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  1. I'm impressed with myself in my own sims they are coming on and have all of you to thank for reading, writing with and learning! Thank you for this opportunity! Congratulations to everyone a lot of well deserved rewards!!
  2. Wow well done to you all well deserved!! Congratulations!
  3. Wow a year has flown by thank you everyone for making this fun in and out of character! Congratulations to everyone's milestones!! With many more to come!!
  4. Well done everyone who won those snappy awards, well deserved!! Check all those winners! Come on the Darwin crew!! 😜😀
  5. Well done to you all in your awards won! I'm so happy to be part of such an amazing community especially since it has such a diverse and amazing people!
  6. Hi any chance of this being moved rounds as I'm on my phone and it selected round 9 rather than 16. Thanks 😀
  7. ((Nicu Icavoc’s Quarters, Deck 7 - USS Darwin-A)) ::Maybe it was because Nicu Icavoc was already in an uncharacteristically bad mood that he decided to put the doctor on the spot. Maybe he wanted to understand what sort of knowledge the medical team were working with and how much support he could realistically expect from him. He watched Graeme closely looking for any signs of nervousness as he answered his question.:: Icavoc: Tell me Doctor, what exactly do you know about Dokkaran medicine? Cook: I know enough to know that most our drugs have no effect on y
  8. ((Planet PR-652, Pouiyeog Region)) Varaan: We should get going. If we hurry we can catch up to Jorey and R'Ven. Cook: What did...you.......::confused:: What did you just do? Varaan: I simply stopped the drone's autonomic functions. We should move. Cook: ::raising the tone of his voice, in a shocking but very concerned way:: You did what?? Varaan: "An end to pain and suffering," "Death is preferable to agony." Are there any other Human sayings that I have missed? Doctor, you have taken an oath to do no harm which, I assume, includes killing someone. While I applaud and support th
  9. ((Transporter Room, Deck 9 , USS Darwin-A)) ::Today was a day of mixed emotions. Lyna Namid was leaving the place she had called home since Sicarian agents had sntched her from her homeworld many months ago. She had once been so afraid of aliens she had been too afraid to leave the shelter of the Darwin to make the intimidatingly long journey home. Aliens still made her nervous from time to time, especially ones she hadn’t met but nowadays it was rooted more in a fear of offending them than an inbred dislike of them as it had been initially. She was excited to have this opportu
  10. That pic looks amazing to me! So cool to see ur character in a Star Trek scene like that! LOVE IT!

    1. Graeme Cook

      Graeme Cook

      Your welcome! XD any more give me a shout!


  11. ((Deck 6, VIP quarters)) :: They still hadn’t told her why her room was bathed in a sickly yellow glow. Probably because she’d been so intent in trying to escape this ghastly place. She wasn’t ready to drop the idea of borrowing a shuttle yet because no one had yet ruled it out as a possibility and now her hopes of returning home were pinned on it. :: Lyna: What is this yellow alert? Cook: It could be for any number of reasons. The ship has possibly come into contact with something and everyone is to be ready for a crises. :: All the more reason for her to get out of here then. She hadn’t
  12. Thanks for the welcomes just waiting to start training! Was meant to receive an email not received yet, dunno if I can ask here but my first pick was helmsman then medical as a second when do I find out which path I am able to choose?
  13. Hi all My name is Graeme Cook and I come from Aberdeen, Scotland. I currently work for the maintenance department in the NHS, I found this by scrolling through Facebook and thought why not! Looking forward to training! Graeme.
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