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Graeme Cook

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    Star Trek of course! Most sci-fi and fantasy, love games workshop from Warhammer 40k to 99.9% of their games and models.

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  1. That pic looks amazing to me! So cool to see ur character in a Star Trek scene like that! LOVE IT!

    1. Graeme Cook

      Graeme Cook

      Your welcome! XD any more give me a shout!


  2. Thanks for the welcomes just waiting to start training! Was meant to receive an email not received yet, dunno if I can ask here but my first pick was helmsman then medical as a second when do I find out which path I am able to choose?
  3. Hi all My name is Graeme Cook and I come from Aberdeen, Scotland. I currently work for the maintenance department in the NHS, I found this by scrolling through Facebook and thought why not! Looking forward to training! Graeme.
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