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  1. @Alora DeVeau You must've been a cat in a former life because you write for one really well! ((Pirate Ship Drowning Band – Somewhere in the Ventilation Systems)) Sachiko was not a normal cat. It hadn’t taken long for Alora to figure that out. When she had been given the little critter, the only thing Gabi knew was that she’d gotten the creature from someone who had gotten her from someone else and no one knew why she had been given up in the first place . She’d been mostly a kitten still, older than a wee one, but still not fully grown, but neither had she achieved much more stature after she’d been taken in by the, at the time, Science Officer. She remained quite small for a cat, and most thought she was still a juvenile. But no, Sachiko was six years old, not that she acted like it. But that wasn’t what made her abnormal. No, the fact was, Sachiko wasn’t normal for two reasons - she seemed particularly intelligent for a felis cactus, and there were times Alora couldn’t help but wonder exactly how intelligent she was. Even stranger was the almost magical way the creature managed to escape Alora’s quarters. It didn’t matter what Alora did, she could not contain the cat, and she’d eventually given up. It was that very same cat who had managed to not only get out of Alora’s quarters again but who had somehow known to gain the attention of a certain pirate carrying a certain cage containing certain people, and get on board the pirate ship. Once there, she’d performed the same little trick, snuck out of the pirate’s quarters, and had managed to finagle a way into the ventilation system, only to appear before miniaturized versions of people - one of whom was familiar to her. Of course, she wasn’t going to eat them. In fact, the feline was rather docile and even allowed the group to mount upon her. When they had all settled ,she’d whisked them away to the ventilation shaft, mini people on her back, mini dog in her mouth. Bailey: Not so fast! ::Speaking more towards the cat:: If Sachiko understood it, she didn’t really pay any attention. Instead, she continued to slink through the system, unhindered by the request. A. Harper: I should not have eaten so much at the gala. Galven: Ride like the wind, Bullseye! That did seem to get the creature’s attention. She turned her head ever so slightly, just enough for a single blue eye to cant in the direction of the Denobulan who had called out the encouragement, but once more, if she understood, there was no other real response to it. Yael: Response Bailey: Does anyone suppose they know where she’s taking us? A. Harper: Hopefully somewhere we can signal for help There was a pause as they came to an intersection, just a brief one. Sachiko’s ears twitched and, Alistair still gently in her mouth, she lifted her nose, silently sniffing the air. She made her choice, turned down toward the left, then continued onward. Galven: I'm hoping the way she's going to wherever she came from. Yael: Response Bailey: I mean, I’d very much dislike to end up on the opposite end of the ship from where we likely need to be. Galven: I mean, it's better than where we were. There was another intersection, another pause, longer that time. Those ears swiveled one way, then another, then back again. The nose lifted, more sniffs were taken, then another turn chosen before she continued on. Down one, through another, Sachiko only paused at intersections adjusting according to whatever feline fancy hit her. Yael: Response Bailey: It might be a good idea to see if we can get her to jump up to a console. A. Harper: That will certainly be a an experience, at least cats are graceful jumpers. Galven: ::to Ashley:: What are your orders for whenever we get to the location, Lieutenant? Suddenly, Sachiko go stopped, her ears twitched, then one hind leg came up as she arched her head back and she proceeded to scratch mightily behind one year. Doing so didn’t dislodge anyone, but for a moment, the bodies of the riders vibrated with the motions. Finally, the itch was gone and the cat resumed her previous pace. Yael/A. Harper:Response Bailey: We could check the manifest a lot easier that way and it would take less time than climbing. Yael/A. Harper: Response Galven: It appears that Sachiko is slowing down. ::indicating his assumption as he turned his head to get a better idea where they were. One turn, then another, and finally down a line which ended - at a grate, very much like the one she’d entered through. Pawing at the barrier, the metal whined, then groaned and gave way a little. Once again, the cat pressed against it, then used her head, and finally the grate fell three quarters of the way off, hanging on by a single bolt. Old, and ill maintained, it had given up the ghost and now they had access to what lay beyond. Which was...a dark room. Sachiko dropped to the floor, then carefully set Alistair down - only to hold him down by one paw so she could set about grooming him with her large, sandpaper tongue. Yael/A. Harper/Bailey: Response Galven: Everything looks so crude and different from anything I've seen. Even when I was taller. Where are we? Sachiko paused in her group, twisted around to look at the Denobulan, then opened her mouth. Only, words didn’t come out. Instead was a meow. Well, not even a real meow, it was more of a squeak. Whether or not it was in answer to Galven’s question, however, could not be known, and it seemed as if she didn’t really care, for she returned her attention back to Alistair, evidently not done bathing him. Galven/Yael/A. Harper/Bailey: Response Finally, Sachiko seemed to think that she was done - for now. The paw was lifted, Alistair was set free, and once everyone was off of her back, she shook herself, then sat down and proceeded to lick at her chest, quite unconcerned with the antics of the miniature people. Galven/Yael/A. Harper/Bailey: Response There was a pause in the self groom, just long enough for Sachiko to open her mouth wide, sharp teeth stark against the pink of her mouth. She finished yawning, gave a few more licks to her chest, then turned to her tail, though one eye seemed to follow the motions of the people who had moments before been riding upon her back. Galven/Yael/A. Harper/Bailey: Response -- Sachiko Taxi Cat Starbase 118 Ops alora@blar.net M239008AD0
  2. I've been in an alternate parallel universe in their version of fluidic space! I don't know how I'm even getting through all the different array of communication frequencies... Figure a way to science out of this conundrum! 🙃🥸🤔
