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  1. Aria is going fairly simple, but she does like to dress up.
  2. Thanks so much! I'm glad it resonated with you!
  3. ((OOC: This was originally posted broken up as 3 parts. )) Part 1 ((Lightside Station – Maintenance Dock C-83)) Marot was a hard working engineer, but an even harder working opportunist. Some might say that he had Ferengi blood running through his veins, but in fact he was Betazoid through-and through. He was pretty good with his hands, but he was even better with his mind. Telepathic skimming was the bread and butter of his gambling prowess. Cheating the gaming tables was his biggest money maker, but it also came in handy on the docks, until the day he touched the wrong m
  4. I got my start with Wrath of Khan, those space worms scared the bejesus out 10 year old me. Welcome aboard!
  5. In an alternate world Oddas has mandated her crew into the Wrath of Khan uniforms, those are just the best. The Second choice is the DS9 Uniform, mostly because I like DS9.
  6. You will get all that information the first day of class. It looks like you're scheduled to start Monday the 23rd.
  7. Sorry @Jacque Eriica I realized I left off the 'What do you do..' portion of the question. During training, you essentially participate in a week-ten day long mission aboard a training mission. It's a short version of the game we play regularly with the same rules and format to give you some time to learn and get a feel for the game.
  8. Hi There, Training, and our game as a whole, takes place on Google Groups. In practice this means you can participate by going directly to Google Groups or through your email client. Once your training class starts you will get information about how to sign in, what email address to respond to and so on. I hope that answers your questions, if not let us know, and we'll try to help you out.
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