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  1. My heart, my soul, my light in the darkness. I will forever love and miss you.

  2. ((USS Avandar – Main Engineering)) :: This was a most special day for the tiny daughter of Della Vetri. This was the day that T’Sara was amongst the most powerful people on the ship. The engineers. Mo said so. The engineers were the only ones that had absolute power to control the ship. Not even the Captain could do what the engineers could do.:: :: With her alert blue eyes T’Sara soaked in as much of her surroundings, and listened closely to what Chief Ryan was saying as the tour progressed. The little girl was in lock step with Ryan as consoles and controls were pointed out. Nothing got by the hybrid, and the questions she asked were beyond her years of understanding.:: :: She trotted up to the main engineering console and climbed onto a stool so she could see the displays.:: T’Sara: Dis where you talk to the ship and it talks back. :: Nikki smiled as she set in beside the girl. She touched the console and made the display fully light up. :: Ryan: Yep, we can do just about anything from this one right here. T’Sara: And dis panel has powers over dat chamber dere. :: She pointed at the matter/anti-matter containment. Nikki looked toward the warp core and nodded. :: Ryan: Yes, we can regulate the matter/anti-matter ratio and monitor and control the power flow as well. ::leaning on the edge of the console and looking at T'Sara:: So, how do you know this was where it all happened? T’Sara: Mo told me so. And ifs dis panel don’t talk, you has backups, but if fings weelly get bad, you has to evacsuates the room and eject the glowy chamber. :: Nikki wanted to know much more about this Mo but she knew she would have to be very tactful in asking. The last thing she wanted to do was make T'Sara stop talking to her about him. :: Ryan: It's a little complicated but yes. But ejecting the warp core is the very last thing we really want to do. Once that happens the ship is kind of stuck in slow motion and eventually everything would shut down. T’Sara: I understands it. Ryan: I'm guess Mo explained it all to you. Is he taking the tour with us? T’Sara: ::looking around:: Nope. He not here right now. What dis do? :: Nikki automatically looked around, not that she expected to see anyone other than her people running around. Then she looked at what T'Sara was pointing at. :: Ryan: That monitors the core temperature. ::Reaching across the console, Nikki keyed in a command triggering a 3D holographic display of the ship in the center of the console.:: And with this we can run a diagnostic on all of the ship's systems and the computer will show us exactly where any problems are so I can send repair crews to fix them. T'Sara: Oooo… :: She reached out with her tiny hands and explored the holograph up close, making it spin, flip and zoom in to more intricate parts.:: Ryan: ::as casually as she could:: Mo sounds like a really good friend. How long have you known him? :: More interested in the display she was playing with, T’Sara just shrugged not really paying attention to the question. She answered it without much thought.:: T'Sara: A wittle while. After we gots here. The outy hull looks all banged up. Are dese red fings tiny workers? Are dey in space? :: She zoomed in and giggled that the red dots looked like little bugs.:: :: Nikki smiled at T'Sara's reaction. It wasn't often she got to see things through the eyes of a child and it was actually kind of amazing. :: Ryan: Yes, they are Engineers doing repairs in space T’Sara: Did you tell’em to go out dere to fix it? Ryan: ::nodding:: I did. T’Sara: You do have more power dan Mama D. Mo’s right. You makes dah whole ship run, n’ people listens to you. :: That got Nikki's attention focused back on T'Sara's invisible friend. She leaned casually on the console. :: Ryan: I don't think I've ever seen him around. What does he look like? T'Sara: He… ::scrunchy face:: He look kinda fuzzy and sparkly, I guess. He poofs in an’ out. ::shrug:: How do you make warps? Ooo, can you makes warps and slippy streams at dah same time? :: Nikki tried not to react to the description but she was starting to believe that maybe Mo wasn't so imaginary after all. :: Ryan: Well first, you enter the commands into the computer and then... ::She went on the explain in the simplest terms of just how the ship goes to warp speed. :: And no, we can't make warp and slipstreams at the same time. See, with the quantum slipstream drive, we route energy through the ship's main deflector, which then focuses a quantum field, allowing the vessel to penetrate the quantum barrier. T’Sara: What happen ifen you do make warps and slippy steams at dah same? :: Nikki thought for a moment. :: Ryan: Well, it would cause a phase variance in the slipstream threshold which could cause an overload in the drive's quantum matrix. If that happens, it could destroy the ship. ::heartbeat:: Where's he from? T'Sara: ::another shrug:: I dunno. He not say. Why? Ryan: ::smiling:: Just curious. T’Sara: Can I see dah slippy stream driver now? :: Nikki stood up straight and held out her hand. :: Ryan: Sure can. ::motioning across the room:: It's over there in a secure area. I'll take you in but you can't touch anything, okay? T'Sara: I pwomise. TBC T’Sara Maren 4 year old troublemaker Captain Vetri & LtCmdr T’Lea’s daughter & Ensign Nikki Ryan Chief Engineering Officer
