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  1. From http://blog.trekcore.com/2020/08/star-trek-lower-decks-mike-mcmahan-pandemic-delays-international-plans/



    A lot of what we’re doing [for ‘Lower Decks’] unexpectedly got shifted two months earlier, because they were juggling around schedules and stuff. A lot of the different groups in entertainment — when you shuffle that stuff around, they can’t move as fast as [we in production can]. My priorities were keeping everybody on the show healthy — making it the best as possible — and getting it into everybody’s hands as soon as I can, because we’re all [expletive] miserable right now.

    And, I did not know that doing all that stuff was going to end up having to leave UK, and abroad other than Canada hanging for a minute — but it’s not because we don’t love you guys, and it’s not because we don’t want to share ‘Trek’ with you guys. You know, ‘Star Trek’ is universal. ‘Star Trek’ is global.


    So probably in two months for international?

  2. Quote


    @Blake: Wil, I can't access the internal sensor log data. It looks like- oh.

    The man froze, sprung in the act. A woman, clad in little more than a black corset and impractical high-heels, had curled herself around the very uncomfortable-looking Chief Engineer. As soon as he saw Blake, his eyes shut, and he hissed something under his breath.

    Jezebelle: ::Mock Tutting:: *Language*, Commander.

    Blake's eyebrows rose, arms crossing around her chest. The engineer blushed.

    @Wil Ukinix: This is not what it looks like.

    Blake: I mean... it looks like you're having more fun than I am.



    Shore leave has begun. 😎


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  3. ((Holodeck 23, StarBase 118))

    German had been feeling rather nostalgic about the moment when he started training as a cadet two years ago up until more recent days. A little over a year ago, the Denobulan was given the opportunity to become a training officer himself which was one of the more exciting things he enjoys doing. Any time the Academy Commandant would allow him to be either the training commanding officer, first officer, or disguised as a mock cadet, he’d waste little time to get ready to teach the future officers of Starfleet. 

    One of his most memorable classes was with a Risian female cadet named Charlena Vanlith who he had read that she was making a name for herself in the Shoals aboard the USS Veritas. Knowing that there’d be a rough connection due to the tetryon fields that more often than not blocked any way of communication to be sent, German waited for a freighter to be shipped out from Ops to the Shoals. He had spoken with the owner of the freighter if he could send some communication beacon like probes and have them be placed in the direction he went out in space to hopefully be a temporary way to meet with Charlena. 

    As he waited, German had figured up an encryption code so there'd be no way for anyone to break through the firewall. First, he typed in his Denobulan language, translated the first bit of coding to Klingon, and finished with a mix of Trill and El-Aurian. 

    After a few weeks of radio silence, he had been given confirmation that the probe breadcrumbs were set and ready to be turned on. German approached the holodeck and punched in his encryption codes to turn on the bandwidth frequencies inside the probes and transmitted the data between his location to where the Veritas was. He glanced down at his PADD and watched with anticipation as each light illuminated signaling it was working, then German walked into the holodeck. 

    Galven: Lieutenant Vanlith? Can you hear or see me? 

    Vanlith: Commander Galven yes I can hear and see you. How is it on your end? 

    They both had to configure their respective systems to get better holographic imaging software which gained momentum as it began updating. A few seconds went by and while it was still fuzzy in some areas, German could definitely make out the officer in front of him. 

    Galven: Much better. ::smiles:: You're looking more exquisite by the day. 

    Vanlith: ::smiling:: well it is good to see you. It's been far too long. Is it a year? 

    Galven: I believe it has. Since then when we last saw each other during Mei'konda's promotional party, I'm now on Ops. ::chuckles:: Time flies. How have you been?

    Vanlith: I've been good. There's been some changes around here since then which took some getting used to. Teller and Addison leaving and now G'var is off. All for what is best for them so it's not too sad but it's definitely different. Less sea shanties in engineering now. 

    He definitely could still hear Teller's sea shanties in his head whenever German tried to sleep. Being roommates was certainly an adventure. 

    Galven: I understand how you must feel. My first post was the Veritas, then transferred to the Montreal which led me to the short lived Astraeus when just after a few short months, I was transferred to Ops without knowing a single person. It's certainly hard, but remember what you trained for. Sorry for talking so much. How are you holding up?

    Vanlith: I'm doing well. Engineering keeps me on my toes and with us just having dealt with pirates I'm happy that shore leave has come now. 

    Gavlen: Pirates? What happened there?

    Vanlith: It's all rather complicated but some pirates turned up on the Veritas with a Blake from a different universe that they had cotton due to a spore drive. The spore drive had been stolen by a different pirate so we had to get it back. It's all rather weird. 

    Charlena's hologram started to flicker a bit and every now and then while she was talking, there was a noticeable pause in between sentences. While German studied Terran history in primary school, a few of the holo-videos from the mid 20th century until the early 21st century had the same issue on Earth whenever the news was interviewing someone on a different continent. 

    Galven: ::chuckles:: That's the nature of the game. We get involved with some rather… "unique" situations in our line of work. You mentioned an alternate Commander Blake, right? How's she and Captain Rahman doing? 

    Vanlith: I’ll be honest I should probably get to know both of them better. I tend to keep relatively to myself or engineering so I need to branch out to say the least. From what I’ve seen of them they seem good. I know through the grapevine that Blake wasn’t happy with an alternate Blake on board. So I guess she’s still not happy as we still need to get her home.  

    Charlena shuffled slightly and looked down. Recently she had realised how little time she spent with others on the ship and she knew she needed to do something about it. Having been on the ship for over a year she barely knew her own captain's first name let alone anything about her. And she was sure she somehow knew even less about Blake. 

    Vanlith: Urm anyway what's going on for you over there? 

    Even though they were many lightyears apart, German could hear the tone in her voice that Charlena sounded like she was disappointed by what she said. He could relate because there were plenty of people who were missed opportunities for him to get to know. 

    He glanced down at his PADD as his fingers tapped on a few commands which materialized a couple chairs and the holodeck transformed into his apartment's living room on Ops. Although, it caused a few more energy sources which didn't help with the grainy, flickering hologram that was the young engineering officer. 

    Galven: We've actually been on shoreleave for a couple weeks now. ::pauses, then takes a seat:: You're more than welcome to take a seat if you like?

    Vanlith: ::sitting down facing him:: And how has that been? 

    Galven: ::nods:: Pretty eventful. We just recently received quite a few new ensigns as well as a Lt. Commander who actually served on the Veritas as well once upon a time. Did you ever get to meet an Alora DeVeau? 

    Vanlith: I recognise the name, not sure we ever met. 

    Galven: Well, as you know, I'm always one to help people adjust so I've unofficially become the starbase's tour guide. ::chuckles:: If you're ever this way, I'd love to give you a tour too!

    Vanlith: ::chuckling:: Tour guide Galven, you’ll be like Teller next. He gets confused as a bellhop, you’ll be a tour guide. Maybe I should open a hotel and hire you both. But in all seriousness a tour does sound nice if we are ever out your way. I would be nice to actually see you again. And no borg tribbles this time.

    A smirk formed on the right side of his lips. One of his more memorable training classes in the Academy was with Charlena when she took her final exam. Everything was going just as it was programmed to do until a slight curveball came into their way. 

    Galven: ::chuckles:: Hey, I think that was a nice addition to a fairly boring class up until someone couldn't help herself when she picked up that tribble. 

    Vanlith: ::chuckling pretending to be defensive::  Hey it was cute and fluffy. For all I knew it posed no threat. 

    Galven: No, it didn't have to be a Borg tribble. ::smiles:: The look on your face was priceless when you first saw it. Have you come across any more troubling tribbles?

    Vanlith: No tribbles as of yet. It would be funny but I think I’d get in trouble for trying to keep one.

    Galven: ::rubs his ridged chin and sticks his index finger upward:: Tell you what! I believe there's a supply freighter about to leave drydock soon heading to the Shoals. The starbase has a pet store that has tribbles. Would you like one? It's a gift from me to you so I'm not taking no for an answer. ::pretends to appear stern by furrowing his eyebrows, but smiling in the process::

    Vanlith: Are you serious?

    Charlena could feel the shock written across her face. She couldn’t believe that he was actually offering her a pet. She was sure BAXTER wouldn’t mind and that was the only possible hesitation to her. A pet tribble would be a brilliant fluffy companion and she could imagine the look on Wil’s face if it turned up in engineering with no warning. She was sure that would be a laugh.

