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  1. The Forums now support Web Notifications on newer browsers. If you select "Allow", anytime there's a notification (new private messages for you, likes on your posts, or a reply to a thread you follow), you'll get a lovely little notification about it without having to be on the forums website itself. Facebook recently introduced that capability too. So if you're using recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox, then try it out Users of Internet Explorer or Edge won't see it though, neither Microsoft browser supports the capability.
  2. I really loved Jadzia, but reading the books, I also really like what has become of Ezri. She's a very different character than she was on the show.
  3. Great job Rich, thanks again for all your impressive work to make our Wiki so amazing!
  4. The way I read that was that CBS Network digision has no creative control, that the show's creative control will lie entirely with the CBS All Access division instead. No idea if that's a good thing or not, or even if that distinction makes a difference in the long run. I feel both have to answer to the same parent company in the end
  5. Based on the team they announced, I'm almost sure that's the case.
  6. What do you guys think: http://io9.com/7-things-we-want-in-the-new-star-trek-tv-show-1740580586 I'd love to see a post-Nemesis series, but I have a feeling it's going to be more like #2 (TNG of the Alternate Universe). I doubt it'll be another Enterprise, though an Enterprise might make an appearance (either a new one, or like in DS9, one of the current ones is in the pilot to "launch" it off).
  7. Whoops, totally meant CBS. Stupid autocorrect. Though they probably will still film it out of Vancouver or Toronto, it's cheaper.
  8. http://www.startrek.com/article/new-star-trek-series-premieres-january-2017 http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/star-trek-tv-series-works-828638 http://io9.com/holy-crap-they-are-officially-making-a-new-star-trek-t-1740024705#_ga=1.261742222.2035089323.1446467896 Looks like CBC Productions might be bringing the franchise back to TV. What do you think? Is it really possible?
  9. I totally thought that was just an angry version of our favorite Gorn... Or PTSD from the Klingon Invasion
  10. I've really enjoyed the Relaunch novels. The Destiny/Typhon Pact/The Fall ones are particularly nifty. My favorite three books though have been Rising Son, A Stitch In Time, and Articles of the Federation.
  11. That's amazing! So good! You totally just made my day
  12. It was on Kickstarter last November and succesfully funded there. It looks really good. Haven't heard anything about it really since though. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/145553614/star-trek-renegades?ref=live
  13. They probably keep going down cause of the huge influx of people who started playing again with the launch of Legacy of Romulus.
  14. Now now Kali, don't give them any ideas for the next challenge topic. *waits patiently to read the stories about Conga Rats*
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