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  1. ((Ranger 3rd Division Headquarters, Tajna III )) ::It was a glorious spring morning. The sky was a perfect cloudless teal, the sun warm but not too hot, the breeze sweet and gentle. Tajna III was a perfectly unremarkable little Federation colony, possessed of a pleasant and temperate environment that would have made it a fine tourist destination, were it not so far off the usual trade routes. Instead, it was something of a large retirement village, where people came to live out quiet and peaceful lives. ::All in all, Matías was rather pleased that the Rangers h
  2. OOC: Takes place after "After the Hocktin" but before "A Fresh Start." The stardate used in the sim corresponds to the date the sim was published. (( Runabout Yahtzee)) [[Time Index: En Route to Antor II]] :: Sleep eluded him. It wasn't that he didn't want to sleep, quite the opposite. He was exhausted, physically and mentally. While he craved sleep with every fiber of his being, it continued to slip his grasp. With a sigh, he sat back up and pulled his legs onto the bunk in a half lotus position and began to breathe rhythmically as he began some of the meditation techniques he'd l
  3. ((Captain's Quarters, USS Veritas - Around 0400 hours)) ::Sometimes, fate and the universe were truly cruel masters. Just a few months after Tristam’s Starfleet commission had been reactivated, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers saw fit to have him head off on assignment elsewhere in the Shoals--away from Veritas and away from Roshanara.:: ::It made complete logical sense of course. She’d probably have assigned him similarly if she were back on Earth looking over the Corps’ resources and seeing a components expert posted on a deep space cruiser that didn’t really offer him the same r
  4. ((Dominicus VI. Mines “Sickbay”.)) ::If there was but a single man in the galaxy that fit the imagery of an “old kung-fu master”, then it was him. He wore his long silvered hair in a topknot with some left loose either side of his head. His long beard was silver, and bound at it’s longest point with beads. His robes were loose, flowing and various shades of brown, as were his tattered old shoes. He wore cream coloured wraps around his calves and down to his ankles, the dirt of the mine staining their lower halves brown also. He wore a black belt with a scabbard where once a blade had rest
  5. (( Ijo House, Hathon, Bajor )) ::The older Bajoran woman listened to Irina, showing interest, she knew much of the information but she often found people more at ease when they revealed information about themselves. Plus, it would tell her how safe Aria was, along with those new grandchildren of hers. :: Cada: And, you? Pavlova: At first I was safe. The captain and security officer on the ship that rescued me, they altered my record so it looked to all as though I was in stasis, with the damage to my eyes blamed on failing circuitry in the stasis pod, but Starfle
  6. ((On a Royal Navy Ship, Somewhere on the Atlantic)) ::The black and yellow walls of the holodeck disappeared, replaced with large wooden sailing ship, in the same design as a 19th century English naval ship. It had a deck comprised of great wooden planks, with three huge masts protruding from it. Each of the masts was furnished with great off white sails. Above were clear blue skies and below dark blue water. The ship was apparently sailing upon the high seas, gently rolling with the waves:: :: The two starfleet officers now stood at the stern of the ship, with a sweepi
  7. (( A Guided Fall Within The Center )) :: There were 56 of them. 56 was ideal. Many would remain Shadowed and some would be Seen. Large ones would be Seen. The Wayward learned truths more quickly when the larger Keepers approached them. This had been learned, over many cycles. They moved through The Center, with silvery swiftness. The Song had changed, with new tones - the Keepers had come upon the Wayward who had dared to break the seals, and they had taken them into The Center, and guided them through a Fold to the hearth and the Ascension of Rest. The Wayward would want to see the
  8. (( Ijo House, Hathon, Bajor )) ::The trip had made Aria more nervous than she had anticipated, which said a lot. She thought she had masked it well by answering the questions of the girls as best she could, of course she knew that meant she had told them much more than they wanted to know. She had seen that glazed over bored look in Katya's eyes telling Aria she had been talking too much. The stop on DS9 was brief, barely enough time to get to the next shuttle, Jazmine seemed disappointed she couldn't go into the bar. Aria was confused until she saw the girl l
