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  1. This is the first part of their JP and I love the romance in it. They've built up the tension nicely. I could really feel @Lael Rosek 's pain, fear, and anger but most of all their growing love for each other. I adore how @German Galven remains the calm, gentleman he is! Well done ❤️ ((Tribble B Lounge, Deck 2, USS Montreal)) ::German was still feeling out of sorts through his ordeal with being under the virus and haven’t had much to contribute to the mission other than his department pulling through. He was extremely grateful for Stennin as well as Munger who made herself acting ch
  2. ((Fight Deck - Shuttle 'Aiko')) Hasha: The bay doors are locked down as well. ::moving as to stand up:: I'll have to deactivate and open the doors from an external panel. Peeex: ::with a restraining hand:: There's no time. I'll take care of it. ::Peexed fired an armed and unleashed a micro-torpedo from the shuttle's fore launcher. The flash of the matter/antimatter reaction as the torpedo ignited was blinding, and the shuttle rocked and buffeted momentarily from both the shockwave and the rush of outgoing air before a forcefield was raised.The shuttlebay door was gone.
  3. I like simming a relationship together with another player. I don't care if that is a PNPC or a main character as long as another person is involved. It could result into adverture, romance, conflict and so on since it is unpredictable. There are two people working on a relationship like it goes in real life. Right now my main character is still in the dating stadium and it is so much fun to write this together. I hope it will work out into a relationship but we'll see where it ends up. 😚
  4. It was so much fun! Let's hope our next shore leave is as wonderful as this one....hopefully even more
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Yasmine and I'm 22 years old. I live in The Netherlands and study Speech and Language therapy. You can compare it wit university. My boyfriend (Patrick aka Rawolf) is a huge Star Trek fan and joined this community. Since I know less than nothing about Star Trek I thought this could be a good opportunity to learn more about it. I love writing fantasy stories most of them are fanfiction. Right now I am in training here 😇
  6. Hey there! My name here is LunarStar I am Rawolf's girlfriend. Don't worry, he did not force me on signing up. I like writing stories but not only about SciFi. Mostly about Fantasy. Patrick here is a huge Star Trek fan and I want to get to know more about Star Trek. This site might provide the basics I need. My name is Yasmine and I also live in The Netherlands. Nice to meet you! LunarStar
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