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  1. Lt Blackwell:: Plants Versus Zombies I loved this title! ::With Sindri covering the right, Teryn turned towards the shrieking, diminutive Janet, hesitating. A pity, really; a Queen deserved a more dignified death. Poison or an assassin’s dagger would have been much more polite - but then, it was never polite to kill your host. It went against the most basic laws of hospitality.:: A very illuminating insight into the way Vehk's mind works. ::I think beyond my world. There was a phrase to make the blood run cold and cause the heartrate to drop below 400 beats per minute.::
  2. IT'S AN IZZY!!!! Hello! Welcome to the fleet! I am so glad you applied And while we've all been through that initial bout of nervousness, I don't see you needing to worry - having LARPed with you, I'm sure whichever ship you end up on will be privileged to have you as a roleplayer
  3. I had a situation similar to this with Choi's player a few months ago. It was great fun. It went like this: Choi (human): Okay, I'm super uncomfortable, so I'm going to be curt and civil to try and wrap this interaction up. T'Reshik (vulcan): What a respectful and efficient human. We shall be best friends.
  4. - Mess hall quieter than your average library - Always a queue for the 3D chess board in the lounge - 90% of crew members have the same two haircuts - literally everybody knows what's up when you take two weeks' leave to go home because nobody ever takes leave otherwise - non Vulcan admirals hate visiting because the temperature is always cranked up high and there's no alcohol, anywhere - nobody knows why there is a baseball team but everyone just accepts it because apparently it's some sort of tradition now?? Ok, yeah, if I ever get to Captain, I'm totally
  5. Good luck with training! I hope you enjoy it and that it goes well! (I now have the urge to submit an application to run a Vulcan-only ship. You'd think that they wouldn't generate enough drama for a proper RP setting but you would be entirely wrong.)
  6. I mean, of all the Vulcans on that ship, he is probably still the best role model. But that's not saying very much.
  7. My answer was "it depends", because it varies depending on the medium. In roleplaying, it's important to have an established canon; while discrepancies can be overcome by using a "Yes, And" mentality, it can sometimes be annoying to have something pre-emptively contradicted! But I think a spirit of collaboration is by and large more important than getting every detail right, and at the end of the day, it's roleplay, not rolepedantry, so Rule of Cool can sometimes apply. In terms of series, well... this might be an unpopular answer but I actually see canon as fluid. That doesn't mean
  8. T'Reshik is still waiting for the higher-ups to grant her request to add a small phaser turret to her wheelchair. She probably wouldn't hesitate to run over someone's face if it came to it, and has surprisingly good upper-body and hand strength. Partly because of her disability, she wouldn't go on the offensive unless she absolutely had to, but if she had to, she'd absolutely fight dirty.
  9. JP by Choi, T’Reshik and Saveron: River of Dreams - Part 1 “In the middle of the night I go walking in my sleep From the mountains of faith To a river so deep I must be looking for something Something sacred I lost But the river is wide And it's too hard to cross” ~ Billy Joel, River of Dreams (( Vulcan - Sutek Monastery )) ::Thunder rumbled distantly over the Voroth Sea, little more than a murmur by the time it reached the shore. The Sutek monastery had stood for a millennium, an airy structure, with a number of arches and plateaus open to the wind and the salt sp
  10. (( USS Constitution - Main Holodeck 01 ))::Ensign Paku couldn’t shake the feeling of imminent death. Of course, that was a constant in his life. A prey species that is biologically determined to sense impending danger and death in an environment where danger and death were all around them meant his threat ganglia had been working overtime since he’d been accepted into Starfleet Academy. That Paku was, perhaps, slightly more anxious and hypersensitive than the average Kelpien had nothing to do with it.::::The fact that his superior officer, little more than a child in the Kelpien’s eyes, was in
  11. Bar fight. Love it. The chaos sustains me. Excellent characterization, and the last line made me lose it.
  12. I feel like this whole brilliant exchange deserves a mention here. Also I'm sorry MJ, I don't know how to quote it as two people
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