  3. @Sheila Bailey I appreciate you for saying this and how much I've enjoyed experiencing with your writing and character growth! Even learning things from you! That alone is an award for me to develop a great chance in start such an amazing friendship with you from the moment you joined us on the Montreal, going through the hard and good times up until now onwards! 🥳👐
  4. So I was driving to work and today's date struck my mind which made me wonder what the significance of it was. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks... Three years ago yesterday is when I officially graduated from the Academy and today is when I was posted on my first ship, the USS Veritas! First, I'd like to thank @Ayiana Sevo for training me as I was just a mere green cadet learning how this amazing experience both IC and OOC within the community works. You certainly had a lot of patience with me as I look back on the emails we exchanged almost constantly. Here's the link to my last Academy sim when I graduated! Next I would like to thank @Roshanara Rahman, @Blake, @Mei'konda, @Lael Rosek, and the rest of the Veritas crew for the outstanding experience aboard the ship for my first few months writing with you all! I look back on my First sim aboard the USS Veritas every now and then to get a good laugh over how nervous I was when German just happened to be on the ship off screen when the ship had been many years in the past after dealing with Borg shenanigans. Another thanks to @Mei'konda and @Lael Rosek for helping me along with a smooth transition to the USS Astraeus as well as continuing to mentor and helping me with building my confidence to explore the opportunities given to me to eventually help and mentor others to have just as much fun as I've had with the game! And last, but certainly not least I would like to thank @Sal Taybrim, @Alora DeVeau, @Sheila Bailey, @Jalana, and the rest of the Ops and Conny crew for all the best experiences during shoreleaves and missions. Been a wild and crazy ride through the cosmos, loving everything that's happened! I'm glad to be able to write and have fun with you guys! Words can't describe how much I love this game and the people I've met along the way. @FltAdml. Wolf, you're an incredible person and leader whose gift of inspiration and passion to keep this PBEM RPG group alive for so long since 1994 is amazing! With just seeing a small amount of what goes on behind the scenes shows how much you and both councils put so much time and effort into making SB118 a great place to make long-lasting nerdy friendships. And that's just enough of my long winded speech of gratitude. Thank you all again! Live long and prosper 🖖🤓 Dane/Ensign German Galven - Science Officer/StarBase 118 Ops V239507GG0
  5. I love how melodramatic and soap operaish @Alora DeVeau wrote her post. Simply incredible writing! 🤩 ((Temple of the Prophets – StarBase 118.)) DeVeau: Sal… I want to… Maxwell: Tae kiss him? Taybrim: I’m sure not… But she did. Why? She couldn’t say. Deep within, a great desire to do just that welled upon within her. More than that. She wanted to allow herself to be wrapped in his embrace, lost in his touch. To feel that again, someone’s arms around her, to be held, drawn so far into them that their warmth encompassed her, enveloped her, surrounded her. No, not just someone. Him. The Captain. Sal. Maxwell: ? Maxwell’s voice finally started to seep through the haze that had surrounded her, but her thoughts continued to drift to other things, desires that welled up within. They weren’t just desires, however, not just physical wants that pressed hard against her, pressured her to draw into his presence, to act upon that visceral and carnal hunger. Accompanying it was more, an emotion that she had thought perished and withered. Taybrim: Wait what? ::he shook his head, letting the astonishment filter in.:: Me? Maxwell: ? Did he know? How could he not? His abilities gave him far more insight than most, and her own feelings were so palpable, surely even the least astute could see how she felt. Yet, Alora’s mind could only barely perceive that she felt as what it was, tried to deny the state in which she suddenly found herself. Alora turned, ripping her eyes off of the man. She fought against that state which she found herself falling deeper into as she looked up him. Yet looking away did nothing to alleviate it. Alora found herself wrestling with it, trying to deny, but unable to. She was in love with Sal Taybrim. Taybrim: No, no… you are very attractive and yes the atmosphere is very conducive to it and… Maxwell: ? And? And? She wasn’t supposed to love the captain. She wasn’t supposed to love anyone else. It wasn’t right. That dark face flashed through her eyes, his smile so brilliant when it was genuine. It had been - for her. How could she love anyone else? Maxwell: ? Taybrim: ::Openly, earnestly, no matter how strange it sounded.:: I don’t think about it. ::he shrugged:: Ever… not since … ::He trailed off.:: But his voice. That sweet timbre, the flowing musicality of each word he spoke drew her out of the tunnel she’d entered. As her verdant eyes opened and returned to rest upon him, his light shone through the darkness, piercing it, unwilling to allow the shadows to keep their grip. Once more, Alora found herself staring, attempting to memorise every part of his aspect. She licked her lips, a word finally managing to make itself known. DeVeau: Since? It was a bare whisper, a request for him to speak more, so she could continue to get lost in those words, soothed by that voice. Maxwell: ? Taybrim: Oh ::he waved a hand dismissively.:: I was betrothed once. She’s crazy. Maxwell: ? He’d been hurt? Was that what he was saying? She was crazy? If he’d once had a betrothed and nothing had come of it, how could he not have pain from that? Yet, Alora couldn’t focus on those things. Maybe she was the crazy one? Warm. She was so very warm. Alora tried to close her eyes to the images before, to the man that still stood in front of her, his lilting tones rising and following over his words. The music of his voice poured into her, drawing her closer. Maxwell/Taybrim: ? That chasm that had stretched wide, once so insurmountable, now was barely a crack in the ground. Alora crossed it, drawn by the bewitching presence of the man so adored by those under his care. She touched him again, a gentle hand upon his face, fingers stroking his cheek. DeVeau: She must have been crazy, to give you up... Maxwell/Taybrim: ? Deep within that darkness began to stir, roused by the closeness of the man. For a moment, she hesitated, her gentle caress growing still. The drum inside her pounded louder, harder, distracting her from the wraith that