  3. (( Holodeck 3 )) :: After the conversation with Rune earlier the day, Jalana had spent most of the day thinking about her past. That was when she was not trying to get control over her shaking hands or tried to not fall asleep. Her thoughts had wondered to her family, which she had not seen ever since leaving Trillus Prime. She missed them quite a lot, but was not sure when she would see them again. So many things had gone so wrong, and pride got in the way. :: :: After her shift had ended, she felt an almost unbearable urge to see her old home. It was so strong that she would have taken a runabout to get there, but instead she took the second best option and visited the Holodeck. Her green eyes wandered around in the ordinary and not-so-impressive small room. Pitch Black Walls were veined with narrow yellow gaps, just like any other holodeck she had visited before. :: Laxyn: Computer, load Program Mak'ala 4 :: The beep of compliance was accompanied by the rapid change of the yellow black grid to the capital City of Trillus Prime. Her father had of course insisted to live here, because in his job he needed to be able to get to the embassy fast and most of the meetings and banquets were held here as well. Jalana remembered the lively city, that in this program was eerily empty. But she did not mind. She just wanted to see it, the life she had known. :: :: With a quick command it started, just as quiet but responsive. She had never played in these streets, only walked or rode through them in their vehicle. She had been isolated and taught what she had to do from the head of her house, her father himself. He had been convinced that friends and public school would have been a distraction and that he would be all she needed to achieve success. Though in his eyes that meant to follow his footsteps into diplomacy. :: :: That was why this version of the program started right where it all begon. She looked up the gates of what had been her home. The mansion on a slight hill was surrounded by gardens that were a stunning picture of colour, going over into the edge of the forest surrounding the edge of Mak'ala, as her parents had always enjoyed the quietness of this part of the city. It was beautiful, and the scent floated through the street bedazzling even the grumpiest mind, to lure a smile onto their lips. She had seen it through the windows, when she'd watched the rare occasions on people walking by. :: :: It was an odd feeling to feel amazed at the beauty she had seen from the other side of the window more often than from this, but also scared at the sight of the mansion, despite the knowledge that nobody was in there. Everything that tied that knot in her guts when looking upon the stone, the arches and the iron gates, was lightyears away on the real Trillus Prime. :: :: Taking a deep breath the Trill opened the gate, which was not locked and headed up the pebble path to the main door, which also could be simply opened. If this would be the real thing a butler would have opened the door the moment she had hit the first step beneath the front door. Ilur, he had been there as long as she could remember, silent and obedient, but she had always known that he had covered her back more than once. :: :: The opulent front hall was just as she remembered. Of course, as she had programmed that part of the interior as an addition to the cityscape. She could almost smell the cologne of her father hanging in the air, though she knew that it was an illusion. The family portrait hung at the foyer wall, a small smile danced around her lips as she saw her little brother clinging to her sleeve. She remembered that he had been afraid of the photographer. 'He smells weird' he had said and had held her sleeve until after the man had left again. Even on that picture her father looked stern, while her mother smiled at the lense, just like the children. Jalana looked at herself, she'd been 16 and already then had been disobeying her father's wishes, even if he had not known that back then. :: :: Shaking her head she headed up the long and elegantly swung stairs to the second floor. This was the floor where her parent's room had been and her father's study. As if in a trance she took the steps long the long hallway, approaching the open door at the end of it. She already saw the edge of the big bed in it and as soon as she stood in the doorway, Jalana felt pain. Not physical pain, but in her heart, remembering the last time she had stood here... (( Flashback - Trillus Prime - Laxyn Estate 2379 )) :: It was a big day in house Laxyn, the eerie silence, where Jalana the eldest child would usually hurry around, not to be too late for her lessons, for dinner or anything else one could be possibly late for, was deafening. What her parents, the master and mistress of the house, did not know what she had been so busy with, that the time got away from her. Jalana had studied, for something she was not supposed to learn. :: :: The Trill's career had been decided when she had been old enough to be taught her first words. She had been taught her whole life the ways of Diplomacy, the rules, the history, the gestures and unspoken agreements between those carrying the responsibility of their people. She did not have the pleasure of being taught all the lovely things that kids raved around when coming home from school; gold stars and smiley stickers were strangers to her, just as those other kids were. For the last 18 years her companions where lists of politicians and rules of conduct, her reward was to hear that she had done well for once, her teacher the strictest man she could ever imagine: her father. :: :: Her fate was to be his successor, Ambassador in the Diplomatic Corps. She would meet the big names of politic, the leaders of yet unknown species, accompany those who made first contacts to ensure peaceful and fruitful conversations and contracts. To be a figurehead of her people, was not something Jalana had ever wanted to be, but her father already saw her statue in the hall of history, in his imagination. And she knew, that she would have to break his heart, to avoid breaking her own soul. :: :: This was indeed a big day, for Jalana Laxyn because of a different reason than it was for Vivan Laxyn, the head of the house. And the younger Trill was afraid to share her reason with him, but she had to. If she'd not she would burst at the banquet, in front of everyone assembled and she could not do that to her father, her teacher, the man who did all of this out of love.:: :: Jalana had gotten the good news an hour ago and now walked to his room, trying to muster up the courage, that she would need right now, before it was too late. Inside the door-frame though she hesitated, stopped in her tracks and watched him. A tall distinguished man, in his late forties, his light brown hair decorated with fine hairs of silver, that seemed to shine when the light just hit them right. Leaning against