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  1. There was a plan at the start of our "Fissure" Veritas mission to have Kinan Venroe, written by @Blake, Tristam Core, as the love interest for Wil Ukinix. At the end of the mission, they finally got to spend some time together. The sentiment of this sim is beautiful and heart warming. ((Officer's Mess)) Kinan: What are we doing, Wil? Soon, Veritas would go in for a refit. It may be up to Kinan where Lt Commander Ukinix ended up next. That was Kinan's job: personnel officer. When resources were assigned to the Shoals, she forwarded them to where they needed them. She had two ships worth of people she had to arrange, and she wasn't sure whether Veritas' current crew would be part of that list. Ukinix: Um- ::pondering, before gesturing to bottle:: We’re drinking wine? I’m clearly flirting with you- Kinan: Work gets in the way of these things. You are amazing. you are talented, you're sweet, funny and just... you. ::she sighs:: I usually need to be five steps ahead of... everything. I guess I need... a name for what this is. Ukinix: ::more pondering, slight blush:: - it’s an impromptu date. I was looking forward to catching up with you and then, you know, that whole mine collapse thing happened. I mean, I dunno, are you ::squinting eyes slightly:: okay with that? She twirls her glass a little, referring to her symbiont. Kinan:: :with a smile:: Venroe's lived three half-lifetimes, including my own. You'd think with all that language, I'd be able to define things on my own. ::pause:: Venroe hasn't met someone like you before, though. I think that's special. Once again, Wil chuckled quietly. Ukinix: Flattery will get you everywhere. Both of you. ::Slight squint:: Wait, what’d I just say? He leaned forward, pouring more wine into her glass. She responded with a coy smile. Kinan: Nothing I haven't asked myself. Ukinix: I’m not good at expressing myself sometimes, I’ll be honest and say that I get tied up in knots when I get interested in someone, and even more so when they are interested in me. That’s my way of saying I like you. Kinan's eyes sparkle. Kinan: That's a good way. Ukinix: I know nothing is certain in Starfleet. Veritas is going to need a refit, who knows where I’m going to end up, maybe out of The Shoals. You know that better than I do. Wil held out his hand to Kinan... and she takes it. Ukinix: I just witnessed 20-odd miners and two of my fellow crewmates being rescued out of a kilometres deep mine. 5 people down there didn’t make it. ::Chewing bottom lip for a moment:: We shouldn’t let Starfleet get in the way of living our life. ::Slight smile:: Or lives in your case. oO I don't want to say no. Oo Venroe's experience lived in the background. It was a long life, with experiences of love, curiosity, tradegy, and a little more. The point was to continue experiencing, with all the complications life brought. It wasn't that Kinan had been hiding from that -- not really. But she had expected life to repeat itself. Seated across from her was an anomaly of a man, unlike whoever she'd met before. That was special. With her other hand, Kinan brings her glass up and taps it against his. Kinan: To living life, with pleasant company. And to many more dates in future. END. LtCmdr Kinan Venroe Personnel Officer Cait Spacedock C238803SB0