writhed deep within, trying to come to the forefront. It rumbled deep below, finding itself confined in chains, tugging against them. Yet she couldn’t fall into its trap, couldn’t listen to its growled warning. Before her was a man, his light far too bright to allow the darkness to consume it, and that light called to her. She had resisted, but now she could no longer do so. Falling into the call of her heart, Alora leaned forward to draw him into a kiss. Maxwell/Taybrim: ? Her breath quickened as she pulled away, the shadows driven to irritation within her. Eyes wide she took a step back. What had she done? The world seemed to close in on her and her arms crossed over her chest, as if warding off the impending consequences of the actions she’d taken. What was going on? What was wrong with her? Her head spun and she stumbled further back, then turned, the mind that had once been so focused on giving in now suddenly screaming at her to leave, to get away from the trap she’d fallen into. Maxwell/Taybrim: ? -- Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau Science Officer Starbase 118 Ops M239008AD0
  6. I'm not sure why this is all in bold, but i wanted to send this out and thank @Sheila Bailey for writing this JP with me! I appreciate you and how much work you put in this with me. ((Flashback, Time Index: 239707.12)) ((Outside Galven’s Quarters, Habitat Area)) Galven: Have you tried using my codes? Munger: ::pained expression:: Of course, I did. It’s not working. German arched his eyebrow and pursed his lips, turning to face the door and punched in his codes and just like what Andrea said, it didn’t work. He cleared his throat and raised an authoritative voice and used a tone he rarely spoke. Galven: Mom. Open this door. Please acknowledge me or I’ll have security come. Munger: ::leans in and whispers:: Can’t you just use your own command level authorization codes? He raised his hand to shush her and then used his index finger to wiggle a hinted “not right now” as he glanced quickly over at her with a wink. Galven: Computer. Are there any lifesigns present in my quarters? Computer: Confirmed. There are two… one lifesign present. Munger: Does it not know how many people? Galven: ::scratches his ridged chin:: We’ll have to get engineering to look at it. Computer. What’s the percentage of the lifesign’s readings? Computer: Ninety-four… sixteen percent. Now, he didn’t really even know if the computer knew what it was talking about and was thinking that the percentage was probably in between those numbers. He took out his tricorder, then placed the end of it on the panel next to the door, then typed in his authorization codes. GALVEN-GAMMA-ONE-SEVEN-DELTA The door slid open and he rushed inside to find his mother in the rec room sitting in a chair, facing towards the window. Although, once he walked around it almost didn’t look like her. She appeared to be much older and worse for wear. It didn’t take him long to figure what was going on. His facial expression must’ve made Andrea wonder what was going on as she [...]ed her head, walking more into the room. Galven: Stay outside, Andrea. Munger: German, she requires medical attention. I’ll need to take he-- Galven: That’s an order, Lieutenant. ::glances back with a stern expression:: With a huff and holding both her hands up, then bringing them right back down, she shook her head and headed out. He could see her frustrations and confusion as she turned facepalming out of the apartment. German returned his attention to the much older Denobulan sitting in the chair. Galven: What… When are you from? Old Aza: ::wearily smirks:: You’re smarter than I remember. ::slowly turns her head, glancing up at him:: Of course, you were. I raised you. Galven: You didn’t answer my question. ::walks in front of her, obstructing the view outside the window:: When are you from? Old Aza: ::shakes her head:: I don’t need to tell you that. ::glances at the tricorder in his hands:: You’re more than capable of figuring that out yourself. ::smiles, then glances back up at him:: Just like when you first met Taelon. Now, he didn’t really like being trolled and egged on by his mother, but it was worse when a future version of herself did it. He raised his tricorder and ran some initial temporal signature scans and at first, he thought it was a malfunction when the results illuminated on the screen. So he restarted it and redid the work again. Old Aza: It’s going to read the same thing every time, German. 237 years old, 264704.17 Galven: Why did you come back to this time period? Aza: To stop you from what you’re about to do. ((End Flashback)) ((German D. Galven Sr. Remembrance Garden, Denobula)) While there was some downtime between his multiple medical procedures, German was told by a distant relative that his great great grandfather was buried next to the area where he had been killed by a wayward Klingon. As he read the plaque telling of his family's history in front of a large round garden, he recalled when his mother had traveled to his present. Especially the words spoken by both current and future Denobulan women. Older Aza spoke of him in the past tense. Old Aza: ::wearily smirks:: You’re smarter than I remember. ::slowly turns her head, glancing up at him:: Of course, you were. I raised you. From the sound of it, German had a pretty good idea on what that meant for him. He wouldn't be alive at the time when his mother traveled to his present. Also the fact of the matter when his current mother tried to stop him from what he was going to do during the Borg mission and yet he still did it. A little less than a month had gone by since he left the StarBase. Which meant that he was now at least thirty years older. He and a few other scientists were working around the clock, no pun intended, to get the temporal anomaly in his body back under control. He would be lying to himself if he ever thought he wasn't worried about his situation. Fortunately for him, Denobulans had an average life span of 350 years and since he was around 63 years old, that meant he had a little less than two hundred, eighty days to go to find a cure. The optimist in him was hopeful. German sat down at a nearby bench and ran his hands through his hair, realizing he wanted to talk to a friend to get away from the strain of the stress he was under. It had been a few days since he spoke with Alora and reminded himself to get in touch with another. As he took out his personal PADD, he tapped the command to start a video call. Sheila had been in her quarters on the Starbase. The crew’s traditional end of mission awards ceremony had been a few days ago. Since then her