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  1. I was just about to post this sim. Ahhh good times. I laughed for a good minute at this reply though.
  2. Who knew it was that easy to get a promotion! @John Kendrick
  3. Well, since T'Lea isn't a very funny character (maybe 'dark' funny, but not 'happy' funny) I have to make silly things happen TO her. I hope you all enjoy your nice warm swim with the Voles.
  4. @Vitor S. Silveira and @Arys Good character building from both of you. Love the snark, and hints of caring, but not caring. We all know your characters secretly like each other. ========
  5. I snorted. Out loud. Like a horse. lol @John Kendrick ^^ aww.. the naughty word got censored. That was the icing on the cake.
  6. Oh yes. That's our Captain. Use the ceremonial bowl as a coffee mug. lol @Oddas Aria
  7. @Arys I really LOL'ed at this. So funny.
  8. I think that's the nicest thing anybody has ever said about T'Lea. Thank you.
  9. Good character torture here. Wow. Well done! @John Kendrick
  10. The Vulcan mind and fashion hard at work. lol. Loved this! @Sival
  11. We all better be on the look out for our new Counselor. She out "tactical-ed" the grumpy Tactical officer. @Arys @Vitor S. Silveira
  12. Nice try! lol Love seeing this side of Aria.
  13. Beautiful! @Sival What a very Vulcan way to approach our lovable Mr. Tito.
  14. I was rolling! Best gift ever. LOL
  15. Yes! This was great R'Kala! We finally get a glimpse of this beautiful Klingon's past. I love it!
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