    Galven: Which part? That there's a supply freighter or the tribble gift?

    Vanlith: You’re going to get me a tribble? 

    Galven: ::nods:: Of course. I'll send you the shipping information and its expected delivery date. 

    Vanlith: That's amazing. I’d love a tribble. And it sure would be a story to explain why to everyone. Plus as I recall the Borg tribble loved me so I’m sure a normal tribble would too. 

    German was enjoying how excited she was which he got a kick out. Just as he was about to speak, a holographic chronometer illuminated up and behind Charlena's head which started a countdown at a minute and a half. It seemed like their meeting was about to run its course. 

    Galven: Also, I want to let you know that the tribble I'm sending you is "fixed" so there's not going to be a million little furballs once it gets to you. ::smirks::

    Vanlith: Just because I now know that doesn’t mean I won’t amuse myself in engineering before I tell the others ::chuckling:: 

    Galven: ::laughs:: Let me know what happened when you tell your colleagues about it. ::clears his throat:: Listen, we don't have much time left because the tetryon levels seem to be affecting our connection. I noticed that the Veritas is just starting shoreleave, correct?

    Vanlith: Yeah that's right. Why do you ask? 

    Galven: Given how intense the mission was for you and the crew, I would suggest that you try to connect more with everyone. It really does help, at least for me, to decompress by collaborating with others. Would you mind doing that? Not just for my own sake, but for you as well. 

    Vanlith: Still giving me advice and direction even now. For you, sure. I really should get to know the others better. Maybe even have a chat with someone I don’t really talk to outside of being on duty. 

    Galven: ::smiles:: Perhaps that someone could be your Captain. I know that whenever we came back from a mission, she would either take a nightly stroll to the library and Rahman loved it when a certain Ensign would bring her coffee. I mean, where else did Teller come up with the Brew Continuum? ::points to himself, smirks::

    Vanlith: Coffee to the Captain. Is it really that easy?

    Galven: Of course! Roshanara is very approachable. Even more so when there's that fresh aroma hitting her nose. 

    Vanlith: Well, I will remember that. Fresh coffee in the library. Thanks 

    Charlena smiled rather thankful of the advice, she was more nervous of the Captain then she was willing to admit. It wasn’t because she was scared of her but more that she was worried she would say something wrong. 

    Galven: It looks like our time is up so before we're disconnected, let her and everyone else I said hello. ::stands up:: Also, don't be a stranger and maybe we can send PADDmail back and forth between us. Oh, and Charlena?

    Vanlith: That sounds good. What? 

    Galven: Optimism, Lieutenant! ::dons his signature Denobulan wide grin:: 

    Vanlith: ::smiling herself:: And you Commander, hopefully we can see each other soon. 



    LT. JG Charlena Vanlith ( @Sophie290999 )

    Engineering Officer 

    USS Veritas 





    Lt. Commander @German Galven 

    2O/Chief Science Officer 

    StarBase 118 - USS Narendra 


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  4. @Jo Marshall's pirate Ollie Zuccaro to the pirate king Henley Marths:


    Zuccaro: Captain... Can I call you Captain? ::He leaned a little forward on his arm.:: The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem. We delivered the item to which you have a problem, however, what you fail to see is the problem is now your problem, not our problem. Savie?


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  5. I could have sworn I replied to this yesterday in a way too long post, and now suddenly I can't see any trace of that post... weird.

    Anyway, the basic gist of it was that being a fan of Trek since 94 right at the end of TNG, I've seen how every Trek show and movie since gets the same division of many fans liking it, some not sure, and others quite vocal in their dislike. According to the TNG cast, the same happened with them when their show first premiered.

    Ultimately, as we continue to get more Trek shows, it'll be okay if not everyone likes every show. Trek has moved beyond just one show and one overall concept of a ship doing it's weekly adventures on a mission of exploration. I compare it to music. It's okay not to like every song out there or even every song of an artist you do like. I think a lot of the negativity though nowadays is from people who get a little too obsessed with the hate-watching, which I think social media and YouTube have really helped feed. To be clear, I don't think that fits anyone here in our community, but we all know it's an issue that isn't just in the Trek fandom but also Star Wars, Doctor Who, and practically anything else these days. And with some "critics" I see online or making videos, you almost wonder if our culture has just shifted to one of making entertainment from bashing other creative works (even tongue in cheek videos that name everything a movie did wrong or how it should have ended, etc.). But I can't help but notice it seems a lot of times, it's just the common theme that the newer stuff since that of childhood (or whatever a person's first entry into a fandom was) doesn't live up to the legacy of their fandom.

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  6. Quote

    But then something happened to Wil in a split second.  On his way to the ramp, over his shoulder and out of the corner of his eye, he saw a woman, with dark hair, and spots on her skin.  The clothing that he could see in that instant, her top, was red.  Somewhere in his mind subconsciously told him it was someone familiar - and important.  An authority figure....  It was his Captain!

    Abyrinthe: Excuse me?

    Instinctively and without question, he turned to greet his Captain.  He didn't know she was back from Krios Prime, so this was a pleasant surprise.

    Ukinix: Captain!  ::Smiling:: Welcome back.

    His smile quickly disappeared when he realised that, although she looked a lot like Captain Rahman, it actually wasn't.  Maybe it was the crappy fake spots on her skin. Or the fact that the spots were more akin to a Trill rather than Roshanara's native Krioisian.  Or the lack of burn mark on her face.

    Or, maybe, just maybe, it could have been *the fact that she wasn't wearing any pants, and wore knee high stiletto boots*.  Yeah, that was probably it.  A look of slight horror appeared on his face.

    Abyrinthe: Uh-huh. I'm not in character yet.

    There was a confused expression on Wil's face - while at the same time, Ceciri was cracking up laughing.

    Ariadust: Sorry, sorry about this.

    Ukinix: ::Squinting eyes:: Wait, *you're* the impersonator?

    Abyrinthe: Look, you didn't mention anything about these scars she's got all across her face.

    Wil placed his hands on his temples, and closed his eyes, groaning quietly with displeasure.  How could the hire company have got it so wrong?

    He had to submit a crew manifest to the company, it was part of their rental agreement.  He wasn't sure if Roshanara was going to make it, but he put her name on the list anyway - just in case.

    When the hire company offered someone to entertain everyone as part of the hire cost, and that the entertainer could impersonate someone, he wickedly said that he wanted them to impersonate "Raissa Moonsong" and had sent through her photos.

    Not "Roshanara Rahman".

    How could they have got that so wrong?

    Ukinix: Wait - the person I *actually* wanted you to impersonate was someone else.  Raissa Moonsong?  It was in the information I provided?

    Abyrinthe: Yeah, well, I'm not doing them unless you're willing to pay for the time it'll take to fix it later

    Another quiet groan.

    Ukinix: Fine.  ::Waving hand:: Whatever.  Captain Rahman it is. oO I'm going to get my ass whipped over this. Oo

    Fake Roshie smiled with satisfaction.

    Abyrinthe: Good. Now just confirming, the bachelor, Jason Orrey?

    Ukinix: ::Sigh:: Yes.  Lietenant Commander Jansen Orrey, who is marrying ::slightly clenched teeth:: a woman named *Raissa Moonsong*, the one you're *supposed* to be impersonating-

    Abyrinthe: Yeah, Jansen, whatever. Okay. I got it. Anything else I should know about him?

    Ukinix: He should be here in a few minutes.  He's being - uh - let's say, "surprised" with this celebration.

    She nodded and made her way to the back of the ship.  Wil closed his eyes for a second in disbelief, exhaled, and then turned to greet his crewmates that were arriving.

    Hehe, great POV from @Wil Ukinix. A fun weekend ahead!

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  7. Quote

    Creature: Nes riyun isn claost dink k nar borot cha.

    Wil turned around, and then jumped when he saw the creature from earlier with three dull yellow "eyes" in a triangular formation floating in the air of the corridor.  Around it was an energy field of some sort, that slightly blurred the background of the wall behind.

    He raised his left palm slowly, and then his right, which he had subconsciously put on his holstered phaser.

    @Wil Ukinix: We're from the United Federation of Planets. ::smiling:: Hi?

    "Wil makes first contact with an alien species."