brain was still processing everything that had happened. Yet she hadn’t stopped to let her brain do the actual processing. Piles of paperwork needed doing now that she was CMO. Plus she had a new office to move into; a completely new space to get used to. However on this particular day the new CMO had been about ready to give up. Alistair had barked his head off all day any time she so much as moved. She had been about to crawl into bed when her computer went off. Sheila would have been irritated at such a disturbance if the call had been from work, after such a long day, yet seeing it was an old friend she smiled. German could never make her mad. So she grabbed her laptop and answered the call from bed. Bailey: =/\= Hey. =/\= Galven: =/\= Long time no see, stranger. ::smiles:: =/\= Bailey: =/\= How are you doing? =/\= Galven: =/\= Oh, you know, living the life on my home planet. It's actually quite serene. =/\= Bailey: =/\= I hope it’s a nice place. =/\= Sheila remembered when German and her went to the holodeck. He had shown her his home back on earth. She only hoped wherever German was, was just as nice. However playing on her mind was the fact he had left. Yet Sheila, in her heart of hearts, knew that whatever his reasons were they had been right for him. An act that Sheila herself knew all too well. It might have seemed strange to others around him despite the need for it all. Galven: ::nods:: =/\= I'm enjoying it so far, but I'd rather be there with the crew. Bailey: =/\= You didn’t say goodbye. =/\= That was true. The only people he saw before he left were a select few which included Sal, Alora, Andrea, and Wyn. He couldn't bring himself to face the others because of his selfish actions during the mission. Galven: ::runs his hand through his hair, sighing:: =/\= I know and I'm sorry. I haven't been in the right state of mind and was too ashamed. =/\= Bailey: =/\= I know you're likely going through a lot. I respect your choices. You did what was best. ::Sheila had to do what was best, leaving herself too, once upon a time:: =/\= Galven: =/\= I'm not sure if it was the best option for momentary leave. I don't know what would've been the best option. =/\= Bailey: =/\= Tell me, what’s Denobula like? =/\= One of many things that he liked about Sheila was that she would sway the conversation elsewhere. Even though the main topic was still relevant, it was nice of his friend to talk about something else with him. Galven: =/\= Incredible. Mostly due to the fact that the weather is at a constant temperature. A bit cold for some species I'd imagine. Also one would think the population would be rampant, but it's under control. =/\= Bailey herself actually didn’t mind a bit of cold weather despite having grown up in a humid environment. Actually, as strange as it was, the weather being a common, boring conversation starter, it was nice to hear about. Made her long for a bit of that crisp fresh air German described. Bailey: =/\= The population? =/\= Galven: =/\= Due to the multiple Denobulan marriages per household, the required amount of children is two per couple. It's not a law though so it's not necessarily strictly enforced. =/\= Bailey: =/\= Oh. That’s much different than on Elaysia. =/\= Galven: =/\= By the way, I heard that you made chief medical officer. Congrats! Have you been working more? =/\= Bailey: =/\= ::A slight blush formed at her friend's complement:: Thank you. A few long days as of late. =/\= A short stinging pain caused him to lurch forward. German hadn't felt that before and it was coming from the right side of his temple. If he was able to describe the sensation, it would be as if he was having a migraine. As he regained composure, he had an idea and came back into the video frame. Sheila leaned forward when German cried out. Now she was scared. Her sister’s had been in pain the last time she saw them; Sheila didn’t want the same for German. Plus it made her heart ache even more knowing her best friend was miles away. She couldn’t be there to make sure he pulled through any medical emergencies that came up. Bailey: =/\= German! Are you okay? =/\= Galven: =/\= I tripped on something. ::grimaces:: No need to worry. ::forces a smile:: I have sort of a medical question for you. =/\= oO Please don’t tell me bad news. Oo Bailey: =/\= I’ll answer as best I can. =/\= Galven: =/\= What is the pituitary adrenal system? =/\= The answer had a much more complicated answer than Sheila could likely give. The pituitary adrenal system was a connection of more than one system; the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands. These three systems connected to the brain acting on many important hormones in the body. Overall the pituitary adrenal system affected one’s reactions to stress as well as affecting digestion, the immune system, mood and emotions, sexuality, and energy storage and expenditure. It was not her major field of study yet it connected to so many systems in a person's body that it was best she knew the facts. Bailey: =/\= In the short of it the pituitary adrenal system is made up of multiple systems. All of which affect the body’s hormones. Stress is a major factor. =/\= Galven: =/\= Stress? That might be useful. Would you do me a big favor, Sheila? =/\= Bailey: =/\= Anything within reason of course. =/\= Galven: =/\= Well, could you ask Taelon about the effects nanotechnology has on it? I wonder if my… the nervous system modulates the cortisol levels faster as some sort of rapid regeneration process within the pituitary cells. =/\= German had a feeling that what he said was going to make Sheila wonder why he was talking about this. He also knew that she was going to give a plethora of information so he pulled up another page on the PADD and started to document their conversation through a voice to text feature. Bailey: =/\= Cortisol, which is often known as the stress hormone regulates many bodily functions as you likely know. Sugar levels, the metabolism, reducing inflammation, and assisting with memory formulation. I’m not sure what you’re getting at. =/\= Galven: =/\= Just humor me for the moment, please. It's important. =/\= Bailey: =/\= ::At that Sheila went on giving information hoping at least some of it would be useful:: If one hormone in either system is off a lot functions can be affected. =/\= Galven: =/\= And where does cortisol come into play? =/\= Bailey: =/\= Cortisol is made in the adrenal glands, which are located on top of the kidneys. A high level of cortisol can become a health condition called Cushing syndrome; which can cause weight gain in specific areas, slow healing and stretch marks. =/\= That didn't sound