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  1. Thank you kindly, Chip 😂
  2. Congratulations everyone! @Alieth and @Jo Marshall I'm so proud of you guys! The Image team and my DMs wouldn't be the same without you! @Toryn Raga You're hella strong! I hope life will ease up on you soon! @FltAdml. Wolf Thank you for not only founding this wonderful community, but for putting so much time and heart into it. With every day it is easy to see how much it and the members means to you.
  3. Congratulations to all of you, you all are very deserving of these beautiful shinies! I am totally copying @Sal Taybrim since I already wrote pages for the Conny, I'll say a few words about those of you who are on different ships! @Solaris It's been some time since we simmed together and I'm proud of seeing how you have grown. Keep rocking it @Randal Shayne Mate, I'm bloody proud of you! Having spent so much time with you behind the scenes showed me a lot about your dedication and I'm excited to see where things take you on the Arrow @Jo Marshall You are a pillar for me in the Image team and as a friend. I am thrilled seeing your growth and your path in the game. Can't wait to see more! @Sal Taybrim Man, you have no idea how much I love writing with you, I am even breaking my "not on the conny" rule just to tell you - I love writing with you too and thanks for being a great friend! @Quinn Reynolds You've been amazing behind the scenes, super patient with all my questions and being a friend to me over the last years. One day I will be writing with you!
  4. Laughed a little too much at that.
  5. I can so see Mark with that expression :D
  6. Mark Two explaining his family is the most adorable thing ever, also this is a wicked awesome family
  7. Jalana wouldn't want to. She became a Doctor because she did not want to follow her Diplomats (now Ambassador) father's footsteps. It is just not for her. Now that she has become a Commanding Officer is the closest to Diplomacy she ever wants to become and even now she'd love to push these parts on someone else but goes through because she has to and it's part of her job. BUT if she was pushed into it she would live up to the challenge. (Aka Designated Survivor Setting)
  8. I think Frankenstein's Monster would be really interesting. A species that builds their own bodies out of parts from other species... "We are the scavengers, we are looking for parts, parts that make us strong."
  9. Jalana's go to is Jestral Tea, she even has a plant in her quarters which were a gift so she can have fresh tea anytime. - Each of my PNPCs also has a go-to beverage depending on their cultural heritate or life experience
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