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  8. I love the bits of Risian language that @Sophie290999 sprinkled into Vanlith's message. This is a beautiful little sim showing a mentor/mentee friendship continue across the stars. Well done, Sophie and @Geoffrey Teller!


    ((Personal Quarters, Deck 4, USS Veritas)) 

    Charlena tucked her legs under herself as she curled up on the sofa with her PADD. She was catching her breath again after everything that had happened and she couldn’t help but think that there was one person who should know what had happened. 


    Opening up her message she didn’t hesitate. 




    I won’t get too soppy because I don’t think that will help either of us, but it is definitely different without you. BAXTER pinned at the Chief of engineering office for you. He seems to have finally accepted what has happened. 

    However, as far as the mission goes you left part way through it was strange to say the least. Communications were taken down by the Tal Shiar which yours truly helped fix, Wil flew the Veritas, an agreement was reached about the Romulans on Ketar and how they could move forward in a positive light. It definitely was something quite different than what we had done before but I guess what mission is even like the previous one. 

    I need to learn how to stay calm when I’m asked to do new things, how do you do that? Stay calm? I just panic throughout, even if I manage to do it I just can’t keep the panic down until afterwards. Maybe I should speak to someone here about it but I couldn’t help but ask. 

    I really miss you and part of me wishes you were still here but I couldn’t have asked that of you. You’re truly such a strong part of what helped me feel so at ease here and I will never forget how brilliant you are. I hope you haven’t blown anything up there yet, don’t want them too scared already. 

    Chief, and yes you will always be Chief to me, there is something I wished to say to you before you left but I never got the chance, it’s an old Risian saying. Preemari eetee naho spara marinia gau eetau. It translates best as “Teacher I will never stop learning from you.” I truly believe that Chief. Don’t even consider not keeping in touch. I may need my Preemari one day. 

    Hopefully I’ll get to see you soon. 


    Sara Preemari!



    Charlena read over her message once more before she hit send. She smiled up at herself catching her gaze in the mirror that he had gifted her. She couldn’t help but wipe the single tear that fell from her cheek as she stood and straightened her attire. A strong coffee would work wonders now she decided as she made her way out the the Brew Continuum. 


    ((Roughly 8000 LY away, Duronis System, Embassy of Duronis II))

    Geoff Teller sagged into a chair in his wildly lavish living quarters with a sigh.  He had been going almost non-stop since stepping off the shuttle on the world the locals called Til’Ahn, and now that Doctor MacKenzie had been rescued and the Thunder was on its way back, he could finally take a moment to relax and regroup. 

    His arm, fully mobile now, had picked up a strange grinding and as he rolled his shoulder around he heard what sounded like a box of pebbles within the joint.  If it had been a component aboard a ship, he would’ve disconnected it and applied a through dose of lubricant. He smirked at the idea - no doubt the Embassy’s medical staff would have a more practical solution once he made the time for a follow up visit.  He briefly considered going now, but found his body was completely disinterested in the idea of getting out of the plush, comfortable lounger. He kicked off his boots in surrender to good sense and grabbed a nearby PADD, content to get caught up on some of the mountain of reports that had accumulated while he was jogging through the forest.  

    Flicking through menus, Teller stopped on his inbox and smiled.  It was overflowing with routine message traffic, administrative issues that he was copied on as a courtesy, and all the logistical information that came with running a base and a small fleet of starships.  One message stood out, though.  

    A message from a friend.  

    As Teller opened the note and began to read, he immediately found himself smiling.  He could hear the young woman's voice behind the words and wondered if she had been hiding behind her hair as she wrote it.  The note itself was touching and it reminded him of the family he had chosen to leave to take on this new challenge. It was not a decision he regretted but, as his freshly healed arm continued to grind, it also wasn’t one that had gone smoothly.  

    As he finished the note and put down the padd, Geoff closed his eyes briefly and fought tears.  Charlena had come aboard the Veritas equally full of potential and self-doubt, and it had been one of the highlights of Teller’s career helping the woman find her confidence.  She had grown enormously as an officer during their time working together and Teller was certain she had a bright future. With a grin he opened his eyes, picked up the PADD and began composing a response.  



    Hey there Charlena,

    Greetings from Duronis II!  I’m glad to hear from you, and to hear that you’re well.  Especially after you told me someone let Wil fly the Veritas.  I assume everyone else on the ship was busy or...I don’t know...actively on fire….to let that happen, and I can only assume you’re quite busy with the hull repair work the ship would need after his ‘expert piloting.’  

    I sincerely hope you haven’t written this message from the inside of an escape pod, but if you did check in the rear access compartment in a box labeled ‘critical lifesaving equipment.’  There’s a small coffee maker in there with a few blocks of vacuum sealed beans - perfect for a cuppa as you’re floating through space.  

    I miss Baxter - give that scrappy little robodog some ear scritches for me, and tell him he’s a good dog - easily the best one I know, anyway.  

    It’s funny, in a way that isn’t even remotely funny, that you guys had a run in with the Tal Shiar.  As it turns out, they’ve been busy lately. Shortly after I arrived here, my new CO Admiral Turner intended to take the crew on a shuttle tour of the planet for some much needed R&R.  A bit after takeoff, a Romulan ground team took a shot at the Admiral and, fortunately, missed. The good news is, the Admiral is fine. The less good news is - the shuttle I was in got shot down, and when I woke up I had about half of it on top of me.  Soon thereafter those same Romulans had a disruptor pistol in my face as they dragged Doc MacKenzie off into the forest as a hostage.  

    I don’t want to worry you, and I think some of our mission details are still classified, but the long and short of it is that it worked out - Romulan problem solved for the moment, crew all present and accounted for, and I’m not using burning shuttle debris as a blankie.  I have just the worst luck with shuttles.


    Geoff paused the recording and considered his next words carefully.  He’d tried not to focus on just how much distance there was between his new and former posting, but at the moment that gulf seemed unimaginably vast.  He had to remind her, and himself, that they were still on the same team - even if they were separated by duty, time and tides, as naval officers had been since time immemorial.  



    I’m proud to hear, but not surprised, that you were able to resolve the communications failure you encountered.  You’ve always been a fine engineer, true, but you’ve also got a clever, creative mind. Those stupid Romulans didn’t know who there were messing with.  Which leads me to your question about dealing with panic.  

    I will not hit you with some reassuring pap about believing in yourself.  That’s a decision that you have to make for yourself at some point, and it’s not one that an outside voice can truly influence.  You’re an engineer, and you like to work with practical realities, so here’s one that you can’t argue with or avoid by hiding behind your hair.  

    Your record.  

    Since you came aboard the Veritas as an Ensign, you’ve been shot at, locked up by an alien defense system and had your brain jambled by a weird psychic box...and that was all around your first mission.  You helped rebuild G’var’s arm, you built a companion for your brother and you helped me keep the Diligent running when a lot of other engineers would’ve thrown in the towel. You’re a damn fine officer and, more than that, you’re a good person Charlena.  I’m not saying that as a matter of opinion, but as a genuine statement of fact.  

    It may feel odd, or boastful, or somehow arrogant to take pride in who you are, but nothing could be further from the truth.  You deserve to see yourself for the person you are, and part of that is being honest with yourself about what you’re capable of.  By any reasonable measurement, you’re capable of quite a lot. And that’s how you begin to deal with panic.  

    Remember that you have kicked several sizes and shapes of ass, even when you were terrified and alone.  Remember that you’re someone people trust, and that the trust is deserved. Remember that you’re surrounded by people who love you for who you are, and who see you even when you try to hide.  

    And if that doesn’t do it, remember that you survived the most intense pub crawl ever conducted on that crappy rustball of a planet.  Stylishly.  

    When the panic begins to flair, remember who you are.  You’re enough, all by yourself, to face the challenge. You have.  You can. You will.  

    I’m certain of it. 

    I miss you, and Wil, and Baxter, and even that idiot C’lem.  Your message put a smile on my face when I needed one, and just this second, the distance between us doesn’t seem quite so vast.  

    Thank you.  


    Sincerely and Respectfully,

    Geoffrey John Teller


    Geoff found his vision had blurred at some point and he wiped his eyes before sending the message on.  In his mind, he traveled with the packet of data, first to the local comm relay, then up to the repeater in orbit, and on to the chain of relay stations and listening posts scattered across the Federation until, finally, it found a funny little ship full of the best people Teller had ever known, basking gracefully in the light of a distant sun.  

    Teller went to bed feeling better than he had in weeks.



    Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller

    Executive Officer

    Duronis II Embassy & Support Flotilla

    Rear Admiral Turner, T. Commanding



    LT. JG Charlena Vanlith

    Engineering Officer

    USS Veritas 



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  9. Core:::rubbing his eyes:: Every time I'm sent off-ship, I always end up in a death trap of some kind.

    Maybe Roshanara wanted the life insurance. Because too frequently, it was her doing the assigning-to-dangerous-places.


    Hehe... now that I think about it, I like how there’s a whole TNG episode where Picard realizes he can’t be in a relationship with a subordinate under his command because he’d never want to put them in danger.

    Meanwhile, Roshanara practically kicks Tristam out of the airlock...


    Whatever. He knew what he was signing up for.

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  10. Quote


    Martin, played by @Addison MacKenzie: Alright, students! If you remember, you’re all going to be writing reports about what you learned on your visit to the Veritas. Let’s start thinking about what you’re going to write about when we get back.

    T’Pren, played by @Moonsong: I think I shall write about the chain of command on a starship and how that works in a crisis situation. 

    Martin: Okay… who else?

    Timmy, played by @Wil Ukinix: How Toshi got lost, and it took the adults soooooo long to find him.  And Kuma.

    Martin: Perhaps we can focus on the less…interesting aspects of our visit. We wouldn’t want to scare your parents, would we?


    Hahaha, ah... "less interesting." You know the working title for this mission was "Field Trip" but I figured that sounded more like a comedy film... ;)

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  11. ((Officer’s Quarters, Deck 4 - USS Juneau))

    @GhantXerix approached his assigned quarters at a slow and methodical pace. With one hand, he was balancing a tray of food, and with the other he was dragging a suitcase which bore the scars of mistreatment at the hands of a brute. At his approach, the doors should have opened. But the Juneau was quickly proving that should means little on a brand new vessel. He used his knee to hit the door chime, and before the doors could part he let out a groan of disappointment upon recognizing the mind behind the door. 

    Xerix: ::dryly:: Good evening, Commander. 

    @Geoffrey Teller smirked as he turned away from the door controls and went back to the lone chair in the mostly featureless room.  One wall was dominated by a pair of bunks, a design not much changed in decades and meant for the most spartan of quarters.  The other wall featured a fold out chair and desk console for getting a bit of work done, but anyone attempting to dismount the beds would either need to be a qualified gymnast or on very intimate terms with the person sitting down.  

    Teller: Evening there Lieutenant.  

    Xerix: I realize this is a skeleton crew, but man the odds were not in my favor for bunkies

    Teller:  Same here….I’ve been busy in the Engineering bay and didn’t get myself to the quartermaster till almost all the bunk assignments were taken up.  Have to say, surprised you’re sleeping alone.  Who’d you piss off this time?  

    Teller didn’t have to be an empath to see that he’d struck a nerve.  

    Ghant said nothing to that, sitting down on the floor with his tray of food, appetite suddenly missing. 

    Teller:  So how is the Celestial, by the by?  Be happy to give it another tuneup in my free time.  

    Xerix:  ::Suddenly thrilled with an idea, he ate as he spoke :: Oh it’s fine. I’ve installed a new lock on the hatch and the sound emitter is smashed up beautifully 

    Teller: Oh the speakers?  For the shanties?  ::Teller chuckled to himself::  Forgot about that one.  Guess that means the other thing...well, I’m sure you’ll find it soon enough.  

    Ghant gestured with his fork like it was a weapon, pointing a bite of food at the enemy. 

    Xerix:  So help me, Teller. If you’ve messed with my ship again...

    Teller held his hands up in a gesture of surrender.  

    Teller:  Look, the fact of the matter is we’ve got to work together or this closet :Teller extended his arms and was able to touch both walls easily::  will feel even more cramped.  So I say truce - we got off on the wrong foot, lets try to put it behind us, at least until this project is wrapped up and we’re both a few lighyears away from one another.  

    Xerix:  ..Fine. Truce it is….How’s the Veritas gang?

    Teller:  Good by and large - been a busy few months.  How about your new crew?  Gorkon’s certainly a pretty ship.  

    Xerix: It’s a great ship...I’ve had a bit of a hard time adjusting to be honest. 

    Geoff gasped in feigned shock.  

    Teller:  You?  ::He smirked::  But you make friends so easily?  

    Xerix:  ::He looked pointedly at the engineer:: I thought a truce meant we stop taking shots at one another.

    Teller:  Sorry sorry, force of habit - last one I swear.  Seriously, you always struck me as a competent enough officer - what’s tripping you out?  Captain over there have a weird pet or something?  

    Xerix: She has a few. But it’s me, honestly. At the academy and even on the Veritas, I felt like the big boat in the harbor. On the Gorkon, they make certain I know my place. It’s caused me to behave in ways I’m not proud of. 

    Ghant pushed the tray of food away from him, suddenly uninterested in eating. 

    Teller: Well, that’s one good thing at least.  

    Xerix: What is?

    Teller:  You’re thinking about whatever it was you did.  Fair few people I know don’t think you’re capable of that.  Might be a sign of maturity if you’re not careful.  

    Xerix:  Four forbid it. Do you think this ship is going to hold up long enough for it to matter?

    Teller: Pfft ::Teller rapped the wall with his fist:: I think I can keep the nacelles attached if you don’t bounce us off a planet.  

    Xerix: I doubt I’ll have the opportunity. Tiria Hamasaki seems firmly attached to that helm console. :: He stood and stretched:: I think I’m going to call it a night. Which bed is mine?

    Teller:  Why don’t you take the top, I’ve got a little work left to do before I stretch out.  I’ll try to keep the noise to a minimum.  

    Xerix: You sure? I could give you a boost if you need?

    Teller snorted and rolled his eyes.  

    Teller: If you’re bored up on the bridge I could use someone down in Engineering to help me reach the top shelves.  

    Xerix: I’ll check my schedule. Gnight, dude. 

    Teller:  Nighto.  

    Ghant made his way into the top bunk and pulled the privacy partition closed.  Teller smiled and went back to his PADDwork, absentmindedly humming a few bars of Roll The Old Chariot Along.  Within a few moments, he was tapping his foot on the deck as well.  

    Xerix:  As much as you know I love a good musical performance, might be we call an intermission until another time?

    Teller: Huh? ::Teller looked up with a smile::  Oh sure buddy, sure.  Have a pleasant rest.  

    Within a few minutes, the tight quarters were filled with two sounds.  The tapping of a jaunty beat on a PADD, and the grinding of Ghant Xerix’s teeth.  

    ((The next morning- zero four thirty)) 

    Ghant woke early, early enough to hear Geoff still snoring underneath him. He rose quietly and dressed, then gathered his belongings, and Teller’s. He schlepped them all down to the unfinished cabin at the end of the corridor, where he had left one space suit the night before . He brought the suit back to the cabin where he was pleased to see his bunk mate still firmly unconscious. Leaving the suit in easy access, he placed a Betazoid chameleon rose next to it. Then he walked smugly towards the mess hall. Coffee and donuts were needed on this morning. 

    Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller
    Chief Engineer
    USS Juneau - NX-99801
    Captain Oddas A., Commanding


    Lieutenant JG Ghant Xerix
    Helm officer
    USS Juneau

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  12. I chose the early DS9/VOY style because it's the most practical for a day-to-day duty uniform of the "futuristic" fashions. The Enterprise uniforms are also practical of course but much closer to our current flight suits that astronauts and military pilots wear, whereas the DS9/VOY ones look distinctly scifi.

    And actually, since one possible interpretation when we saw Generations with both TNG and DS9/VOY uniforms on one ship and then Voyager with the DS9 uniforms on a starship is that the uniforms are actually just another class of uniforms in the overall same set as the TNG ones, then it works even better.

    • Day-to-day duty uniform "class B": DS9/VOY uniform
    • More formal "class A" uniform, seen on many starships especially more prestigious assignments such as the Federation flagship: TNG uniform with collar
    • Dress uniform: Shared by both styles


    While the First Contact uniforms are popular, the overall gray versus the more colorful look always felt more military than "explorers" like the original vibe TOS had spearheaded. That's partly why although not as popular with many fans, I've embraced moving forward with the All Good Things future uniform as it's a return to a more colorful Starfleet, and honestly, for those who like to keep the gray, they don't look bad together:



    The TOS uniforms of course are iconic, although not really that practical. I like the Kelvin uniforms, too, seen at the beginning of Star Trek 2009, which actually look a bit similar to the All Good Things/Endgame uniform.