too good. Weight gain would be okay being that he was fairly thin for his size, but the slow healing process wasn't exactly ideal. Now that he knew that, German made a mental note to be ready for anything. The pain he had just a few minutes ago was something else. He nodded at her to keep going. Galven: =/\= How fast would the weight gain be? I imagine that the person affected would grow as well, right? =/\= Bailey: =/\= The relation to growth? It’s not clear the effects but extreme stress can, during fundamental periods of growth, can stunt it. =/\= He noticed that a couple people, one being his son, were walking up the path towards him. The other was his primary physician. German nodded at them and lifted his index finger, signaling that he was almost done with his video call. They waited on the other side of the garden. He glanced back at Sheila, noticing she was in deep thought. Sheila didn’t want to leave anything out. It was overall bad practice to leave facts out. Until you knew exactly what was going on every little thought, direction, would need to be shared, listed out to give a full picture of what was likely to happen. Now Sheila wasn’t going to lie, she was nervous. Nervous as to why her friend was asking her all about these medical topics. What possible trouble could he be in that he needed to know all this for? An experiment perhaps? Yeah, she went with that as it at least settled her nerves somewhat. Bailey: =/\= I suppose that growth hormone, which is made in the pituitary gland, could affect the rate of cell division and growth. Since growth hormone comes from a protein formation and assists in stimulating growth, cell reproduction and cell regeneration. =/\= Galven: =/\= Sounds like a lot of fun things to go through. ::sighs and then tries to force a smile:: You've been a wealth of knowledge, Sheila. =/\= Bailey: =/\= I wouldn’t exactly call it fun. I’ll always be here to assist but is there anyway you’d tell me what’s going on? =/\= Galven: =/\= I don't want to say much, but what you told me, I hope that it can be reversed. ::glances over at Naylin and Vlottis, his physician, then back to Sheila:: I'm going to have to cut this short, but I'll definitely get a hold of you again. =/\= Bailey: =/\= You better, I don’t want you to disappear on me. Ever! =/\= Galven: =/\= You'll see me again once I'm all better, Sheila. By the way, I accidentally left my ferret in my quarters. Take good care of him and don't you worry about a thing. Oh, and one more thing. =/\= German really hoped that he wasn't lying to her about seeing him again. All of the valuable information she gave him was giving the Denobulan more encouragement, yet still scared about the outcome if he wasn't going to make it. Fortunately, he was on a planet where science ruled over anything else. Sheila felt it was a very Geram personality trait to forget things. It was likely too that he had left in a rush; sometimes doing what was most important was like that. Maybe it was a blessing that the little creature had been left behind; something that she could hold on to. Yet it made her heart ache. All their medical talk had indirectly let her know that when German came back he wasn’t going to be the same. Of course people changed, it was a fact of life, yet in this situation it did feel like she was going to lose a part of her best friend. In the meantime, with so much distance between them, they could only keep staying strong; let the circumstances be turned into something positive. Bailey: =/\= Yes? =/\= Galven: =/\= Take good care of yourself and don't take anything for granted. What you have there with the crew is something we have special. It's going to be our one year anniversary on that glorious StarBase in just a few days. Keep making memories. =/\= Bailey: =/\= Happy anniversary. I’ll have something in your honor to celebrate. German, ::sad smile:: you stay strong yourself, whatever you’re going through, make sure you don’t forget what you’re fighting for. You come back to us now you hear. I’m going to have a lot to update you on. =/\= When the call ended Sheila wanted to cry. The situation was extremely similar to what she experienced with her sisters. Granted back then she had been in German’s position. Having to leave, heal, not sure when to return. She hadn’t seen her sisters in years, not even a video call. Yet she knew too that German was strong enough to pull through. Long distance was hard and now that he was back home on Denobula Sheila trusted him to find a support system there for him. For Sheila too she would spend the time until his return building up her own strong support. When German does come back she would be ready to support him too as not only his doctor, if that’s what he chooses, but more importantly his friend. With a smile and a wave and the video link faded away, he turned to Naylin and Vlottis after he saved the notes taken into a file. German now knew somewhat of his situation and needed to get his stress levels down, but how would be the best question. Before he could get to his son, he stumbled a little which caused some kind of problem as he started to collapse. Naylin ran over, trying to catch his father who was trying his best to shield the PADD by pressing it into his chest. The pain started again and it was just too much for German, causing him to pass out right in the middle of his family's remembrance garden. ----- Lieutenant German Galven Science Officer StarBase 118 - USS Narendra V239507GG0 & Lieutenant Sheila Bailey Chief Medical Officer Starbase 118 Ops M239512BG0 No woman should ever suffer at the hands of men - Sara Lance; Legends Of Tomorrow
  7. Did anyone catch what the two names were that the Barzan botanist called his two daughters after Barzan II moons? I couldn't quite understand what he said.
  8. I was just about to post this as well. Incredible quality and effort in capturing the raw emotion @Sheila Bailey!!
  9. Ops went with a film noir theme! Here's gangster Nalni's quote, "That's life. Whichever way you turn, fate sticks out a foot to trip you."
  10. The first two minutes of Discovery season 3 is out on YouTube right now! I have no idea what's going on, but it's pretty intense. Go check it out! I'm not going to post the link because there's mild language so view at your own discretion.
  11. I chose other because while I love the rivalries between Picard/Janeway and the Borg Queen, I'm going to have to say between Picard and Q. Mainly for the fact that Q was a pain in Picard's side each time he appeared on TNG. Q's antics were more for Picard to learn a lesson, but the ways he went around it caused everyone to be in danger.