  2. A very "formal" Wil rocking up in typical red carpet attire - jacket, casual pants and a back to front Bowie t-shirt.
  3. So you wanted "Top Gun meets Klingons"? Well, thanks to the talented @Antero Flynn, you've got it! (Cue 80's slow guitar riff...) (( Outside the Main Administration Building, Klingon Colony VoqmoH'tuq )) Antero stood with his arms crossed as he watched toward where he expected an arrival from their greeting party. He wore a pair of shades called aviators that he had heard were quite common with ancient Earth pilots. The Risian was pretty sure he looked super cool, but he knew asking would ruin it. Either way, he was grateful for the shading against the bright day. Kelrod: They could have anticipated our arrival. Think they're looking at us to check what they're dealing with? Parker: I was told for us to meet them here. They will come, and they will be on time. Flynn: You seem pretty confident. Turned out Parker knew what he was talking about as before he answered they were met by two Klingons. He didn’t get a good read on the male, as his eyes lingered a little too long over the top of his shades to the woman at his side. K’Jul: Welcome to VoqmoH’tug I am Commander K’jul, son of Mo’tuk and this is Commander Ch’otonn Bagorgh Parker: I am Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Tiberious Parker, son of Ryland. Lafizatar: I am Lieutenant Junior Grade Zhanyt Lafizatar. Vanlith: I am Lieutenant Charlena Vanlith, adopted sister of G’var. Kelrod: Commander Kelrod Flynn: ::With a bob of the head.:: Lieutenant Commander Antero Flynn, at your service. He didn’t bother with declaring the name of any of his family, that wasn’t his culture. Not that he had any they would recognize anyway. Besides, he wasn’t particularly proud to represent his father. The reverse was certainly true. Bagorgh: And I am Commander Ch'otonn Bagorgh. ::Staring at Parker:: Proud daughter of ::slight sneer:: Qo'noS. K’Jul: yIvoq'a'! yo' qIj buSmeH mIw woQlu'jaj! (OOC Translation: Be silent! Show respect to our guests and allies!) Kelrod: We're here for a purpose, we don't want anything to disrupt our orders. Bagorgh: The Klingon Empire has become as useless as a blunt Bat’leth. That is why we seek assistance from Federation’s Starfleet. ::Sarcastically:: Two blunt Bat’leth’s are better than one, yes? K’Jul: Perhaps.:: looking directly at Bagorgh:: but a blunt Bat’leth can be sharpened, or broken:: smiling wickedly:: and you have already been broken… Bagorgh: ::To K’Jul:: veQ jay’! (OOC: Translation – “garbage” expressed in strong terms) K’Jul: QaDchoHpa' tlhoS Wa'DIch. ( OOC: Translation: Crap always floats to the surface of the latrine.) The Risian only found himself smirking at the Klingon exchange. He had been around them before and didn’t find the behavior terribly unusual or disarming. In fact he found himself a little enamored with Bagorgh and her...spirit. Bagorgh: ::Gesturing:: Come. We have much to discuss about the logistics of the prisoner transport. Striding down the corridor with the others, he soon found himself in direct eye contact with Bagorgh. Bagorgh: ::To Flynn, slight seductive smile:: Your smooth forehead is made slightly more attractive by your Ja'risia, Lieutenant Commander. Flynn: oO The shades DO work for me! Oo He took off his sunglasses and cooly slid them into his collar before responding. Flynn: ::A sly smile.:: If you like my forehead, wait until you see…Erm ::He was suddenly very aware of the eyes of his team.:: My work ethic... Parker: Commander…we all have attributes which make us unique…like your forehead ridges, for example. Kelrod: Or a good left hand to deal with adversities. Flynn: ::Pointing to Kelrod.:: This guy is on to something. K’Jul: A shared victory is a noble victory. It is that philosophy which allowed us to defeat the Dominion. Something some Klingons fail to understand… The fierce and...exotic woman ignored the comment as they were led into a large room with various Klingon decor. He wasn’t sure entirely what each symbol represented, but recognized the crests of a couple of ruling houses he had encountered during his time on Starbase 118. In the middle of the table, a bowl of wriggling, jiggling, jiving and grooving pile of Gagh. The Risian frowned as Parker happily grabbed a handful and shoved it back. Antero was not so eager as he hesitantly picked up a single fellow and gave it a little nibble. Parker: Commanders…certainly you do not serve this excellent Gagh without bloodwine…and I’m afraid there is not enough Gagh for everyone… That prompted a look from the pilot that said “Seriously, dude?!” Lafizatar: ::diffidentally:: Not an issue, the chirality of Gagh prevents Mathenites from consuming it. Or bloodwine. Or.. a number of things, regretfully. Flynn: ::Scowling.:: oO Lucky...Oo Vanlith: ::Taking a handful herself:: it would be a shame if those of us who could consume