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2017 Awards Ceremony – General awards


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Have a story to tell about any of these winners? Or perhaps did you nominate one of these winners? Please feel free to add below your thoughts and musings for the winners!

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Well done, everyone!

For the winners from the Za, I am extremely proud of you all.

When Femi Cattan first started, coming to us straight from the Academy, she had barely seen any Trek and knew little of the world. Now she's constantly throwing out bits of info only a true fan would know. It's been great to see that dedication and growth, and especially the creativity she brings to the character.

Alex Williams does a lot for the ship OOC. I'm glad to see those contributions getting recognized. IC he's recently created a species for first contact and has managed to make them at terms interesting, terrifying, laughable and frustrating. Truly the mark of a good, well thought out species.

I really wish we could have seen more of Ruwon's dinosaur. That was a sneaky and dangerous thing to introduce, yet a lot of fun. It really kept all of us on our toes for the rest of the mission. Well done.

Kheela Rhani keeps showing interesting peaks at their background. An Orion who grew up on Luna and (maybe) crashed a few small fighters? I want to know the stories behind these tidbits of info!

I don't know everyone on Ops who won, but I do know it's a great place to write.

Theo definitely deserves the Pathfinder award. Even though I was already established as staff on Ops when he became FO he still showed great dedication to helping me fit into that role. When new people came aboard he reached out personally both IC and OOC. It's great to see that level of dedication to everyone, new and experienced players alike.

Flynn's playboy persona belies a deeper character, one who continually surprises everyone with just how devious he (and the other characters he writes for) can be. My character, for example, landed a girlfriend because of him. While that's not devious, per say, it was unexpected. :)

Taelon's Trek knowledge is evident in the character's background on the bio and then seen even more in sims. That the writer also played a Romulan on the Za also shows that fact. Not everyone would feel comfortable writing as a traditionally antagonistic race to Starfleet, but Taelon/Ruwon managed it admirably.

I'm happy that Trel'lis has shown a great portion of her life and backstory. She always made allusions to her past, so it's great to see that past fleshed out more and awarded.

Mirra's dedication to sass is legendary. That she was awarded both the Silver Palm for boosting morale and the TOSMA for dedication really go hand in hand. Her sims always have a lighthearted element to them, no matter how serious the situation. It's great to see that sort of wit rewarded.

Congratulations everyone! I hope I can tell stories about a lot more of you at next year's awards. :)

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So when I started one of the players that impressed me most was Savan, the player who just won the B-Plot award for the Embassy.  The reason being his writing was so detail oriented and able to delve deeply into his character's background and history and plot.  Savan very recently took the members of the Embassy on a ride through his character's background, his childhood, to Vulcan and back and in doing so changed his character in a strong believable way.  It as a pleasure to watch and an inspiration, he definitely deserved this award.

Irina Pavlova, a security officer with a deviousness to her, very often comes up solutions to problems those around her do not see, but always result in her crew mates being safer and more secure.

When you read the description of the Neelix Award, T'Mihn immediately comes to mind.  She always has a kind word, a idea, or a solution, to whatever is happening around her.  While I was writing her nomination for the award a player wrote in that he was having an issue getting his sim completed due to technical issue and in true T'Mihn fashion she responded with several suggestions to work around.  She is always there to assist with whatever people need.

Brayden was, and I guess still is, my mentor when I joined up and part of that is because of the way he sets the tone in his sims descriptively and action-wise.  His material on '8 steps to a great sim' are resources I point players to as soon as they come from the academy to the Embassy and will be for a long time.  This type of work goes hand in hand to the way he develops his character's Betazoid culture, and is something I have tried to emulate as I think about what it means for Aria to be Bajoran.  Both of Jorey's awards reflect the thought he puts into what he writes and the dedication he shows.

Recently Toni Turner was under the control of a great villain and Toni played it perfectly, including dealing with some rather nasty aftermath.  It was not easy to play as it was happening, and not easy to get over especially considering the identity of the villain (her character's stepson).  Superb writing all around.

I often find myself thinking of Tyr Waltas and Hannibal Parker together, and the awards they won reflect that.  Waltas came up with a great villain last year, and really has come up with more than one great villain seemingly on the fly that the Embassy has loved playing against and Parker has consistently come up with twist after devious twist to keep the players in what is essentially a diplomatic post on their toes.  Each player contributes in great and unique ways and adds awesome things to the fabric of the Embassy and SB118 as a whole.

All of the players did great.  Everyone who won awards, congratulations all!