  12. Also there's a reference to a "Gary Mitchell" at the end so I looked him up and it's basically making fun of anything canon wise which seems like the writers are merely poking fun at us. At least, that's what I got out of this article: https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/star-trek-lower-decks-episode-1-gary-mitchell-easter-egg-joke
  13. I just watched the first episode and it's definitely something. I'm feeling this show is best to watch as if it were a parody and not taken seriously. When I first saw the trailers, I was going on the assumption that the junior officers were the ones that being hellraisers and didn't act as an officer should. But after what I just saw, even the senior crew are just as incompetent. No First Officer wouldn't get something checked out like a bite from a different planet. Plus, the episode's meaning is more or less about the senior officers only getting recognition for other people's work which I've never seen that kind of attitude in other Trek series.
  14. Happy Birthday! 

  15. Congratulations to every single one of you! Thank you for everything you do with your incredible enthusiasm and making Starbase 118 the most fun experience possible! The amount of time and effort everyone puts into the game as well as the community as a whole is amazing to witness day in and day out! It is such a humbling experience to be writing with such talented writers! All well deserved and special shout out to the newer members of the fleet, keep up being the best at what you do and I look forward to seeing your names next year! Without you and every person here, 118 wouldn't be as much of a great opportunity as it is today! Again, Thank YOU!
  16. Great ending to a honorable Klingon warrior @Sal Taybrim!! ((Inside Main Production Facility, Vonkoth II)) K’Parg of the house of Morpok was young, brash, straightforward and honest. He was the second youngest son of Mat’pon, a warrior of little glory but steadfast honor. His had always been a support house, standing behind those with strong ideals and strong honor. He was not afraid to die today. In fact, ensuring that his Commander could retrieve the qulCha’par through a fight rather than dying to torture or poison was the best honor he could hope for. May Lofsha carry his deeds back home to his family and may his younger brother rise up, supported by the story of his honor and serve the Empire well and honorably. K’parg had no regrets. He knew that Sto’vo’kor would welcome him this day. K’parg: Win the war, Commander! I die with honor today! He rushed Korv and slammed the older Klingon back against the wall in a stunning blow. His display was enough to provide plenty of cover and he heard a blast door close behind him. The qulCha’par would fly today, for the glory of the Empire. Korv: ::at two guard minions who were punching back the prisoners:: Shoot them! You are members of the Cult of Molor. No need for hand-to-hand, imbeciles. Just shoot! Gach’ah: ::stomps to where Lofsha was seen last:: Where is the Commander?! How did she break free?! The fight wasn’t exactly fair. Korv had weapons and all his limbs free, K’parg was unarmed and shackled, still, he fought like a demon, feeling the crunch of armor and bone on his opponent even as he was battered to his knees. His face was split and bleeding from a second hit, but he knew his commander was well on her way to striking back. K’parg: You think you will win, you honorless pig? You will only be remembered for your treachery and your death will be used as an example of what happens when you betray your name! He took a kick to the chest for that statement and he smiled, a vicious tooth smile. Did that hurt? Good. No amount of physical pain could match the honorless death these two would face. Korv: ::calling out above the battle cries and noise:: Your Captain will not make it far. She is but one, our Brothers and Sisters are plenty! They will catch her, ::more to himself:: and when they do… ::trails off while kicking a prisoner, who was already sprawled on the floor, in the stomach with his heavy boot:: Gach’ah: ::sneers:: You will call for your Captain and your life will be spared! Despite the pain, the growing roster of broken bones and the flowing blood, K’parg smiled. He stood on his feet the best he could, pleased at the damage he had been able to cause to his enemies despite limitations. If they were asking for his help it meant they were scared that she would succeed. They should be. Lofsha and the crew of the qulCha’par would succeed. K’parg: I will not. She will kill you and bring your cult to its knees. Korv: ::raises his firearm, aiming it squarely at K’parg:: Finally, you will meet your end. Dishonorably restrained and killed by a lame, one eyed Klingon. You will not reach StoVoKor! His smile widened, blood staining his teeth. K’parg: I have been honorable and loyal to my last breath. Kahless will welcome me in StoVoKor. Gach’ah: ::huffs:: There is no such place! Where you're going will be nothing, but emptiness and despair! Now he was sure this cult was done for. Even if he died, he was sure he would be welcomed in the halls of StoVoKor. Them denying its existence only cemented his belief. They were the ones who lived in fear. They were the ones who knew they were damned. They wanted to shake his resolve in his last moments. But K’parg of the house of Morpok would not be swayed. K’parg: You lie to yourself, and you know it. You are afraid of death, because you have lived a life without honor. I am not afraid. Korv: ::laughing loudly:: Whaha! Idiot. Show him boss, what we do with people that speak nonsense. That hit home. The honorless swine walked forward, grabbing K’parg and landing punishing blows, the sort of horrific violence that was pushed by self-loathing and internal doubt. K’oarg had no doubt that Gach’ah hatred was less to do with K’parg himself – he was only speaking the truth, but fueled by Gach’ah own inner failures, hatred, and lack of honor. Korv: ::annoyed:: Hey!:: oO Great. He does it again. Ruining my bit of fun. Oo ::sighs and steps back:: Gach'ah: ::leans in, inches away from K'parg's face:: Join the Cult of Molor and you will be rewarded a bountiful of treasures and gifts from the Orion Syndicate. We can give you what the Empire cannot… A chance to live. Through the blood and the pain, K’parg’s dark eyes fixed upon Gach’ah and he spoke clearly. K'parg: I have lived more in these last few honorable moments that you will even live in your entire honorless life. You will choke upon your lies and if you are lucky a Klingon will kill you before the Orion Syndicate shoves a knife in your back. That was it. Gach’ah pulled the trigger and K’parg slumped backwards. He died as he lived, blunt, honest and honorable. Today was a good day to die. ~*~ ~fin~ ~*~ MSNPC Sogh K’Parg First Officer IKS qulCha’par
  17. German was just about to head out towards the red carpet, but his mother stopped him and now she's his plus 1. It wasn't his choice. Mrs. Galven: My son is single in case anyone was wondering... I would like grandchildren!
