole. --------------- (( Crew Quarters, USS Discovery-C - Current Day )) :: Ryoma was awake
  8. With Abrams who knows. But whatever he's done it's guaranteed not to follow cannon.
  9. ((San Francisco, Earth)) ::The surface of the bay was refulgent. A cold salty breeze swept inland and into the refurbished San Francisco Ferry Building, now filled with bistros and cafes and quaint cozy restaurants. They sat facing each other at a small round table by the waterfront, the rays of sunlight pleasant on the skin and brilliant on the bunch of mauve and pink petunias at the center of the table. Coffee is always a bad idea when it comes to ex-flames. He thought about this as he sipped his beverage staring out onto the resplendent bay. He also thought about other things. Things from
  10. Welcome Sophie... NYSP here Glad to have you with us. We are a friendly (crazy) bunch. You'll love it.
  11. Hello, I am a returning member and thought I would just drop by and introduce myself. In the trek world, I am Collim Kieran. It's been a few years but if anyone remember Collim Denari or Kieran Tainn both from the Discovery, that would be me. My current character is going to be sort of a combination of them since I couldn't decide who I really wanted to be and younger sister to Denari.
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