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  1. Maddi decided to try a stunning dress. The red pops according to her opinion so she ran with it!
  2. Well you both stumbled on to one of the greatest groups I’ve ever written with. Everyone will help you in whatever way they can and you will enjoy your time here. @FltAdml. Wolf and the Staff have put their hearts into this group and everyone works as a team whether it be Training, Ship, or Fleetwide. All I can say is strap yourselves in and get ready to travel at warp speed! The warmest of welcomes!
  3. Welcome to the Fleet @BenStryker It’s quite an amazing place! Your going to love it here or your money back guaranteed Wait that’s something different. Regardless it’s great here it’s like a big old family and one that is always there for you regardless of what’s going on. Can’t wait to see you around.
  4. I like your thoughts @Tiria Hamasaki and I appreciate everyone chiming in. This conversation has been really good and I appreciate all the people that gave me their opinions. I know everyone is different and the Trek fandom is diverse. I just wanted to hear what everyone else had to say. After hearing some of what I have heard from people it was refreshing to see so many opinions that point to one thing. We all love Trek in our own way! Not everyone likes everything, but they don’t have too. The love for Trek expands to so much and I’m not only glad to be a part of that fandom but also part of this fleet full of talented writers and true Trek fans.
  5. I not only enjoyed reading them but judging them was an honor as well! Congratulations to @Geoffrey Teller for a well written sim and to @Pholin Duyzer for his stellar entry. All of the stories were great and everyone did a amazing job! Until next time!
  6. From the first time I watched DS9 I have always loved the Defiant class not only does she pack a punch, but can have a surprise or two no one would expect.
  7. Ok this looks very promising with the cast and the premise. I can definitely say I am excited for this! What a surprise to wake up too! Great way to start the day!
  8. That’s the truth of it! Makes one phrase go down the waste tube quick.
  9. My opinion on Section 31 has always been torn, but your point is probably the best I have ever heard. As you say the Federation is supposed to be like a utopia. Section 31 shouldn’t exist I agree. As you say the other factions have something like that, but the Federation is supposed to be the peaceful society. So such a peaceful society should not have an organization that would contradict everything the Federation is for. I am truly thankful that here we don’t sim Section 31.
  10. That is very well put @Roshanara Rahman I have to agree with your assessment. I never made this to upset anyone just trying to see all the different point of views, as this is the things I have been hearing from people.
  11. Your right the show has definitely taken a different perspective. Episodic story has its plus’s, but it also has its flaws as well. When you look at each aspect of the show it can have its upsides. Episodic stories are interesting and if you miss one the whole plot may not be lost, but in the other hand and I think this is why they started doing it this way. Is so that you watch every episode when it releases so you keep with the story no matter what. Though that poses an issue in my opinion, as the episodic stories always have something different and the plot is drawn out, but with the new episodes you have a good idea of what’s coming next. I’m not saying anything is perfect, but I will say every show has its flaws and as a fan you can embrace them or not, but that doesn’t mean you have to hate the franchise. I wasn’t saying anyone here does I just know some people that all because of the newest shows do not like the franchise anymore, which I find ridiculous.
  12. As true as that is when you think about it technically it’s not. Back when those shows were airing the technology and special effects were at the top of their scale, but now that technology can truly reflect that of the future is it really some that should be upsetting. This is the future after all things are supposed to look advanced and hi tech. I think if they had the technology we have now was around those shows would look just like Discovery or Picard. That’s a good point and one I can agree with. There are always things that people don’t like, but no one likes everything. Your point is well taken no matter what your a fan and that’s the way it should be.
  13. Welcome to the Fleet @Dr Moon! It’s a pleasure to have you! I’ve been here over a year now and this group is incredible. I feel so blessed to have found such an amazing group with even better people to back it up!
  14. I'm a fan of the Crossfield. The ship is super unique in my opinion.
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