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  1. POUNCE!!! 😍 ((Starbase 118 Ops - Parvana’s Quarters)) Blue and green, or red and orange? Parvana peered into the mirror, holding up one outfit, then another. The warm tones reminded one of the sun that sat high in the brilliant sky, raining down its warmth upon all below. Yet, the cooler ones automatically put in one’s mind the sea, it’s hues shifting in its depths. Eventually, she decided on the green and blue. Though darker, they did match the crystalline blue of her eyes more closely. Once dressed, she turned once more to her image and posed, turned, then posed
  2. Going to have to go with "Resistance is futile". The sheer nature of the Borg still gives me the wibblys even now aged 38.........
  3. Loved this. ❤️ ----- ((Holodeck Recovery Room - Neurology Center, Denobula)) The surgery had been successful. At least for German's issue with his pituitary gland causing him to age rapidly. When he fainted in his family's memorial garden he was in his sixties. Now that two and a half months went by, he was now in his mid one hundred and thirties. Some wear and tear on his face and hair could be seen, but Denobulans lived up to be around three hundred and fifty years old. German wasn't even almost middle aged since that'd be in about forty years. It d
  4. Personally, actually make some headway with writing my book, and also get some brushtime with my various stalled miniatures projects. As for 118, OOC get back on track with the Training Team after a false start (1 Ghost before an LOA), get stuck into my History Team project and see what I can do as a possible FNS Writer IC, get Max his third pip. Commander is the goal this year!
  5. *shamelessly steals the black and white idea from @Sal Taybrim….*
  6. "The little not-fox Fox like creature popped up and farted away from them.." Leaking power cells I presume? 😂😂
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