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  1. I found this probably a little too funny...
  2. Anything other than Temporal Cold War... I really dislike time travel lol
  3. Even with rules in place, I feel people would find a way to abuse it. Personally, I'm not all that crazy about Section 31. It taints everything Starfleet and Star Trek was supposed to be. Just my honest opinion.
  4. I would mostly because I would follow Seven of Nine to hell and back.
  5. I actually love the change they've made to show beyond Starfleet. And I'm loving the new 7 of 9 and the way she has grown. It took a while for things to make sense but I've still enjoyed it.
  6. Vampires are always intriguing to me... just not the ones that sparkle... those aren't real vampires.
  7. It's been a long time since I could say it about a new ST series or movie. But I am actually excited to see this one.
  8. It looks awesome. Definitely one I can't wait to see.
  9. WOW... I am absolutely surprised by being included in the Duty Post winners and extremely happy & thankful. Thank you to everyone who as continued to believe in me even in the rockiest of times, especially @Theo Whittaker and the crew of the USS Columbia!!! Congratulations to to all the other duty post award winners... Special shout out to: @Toryn Raga, so proud of my fellow Al-Leyan!! @Jarred Thoran, so proud to be on Columbia with you and thank you for all the hard work both IC and OOC that you do. I appreciate you!!
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