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Community Answers

  1. I really enjoyed @Hallia Yellir describing the shaking of the ship thusly:
  2. Absolutely cracking sim from @Jovenan here. Multiple plot and character elements from the ensign's short but eventful Starfleet career were expertly woven together in this dream sequence. What a delight this was to read, and the greatness continues in Part 2. Fantastic sim, Jo.
  3. I'm delighted to see that Kirky lives on in the memories of others. Thanks @Vitor S. Silveira.
  4. @Hallia Yellir Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage...
  5. @Genkos Adea chewing the scenery. It's the legitimate theatre, da'aling.
  6. When I was researching titles for this poll, I managed to snag used copies of Homecoming and The Lives of Dax for $1 apiece. I'm about a quarter of the way through Homecoming right now, and I'm really enjoying the less-than-happily-ever-after-post-Endgame plot. I always thought the Voyager finale was a little too tied up with a bow and it's nice to see a continuation of the story where nothing is quite so tidy.
  7. @Addison MacKenzie gets the slow burn comedy award here. I imagine she’s like, “Whelp darnit, if I smack him around now, I’ll make us look bad…”
  8. I loved this from @Hiro Jones, a description of Osuna's reaction to Hiro's bit of science:
  9. This bit from @Genkos Adea has totally not been taken out of context.
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