  18. Welcome to our little rabbit hole @gtrekkie!! We do like any kind of trekkie, new or veteran! If you have any questions, comments, and/or anything else, please let anyone know! We're a welcoming community of nerds!
  19. Clearly German has no idea how Klingon shuttlecrafts work 😂
  20. Thanks @Sheila Bailey!! Although, let's give credit where it's due and acknowledge all the outstanding writers such as yourself for showing me and others learning how to write creatively. I wouldn't have been able to get something like this out two years ago before joining the fleet 🙂
  21. All thanks goes to @Ayiana Sevo for asking me to write a JP with her! Here's hoping for more to follow! I had a blast writing with you and thank you for the opportunity to explore both of our character development!
  22. ((OOC - I've combined both of the players posts. This was all tag style and not a JP. Incredible job you two!)) ((Sickbay, StarBase 118 Ops)) Bailey had worked on her engineering project for most of the day before her body needed sleep. The next day it seemed she had a few tasks to do before she could relax again; not for long. She had a few medical exams to conduct and a meeting with First Officer Nijil to set up. Sheila had rolled into sickbay in her wheelchair rather early ready to start her day. The woman seemed to arrive just as her first patient did. Without hesitation she entered sickbay and was immediately welcomed by Dr. Bailey, who was expecting her. Bailey: Ms. Casparian. Good to see you. Casparian: Hello Lieutenant Bailey, good to see you again as well. I hope I did not keep you waiting? Bailey: Not at all I got here only a few minutes ago. Why don’t you follow me and hop up on a biobed? Casparian: Certainly. ::walks towards the biobed:: With a small hop, she sat herself on the biobed and let her legs casually rock back and forth a bit. Going to medical facilities was not her favorite pastime, but it didn’t make her particularly nervous either. Her inquisitive eyes looked around the sickbay almost with childlike curiosity. Bailey could tell that the woman was maybe a bit nervous, most people were no matter how routine the appointment was. Bailey: ::gathered her tools as she talked:: How are you feeling? Casparian: At the moment, I feel fine. ::chuckles:: Well, except for the bruise on my shin from the chair I bumped into this morning, ::reaches down and rubs the sore spot:: but that’s nothing. She was used to having bruises, sometimes the smallest bump or pinch would cause her to bruise up, and other times, with similar bumps or pinches, nothing happened. It had been like this for as long as she could remember and other than it being not very attractive when showing bare legs or arms, it did not really bother her. Bailey nodded at that. Bruises were normal and nothing to worry about unless they happened without warning or a good wack to a limb. The doctor was sure it was nothing but her mind always went to the worst first as a precaution. Bailey: Do you mind if I take a look at it? Casparian: Not at all. ::smiles and keeps her leg still:: Go right ahead. Bailey: Standard checks. I’m sure it’s nothing. Bailey waved her medical tricorder in a gesture to indicate that she was going to use it and if it was okay. Even if she never directly asked she always wanted to make sure the patient was comfortable with her using it. Romyana had no issues with tricorders, so she returned a smiley nod. Medical tricorders were a specialized variant of the one she used every day at work herself. They were simply scanning devices. Casparian: I know that I bruise up quickly, but they disappear easily too. ::shrugs:: Always been like this. Bailey: Tell me...how have you been sleeping? Any recent health changes I should know about? Casparian: I sleep like a rose, the quarters on the Starbase are very comfortable, I must say! ::turns her eyes up to think:: Anything recent. No. Bailey: Indeed they are. ::The young doctor couldn’t argue with that:: What about your genealogy or speciesology? Sheila had of course taken a look at the patient file but had only really glanced over it. When she saw the note about the genealogy her face developed a small frown. She thought it was then best to ask during the appointment. Casparian: ::nods:: My Grandmother is Vulcan, so I’m… ::hesitates:: mixed. Romyana assumed that the Lieutenant had received her medical files and was therefore familiar with her medical history. Especially the peculiarities that came with her having mixed Human and Vulcan heritage that made her physiology slightly different than normal and the problems this had caused in the past. Long, long ago. That made more sense based on the rest of the file notes now. Bailey: Thanks for the clarification. Now when you were four you were admitted to the hospital? Casparian: Yes, I was admitted into hospital when I was four, because I had suddenly developed some serious complications after a simple infection. That was when the diagnosis was made. ::looks at the tips of her shoes:: It took a year to heal. I don’t remember much of that time. The way it was explained to me was that because my liver is more like a Vulcan one it is built to process copper-based blood cells, but with the rest of me being mostly Human, I have iron-based blood cells and my liver has difficulty coping with that. ::frowns:: An unhappy mix of genes, I suppose. ::upbeat:: I would rather have had pointy ears! She gave a small laugh. This just confirmed slightly for Sheila that Casparian was in fact given a diagnosis of Chronic Cirrhosis of the liver. Now just for some basic questions so Sheila could understand how the illness affected her new friend. Bailey: Chronic Cirrhosis of the liver? Casparian: Yes, and because I was still so young, after treatment, the liver could adapt and it stabilized. It has been for all those years now. Bailey: Good, good. I have some basic questions to ask you about it if you don’t mind? I want to understand your experience with it in order to tailor your care. Casparian: Naturally, feel free to ask me anything. I’ll do my best to answer. This didn’t come as a surprise to the ensign, she always had some sort of check-ins with physicians to monitor her condition and she hadn’t expected it to be any different this time. Bailey: A number of symptoms can