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  1. Kirk and Spock, but a lot of other good ones there. I think you have to use the movies along with the STOS for this one.
  2. Dukat and Garak were both excellent, personally thought Dukat should of been written out at the end of Season 6, but I still enjoyed Season 7. Garak was the best. Rom as a honorable mention.
  3. Elaan of Troyius The music, Kirk getting down and micro managing the ships movements. The best. Short. But it was great. A full spread of torpedoes!!!!
  4. Since Had heard that Spock (Nimoy) had wanted to leave the franchise, his death in Star Trek Two. (Wrath of Khan) , but the landing of the pod on the planet gave me hope
  5. I will talk to each member of the sect before letting them or anyone of the freighter move forward, and make sure that they understand that individual local control will be gone. At that point. They are borg.
  6. I hope it follows Canon and does a good job with character development and a plot. Special effects are nice, but you can see that in any summer blockbuster. BOOM...BANG...LENS FLARE!. Give me story and I will find $6 month for star Trek.
  7. Garak! So many layers to the character. And the question that one is always asking. When is he telling the truth.
  8. Eerie


    I would go with with the LOVE TO HATE him. I knew a "Q" show would probably be a good one.
  9. Spock the clear choice. Rikar probably second. Kira would probably cause more problems with her combative nature.
  10. Eerie


    So many to choose from, when I got the news, the tears came for a while. I knew he was in hospital, but I wasn't prepared for it. He has made a lasting impression on me and the world. NOT BAD. Not at all.
  11. TOS. Remembering watching it in reruns in the 1970's I would race home after my newspaper delivery. Probably why a few people didn't get their papers.
  12. Honestly, while I do like a number of other Sci Fi options. The only way I wouldn't do star trek if I didn't know about star trek. Even if it was against the law. I would hold private meetings of "rebels" and what old shows, read and write simms. Alright, call the deprogrammers and get a white straight jacket.
  13. So many good moments. I think Garak would be in most of them.
  14. As much as I would love...to have the bridge as my very own....CAPTAIN Eerie....and my yeoman Greir Reinard. ROFL. Should be used for education and or museum.... I am just glad it is saved....
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