  9. ((Restaurant, Starbase 11)) ::Loleh sat alone at a tiny table located in the corner of the restaurant. The whole place had a quaint feel to it. There was a mixture of different cultures, which made sense as the restaurant specialized in serving famous dishes from different Federation worlds. Surprisingly, she had found a traditional Al-Leyan dish on the menu. Despite her instinct telling her not to try it, she couldn't help but get a taste of home. She specifically requested that they make it for a native. Similar to the Thai dishes on Earth, she found that most places replicated Al-Ley
  10. ((Holodeck 1, USS Darwin-A)):: Valdivia had initially meant to come back to Camelot, check how the population was doing against the dragon. He knew the creature was programmed not to attack the city itself, so they were mostly safe, but the simulation could have interesting points for every character involved. The city would go on. But would Lancelot or Gawain? Would any of the knights decide to take on the dragon? He wanted to know, but he would also feel bad going in without at least telling Varaan, whether he decided to join or not. Also, although that would be easily solvable, there was th
  11. ((Corridors just outside the Intel offices)) ::Outside the intel office sector, officers and crew members alike were roaming the corridors, weaving past each other as they tried to reach their destination. Akoni was surprised that she had yet to bump into anyone as officers zipped past her in speeds that could be considered reckless. As she rounded a corner, she found that most of the holodecks were unoccupied, as determined by the green light that hung above most of the sliding doors. The final door at the end of the hallway would do, since people would probably avoid accidentally
  12. Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.~ Francois Rabelais(( Trill - Laxyn Residence )) :: Time was one of the few things one never had enough of. One of the things that one needed more of, no matter what. But sometimes there was too much time and there was no way to fill a cosmic time account balance and use it for later. If so Jalana would have some extra hours on it now to use on something important. :::: The silence in the room was eerie. At some point her mind had turned off the receptors for the steady beep coming from the life-signs scanne
  13. ((Garridon V)) ::The flashes of the lightning broke the relative darkness spread by the storm. For a moment it blinded her, making her blink, but the collective gasps around her forced her to focus. In the sky, the shuttle that had just launched seemed to be falling. Everyone seemed to watch in horror as their friends and fellow crewmates fell to the ground, the shuttle crumpling on impact.:: Blair: We have to help them. Do whatever you can! Doctor what’s the chance that they survived impact? ::She wanted to run to them, but she was cautious. With those creatures around, was it safe for the
  14. ((Starbase 118 Ops: Greir and Chen’s Quarters)) ::Every shift was currently a long shift. There was a mountain of work to wade through and delegating was difficult in a situation where everyone’s trust couldn’t be guaranteed. Chen had no choice but to trust a select few. Based on their actions during the Astred investigation and the ion storm, Chen felt there were a couple of officers he could rely on - Mendes, Graham, Voss and Tiam. At present, he was in the process of turning over some plans for flushing out their missing undercover agent in his mind but, after an exhausting, but quite enj
  15. (( USS Tell )) ::The security officer spoke once more, but not before striking yet another subtle blow.:: Aurora: It feels much too soon before I am reporting to yet another superior. ::She raised her eyebrow.:: Hopefully people you work with are easygoing Commander? ::The words had a tone of sarcasm, but they were masked beneath layers of adhering to archaic protocol. What was said is not necessarily what is meant.:: Atimen: Likewise. ::He stood up as the ship began to dock.:: Tel-ar is a good officer. ::A good officer was indeed possibly, but she didn't care one way or another. She c
  16. ((Banquet Hall, Deck 21, Deep Space 285)) Faranster: Everyone take a seat, dinner will begin shortly, but before that, let's give you something to talk about while you eat. ::Cerissa had made of one of the tables at the margin of the room her base for this. She was feeling a little better for some rest a relaxation. Her run with Altair had been an enjoyable highlight, it helped make the job seem a little lighter. She turned her attention to the Captain as he spoke.:: Faranster: Now that everyone has had a chance to take a seat and quiet down, it's time for that special post mission ceremony
  17. ((Promenade, Starbase 118)) ::Pleasantly inebriated after just enough of the trendy Golden Dew concoction that was so popular at Keal’s and having excused herself from the group as things died down, Sabina Tiam found herself sitting all too comfortably on a bench somewhere in the commercial sector. With one leg tucked underneath her and the other pulled up so that her foot was firmly on the bench and her knee could act as a rest for her elbow, she watched the passers-by.:: ::Nights on the Starbase were as lively as in any city. You could find groups of friends stumbling out of pubs, couples l
