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  1. I have seen some extremely good SIMs in Academy training sessions when I was conducting training. At the time, I wished there was a place to post them. This is an excellent idea for a thread. I will be looking through some of my old training SIMs to see if I can add to this. It would be from those who have long since graduated though, if that is okay. I miss training and have always enjoyed conducting training missions in whatever capacity. I can't wait to be able to rejoin that club! I also once had a trainee who was a novelist in RL. I shook my head in disbelief in the quality of the writing, and LONG. Hoo boy!
  2. @Baylen Anders That name sounds familiar. Welcome back! And... @Kammus Corelli Welcome to the fleet!
  3. Welcome back To that same old place that you laughed about Well, the names have all changed Since you hung around But those dreams have remained And they've turned around Who'd have thought they'd lead you (Who'd have thought they'd lead you) Back here where we need you? (Back here where we need you?) Welcome back Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back Welcome back
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