this did not have the opportunity. Kelrod: I might join you, but if this is the first, it's been some time since I've had a heart of Targ. Flynn: oO Suck ups...Oo Antero could respect the effort of his crewmates, but he couldn’t help but wonder if Klingons served this food just because they knew that Starfleet would lap up anything put in front of them in the name of diplomacy. He watched their hosts faces with squinted eyes at any sign of giggling as he chewed his gummy worm. Bagorgh: It is not a problem. We have plenty to go around. The mech ghlq supplies the best Gagh outside of Qo'noS itself. ::To Zhanyt:: It is unfortunate that you cannot sample the best food and drink in the entire galaxy. Parker/K'Jul: response Antero leaned back and watched the conversation continue, nibbling distastefully as he wondered if there was any chance of a Klingon brawl. Maybe someone would get mad and flip the table, he brightened at the thought of all that Gagh going to waste. Lafizatar: It is not up to me to dictate the hand dealt to me, but merely how I play it. It would be disrespectful for me to request special treatment when I am the only species in the room who would require it. So I did not. Kelrod: All great powers that have different species have to learn each ones limitations. For example, I'm quite fond of Chech'tluth, while others can't stand it. Flynn: Ooh! That I recognize! ::He shook his head.:: I don’t care for it… Being a drink flinger on Risa came with knowledge of beverages from far and wide, from delicious to potentially deadly. Chech’tluth was not one that Antero would put in either category, but it did make him wonder what a dinner party hosted by Kelrod would be like. Bagorgh: That is true. If it were not for a former warrior under my command named Broral, I would never have realised the delight of the Earth food “burrito”. But, while K’Jul would have you believe he enjoys shared victory, I wonder if he is suvwI' enough to eat a mouth full of spicy jalapenos. (OOC: suvwI' = Warrior) Parker/K'Jul: response Kelrod: Might I be so bold as to ask about what you have in mind for the convoy? After all, you have more experience in this part of the Shoals. K'Jul: Response Kelrod: What kind of ships are we talking about? And how many? K'Jul: Response Bagorgh: And my ship, the IKS T'Kuvma. It is a K't'inga class and almost a relic of T’Kuvma’s time. But, we have refurbished it as best we can. Our resources are limited, the area of space you call “The Shoals” is not the highest priority for the Klingon Empire. Antero perked up at that. The Bird of Prey had always been a model that fascinated the helmsman. So sleek and maneuverable, their style so striking and sublime. He had always wanted to fly one. Vanlith/Parker/Lafizatar: Response Bagorgh: Qlbmey’, the area you call “The Shadows”, has seen high activity from pirates and criminals, and they can strike at any moment. They are opportunistic, and will not hesitate to attack. Even at our fearsome warships. But, your Captain Rahman and your Veritas has a reputation, they will think twice. I do guarantee though that if battle should occur, ::slight smirk:: K’Jul’s ship will be the first to expire. K’Jul: Response Bagorgh: ::To K’Jul:: bIHnuch jay’! (OOC: Coward in strong terms) Antero Flynn was a social creature. Many times he had been told of the folly of many nights spent partying with various species in various locales, but he had learned a lot about the social intricacies of many races in that time. As for those in the mighty Klingon empire, it was his experience that they valued a bit of ribbing and good natured banter far more than careful etiquette. This encounter was reinforcing that. Flynn: I’m certain I could do quite a bit to help with maneuvering controls and guidance layouts. ::He sat himself on an unclaimed corner of the table and rested an elbow on his knee as he chewed up a final bite of gagh like a piece of gum.:: But of course the real question is, do your Klingon pilots have what it takes to fly at the same level as a Risian? Bagorgh/K’Jul: Response Parker/Kelrod/Lafizatar/Vanlith: Response Flynn: Well. ::A quick wink to Bagorgh.:: Just want to make sure my prowess isn’t too much to keep up with. Bagorgh/K’Jul: Response Parker/Kelrod/Lafizatar/Vanlith: Response At that the Risian smiled, feeling fully aware that he was probably biting off way more than he could chew. Still - He liked the cut of her jib almost as much as the cut of her outfit... Lt. Cmdr. Antero Flynn Helm Officer USS Veritas C239205AF0
  4. ...and just from reading it you can see poor Blake doing that!
  5. Did someone say, silver jacket with a red tie?! ...no? Well, that's what Wil's wearing anyway!
  6. Just your typical Klingon disaster recovery plan @G'var @Moonsong.
  7. Ah... so that's why engineering bays are designed without windows! Otherwise sickbays would have to be twice the size...