  18. ((Jefferies Tube, Deck 8)) ::Shallowly breathing the recycled air inside her masked helmet, Mar took stock of her situation. She was in a Jefferies tube. Her biosigns were masked. She had no idea how to get out of this situation. She had no idea how she'd gotten into in the first place.:: ::Uaed was charming when she met him. He'd seduced his way into her life, despite her better judgment and all her careful plans. He'd become more important to her than she'd meant to allow. When he told her about the organization he worked for, she'd failed to listen to her instincts to get out. When he ask
  19. ((Unknown Warship - Orbit Around Zakdorn)) Tor'kath: What do you mean, the torpedoes missed again?! ::This ship was outfitted with the best military technology that money could buy, and yet the small Federation starship was dodging their ordinance with relative ease.:: Zixo: ::exasperated:: That ship is flailing through space in a way that the targeting computers can't compensate for! ::Tor'kath begrudgingly agreed, but it didn't stop him from throwing a disparaging glare at the Tactical station. The moves of the Darwin seemed so random and unpredictable that he was secretly impressed. He
  20. “I’ve been afraid of changing ‘Cause I built my life around you. But time makes you bolder Children get older I’m getting older too.” ~ Dixie Chicks, Landslide ((Saveron’s Quarters - USS Invicta)) ::Saavok was in his room, ostensibly sleeping though Saveron suspected that he was up reading again. His son knew that if he was too tired the following morning both his father and his teacher would have something to say about it, and Saveron would not discourage the acquisition of knowledge. He permitted Saavok to manage his own sleep and meditation requirements providing that he did so acceptab
  21. ((Deck 7: Arboretum)) ::Raissa sat quietly on a bench. She slowly inhaled, allowing the scent of growing things to surround her. The mix of smells enveloped her, but they did not soothe her as usual. She had sent a message to Carter to meet her here. After talking to CD and Saveron, she knew she had no choice.:: :: Carter had managed to break away from his duties in engineering, the promotion to his new rank causing him to be neck-deep in work. He had been meeting with the engineers and learning about his new domain. He seemed a little distant at first, until he caught sight of Ris and sat d
  22. ((Quarters: LCDR Core)) ::Ki stood outside of the door for a long time. He debated with himself over and over again on why he was doing this. Tristam had never expressed any real liking for him. Yet, he found himself drawn to come here.:: ::With a sigh he straightened and tugged at his black collar. Almost angrily he pressed the chime. Tristam could just as easily ignore him.:: ::With a quick glance up towards the door, he pressed a button on his PADD. Verbal commands to the computer had become increasingly difficult, so he’d had to revert to old fashioned remote controls. It wasn’t as much as
  23. (( Ancient Station )) ::It was strange, really, how much time the many and varied species of the universe had devoted to finding new ways of causing one another pain. The only one she knew that hadn't were the Deltans -- and that was simply a matter of self-preservation. Empathic for as long as their history extended, there were no bloody wars staining their past simply because the emotional shock wave would have ruined the victors as much as the defeated. ::The Not-Harry, unfortunately, knew very well how to cause her pain. Excruciating pain, beyond imagining. And had been doing so, for what
  24. ((Dreamland)) ::Ren was standing in a field of tall grass in a land of green plants under a sky of pure blue with high white clouds and a faint, warm breeze. He was dressed a very well-made 21st century Terran suit, stone and gray glenplaid wool, with a crisp white shirt and a navy tie that hung loose around his neck. He knew he was dreaming, because his boyfriend Navin, who had been dead for 10 years, was walking toward him, every part of him fully transformed into a Borg drone. At least the weather was nice. While the antitoxin worked through his body in Sickbay, Ren had some issues to work
  25. (( Thunderbird )) ::Her wrist was cut to ribbons from her struggles -- but oddly enough, that had proven to be useful. The blood flowing out of the ruined, ragged skin had provided just enough lubrication to enable her to drag her small, narrow hand through the rigid bond, freeing her arm. It wasn't the first time the scent of her own blood filled her nose, and she had the dark, depressing suspicion that it wouldn't be the last. ::But for now, she took it as a blessing, and with that hand loose, it was exponentially easier to free the rest of her limbs. ::So she was free. Now what? ::A glance
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