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  1. @Oriana Whedon @Psychofireman22 @Maddi Hyden Welcome to the Fleet guys! You'll find that our little rabbit hole is quite the fun place to experience community and friends. So, if you have any trouble with anything, let one of us know and we'll be more than happy to help! Happy simming!
  2. Somewhere in the middle of Tholian territory where they and the Klingons are fighting and then the Borg and some other baddies show up.
  3. Welcome to the fleet everyone! Glad you guys found our little rabbit hole! If you need any help or have any questions, any one of us will gladly help!
  4. Do scientists need a warning though?


  5. German is curious about everything and being that he has a major in Xenobiology and a minor in Xenology, he would love to approach a new species. However, he's not that good at any diplomatic role just yet. He tends to be a little overzealous at times. He's still learning. Ensign German Galven Science Officer USS Veritas NCC-95035 V239507GG0
  6. Being that my character was in a transporter accident, he now prefers the shuttle crafts. lol Ensign German Galven Science Officer USS Veritas NC-95035 V239507GG0
  7. Welcome to the fleet @Izzster! You'll have a lot of fun here. It's my first RPG as well. Luckily, everyone here is so helpful and patient with us newbies. Just remember to have fun! 😃 ----- Ensign German Galven Science Officer USS Veritas NC-95035 V239507GG0
  8. Welcome you both to the fleet! Glad you guys found this rabbit hole. You will have lots of fun! 😃 Ensign German Galven Science Officer USS Veritas NC-95035 V239507GG0
  9. Welcome to the fleet you guys! You'll have lots of fun simming with us! Glad you guys found this rabbit hole Ensign German Galven Science Officer USS Veritas NC-95035 V239507GG0
  10. I've been simming for two months now and I feel this is the best way to play an RPG. It's so well constructed and easy to navigate around. At least see if you like training first! -Dane
  11. German's dream is to one day be in command of a science ship. One of his majors in Xenobiology and Zephyr on Discord mentioned the Darwin-A. Kind of a tongue-in cheek reference since he enjoys researching species and other forms of life. Ensign German Galven Science Officer USS Veritas NC-95035 V239507GG0
  12. Welcome to the fleet! We have a Australian writer who sims for a Unicorn loving Scottish woman. I bet you two would get along as well as everyone else!
  13. Lovar: A Captain's Commendation?! Damn, German, great job! :: German gave him a big smile. :: Galven: Thank you, Lorian! ::picks up his ribbon:: Hopefully, another mission we’ll work side by side. You deserve a medal just by putting up with me. ::winks and laughs:: Lovar: Who says I didn't get one? ::He grins:: If they were counting dealing with you I'd be fleet admiral by now. & :: German was staring right at her, like a starved dog at a steak. Mouth slightly open, eyes practically heart shaped. He had seen this look before many a time. German had a crush. And Lorian was going to milk this opportunity like a rancher to a cow. He nudged German. :: Lovar: Taking an interest in the Lieutenant Commander I see. Galven: ::flushed and embarrassed:: ...What? She looks good! Lovar: Looks good, eh. I don't think "looking good" warrants your jaw on the floor. If that was true every time I entered a room I'd hear "Duh nuh.... Duh nuh... Duh nuh..." :: He was referencing an old shark movie from the 1970s. The name had slipped his mind but he knew German would get it. :: Btw, don't know to put it in a quote box.
  14. There's people on my roof and hammering away. Maybe if I make it sound like it has a beat, I can dance to it

  15. I graduated the Academy! Can't wait for what's next! 

  16. I live in Northwest Arkansas! The town next to me is the Walmart mothership. Moved here 11 years ago. I'm still getting used to this vastly growing area.
  17. Hey guys! My name is Dane. 31 years old. My character's name is German Galven. I currently live in Arkansas, but have lived all over. I was raised in the military. I found out about your group through another member on a discord server. I was raised by trekkies, but didn't fully get involved until recently when the new Star Wars movies came out and jumped away from that mess. I'm glad I found this and hopefully I'll gain more knowledge about how to navigate myself around here. I also like short walks to the fridge and long naps. I'm Garfield in person.
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