the door-frame, her head tilted slightly, watching him with a fond smile on her lips that reached her sparkling green eyes. He was a handsome man and while she saw him as the strict teacher every day, she had also seen as the loving husband, whenever he gazed at his wife, thinking that nobody could see him. :: :: He wore a calf long brown tunic, made from heavy fabrics, that had a little shine when moving, off-set with a decorative trim of ancient Trill symbols, over loose black pants and dress shoes. His special attire for tonight's banquet. He had been awarded a medal of peace, a great honour and a very important day for him. It brimmed over with status and influence, giving him almost something royal; if it was not for his arms being raised in a folded T, tearing and pulling at the closing mechanism of his collar. :: Vivan Laxyn: For how long do you want to watch me fight with this collar, before you offer your help? :: The young Trill pushed herself from the frame and crossed the room, coming to a halt in front of him. Gently, as if they could burst at the touch, she laid her hands on his and moved them away. The proud chin of the man remained in the air, exposing his throat to let her do her magic. Her slender fingers had no trouble, to join the hooks with the hoops, linking the sides of the collar. But she did it slow, trying to find the words. But he noticed something else faster, than she could get her words out. :: Vivan: You are not dressed yet, we will be late. :: The daughter swallowed, now there was her way in, if she ever saw one. But how could she do all that without hurting him? Maybe there was no way. :: Jalana Laxyn: I am not coming with you this time. :: She could feel him stiffen under her fingers and she almost closed her eyes to let the storm wash over, but kept them on the closing of his collar instead. Her heart beat faster, afraid of what would happen now. There was no way back. :: Vivan: What do you mean? Of course you will. You need the training. :: The training, that he had put all of his free time in, to teach her everything she would need to know, and that she had dreaded so much. What if there was nothing that would bind them together, without this training? This career? She took a deep breath and forced herself to keep her voice soft. :: Jalana: I need to talk with you about that. :: He shook his hand and deciding that she was done, took a step to the side, checking the collar in the mirror, before he reached out to the panel next to it, on which his sash hung neatly and ready to be worn. :: Vivan: Jalana, we really do not have time for that right now. Go and get dressed, we talk later. :: She could not wait, knowing that while she was afraid, she also almost burst, wanting her family to know the news. Her brother would possibly the only one who would be happy for her, but he was 9 and happy about everything. It bubbled under her surface, threatened to just burst out, to blurt from her lips without a filter, and exactly that treat was made true, when she did not speak up fast enough. Jalana: I'll be going to Medical school. :: The silence in the room was eardrum bursting loud. She could hear them, the gears in his mind, working, processing and immediately denying. Not with words, but his thoughts. Jalana saw the fine lines and wrinkles around his eyes deepen, his lips whiten as he pressed them together, the blue eyes, that had shown a tiny hint of warmth, turned cold. He had stood there, frozen for a long unbearable moment, before going on as if nothing had happened. :: Vivan: You won't. :: The bitterness in his voice send chills down the young woman's spine. She knew what it was, he did think that she really would not do it, if he told her so. But she could not deny herself her dream, her passion. Since she had been eight years old, Jalana had known that she wanted to be a doctor, help people, find solutions for illnesses that did not have one yet. Like her grandmother who had died from a sickness that had no survival rate. Her loss had left a hole in Jalana's life, a wish and desire, that had always been there, but had longed for something to bring it to the surface. :: Jalana: I will, father. I know you want me to follow your footsteps, but I want.. I need to become a doctor. I have been thinking about this for a long time, and I passed the tests and... :: The man suddenly swirled around, facing her with that stone like expression, his eyes had never been that piercing and cold as they were now. His daughter stood there, in front of him, trembling. He was not the kind of man to become loud. His rage was silent, dangerous like magma under the surface, just that his volcano never erupted. He was like the tiny piece of glass, that had accidentally fallen into food, noticed when it was too late and secretly doing its damage. :: Vivan: You went behind my back, without my permission and have the nerve to come to me after the harm is done? :: It was a whisper, and it still thundered in Jalana's ears. Yes, that was exactly what she had done, because she had known, that he would have never agreed. He would have locked her into her room and taken her communication rights, if he had known. She would not give up, not now, not after how far she had come. :: Jalana: You would have never allowed it. Vivan: And you know why. You were raised to become an Ambassador. :: That was the problem. She had been raised to become something she did not want. Something she wasn't and never would be. And she was angry about that, about everything she had never experienced. The joy to be a child, playing with other children, learning in a public school, bruising her knees when she'd fallen off a tree, getting the reassurance that she'd be doing better next time when she had not done well... and most of all, a father who would show her that he loved her, not only when she did the right step into a world that was not her own. She straightened her back, he would not take this from her, too. :: Jalana: And nobody ever asked me if I want that. I don't. I thought that once you see that I meet the qualifications and would be accepted, that you would see that diplomacy is not the only thing I can do. Vivan: ::He