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  1. @Jalana - Congratulations! Jalana is someone who works hard to ensure that individuals are having a great time and finding inspiration to write their characters. She is someone who is exceedingly kind, intelligent and always looking for ways to include players and new writers. Congratulations!
  2. When @Sal Taybrim writes about how she prodded me to join SB118, it is completely and utterly accurate. In truth, she has been someone I've considered a mentor and friend for ages, and I believe I speak for everyone when I say the Pike Award is one she epitomizes in spades. @Sal Taybrim is someone who knows the value of these games, that the stories we weave together are another way for us to test our creativity, build friendships, and in a way, another way to enjoy our lives more fully. She builds her characters with care, and because she knows the value of her own characters, she treats othe
  3. Rue has been waiting for an occasion to wear this dress - and try long hair for a day ;-)
  4. "Frag: They could read the Kir’Shara unabridged and have a full conversation discussing its literary merits in the time it took you to launch a fart from that tight little butt!" "The Engineering Systems Programming Office PNPCsEnsign Creet Berenez, Ensign Frag, Ensign Tor and Crewmen Ix & TeAs simmed by:Lieutenant (JG) Choi Ji-huEngineering OfficerUSS Constitution-BC239402CJ0"
  5. Hi There! My name is Traci and I am a newbie here on the Starbase. I was introduced to this by a good pal of mine who plays here very frequently and I've been craving some good story based RP for a while. I currently live in Grand Rapids, MI and I work in Customer service as a supervisor. I am married and have one son, and two stupid cats. I look forward to fun gaming and to play with everyone!
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