  8. This sim is a teaser for our upcoming mission. When I read it, I had a sense of deja-vu. It turns out that it was a flashback sim, the dialogue was lifted from a set of sims I was lucky enough to be a part of six months ago, but instead written from the point of view of two Romulans that went into the diner. This is very Pulp Fiction of you @Roshanara Rahman and brilliantly done! Love it. ((Welder's Diner, Ketar V - Stardate 239607)) Kivas shook his head at his friend and fellow Romulan Sajok as they both stood in the famous Welder’s Diner, home of the Shoals’ best burgers. The two refugees had found work at the nearby Livernois Shipyard, working on one of the Starfleet contracts. While there were plenty of shipyards across the planet offering work, many Romulans and Remans had taken up the openings at Livernois because Starfleet had specific affirmative action policies in place to ensure fair hiring practices. While Ketar V was technically a Federation world, Kivas had found that some of the residents of the oldest colony in the Shoals exhibited rather provincial attitudes when it came to his kind. Perhaps it was the distance and the slow communications or the history of the colony’s growth, with many early settlers having ancestors who had fought in that first Earth-Romulan war of so long ago, but whatever the reason, the former university professor had discovered that humans and other Federation citizens out here sometimes struggled to live up to their supposed ideals. Today, one human customer at the diner in particular was struggling. Human customer: This establishment isn't for your kind. Kivas gave Sajok a coy smile before looking back at the human man who was now standing a little closer to them. Kivas: It's always so humbling to see that great Federation enlightenment on display. Human customer: This ain't got nothing to do with the Federation. If it were up to me, none of you lot would be here. Yet despite what some of the refugees thought, Kivas knew not all humans were like this. In fact, he wouldn’t even say that most of them were like this. And case in point, their waitress came over to break up the commotion and kick out the disruptive customer. Waitress: Well, fortunately, it's not up to you. And if you're going to harass other customers, then I'm going to ask you to leave. ::She looked over at the Romulans and gestured to one of the open tables.:: I'm sorry gentlemen, please take a seat. Kivas and Sajok gave a polite nod to the waitress as they walked past the man, who continued to give them an unfriendly stare before he then looked over at a few Starfleet officers sitting in a both by the windows. Human customer: Meh, this place isn't what it used to be anyway. Too much trash piling up. Sajok grumbled as the two men grabbed their table. Sajok: I don’t know why you like coming here. Plenty of places we can go without being harassed. Unlike Kivas, who first arrived on Ketar with the first wave of refugees during the start of the resettlement program in 2388, Sajok was a more recent arrival. Previously a civil engineer, he’d lived on Ketar now for two years, but it still wasn’t home for him, and his wife had been pushing for them to move their family of four to another refugee settlement such as Bilire VI. Unlike Ketar, Bilire was previously uninhabited before the refugee colony there was established in the wake of the Hobus supernova that had destroyed Romulus and Remus. Kivas: I am a resident of Ketar, which means I can go where I please. ::opens a menu:: And so I will. He looked up from his menu, making a point to his dining companion. Kivas: It’s important we remind them that we have just as much a right to be here as they do. ::beat:: And that we’re not going anywhere. The other Romulan scoffed as he opened his menu. Sajok: Speak for yourself… I don’t see what’s so great about this place. Kivas: Look around you, Sajok. This is a world built through blood, sweat, and tears. It’s a rare colony world with actual history—it predates the Federation itself. We are but one new chapter in its story. Sajok shook his head. Sajok: I never realized you were such a romantic. Kivas: Well, and I like the Hawaiian teriyaki burger. This Earth fruit—pineapple. It’s quite something! His companion just chuckled as he continued to look over the menu. ((Later)) With their food ordered, the two Romulans were minding their own business waiting for their lunch when the human man from earlier returned to the diner. Except this time, he wasn't alone. As he and two others walked in, they glanced at the Starfleet officers before walking over to Kivas and Sajok. Human customer from earlier: Well, well, look who's still here... One of the man’s new companions, a human woman with olive skin and long blonde messy dreadlocks spoke up, while gesturing towards the Starfleet officers. Human woman: And your Starfleet friends here can’t help you. Human customer from earlier: It seems you didn't get the message that you aren't welcome here, Romulan. Sajok: We are just waiting for our burgers. The waitress addressed the human customer from earlier. Waitress: I told you to leave, sir. I don't like your attitude. Human customer: And I don't like having to work with these green-blooded snakes... ::chuckles as he looks back up at the waitress:: Sajok didn’t have the same patience as Kivas. He stood up and leaned forward. Sajok: Is that so! ::Looking around diner:: Is *this* how the Federation treats refugees? Then I would be happy to take this outside! Brushing her hair back, the female human stepped up towards Sajok. Human woman: Nope. Here’s just fine. Perhaps Sajok was right, Kivas thought. He was about to stand up to walk with