scoffed, shaking his head and returned his gaze back to the mirror.:: You will never get through with it. You know that you are not cut out to be a Doctor. :: His words felt like a slap into her face. The one person that she would have thought, could believe in her. Why couldn't he be happy for her, for finding something that she loved? For something she knew was her calling? :: Jalana: :: whispering :: I will... get through with it. I will become a doctor. :: Her father turned his head to the side, meeting her gaze. She almost stepped back, the look in his eyes took her breath away, cut off the way to her lungs. It was like a wall of disgust and disdain, but there was more, lurking in the background of his steel, she would not have the chance to melt again: pain, hurt and betrayal. He had given her everything, taught her everything, and she denied it after all these years. :: :: His voice was barely audible, but she could see the words not only on his lips but also in his eyes. :: Vivan: Leave, and don't come back. You will be gone when we return from the banquet. :: Her mouth fell open, trying to form words, but nothing came out, the words chocked before they were even born. Did he just kick her out? Completely? He could not mean that! Her throat was closed up, the only sound that came through the squeezed shut opening was a squeak, words did not find their way. But Vivan remained silent, staring at himself in the mirror, making sure that his sash sat right, brushing over the thick fabric of his tunic. :: :: She knew, he had said his last word. No matter for how long she would stand here. She had never seen him so angry, so hurt because of her. And it broke her heart, tore her soul into pieces, like nothing else had ever done. Because she knew that she could not make it better, because she had to follow her heart, her calling. She could not live his life. :: :: And still, as she left her father at the mirror, finding her dragging steps to to her room, she wished, as she had never wished before, that she could. :: ((/Flashback)) :: 'You know that you are not cut out to be a Doctor.' A tear ran down her pale cheek, as she remembered the last words, her father had ever spoken to her. Ever since, even if they had met in passing, he had been silent. She knew he had seen her, but never spoke. It also had been the last night, she had been in her home. The very same night, she had moved onto campus, and the only reason they had allowed her to move in that early, was because of who her father was. :: :: She had proven, that he had been wrong. She was a doctor, had been CMO for a long time, she had helped people and had worked hard. And still, there was a void, one that could only be filled by one person. And that person did not want to speak with her. She had tried, but as soon as he had seen who was on the other side of the connection, the line closed. Raising her hand she brushed away the salty remains of her sadness. :: Laxyn: Computer... ::Her voice was creaky, like old wood that accidentally was stepped upon.:: ... end program. :: Her gaze was upon the mirror he had stood in front of, when the whole scene faded out of existence. Maybe it was time to face it in person, on location. But right now she had to get her other problem under control. :: TBC ----- LtCmdr Jalana Laxyn Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Apollo-A simmed by LtCmdr Akeelah D'Sena First Officer USS Apollo-A
  4. Dang, there goes my plan lol Whew, I'm safe on the Apollo after all! =) You do have the booze.
  5. I agree with the others. I've been with SB118 off and on for years and I can say combat is not a primary here, though you will certainly find some ships that do far more combat than others. I believe you find a wide variety of missions. Like Sal, I prefer 'solve this mystery' or 'explore this place' with combat as a last resort type scenario and that's exactly what I've been doing over the last several months. I can't remember when my current ship last had a full blown combat scenario... actually I don't think we have since I've been on board.
  6. ((Isolation Unit – Sickbay)) ::Folds left Skyfire with the new data from Cuthbert's biobed and went to the nearest open workstation. As rapidly as he could, he called up the computer's database of toxins. Then he narrowed it by those known for use in murders or assassinations. Then -- in the midst of narrowing for known or suspected use by Romulan or associated agents, he remembered that it would be far faster to simply allow the computer to sort by similarity to the toxin he had just discovered in Cuthbert's bloodstream. He was far, far too tired. And now, with Cuthbert deteriorating nearby, was the worst possible moment for his weariness to begin showing symptoms.:: FOLDS: There we go! ::The computer beeped at the end of its search. Folds scanned the data, disappointed. No match. Only ... this toxin, unrelated but similar. It would have to be good enough to help, perhaps even guide, their search. At least its origins were, in these circumstances, heartening: the Federation didn't know of it from a direct Romulan connection, but it was suspected. It would have to be enough.:: ::Folds returned to Skyfire's workstation, where the blonde medic was, as always, so hard at work on the task at hand that he hardly seemed to notice the other officer's approach.:: FOLDS: ::handing him a PADD:: Not a match, but something similar. No early signs of cold or shivers reported, but similar circulatory symptoms and difficulty in blood clotting and wound healing. But ... if it *is* this similar, time is of the essence. From this point -- ::he lowered his voice; not that Cuthbert could have heard him from across the room in his state:: -- from this point, we'd typically have less than an hour. SKYFIRE: Less than an hour? How long have you and Alden been back from the surface? FOLDS: ::squeezing his eyes shut and reopening them:: I don’t remember. Who knows how long we’ve really got; we just need to be ready. SKYFIRE: That doesn't bode well. I have a theory about how this poison works, due to its similar composition. There are some wintergreen teabags in my kit. Open them up, add water, and rub it