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  1. Arturo Maxwell

    Hello all

  2. Arturo Maxwell

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome aboard!
  3. Arturo Maxwell

    Hello everyone!

    Bit late to the party, but welcome!
  4. Arturo Maxwell

    Top Sims Contest Set 2, 2017 Winners: T’Lea & Hannibal Parker

    Well done guys!
  5. Arturo Maxwell

    Theo Whittaker promoted to Commander

    Whooo! Go Theo!
  6. Arturo Maxwell

    Poll of the Week: Holotroubles

    Elementary, my dear Data!
  7. Arturo Maxwell

    New Academy Graduate

  8. Arturo Maxwell

    Promotions for December

  9. Arturo Maxwell

    official Arrival at StarBase 118 - introduce your character here!

    My apologies to the other passengers on the shuttle, I ought to have introduced myself. Cadet Maxwell. I look forward to working with some of you in the future, provided our paths cross again.

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