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  13. Rahman: Excellent. Let’s say 1400 hours, holodeck 1? You might want to brush up on your Constitution class console layouts if it’s been a while.

    @Wil Ukinix: A Constitution class. ::Grinning:: Now that would be funny. ...Wait.  You’re serious.

    Rahman: Is there a problem, lieutenant?

    Ukinix: Nah nah, that’s fine, all good.  Captain, permission to speak freely: Why?

    Rahman: Because I said so.

    Ukinix: Alright then.  ::Smiling:: Constitution class it is.  Thank you for the opportunity.


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  14. A cross ship JP by @Ravenna Carter and @GhantXerix that I particularly enjoyed reading. I thought in particular the gradual effect that Xerix experienced from the meal was well written, and the bagel and hotdog line made me smile! Nicely done, you two!

    (( Flashback: 2394, Aboard the Celestial- En Route to Risa)) 

    ::Ghant Xerix switched the controls on the Celestial, his father’s Risian yacht to autopilot and stretched lazily, squishing himself back into the plush chair. The Betazoid/Risian hybrid was thoroughly looking forward to some much needed R&R at his uncle’s cottage on the Galartha cliffs overlooking the ocean. He ran a hand through his dark, unruly hair as he heard Ravenna coming up from the rear quarters of the vessel.:: 

    ::He had met Ravenna Carter in a dreadful lecture on the History of the Federation.:: 

    ((Flashback- a few weeks prior, Starfleet Academy, SFO)) 

    :: He had been just nodding off to a rather peaceful nap when he was rudely awoken by the SLAM of heavy books onto a desk. His head spun to observe the source of this distraction from peace:: 

    Carter: I’m sorry. That was NOT supposed to be that loud. I can’t believe I’m late on my first day! Today is just not my day. Hi, I’m Ravenna Carter. :: She extended her hand to the Cadet next to her:: 

    Ghant eyed the human as she spoke. Red haired, slight of frame. And her accent...Brooklyn or perhaps Greenwhich village, but definitely Terra’s New York area. 

    Xerix: Ghant Xerix:: Taking her hand and shaking it:: I’d say it’s a pleasure to meet you but I’m not much of a liar. And relax. Professor Sh’ren is always late, and barely notices who’s in attendance. This is ...*was* the best spot on campus to get some shut-eye 

    ::Ghant said all of this with a smirk, hoping the young woman would catch his sarcasm. He didn’t understand how humans managed to understand one another, simply relying on facial expression and body language. Betazoids knew how each other felt before the person feeling it did.:: 

    Carter: Nice to meet you, Ghant. I can move if you would like to continue your nap, but I was mostly just planning on getting caught up on my reading. 

    ::Ravenna was about to pick up her bag when Ghant spoke up.:: 

    Xerix: No, no. Carter, was it? Please, I’d enjoy the company. You know, there is this wonderful new format for reading materials, called a PADD. You could carry all those books in your back pocket. 

    Carter: I like the feeling of books. It relaxes me. I do have a PADD for more important things that are academy related. 

    Xerix: ::He grinned at her honesty:: What part of New York are you from? 

    Carter: How did you know I was from New York? ::She was taken aback. Most people didn’t listen to her long enough to figure out where she was from.:: 

    Xerix: My minor is in linguistics. I could cut your accent with a knife. Not that I mind. New Yorkers are fine people. 

    Carter: I’m from Brooklyn. Born and raised. At least for the most part. ::She couldn’t hide the sadness in her voice.:: 

    ::Ghant ignored the tone. Humans usually freaked out when they realized how transparent they were to the telepathic races:: 

    Xerix: My favorite steakhouse is in Brooklyn. Peter Luger. Have you eaten there? 

    Carter: That’s a lot out of my price range. You’re a Betazoid, aren’t you? I recognized the name, but I think I just placed it. 

    Xerix: Half. My father is Risian. My mother was Betazoid. I tend to favor that side because I was raised there and am much more familiar with the culture. Risa is beautiful, but it’s a vacation spot. In fact, I’m going to be there in a few weeks. 

    ((End Flashback)) 

    :: Ravenna trudged her way to the [...]pit of the yacht. She hadn’t slept a wink, her hair looked like it had been brushed with an egg beater and she looked like a thriller reject. She was still surprised that she agreed to come along. She wasn’t sure why Ghant had asked her in the first place. She wasn’t rich, attractive, or someone who would fit into his lifestyle in any way. She didn’t feel worthy of such a vacation.:: 

    Xerix: For the last time, Carter. I’m not a snob. I have friends from all walks of life. And I’m glad you agreed to come with me. You deserve a break. But we will have to work on your appearance a bit. 

    ::Ravenna playfully swatted his arm for the appearance comment.:: 

    Carter:I know I look horrifying, but did you have to mention it? Not all of us can afford to be freshly pressed all the time. ::She shot him a smirk as she plopped down in the co-pilot’s seat.:: 

    Xerix: :: He gave her serious side-eye:: Replicators are a thing now. You can have fresh clothes for free at any time. Like right now. 

    Carter:What? And deprive you the opportunity to see my grubby field clothes; never! 

    ::Ghant opened his mouth to form a witty retort when Standiford appeared with a tray piled high with snacks and drinks:: 

    Standiford: Don’t mind him, Miss Carter. He’s just your run-of-the-mill blue blood, sticking his nose in the air at anything he feels is beneath him. 

    ::His holographic companion, Standiford had been in his life as long as he could remember. When he thought anything serious, it was usually her voice he heard in his head. She set the tray of refreshments down, smiling at their guest:: 

    Carter: Ah yes, and I am the lowly charity case. ::She gave Ghant a sideways glance to see if he was still listening.:: 

    Xerix:Oh please. Note to self: invest in ear-plugs so that you don’t have to hear Ravenna’s pity party the entire trip. 

    Carter: You are too easy! How long until we get there, oh captain, my captain. 

    Xerix: ::in a melancholy tone:: Another 2 days..Gods help me. 

    ((Flashback: 2394, Galartha, Risa)) 

    ::Ghant touched the Celestial down on a landing pad behind the cottage. As he opened the rear hatch, he was greeted by warm, slightly humid sea air, and the delightful sounds of waves meeting rocks. Off in the distance, various boats meandered here and there.:: 

    Xerix: Welcome to Risa, Miss Carter. 

    Carter: Wow, it’s so beautiful. ::Ravenna turned around, taking it all in.:: I can’t believe you can just visit whenever you’d like! 

    Xerix: ::extending his hand to take her bags:: Here, let me help you with tho….Dear Gods Ravenna, how many books did you bring? 

    Carter: All of them? ::She gave Ghant a sheepish grin.:: 

    ::Ghant rolled his eyes as they entered the cottage, which was just as beautiful as he remembered.:: 

    Xerix: Well I’m going to unpack and get dressed, we have reservations at Marseille De Sol. It’s a new fusion restaurant. Risian and Terran-French. 

    Standiford: I took the liberty of having this ordered for you. 

    ::Ravenna took the package from Standiford and thanked her. The outfit was not something she would ever have chosen for herself, but they were absolutely stunning.:: 

    Carter: Thank you, Standiford! 

    Standiford: It’s my pleasure. 

    ::Ravenna took them back to her room, which was as stunning as her new outfit, and got changed for dinner. She was shocked beyond words that they fit perfectly. She put her hair up in a style befitting the wardrobe, and went off to see if Ghant was ready.:: 

    ::If he didn’t know it was her due to his telepathy, Ghant would have thought a comely stranger had entered their cottage. In place of the gawky and poorly dressed academy student, stood a radiant young woman who had been poured into a floor length one-shouldered Tyrian purple dress with crystal embellishments. Her hair was elaborately knotted and coiffured, being pinned into place with lavender-colored crystal wreath pins. :: 

    ::Ghant’s throat bobbed as he swallowed hard, taking in the view. Standiford had added a purple sash to his tuxedo, and the pair of friends looked absolutely stunning together.:: 

    Xerix: Sorry, I’m looking for Ravenna Carter, have you seen her? 

    Carter: HAHA sorry, she has left the building, though she instructed me to escort you to dinner in her stead. 

    Xerix: You look picturesque. Truly stunning. 