over the wound site, as it'll stop the bleeding. It will buy him a few minutes, at most. FOLDS: ::momentarily confused, but then forcing himself to focus:: Wintergreen tea? Sure. On it. :: Chythar shook his head, still disbelieving in himself that he'd made a mistake. This wasn't the time for mistakes. He had to do something. And do it fast. He got up from his console and took out an old-school 20th century adrenal, somehow guessing he'd have to mix in some wintergreen with the adrenaline. OO Wintergreen isn't my first option, but it will stop the poison for at least a few minutes. That will be all I need. Oo he thought to himself as he opened up the adrenal and began his chemistry experiment. He didn't have time for a full-blown solution, just enough time to make something and pray it worked. He didn't want to lose a crewmate if he could help it. This would not happen. Not on his watch. :: ::As Skyfire set to work trying to synthesize -- jerry-rig, might have been more like it -- an antidote to the toxin now coursing through Cuthbert's body, slowly creeping toward his heart, Folds set about gathering the tea from Skyfire’s medkit. Who knew keeping tea in a medkit could be so useful. Tea, water, scalpel—he was working quickly and couldn’t help but wish his left hand, into which he was throwing each item he plucked off the shelf, were ten times larger, so he could balance everything easily while running back to the workstation.:: SKYFIRE: I'm nearly there. ::The time passed too quickly as Folds, now empty-handed--sat adjacent to Skyfire and followed his instructions. Folds had mixed the contents of the teabags with a bit of water before peeling off the bandages and began to rub the paste over the wound site. The blood clotted, and the antidote began to work its magic. Not fast enough, however.:: :: Within moments, the alarms began to blare from Cuthbert's biobed. Gesturing for Skyfire to stay where he was and keep working, Folds jumped up and began doing everything he could to keep his friend alive.. :: FOLDS: [...], [...], [...] -- not now, not yet! ::The alarms were roaring their death howl because everything was off the charts -- but not, as expected, because they were crashing. Alden, realizing that he wasn’t cured as he thought, was lying back down, trying desperately to control his breathing, though his body and lungs seemed to refuse to obey him. He felt his heart rate increase, pumping the over watery blood throughout his body at such a pace that new blood seemed to barely be reaching his heart in time to be pumped away.:: ::He felt light-headed from lack of blood flow to his brain, and the high heart rate, as if from some form of Olympic race that refused to ever end, continued to climb, marked by the blips that were now blurring together on the monitor. Sweat began to roll off him in buckets, beginning to soak through the bandages at the wound site as effectively as the blood was staining them.:: ::Alden tried to breathe deeply and calmly, but his heart rate demanded more and more oxygen to match the rapid pace of the blood that sprinted through his system, forcing him to speed up, until he was nearly hyperventilating in order to compensate. It was clear to the two doctors—or any observer, really—that this terrible loop would soon beat Alden’s body apart, regardless of if it ever slowed down. No body could handle the beating Alden’s was currently taking.:: FOLDS: ::shouting to Skyfire across the room:: What do you have? :: Skyfire held up the jury-rigged adrenaline syringe in his hand, jumping up from the console and over to where Cuthbert was clinging to dear life and Folds was trying to do everything he could to stop it. :: SKYFIRE: Just finished it! FOLDS: It'll have to be good enough! I don't think Cuthbert can wait much longer. SKYFIRE: I agree. :: and with that, he raised his hand high before plunging the chemical compound into Alden's heart just before the line went completely flat on the heart monitor. :: You can do it, buddy. Just keep breathing. :: He wasn't sure why, but he began to feel some sort of connection forming between him and the man whose life he may've saved. He was definitely scatterbrained; the answer to the Romulan connundrum was sitting on his console, the antidote to the poison was a guess that was based on theory and should theoretically work. He didn't know what he had to do as he waited for the monitors to normalize. It took several minutes for them to do so. Chythar was holding his breath, muscles tensed. He didn't move until he saw the monitors stablize, at which point he finally released the breath he'd been holding for the past several minutes. His body didn't relax at all, sweat coating his own forehead from nervousness and pressure. :: ::Alden’s body continued to heave in an attempt to get oxygen to the heart. But the warning blips on the heart rate monitor had begun to slow down to a more reasonable pace, and slowly, slowly, Alden opened his eyes. He was tired. Very, very tired. But not the same weak, sick tired that had induced his short rest before. This was a purified, “I-almost-just-died,” strength-recovering sort of tired.:: CUTHBERT: ::drowsily:: Thanks. :: At this point, Chythar began to relax just a little before smiling at both Folds and their patient. With that, he looked up at Folds :: SKYFIRE: I need to get back to work on the Romulan thing. Will you keep an eye on him and redress that wound? FOLDS: Sure thing. ::his heart still pounding and eyes still nervously wide:: Good work. ::The doctors’ words registered in Alden’s mind, but a response refused to form. And before the doctors had finished absorbing all that had happened, Alden was asleep again.:: ::Time had seemed to stop for Folds in that instant between Skyfire injecting the adrenal compound into Cuthbert’s heart and when the solution took effect. The room had seemed to freeze and—forever, it felt—nothing happened. His own mind was still returning, slowly, to normal. His weariness, combined now with his own adrenaline rush, was making him slightly woozy now that the crisis seemed averted.:: :: As Anscom replied, Chythar realized he just made another friend or two. He needed the friends. He needed to go drinking with them once this was all over. He needed to take a break. But there was no time for that. Alden was safe, so he didn't need to hasten his efforts and he could take just a few moments to breathe. Only a few. Once calm, he once more set about his task of picking up the Romulan's antiserum and continued fabricating his answer. :: ------------------------------- TAG/TBC Joint Post by: Ensign Alden Cuthbert Security Officer USS Excalibur-A Ensign Anscom Folds Medical Officer USS Excalibur-A Ensign Chythar Skyfire Medical Officer USS Excalibur-A
