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Found 12 results

  1. Ok, got a question for you? We know that if you turn off the safe guards in a holodeck then bullets become real, cars can run you over and phasers can kill. Keeping that in mind, if all safe guards are turned off could you order up an emergency comms transmitter through the holodeck and actually transmit and receive a signal?
  2. Looking for some help. I am looking at playing with a mobile holographic emitter project that my IC will be working on. Based on our current timeline has there been any work already done with MHE's that I can feed off of? Would there be any reason why I could not develop one at this point in our timeline? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Joel/Jack Kessler
  3. Anybody else reading this? I got sent the first one through work and I’m about halfway through it now. S’pretty fun! It’s positioned as a big wrap up for the current Trek Expanded Universe but I’ve felt really that’s it’s fairly more accessible than I was expecting as a single novel experience. I’ve been slightly disconnected from the current EU aside from a few novels here and there but I’ve been pretty pleased with it so far. I was just curious if anyone here were planning on trying them out.
  4. Prepare the younguns: Another animated series for Star Trek is on its way, due 2021.
  5. Hello. I went through all my files that I saved over the years. All the ideas for possible stories that I want to write and I found one of them. I think I created this idea around 2009. Somewhere. Called Star Trek: The Fourth Dimension. Something to do with either a time ship or a ship with a temporal warp core that got lost through time. I even had a full credits list of who starred in them. It was supposed to be an idea for a possible TV show. In the time after ENT ended and we entered this period where we needed another Star Trek show or we can't live without one. So I created one. Or tried to. This was my synoposis. The Story starred Captain Lewis C. Kirk and his crew transported through time, became lost and tried to find a way home. Like Voyager only its temporal. The "Time Ship" is able to go into different dimensions and time. The ship can create a rip in time and space in order to go to different universes. Kind of like Doctor Who...in a sense... At that time, because I was young as it was around 2009, I didnt know a lot of rules. So, my story kinda contradicts with what Paramount considers original. Like for example, Lewis C. Kirk is the great grand nephew of the famous James T. Kirk. Fixable. Meaning, I have a chance to either delete him or give him a new name. The First officer is a half human-half Romulan female. The second officer is a male Vulcan. I have a chief engineer named John "Scotty" Jessen who's a....you guessed it. Scottish. My creativity wasnt very good back then. I was creative, but it had its limits. I also created a new race called the Melorians. They have "special" powers. They are telepathic and have the ability to go through walls. They do have their limits. I even have a half human, half Melorian that shares the same powers but with its own limits. There is a recharge limit. He has to rest everytime he goes through walls. And the thicker the walls, the longer he has to rest. ALSO.....he is the only one of his race with the ability to become......invisible. Yup. Invisible. Its very rare its like a genetic abnormality. Also, he is also born deaf due to his ears being malformed. He became deaf and has special devices surgically attached to his ears. Essentially, the half Melorian is me. I named him Ensign Toby Ghost Sloan. At that time when I created him, I felt invisible in RL. And I dreamt that I could go through walls lol....anyways. The last two, or maybe three. Doctor Zora Nebulae is the CMO. She is a non native of the Alpha Quaduant as she is from the Delta Quaduant. I won't reveal much of her. I do have her written down completely, but spoilers. You understand. Anyways, I can tell you this though. I named her Nebulae for a special reason. Her green skin color can change depending on her mood and she is capable of healing. I'm assuming its a special ability that she has that she can heal without the use of technology. That's all I can say...She is and will remain a mystery. Secondly, I also have a strange combination of half Klingon half Cardassian who is a literal tank and is ten times stronger OR has ten times the strength of a Klingon. I will work on that. Finally, I have a ships AI. An Artificial Intelligence called Lomarr. Supposedly similar to Data but with the traits of "Andromeda's" AI, Rommie. But not Rommie in a sense. Similar. Lomarr can be either male or female and I think, they can be both. It's an artificial computer in the form of a human. So.....what do you think? Feel free to bash me, but please, be nice to me. I created all those back in the ancient time that is 2009....or 2010. I want to recreate this story, if it has potential? Maybe you can help me? Or encourage me? Maybe I'll have time to pursue all this idea...
  7. Did anyone catch what the two names were that the Barzan botanist called his two daughters after Barzan II moons? I couldn't quite understand what he said.
  8. Does anyone believe their is a correct way to write for Section 31? I’ve seen it abused in the past way to much which is why so many sims leave it to fleet management or game masters to run them. however I believe if a group actually discussed it and there were rules in place a section 31 mission or arc would bring out some great game play and character development (minus all the abuse).
  9. Hi everyone! I've always been interested in the minor ship classes in Star Trek - the ones that show up for about five seconds in an episode or two or else exist to be blown up in some way or other. My personal favourite of these is the Sydney class (like the USS Jenolan) because it has a design that I just find really neat as a midway point between a shuttle and a larger ship. What's your favourite?
  10. The first two minutes of Discovery season 3 is out on YouTube right now! I have no idea what's going on, but it's pretty intense. Go check it out! I'm not going to post the link because there's mild language so view at your own discretion.
  11. In case you missed it, here's the official trailer: And they've released a clip from the first episode today at Comic-Con@Home:
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