    Carter: Ummm, thank you. I am not used to dresses, it feels really weird. You look very handsome. Purple suits you. 

    Xerix: Thank you. Shall we to dinner? 

    Carter: Please, I am starving! I only fit into the dress because I have withered away to skin and bones! 

    ((Marseille De Sol)) 

    ::The restaurant was positively resplendent, with peachy sunset-toned ceilings, stunning frescos, and gorgeous coral arrangements as table decor. Ghant and Ravenna approached the maitre’d’s pulpit, getting quite a few eyes as they went.:: 

    Xerix: Good evening. I believe we have a reservation. Xerix 

    Maitre’d: :: His emotions went from disinterested to surprised:: ...Yes sir, right this way. 

    ::As they followed the man to their table, Ghant was enjoying the looks and feelings being given to them. 

    Maitre’d: Your chef will be with you shortly. 

    Xerix: Thank you 

    Carter: Chef? What happened to the waiter? 

    Xerix: Yes, apparently they cook everything tableside right in front of you. 

    Carter: Well, this is very fancy. I almost don’t feel like I fit in… and everyone is staring! 

    Xerix: Of course they are. You’re the most beautiful woman in the room. Besides, I rather like the stares. 

    Carter: I know. I know. Calm down. You’re lucky you were raised in this. I have been friends with you for a matter of weeks, I haven’t gotten used to this yet. 

    Xerix: You’re very nervous. 

    Carter: I just have a bad feeling. I don’t know why. But let’s just enjoy dinner. 

    ::A server approached with champagne and amuse-bouce. Ghant passed one of each to Ravenna and then for himself:: 

    Xerix: Oh, do try the caviar, it’s not replicated. Machines never get it quite this right. 

    ::Ravenna spotted the maitre’d watching them intently and it set her further on edge. He was ignoring the other guests in favor of watching them. It felt wrong. Though she didn’t have any prior knowledge on how these restaurants were run.:: 

    ::The caviar was especially salty and delicious, and paired so well with the sweet champagne. He downed the entire glass:: 

    ::You would think that Ravenna would be calmer knowing that Ghant knew what they were feeling, but it didn’t help. She was determined to make it through dinner without having a full-blown panic attack though.:: 

    Carter: ::taking a bite:: You know how you LOVE potatoes… I found my potato. I do however love the champagne… I’m saving it for dinner though. 

    Xerix: ::Gesturing for more champagne::Oh ha ha. 

    :: The chef came to the table, pushing a cart laden with seafood and various accompaniments. 

    Chef: Hello! I’m Chef Lanat, I’ll be preparing your meal. 

    Xerix: Ghant Xerix, and this is Ravenna Carter. 

    Carter: Pleasure to meet you. 

    Lanat: Before I begin, where are you both from? I like to tailor my meals to the patrons eating them. 

    :: Ghant didn’t bother mentioning his mixed heritage:: 

    Xerix: I’m from Betazed. 

    Carter: Earth, New York 

    Lanat: Well, I hope you enjoy. How did you folks travel to Risa? 

    :: Ghant started to feel in a strange humor. The small amount of inhibition he had was completely gone:: 

    Xerix: Aboard my yacht. 

    Lanat: Oh how nice. The weather is perfect this season 

    ::Ravenna kicked Ghant under the table. That was a weird question to ask and she was starting to feel like a target. Ghant was getting loose, even for him. They had both had the caviar, but he had downed the Champagne, she hadn’t.:: 

    :: He eyed her, confused as to her attitude. 

    Carter: Excuse me, I hate to be a bother, but can you bring me an unopened bottle of Moscato, please? The fruitier the better. I want to save the champagne and I’m afraid my companion has a few drinks on me. 

    Lanat: ::Gesturing to the server:: Of course, Ma’am. 

    Carter: Thank you very much. And can I get a fresh glass? 

    Xerix: Ravenna! How rude. Honestly, I can’t take you anywhere without a scene. 

    Carter: I know, how uncivilized of me; you must forgive my upbringing… How about you slow down on the drinks? 

    ::Lanat seemed to take all this in as he placed some shellfish into a pot of broth in front of them. The delicious aroma of spices making Ghant’s stomach announce its neglect:: 

    Xerix: So Lanat, where would a handsome chef like you be from? 

    ::Ravenna rolls her eyes. Only Ghant would make a scene while seemingly being on a date with someone else. She had to remind herself not to get mad at him for this. They had been targeted from the beginning.:: 

    Lanat: Oh, I’m not really from anywhere. 

    Carter: What does that mean? 

    Lanat: ::looking a bit perturbed at the human:: My family ran a cargo freighter. That was my home. 

    Xerix: I bet you’ve got to explore so much. 

    Lanat: ::Plating Risian lake prawns over seagreens:: I think that’s an understatement. How long have you two been together? 

    Carter: How did you know he was part Risian? You said you customize the meals. ::She ignored the last remark.:: 

    Xerix: Ravenna, we are on Risa. And I believe they are in season. 

    Lanat: Just so, sir. 

    Carter: Right… My apologies. It must be fatigue from the long flight. We came all the way from Earth. We are Starfleet cadets and we are on Academy Leave right now. 

    ::Patrons began exiting the restaurant. Even though the twin suns had barely set, it was well into the late evening. Ghant began feeling very fatigued as he devoured the prawns. 

    Lanat: I see. 

    Carter: Do you have any meals customary of New York on Earth? I am so very homesick. 

    Lanat: ::With a tone of condescension in his voice:: Yes, perhaps I can whip you up a bagel and shmear? Or perhaps a hot-dog? 

    ::Ghant couldn’t suppress his laughter at that. The man was as bitter and jaded as Ghant himself pretended to be. And, he regarded without a hint of concern...the man was planning on holding them ransom. And then killing them.:: 

     Carter: What? Can’t do steaks here? And Ghant, Dear, I believe YOU are making a scene now. 

    Xerix :: He couldn’t hide his surprise at the term of endearment, it making a much larger impression than her reproach:: Forgive me, Dear. 

    ::The restaurant was emptied entirely of patrons now. Just a few servers cleaning up and the maitre’d eyeing them from his pulpit:: 

    Carter: And while you whip up the steaks, I still haven’t gotten my Moscato I ordered an hour ago. This is some rather sorry service we are getting here. 

    Xerix: Carter, relax. Please. 

    Lanat: My apologies. Sheksan, where are the refreshments for this table? 

    Carter: Unopened, please. And I’ll pour it myself. 

    ::Ghant’s eyes began to droop. He could scarcely hold himself upright. Succumbing to the lethargy, he passed out. His head bounced spectacularly into the table, which did nothing to wake him:: 

    Carter: Ghant! ::Rushing to the other side of the table, she checked for a pulse and any sign of response, she came up with nothing.:: What did you give him? He needs medical attention! 

    ::Ravenna pulled a tricorder out of her purse and was relieved to find a thready pulse appear on the screen. Whatever he had been dosed with, it was having unintended effects on his complex physiology. She realized she was in this entirely alone and she had spent a long while making their attackers mad.:: 

    Lanat:Sheksan, kill her. She’s worthless to us. 

    ::Sheksan pulled out an old, if lethal-looking disruptor pistol, making his way over to the table.:: 

    Carter: ::yelling:: If you kill me, he dies and you can’t provide proof of life. He becomes worthless too and you won’t get the ransom you are after. ::Calming down:: He is not a full Betazoid. You didn’t take that into consideration when you drugged him. Now he is dying. 

    Sheksan: She has a point, Lanat. 

    ::Lanat took a large, terrifying knife out of it’s sheath on his side:: 

    Lanat: Well you had better heal him, and quick. Otherwise you’ll end up as tomorrow night’s special, human. 
    Carter: Then you need to tell me what you gave him and I need a medkit. Sheksan, can you escort me to the Celestial. I need to change out of this dress, I have clothes left aboard. 

    ::Lanat eyed her carefully. She was substantially smaller than Sheksan.:: 

    Lanat: Fine, if she tries anything, kill her. 

    ::It was a tense walk to the Celestial and Ravenna had since ditched her heels. They made it on board and she went to change in the backroom, but was blocked by Sheskan.:: 

    Carter: Excuse me? I’m not changing in front of you. I am not going to do anything, your boss has my friend, remember? 

    Sheskan: I still don’t trust you. 

    Carter: Whatever. Fine. Just like gym class. 

