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  1. Would be nice to have another Bolian around @Bolianbob glad you found us too.
  2. Brell enjoys the human styled tuxedo as much more comfortable than the dress uniform that never fits him quite right, so he will again go with that look for this years awards.
  3. MSPNPC Arbitrator Parven Try'vel - Welcoming committee of one ((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, Illara Prime, Diplomatic Landing Pad Delta)) :: Parven had received word that the Federation shuttle had been detected by the system patrol ships and was descending towards the city-planet with the haste one would expect from a group posting such serious claims against one of the more well known and respected businesses within the Expanse. That they had arrived several hours early had been unexpected however and had been of a slight inconvenience as he had been enjoying quit
  4. ((Beta Quadrant, Partha Expanse, Romulan Republic Warbird Illa’variea, Corridor near Main Shuttle Bay)) ::Being on a Romulan ship was new to most of the Atlantis's crew, despite the Empire having fallen and the Republic being a softer friendlier?? face of the Romulan people. It was still rare to be allowed on one of their ships, even if as with the Illa’variea Fleet and especially Intelligence knew the ins and outs of these ships:: Logan oO As I'm sure they know about the Atlantis, they may not be the Old Empire at face value but I'm sure these new apples haven't fallen far fro
  5. I almost said Serek and Spock but went with other simply because My choice would be Serek and his Children. Spock, Sybok and Michael Burnham all had interesting complicated relationships with Serek that made us a viewers aware that parenting is complicated in any century human or not.
  6. (( J. Marshall Personal Quarters, USS Gorkon )) ::After a gruelling morning spent with Cory, trying to drag him out of the funk he'd slipped himself into, Jo picked up a mug of coffee from the replicator and sat with a huff down onto the sofa. Running her hands up into her hair, she blew out a sigh and thought of everything she needed to do. Her eyes drifted to the Academy image on her desk; to the decathlon team, to the face peeking out from underneath layered mud and bright smiles. ::Action in mind, Jo leant forward and tapped into her PADD until the spinning logo of
  7. I love this point! Something that bothers me about the too much technology in Discovery argument other than it was the same argument thrown around in Enterprises' time, is that TOS was Sci-Fi dreamed up in the 60's with a 1960's outlook on what would be futuristic. The same with TNG it is very much a product of late 80/early 90's hopeful idealism and expected future tech, DS9 and VOY are both similar in they aired and used sci-fi possibilities popular in the 90's. Those three shows got away with being more different than TOS because in universe TOS was decades and decades ago. Enterprise and
  8. I had to go with Family as it's one of the best and most re-watchable episode of TNG, rare for the syndicated series to have follow up episodes that dealt directly with what happened in a previous episode. Seeing the characters especially Picard, picking up the pieces after the borg event was great. Though to me, after Star Trek Generations came out the episode gained another level of sadness, as we were told Rene and Robert Picard had died tragically and unexpectedly. Close second for favorite shore leave episode is in DS9's fifth season, "Let He Who is without Sin..." Risa and
  9. My partner and I were both going "TIG!" when we saw her, and what a neat character she seems to have too. I hope we see more of her.
  10. Atlantis has used a shuttles or it's aeroshuttle support craft at some point in every mission we have had so far! The story telling avenues they can open up are endless. Even if some of those are "OMG, we have to save the shuttle!"
  11. Too many lost Red shirts under Kirk. Had to go with him as my last choice.
  12. I went with tucker, I mean look what happened the first time he went aboard an alien ship. He got knocked up from playing with telepathic pebbles. That unlucky precedent set his bar pretty high for the rest of the show.
  13. Three cheers for all of the amazing duty post award recipients!! Congratulations! And another round of cheers to our fleet! 🎖️🎖️🎖️ , this community truly is something special.
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