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  1. I have seen some extremely good SIMs in Academy training sessions when I was conducting training. At the time, I wished there was a place to post them. This is an excellent idea for a thread. I will be looking through some of my old training SIMs to see if I can add to this. It would be from those who have long since graduated though, if that is okay. I miss training and have always enjoyed conducting training missions in whatever capacity. I can't wait to be able to rejoin that club! I also once had a trainee who was a novelist in RL. I shook my head in disbelief in the quality of the writing, and LONG. Hoo boy!
  2. Hi everyone! Just popped by to say hello. Glad to see you are all still around I miss you all. Happy voyages and SIMming to each and every one of you! Tracey Townson H237708TT0
  3. Welcome to the Poll of the Week! Television over the years, have offered us a myriad of Easter eggs hidden in it's scenes. Easter eggs are little segments that can be found in a television show episode or episodes, that may refer to another television show or movie that is not associated with that particular television show. It may be hidden in a scene and not discerned by anyone unless you have a fast eye. Movies can do the same. A famous example was when the next Pixar movie would always be hidden in the previous one before Disney bought Pixar. Star Trek is not immune. I have seen at least 2 references to other television shows or movies hidden in the scenes of Star Trek. Here http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/images/5/52/5PYOsv8.jpg is one when David Ogden Stiers guest starred on Star Trek: The Next Generation and of course, who can forget R2D2 floating in the rubble of the newest installment of Star Trek when Enterprise arrives as the ill-fated Vulcan? So that brings us to this week's Poll of the Week question. Have you ever noticed as Easter egg in any Star Trek episode or movie? If so, what was it? So vote above and please let us know what you discovered, if anything, below.
  4. Welcome to the Poll of the Week! "Salt this, buddy!" is a statement that may be found above some member's profiles. It was originally an inside joke referring to the slug inside one of our member's character who happened to be a Trill. It took on a life of it's own at the time here on the forums but now leaves people scratching their heads wondering what it means. That being said, Trills are a long lived species. Not the part of them that are exposed to the outside world, with their spotted skin, but instead the Trills that live inside their spotted hosts. They can live for many generations moving from one host to the next as each host eventually dies within normal life-spans. But you all probably know that and there is lots more on Trills here: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Trill. So I will stop while I am ahead and move onto this week's Poll of the Week question. The most famous Trill from the Star Trek television episodes is Dax. Introduced to us first as Jadzia Dax, we soon learned there were several hosts to the Dax symbiant. This week's question is, which was your favorite? So vote away and don't be shy to comment below.
  5. Welcome to the Poll of the Week! A friend of mine has recently started up a company and has been trying her best to sell it to those she knows as well as strangers. She has found out, the hard way, that it is not easy to market a product or service unless one has inside help. The universe of Star Trek also contains entrepreneurs and as such, selling to those who live in that universe must contain the same pitfalls that would fall onto entrepreneurs of our universe and time. So that brings us to this week's Poll of the Week question. If you had a business in the Star Trek universe, what Star Trek character would make for the best spokesperson for your product or service? You can choose amongst the list above, or you may add your own and please don't be afraid to comment below.
  6. Tracey


    Welcome to the Poll of the Week! If you have not already seen it, the trailer for the upcoming Star Trek film has been released and is readily available to watch on Youtube. For those who have seen it, there have been mixed reactions. This week's Poll of the Week will be focused on the trailer for Star Trek: Beyond. What do you think of it? Will you see the movie when it comes out? From the little revealed, what are your concerns, if any, that you may have with it? As always, we here at Poll of the Week are eager to hear your thoughts on the matter and are interested in your votes. So vote away and comment below if you so desire.
  7. Welcome to the final Poll of the Week for 2392! ::Cue Auld Lang Syne:: Each year we look to the next as hopefully being better and brighter than the last. We learn from our experiences as the years slip away and as as we learn, we grow and become more mature, more adept and hopefully, more wiser. In my personal life, I see the changing of the years to be a bridge to new experiences, hopes, fears, losses, gains and loves. And as with all experiences, whether they be good or bad, each can be taken as a new form of growth. When I write for my character, I try to envision the same type of growth in her. Whether she'll achieve her ultimate goals or not, is not so much the ideal when I write for her. Its how she deals with the situations she encounters in her missions that she participates in is what I strive to portray. I consider each one to be in fact a new learning experience for her, whether the outcome is good, or bad. This is something I try to write into her story arc on a regular basis. As the year draws to a close, this week's Poll of the Week will look both to the past and to the future, with an emphasis on your character or characters. As for the past, did you achieve all you planned to achieve with your character(s) over the past year, or was there something that did not quite turn out? As for 2393, what are your plans for your character? Do you hope for that promotion, that award, that badge, or move into command? Do you plan to take up a new OOC activity, or just become more involved in the group in general? Or are you happy where you are and what you are doing and just wish to continue SIMming and enjoying your time with the group? For this poll I will allow multiple responses, so click away at your answers and, please, add your own input and Happy New Year to everyone in the Fleet!
  8. Welcome to the Poll of the Week! Well I for one am excited! I am excited because the holidays are now among us and this gives me reason to get get inebriated. Not that I need an excuse to get inebriated at any other time of the year. The only difference is, I can do so and not worry how my hangover will affect me at work the next day, as I am off for quite some time. The holiday season also brings out the best in the spending season. People are everywhere buying gifts and trinkets and a slew of stuff for their loved ones. The malls are packed as people rush to get their last minute shopping done. So that brings us to this week's Poll of the Week question. As with any franchise, there are a slew of gifts and toys available for fans of Star Trek. Are you planning to buy a Star Trek related gift for a loved one you know? Or maybe even for yourself? So vote above to let us know either yes or no, or if not sure yet, maybe. Also please let us know what you would fancy as a well-meaning and fun Star Trek related gift.
  9. Welcome to the Poll of the Week! A friend of mine had a baby last week and it was a real thrill. It was her first and she felt great. Today she is up and about and wallowing in the joys that a newborn child can bring into the lives of any happy couple. This week we will be focusing on the maternal instincts of those in the Star Trek universe. Who do you think would make the best mother of the women of Star Trek? So vote away for whom you think would make the best mom from the list above, and of course, should I have overlooked anyone who you think should have been listed or at least given an honorable mention, don't be afraid to post below.
  10. Welcome again to the Poll of the Week! I appologize for the delay. I was on a short LOA due to personal reasons. I am now back and ready to continue with our regularly scheduled Poll of the Weeks! So let's get things started. I have noticed that there has been talk of maybe a new Star Trek series in the works. Whether this is true or not, is anyone's guess. But in this week's Poll of the Week, let's think hypothetically there will be one. Should there be a new series, where would you like the new Star Trek series to be set? Would it be based on the universe portrayed in the new movies? Or would you prefer it being based in the prime universe post Dominion war? Would you rather see the new series explore more of the past in a Romulan-Federation War setting? Or how about a Star Trek series set in the far future? Or maybe you have a different setting you would prefer? So vote away and let us know here at Poll of the Week what would be your dream scenario for the setting of a New Star Trek series, should one ever be broadcast over the small-screen airways ever again.
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