    ::Ravenna got changed as quickly as she could, but when she turned around, Sheskan had turned his back to her.:: 

    Carter: Thank you. 

    ::They made their way back to the restaurant. Ravenna was now prepared to fight if she had to and she was also free to move and help Ghant.:: 

    Lanat: Acontium spp.  Being Betazoid, it should have just relaxed him. 

    Carter: Well, that didn’t work, now did it? Is that the only thing you gave him? 

    Sheskan: No. 

    Carter: You mixed it?  ::these men were stupid:: With what? 

    Sheskan: Actaea pachypoda. 

    Carter: Well at least it is two Earth poisons. Why Wolfsbane and Doll’s Eyes? 

    Sheskan: Well, I liked the names. 

    ::Ravenna couldn’t believe the answer she had just been given.:: 

     Carter: You picked two poisons because you liked the names? How is Ghant not dead? 

    ::Lanat handed her a medkit along with the vials they had used.:: 

    Carter: If this is what you gave him, I can’t help him. He needs a hospital. And a blood transfusion. ::The medkit had contained a syringe and a tricorder. Nothing else.:: 

    ::Lanat looked like he was ready to shove Ravenna into the meat grinder.:: 

    Lanat: Well, for your sake I hope you think of something. 

    ::Ravenna, while cringing at the thought, decided making Ghant throw up was a good start. Conventionally, this was frowned upon, but she was a trained medical professional, not a good samaritan on the street.:: 

    Carter: oO I hope they have the same gag reflex.Oo Sheskan, I need you to act like a backrest for him, and as soon as he throws up, we need to put him in a recovery position. Can you handle that? 

    Sheskan: Yes I can. 

    :: After maneuvering Ghant to the floor and getting Sheskan into position, Ravenna took the handle end of a butter knife and suck it in the back of Ghant’s throat. It worked on the first try. Ghant threw up and Ravenna moved him into the recovery position: He was lying on his right side, his right arm helped balance him and his left arm was a pillow. His right leg was kept straight and they bent his left leg as another prop. If he threw up again, he wouldn’t aspirate.:: 

    Carter: Luckily, he has advanced healing factors. He still needs a hospital though. ::She looked at the readings on her tricorder. She was relieved to see his vitals were improving. Getting the extra poisons out of his stomach had improved his chances.:: Did you plan on keeping us here, or was there a different plan? 

    Lanat: You would be wise to shut your mouth, Miss Carter. I don’t need you. 

    Carter: I never was good at keeping my mouth shut. Call it a flaw. ::She was moving away from where Ghant was lying. Not wanting him to be jostled in the impending commotion.:: 

    ::Lanat had had enough of Ravenna. He went for his knife and Sheskan went for Ravenna.:: 

    ::Ravenna had bit off more than she could chew. Ghant was out cold still and she was unarmed. This was how she would die. She would be tomorrow night’s special.:: 

    Carter: Ghant if you can hear me. I swear I’m going to haunt you for all eternity! 

    ::Sheskan started to charge Ravenna, but she dodged and kneed him in the ribs instead. He fell to the ground but managed to knock Ravenna’s legs out from under her. She yelped as she collided with the edge of a table, effectively putting a tooth through her lip.:: 

    ::Lanat stayed where he was; sure that Sheskan would end their little pest.:: 

    ::Sheskan got to his feet and walked over to where Ravenna was on her hands and knees, spitting blood. He kicked her in the ribs with as much force as he could. He could feel the rib break against his boot.:: 

    ::Ravenna threw up and collapsed where she was like a worn-out rag doll. She felt like she was dying.:: 

    ::Sheskan turned his back to her in a victorious manner. He thought she was done for.:: 

    ::Ravenna crawled to her feet, using the same table she had hit her head on for support. If she was going to die here, she was taking the ogre with her. Gathering every shred of strength she had, with the help the adrenaline rush she was getting, she picked up a skillet from the chef station from the table and bashed him in the head with it. The force of the hit caused her to wobble. Her breath came out in pants. Ravenna stumbled over and grabbed Sheskan’s arm and brought it around behind him. She lifted up until she felt and heard it break free from the socket with a stomach-churning crunch. She knew this injury well. He wasn’t going to be attacking her anytime soon. She collapsed where she stood, hitting the ground with a dull thud.:: 

    ::Ghant was wokened not by the noise, but by the raw emotions. His head was still swimming but lucidity was washing over him.:: 

    ::Lanat was disgusted by Sheskan’s performance and decided he was completely useless. He glided over and stabbed his accomplice in the chest and twisted. It made a gross squishing noise.:: 

    ::Ravenna couldn’t move. She was at the mercy of Lanat. She could think of nothing except her dad. She would be seeing him again really soon. She lost consciousness just as Lanat was hovering over her; his knife still dripping blood.:: 

    :: Ghant slammed his knee into the man’s ribs, and in the next moment he clenched his hands together and bashed at his head. Violence and rage took ahold of Ghant, threatening to strip him of morality. :: 

    ::Lanat swung wildly with the cruel-looking blade, missing Ghant’s abdomen by a few millimeters. Ghant caught the hand holding the knife and smashed it repeatedly into a nearby table. Lanat had him in size and weight but fear and anger more than made up for the difference. Lanat caught him with a punch to the face, adrenaline making the blow seem not that bad. Ghant recovered and hefted the cast iron soup pot, landing a blow to the back of the man’s skull. He nearly hefted it for another blow when he realized it would kill Lanat.:: 

    ::He instead reached for the fob in his pocket. Pressing one of the buttons put him in direct contact with Standiford.:: 

    Xerix: =/\= Standiford, call starfleet security! We’ve been attacked. We’re at the restaurant. ::He sprinted over to his friend while he talked:: Ravenna is badly hurt.=/\= 

    Standiford: =/\= They’re on their way. I’ll meet you at the hospital =/\= 

    ::Ravenna stirred a little, but couldn’t move much. The pain came flooding in, but she stayed unconscious.:: 

    ::A dozen starfleet officers beamed into the restaurant, phasers drawn. Ghant put his hands up, tears forming in his eyes.:: 

    Xerix: I’m Ghant Xerix, we’re starfleet cadets. We were attacked by this man, and that dead one he killed. My friend is badly hurt. 

    ((Timeskip- the next morning)) 

    ::Ghant hadn’t left Ravenna’s side for more than a moment since the attack. Standiford had brought him clean clothes, but he sorely needed a shower. He felt so guilty for the attack, even though the officers said there was little they could have done to protect themselves. The Maitre’d had escaped, Sheskan was dead, and Lanat was behind a forcefield somewhere.:: 

    ::Ghant ran a hand through his wild hair for the hundredth time that morning, lost in his thoughts when he was suddenly aware of a consciousness :: 

    Carter: Where am I? ::Her voice came out as a croak, having not been used for several hours.:: 

    ::Ravenna couldn’t bear to open her eyes, her head hurt so badly. The blood pumped in her ears. Her ribs hurt on every inhale and screamed on every exhale; shallow breaths were her friend.:: 

    ::Ghant was so relieved to hear her voice, tears threatened to loose at any moment:: 

    Xerix: Risa, the pleasure planet where everything is always idyllic. 

    Carter: I don’t feel Idyllic. I feel like I got hit by a yacht. 

    Xerix: I’ll bet! You saved my [...], Carter. 

    Carter: You would have done the same for me. Just promise me one thing. 

    Xerix: Anything 

    Carter: Next time I say something isn’t right, please listen to me. 

    Xerix: I don’t think I could possibly trust someone who doesn’t enjoy caviar. 

    Carter: How? How do you remember that? You were pickled in champagne, wolfsbane, and doll’s eyes. You should be dead, and definitely unable to remember that. 

    Xerix: My memory wasn’t affected. Just my judgment. My brain isn’t human. 

    Carter: Lucky you! My very human brain hurts right now. I got in a fight with an ogre and almost lost. What happened to them. I saw Sheskan get stabbed and then fade to black. 

    Xerix: He’s dead. And Lanat is in jail. He keeps mumbling about troublesome humans ::He said this last part with a grin, hoping to bring some humor to the traumatic event:: 

    Carter: He underestimated me because I’m human. He didn’t bother poisoning me. He was going to kill me when you passed out. 

    Xerix: He isn’t the only one who underestimated you. Schlepping those books around has given you some definite abilities. 

    Carter: Why us, or rather you? 

