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  1. With confirmation that Q, portrayed on-screen by the talented actor John de Lancie, will return in season 2 of Star Trek: Picard, our thoughts turn to the sly jokester. The near omnipotent Q of the Q Continuum has been a thorn in the side of Starfleet for many years. Since his run-in with Picard and crew in the first episode of TNG, Q’s acerbic humor and trickster nature have caused many headaches for our heroes. But it does make for great storytelling! After all, how do you face off against an almost unbeatable (and unbearable) enemy? One of the moral questions that meeting the Q has
  2. The Star Trek franchise is a living thing. Shows have come and gone over the years and each incarnation has added to the rich flavor of our favorite sandbox universe. When a show completes its original run, there are always mixed feelings - a sense of completeness, sadness, nostalgia. Once we've worked our way through the stages of grief and hit acceptance, we move on with our lives. We have little choice to do otherwise. But what if ... The trend has been up-ticking in recent years where studio executives will bring back popular shows for additional episodes - with some succes
  3. The reality of command is that sometimes the tough choices must be made. There are more lives at stake than the hijacked crew and ship. Ask the Cardassian Gul to continue with his escort mission and assure him that you will do the same. Invite him to return to the sector at a prescribed time to carry out a joint mission to recover the missing crew and deal with the pirate problem. After leading the rest of the convoy to the nearest Starbase, return and feign a ship-wide systems outage to lure the pirates in. The distress call can be the Galor warship's cue to lay in wait and spring the tr
  4. Thanks, Lox! Your castle has been delivered by the way. Some contents may have shifted during shipping and handling. It was like that when I found it. No I don't have a tracking number in the system and no you did not purchase the additional insurance.
  5. A common trope in Star Trek is time travel. Securely in the realm of science fiction, this process is achieved several times through the series and movies. Whether it is an anti-time anomaly, the interference of powerful aliens, or an unexpected accident, time travel features prominently in the storylines we’ve come to love. Why is time travel such a popular subject? Each of us wishes we could jump to a new time, "putting things right that once went wrong and hoping each time that the next leap will be …" (wait, wrong show). The truth is that the past (and the future) fascinate us. So
  6. Lieutenant Reginald Barclay aka “Reg” is a fan favorite in Star Trek. Brought to life by the talented actor Dwight Schultz, this character diverged from many others in the cast. He was a character with obvious flaws. He was nervous and unsure of his own abilities. He exhibited phobias and concerns about social situations. We learn a lot about the man when Reg tells LaForge, “I mean I am the guy who writes down things to remember to say when there is a party. And then when he finally gets there, he winds up alone, in the corner, trying to look … comfortable examining a potted plant.” In
  7. Words have power. As a community of writers, we can agree on that. Behind the special effects or fancy visuals, Star Trek is about people and how they communicate. The franchise has brought us many memorable phrases over the past fifty years. Some are so memorable that they have lodged themselves into the collective culture and will forever be linked with Star Trek. The command "Make it so!" from Captain Jean-Luc Picard was a call to action for his crew. This signature line was said with such finality that it made you want to jump to fulfil the order. You knew that if you suggested
  8. While Kirk and company started off the "wagon train to the stars", it was the prequel series of Enterprise that gave us a glimpse at the birth of the Federation that we have come to know and love. The intrepid crew of the NX-01 would need the explorer's spirit and nerves of steel to venture into the unknown. Who would be counted worthy of participating in this trek? Captain Jonathan Archer was a kind man and epitomized what it meant to be human. He was ready to reach out a helping hand - sometimes to a fault. His father before him worked on the warp engine design that would carry the Ente
  9. Thanks @Alleran Tan for the shout out. I appreciate it! I've had lots of fun with my PNPC Vexa and I hope I get to write more of her story in the future.
  10. The huge list of actors and actresses that have graced our screens as part of the Star Trek universe adds to the complexity that is our favorite sci-fi show. These secondary characters that add a depth to the stories we love to watch. It's only natural that a stray actor might fill multiple roles. And then there's American actor Jeffrey Combs! This man played multiple memorable characters and his name should be synonymous with Star Trek! On Deep Space 9, he played the Vorta clone Weyoun. His masterful execution of this servant of the Founders and directors of the Jem'Hadar foot soldiers o
  11. I think Ro's character was a popular choice because of her characterization. She was different from the other crew members. Less polished. Shady background. Not perfect. There was conflict with other members of the crew and she seemed to have a chip on her shoulder. She was someone more imperfect that we could relate to rather than someone on a moral pedestal we could strive to like the rest of the cast. Conflict helps to make good stories and so while she wasn't on the show as long as some of the other characters, her appeal grew quicker. I found her to be someone that I did not initially lik
  12. Running from 1987 - 1994 and in reruns for decades after, Star Trek The Next Generation set a new standard for the sci-fi franchise. With each episode we could tune in to see Picard and company tackle new foes and explore new regions of space. Over seven glorious seasons (yes, even season two) we came to know these characters in and out and grew to love them. But which character of the series is the best? Are you a Picard fan? His keen intellect and moral fortitude left us with little doubt that he was a giant among men. Even the Klingons respected the man and made him the Arbiter of
  13. Oh wow! How could we have missed Gul Dukat! Seems like we hit a nerve there. 😛 But its true, he's such a snake in the grass with a deliciously sickly-sweet smirk on his face! Thank you so much to all of you for expressing yourselves here.
  14. Star Trek is full of men and women of principal and moral character. It is this focus on the good people crewing our favorite ships and installations that makes the universe such an appealing place. But many of the storylines found in our favorite episodes reveal villains that give the good guys something to fight. It's this conflict that makes Star Trek such great entertainment. Who makes the best villain across the franchise? Is it the cunning and deadly intellect displayed by Khan in Space Seed(TOS), Star Trek II and Star Trek: Into Darkness? He's human and yet more than that. The ruth
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