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  1. Hello! I cannot speak for anyone else but for me it is a relatively simple process. The year is based on how old I need for the character to be. However the month and day is simply the date of character conception. Now that is not the date that the character is approved or even submitted. It is the date that I first put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and starting working on the character. Usually my PC/PNPC characters take time to build. So I look back at my original notes and that for me is the date of birth. My 2 credit chips!
  2. Congratulations! That is so so awesome! Now I get to copy off of your bio writing skills to better my page! J/K!!!! Take care!
  3. Hello, My name is Preston and my character is called Reeven Merrick a Rodulan. I actually spent some time looking through the different races on here and that one looked very interesting, I look forward to playing one and I hope I do it justice. I have been watching Star Trek since 1979 when my uncle and a friend of his took me to see the motion picture. (I might be showing my age a bit there) After that I went back and watched every single TOS ep and have been an advid watcher ever since. I look foward to playing with you guys, you seem to be an interesting bunch from all over. I see characters from all over and of every age group, from barely out of their second decade to 20+ decades. it looks like all sorts are accepted, so long as one doesn't go too far. It will be time for training soon, but I hope to see you folks IC very soon. - Preston
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