occur as well as indicate the severity of the scarring. Tell me how do you typically feel on average? Casparian: I feel fine. I’m not particularly tired, not nauseous, no pain. I try to eat healthy and I don’t drink alcohol or synthahol for that matter - just to be safe. Bailey: That’s great to hear. Nothing sounds too severe then. Casparian: Indeed, I don't really notice anything of it in my daily life, except for the easy bruising, but that comes and goes. ::shrugs:: Bailey: You also don’t have any skin or eye discoloration from what I can see so no jaundice. ::slight pause:: If you don’t mind I would like you to lay down flat on the biobed. I would like to do a simple test to check on your liver. Sheila gave Casparian some time to adjust herself on the bed. This also gave Sheila s minute or two to adjust herself as well so that she could perform the test. Casparian: Um, okay. ::calmly lies back on the biobed and waits for Bailey to be ready too.:: Doctor Bailey sure was being thorough. The chief medical officer on the station where Romyana had done her cadet cruise had simply looked at the file, nodded, asked if she was fine and told her to come back if anything changed. Admittedly, she preferred Bailey’s approach - it felt more reassuring. Bailey: I’m going to give a few hard taps to you midsection on the side where your liver is. It shouldn’t hurt plus it should be fairly quick. Just tell me when you're ready. Casparian: Okidoki. I’m ready when you are. ::smiles comfortably:: Bailey: No pain? Bailey had given a few precise taps to Casparian’s abdomen. In doing so she couldn’t feel an enlargement of the liver, no unusual sounds. Everything seemed fine. Sheila had known it would be but as a doctor this was a reassuring piece of information. Casparian: No, didn’t hurt a bit. ::places her own hands on her abdomen, just below her rib cage, clasping her fingers:: What’s the verdict, Doc? Will I live? ::laughs:: Bailey: ::Small laugh:: Of course you will. Romyana had been calm and quiet during the test so the doctor could concentrate on palpitating her midsection, which felt pretty uncomfortable but certainly not painful. To Bailey this meant that she was in a fit mental state as well. Quite good. Now it was done, the ensign figured she could be a bit more lighthearted and joke - after all, it was nice to have a laugh at work sometimes, also for medical officers. Casparian: I assume you will want me to come into sickbay for regular checks? How often were you thinking? ::props herself up on her elbows:: I’m good with anything you propose. Bailey: I think we can start with just a regular yearly check. If we need to have more we can Casparian: Allright. ::sits up straight and speaks in a more serious tone:: What about you? Are you okay? I mean, now that I see you at work, I realize how difficult it really is for you to move around in these gravity conditions. Sheila leaned back in her wheelchair at that. For a moment she could feel every rough contact point her exoskeleton made with her body. Her body felt numb with the slight sudden shock of someone actually carrying for her in her work environment. Bailey: I’m doing as well as I can. I won’t lie and say I have an easy time. However I want to thank you for helping me. For half a second Sheila wanted to tell Casparian about her uncle. How she wasn’t 100% in a good place. But the need left as quickly as it came. No, she was going to tell Nijil first. But she could smile knowing she had such a great friend with her. For a fleeting moment it seemed as if Sheila was going to say something else, though Romyana could have been mistaken and replied amicably, while bringing her legs back to dangle over the edge of the biobed and pushing herself off it with a tiny hop. Casparian: Oh, you mean the other day when Rustyy and I tinkered around to improve your forearm crutches and leg braces? That’s alright, it was really no effort. I think they turned out pretty good. Bailey: You are helping make things better. Casparian: ::speaks with a serious and genuine tone:: Thank you Sheila. I appreciate the compliment. Of course, the same goes for you. Romyana watched as the Aleysian woman settled herself back in her wheelchair. It was impressive that she'd decided to join Starfleet knowing that she’d have to work and live for the most part in much more difficult conditions than many other species. The young Ensign doubted if she would have been brave enough to do the same if she were in Sheila’s position. With that Sheila returned back to a professional manner. Their appointment time was almost up. Bailey: With that I think you're all set to go. On your way out your welcome to schedule your next appointment with one of the nurses. ::At that she paused. Deep breath.:: as a friend before you go mind if I offer a hug? Casparian: Okay, I'll do that. ::glances back at the door listening to Sheila’s question:: That is awfully nice of you! Of course you can. With that the two women gave a short embrace. Romyana was not used to receiving affection like this, her parents were not the cuddly kind, it was something she missed growing up. After, Bailey smiled giving a small two finger wave, her middle and pointer finger waving. The appointment went well, no reason for more appointments at this moment in time. Patient seemed to be in both fine physical and mental health based on her exam results as well as reactions to said test. It was a smile knowing she had a great friend. One she cared for as well as one that cared for her. Casparian: I’m sure we’ll catch up again later. ::heads out of sickbay:: Ciao! The appointment went well, the Doctor seemed not only very knowledgeable but also very caring towards her patients, which Romyana appreciated a lot. And Sheila had said she considered her a friend, that was a very nice compliment to get and she shared the sentiment for the Elaysian woman. Life on this Starbase was looking better by the day. ------ Lieutenant JG Sheila Bailey Medical Officer Starbase 118 Ops M239512BG0 "Ta-er al-Safar" - the Canary; No woman should ever suffer at the hands of men - (Quotes) Sara Lance; Legends Of Tomorrow Ensign Romyana Casparian Engineering Officer Starbase 118 Ops O239703RC0 * * * Live your dreams, don't dream your life * * *
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