  7. (( Lyshan VI - Stardate: 2390.10.23 )) :: In the wooded hillside of the beautiful but slowly dwindling Lyshan VI wilderness, a sombre palette of mourners stood out amongst the browns and greens of the evergreen forest. :: At the head of the crowd stood a white-haired man, back bent by work, carrying himself as though shouldering the galaxy's burdens all upon himself. :: TADANOBU HOSHINO: Today we gather to remember the life... and death... of Ryoma Hoshino: son to my family, and to Lyshan VI as a whole. --------------- (( Crew Quarters, USS Discovery-C - Current Day )) :: Ryoma was awake. The chronometer told him that he had got into bed only some four hours before, but he was awake, and not feeling particularly rested. Four hours until his next shift... Barely even worth trying to sleep again. :: On his feet, and to the bathroom. The face that stared back at him had eyes ringed with darkness. A walking corpse. :: --------------- (( Lyshan VI - Stardate: 2390.10.23 )) TADANOBU HOSHINO: Earlier this year, Ryoma, serving aboard the USS Discovery, was... :: voice wavering, the corner of his eyes glistening :: ... lost to the cold of space. While helping his crewmates to escape the stricken vessel, a Breen energy weapon cut through the hull of the Sovereign-class starship and Ryoma... :: A tear traced a moist track down his face :: ... my son, was dragged out into space. --------------- (( Eagle's Nest, USS Discovery-C, Current Day )) :: Rice, grilled salmon, miso soup and a glass of water. A great start to the day, but it was the coffee that Ryoma really needed. He ate slowly, chopsticks in hand, as he flicked through the day's intelligence reports on his PADD. :: His gaze drifted over to one of the window seats. That was where he scored his date with Ensign Devon Romjin... He smiled in a wave of warm nostalgia. Hopefully, once Intel quietened down, they would get a chance to have a second date. :: HOSHINO: oO If I'm still on my feet by then! Oo --------------- (( Lyshan VI - Stardate: 2390.10.23 )) TADANOBU HOSHINO: Ryoma gave his life so that other may live. As parents, we could not be prouder of his actions, but we wish he were... :: He choked on his words. :: ... home. TADANOBU: In memory of his actions, his service to Lyshan VI and the Federation, we open the Ryoma Hoshino Natural Site, protecting our world as my son protected us. --------------- (( Crew Quarters, USS Discovery-C - Current Day )) :: Stomach full, Ryoma had nodded off on his bunk not long after returning to his quarters. While even enough caffeine to cheer up a Vulcan could keep him from his slumber, the chime of the computer woke him with painful ease. :: COMPUTER: Message received from Meredith Aras. :: Ryoma's eyes shot open at the sound of the name. His heart pumped with adrenaline (and caffeine) and he shot over to the terminal. :: RYOMA HOSHINO: Computer, play message. :: The screen blinked to the image of a man in his sixties. Silver hair brushed into a neat side parting, sitting in a rather non-descript office space with old-fashioned books lining the walls. :: ARAS: Ryoma, I have some news for you... --------------- (( Hoshino Residence, Lyshan VI - Stardate: 2390.10.23 )) :: Tadanobu was alone, a picture of his son in his hand, tears streaking his face. The house was almost empty, a poor semblance of the home where Ryoma had taken his first steps. :: In the bedroom, half of the room seemed undecorated, the grey patches of dust dulling the colours of the furniture beneath. The woman who stood at his side during the Park Opening was nowhere to be seen. :: TADANOBU HOSHINO: [...] you, son. You threw your life away for Starfleet... their war with the Breen has killed many more than you could ever have saved. What was the point, Ryoma! My son is gone, not even a body to be found, and for what? Service to warmongers. :: He threw the display into a wall. For Tadanobu, there were some wounds that time would never heal... :: --------------- (( Crew Quarters, USS Discovery-C - Current Day )) :: Ryoma proof-read his message to the Captain. He didn't like subverting the chain-of-command, but Captain Waltas had personally asked him to look into the target of their mission, and this was the closest he had come to something resembling solid intelligence. :: RYOMA: :: Reading aloud :: According to my source, the Cardassian government was working on a system-level space-time warp disruption device. Development on the weapon began during the Federation-Cardassian border war, and SFI reports suggest that at least one small-scale practical test of the weapon may have been conducted during the Klingon-Cardassian war. RYOMA: ::continuing:: A weapon that affects the mobility of an opponent's fleet would allow the holder of said weapon to dictate and dominate invasion locations. This is a very likely cause of Starfleet Command's concerns. My source suggests that the weapon would be found somewhere in the southern hemisphere of Vador III in what would have been the Warp Drive Research Center. :: Ryoma nodded to himself and submitted the message to the upper decks. Meredith had been his mentor. Starfleet Intelligence from the Academy to retirement, serving with distinction during the Dominion War, and the only support Ryoma received for his application to the Academy. A father in the only role where Ryoma's own wouldn't support him. :: RYOMA: Thanks, Med. :: His eyes turned back to the screen, a message awaited him from the Medical and Counseling departments, but that would have to wait: it was time to get back to work. :: ==================== Ensign Ryoma Hoshino Intelligence Officer USS Discovery-C