Sajok to another establishment when one of the Starfleet officers from across the room called out. Starfleet security officer: ENOUGH! You have no authority to ban anyone in here. She :: pointing to the waitress :: has made it clear they can stay. :: To the Romulans :: And no, they're not a representation of what the Federation is. Another one of the Starfleet officers tapped his combadge. Starfleet engineer: =/\= Lieutenant Ukinix to any CCMS. Require presence at… ::looking at window:: …Welder’s Diner, opposite Livernois Shipyard offices, ::looking back:: there’s an altercation in progress. :: CCMS: =/\= Understood, we are en-route. =/\= The human woman with dreadlocks walked over to taunt the Starfleet officers. Human woman: Typical Starfleet. *Always* poking your nose in where it isn’t wanted. At this, the other Starfleet officer stood up to join his companion already standing. There was a third officer, a woman who remained seated. Kivas watched her curiously. She clearly was trying to keep the peace as well despite her distaste at what was going on. She wasn’t looking at him, but if she had been, he’d have exchanged a nod of understanding. All they wanted was to keep the peace. Starfleet security officer: We poke our noses where there are problems and right now, you're the problem. You have a chance to leave before the CCMS arrive. :: Looking at her eyes with all his height :: Your choice. Human woman: Hmmph. The woman seemed to walk away but then suddenly spun around to deliver a sucker punch. However, she wasn’t fast enough for the security officer to miss her telegraphing of her attack. He caught her fist in his hand and somehow crushed her knuckles with his grasp. The woman grunted before the man knocked her down with his other hand. As this was going on, the two other human men lunged at Sajok. Despite Kivas’ distaste for violence, he wasn’t going to abandon his companion. He stood up to face off against the attackers. The brawl in the diner quickly got ugly as fists and kicks were shot out. With the help of the Starfleet officers, though, they were able to subdue their attackers. The female Starfleet officer walked over to one of her shipmates. Starfleet command officer: Are you all right? Starfleet engineer: ::Panting, nodding:: Yeah, fine. The woman then walked over to Kivas and Sajok. Starfleet command officer: And you? Kivas looked over at Sajok, who nodded first, before he turned his head back at the woman and nodded. It was at that moment then that several Colonial Coalition Marshals swarmed into the building. Marshal: What's going on here? Starfleet security officer: Don't tell that I didn't gave you a chance to leave. :: to the officers :: I'm Commander Kelrod Chief of Security of the USS Veritas. This woman will require medical attention. Human woman: Marshal, we were just trying to have a meal when this [...] started shooting! ::She raised her arm up to show the marshal as his partner went to look over at the unconscious bodies.:: He crushed my hand! Sajok called out to the injured human and the marshal. Sajok: That was only after you tried to start a fight. You shouldn't start something unless you intend to finish it. The Starfleet security officer called Kelrod walked over to the two Romulans. Kelrod: I hope you're okay. I'll be happy to help you get medical attention if you require it. Kivas: Thank you... Kelrod: I personally consider Romulans a strong and intelligent people. In fact, Starfleet has Romulans or part Romulans serving. I hope that you are open to reconsider your … views of the Federation. But the man’s companion looked worried. Starfleet command officer: ::whispers:: Commander, I don't think this is over... Kelrod: I'm sorry for the mess. Please, give my compliments to the kitchen. I'll be sure to come back next time I'm around, if it's fine with you. Marshal: Not so fast! You all are under arrest. The female Starfleet officer fired back in either disbelief or indignation. Starfleet command officer: On what charges? Marshal: Disturbing the peace, discharging a phaser in public, assault... need I go on, little lady? Ukinix: “Little Lady”!! Who the fff- Her other shipmate didn’t appreciate that comment. Whoever these people were, they were quite protective of each other. Kivas admired that and recognized it in the Romulan spirit as well. Kelrod: Easy Wil... And Marshal, you're talking to a Starfleet captain. Show her the respect she deserves. Kivas: oO Captain? Oo The captain raised her hand again to try to tell her shipmates not to resist. Starfleet captain: We'll sort this out at the marshal's office. As the three were escorted in handcuffs out of the diner, Kivas continued to watch them with intrigue. Sajok walked up next to him to watch as well. Sajok: Well, you happy? You think you really made your point? Kivas continued to watch the Starfleet officers as they were placed into a CCMS transport vehicle before he looked back at Sajok. Kivas: I don’t know if I did. ::He gestured to the arrested Starfleet officers.:: But I think they might have. The waitress walked over to the two Romulans, looking apologetic. Waitress: Sorry again for this whole mess… ::She shook her head.:: Your burgers are ready… if you still want them, that is. Kivas just smiled. Kivas: Yes, of course! We cannot waste the pineapple! As Kivas made his way back to the table, Sajok just shook his head before glancing for one last time at the CCMS transport vehicle as it sped away back to the station. Kivas and Sajok Romulan Refugees, Ketar V I238705TZ0
  9. Right back at you @Sky Blake, with a great assist from @Jansen Orrey, this passage is a classic.
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