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  1. Congratulations and Welcome to the fleet! Very glad to have you here writing with us!
  2. Great To see you back Barrett!
  3. I'll add to the public praise. Skyfire offered help to myself as well before I was even out on training. Saw I was updating my old character wiki and offered to help with tables which were not around when i was in the fleet before. Also was first person to say hello in the chat room to me too.
  4. ((Starbase 118 Central transporter hub)) :: He materilzed in a flash of whirrling light and stepped off the pad. The stocky Bolain paused glancing around at the busy hub people coming going beaming to various parts of the massive station or to and from starships. :: Brell: oO Was it the third pad from the right or left. It's been so long since I've been here. Oo :: After giving up on recalling which pad he needed he took the walk of shame up to the information officer situated behind a terminal in the center of the hub. :: Information Officer: Can I help you cadet. Brell: I need to report to the stations academy annex for the last leg of my reenlistment training. I just cant remember the pad I need. ::The information offer tapped the details from Brells statement almost as he was saying it. The man didn't even look up from his console as he spoke. :: Information Officer: Cadet Brell, Holodeck 3, Acacdemy Annex. Your due to report in by now cadet, pad 324g2 thats two to your right. Brell: Thank you, sir, oO That was odd, guess when every starry eyed cadet and lost tourist asks you the essentially the same questions I could see someone getting a little jaded. Oo :: He walked to his right and stepped on the pad he was directed to. In another flash of whirling light the foyer of the academy annex appeared before him. :: Brell: oO Now this, this I remember well. I wonder what kind of simulation they have in store for us. Oo Cadet Brell Science Unassigned/Cadet Cruise