  8. With Abrams who knows. But whatever he's done it's guaranteed not to follow cannon.
  9. ((San Francisco, Earth)) ::The surface of the bay was refulgent. A cold salty breeze swept inland and into the refurbished San Francisco Ferry Building, now filled with bistros and cafes and quaint cozy restaurants. They sat facing each other at a small round table by the waterfront, the rays of sunlight pleasant on the skin and brilliant on the bunch of mauve and pink petunias at the center of the table. Coffee is always a bad idea when it comes to ex-flames. He thought about this as he sipped his beverage staring out onto the resplendent bay. He also thought about other things. Things from the past.:: ((Flashback – 4 years ago, Migrant Colony Medical Camp, Mars)) ::Their relationship had been on the verge of collapse for some time now. Raj had continued to water and nourish the wilting relationship obsessively, not realizing that he was in fact drowning them both.:: MATTHEWS: ::gently leading him aside by the elbow:: A word, Raj? BLUEHEART: Sure, Dylan. ::His heart sank.:: MATTHEWS: Look, this isn't working out. We both know it. We both need to move on. BLUEHEART: Okay. ::He smiled. He surrendered.:: MATTHEWS: You're hurt, I can see that, but this is for the best. If only…. ::That evening Raj had returned home to his temporary quarters and stripped off all his clothes before stepping into the common shower room. Finding it deserted, he turned on the water to a scalding temperature, and sat under the cascading water jet, naked, with his knees drawn up close to his chest, too numb to cry, too numb to feel any heartache. He unclenched his right hand where he had concealed a scalpel he had sneaked out of the infirmary. He stared at the gleaming blade for the longest time, his heart never even picking up pace. How tranquil it would feel to be numb and unaware towards everything, forever, he contemplated. The universe had conspired against him that evening. For the waters did not run scarlet.:: ((End flashback)) ::Raj shuddered. The gentle breeze was cold. But not that cold.:: MATTHEWS: Sorry I haven't kept in touch. ::There was a tinge of sadness in his voice. Maybe Raj just imagined there was. The Starfleet officer gently placed his cup on the table and cautiously gazed into a set of incredibly deep blue eyes. The years have been good on him, he thought to himself. He still looked essentially the same as he did all those years ago. The strong jaw, the distinguished nose, the furrows creasing his brow. If at all, those fine lines radiating from the outer corner of his eyes only lent an air of distinction and success to that handsome face.:: BLUEHEART: I wouldn't expect you to. ::His smile was not a smile.:: MATTHEWS: ::removing his jacket and placing it over the back of his chair:: So tell me, officer. ::He leaned forward, gripping both elbows as he placed them on the table.:: Who's that handsome specimen I saw you with earlier? BLUEHEART: ::trying to disregard the sparkle in those mesmerizing eyes:: Em? ::This time it was a smile.:: He's…. a xenolinguist. Part of the crew. ::The bay was like a bowl of diamonds glittering under the noon sun.:: MATTHEWS: ::chuckling:: Em. That's his name, is it? Well he's not only a xenolinguist. ::There was that sparkle in the eyes again.:: He's more than that. He's someone special, isn't he? ::He smiled broader.:: I'm really glad you found---- BLUEHEART: Can we not talk about Em? ::He reminded himself to smile. And did.:: MATTHEWS: ::leaning back in his seat but still retaining that infectious smile:: Now you're being defensive. ::He even chuckled.:: BLUEHEART: No. I'm being protective. Of my privacy. oO And of my friends. Oo ::He sipped some coffee because he couldn't smile. Not this time.:: MATTHEWS: Okay, okay. Right. So.. ::running a hand through his wind-swept hair:: what's it like being on a starship? ::Raj inwardly groaned. But at least that unclassy, worn out question was a little effort on Dylan's part in the right direction. He unfastened the buttons of his formal attire jacket and removed it, folding it neatly before placing it gingerly on his lap like one would a newborn kitten.:: BLUEHEART: oO In four years time you can ask your brother. Oo It's cool. ::pause:: Well, actually it's pretty awesome. oO If you don't count the mutiny and my ill-stricken holodeck adventures. Oo ::He caressed the velvet of the petunias. A massive cloud lumbered across the sun, its shadow silently gliding over the shimmering surface of the bay. The wind, still as cold, picked up speed momentarily, ruffling the doctor's already tousled hair. Raj couldn't bear looking lest bittersweet memories be awakened, so he glanced away, out onto the dark shape rolling across the bay. A seagull swooped down near their table and perched itself on the railing some feet away. It squawked loudly, gawking at the pair for the longest time with inquisitive eyes, then flew off into the re-emerging sun, perhaps bored with the placid antics of the two mundane humans.:: MATTHEWS: I bet. ::There's that dimple at the left corner of his mouth. Raj had been wondering what was missing from that face.:: You see a whole different set of patients in the military, huh? ::A waitress appeared out of nowhere and refilled their cups. The sweet aroma of cinnamon coffee, like the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, was breathtaking.:: BLUEHEART: ::inhaling the beguiling scent and cradling the cup in both palms:: I'm not a medical officer on board the Discovery. But yes. You see a lot more combat-related injuries and novel pathogenic diseases. I guess. ::The coffee was divine.:: MATTHEWS: Oh? ::He crossed his legs under the table.:: You're not practicing on board? BLUEHEART: No. I'm the First Officer. Counselor before that. MATTHEWS: Wow. That's news. First Officer. ::He took a sip of his coffee.:: You were