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Congratulations to all the lucky CO's who have these winners on their crew! They are truly a CO's dream team.

I am proud of  Savan,  Oddas, Pavlova, T'Mihn, Brayden Jorey, Tyr Waltas and Hannibal Parker, plus the members nominated but had already won the award. That says a lot for their consistent simming abilities and the entire crew. Way to go Team!

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I'd like to give just a few special shout outs.

First - to all my Ops crew, you guys are absolutely fantastic!  Thank you so much for making each mission special and every character such a joy to interact with!  You are the best crew a CO could ask for!

Of all the Ops crew who were given general awards, I know I have gotten to sing praises of the senior officers so many times over so I want to put a focus on @Ishani Kasun and @Arturo Maxwell - two of our fantastic junior officers.  Ishani has been such a wonderful character to see progress and she's made such a tremendously creative niche for herself as a crisis control officer as well as Asst. chief of security.  A wonderful combination of counselor and security, she brings such a unique and realistic perspective to her role on the ship.  The way she deals with trauma - both when it happens to her character and when she helps other characters work through it is incredibly detailed and believable.  I know in the upcoming year Ishani will grow from a fascination junior officer into a strong senior officer and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us!  Maxwell is one of our newest officers and he's already become a beloved fixture on Ops for his humor, his enthusiasm and his creative plot twists!  In a very short time he's quickly gone from a newbie to a three dimensional character and we've had the joy of meeting his family and friends, as well as seeing his writer develop wonderfully interesting pNPCs that help give Ops more humor and life.  Again, I know Maxwell is a player who is headed upwards in the next year and I'm so excited to watch him grow!

I want to give a special shout out to @Trel'lis as well!  Trel'lis has been one of the most loyal and long term officers on Ops and we've had the joy of watching her continuously improve year after year.  I know her writer gets frustrated at times and doesn't always get in the spotlight; so I want to take a moment and let everyone know that Trel'lis did a phenomenal job this past year dealing with the IC loss of her beloved, forming bonds of friendship between the crew and starting up a side plot to finally confront an old nemesis.  Congratulations on a great job, and I look forward to watching more plots unfold next year!

Also much love to my Constitution crewmates!  Jerry Milsap is a wonderful player and character to sim with in sickbay and I'm so proud of how he's grown and improved in his writing year after year.  He's done a great job with creating new MSNPCs (and with keeping my character in line!).  @aphelion - aka Choi Ji-hu is a fantastic writer who makes playing on the Constitution more fun <3  I know Choi's a writer who has great things in store and I absolutely love reading his sims.  And thank you to @Jalana for being a great captain and making the Conny a great place to play!


Congrats to everyone!!

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It is so wonderful to see so many deserving award winners! I know how much thought and consideration goes into handing out these awards, so that these recipients are truly worthy of the honor! :)

To my current Conny crewmates:

@aphelion Choi Ji-hu, all the awards to you, and a plate of cookies besides! No pressure, but you are definitely a future leader in this group! @Prudence "Rue" Blackwell You are a masterful writer, and the fact that we get to see you get better day by day is so much fun to behold! @Solaris Thank you so much for your unfailing dedication to the ship! @Jalana What a wonderful and vibrant new campaign area you've allowed us to help build! @Doc_Milsap You make your character so relatable and endearing, and thank you for laying the groundwork for our best new species to play around with! @catscatscats T'Reshik has been the highlight of the series so far, and that's with her being indisposed for most of the past half year! Great job! @Sal Taybrim I don't know how you balance running Ops while still being such an integral player on the Conny, but we wouldn't be nearly the same without our little blue friend! 

I also want to send out some love to some past friends who saw some well-deserved recognition this year...

@LunarStar and @Alexander Williams (Roel), I'm not surprised to see you two win multiple awards. You two are so much fun to write with, and I'd welcome the Dutch Invasion any day! @Taelon and @AlexV, really masterful writers and I'm honored to have had the chance to write with you both!

@Randal Shayne, @KriJBa, @Kurt Logan, @Brell, @Merrick R'Ven, @Graeme Cook, I hope you all know how much I miss you guys! You all receiving awards is a testament to how strong and engaging you all are as writers, and I could go on and on about each and every one of you and how awesome you are! I have had personal and in-depth character arcs with each of you, and they are some of my fondest simming memories ever. Great job, guys and gals!

My admiration isn't limited to just these players, of course! I'm so proud and pleased to be part of a fleet with so many great and inspiring writers. Congratulations to each and every one of you! :D

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