    Xerix: The detective said they were going to kidnap me and hold me for ransom from my father. 

    ((Timeskip, two weeks later)) 

    :: The sounds of the ocean crashing onto the nearby cliffs was the only thing Ghant could hear. The heat from twin suns baked down on them as they basked on the gorgeous beach. 

    ::Ravenna was plastered in sunscreen from head to toe. She was a bit toasty but otherwise comfortable chilling in a bikini. A massive green and yellow bruise remained from her broken rib and internal bleeding. She had finally recovered from her concussion, so she had lugged her books along with them; she was overjoyed to be medically released and allowed to read again. She knew every word of every book, but it was her happy place. Ghant looked peaceful and relaxed on a towel next to her; taking in all the sun he could. He had earned it. He had taken excellent care of her once she had been released from the hospital.:: 

    Carter: ::setting her book aside, looked at Ghant:: You know, aside from getting the crap kicked out of me, this has been a rather exciting vacation. 

    Xerix: Exciting wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. But other than your near-death experience and my being poisoned, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed yourself. 

    ::Ghant took a long drink from the beverage beside him. An AMF, whatever that stood for. It was blue and delicious:: 

    Carter: Exciting doesn’t have to always be positive, but I have rather enjoyed myself. Even outsmarting the bad guys was a thrill. I’m just glad you didn’t die. You scared me to death. 

    Xerix: Yeah? I was utterly calm when I seen you lying in a lifeless heap. Not concerned in the least. 

    Carter: ::laughing then wincing:: always with the sarcasm. Is that the only language you speak? 

    Xerix: it’s the one we communicate best in, Bestie. 


    Ensign Ravenna Carter 
    Science Officer 
    USS Constitution B 

    Lieutenant JG Ghant Xerix 
    HCO Officer 
    USS Gorkon 


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  15. Oooo, fascinating idea! Here's what my character came back with (and I included my own to compare):


    Roshanara Rahman: ESFJ-A (“The Consul”)

    Individual traits: Extraverted – 53%, Observant – 53%, Feeling – 51%, Judging – 78%, Assertive – 60%

    Consuls are altruists, and they take seriously their responsibility to help and to do the right thing. Unlike their Diplomat relatives however, people with the Consul personality type will base their moral compass on established traditions and laws, upholding authority and rules, rather than drawing their morality from philosophy or mysticism. It’s important for Consuls to remember though, that people come from many backgrounds and perspectives, and what may seem right to them isn’t always an absolute truth. Consuls love to be of service, enjoying any role that allows them to participate in a meaningful way, so long as they know that they are valued and appreciated. This is especially apparent at home, and Consuls make loyal and devoted partners and parents. Consul personalities respect hierarchy, and do their best to position themselves with some authority, at home and at work, which allows them to keep things clear, stable and organized for everyone.

    @Sky Blake as the writer of Rahman's partner Tristam Core might find this tidbit interesting regarding romantic relationships:

    "Consuls don’t do casual flings – they need to know that their partners will always be by their sides offering unwavering support, and marriage and family are the ultimate goal."

    Role: Sentinel
    Sentinels – Logisticians, Defenders, Executives, and Consuls – are cooperative and practical. Their grounded approach helps them feel comfortable with who they are, defining themselves not by individualism, but by character and competence. These personality types seek order, security, and stability, and tend to work hard to maintain the way of things, leading to a deserved reputation as the core of any group or organization, from family to church to the office and the factory floor. These types embrace teamwork, but expect the same performance and respectability from others that they strive for themselves. Sentinels often dislike strident nonconformity because they envision progress through collaboration and hard work within a known set of rules – to let everyone do their own thing on a whim would be anarchy. Sentinels prefer proven methods and honest accomplishment to self-indulgent exploration and esoteric ideas. Because these personalities are deeply prudent, they also tend to be self-motivated, and rarely need external inspiration to be productive.

    @Evan Delano, I'm curious what Evan's personality type is given the clash of views our two characters have had about ends and means.

    Strategy: People Mastery

    People Masters are highly stress-resistant, maintaining confidence through life’s challenges, social pressures, and any questions of their capabilities. These personality types seek social contact and have solid communication skills, feeling at ease when relying on or directing other people. People Masters’ mantra is fearless engagement – to be is to do. This is not a group known for its timid opinions or idleness. People Masters feel rewarded by stimulation and challenging experiences. They like travelling to see things, people, and places, where they can experience a richer understanding of the world around them. These personalities like sampling new foods, lifestyles, and cultures; even things they don’t end up liking can be entertaining excitement for them. Sometimes, though, People Masters are too confident. Insulated against self-doubt and the need to prove themselves, they don’t always test, or even consider, their own limits or ambitions. They can slip into a pattern of endless fun and comfort-seeking, rolling their eyes at those who press themselves towards more intimidating goals. At the other end of the spectrum, these personality types can just as easily ignore sensible caution, putting themselves in extraordinary and dangerous situations, confident they can find their way through.


    Her writer Rich: ENFJ-T ("The Protagonist" - ha, ironic)

    Individual traits: Extraverted – 93%, Intuitive – 67%, Feeling – 74%, Judging – 53%, Turbulent – 60%

    Protagonists are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. Forming around two percent of the population, they are oftentimes our politicians, our coaches and our teachers, reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world. With a natural confidence that begets influence, Protagonists take a great deal of pride and joy in guiding others to work together to improve themselves and their community.

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  16. A few gems from shore leave thus far...


    Teller: //FALLHHHASLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!//

    ::Jansen ( @Henning Hext ) watched the recording with a small suppressed smile and allowing himself a modicum of pride.

    Is Jansen an example of chaotic good? 😈


    @Geoffrey Teller:: Listen, Rosie...uh...Kara.  These idiots already told us what they need.  A score. We dangle a carrot, keep them distracted, make an opportunity and get ourselves back to the Veri...The Dead Star.  

    ::Teller desperately hoped his message was being received.  Captain Rahman seemed to be getting the picture he was painting, but Kinan was clearly having a hard time digesting it all.::  

    Kinan ( played by @Sky Blake ) : Did you just call me “Kara”? And what’s with “Rosie”--what am I missing here?

    Rahman: ::turns to Kinan:: Well, Kara… ::Kinan glowered at her:: It doesn’t seem like we’re dealing with nice people here. So it’s probably best to keep a low profile. ::raises her eyebrow:: Do you trust me?

    ::The fact that all five of her names were about to be thrown out the window (way too many names, Kinan, you don’t even use them for God sake) she sighed.::

    Kinan: You’re my- hmm. ::She stopped herself.::

    ::Teller shrugged in desperation::

    Teller: Half-Sister.  

    Rahman: Kinan:


    Rahman: 😐 Kinan: 😐

    ::Teller flinched slightly under the withering eyerolls from both women.::





    Vataix: ~~ And just where is that cousin of mine? ~~

    Eislas: ~~ I am sorry Rivi, I seem to have lost her.  I knew I should've tied a bell to her ankle when I had the chance. ~~ 




    Keehani: Our great grandparents had been wanting to marry one of their children into another house, for so many years – including your grandfather, which I understand is the main reason why he left. 

    @Wil Ukinix : ::Nodding:: Based on what Grandpa said, sounds about right.

    Keehani: Yes.  He was betrothed to a member of the Sixth house.  I can’t remember her name.  The arrangement involved lots of land.  When your grandfather left Betazed, the Sixth house were upset.  To appease them, our great grandparents offered them *more* land in exchange for the betrothal of Grandmother to a male member of the Sixth. ::Ironic smile::  She told me she would have gone through with it too.

    Ukinix: Why didn’t she?

    ::Wil took a sip from his drink::

    Keehani: She had got pregnant with someone else.

    ::Mid sip, Wil spat out the contents of his drink back into his glass.::

    Ukinix: Bloody hell, what is it with our grandparents – what are they, rabbits?

    Keehani: What do you mean… What’s a “rabbit”? 




    Olympé: Well,well. You must be Addison MacKenzie. ::looking her up and down with distaste:: Where does Ghant find these people on his little trips. 

    @Addison MacKenzie: ...And isn't it nice to meet you, also? I'm not sure where he picked me up... It could have been Starfleet, where I'm one of three doctors serving a crew of 220. Or it could have been on Earth while I finished my fellowship in microsurgery. ::sarcastically:: But, to be honest, I can't remember where he picked me up. 



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