so passionate about Medicine in school. I thought for sure you'd win the Nobel prize one day. ::Perfect white teeth. Again.:: ::The giant cumulonimbus was taking its sweet idle time to stroll across the pale blue sky. As punishment for its lassitude, it got lanced by several shards of sunbeams piercing their way through to the surface of the bay. It was a beautiful. Almost serene. Gloomy and bright all at once. Just how Raj thought perfect weather should be. Should always be. A slim shaft of sunlight hit their table. The petunias seemed more opulent in color than before. Something glinted, gleamed, catching his eye. Dylan's left hand rested on the table top, palm facing down.:: BLUEHEART: ::shrugging:: People change I guess. ::He had spoken the words without forethought.:: MATTHEWS: You're right. ::There was that tinge of sadness again.:: People do change. But it never occurred to me you'd quit Medicine. Why did you? BLUEHEART: ::staring right through and beyond Dylan's handsome face:: You know why. ::He stifled a sigh.:: MATTHEWS: ::It was he who sighed.:: Perhaps I do. But I'd still like to hear it. For the record. ::Patrons were walking by, to and fro. A child was crying somewhere, maybe lost and unable to locate her guardians. The ferry building was swarming with people.:: BLUEHEART: I couldn't stand to be near you. ::He said it so casually, like he was mentioning the weather forecast.:: There. I said. MATTHEWS: ::downcast eyes:: Thank you. I understand. BLUEHEART: I don't think you do. Understand. ::His voice was as cool as the light breeze streaming through Dylan's curls.:: MATTHEWS: ::Another sigh.:: I told you the reason---- BLUEHEART: Well, I had stopped listening after "this isn't working out". ::It was a mystery how he remained cool, composed and collected right then.:: MATTHEWS: The next instant you vanished. BLUEHEART: You expected me to stay? ::He almost snorted. Almost.:: ::Dylan Matthews remained silent. Now it was he who looked past Raj into that mystical eternal space that stretched till the edge of the universe. The silence was unnerving, uncomfortable. But necessary.:: MATTHEWS: I'm truly sorry, Raj. ::He leaned forward. His words were soft, warm, heartfelt. Raj quickly drew back anticipating Dylan's hand reaching out to touch his. Of course, it was all in his imagination.:: BLUEHEART: It's okay. ::It was not.:: That's all in the past. ::A forced smile. A pathetically fake smile.:: ::In a parallel universe, the waters might have actually run scarlet. And Raj Blueheart may not have existed to see himself rise through the ranks in Starfleet. He shuddered again at the macabre thought. He also considered revealing to the man before him what he had set out to do that fateful night. Kill him softly and slowly with guilt. Make him suffer the same way he did four years ago, alone and naked in that shower stall, under the streaming hot water, a stolen scalpel poised and quivering in his hand. Yet he didn't. He couldn't. A certain desperation, a vacuum, was already present in the man, slowly devouring him from within.:: MATTHEWS: ::managing a forced smile himself:: Yes, the past. The past is always a good place to start. ::A hover-ferry hurried by, an amalgamation of native Terrans and aliens alike acting all touristy on board the speeding craft. A passenger's large yellow hat flew off in a gust of wind. Raj watched it soar into the clouds then plummet into the bay. He returned his gaze to the glimmering object diverting the sun's rays into his eyes. Suddenly self-conscious, he tried to look away, swiftly and inconspicuously, but was too late.:: MATTHEWS: I still wear it even though it has been two years…. ::He brought his hand up to his chest and twisted the gold band round and round and round his ring finger.:: BLUEHEART: I'm sorry. ::He didn't know exactly what for, but it seemed like the appropriate thing to say.:: MATTHEWS: ::shrugging:: No, it's all right. ::He stretched his long legs under the table. He paused a bit, taking his turn to stare out at the Golden Gate Bridge. Then, as if reading Raj's mind, he spoke, with that same tinge of melancholy in his voice.:: The infirmary he was working in on Xaloq IV was bombed. ::Melancholy was highly infectious. Raj felt his heart implode with sudden, unexpected sadness. When he looked at Dylan, he almost saw a different person before him. How was it that stories, happy or catastrophic, were able to morph a person's features right before one's eyes? Dylan had aged ten years, such was the grief still strong and menacing within him.:: MATTHEWS: No one survived. ::He looked away. Far away.:: He was at the wrong place at the wrong time…. ::The lively sparkle in his eyes had been replaced with glistening moisture.:: ::The languid cloud finally set the afternoon sun free from behind its murky veil. The waters of the bay was gloriously refulgent once again. The cool salty breeze had died down but the sea gulls still glided high above on lofty air drafts. The Golden Gate Bridge stood majestic but silent in the distance, casting a keen eye on two men revisiting their past in the present. He hesitantly reached out a mildly tremulous hand, across the table and coffee cups and petunias, to drape over Dylan's.:: TBC ======================================= LtCmdr Raj Blueheart First Officer USS DISCOVERY-C
  10. Welcome Sophie... NYSP here Glad to have you with us. We are a friendly (crazy) bunch. You'll love it.
  11. Hello, I am a returning member and thought I would just drop by and introduce myself. In the trek world, I am Collim Kieran. It's been a few years but if anyone remember Collim Denari or Kieran Tainn both from the Discovery, that would be me. My current character is going to be sort of a combination of them since I couldn't decide who I really wanted to be and younger sister to Denari.
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